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Autumn Equinox – Message from Spirit !

MESSAGE FROM SPIRIT – for Equinox time whether for the Southern hemisphere or northern hemisphere.

Received through intuitive communication….Kathy Roseborough

You are each to take your own place now…for the Spiritual Guardians of the NORTH are returning now…the Guardians of the North are the Guardians of this EARTH and as such they have mankind now…as prophecy goes in aeons past…the Return of the Guardians is taking place.  These energies are stepping into their place now as mankind is in need.  Dutifully many of you have begun your reawakening, and are striving towards realignment with your true Selves..many are still to be awakened.

The systems of this earth are under duress..from ecological standpoints to the ministering duties of men and women for families, communities and nations.  The need for stability has never been more apparent..  The need for a strong framework is necessary be it for yourself, your home or your local neighbourhood or your country.

The world is under duress..mankind is acting out of emotional and these emotions are ricochetting all over the place.  The hand of the NORTH..the power of stability is near now.  The great Eagles return with keen eyes to direct the Divine Intelligences into the minds of leaders such as yourselves.

You can work directly with the Divine Intelligence to restore Order and foundation and strength.  (Direct teachings from the Cosmic Masters)

Order can be restored…peace and orderly activities can return.  The unruly energies that have been allowed to accelerate due to the cries for human rights…has permitted pathogens to enter..for other issues have ridden on the coattails of the label human rights only they are not actually human rights but emotional rights, old religious rights, lower sexual desires and human appetites.  The Human rights are to be in alignment with universal Laws…not Ego rights and lower demands…..the rights to be upheld are to be the RIGHT of All in accordance with the greater schematic of Creation.  Not the rights of those that feel they should do as they please.  Therefore..the term Human Rights is misunderstood..misinformed…and misapplied.

The only rights to be upheld are the Universal rights and Laws for mankind.

The Divine Ones are here to help mankind restore themselves to the Universal Laws and Human rights that are for the benefit of all to evolve.  Human rights comes with restrictions…the restrictions are the framework of vessel/vehicles into which the Universal Laws are then poured…causing a powerful alignment for each Soul incarnate.

You have have the right to prepare the vessel for the Universal consciousness to integrate with you.  that is your right..that is your responsibility.

YOu are to adhere to Laws of your dimensions.  The Archangels of the Dimensions can help you to know of these Laws for they govern each of the dimensions in that respect.  They are only too willing to share their knowledge and insightful guidance with you.

The cries of the various races of the people has called for the return of the Divine Intelligences that governs the Races and their Spiritual evolution..thus integration with the entire human race.  Each race has it’s own governing Body of LIght consciousness that impresses upon the evolving group the best qualities for their development..then all races in turn integrate with one another to form an entire body of human consciousness.

Calls have been heard for the return of the  Guardians…the Yellow Race has called for a realignment to the…Greater stream of Inner Mysteries..back to their Ancient practices of Spirituality..peaceful leadership…the Red man has called back the Teaching of the Great Grandfathers of past LIneages..the Wisdom and Teachings of their Race..their ways and lifestyle protected…The White man has called it’s own Manu to restore itself in active Intelligence and reason for order across the globe and balanced practices…the Black Man has called upon it’s own Lords of LIght to return the Teachings of a Supreme Race of Beings of advanced mystical powers and well being  for all people..

These among others…The Polynesian… the Brown people… the many diverse expressions of our human race all have Leaders and Divine Intelligences that are now here to bring them Universal Spirituality..not isolated or segregated teachings…but Universal Divine Spirituality to restore order..and especially LOVE.

You will see across the globe in your communications and news that each of these groups are struggling to find Order and to find their own HEART alignment with the Creator…the All ..

Remember this as you watch and hear the stories of strife…the struggle is to remove the supremacy and control of the few and to allow each person to find their own alignment with Truth and Light.

On the global scene this is a large task…Each group can be recognized as having taken small or great steps towards this…there will be opposition from the lower forces of man to stop this process..but given the return of the Hierarchy of Light..the Divine Intelligences and Guardians of this Planet…they will oppose to no avail…for victory is to be seen in this directed Will of alignment.

Your contribution to this global redemption is your individuated effort in your own backyard.  By restoring ORDER in your own self and contribute to the restoration of Order globally.

By your own realization that loose energies are not healthy energies…permitted to flow wherever they wish…you harness the power and regroup.

When you are loose you know you do not feel well…you get upset and ungrounded.  When you are strong and on a nice focused path of self redemption and feel very good..and very alive…  committed to and devoted to, the Divine path within.

We all enjoy feeling good and we all know that unruly lives make for sickness and disease.  Keep this in mind as you plan your lives now..your days and the direction your family is to go.  Rules are not meant to be broken..Rules from the Cosmic sense are meant to hold you in the Bosom of Love.. in the Wisdom of Light and in the Mindfulness of Divine Order.

Order will bring peace..peace within you and not struggle and strife.  You needn’t be in a hurry for your acceleration of has already long begun now and will accelerate you as is required and is necessary as you permit the surrender to the Soul .. Being in an allowing state is Key…Allow the Universe to take you into alignment and Order this will be so very pleased with the results of having this comforting Order of the Universe guiding you, surrounding you and embracing you.

so Mote it Be..
The Guardians

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