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August 2017 Message from Spirit – SOLAR HEART

MESSAGE from SPIRIT – August 2017 Aura Makeover
“Solar Man” is the integrated consciousness of Higher and Lower dimensions of Self coming together at the heart for purposeful expression of the Soul and Universal All. The Energy forces available to you during this time of the Leo August constellation influence, brings forth opportunity for each of you to connect more fully into your heart energy centre.

The Heart centre will experience 4 full streams from the 4 directions both from the formative and Creative worlds. It is up to each of you to establish a ground for the 4 Mighty Forces of Will, Mind, Love and Soul Mandate into your 4 Elements of your physical life. These 4 are Fire, Air, Water and Earth. This means it is necessary for you to BALANCE your active Positive power (Fire & Will) and proper use of your Air element of MIND (thinking, meditative and reflective), your emotional (Water) body that is to be harmonized with Love, and of course care of the physical body (Earth). Are you attending to all of these things right now in your life?

The powerful FORCES of Divine Intelligence coming forth upon mankind during the month of August NEEDS to find a strong chalice or receptacle through which to ground. Any distractions, illusions, emotional tie ups, scattered thoughts and physical neglect have a heavy impact on the ability to integrate the Cosmic (Spiritual) offerings deep and permanently within you. What happens now? Your Soul will start moving and clearing these shadows of illusion out of the way thus making space for the Higher aspects of Self. You will feel some discomfort in the process as you have not necessarily looked and challenged these shadows for some time; if ever. How does the Soul and Cosmic do this? Through the Lunar and Solar Eclipses occurring during the month of August.

Best guidance is to allow yourself the TIME to take care of yourself. Rather than being too busy to address the internal struggles and distractions, make time to honour your WORTH through love. Leo is the energy of the HEART and expresses the LOVE of the “I AM” individuation and emanation of the All. You would not wish to disregard yourself at this time, in fact, you wish to embrace your own Soul; Divine inherent rights of existence. You each seek to live a more healthy and prosperous, Soul-filled life and the Solar Body access is particularly strong right now during the month of August for you to achieve this.

When you sit quietly in meditation you can imagine or sense these Higher Forces as waves of Light, Colour and warmth that permeate your auric field filling you with a sense of knowing the Peace of the Dove, the acceleration of a faster MIND power like the wings of a hummingbird moving, and the roar of the LION of strength and Courage. You will be filled with such expansive power of electro-magnetic magnitude that you will feel the need to direct that into something of personal interest. It may be the movement of walking in Nature, or a project of writing or a creative output expression through art or may even be a physical sport that lets the flow of Life surge through you.
However..we also must look at the conservation of the powerful Energy during Leo and ensure that this is reflecting and connecting upwards and downwards… allowing you and your Spiritual essence interface a bonding time with the initiatives and inspirations of the Soul! Movement of Energy, circulation of Energy and integration of Energy.

Draw the Solar energy offered this month down into your lower bodies with your breathing practices and as you clear stagnant energy out, feel the incoming energy circulate throughout. Be sure to sit quietly during meditation and contemplate the Intelligence of your higher bodies and be ready to receive the gifts released to you from there. Addressing both worlds allows for a constant regeneration of your true Self. You will experience this balance and walk with this balance which deflects the distractions of illusion and falsehood.
A strong magnetic aura is the result of a strong alignment through the heart towards the Light of Source above your head at the Soul Energy Centre. The Solar KING and SOLAR QUEEN integrative Self is the symbolic representation the Sphinx sets out to convey to you. This is the Solarized; Spiritualized Man… who understands their origin and strives for living that Soul filled life here on Earth. Bring out the best of yourself now during this heart entrance time!

The heart GATE or PORTAL through the LEO Constellation is to be walked into with the “eyes of a child” full of wonder, hope, TRUST and faith that within you lies the Secrets to LIFE and the reason for your birth and the signs of your destiny. This is TRUE and you will Know Thyself upon entry and examination of this dimension and aspect of Self.
Upon entry shy not away from your Sacred Alter but instead stand before it with openness and willingness to let the Love of the Universal Divine come through. Replicate this alter in your own home, nature or personal space so that it becomes the manifestation of your sacred connection within you at the heart.

Sit there often and behold the Glories that are found within you. Feel the Energy flow throughout the upper chest and upper back…be the Master of it. Connect with what issues are moving out; purging out of you as you cleanse the old hurts and self sabotages that created a false perception of separation from the Divine. This separation cannot be and will never be. Choose to find that BOND with forever and your Originator of Life; the Creator. Sit with this each day with such intent that the Light burns the dross blocking you and exposes you to the extraordinary JOY and internal Bliss of connecting with such LOVE.

No longer shall you feel the distances of illusion of separation but instead this Solar month offers you the greatest time for Self Realization and fellowship with your Brethren globally, locally and in your own Soul family. Kinship and humanitarianism begin in the heart…morals, ethics and values begin here as well. Mankind can shift into this Energy and it starts with your own powerful concentric waves flowing in and out of your world..your life.

Behold the Forces of Light that join you during this month from the 4 Directions..those of the Hierarchy of Light Source that bring you Colourful Rays of Healing Light to lift you up and out of the shadows of illusion in the valley and place you upon the mountain top of your integrated True Self!

May you find peace and joy during this time as you wash your rivers of any emotional disharmonies and impure thoughts to find your clear and clean heart flowing radiant in the GOLD and WHITE Light of your SOLAR Self!
Many Cosmic Blessings for your month ahead!
Your Class Master

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