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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – February 11th to February 17th, 2019

Our Children are the Future of Mankind

HI Everyone!

We can talk about new moons, full moons, planets, stars and galaxies….Solar flares and comets, asteroids and earth changes….but what we really need to talk about is the application and dedication to task on just what putting mental and spiritual concepts into practical application is going to look like sooner than later. We need to LIVE our spiritual human consciousness now!

Action still requires proper development, framework and discussion no doubt….but it also requires the verbal communication to put into daily practice and routine that which really starts to make a difference and can be measured at home. The fast, overwhelming sensationalism that many have become used to has to be replaced with a concentrated and focused materialization of MIND; singular and collective, into the fascinating world of experiences we call LIFE.

The energy ahead this week is moderate and it is also calling upon you to harness and focus it. Concentrating on what it is you truly enjoy doing in a quiet and stable environment will be really very, very good for you this week!

There is a bit of the “calm and concentrated mental energy before the Seasonal burst in March at Equinox” going on and you will note this building up starting now. You will have very active minds with perhaps a bit of wobbly and inexperienced interface with solid materialization…but keep trying because it will catch on and in about 3 or 4 weeks you will be very surprised at the manifestations taking place!

Remember when we discussed that “unknown” paradigm you stepped into around January 21st of this year…that raised all sorts of questions as to HOW your life was going to look going forward? Well…you will see that this week your clarity will start to lock onto some higher concepts that “REALLY MAKE SENSE!” Loving it? You bet!…. and I must close with a gentle reminder to please get some sleep though as well…your body needs to have good rest for rejuvenation and keep up the brain food as well! ūüôā

Enjoy your week ahead….you are pouring quality LIFE energy into the foundation for our future for many generations to come.

In Light and in Peace,


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May the Essence of Light of Universal Source be Remembered

Post-Equinox guidance – Energy Shifts – What to Expect now?

Hi Everyone ! ¬†Please SHARE this post if you can…thank you!


The incredible weekend Equinox Energy and Full Moon of Monday is pushing the fragments of Self up still….yes…still. ¬†I have some insight from the Inner Temple to share with you:

“This cycle is about CHANGE and the Karmic rebalancing of your life that will take up to October 31st in some cases to be completely understood and resolved. ¬†Use this time cycle between Fall Equinox and October 31st (before a MAJOR shift happens in early November) to examine your Self realizations and challenges AND MOST IMPORTANTLY to implement the realizations. ¬†If you were to ask the Akashic Calendar if this is a good time to START something? ¬†The answer is YES….start engaging 4 to 5 times more in your Higher consciousness activities such as meditation and application of your mandate. ¬† This is HARVEST time…a time of ingathering the energy from Universal Source and detoxing everything that is of the old cycle out of your physical systems; your house; your relationships and your profession.

The challenges that you are now VERY well aware of….have HISTORY. ¬†These are to be looked at from a much higher perspective and looked at from BOTH sides of the equation. ¬†Look to see how you are feeling..and examine how the other person or person(s) are feeling as well. ¬†The KARMA you have created is up for resolution NOW. ¬†It has to be NOW. ¬†Why?

Because under the incredible guidance and LAWS of the Universe that the LIBRA constellation are showing you now….you must learn this now. ¬†It is so important and it is setting the stage for the rest of your life. ¬†That’s correct. ¬†You are to make your decisions based on the thorough examination of yourself and all parties/experiences involved during this time and you will see a change in your life that you were not expecting. ¬†It is a very, very good outcome for you and all involved !

CHANGE is not just a buzz is an absolute Law. ¬†Life is perpetual change and growth…that’s the Truth and this Post-Equinox cycle is all about change. ¬†Very drastic changes in you I must add because that is what is being shown to me in the Inner Temple. ¬†You are not making subtle are drastically changing your life to conform to your Soul’s intention for this lifetime. ¬†You are to engage only in those activities and practices that align with your Soul’s mandate, your own health and well being. ¬†There is no room for any frivolous activity nor is there to be any engagement with “going along with the crowd” of the old paradigm. ¬†It won’t work.

If this sounds serious…it is. ¬†This is a CYCLE that has to do with the MIND (your thoughts) and the WILL (the FIRE within you now). ¬†So go deep and get these things resolved.

If you are not understanding the way to do this..then get help. ¬†We don’t put things aside because we don’t know how…we pick them up and ask questions.

More next week!

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – September 24th to September 30th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Full Moon today is Aries! ¬†Wow…FIRE UP! ¬†Only this time the fire is not necessarily going to have you bouncing off the walls with magnetism…but instead you may find it to be a VERY INTERNAL FIRE that is going on this day..and through the week ahead. ¬†The SILENT fire is transforming your heart centre deep into the back between your shoulder blades and is opening up the well deserved, well earned and very important “angelic wings” that produce that profound aura of yours!¬†

What did you discover about yourself over this Equinox period of time? Reflect back from last Thursday (3 days before) and until Tuesday this week (3 days after) the Equinox time period that occurred over the Saturday September 22nd night with varying times across the Globe. ¬†I can tell you one thing that the Inner Temple shares with all of you…the Energy Healing and shifts you made are permanent and are still integrating through this week as you take the time to get over the surprise that you are really going to achieve liberation from old patterns and attain greater awareness of Self. ¬†Come to accept these changes as REAL…not temporary.

Any epiphany moments, any beautiful alignments and gifts you received during Equinox time are REAL and shall stay on within you as the Fires within continue to work with you creating deeper space and containers to hold this Light of Truth.  Libra time cycle is ALL ABOUT CHANGE!  The Scales are balancing you out and helping you to balance karma as well.

We were told by Spirit at our own gathering over the weekend at the World Healing Conference…that the CORE ISSUE healing and transformations could take up until October 31st (on or about) for you to integrate completely as these are the issues you came into your life with…carryover from past lives…and therefore are the most profoundly imbedded as well as the most chock full of gifts and self realizations. ¬†Can you imagine….the rich experiences you have been through become gems of Wisdom!

There is a major shift starting November 1st on through to approx. the 16th of November..which will be spoken to more as we lead up to this time line.  Until then let us focus on what is happening this week.  This week it is a good idea to have some quiet time to reflect on the changes of Equinox and your progression under the LIBRA constellation.

The Fires of Aries and the full moon at the start of this week are shining the Light into those things that you need to do, to change, to give attention to….so that you don’t turn your head away and forget. ¬†The gifts of the Constellations and Full Moon this week will be like parents… “On your case about it” !! ¬†ūüôā

So….to that end…please implement even a few steps of the Self Realizations you are making. ¬†For example…if you have come to discover that a little exercise, meditation or re-arranging of your schedule is good for you…then do it. ¬†If you realized that those around you are here on this earth to learn their own way and you needn’t be so involved emotionally…then stand back and let them grow. ¬†If you discovered that you really do want to try singing, art, guitar or writing…then go for it…register for that class!

This is the week for the Fires of Transformation to move like stealth work through your Energy bodies.  They are to mobilize you, help you think and reflect deeper and to STRENGTHEN you!

Love it? ¬†I’m sure you do. ¬†The week is yours to implement change. ¬†CHANGE is the buzz word of the perpetual wheel of the Life’s evolution! ¬†Enjoy your week ahead.

In Light and in peace,



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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – September 17th to September 23rd, 2018

Hi Everyone!

With just days before the Equinox to get ourselves prepared to receive the “gifts of the Spirit” during this most auspicious time….you may be facing the “TAZ” devil on your solar plexus to heart path where false beliefs and emotional challenges are blocking the gate to peace and relief on your personal issues! ¬†Does it look and feel like this sometimes ?


Relax…the good news is that there will be plenty of opportunity all this week…right up to September 22/23 Equinox time for you to examine these issues and lift into clarity. ¬†Now do you also feel the amazing opportunities and the way things are starting to “crack” open for you as this Equinox cycle is approaching as well? ¬†Let’s hope you are getting a lot more of this too!:

The Solar Light of your own brilliant Soul and that of the Universal Consciousness is giving us plenty of insight at this time as well when we use our skills of reflection and listen VERY CAREFULLY within for this is a building up time of Inner communication with your Soul (Higher Self) as we transfer into the LIBRA (air element of MIND) sign!  The Mind to Mind communication between yourself and the Soul consciousness is due now to take a major shift over Equinox and you will need to prepare yourself to take this time very seriously.

The Equinox time and shift to new Constellation influences is always a magical time when you RECEIVE a gift from Spirit.  Yes you do!  You are to be in a meditative or reflective communication and you will find it to be most beneficial and joyful to your heart.

To prepare this week…be sure to keep some time open for yourself to “personally assess” just where you feel stuck and what triggers are affecting you, write these down..and also place your MIND and intentions into the direction you wish to go that will CLEAR UP the past follies, glitches, choices that were imbalanced and so on. It is a CLEARING time of the year pre-Equinox and this week please do what you can to stay in the higher vibratory environments. ¬†Peaceful environments, little noise, nature where you can, lighter eating practices, plenty of water and get some rest. ¬†Even if you need to grab a “cat nap” for 20 min. here and there..that would be great. ¬†Spirit is trying to talk to you..meaning your Higher Self is going to guide you more and more as we find our state of Spiritual consciousness accelerating across the globe.

okay…so let’s clear up the “little false devil beliefs” (said with a smile)…… and embrace change. ¬†Let’s be sure to watch how we treat our stomach, intestines, solar plexus chakra. ¬†It is VERY SENSITIVE right now so you must protect the Solar plexus from interference, disturbing negativity, noise and confusion. ¬†(Use the Free meditation in the World Healing Library on this website…look up Aura Strengthening)

Looking forward to a great week of change, clearing and at the end of this week…May you enjoy the most beautiful EQUINOX !!

In Light and in Peace,



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Fall Equinox – September 22/23, 2018 – Why so important?

Hi Everyone!

You’ve seen the seasons change before…all your life and certainly enjoyed them all…but why is the Equinox on Saturday, September 22nd so important? (EST time zone – your time zone may be 23rd)

The Constellations¬†move from the Virgo influence to Libra influence and is marked by characteristics¬†of vibrational Energy Intelligences that reach the aura and bodies of the human race prompting certain changes, healing experiences and shifts of consciousness. ¬†The attributes of these 2 particular Constellations weigh heavy in favour of solar plexus (digestion/intestines) to lumbar/kidneys and a¬†very large opening lens in between the 2 worlds of CREATIVE and FORMATIVE…meaning between your Spiritual Self and your lower developing personality. ¬†What can potentially shift in you?

Your interest and participation in the daily¬†battles and herd consciousness of life is not particularly intriguing to you nor do you wish to stay witness to the “games” of life in the repetitive manners that result in predictable outcomes and repeat patterns of the karmic wheel. ¬†You are building strength to make some profound changes and strategically rise above this permanently!

Several endings are taking place because to be quite frank with you…you just aren’t going to take it anymore. ¬†Painful letting go? ¬†In¬†this case I think not. ¬†Defeated? ¬†No….I think not. ¬†Celebratory…oh yes! I¬†believe so!

The LIBRA Constellation is setting down a very open, expansive (like the Wings of the White horse Pegasus) realization of Self occurring in the Upper Chest area and thyroid region that is not just knocking on the door…but rattling it right off it’s hinges! ¬†The AIR element of MIND in Libra is balanced and definitive. ¬†You will be thinking very logically, reflecting intuitively and then setting down decisions in your life that are final. ¬†All from the reflection of Beauty and heart embracing reasons! ¬†This in¬†turn is purging the kidneys of old fears and settling into a more supportive lower back attracting partners, improving upon current relationships, home security and financial/resourceful bases too.

As you make the CHOICE at this time of the Equinox cycle to no longer play the old, repetitive dismal games of life….you will be creating an incredible space in the Upper Chest area and the lower pelvic/adrenal root foundation. ¬†Then…as the days move forward into weeks…you will see that you are very well prepared for the NOVEMBER 1st shift (accelerating through to November¬†9th and integrating into the 16th) that according to the guidance of our Inner Temple of Heaing and Wisdom ..marks a SOLAR chariot or Merkabah alignment like you wouldn’t believe! The intensity of that shift is only made possible to be held in position in your chalice or framework of Self…because you make space for it at Equinox. ¬†Meditate on that…you will find Truth.

See you at the Equinox World Healing Conference September 21st to September 23rd!  Attend 1, 2 or all 3 days.  If you are unable to attend?  You can order the live audio taping of the event and I can also bring you into the Inner Temple for the special Equinox meditation on the Saturday.  Once registered I will be tuning in to you and you will receive long distance healing and initiation from Equinox and the weekend teachings! Be sure to participate!

In Light and in Peace,
Kathy Roseborough
Educator of Esoteric Principles
World Healing Academy

Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – September 3rd to September 9th, 2018

Hi Everyone !

Funny isn’t it? ¬†The programming we have within us that as soon as we hit the September month energy there is some sort of inherent part of us that switches gears towards school, educational programs, order, organization, etc…but also an intensity of preparation for something that is not always quite so clear….at least not unless you know where to look!

This week’s Energy shift begins with subtle influences that include foods…the texture, nature of it and your body needs. ¬†Harvest time is really underway and you are to begin drawing energy into yourself as the weeks unfold ahead. With the renewed energy within you as you build, you will be creating many strengthening things including Boundaries, Structure of Daily living, improved Mindfulness, Memory, Internal Order, Purpose, Focus and dedication to task; both physical and spiritual.

We begin to change when the Sun and astrological influences change. ¬†Our bodies, just like the animal kingdom, birds, tree foliage, etc are going through various stages of change and one must pay particular attention to that. ¬†Flat energy foods MUST be eliminated from your diet…empty carbs, etc..because it is now that nutrients from the fields must be taken in. ¬†For some of you around the Globe…the reason will be for both physical (winter in 3 months starts) and for spiritual (purely for inner strength to functions that need proper fuel).

We need FUEL in our bodies in order to THINK properly.  MIND fuel.  But in the summer when it is hot, we tend to eat less due to the temperatures.  We also tend to not study or engage in intense mental or spiritual developments.

Once September starts we begin to have a spark of exchange with the Soul that prompts us to wish to gather our thoughts and have a new direction. We change.  Our brains require a different type of fuel and our MINDS wish to engage in those activities that allow us to be both CREATIVE (intuitive) and MENTALLY advancing.

This week you will be changing with the times and also wanting to leave behind some habits and wasteful activities. You will be examining your life with an EYE on just what it is that you wish to do.  The INNER Eye is the focus this week.  Bringing energy up into the pituitary/pineal gland through the Cerebral Spinal column with deep breathing, meditation and inner awareness.  As well you are bringing the Light of the Soul energy on down into the heart so that it may bathe your solar plexus and ease the upsets, stresses and worries.

Stresses and worries carried in the solar plexus produce stomach issues and the anxiety is hard on the function of your body systems. ¬†Take up yoga, meditation, deep breathing….make the choice to be the Master of the body this month! ¬†It LOVES order…it LOVES to serve you …so let’s give it a chance !

Enjoy the week ahead and make those decisions that will alleviate the stresses and worries. ¬†And to the all parents with children starting school…remember that the child picks up on YOUR energy. The more calm and aligned YOU are the better it is for them as well. ¬†Be the lead !

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – March 26th to April 1st, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Spring Energy is about rebirth, new growth and direction…but more importantly it is about shifting your level of spiritual consciousness to a new Order of Self. ¬†That which you sow..will certainly be that which you reap come harvest time! ¬†Therefore..what are you seeding and planting in your own garden; ¬†your MIND, body and Soul alignment?¬†

We have to apply Mother Nature’s Laws at all times..especially at this most important time of year…time of your life. ¬†You wouldn’t just throw seeds scattered around to see what happens, would you? ¬†Only if you wish to grow wild flowers perhaps…which look pretty but won’t be able to draw enough energy from them to sustain you!

When you are orderly and mindful of your daily tasks, your thoughts, plans and goals towards Spiritual enlightenment, you gain the greatest benefit from the bounty. ¬†Nurturing your garden; your life right now and seeding properly is essential to you, your home and your family at this time. ¬†Add to that the benefit to your Soul mandate and purpose in contributing to the goodness of mankind and you have a “consciously lived” life !!

Re-SET this week. ¬†Re-GROUP. ¬† There’s a full moon ahead (Friday) and you are being tested all the time right now to see if you are able to harness this Spring Energy that is powerful and bursting forth from the Universe; from even our SUN to help you grow. ¬†If you become distracted and allow the “small stuff” to get in the way you are not going to be very happy with your garden as it will look and feel neglected.

“You” are the garden in this story and to that end…make sure that it is healthy! ¬†You may wish to stir things up a bit in your life and make some room for yourself. ¬†Prep the “soil” sort of speak! ¬†But before you can do much gardening you need to know what you are planting!

  1. ¬†What are the “seed” thoughts you are planting this Spring? ¬†What are the categories? ¬†Eg. More meditation, exercise for good health, study of topics of profound interest? Perhaps you are just wishing to plant positivity and affirmations for yourself?
  2. Be sure you do not let anything pull you off your path of personal meditation, study and spiritual attainment. PERIOD. ¬†That way you can weather any storms and you won’t get blown around and pushed around but instead will take strong ROOTS and firm development.
  3. Water and nurturing?  Self care.  Good food, sunshine, exercise, plenty of water, no processed foods, no talking excessively while eating and NO noisy restaurants with music blaring.

The tests have already begun and will continue this week. ¬†No excuses now…take responsibility for yourself and embrace your Soul mandate!

Liberate yourself from the distractions in the world, the foggy mind, the confusion, the “spaced out” feelings….and this week make a commitment to yourself.

This is a good week to “rubber stamp” your agreement to Soul purpose and mandate. ¬†Pick it up now and run with it ! ¬†It’s Spring !!

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – March 19th to 25th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

You are likely having a few symptoms of pre-Equinox displacement and wondering why. ¬†Your body may be feeling toxic, heavy, stomach nausea, headaches and bloated feeling…..perhaps even challenged by skin afflictions. ¬†Your emotional body and thoughts are sweeping through massive changes in order to transfer you from confusion to clarity under the powerful interactions between our SUN and our EARTH. ¬† The Sun is blasting energy which is in alignment with your own heart changes and your Earth is your body…of which you are composed of.

Our Earth is going through her cycle of pre-Equinox…soon to be Equinox which means Her magnetic fields vary in strength, become malleable and experience a few cracks. You are the same. ¬†Your body and your energy fields are going through this time period where the SUN is directly affecting your personality. ¬†The SUN is all about Morals, Ethics, Values, Love, Oneness, Humanity and PERSONAL alignment to the “Creator” of your heart. ¬†So can you imagine the amount of power pouring forth from the subtle higher dimensions of the Spiritual realms and being carried down through to the human race via the stars, planets; our Solar system right now?

You are detoxing “lifetimes” of build up and experiencing the letting go of limitations, suppression, and control of others as well as the letting go of those things in your life that don’t align with love. ¬†You are SEEING things you never saw before in your life..the clarity is going to astound you. ¬†All WEEK..this clarity and self realization is taking place.

What to do? ¬†Process it through…journal, breathe, rest, drink water..reflect..and then reflect some more. ¬†Take control back of your life and get it re-ordered and aligned with what you want to do. Make time for yourself. ¬†Don’t give excuses..make time for yourself.

Allow the gifts of Equinox to bring you the greatest impressions and inspirations this week.  You are making space for some of the most wonderful shifts in your life.  Intense?  You bet it is..and you are likely going to say you have never experienced such realizations and energy shifts as you are this week.

The influences of the Cosmic is increasing…the depth and intensity of Cosmic Rays are scientifically being proven right now. ¬†The cosmic is pulling you out of the old stagnant limitations and you are getting more Soulful and Self realized! ¬†What a time to be alive ! ¬† Does it come with some uncomfortable cleansing? ¬†Yes…but who likes vacuuming and washing floors and walls anyway? ¬†Same with your body and energy bodies. ¬†Cleaning them up ! ¬†It has to be done..!

When you have a visitor coming to see you…. you wish to have a clean house right? ¬†Well you have a very special visitor coming this Spring Equinox…Yourself! That is.. your own SOUL’s Light and Presence! ¬†Clean up a little will you? ¬†ūüôā

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shift & Updates – March 12 to March 18th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Preparation for Equinox this week PLUS we have a “new moon” this coming weekend…which is all wonderful right? ¬†So why is there so much stress and anxiety going on? ¬†It certainly warranted going deeper into that which people are experiencing as we approach a very sacred time of the year…the “rebirth” of Self ! ¬†¬†

Are you feeling uncertain and insecure about the prospect of becoming something more expressive than you currently are? ¬†Does change unsettle you? Or perhaps you are quite excited and pleased about the emerging Self at this auspicious time of the Vernal Equinox shift but are not quite there yet in the “trust” and “grounded” factors.

Preparation for Spring Equinox (autumn in Southern hemisphere) is an important self examination time, definitely a time for you to have space and quiet reflection…plus a review or inventory of yourself. ¬†What is worth keeping in your life and what is it about yourself and your life that needs “spring cleaning” and transformation. ¬†You prepare this BEFORE the Equinox time and by the New Moon arrives this weekend you are ready to mobilize your entire Equinox week ahead.

Take this week..starting today…to engage in creating your list. ¬†Reviewing what is in your life (home, business, personal habits, lacks, excess, relationships, family routines for example) that is in need of remodelling from the perspective of the Inner Self – co-creatively with the “All” Universal Oneness. ¬†One must pick up their vantage point of their life from the “Eagle’s EYE” point of view…from up high looking down upon the situation. ¬† When you view things from the peace of the air… (MIND)…gliding through the smooth thoughts and reflective nature from can see things much more clearly.

You need to be calm this week in order to perceive your life. ¬†Being anxious and upset, frustrated, worried and stressed will not give you the higher view of yourself. ¬†That is just too low and limited. So we address then…the stress. ¬†The nerves, your solar plexus, your adrenals, your sleep time, your diet, everything.

Give yourself time to be BY YOURSELF.  You need time to do your deep breathing and reflection, journalling and meditation.  PERIOD.  There is no other magical way of preparing for Equinox. You need time to think and reflect and be in alignment with your Higher Self; with the central core and very fabric of Creation.

As one of our favourite characters, “Spock” on Star Trek would say…”It’s illogical”. ¬† is absolutely illogical to think that you can gain access to the greater wisdom, counsel and guidance from within if you are stressed and anxious…plus having too much “monkey” chatter intellect going on. ¬†Silence is truly Golden. ¬†People run to the mountains to get away from the noise and confusion. ¬†Well in case you can’t run anywhere..the best thing you can do is SIT. ¬†Sit down and meditate and breathe.

Key points this week:  Meditation, journalling, avoidance of NOISE, access to nature and reflection and your LIST.  Start to create a list even if you can only work on ONE particular area for self examination then that is pretty darn good !  You will then find success.  Show your willingness and let the Universe help you!

You will be amazed at how just making space in just one area of your life…which will honour your true identity of Self to then come in at Equinox…will change your life!

The acceleration of higher consciousness is happening so fast..that it seems overwhelming to some and challenging to govern. ¬†Making space and being quiet..will allow you to manage all of this and much more with joy, radiance, peace and most importantly…good health and a relaxed nerve system.

Start your week with this…”schedule” yourself are a very important part of the Universal Plan !

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – March 5th to March 11th, 2018


Hi Everyone!

Are you okay? ¬†You asked for changes and they are happening now…in many cases fast and furious! The old is breaking so quickly that we sometimes catch ourselves saying…”oh boy..what next!”. The response from the collective consciousness of the human race from the Major spiritual influences of the changing Cycle of mankind as this golden Age shines forth more and more each day….is unprecedented really. ¬†The world wants CHANGE. ¬†Each individual is tired of the old and wants CHANGE. ¬† put all these individuals together and you have a group consciousness change that is shifting the entire planetary way of thinking!

The global mass consciousness shifting…in harmony and response to the Universal directives…is putting pressure on you to conform. ¬†To what? To a new ORDER of Self. ¬†An order of Self that is in harmony with Universal Law that brings out the best in you. BUT ! ¬†In order for something like this to bring out the are continuing to slough off and choose new directions. ¬†Make space for this. ¬†De-clutter your life of the old…embrace the new. ¬†If you find yourself tired of¬†your weekly habits…finding yourself dreading another “Friday or Saturday night” of the same old..same old…then change it.

If you find yourself facing each Monday with the same long face of fatigue…then change it. ¬†Invest something in yourself.

This is the preparation of Spring Equinox time..leading up to an amazing initiation of consciousness. ¬†What do you do? ¬†Make space…listen to your body. ¬†The Earth is the Mother..your body is the material of the Earth. ¬†Your thoughts, feelings, habits, attitudes, behaviours..etc.. all affect your personal physical life. ¬†Where’s the SELF LOVE? SELF CARE? ¬†Make sure you put that into the preparation time.

How?  Anything you can do to help you feel and think in a more connected way to your Universal a good start.  Change habits.  Choose something simple this week to start.  Go to the gym, walk in nature, start a deep breathing program, yoga class, Tai chi.  Study positive thinking, mindfulness, meditation.  Read up on how one attains Spiritual consciousness and start a program.  Show the Universe; show yourself that you are ready for a NEW Spring beginning! 2018 !

Choose to spend time with those of LIKE MIND. ¬†If your family and current social circle does not relate to you…find those who do. ¬†Enjoy an evening with them; a day or a retreat!

Give yourself permission to start this week with yourself on the “to do” LIST…at the top of the list!

Step 1….Allow myself time to get closer to the Light of Love; Universal All ! ¬†Book myself in !

Step 2…Start with a deep breathing/relaxation and study period program! ¬†Take in Nature!

Step 3…KNOW that you are getting yourself ready for Spring Equinox (Fall Equinox initiation in the Southern Hemisphere) !

Enjoy this PREPARATION week ahead..and remember that…you are LOVED by the Universe and Mother Earth will help you with the resources you need if you will simply spend some time with Her. ¬†Some quiet time..some time alone with your own thoughts, reflections, prayers..meditation for UNION.

In Light and in Peace,


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Energy Shifts & Updates – October 23rd to October 29th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

We still have that “balancing” influence from Libra even as we start to head into the Scorpio energy and this week is an awesome Energy week to examine your life, reflect on the choices you have made over your life and ask yourself, “Was that the best decision and how can I do better?” ¬†

Life is all about learning, healing, examining, experimenting, growing and thriving through tears of Joy and many times sadness too. ¬† You learn and you are growing exponentially as you come back stronger each time…closer and closer to that Spiritually integrated state. ¬†You are going to stumble, tumble, fall…but you will stand up..and you will try again. ¬†Why? because your inherent Divinity not only programmed survival into you..but the Blessed Sacred Universal Consciousness also programmed into you Love and Hope..Truth and Light! That which you seek you shall find…As a man thinketh so shall he be! ¬†In other words..this is a great energy week to make sure YOU rise to a level beyond the mundane, the bitter, the angry, the resentful…lifting up instead to embrace the Inner Light within you!

Scorpio energy LOVES transformation and growth of consciousness… and this week you will excel quickly! ¬†You know¬†you can truly STOP at any threshold to any¬†door of misery and unhappiness…and instead CROSS the threshold into enlightened reason, love in your heart, bright eyes of optimism and a openness to learn! ¬†Always ask too, “Worthy Master..what’s next?” ¬†“What does the Creative Mind of the All have in store for me now?”

Push aside the lower thoughts, push aside the distractions and knee-jerk reactions…and BREATHE…listen to your own heartbeat, listen to the magic inside of you when you sit in the silence of Oneness with¬†Universal Love and Truth. ¬†So much can happen for you now and so much Truth can be realized.

This is an Energy Week opportunity that is clearing the way for the incredible November shift..yes..we are already sloughing off BLOCKS of energy..boulders of un-truths and nonsense.  Protect and endear to hold sacred your Light and let it glow even brighter in the face of adversity!  Know that this is the week YOUR Light will be the brightest Light in the room, in your home, in your work and in your world!

Enjoy the great week ahead and remember..the more you breathe deeply with Universal Source..the stronger and clearer you are!

In Light and in Peace,


Weekly Energy Updates – October 3rd to October 9th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Feel the power?¬† That’s the Universal forces getting in and behind you to support you and ensure that you stay the course!¬† They are like the “Solar Winds” at your back propelling you along.¬† You must look at it this way…going into those uncomfortable, unknown places and experiences that you have been avoiding likely all your life are here and now.¬† You know inside of you that it is a good thing..but you are excitedly nervous perhaps about taking up the new journey.¬† Be rest assured that we often do stumble a bit going over the threshold onto the new platform of life..but that’s okay !!!

Dare to be yourself…All the Light and Energy you feel bursting through your heart…pushing on the veils of your chakra lens…are all about to breakthrough so that YOU can have a happier, healthier more abundant life!¬† Fulfilling those dreams and goals takes one step now..yes..even just one step.¬† That step takes you one step away from the old repetitious ways that are disappointing…and one step closer to that which is intended to fulfill your heart!¬† Do you see where I am going with this?

The energy this week is riding out of the New Moon and Equinox energy of the past couple of weeks…is is’s like the ocean wave coming in and you can’t stop it !¬† It coming in from the cosmic to shake you up a fair bit…rattle your foundation…and move out of the old phantasms that challenge you.¬† With the breakthrough of the Solar Light both in and around you…why not embrace that radiance?¬† It is there for the taking as it is the true, inherent Divine qualities of you that are coming through.¬† Still nervous?¬† Of course you are…you are not used to having things go well perhaps in areas that have been labelled as core issues for you.¬† You may have thought..oh well..that is the way I am I guess.¬† Nonsense..that is not the way you are…the way you are is the true DNA magical special ordered plan of your Light, Love and Divine Intelligence!

Sorrow?¬† no…¬† Why should we carry sorrow or be burdened with things that drag us back?¬† Happiness, better health and an unfolding story of well being?¬† got it !!¬† So to summarize this have POWER behind you that is propelling you..opening up the chakra systems and shaking out the debris…opportunity to make some good decisions that shift your life..PLUS a chance to stand in the Light and Love of your heart and be vulnerable to the LOVE of your Soul; Universally!¬† Oh boy!¬† ready now?

May the Spiritual consciousness of your inner Self be felt by you this day and every day!¬† The Energy in the Inner Temple the School of Etheric Healing and the World Healing Project is “charged” with particles of vitality and sparkling expressions of the Universal Source…soak it up!¬† Let it inspire and refresh you.¬† Go ahead now..make a decision this week that will be so very positive that it changes your life in ways you can not even imagine!¬† Check in with your Heart..meditate on that.¬† Cosmic Blessings!

In Light and in Peace,



Autumn Equinox! Enjoy a Free guided meditation!

Hi everyone!      ** Please note that Equinox energy shifts and influences Spiritually are intense for 3 days before/3 days after) **  Go ahead and to this again!

I hope you realize how special this day is!¬† It’s Fall Equinox Time (Spring Equinox in our Southern hemisphere) and today each one of you are to experience the receipt of enlightenment!¬† We do have plenty to be grateful for and it is also a wonderful time to acknowledge your efforts to date as well!

During the Equinox time we experience the “malleable state between the dimensions” thus we are able to access our Spiritual realms more readily and receive insight, clarity, guidance and integration with them.¬† It’s a good day to meditate, be with nature and have some time in the silence.

I have set down a guided meditation here this morning…I was sitting in the Inner Temple sending out good thoughts and prayers for peace globally and asking that all those that attend the Inner Temple of Healing and Wisdom through our World Healing Project receive some positive energy this day!¬† I started with this and then was moved to record some energy healing for you.¬† I hope you enjoy…it’s quite simple and straightforward…but there was such Beauty in the Inner Temple and so much Light to be shared I thought I would do that.¬† (please excuse the lack of polish…so much to see in the Temple for you..I just spoke!)

Blessings for a great day ahead… In Light and in Peace, Kathy



Message from Spirit – September Aura Makeover Class 2016

Hi Everyone!

Each month I hold the Aura Makeover classes…and this particular message may be of interest to you.¬† If you are inclined to join into these monthly can go on line to register:

September 2016 – Message from Spirit for Aura Makeover

(The message is coded and embedded with Spiritual tools of Ascension and Greater Mystery School Teachings.¬† You may wish to obtain the meditations and further explanations in the “live channelled” Aura Makeover classes…contact me if you wish to register for classes each month.¬† Most students do not come for the physical classes but in fact enjoy listening to the audio at home and joining in the Inner Temple where I call your name either out loud or in silence depending upon your wishes).

‚ÄúIt‚Äôs Time…The ink has dried now on the scrolls of records and writings of prophecy that give you Wise counsel and firm direction on your path; mankind‚Äôs spiritual path. As indicated, written and spoken of by many in your Ancient past and much more recently, the Astrological, Astronomical and scheduled crossings..some call fate…is now upon Thee. Bringing mankind forward in spiritual evolution is no easy task indeed…but one that is necessary for the goodness and benefit of all systems involved throughout the Universe.

Discordant energy and disharmonious behaviours though rampant are scheduled for their own correction as Time, Karma, Fate and Destiny are all a part of the unfolding plan of action throughout this particular cycle. Individually much can be done and much can be gained through your own efforts and though much has already been experienced and acknowledged, there is still much more to do. Each step brings you closer to the inner bonding and inner integration of the 2 worlds of Creator’s consciousness РSpirit and Matter.

Uniformly related, these 2 worlds are decidedly prepared to bring forth radiant Beauty and great Light upon the planetary life each one wishes to lead and fulfills for each one an expansion of joy and fullness never experienced quite as this before now or in recent past lives. As the Act of integration within takes place, with your prepared forms ready to receive the increasingly growing Light from within, your lives change tremendously….permanently forever!

Your pursuit of Truth and Light with earnest increases with each day and picks up on the incoming signals and powers of cosmic consciousness…. with combined effort….strength increases and propulsion builds. There are numerous ways in which the Creator plans and executes upon the plan It‚Äôs greatest gifts for mankind. Staying open to receive and prepared to expand with great Trust in the Plan is your pivotal turn and markedly most important turn of events taking place in your life during the coming weeks.

What Dost Thou say in regards to the single decision regarding one’s joining with said forces? Dost Thou know how to feel? to act? to prepare and to integrate this wondrous time? What one Seeth with Thy paired eyes is quite different from that Which One Seeth with one’s own Single Eye from within. The Beauty of having a spiralling lens or vortex within that is attached to the Greatest Mind; that of Creator, is in how much can be gained by using it effectively.

Your own Inner Eye is quite active and quite responsive to the notes or sounds that are expressed across the planes of Creation that cascade down to stimulate your awakening to Self. Therefore..would it not be beneficial for each of you to focus your work each day upon the loosening of the rusted hinges that have kept it closed for so long? Perhaps you will feel the oiling of the hinges appropriate which equates to the anointing of said vehicle of consciousness by the Higher Powers of the Supreme realms within Thee!

Each day you have been exposed to more and more special forces from the Cosmic originating from a variety of locales and dimensions. These have been purposely training and preparing each of you so that during the transfer periods of one’s own return to self governing, you can most effectively direct the energy from Source throughout your own paths with achievements being made on your own. This is, quite candidly expressed, as taking one’s own power back unto themselves!

Liberating it is for each of you to feel you have personal control over your own life in accordance with the Greater Plan, building your inner and outer strength and committing yourself to this plan of action. October of this year will be a marked period of time when you will see just how necessary it is to have such preparations done and such self governing in place.

The fulfillment of any plan requires the conscious efforts of those involved thus the reference back to the written plans upon the scrolls and fabric of creation is evident that time is nigh. Read the scrolls; read the plan. Your instructions are imbedded into the ascension instructions and the timing corresponds to the particular astrological forces taking place around and within you. All is in accordance with cycles and all is guiding you in this self realization time.

Mystically the summer energies are giving way now to special forces where the Guardians of time and the Cycles you engage, come forth with the instructions assigned to the period. The weeks leading up to your Equinox shift of consciousness is for the building of the Christed Office of the Blessed Mother/Father consciousness to dictate to you from the annals (of Ancient origin) your most opportunistic alignments expressed accordingly to each person as needed. With your open ears and hearts you shall come to know this from within yourself; each hour; each day.

Take the triad starting on the side of Mercy and delegate your pathwork to this expression ..take it down into the path of your own World to the Root centre. Gain comfort and awareness of the meaning and activity contained within each of these expressed dimensions of Creation. Let this grow and expand to create the chalice of receptivity of the First spark..Heeding to the Universal Laws and knowing that these spatial alignments that branch up and out, are touching to lines of incoming forces that are geared to manifest in the Kingdoms below. Some are designed to manifest during the reign of the Capricorn; others the Ram but each one to fulfill their own obligations to you. Each one to fulfill the prophecy of the coming of the King; the thrice born majestic powers of the supernal worlds as written in the logs of the Great Akashic throughout time.

With your preference on building this preparatory site within first and then moving energy on down into the emotional and etheric bodies, you shift the load on your physical body to a more balanced medium through which to express the Creator’s Will.

Read your body, acknowledge the movements of energy and make keen observations of just how this energy circulates within you. Feel the tide of the Moon within and engage knowingly the purification processes unlocking the greater super consciousness information, knowledge, and wisdom held within it’s vast departments.

You have unlimited potential and you are here to unlock it now through this tenure of life here on earth.

As your chalice preparations continue to grow over the weeks ahead you will then feel a release at a specific time of Honour where the trap door or veil gives way and the unleashing and liberation takes place. The heavenly choir will sing and the doves will be released as the channels through the heart increase in stride. The march will be on towards the Inner Eye of the great Temple upon the mountain. Your pace will increase and your advancement to the summit will be imminent through tests of endurance..your calculations and prophecies will prove correct.

Start to see the importance now of such a turning of events as is indicated now during the Moon energies of Virgo; during the transitional energy cycle that is now underway. Breathe deeply and shift your awareness into the receptor sites. Let the flow of Higher consciousness come down to your consciously listening ears and acknowledge the words of your Master within. Heed to wise counsel and govern yourself accordingly.

Be specific and train yourself to build the framework upon the foundations you have prepared. Read your instructions; your blueprint: your plans and start both the minor and major nodal crossings.

You are easing into a current of energy that fulfills the written text of the Divine Plan…navigate it with good thought and proper reflection!

So Mote it Be!

Class Master

I am Infinite Power

Weekly Energy Updates – May 16th to May 22nd, 2016

Hi Everyone!

The energy “cleansing” has been quite deep over the last few days providing you with considerable insight to your core issues that can now be duly examined and transformed through understanding and Love for yourself.¬† Stay objective and self nurturing in the process.¬† Looking at yourself and being able to access the old memories can be quite challenging..but with the newly found awareness you can come to appreciate your learning & living processes better!

This is such a good week for realizing “WHY” you have been the way you have been, “WHY” you are changing to what your changing to, and “WHY” you have chosen the life you have chosen plus the Beauty of present to future opportunities of Self expression!¬† All this in one week?¬† You bet…!¬† There is plenty of “a ha’s” to exclaim this week to yourself and others!

Getting into the “hands on” experience of life here and now this week, you are truly going to enjoy how you get to use your creativity for the reinvention of Self.¬† Taking moment to moment accounts of your observations and marvelling at the results will bring you a great deal of joy.¬† Truly enjoy this week..don’t shy away from this type of energy…instead use it liberally to have fun.¬† A part of the inner child in you wishes to come out and play…so trust this part of you.¬† Permit that extra giggle or chuckle…go ahead and accept that invitation or yes…treat yourself to that extra little luxury that will make you feel good inside.¬† Life is to be enjoyed…yes…even through all this healing and clearing!

To keep your trust and security in place…continue to do your daily personal meditations and alignments…plus…this week I would take a look at your foundation.¬† Build up your aura and consider strengthening your home/apt/property boundaries too.¬† I’ve noticed that a few people have been letting this lapse which as you know, leaves you more open and vulnerable to energy that you are not wishing to have influence you or your family.¬† So just a reminder!

This is also a very good week for making your travel plans for the summer…deciding on how you wish to engage in your holiday time.¬† Remember that a holiday is a time to relax and enjoy your surroundings, friends, family..etc.¬† Be sure to not make it so busy that you actually miss out on it’s purpose!¬† Try a nature holiday where you can get back to your roots.

Have a great week!

In Light and in Peace,


***¬† Please note that if you are needing help for your Spring home/property clearing…you can check that out on this website under¬† “Healing/Counsel” **