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Equinox Message from Spirit

Energy Shifts & Updates – October 23rd to October 29th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

We still have that “balancing” influence from Libra even as we start to head into the Scorpio energy and this week is an awesome Energy week to examine your life, reflect on the choices you have made over your life and ask yourself, “Was that the best decision and how can I do better?”  

Life is all about learning, healing, examining, experimenting, growing and thriving through tears of Joy and many times sadness too.   You learn and you are growing exponentially as you come back stronger each time…closer and closer to that Spiritually integrated state.  You are going to stumble, tumble, fall…but you will stand up..and you will try again.  Why? because your inherent Divinity not only programmed survival into you..but the Blessed Sacred Universal Consciousness also programmed into you Love and Hope..Truth and Light! That which you seek you shall find…As a man thinketh so shall he be!  In other words..this is a great energy week to make sure YOU rise to a level beyond the mundane, the bitter, the angry, the resentful…lifting up instead to embrace the Inner Light within you!

Scorpio energy LOVES transformation and growth of consciousness… and this week you will excel quickly!  You know you can truly STOP at any threshold to any door of misery and unhappiness…and instead CROSS the threshold into enlightened reason, love in your heart, bright eyes of optimism and a openness to learn!  Always ask too, “Worthy Master..what’s next?”  “What does the Creative Mind of the All have in store for me now?”

Push aside the lower thoughts, push aside the distractions and knee-jerk reactions…and BREATHE…listen to your own heartbeat, listen to the magic inside of you when you sit in the silence of Oneness with Universal Love and Truth.  So much can happen for you now and so much Truth can be realized.

This is an Energy Week opportunity that is clearing the way for the incredible November shift..yes..we are already sloughing off BLOCKS of energy..boulders of un-truths and nonsense.  Protect and endear to hold sacred your Light and let it glow even brighter in the face of adversity!  Know that this is the week YOUR Light will be the brightest Light in the room, in your home, in your work and in your world!

Enjoy the great week ahead and remember..the more you breathe deeply with Universal Source..the stronger and clearer you are!

In Light and in Peace,


Autumn Equinox! Enjoy a Free guided meditation!

Hi everyone!      ** Please note that Equinox energy shifts and influences Spiritually are intense for 3 days before/3 days after) **  Go ahead and to this again!

I hope you realize how special this day is!  It’s Fall Equinox Time (Spring Equinox in our Southern hemisphere) and today each one of you are to experience the receipt of enlightenment!  We do have plenty to be grateful for and it is also a wonderful time to acknowledge your efforts to date as well!

During the Equinox time we experience the “malleable state between the dimensions” thus we are able to access our Spiritual realms more readily and receive insight, clarity, guidance and integration with them.  It’s a good day to meditate, be with nature and have some time in the silence.

I have set down a guided meditation here this morning…I was sitting in the Inner Temple sending out good thoughts and prayers for peace globally and asking that all those that attend the Inner Temple of Healing and Wisdom through our World Healing Project receive some positive energy this day!  I started with this and then was moved to record some energy healing for you.  I hope you enjoy…it’s quite simple and straightforward…but there was such Beauty in the Inner Temple and so much Light to be shared I thought I would do that.  (please excuse the lack of polish…so much to see in the Temple for you..I just spoke!)

Blessings for a great day ahead… In Light and in Peace, Kathy



Weekly Energy Updates – May 16th to May 22nd, 2016

Hi Everyone!

The energy “cleansing” has been quite deep over the last few days providing you with considerable insight to your core issues that can now be duly examined and transformed through understanding and Love for yourself.  Stay objective and self nurturing in the process.  Looking at yourself and being able to access the old memories can be quite challenging..but with the newly found awareness you can come to appreciate your learning & living processes better!

This is such a good week for realizing “WHY” you have been the way you have been, “WHY” you are changing to what your changing to, and “WHY” you have chosen the life you have chosen plus the Beauty of present to future opportunities of Self expression!  All this in one week?  You bet…!  There is plenty of “a ha’s” to exclaim this week to yourself and others!

Getting into the “hands on” experience of life here and now this week, you are truly going to enjoy how you get to use your creativity for the reinvention of Self.  Taking moment to moment accounts of your observations and marvelling at the results will bring you a great deal of joy.  Truly enjoy this week..don’t shy away from this type of energy…instead use it liberally to have fun.  A part of the inner child in you wishes to come out and play…so trust this part of you.  Permit that extra giggle or chuckle…go ahead and accept that invitation or yes…treat yourself to that extra little luxury that will make you feel good inside.  Life is to be enjoyed…yes…even through all this healing and clearing!

To keep your trust and security in place…continue to do your daily personal meditations and alignments…plus…this week I would take a look at your foundation.  Build up your aura and consider strengthening your home/apt/property boundaries too.  I’ve noticed that a few people have been letting this lapse which as you know, leaves you more open and vulnerable to energy that you are not wishing to have influence you or your family.  So just a reminder!

This is also a very good week for making your travel plans for the summer…deciding on how you wish to engage in your holiday time.  Remember that a holiday is a time to relax and enjoy your surroundings, friends, family..etc.  Be sure to not make it so busy that you actually miss out on it’s purpose!  Try a nature holiday where you can get back to your roots.

Have a great week!

In Light and in Peace,


***  Please note that if you are needing help for your Spring home/property clearing…you can check that out on this website under  “Healing/Counsel” **


Message from Spirit – Spring Equinox 2015

Hi Everyone….this is a very lengthy teaching & message from Spirit…if you have time to read it….

From the Elders, the Ancient Ones
“Challenge yourselves now…for this is not about tests and survival but instead you are to challenge yourself to see what your quality and Inner makings are designed to do. When you take a watch or clock apart you see the fine and intricate inner mechanisms working together in smooth rhythm harmoniously to produce the desired outcome.

You too have very fine inner mechanisms that have been intricately placed by Design; by Divine Plan that offer you the most operable and efficient means of having energy output suited to your own Soul mandate.

It you explore what those various functioning mechanism are there to can begin to coordinate them in an expressed manner suitable to your Spiritual Identity. All have been placed meticulously inside of you and some components are just waiting for you to turn them on. They await your turning of the switches and asking them to perform. They are not rusty and worn out..they are like NEW…and each has the potential to bring you higher and higher towards your own goals.

What does this mean in application? Simple plan with simple and straightforward instruction:…you acknowledge that the Creator is the MIND behind your inner and outer mechanisms, faculties and exclusive quantum capabilities. Your capabilities in many ways are beyond your perception but one should strive to understand them and start to manifest those that you are capable of now handling.

You are to be very open to incoming expansion of your own Divine Intelligence and do not CAP off with limitations found in your Intellect body that can distort and lead to living a life of illusion. This is old practice and is now being discarded. You are to go beyond these limitations and whilst staying solid in footing; have open mindedness of all your unlimited potential.

You are to approach life with respect, dignity and heartfelt love for both yourself and others. This all begins now in the new cycle…it starts to permeate you now so that it becomes more of the norm rather than the unimaginable. You see clearly that you have something that is beyond any of the human, manmade valuation systems have to offer. There is no price tag that can be placed on your gift for much of what you do it so sublime and advanced relative to the limitations of productivity on the earth plane that you would be insulting the very purity of the streams to dollar value them. These gifts will need containment only… in that they are harnessed and directed according to your own MIND aligned with Universal consciousness. With this understanding first and then begin to rationally compartmentalize a fair rate of exchange of energy between your product and service with another. Grasp though first..the true meaning of the wealth of your immortal state and you will flow gracefully and with great dignity! *

*(this requires explanation…this will help to rid mankind of having one end of the spectrum where a man or woman is underpaid/undervalued for his hard work…and at the other end…exploitation and grossly overpaid human beings who choose to take from others in an unnecessary imbalanced manner.) No one should be valued by their job, appearance, or material accumulation.

Realize that the powerful roar of energy pulsing through your energy meridians is Liquid LIGHT and LIFE FORCE and has a strong sound reverberation to it and that YOUR BODY is the perfect medium for the harmonics of the cosmic to PLAY through. Your song is heard on many levels. Your BODY is an instrument.

Realize that the Codes of Life are truly CODES and they are intricate and advanced methods used by the Creator to keep the Divine Intelligence within you in ORDER. Order is the KEY. These systems are far beyond your current intellectual understanding due to the limitations of your carbon based physical brain but KNOW that you are in an ongoing process of cleaning receptor sites for improved understanding and integration.

In order to truly understand thoroughly you would need to be lifted up to higher realms in the Energy Bodies of the Hierarch of LIght and finely tuned way beyond the conditions of the earth body. Potential ? yes…necessary at this time? No. Each of you will be engaged with Cosmic Masters for this type of training on an individual need and basis. As these Cosmic Masters lift you beyond limited will be transformed.

The portion of your time spent on earth in body does have labour tasks attached to it..such as normal chores, contribution to family and community development and the care taking application of the land itself. Pay dutiful respect to the Mother of this Earth upon which you live and thrive. Offer thanks and express gratitude for that which you receive and The Divine Nature of HER Loving Existence expressing love to you alone shall be all the response that you seek and shall receive. Her LOVE is so abundant..let her take take of your abundance needs.

Be at peace doing your dutiful roles and there is no need to complain about these roles assigned for everyone has a part to play in the keeping and maintaining this great Garden of Life here on Earth.

Go about your role with a good pace..not a hectic one. If you get into hyped up frenzy..your nerve systems will burn out as they will not be able to handle the overload. The breath should moderate this and keep a well functioning physical body carrying the Divine Intelligence to your endocrine glands and organs of the body.

The breath shall be, and always has been, your main focus of personal development without which you would shut down.

There are many Guardians and Keepers of the Earth present during the renewal time of Spring Equinox in your northern hemisphere and they are here to ensure the smooth operation of the new beginnings of LIFE each cycle. They have roles to play and you may wish to learn from being observant of these tasks and skills. It is not for you to interfere nor should mankind ever interfere with the Orderly task of every seasonal time of renewal or sleep throughout the Kingdoms… which ever the case may be seasonally..though unfortunately this has taken place. The Kingdoms are specialized in their own roles and ensure an orderly change graded to their own dimensions.

However, they Guardians are most willing and able to be educating those who have interest and at this time are very open to teach you about LIFE here on earth. This includes the proper use of the Resources of the earth..the Universal Laws and principles that govern the cyclic systems of the earth including food systems, geological systems, botanicals and herbs, medicine, resurgence of nutritional offerings and the kingdoms of the animals and the food chain.

There are plenty of topics that you can engage in discussion with these Guardians about…If that interests you then you should pursue this.

Start with your book note taking and then go into meditation and call upon them for insights and clarity.

For those who seek to expand upon there gifts and skills that are most energetic in nature and sublime. .there is plenty offered to those seeking Higher concepts and, astronomical and astrological insights, Galactic systems, and Universal Truths. Depending upon your interests, again the Hierarchy of Light Intelligence is available to you. Ready to help you in your studies. Clearly education, knowledge and practical application of your knowledge is all a part of this particular cycle of the Equinox seasonal shifts.

The truth be known the UNIVERSAL Intelligence has always been there for just did not realize it. It is becoming more obvious to you now and your reintegration with the Higher Intelligence systems is all available to you and the bridge to these lessons, and teachings are open!

What we are hoping to now impress upon you is that your true POTENTIAL is to be realized now..the time cycle is so open and vast that we must stress to you that you have options on your path too…you can delightfully engage in so many advanced systems of Teaching that you just need to ask for help to tap into them!

The turning ON of the switches and mechanisms inside your brain are the actually opening of the neural pathways that CARRY the Divine Intelligence of the All MIND to your rational and conceptualizing portion of your brain. You can say then that you are “getting it”…Recognizing and realizing things that before seemed vague or shadowed with untruths.

Now..what everyone then seems to want to know is how to live on earth given that so much is available to each of you for learning and spiritual advancement? How does that give you gainful employment, financial security, relationships with partners, improved relations with family and so on?

Answer….In fact it does re-shape your physical living begins to move your story of your life into its new chapter often with new people, environments, situations, financial access and so on. The story is changing and the character traits change too. You are the author.

eg. You can write a storybook or tell the story of the poverty stricken man on the street suffering and worried with challenges and fierce competition..yes… you can have your life written in that manner…..or you can take out your pen (SYMBOLIC OF MIND) and write about the noble King or Queen who is cherished and loved by their community and the people and family they are involved with. They have moral character and receive financial support in many differing ways that accumulation of wealth & great health begins. But this smart King or Queen also knows that hoarding that wealth and energy would disrupt the same Universal Laws that brought it to they carefully and trustingly ensure that the energy be kept moving…Ebb and flow of life force and resources. That way they continue to do the things Designed by the Plan without the worry of disrupting the flow. Now that’s a much better story to read and to live in, correct? Remember for this you shall you BE.

As the Author of the Life; hand in hand with the are to operate from MIND..centred in HEART…that dissolves those irritations called fears which befall one who is characterized as being living in the old paradigm.

Let us summarize a few important points about this time of manifestation…the MIND within you is being turned ON and contacting connector sites that were turned off before are now being placed in the ON position. These systems now being turned on blend with the spiritual qualities of your Love and alliance/alignment to Universal Laws of Love , Light and Truth…to the Divine All.

Passing through this heart configuration in Light and Truth, the newly bonded sacred geometry formed has contact points as well..! Each POINT of this newly formed and newly bonded Sacred both a portal and Self Realization point in and out between your conscious intellect and your Higher MIND allowing the ebb and flow of Divine qualities to engage in your daily living.

From this heart bonded sacred geometry, the EGO identity is turned on in radiance through as well and immediately responds to this new bonding that is taking place through the higher systems and responds in kind. Your EGO personality begins to act in accordance with all incoming Intelligence and love thus over-riding and transforming completely the OLD programs of limitation and suffering.

The New systems adhere only to that which is now streaming in.

The bonded contact points are permanent and the old paradigm ceases to rule.

That is why the actual manifestation of your life’s individuated Soul expression is now’s begun…and it is through these very straight forward Laws that this takes place. It has been the Divine Plan and always will be…remember that the Divine Plan is an orderly plan You just needed to have the switches flipped to the ON position and that is what these Cosmic Energies are doing to you this day. These are the gifts of the Equinox.

It is like turning up the heat..the burners…the vibration….igniting the contact points and getting them to start burning properly again.

As the shadows of illusion have passed by your heart with the moon’s shadow passing across the face of the timely has the new electrical firings started that leads you upwards into Higher consciousness and Spiritual enlightenment…that is the gift of the Total Solar Eclipse.

Enjoy and May you take in the Many Blessings offered to you!

In Light and in Peace, Kathy Roseborough