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Energy Updates – to December 31st, 2011

Here we are in the last week of December, 2011 with the Winter Solstice gifts still present in your consciousness.  Perhaps your gift was not so obvious that you received?  Supposing it was so subtle that you wondered even if you received a gift?  Let us reflect now on just what the Gift of the Winter Solstice was all about.  It was a time when the human being could open themselves up before the Greater Light and Love of the All Presence and let the vulnerabilities be exposed, let the pain be soothed and the depression be lifted.  This was a time when the Doors to the Heart flew open and you could stand on the Threshold and KNOW that you belong inside.  It has been a time for self acceptance and a cleansing of the old false beliefs and emotional struggles. The Winter Solstice cycle brought Healing and Enlightenment to us all !

Rather than concentrating on what is so very wrong at times in our lives; those things we are challenged by, we have a time here and now to pause and reflect on just how very Special each one of us are to the “God of our Heart”.  We can laugh or cry, we can sing and dance or just sleep…but no matter what you did or did not do over the Solstice season, you can be rest assured of ONE thing;  You were touched by the Brilliant Love and Light of your Soul and the Heavenly realms of Subtle Beings of Intelligence we call Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Higher Councils.

Think carefully now….during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, did you take a moment to pause and reflect on this?  Even with a deep breath or a peaceful sigh, you were in the alignment of the Greater Cycle of Winter Solstice energy of Christed Consciousness.  Therefore, no matter what level of enlightenment you are at in your Spiritual Journey, no matter if you are an experienced Mystic or an unconscious human who still has not recognized his or her own Divine birthright, you were TOUCHED BY THE COSMIC LIGHT OF CHRISTED LOVE – First Principle of Creation. That is the GIFT of the Winter Solstice.

So..I can ask you now…Did you receive a gift over the Winter Solstice from the Cosmic?  I think you can now answer, YES !  We all received something…and that something cannot be measured in dollars and cents.  You will know it by the “feeling” in your heart centre…it is like a wash of Light and warmth that spreads through your body…and yes…often accompanied by a new thought or an “epiphany”.  Only you will know !

Now let’s all get ready for the entry into 2012.  This year is not to be taken lightly…there is plenty of spiritual work to do in order to improve our alignment to Source.  We can do it !!!

Blessings to all,


Energy Updates December 20th to 26th, 2011

With the Winter Solstice influencing each of us are probably finally starting to “see the Light” in the often confusing and foggy days you have had in the past.  This means that with the energy fields between the Spiritual and Physical world being more fluidic and encouraging better contact with your  Higher Mind….you actually are retrieving the information you need about yourself.  You are being given good “clues” from the Cosmic.  Whether that be from people, events, or nature…you are being shown the way …You are being corralled into the stream of Divine alignment that you seek…It is wonderful to report that each Solstice gives you a gift … receive from the Divine consciousness your own gift of your Birthright..You receive a realization of your Inner pure Self.  That is a gift.  Anytime to move out of the shadows and into the light…anytime that occurs..that is a gift.  The winter solstice ensures that this gift is not only received…but used in a way that you have never used it before. !!  With this in mind, be aware…2012 will open with a fullness of life that you will rejoice in …Such joy ahead of us all…Enjoy your sacred Birth of the Heart at Solstice time and do remember to be open to receive.  Expect…this…it will not let you down !   Blessings to all, Kathy

Energy Updates – December 12th to 19th, 2011 !

That Full Moon certainly made sure we all got up to pay attention to our choices !!  Did you find it difficult to make decisions in the past few days?  If so, ask yourself what threshold you are crossing that makes you pause and stand on it with inquiring mind?  How do you feel?  Describe it.  The intensity of Soul presence is amazing at this time.  During this post full moon cycle you are breaking into the heart consciousness in ways you have not before.  You are exploring your heart…it’s depth..your feelings…your passion for this life…and what that means to you.

You mustn’t hesitate now…enter with open mindedness and expectation of a successful is the Soul’s Plan.  Let’s say you are not sure…what do you do?  Then you must step up into the heart with trust and with complete faith in your Soul consciousness….faith that there is a reason you are born and a reason for you to be exactly who you are.  There is plenty of kindness, tenderness, compassion and understanding for you from the Divine Realm.  All this love reaches down into your heart…. takes your hand as you are reaching up to be lifted up !

During the week ahead…follow through…don’t give up…explore more adventures…think outside the box…be inventive, inspired and creative.  Realize that this cycle continues under the expansive watch and loving eye of your own Soul Purpose !!!    Big Blessings to all, Kathy

Weekly Energy Updates – Dec. 5th to Dec. 12th, 2011

Better get preparing now for Solstice !!!  We usually like to start approx 3 weeks prior to the shifting of the seasonal equinox and solstice times…thus the 22nd of December marks another major shift for the human consciousness.  Likely you are feeling this really, really good….and…..really really “off” experience right now as you seek to find your footings with the entry into the fullness of the heart-throat energy connection.  Well…this makes sense…operating through the heart chakra at this time and striving for the big energy alignment of your Soul’s Will (Jupiter and the planetary influence of Sagittarius)  plus the added impact of Saturn (karma and your Higher Spiritual Mind connection through the throat) makes for a profound energy DRIVE inside of you.  You want to have a lot of really good things happen right now and you are sure that there must be a way of attaining these goals and dreams!  Well you are right…and the Soul’s Will and (Jupiter) sees the picture even larger and more expansive than perhaps you even do !!

Best to go ahead and make your larger plans and feel courageous to step right into the LOVE and LIGHT of your story …Your story of Life…You have to LIVE this life..not just watch everything from the sidelines or read about it.  The key to this week’s energy is to engage in the LIVING of dreams by starting to take the initial steps towards their realization.  Even if it starts as a small step..pick up the phone, inquire, write, research…do the things you need to do in order to get the ball rolling.  We all need to feel that “push” from time to time….  And OF do know that just before a birth..(Solar birth at the heart at Solstice)…their is labour and their is pushing…well start now because you want to be REBORN in the heart at Solstice !  Blessings !  Kathy

Energy Updates November 29th to Dec. 5th, 2011!

Still not seeing how Divine you are?  Okay…so this week you may still be walking along that line between REALIZATION of your Soul purpose and distraction by the illusive world of false beliefs and insecure thoughts causing you to question whether or not the familiar life you know is your REALITY or the truth and inspirations that make you come alive… is the REALITY.  What is truth?  Using your heart chakra as the barometer to read your own truth, you can discern very quickly whether or not you can trust in that which makes your heart sing a great song.

I see many students and clients who struggle with their ACCEPTANCE of Self Realization…they feel strange or odd about stepping into their spiritual expression in the world “out there” for fear that it may not hold the framework of regular living and life conditions in place or in alignment.  Yes…it is difficult to step out of the box…but out of the box you must come !  The preparation  you have done and still continue to do, to create the new framework will be delighted to  hold and integrate the spiritual gifts, motivations, inspirations, realizations, etc.etc.   Your efforts to create balance in your physical, emotional, intellectual and creatively intuitive levels of the ego personality are paying off.   Large or small….accept for yourself the increments of change taking place and celebrate the advancements!

This is a week where you do move forward and achieve, markedly, further integration of your spiritual path and divinely inspired direction.  TRUST THE REALITY OF YOUR TRUE EXISTENCE.  Reassure your evolving ego-personality that it is okay to feel a little nervous or afraid, but that you are here…in the heart….guiding and loving your own self….and expanding the path ahead of you so that greater clarity will arrive.

Let’s enjoy this week !!!

Energy updates November 21st to 28th !

Some people are still reeling from the profound opening of the 11.11.11 gate earlier this month and are having trouble “grounding” and balancing the incoming energies.  That’s’s normal to find challenge in mastering the ability to govern and direct such energies as those found within you from your core of Divine existence.  Fear not !  You are building this skill of interface and do please celebrate the successful moments when you note the stream of consciousness flowing with a smooth continuity.  Call upon the Guardians of the 4 Directions of earth (physical), water (emotional), air (intellectual) and fire (spiritual will plus your developing intuition)…  Ask each of them to please help you strengthen and unite the energies in a balanced manner.

You can expect the week ahead to be filled with your thinking and planning.  Acknowledge your skills and gifts.  This is important.  Ground your energy through deep breathing and a nice , slow pace in eating your food.  Don’t talk so much…and assimilate the nutrients.  Be peaceful.  Be cognitive of the energy that is in the middle of your upper back..where your Angel wings sprout ! (this is the Aura expanding from the realm of Spiritual Will, Mind and Love).  Expand this area through stretching and realization of the presence of your Higher Will.  Ask yourself…what is Thy Will?  Then relax the body…breathe and let the clarity and peace come to you.  No tension.  Know that the Ego often “tries” too hard.  Let the guidance come in and follow your intuition when at peace.  That means you sit with the quietude of Self.  You will have answers.  Ask for help.  This week we call upon the Archangel Haniel to assist you in the re-creation of form..this is the re-creation of your life and expression.  We also invite the Blessings of Archangel Sandalpon and the female presence of Divine Mother through the Angels of the changing seasons.  The seasonal Angels of the earth cycles are very active globally…ask them to assist you in the changing of your own home environment.  Peace to your children, family and home.   The theme of the week:  PEACE

Energy Updates – November 14 to 21st 2011

Post-11.11.11 energy guidance – the Divine Mother Consciousness, which is the schematic and matrix of Creation, is open in you and ready to be filled with the newly directed Raw Power of the Father Divine Consciousness.  Now both are working together to facilitate the changes in you and help you to move forward with “God-speed” !

Use the energy of the Sun (Soul) and draw the VLF (vital Life Force) in.   Appreciate the strength that you have in you now to move forward without hesitation.  If you have questions…get them out. Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance and clarity. You have within you a clear channel to the Inner Source.  You will find the power inside of you is charged up and ready to be directed by you.

Fortunately the energy opening of the 11.11.11 has now settled into your lower bodies of physical/etheric, emotional and intellectual/intuitive so you are fully capable of creating now and manifesting now your hearts  desires and goals.  You may need a little nudging to get started and a little “tweeking” to remind you and assure you of this inner power…but it is there !

Watch the Sun..our Solar Parent..male energy of POWER and the effects it will be having on our earth and upon your new framework and logical, constructive expression (solar plexus).  The dynamics are incredible and it also has a stream through Universal consciousness to the planetary body of Mercury which is associated with your liver and is the anchoring for the solar plexus chakra.  Your desire to communicate from the heart  (Sun) is powerful…Use these skills !

Many Blessings !  Kathy

Preparing for 11.11.11

We are preparing ourselves for a major shift in consciousness by the end of this week and to that end, it is important we recognize the extremes that are being sloughed off and the realization of one’s Golden Body of Light consciousness !!

It is incredible how much we have coming IN relative to that which is being transformed and is on it’s way OUT !!

When you hold your focus for even a minute on what is being directed towards you from the Soul consciousness into your heart in a continuous wave…you are going to be very surprised at how quickly this focus will disperse the shadows and fragments of self that are not in alignment. It is that fast !! WE have not had this opportunity for such powerful shifting in some time!

This Friday at the 11.11.11 major shift of human consciousness the world will change. Prepare for this by keeping your focus on where you are going and allowing the many, many past images of your life to move through you and leave you with understanding of a permanent nature.

Let’s talk !
Hope you can join in Toronto:

November 1, 2011 – Global Awareness

Today we are to all join together in Conscious meditation across the Globe and align with our own Soul consciousness and Universal Source.  Take the time today to join in.  If you even will have time today to just pause from your daily work routine and breathe.  Breathe in the awareness of the Divine umbilicus.  You are connected to All…..All that is Truth, Light, Love, Wisdom, Intelligence and Understanding.  You don’t need to try to figure this all out at just need to open your heart and mind to this realization.

There are no jokes here, no surprises, no one going to pull the rug out from under you.  You can trust that this is the Truth.  Just one moment of your day; today.  Peaceful reflection in the quiet of your own mind and heart where you can have complete alignment.  With this you receive healing, clarity, inspiration, forgiveness, love and all that is right for you.  Wash internally all that blemishes your self-awareness.  Let the breath and peace set things right for you.  You are not alone and you needn’t feel that you are not good enough.  You are the precious emanation of Light from the Divine Source in human form here on earth.  You are the reflection of Divine consciousness and you mustn’t ever forget that.  For the eyes of your true parents who shine Light upon you (Divine Mother and Divine Father) are reaching out to you this day to remind you that you are loved.

The Light will stir you today…to the very core of your existence.  You will feel the Love…please take a moment today to receive this….the goodness inside of you !

New Moon Energy – strong intuitive drives

Continuing to update you on the influences this week….the New Moon is particularly strong and so is your intuition.  Use it and trust it.  The Soul is pulsating powerful waves of Light Intelligence to you impressing upon your receptive mind the need to move forward and follow your dreams and goals towards fruition.  Divine Mother Consciousness is whispering in your ear and guiding you to make the right choices and accept those offerings that are coming to you now as doors open and you leap forward.  Do not be afraid…for you are being fully supported by the Divine consciousness of your Soul purpose.

This is a week of transformation where you shed the old inhibitions and insecurities that prevent you from becoming that which you so desire.  Reflect and imagine the possibilities…you can live the life you wish to live and put behind the pain and sadness and despair.  There is such strong bands of red support for you in the material world right now and incredible framework being put into place as you hold your focus on your new direction.  This is the week to do this…act on offers and relate them to your Soul purpose.  If they match and your intuition guides you…then say YES.

Energy Updates – Week of October 23 to 31st

The Sun ejected a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) and it is heading towards Mars.  Now whether it has a full blown effect or is early to tell…however…Mars is a powerful planet that represents on the Tree of Life, Spiritual Mind and a clear, responsible, expression of your truth and purpose.  This is your throat chakra and expect it to be very expressive.  Watch for shifts in your desire and strength in speaking and direction by Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.  There is no holding back must live your life according to your soul purpose and journey already prescribed by your Master Soul Personality…how amazing that you have the Master Within guiding you !!!!

Energy Shifts for Oct 21/22/23

Oct.21-Explosive realizations taking place for many! The “energy bomb” of Light, Life & Love is shattering the old paradigm; creating anew! Had to add this info to the Energy Updates this morning because of the tremendous realizations that are happening and the massive changes in people’s lives!  The world is in global upheaval in a very positive way and it is to this end we must now all focus our attention.  Unity in the hearts of mankind for equality and for moral, ethical behaviour worldwide.  We start in our own homes and in our own hearts !

Energy Shifts for October 19th to the 24th, 2011

Okay…so you know that you are being asked to continue with the practice of planning and organizing…but it seems to be taking forever to get the physical platform/foundation under your feet !  Not to stress about this! We are exerting a tremendous amount of pressure on the new paradigm within us to emerge and to overthrow and transform completely the past.  This week and into the early days of next you are going to be continuing to add to the framework of your inspirations and your new expression of Self.  All very good and you mustn’t let any of the old thoughts creep back in…they no longer control you…remember that !   Your foundation is real and is going to be a long, long journey of support !

October Full Moon influence – 2011

Yes…The full moon is already influencing your life…started late yesterday (Oct.8th)….but you needn’t be discouraged by the challenges that are arising from this.  This energy that has compacted itself into a characteristic or trait of your Ego personality would love for you to transform it into something beautiful and loving.  Therefore…opportunity for the gift and arising out of the emotional responses you have been having !

Make the decision today that you no longer wish to be in this auto-response and that the Master within you is now rising to empower this situation.  USE strong logic and reason plus reflect on the meaning.  The Spiritual aspect of yourself will help you to see the meaning with clarity and understanding.  Let your intention to change be your strength and you will find your way out of this current challenge and move into a much more healthier position in life.  Do this now as there as plenty of energy opportunities arising in november on the 11.11.11 and you need to feel lighter going into it !!  Appreciate the fact that you are a Divine majestic Being of Light and Love…ready to experience and enjoy life in a more expanded way than ever before !   Blessings our Full Moon !

October 7th, 2011 – Solar Plexus alert

Stay focused today for the energy is malleable and quite necessary to harness your thoughts and stay alert. The solar plexus may be challenged as it does anchor the intellectual and the psychic/Will body of the Ego personality.  Eat lightly today and keep up the lemon in the diet in your water. Bitters and root vegetables are a good choice.  Do not over eat throughout the next few weeks and be outside as much as possible. The solar energy is going to be causing some powerful changes in your thinking and habits. You do need to drop old habits now.  Go forward with joy in your heart though as you are moving into a much better life with these fresh attitudes and inspirations!