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Archangel Gabriel – Divine Assistance!

The most beautiful Presence awakened me at 4 a.m. asking me to let everyone know that healing and integration is here for you right now! Please welcome Archangel Gabriel into your life today to assist you with whatever you need help with.

September Energy Shift has begun !!

The Cosmic has blessed each of us with an alignment on September 1st ! This shift has now engaged your very fine vortices of Light in the pineal-pituitary-hypothalamus initiation chamber permitting you to experience realizations of your Soul Purpose like never before. Create dialogue in your Inner Temple. Ask for clarity and it will be provided.

Move your conscious awareness in behind your “screen” at your Inner eye and feel 12 streams of Light MEETING at that point. As you experience the Light connecting there…then gently relax forehead.. and pull back your awareness letting your screen open up to show you a curtain opening behind the sacred altar in your mind in front of you. Beautiful Light will appear with this and shine upon your Inner Eye.

It is there, in behind the altar that images of your Divine Self will be revealed. Divine Love, Light, and Life are all eagerly awaiting to assist you in your quest for knowledge and clarity of Self.

Consider yourself to be the True Oracle that you seek so often outside of you; when in fact it has been “inside” of you all along. Blessings !!!

Energy Shifts – Age of Prophecy – August 27th to Sept. 3 2011

How are you holding up ?  There is a tremendous release of energy moving through your sacral (2nd chakra where the emotional body anchors) thus you are driving your awareness of Self further up towards the point at the heart centre where the higher chakra centres come down to meet.  This meeting point at the Heart has been developing significantly since the Seal of Solomon awakening August 8th, 2011.  As previously reported, the month of August right up until the end of next week is the continuing development of the new framework for Self.  However, you must truly concentrate of establishing your framework of organization in direction, leadership, boundaries, plans and implementations starting for new ideas and so on.  The shift on September 1st will help you considerably.

September 1st is the Age of Prophecy Seal Initiation and you will experience the profound surging of energy throughout the head emphasizing your greater Insight and Clarity of Self.  Full speed ahead !

If you wish to join in to the workshop here either in person or long can register now.  Those involved in long distant healing and initiation will also receive an mP3 audio file taping of the workshop.  Include your family and friends.

End of August/September 1st Energy Shift -MIND

Active Mind, Intelligence, Wisdom and Understanding. That’s the direction we are heading !

Be open to align with the developing faculties of your Higher Mind that includes the intuitive portion of your finer senses as well. Increased frontal cortex engagement and a unique and stimulating healing to the hypothalamus/pineal/pituitary triad assisting all endocrine function in your body’s health and well being. This is the focus at the workshop – Age of Prophetic Seal Healing & Initiation.

Join in person or long distance – or contact me at

Open up to receive Clarity on your own Journey of Life !

Seal of Solomon Healing & Sacred Initiation

August 8th, 2011 – start to really engage your alignment with the Heart Centre.  The Seal of Solomon Healing and Initiation is underway !

We cannot take our old patterns and false beliefs into the stream of the New Order of Life !…Therefore, this day is about choosing to let go and permanently

leave behind the old repetitive patterns.

If you need assistance, email me and put your name in for the powerful healing.  Long distance participants receive the audio mP3…and have full engagement

on Monday, August 8th.  Do you wish to be included ????    sign up at :

July 29th to August 11th, 2011 Energy Shifts

Yes..we are experiencing some very old pattern removals right now and have been for a few weeks.  This can feel chaotic but be rest assured that by the 7th of August you will be very ready for your Initiation of consciousness!  Leave the stress and worry behind on this as your solar plexus does not wish to engage further in the emotional reactions.  The digestive system may be off and your diet will be changing.  Honour the body.  It can be tired and in need of a vacation for sure!    However, having given you the idea of a loose rein…keep in mind that come August 7th, to the 11th of August be prepared for amazing advancement of consciousness.

You may wish to join me here or via long distance for the Seal of Solomon healing and Sacred Initiation on August 8th, 2011.  This is one of several shifts in a series of 2011 with the next being September 1st.  That one is the Age of the Prophetic Seal Initiation.  get ready !!!

Divine Will is strong this week !

July 10th to the 14th very powerful days for shifting your consciousness as you will have the help of the Solar Will.

Reflect deeply on just what you wish to get accomplished and let the great hand of the Sun Intelligence with it’s LOVE and

Vital Life Force open you up to these possibilities.   Meditate to the Heart.  Use the Free Download of the Ho Shin Reiki

guided meditation found on the homepage of      Enjoy the week !

Energy Updates for Summer Solstice !

Cosmic Blessings for the changing of the seasons both in the northern and southern hemispheres today (winter to the south) !

Transitions such as these provide each of us with the opportunity to reflect upon our lives and choices thus strengthening the communication between the spiritual subtle worlds and our earthly physical life.  Guidance and direction is not just whispered to you but in fact, is much more clearer than you think when the gates are open like this.  There is less interference, so do listen and trust the guidance impressed upon your consciousness.

The intensity of the transformations this week includes the deep uprooting of those habits and attitudes and experiences that are NOT aligned with that which is best for you.  Therefore, the healing that is done and the extraction of the old paradigm of repetition is intense too.  You can actually feel the dross of old etheric accumulation being sloughed off of you.

Engage in the breath work and nature as much as you can this week.  Enjoy the transformations and the powerful elevations of consciousness!

Conserving Energy ! September 1 to the 7th

In order to prepare for the Harvest Moon on September the 8th, this week asks that you ensure the preservation of Self. Make sure you understand the importance of conserving your own energy. It will mean a great deal to you later on in the month.

Are you wasting energy? Are you scattered? Interesting that Nature is teaching us here in Canada already about the need for working together and conserving energy. “More hands reduce your own labour!” Nature is teaching us this through the return of the Canadian Geese here north of the city the importance of networking and working together in community. We must pay attention ! Energy conservation this week means “Do not try to do everything alone or independent from others.” We need each other. There is a great deal of creative energy being released within us this month as we prepare to express ourselves in our own unique ways. This week you should be working in a focused way, governing your energy resources and preparing to release this energy into your projects this fall! Keep this in mind please and work together with others !

Energy Updates – Focus for August 24th to 31st !

Okay….who hasn’t felt the Full Moon effect? has stalled you perhaps in the area of unresolved issues….Try to grasp this one for sure this time !! It can feel quite defeating if you allow any undisciplined habits, patterns, or old forces to rule you while you head through the last turn of August, 2010. Be firm and clear with yourself. The deep stirring action of the moon pulled these issues up again once and for all ! Lots of FIRE energy present from Spirit to transform and free yourself from these issues.

Notice the strength you have still with the WILL of purpose moving you along in your choices of Soul expression ! That’s LEO energy…. Keep this up…It’s with us for some time to come !

Weekly Energy Updates – August 17th to Full Moon August 24th

With your Soul’s Will still exerting Higher influence upon you, you will still feel the need to bound ahead with the fury of Fire (Leo energy) and steadiness to align yourself with all appropriate channels to support your spiritual goals and soul purpose. The most important thing is to not let the “clearing” of old residues of emotion and old programming get in your way. There are opportunities with the full moon energy emerging to clear up old issues but try not to immerse yourself in this too deeply. Objectivity remains key. With those you love who are still walking their repetitive paths with uncertainty….be kind…and offer words of guidance if they have ears to hear you. Kindness, generosity and understanding is to be at the forefront during the latter part of this August Leo energy. Remember, this constellation rules the heart.

August Energy Advancements !

Well…clearly we felt the tight bands break during the July 27th to 29th time cycle so now your only choice is to move forward with anticipation and a better sense of confidence. Even if you are still a little uncertain…you needn’t worry because spiritual mentors, counsel and training is all around you now both in the Inner planes from your Teachers and Guides as well as those very important “coincidences” of meeting just the right people now. You will expand your network of associations ! Gear up now for you should find your mind quite busy after August 4th and looking to shine during the week of the 9the, emphasis on the 11th and wrapping up the 14th. During this time, listen carefullly to what is being offered to you and the guidance given within and around you. Define plans. Record/write it down!

I’ll tell you that I am quite looking forward to the extended reach that I will have as a healer/teacher…I know that you will too..recognize the positive effects you will have on those around you!

Winter Solstice 2009

Hi everyone ! quick note to fill you in on the energy this week…December 14th to 21st..2009.

As we move forward more towards the change of seasons, there is always a period of time when you get triggered by those feelings and thoughts buried deep within you that mustn’t stay “stuck” within you anymore. This week you will be challenged by events and people that purposely trigger those blockages. Keep an eye out for them as they do clearly exist. Rather than react too extremely, take a moment to reflect and choose to resolve and change direction. In other words, re-create yourself. This is an excellent time for change to occur in your life. Winter Solstice (and Summer Solstice if you are south of the equator) is a powerful time of year for re-birth and the re-creation of your life for betterment. !! Kathy

Swine Flu (H1N1) Energy Healing Prevention

New technique for Swine Flu prevention was taught to me in the Inner Temle of Healing today !  Awesome !

Works on supporting the lymphatic and your own powerful immune system capabilities…check it out on the website……

Really feel privileged to have been shown this…. Kathy