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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – April 13th to April 19th, 2020

How are you feeling inside?

Hi Everyone!

I think it is quite appropriate to ask each of you, “how are you feeling inside?” Because I’m not sure that it is an easy question to answer…perhaps for some of you. We have just experienced a very strange weekend, in that for many who usually celebrate some form of religious or spiritual time together with others, may define this occasion as having been quite different indeed! We are told that we don’t need to go to any “special physical place” to find the “God of our Hearts” or the “Universal Creator” connection….so did this past weekend strengthen your connection since you were to stay home and because all public gatherings were cancelled?

How are you feeling inside?

You woke up this morning and you are likely finding the same news broadcast on all networks and media, you may know of someone suffering from the virus, or are suffering yourself, from something related to the virus crisis, and likely all your “senses” are still highly attuned and on guard for what is going on around you…..everywhere. You know how your family is feeling, how the community around you is feeling and certainly how the rest of humanity is feeling because you can “pick it up” intuitively. But how are you feeling inside?

Stop for moment and register those feelings in a journal or notebook…and then after you have done that…ask yourself if you are ready to shift to an even stronger Source of Energy that will secure you in not only reaching a more stable and healthy position but help you STAY elevated there?

Even with all that is going on globally, your own journey; fate and direction of life here on Earth is interwoven with your “Design, purpose, inner strength, determination and forward movement” in building ALL that has been inherently orchestrated for you since your birth! You can wake up each day and do your proper breathing, exercises, meditation, journalling, reflection, planning and development in co-operation and harmony with your Higher Self. Why do that? So that you don’t succumb to the instability that excessive global emotion brings nor take on the “hair raising” upsets and fears that sweep across the ethers and shared medium that connects every living being on this planet.

By daily development of your own Energy field, your own health and unfolding plan for your life….you not only help yourself but you “significantly bring calm” across our Globe for everyone! If a certain number of us can lead the way with strength and alignment, then those who struggle to do this will automatically pick up on this strength with their own emotional and etheric/physical bodies thus settling down their own nerves; lessening the stress and keeping their immune systems strong as well.

Now isn’t that a marvellous way to start our week together? Let’s acknowledge that we have feelings to be talked out, written or shared…and then move on to the SOLUTIONS to access in order to raise the vibration of our own life thus helping others. If we do this each and everyday…doesn’t it then become the new norm and thus become permanent? YES!

So let’s restart this day with a very POSITIVE thought and feeling. Yes we acknowledge that humanity is experiencing some extraordinary times but in order to accelerate the transformation and new directive for mankind, let’s start right in the “heart of the matter”; in our own Self…our own hearts. Prayers, invocations, meditations and intentions for your life can all be done in the comfort of whatever you call “home”. Let’s invest time into this.

The week ahead is one that will be what we CREATE it to be. You can change your life and with the daily unfolding and accelerating times we are in…we can defy all odds and do the impossible! That’s the POWER of Love and MIND and WILL.

Many Blessings for the week ahead….There is a storehouse of powers within you that need accessing….let’s go get them!

In Light and in Peace,