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Golden Age

Energy Updates ! April 4th to the 11th, 2011

I would like to quote Dale Osadchuk, brilliant astrologer in Richmond Hill, Ontario who said, “It is so interesting that our story told us that nothing has been decided about the future yet. Even the planets do not know so I guess that means it is up to us the Two-leggeds.”
What I have found in my own Inner Reflections in the Temple of Wisdom is that mankind is at a choosing point. He puts forth his WILL during this time of Aries energy as per the directives of the powerful urging of creation…but he does not know completely yet inside of himself his own direction. MAKE SOME DECISIONS… do you want to save the earth? do you want mankind to take the Higher Road? do you want your life to lead into your heart and higher mind and will of Soul expression? Then make these decisions now. No more distractions or excuses…Let’s lead the global movement towards Unity of Love and the Preservation of Life!

April Shifts in Energy !

It’s April 1st and it is time to summon up the power within yourself and align with the greater WILL of your Soul purpose. Create..and create those things that add joy, beauty, harmony and love to your life and the lives of others. The influences of the constellation Aries are specific to the intention and will power you have to move forward in your spiritual purpose and evolution. particular attention to your ideas and inspirations. Think about them and then reflect upon them. That is the unique gift a human being was divinely designed with. The ability to both think and reflect. Use these tools starting now !

Energy Updates! – March 20th to 27th, 2011

With the early Spring energy with us, the chattering or confused thoughts that you may have found still present, are thankfully being harnessed now and the bright inner presence of Self welcomes you into a deep journey of your consciousness starting this week. You will be invited to explore within yourself areas of thought processes and opportunity that before you would have labeled as rare occurrences. Rare indeed, get used to them being all part of your normal thought processes now as we begin to secure strong time lines and solid plans. Yes..the lower mind is cooperating more fully with the Spiritual Mind and the plans for your Soul’s work here on earth…. A very good week ahead!

Energy Updates – March 7th to 14th, 2011

Well, if you feel like you have been tested and challenged over the last few weeks…you have! You know you need to step up into that which you were born to be…but you may find that many things have been getting in your way…including yourself. Have you found yourself tired, lazy, uninspired, frustrated YET…you know that many, many opportunities are right in front of you and you just have to DO something? Well this have to DO something. You can’t be complacent nor unwilling. Last day of decision…8th of March. The 9th of March marks the day of energy ascension and shift in consciousness. This shift will be just what you need to take you forward with vitality and joy towards the spring equinox…so let’s get at it. Roll up your sleeves today and dig in to the task at hand. Results will be outstanding !

Energy Updates March 1st to the 9th, 2011

I included the 9th…and should even include the 10th because we have some major shifting taking place in consciousness next week. I will send out a dedicated newsletter on this as I am finding many are not aware. This week..please do make some major choices. Strong and fast decisions about your spiritual path. This path WILL manifest. What you are thinking and living…so shall you be. This is such a dramatic change that you will not recognize yourself. You will say “it’s about time!”… So let’s have positivity rule and get on with life!

energy challenges passing !

Just a quick update….the major Solar Flare from the sun caused energy upsets to our earth’s magnetosphere and to US ! That is why Feb 14, 15, 16, 17…very strange…and emotional !
relax…it’s now passing….Kathy

Energy Updates for February 10 to 20th, 2011

Hi everyone ! I’m sorry that I was delayed in updating….do you know why? I found that in order to assess the info regarding the current changes, it required me to explore the tremendous amount of emotional reactions and false beliefs that I was hearing from my students/clients. Then I went into the Temple…and asked…what is this energy cycle about?

Not surprisingly, the energy cycle we are in right now is taking each and every one of us to some VERY old and VERY deep emotional issues, that once understood and cleared…will elevate you to places within your consciousness that you have never been before in this lifetime! Now..what this all means right now for you, is that you are making some permanent removals from your life…that are ensuring your place in the greater whole RIGHT NOW!! Everyone is entering and/or now engaging in their cosmic mission or Soul purpose to a greater degree that before. It is my greatest pleasure to share this with you now….embrace this time and do not succumb to the distractions or efforts made to cause you to lose contact with this purpose. Be strong ! this is going to be a good one ! We are not that far off from Spring equinox and exciting for me to add, that I am already seeing clients that are engaging Spring 2011 energies. Enjoy !

energy updates for the week of January 25th to the 31st/2011

I’m a little late this week and I know why….I was reflecting on how it is that people
are in such a reflective mode and not an active one. Post-full moon time, people are choosing to reflect upon their days..possibly weeks ahead. That’s good. Stability is still a key issue and NOT slipping back into any old patterns and routines that prove unhealthy…so what are you going to do with your own lifestyle? What are you doing to ensure a better experience?
These are good things to reflect on …and then please…take action too !

Energy Updates….January 17 to 24, 2011 !

Full Moon this week…! You are to be sorting through your “things” this week and organizing, making space, and filing your life more efficiently so that you can improve your connection and alignment with the Inner Self. Noise, clutter, distraction will significantly move you away from the task at hand.

Rather than strain to hear the inner voice, sit quietly often now and listen to the inspirations and insights coming in. It will astound you just how expansive you are to be this year. Is this for real? You may ask…. YES…you really do have a more potential and creativity than you could of thought possible. Align !

January 10th to the 17th – 2011 – A Week of Personal Empowerment !

Well this week you are going to find some “added” bonus energy to your life ! You are now in the 21 days post-winter solstice energy which swings around and empowers your Solstice intentions. Did you make some good, solid decisions and intentions for 2011?

This would be the time to reinforce those decisions. The energy integration is strong this week and it would be wise to blend with the Divine gifts. Breathe…reflect…and then take those necessary steps to move towards your goals and dreams. They don’t have to be BIG steps…you can take small steps with increments towards change and success ! Enjoy !

Energy Updates ! Post-Winter Solstice week until Jan 1st./11

You will still be processing and settling into the newly found realizations of Self after entering deeper into the Heart Centre through Winter Solstice time. The Winter Solstice was a time of “redeeming” or “recovering” lost fragments of yourself that you left behind going around and around on the karmic wheel in patterns unhealthy on all levels. The Solstice offered you opportunity to review or assess these fragments and thus choose to transform and evolve beyond them.

With new decisions made and clarity unfolding, be sure to continue with the strength of direction in order to not fall back into old patterns. You will likely test yourself though…that’s okay. Just realize that we need to be very certain of who we are…the Glorious emanations of the Divine that we really are. So testing yourself from time to time to see if you remember this is actually a good idea !

This week, please be sure to continue to encourage yourself, forgive yourself and love yourself. Also…put that powerful mind of yours into a quiet way though. Start to make some notes and plans for the weeks ahead. Smile to yourself too….you are a beautiful being !

Energy updates! – Week of December 6th to 13th, 2010

As this emotional shifting grinds through the final processing that you dug up so deeply during the last several weeks now….you can begin to lighten up your mind with joy and optimism more to the Creative Will again. The powerful Sagittarius energy is coming in now to exert power at your back (between your shoulder blades) to help you move forward with more ease. Hold on this week to your focus as many distractions can be found…It is also quite apparent that fatigue and “zoning out” is occurring. Rest as required but do try to use the breath to keep the vital life force up to keep you focused.

Weekly Energy Updates ! November 22nd to the 29th

“Safe and steady she goes ….! ” You have heard of this when a ship is launched…well apply this to your own life this week. No erratic movements. Try to imagine that you have the full power of the Sun inside of your Heart and you can feel the pulsing and the power within. Breathe with that and let this energy radiate out towards your extremities (hands and feet) from your centre. Breathe and just BE. Go at your goals this week like this..and enjoy!

November energy updates – 15th to the 22nd

This week continues to surge with sometimes relentless force to clear out old issues…just ride with it and reflect on what may be the underlying cause. What do you need to focus on and strengthen for positive change? Don’t be surprised if you are mulling over a very familiar topic in your life. Be strong, be forgiving to yourself and keep trying…it will work out favourably!!

Libra/Scorpio Energy Influences

Hi everyone ! As you know we are under (according to sidereal astrology) the Libra constellation Intelligence influence and soon the Scorpio influence. Sometime starting the middle of November you are going to experience more of the Scorpion influence and opportunity. What does this mean? Well I will have much to say about it as we go forward in the weeks to come…but let me prepare you with this:
* It is imperative that you know that so many shadows of the old Self will be revealed to you for permanent “transformation, letting go, resurrection and transcendence” due to the powerful esoteric relationship the sign of Scorpio has to the Rising Phoenix. This is offered to us with LOVE from the Cosmic Consciousness and it is important that LOVE be exercise in your life. Be very kind, loving and objective with yourself as you reflect on the lower traits that you are transforming. This is not a time for criticism of self (it never is anyway).

* By understanding what you have suppressed or denied, you free up all that energy and place it into more productive and liberating tasks. You will feel more free !

* Scorpio energy will give you tremendous insight as to aspects of your life that are living in a shadow state or in a state that is less than who you are. When found, make your choice to accept the opportunity that the Soul will offer you. This will come in the form of a job, relationship or financial opportunity for example. Where there is one door closing there is always the next one open…you just need to go with the transition of power and expression!

Will keep you posted on more to come with this tremendous time of transformation !