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Astronomy, Ascended Masters, Order of Angels & You!

Six Week Course in Personal Ascension and Enlightenment

There are many focused “lenses” that project into mankind and into you, the Higher Cosmic Intelligences that bring you healing and direction on your Soul Path and mandate.

Many hear the terms, “Seraphim, Ophanim Angelic Orders, planetary ascension, Pathwork, Archangels, Angels and more” but what does it all mean?

This 6 week course will teach you the attributes of the various Masters, Angelic Orders and LOCAL planetary influences with guided meditations and Pathworking so that you can receive the unique healing alignments, Energy Shifts and Interfaces with the Higher vibratory aspects of Self.

Each class will focus on an Energy Centre (Chakra) for healing and then follow up with an adventure through guided meditation to “Meet the Ascended Ones and Orders of Angels!” I leave the myself opening to surprises of Temple teachings!

*** After EACH class, you are invited to email me your Messages/experiences and I will help you to interpret/expand upon the Angelic Messages so that you get a better understanding of the guidance. There will not be personal questions answered during class. ***

Week One: During this Class the students “through live channelling” and guided meditations, worked with Archangel Tzadkiel (throat centre) for Forgiveness for Self to unburden them of any guilt, shame and pain they have held in their lives that is now necessary to transform during this incredible 2019 shift. We also went on to receive help for you to forgive another who has done you harm. We worked with Archangel Sandalphon (root chakra) to reconnect with the childlike JOY to reawaken again in your life that so many people lack these days plus we worked with healing relationships, attracting a Partner for those who are not in a relationship and securing new clarity with the one you have with the help of Archangel Khamael (throat chakra). We also included exercises to work with family members. There was plenty of LOVE in the Inner Temple….have you ever been hugged by an Archangel? (Heart Chakra)

The Angelic guidance for developing your intuition, the PEELING off of so many veils to remember who you are and the powerful physical changes you can now expect in your life after these sessions are too numerous to share in this text! Try the class now via audio file. Order it today and it will be sent to you. I’ll be helping with the interpretations privately through email for each student who requests.

TRIAL of this course: BELOW you can sign up for the one class to receive the audio for $132.50.

Week Two: Healing with the Planetary Bodies and Temples of the Solar Plexus – both Mercury (Liver and Communication) and Venus (Pancreas and Reflective Intuitive Body Development) while Meeting with the Archangels that preside there. Who is Lord Michael and what does He bring to you? Connection made with the illustrious Archangel Raphael and Sandalphon.

Week Three: Healing with the Sun (heart Centre) and advancement with the Solar Self…then Meeting with the powerful Ashrams of Shamballa; Tibetan Spiritual Temples of Light and Love – You are projecting your Mandate into mankind. How and Why? Ask questions.

Week Four: Healing with the Planetary Bodies of Light and Higher Consciousness of MIND – Throat Centre – Mars and Jupiter (Will) PLUS and in-depth connection to the Councils of 12 for the redemption of mankind. Special exercise to connect you to special meridians in your body for development of the “Light Body” and axiatonal alignment.

Week Five: Healing with the Powers of Saturn (Father Cronus) and Uranus PLUS meeting with the Alignment to the Ophanim. The spiritual guidance helps you to connect to the knowledge of your Soul Mandate and how you are guiding mankind to the Infinite Way of Life. Thou Art the Messengers of Light! What message do you carry to mankind? Take a leadership role!

Week Six: Healing with the Powers of Neptune and Pluto (base of the skull Energy Centre and Crown) for more advanced inspiration on your Soul mandate. Introducing the Throne Energy and connection to the Ancient of Days and the Council of 24 Elders. It is here that the scroll will unroll.


Mystical Pathwork and Guided Meditation and Healing combined makes for a very unique 6 week course for your Spiritual Advancement. Join Kathy Roseborough on Saturday mornings either in person or long distance via audio recording to experience some very advanced teaching and healing!

Peace profound into your heart!

Register: online with website or via email and transfer

Cost: $795 for the 6 week course including print outs – audio recording in class is permitted. Long distance students will receive mP3 audio files.

Dates: Saturday, April 20th, 27th, May 4, 11, 18th and 25th, 2019

Time: 10 am. to 1 pm.

Connect via text/call – 647 281 8771 or

Need to connect via ZOOM? Let me know if you are unable to connect in person and prefer to connect via ZOOM conferencing.

We are unique; emanations of Light and Love!

Try the 1st Class – receive the audio files and start Healing and receive Angelic Guidance today! – Cost $132.50