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Full Moon in Sagittarius

Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – June 1st to June 7th, 2020

Perseverance! Will and MIND

Hi Everyone!

You are likely feeling the unstable global conditions and yet at the same time feeling very determined to succeed in stabilizing yourself and your foundation! Good! You will need to use the dual forces of your Mind now (intellect and Higher, more sublime MIND) to take the lead now on just what it is you wish to SET from your template and format for life. Why? Let’s look at the Energy influences together, shall we?

There is a full moon this Friday, June 5th with a penumbral lunar eclipse plus we are experiencing an outpouring or cascading phase from the Higher Master Template of our human race consciousness that is setting the course for our future. Let’s use our own Minds very wisely and secure communications in our personal relationships, professional tasks and businesses that adhere to this Template.

You will be making some very important decisions this week and you will have to start taking the steps now to communicate your decisions with great clarity and precision. Think, reflect, listen and communicate.

You have likely been waiting for further information and something to start guiding you towards solutions and that is now coming in. I’m sure you are tired of saying, “I don’t know” or “I’m waiting still”..etc. etc. Internal confusion of thought leads to chaos and unhappiness. An ordered MIND that constructs from well thought out plans…creates a strong foundation and happier life.

You will need to put some strength of Will behind that Mind of yours so you are looking at an Energy week that is progressive and active. Use your early evening hours for relaxation, quiet time and reflection….. and your DAYTIME from the early hours after your personal meditation, for more active use of the MIND. Liberally use your Active MIND during the day.

What you set into motion this week especially from June 4th to June 8th will be engaging and strengthening the direction of your Soul mandate.

Now is not the time to waver and wander into distraction. You have questions of the Cosmic Self so use your communication skills of “asking within, listening within and writing down or acknowledging from within” and you are going to develop a more direct Higher to Lower Mind engagement. If you do not know how to do this…then learn. Engage an instructor and start to take charge of your own life.

You have all the skills inside of you that are more dormant in some than others…but they are there and they need to be awakened and developed. That MIND of yours is going to change your life now and you wish to have a relationship with it that interfaces like a “bee to a flower”…..pure, sweet and through love as Nature intended!

So CLEAR your lower mind during this upcoming full moon week of any clutter, distractions, lazy or bored states, repetition that is unhealthy and limitations from your past habits. Wake it up! That intellectual and reflective container of yours has to get prepped to receive the Higher Mind…..let’s go! Let’s start living the way we were intended!

Enjoy the week ahead!

In Light and in Peace,