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7 Days of Creation and Winter Solstice

Solstice Preparation & Sacred Healing! with Kathy Roseborough 

It is customary to prepare to receive the gifts of the Solstice season with Energy Healing, deep breathing, meditation and reflection!

The 7 pre-recorded preparatory audio guided healings and meditations are to be listened to between December 7th (New Moon) to December 20th.  The 8th audio file will be sent to you of the “live channelled” Solstice presentation that includes a Teaching on this year’s Solstice, a look at the year ahead 2019, and 2 guided meditations; one for healing and the other for Solstice Initiation.

You receive the 7 Days of Creation:

Audio One:  Jupiter – Connection to Soul’s Will – strengthening

Audio Two:  Mars – Connection to Soul’s MIND – strengthening

Audio Three:  Sun – Connection to your Soul’s Heart & Healing

Audio Four:  Venus – Connection to your Intuition and Creativity

Audio Five:  Mercury – Connection to your Intellectual clearing false beliefs

Audio Six:  Moon – Connection to your Emotional Healing

Audio Seven:  Earth – Connection to your Physical Healing

(Audios One to Seven are all approximately 20 minutes)

Live Channelled – December 21st – Audio Eight – SOLSTICE !  Includes approx 2 hours of teaching and meditations

** Change of Location:  405 Limerick Street, Churchill, ON L0L 1K0 …about 20 minutes north of Bradford.  Yonge/89 in Innisfil area

Friday, December 21st, 2018 – 10 am. to 12 noon.  You are welcome to come in person if you are able to!  


Preparing for Solstice?  Use the Energy Healing and Clearing of the 7 Days of Creation

Cost of Set of 8 audios:  $85 including the Solstice event

Solstice Day only:  $40

PayPal using VISA/MC or Etransfers to info@kathyroseborough.comKathy Roseborough

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