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Physical Considerations

This information is not a substitute for medical advice. It is best to consult with a health care provider before initiating any new form of treatment. Those taking medications should be especially prudent, and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding must always discuss new treatments with their health care provider to ensure their safety.

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is a type of virus that is transmitted via intimate skin to skin contact. It is so common that it is presumed everyone who is sexually active will at some point contract it. This statistic should not alarm you however, because much like the common cold your immune system (when healthy) is well equipped to fight it off. Most people clear the virus without ever knowing that they have been exposed.  That said, it is important to take HPV seriously because some strains can have serious consequences. Of the 150 strains, a few can cause genital warts while others if not eradicated can lead to cancer. This is why it is important for women to have PAP smears done regularly to screen for signs of cervical cancer or pre-cancerous changes. Cervical cancer is not the only cancer that is possible – men can develop penile cancer and all sexes can develop oral or anal cancer if the virus isn’t cleared.  This progression of disease typically arises when our immune system is weak.  Poor diet, stress and toxicity are three of the main factors that can compromise the ability of our immune system to perform optimally. 

To support the immune system from a dietary perspective: 

  • Minimize sugar as much as possible
  • Ensure you are adequately hydrated with water
  • Consume lots of vegetables ideally organic (should be 50% of your diet)
  • Limit simple carbohydrates (baked goods, bread, cereal, white rice, fruit juice, etc) 
  • Limit your caffeine intake 
  • Eliminate or moderate your alcohol intake
  • Moderate your consumption of red meat as it can be inflammatory (grass fed beef is BEST!)

Supportive supplements: 

  • N-acetylcysteine (NAC) has the double benefit or providing anti-viral activity while also increasing the body’s ability to clear toxins. 600mg taken two to three times a day is a good dose for an adult. People who have asthma should avoid taking NAC as there are concerns it could induce spasms of their airways.  NAC can slow the time it takes for clots to form, so it should not be taken 2 weeks leading up to a surgery or by individuals on blood thinners unless advised to do so by their healthcare provider. NAC also seems to enhance the effects of nitroglycerin and should not be used in conjunction with this drug. 
  • Human strain probiotics help modulate the immune system in a number of ways that can both help to clear the virus as well as prevent it from taking hold upon future exposures. 
  • Fish oils are rich in omega 3s and have been proven to help improve immune function when taken in sufficient doses (combined total of 2-3g EPA and DHA daily). Make sure when purchasing a fish oil that you are buying one that is in triglyceride form and from a company that rigorously tests their product to make sure it is free of heavy metals and other environmental toxins. Staff at a health food store should be able to inform you about what brands you can trust. Fish oil, like NAC can influence the ability of blood to clot. So while there are many cardiovascular benefits to taking a fish oil, anyone who is taking blood thinners should avoid it unless it is under the supervision of their doctor. 
  • Vitamins A, C, E as well as Zinc and Selenium are helpful in supporting immune function. There are many formulations that combine these nutrients because of their ability to work together synergistically.  
  • The buds from Acer campestre, commonly known as Field Maple have immune boosting effects that are particularly helpful for eradicating chronic viral infections like HPV. The medicinal benefits provided by remedies made from the buds of plants are quite profound as the bud contains nutrients and plant growth hormones that are lost in the mature parts of the plant (roots, bark, leaves etc.) This form of herbal medicine can be prepared using different methods so best to follow instructions provided on the label.  

Helpful lifestyle modifications include: 

  • Breathing exercises are one of the best ways of helping to calm the nervous system and thereby relieve stress. In addition to using the guided meditation found on this page, try to use your breath throughout the day to regulate your nervous system. 
  • Getting sufficient sleep is as much about quality as it is quantity. Aim for 7-8 hours a night and try your best to be sleeping between the hours of 10pm to 6am. Avoid screen activity as much as possible before going to bed and immediately upon rising as it disrupts your body’s internal clock. You can adjust the display settings on your smart phone and/or purchase glasses with orange lenses to help counteract the effect of the blue light on your body’s ability to establish a healthy circadian rhythm. 

Art – Spiritual Intuitive Artists/Works


Alma’s family pioneered in Muskoka in the 1870s, where she lived most of her life. Following a vision of Jesus, she became a clairvoyant recluse, at age 50, creating prolific, intricate, colored pen and ink drawings, born of a rich inner life.  She watched, as The Hand drew by itself, unfamiliar forms, faces, characters, separate from her consciousness.  Tibetan gods, Joan of Arc figures and tales of Atlantis revealed themselves. As a Christian, she never claimed credit nor understanding. She said she didnt do them – The Hand did.  They have been called the sacred language of light, activation  drawings, with codes embedded in them for the evolution of humanity at this time. These energies may be accessed through meditation.

Tibetan gods have been identified in her work, by the spiritual advisor to the Dalai Lama, Kalu Rinpoche. Some drawings have writings on them; one is Alma Came To Earth As Joan of Arc. Another is Many Ghosts Are Alive But Are Controlled By God. Over two hundred pages are written on Atlantis, with abstract patterns above each page of writing.


Alma’s Works – Joan of Arc

At the World Healing Conference we recorded the “live meditation” related to the works of Alma.  This is a Universal Spiritual Healing and Guided Meditation to help you connect with the “Hand” of Alma’s work.  The content and descriptions are meant to embrace all people; all expressions of Universal Light and Spirituality.  It is our hope that you may enjoy the Healing and guidance. World Healing Academy Library invites you to listen to guided meditations to Alma’s Works Here (please note it is 30 minutes of live channelled healing):




Wendy Oke (Custodian of Alma’s work writes:) This one drawing epitomizes all the stages Alma went through in her drawings.  The initial picture was done in pencil crayon; then the black ink detail made the intricacies more evident.  Later, when metallic inks were more available in Huntsville, the gold period became more prominent; she overlaid some of the figure and the sword with gold ink. 

‘The Hand’ wrote across one drawing, ALMA CAME TO EARTH AS JOAN OF ARC.  Alma did not believe in reincarnation. She asked me what I knew of Joan of Arc.  When I told Alma that Joan had heard voices, just as she did, Alma, replied, “Well, imagine that!”

This drawing holds the Joan of Arc female warrior energy. Functioning as a woman’s Animus, the inner masculine, she is protectress of the soul and acts as an ego construct in defense of the inner more vulnerable realms.

Strange animals seem to appear from the background.  One is a menacing looking cat with horns.  Another is a mythical-looking, winged serpent (so prevalent in Mexican lore).  A bird, at once parrot-like and reminiscent of an eagle completes the symbology in Mayan prophecies of the coming together of the jaguar (panther), winged serpent and eagle.

It is peculiar that the face does not appear finished. For me, it actually enhances the power of the misty face, unlimited by definite features.  Others have suggested it may have been Alma’s face if she had finished it.

The breastplate is also laid bare and jumps forth in geometric simplicity, unlike the intricate brocades and detail of the rest of the drawing.  I have come to suspect some message or energetic from the apparently abstract geometric forms, shown as shards of Light in some of the Christmas card series: Nativity, Temple/Manger, Three Magi.

One might meditate on this piece for strength and power to stand alone as a spiritual warrior.  The armour offers protection, but the heart center remains open and vulnerable.


Akashic Records:

Wendy Oke (Custodian of Alma’s work writes) : Since Alma drew because she was compelled to, in order to relieve the creative tension driving itself through ‘the hand’ toward ultimate expression, she sometimes did not even sign her work, nor did she worry about the presentation for exhibit.  She drew on every surface she had available to her, – paper, walls, furniture, drapery.

The fact that the corner of the original paper used for what I recognized as The Akashic Record was cut off mattered not.  Her aerial view was not to be denied.  Seers have likened this picture to God’s observance of us in our daily smallness.  Another, said it looked to him like Glastonbury, as seen from above.

Personally, I was put in mind of a giant computer of All That Is, of the Tibetan Buddhist, Akashic Record. We may go, in spirit, as Edgar Cayce did for his 144,000 readings, to review our actions and karmic lessons there. The Book of Life of the Christian tradition, recording all that ever was, our thoughts, words or deeds is a similar teaching.  In Eastern traditions there is a reckoning time, where every soul, upon passing over the threshold of death, views its life experiences.  A soul sees when its mission was fulfilled and where opportunities were missed.  The idea of karmic pluses and minuses offers us the chance to redo situations differently, through a system of reincarnation.  The ever-evolving soul learns lessons from viewing its own Akashic Record story.

When speaking in Christian terms, Purgatory is a similar stage of  life after death.  There is some accountability involved, and one’s fate is  said to be determined by a viewing of a person’s life.  There is no longer any reference to reincarnation found in this tradition.

Whether the figure represents the personal viewer or the collective Deity, I take this picture to be similar to a microfiche of the macrocosm.

Contact for further information:

Spiritual – Sun Temple Healing/Meditation

As an introduction to Spiritual Ascension and Self Realization, many people like to start with a easy listening, guided meditation that helps them to relax and connect with their breath.  The visualization in this meditation takes you to the “Sun Temple” which is a creative way of connecting to the more subtle Life Force through breathing.

The approx. 14 minute guided meditation gives you benefit from the relaxation perspective as well helps you to connect with your own sacred space for reflection, peace and quietude.

Astrology – Basic Introduction

Astrology – by Norah Nasturas 

Zodiac Sidereal or Tropical?  It may be confusing as to what the difference is.   The Zodiac Sidereal and the Tropical were at the same sign point as each other, some 2000 years ago.  Today, they have a separation of 24 degrees in between each Sign, growing 72 degrees each year. In about 400 years they will be one on top of the other.

The effect of the “ASTROLOGICAL SIGNS” can be a positive or negative in action, therefore one must explore what causes the action and reaction in each sign. The causes that underly the outcome, will come from the position called Cardinal, Fixed or Double Signification.  The CARDINAL is the most important factor that shows you what action is occurring.   The FIXED in the sign doesn’t want to move and in that moment creates for you a stagnant state or feeling of being stagnant.  The Double is interesting in that they have two/2 different significations inside with different possibilities or even combinations of effect.  You will need a skilled Astrologer to explain this one to you better!   This is what the Old Astrology tells us.

The Astrological signs are “in relation” to the ELEMENTS of Fire, Earth, Air & Water on that action.  For example: Aries is Positive, Cardinal and Fire, indicating the origin of that movement.

With the time and discussions between astrologers both oral and written over thousands of years, some Astrologers stayed with the FIXED Zodiac and others followed the tropical Astrology with the movement of the Earth.  This was a time of division between the two branches of techniques, Tropical and Sidereal, with some very specific differences between the two schools of thought.


The PLANETS are the ONLY players in the chart because they are the only thing that is moving.  They express the Power.  So the Power or Weakness of the Planets and their Hierarchy are important in the way they act in your Chart.  The action and effect is in relation with each culture & mythology and position; including position in relation to what is currently around them, leaving them or approaching.  Very intriguing to explore their movement!

The Greek or Indian Astrology have similar mythology for similar planets.  The influence in the chart is the same.  For example; Mars is always the energy, war, and activity.  Jupiter is a magnifying glass to expand or increase what it touches.  Saturn brings restriction, can hold things back or delay.

In Astrology, the Strength or Weakness of a Planet is in relation with the Position in the Sign.  This is what gives the hierarchy of the moment.  The Planet in a Sign that is the Ruler or Exalted is said to be in a position of power or success with influential effect. If in a Sign that is in Fall/Detriment is a position of weak or less desirable effect.


What are the Houses to us?  The houses are the divisions or parts of our life. For the calculation Astrologers need the TIME and PLACE the person, city, business was born. Every house has a focus, work, money, love, relationships, etc.

The Planets are always the same.  The Planets behave differently in relation to where they are.  So the Seeker in Astrology is the same but their personality changes in relation to the house/home that they are in.   Are you in your house where you are in power?  Or in the house of another such as a class, church or workplace?   In general, the “HOUSES” follow the significance of the sign.  For example, the 6th House is similar to the Sign of Virgo and the 10th house is the natural Capricorn.

When an astrologer receives the Birth Data, they need to put together the 3 significations (which takes some time) to do an accurate interpretation of the facts.

 The HOUSES also get the effect of the Active Energy & the power or effect from where you are coming from or where you are going to.  The transition from House to House and the effect of the Sign of the Moment, the effect from the Planets, inside the sign & inside the house. Once the astrologer looks the Potential in the Natal chart, they need to put it on top of the position of the “Transiting” to know what happens today in how this will be the potential moving in the Future.

This is the preparation work of the astrologer BEFORE the consultation. This is where it is of most importance to look at the consequences of that active energy of the moment from the Planets & Signs on the House and how it affects Us in each area of our Being, our Evolvement & our Lives so we can make EMPOWERED Choices & Changes accordingly to improve the path & the life. Your NATAL chart is the BASIS.

One other significant difference is the Representation on the Paper.  How the Chart is displayed or worked out in the two schools of astrology.  For example; In VEDIC/Eastern you take the SQUARE to lay out the Chart as was the same presentation in Medieval European Astrology method.  The Western Astrology has laid it out in a CIRCLE Chart Only in the last 300 years. Medieval chart, 1600, 1700 was Square.

Common Circle chart:


Crystals-Gems – Healing Intro

An Introduction to Crystal Healing

submitted by Ann Capatch
Crystals can be wonderful allies on your road to healing. They have been used for many hundreds of years by all sorts of people from shamans and mystics to the regular individual. Crystals can help individuals heal their physical body, their emotions and thoughts and open up spiritually. The direct impact of crystals cannot be denied, Lapis Lazuli has calming properties, Selenite can make one feel peaceful and Hematite can help you feel grounded.
Crystals are a form of spiritual energy that we can touch. This spiritual energy, sometimes called “Light” brings wisdom, enlightenment and healing. This “Light” has combined with the earth into the tangible form we call crystals so we can interact with it.
Crystals help facilitate healing all levels of your being. They can interact directly with your body, emotions, thoughts and your spiritual side. They work on your energy field to address the energetic source or cause of illness.
Crystals can be used in many ways to assist you on your healing journey.
As a beginner you can easily begin by: 
1. Place them on your body
2. Have them in a room
3. Lay them out on top of a printed affirmation on paper
You may want to go to a gem and mineral show or crystal store and see which crystals you are attracted to. The cheapest and easiest way to start is to purchase a tumbled stone that has caught your attention. You can carry it around in your pocket, hold it during meditation and or place it on your nightstand. You can experiment by placing it on different parts of your body and see if you feel anything different.
It is always best to work with energetically cleared and “charged” crystals. When you bring your crystal home you can rinse it in cold water or place it on a dish of salt overnight and then place it out in the sun for a few hours.
Some crystals do not tolerate water well – ask the person you got the crystal from for recommendations. As an example Selenite and Celestite do not tolerate water well. Both these crystal also prefer to be charged in moonlight.
Disclaimer: Crystal healing is not meant to replace medical care but to enhance your healing process.

Feng Shui – Intro to Energy Living

The Art of Feng Shui Living

Learning the Energy Language of Your Home

by Tammy Frederick

Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and Law of Attraction Teacher

Feng Shui can be described in many ways, but at the heart of it, it is a way for us to interpret the energy in our lives as we see it manifested in our physical home. This ancient and beautiful art form is a language of energy and it gives each of us tremendous power to tangibly affect our own life creation on a daily basis. It is an empowering, enlightening, and harmonising practice. Learning the language of the energy in your home and how it relates to your internal world opens up endless and real possibilities to change, heal, and positively create your today.

Everything is Energy

From your body to your thoughts to your things. Your Home is an outer manifestation of your Inner World. As you bring harmony to your home, you bring harmony to your inner world. By bringing attention and intention to your physical home, you will begin to let go of that which no longer serves you and allow in the energy that you desire. Everything in your home is offering a vibration and is tied to you energetically. By clearing your space and letting energy flow easily through your home, you are in fact clearing, and allowing the free flowing of energy in your life.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui literally translates to wind and water. “Feng” or wind represents chi or energy, while “Shui” or water refers to fortune. In essence, Feng Shui means being in alignment with the energy of Fortune. Feng Shui was developed over 3000 years ago in China and is known as an ancient art. Feng Shui is a system of harmonizing everyone to their surrounding environment and energies. It teaches us how we can balance the energies in spaces. Feng Shui is based on the idea of our homes being a mirror to our energy and what is happening inside of us. If your surroundings are put right, this can positively help good energy to flow into all aspects of your life experience. Ultimately, Feng Shui is about looking deeper at the connections between your space and yourself. 

Statue of Buddha in a garden

Getting Started

Feng Shui is a lifestyle and a practice and once you get started you will feel the immediate shifts in your own energy and your space. Here is a list of action steps to get you started on your Feng Shui journey.

1. Sit quietly, close your eyes, and take in 10 deep breaths. Quiet your mind and answer this question:

“What is my vision for my life and my home?”

Write it down in a journal or on a piece of paper and put it somewhere where you can review it regularly. This will anchor your energy into this process and begin to connect your mind, body, and home.

2. State the following affirmation:

“Harmony Surrounds Me, All is Well in My World.”

You can write this down and place it where you will see it. This simple and powerful affirmation will set the intention for your shifting and will take care of fifty percent of the energetic work as it carries you through your process.

3. Begin to bring attention onto your physical space – your home. Sit and visualize your space or walk around your home and take it all in. How does each room feel to you, which rooms do you like and which rooms do you avoid. Keep breathing, you are simply assessing your space as it currently is. I might also recommend at this point to take pictures of your home as it is right now, include exterior pictures, interior pictures, basements, closets, etc… This is only to give you a better perspective and to give you a starting point.

Setting Your Feng Shui Foundation

Once you have gone through the above steps. You can now start moving into specific actions to take in your home to get your energy flowing and shifting in positive ways.

1. Open up the windows, pull back the curtains, let in fresh air and day light, and put on some happy and uplifting music.

The key to getting everything moving is to invite healing energies into your home. Fresh air, sunlight, and music are powerful energies that will clear and shift your homes energy instantly. 

2. Now, the first areas of your home to attend to is the Front Entrance and the Back door. Take the time to clear these areas of clutter and excess stuff. Remove or fix anything that is broken and make it inviting. Be sure to go outside and look at both entrances and clear away overgrown vegetation, repair anything that is broken, and clear the paths. Be sure your outdoor lights are in good order and that your street number is clearly visible.

The front entrance is your Mouth of Chi, the place where energy enters and you want to welcome fresh new energy in all the time; as well as let it leave through the back door so that no energy stagnates in your home either. 

3. Next, attend to the hallways and doorways in your home. Clear them of excess clutter, try to remove things from hanging on the back of doors – relocate to a closet instead, ensure nothing is blocking the flow of energy in the halls and that doors can fully open. 

Look at the hallways and doorways as the arteries of your home. You want fresh oxygenated energy flowing in and out of each room and area of your home so it can breathe easily.

4. Finally, add in fresh plants to bring in the energy of aliveness and growth into your home and be sure to let go of any plants that are no longer living. Plants also help purify your air and that improves the energy and Chi of your home. Some good, easy to care for plants include:

Low light: Bamboo, Peace Lilies, Ivy plants, Rubber plants, Snake plants.

Bright light: Jade plants, Money trees, Spider plants Palms, Ferns.

Doing the above steps will set you steadily on your Feng Shui path and you will begin to see and feel shifts in your personal life as well. From here we will move onto looking at your home layout and how each area of your home corresponds to various life areas including, Wealth, Health, Relationships, Career, Wisdom and Learning, and so on. 

Take your time, be easy about all of it, and most of all have fun! 


Grounding & Energizing your Vitality


Many times we find that not only do we feel a bit “ungrounded” but we also get into a loop of fatigue as well.  One way to help support a shift in this feeling is to meditate with a focus on grounding and drawing into yourself a stability using your breath and concentrating on energy conservation.

In addition to getting out into Nature; a walk or a hike or perhaps just standing with your feet on the ground and breathing, you may wish to try the guided meditation for Energizing and Grounding.

Creative visualization is used in this guided meditation and if you find that you are not one that can follow using visualization, then just close your eyes and relax enjoying the many benefits of the soothing and peaceful imagery!

Herpes, Cold Sores, Shingles

Energy Centre Focus:  Root Chakra and Solar Plexus

Endocrine Gland Focus:  Thymus

Organs:  Skin

Target of the Healing:  Immune System, Nerve System (Cerebral-Spinal Column)

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:  The person who suffers from this health challenge is one who has tried without success to be independent because the Universal Law states that we are to be individuated; but not independent.  There is often fears about managing in the world and one is often challenged about becoming too involved with others, so instead chooses to get far away and withdraw in attempt to figure things out for themselves.  There is a distortion around the meaning of Universal Love and an imbalance between excess giving and not knowing how to receive.

Oftentimes, the person suffering from this affliction also has a challenge to stay to task in certain responsibilities in relationships and would love to “escape” to just play; entertains others to be accepted, and puts out too much energy thus an imbalance in the immune system occurs as well.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:  You may find that you respond well to engagements with others through compassion and receiving love more unconditionally.  Learning to receive is very important.  It has also been found that one could meditate and invoke the “Love-Wisdom” Ray of Energy healing plus the tone/sound healing of both Middle C and D# are helpful.

The cells will begin to dutifully transform and conform to universal Law with practices in both of these exercises and in shifting old attitudes of recklessness and flippancy that were used to shield hurt. Good thoughts and seeing kindness in others; receiving kindness back will all help in the healing process.

You may wish to consult your Naturopath regarding the inclusion of Mg (Magnesium), Ca (Calcium) and K (Potassium), proper Iron levels and B vitamin spectrum.  They could help you to determine just how balanced these are in your diet.  In addition an alkaline environment in your body over an acidic one is much preferred.

Reduce anxiety and stress through healing meditations and reflect on the word: “inclusiveness”!

Guided Meditation: 


White Blood Cells – Alignment to Healthy Template

Energy Centre Focus:   1st Centre and 4th Centre

Endocrine Gland effected: 
  Thymus (primary centre)

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: The emotions in the immune system become confused by the extremes from aggression to vulnerability and the challenge to find peace within.  One would think they have to “fight” for love and attention and a good life (survival) whilst another part tries to wait in hope only to find that life can bowl them over and push them down.  So how does one cope with these feelings of difficult positioning on one’s life?

Examine the feelings and write them down.  Was the environment safe in the early years of growing up?  What about now?  Is there enough time allotted to enjoy nature and the beauty and healing that it offers?  Let us be reminded that the composition of our body is of the resources of the earth….therefore the earth is a harmonious place; not a dangerous unloving one.   Your immune system has a built in defence systems to deal with anything that may tip the scales of balance in life, while securing peace within, when necessary, to just “be on guard” of the castle, but no need to attack anything inside or outside of it.  The castle of course being the body and the guards your white blood cell team.  Let’s begin by letting it do it’s job according to the original program of life!


Counsel and Steps to Healing:  Healing begins with an acceptance of how your body has been designed.  It has programs and codes that are, in most cases, far beyond our understanding!  When you breathe, you can focus the breath on the codes that are found within that sacred breath.  Every time you sit down to do conscious breathing you can visualize these “codes” and “programs” as being carried into your nostrils with each breath…like little particles of Light.   You may sense them as you breathe.  When you focus, this deep breath is actually being received by the entire lymphatic system, and you start to actually feel various sensations in response within your body!

Know that Love comes in many forms and expressions in “life”.  Starting with the Love that is the original 1st Principle of Creation…you know that you have access to this as Self Love.  Smile within as you realize your own little secret of Life!  You can breathe Love into your life consciously and feel the Love emanating to you like a giant SUN in the Sky that recognizes you each time; greeting. you and welcoming you!  This is a Source like no other!  The immune system doesn’t need to feel confused at all but instead protective in a balanced way; not overloaded.  The Sun imagery and the breath experience will solidify the mental, emotional, physical response increasing your steps to better health and well being.  As you magnetically increase in the triad of Life force….you will actually start to attract more and more harmonious experiences and energies to yourself.  Try it !


Guided Meditation – White Blood Cell Alignment to Template of Creation:


Healing Stone: Turquoise

Raynaud’s Disease

Raynaud’s disease produces symptoms of numbness and cold in areas of the body when a person is under stress or exposed to cold weather.  Many experiences this in the fingers and toes primarily but can also occur at the nose.  The blood circulation is limited and cut off from nourishing these parts of the body and this can cause distress in the individual challenged by this disease.  The numbness and cold can quickly move to pain when the body part is again warmed up.  Let’s look at the ways to bring relief and healing:

 Energy Centre Focus:  Heart Centre and Base centre

Endocrine Gland Affected:   Thymus and adrenals

Organs:  HEART, SKIN

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:   The need to be “on the go” is ingrained in your programming and repetitive daily nature.  What do you believe about your life and the safety of those you love?  Do you find yourself challenged to relax in your world and environment?  Winter cold is likely not your favourite time of year because all old survival cellular memory kicks in and the body seeks to protect the heart conserving energy.  This survival instinct is built in and you may not have any realization of it.  When the fight or flight instincts go into overdrive…the blood channels carrying the nutrition of Energy to your fingertips and toes is blocked by a hyperactive response to perceived threat.  You may be the type that holds your breath often when nervous or in fear.  Relaxing in life is going to be very important to you.  It would be good to reflect on your “triggers” of insecurity, what you fear and whether or not the fear is emotion or justified..and whether you can logically and securely shift the fear to comfort and safety.  Look at your triggers throughout your life when you felt insecure and fearful..especially around loss of life, loss of loved ones and fear of your environment.  With proper examination and can begin to relax into safety, love and harmony with Mother Nature; LIFE !

Counsel and Steps to Healing:  In addition to using the guided healing meditation may wish to begin gentle deep breathing and relaxation techniques.  Visualization of the Life Force Energy moving down into your fingers and toes daily with a circulation ROUTE..will be very helpful.  Moving to create a solid and secure foundation is key.  Planning for retirement, old age, family/home base, financial security and social activity will all lead to securing a beautiful harmony with the physical world and life.  Affirmations of your safety and security is a positive step as well.

Guided Meditation for Healing

Healing Stones:   Rose Quartz, Turquoise, Jasper


Creating a Temple for your Sleep Time – Very Special!

Many people wonder why they have such disturbing sleeps; nightmares, restlessness, poor quality sleep.  The reason is that you are not sleeping in your Inner “higher” Temple of Light where your Soul may teach, heal and guide you while you sleep.  Try this meditation at bedtime and get a good night’s sleep!

Essential Oils – Benefits – Physical Considerations

Physical Considerations

This information is not a substitute for medical advice. It is best to consult with a health care provider before initiating any new form of treatment. Those taking medications should be especially prudent, and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding must always discuss new treatments with their health care provider to ensure their safety.

Essential oils are one of the earliest forms of medicine. And while often overlooked, they remain a potent modality with great potential to help heal modern illnesses. Each oil is incredibly unique, containing hundreds of distinct compounds. This complexity yields powerful and broad reaching effects, addressing all facets of health – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Essential oils are intensely concentrated, often requiring an entire plant to produce a single drop of oil. As a result, therapeutic oils can be somewhat costly. To create cheaper products some manufacturers will use oils extracted from a second or third distillation – which yields a far less concentrated oil. It is important to purchase oils from a company that upholds high standards regarding how it sources raw plant material and what techniques it employs during the extraction process. The best way to ensure you are getting a quality oil that is not diluted or adulterated is to look for an oil that meets the European AFNOR/ISO Standards (Association French Normalization Organization Regulation or International Standards Organization).

Once you have selected a few quality oils, the next decision will be determining how to use them.  There are many ways to incorporate essential oils into a treatment plan or general daily living. Most uses of oil center around inhalation, topical application, or ingestion. 

Inhalation is an incredibly effective way of using essential oils because of the aromatic compounds they contain. These aromatic constituents have a direct effect on the brain, particularly the hypothalamus, which regulates many systems throughout the body. Many essential oils also help to purify the air and provide a pleasant aroma which can positively affect mood as well as physical health. Using a diffuser helps improve air quality and allows for daily incorporation of essential oils in your home or office. Cold air diffusers are preferable as excessive heat will cause chemical changes that can make the oils toxic. If you don’t have a diffuser, you can simply mix an essential oil in a spray bottle with some water and spritz the air. A steam inhalation provides a more concentrated exposure and can easily be done at home. Start by heating water and placing it in a bowl with 5-10 drops of an essential oil. Then create a tent by draping a towel over your head as you lean in and position your face above the bowl. Inhale and exhale slowly through your nose for 10-15 minutes.

The topical application of oils is another common form of use that provides aromatic effects with the added benefit of physical absorption via the skin. Topical application is particularly helpful when addressing musculoskeletal concerns as well as helping the immune system fight off infections. Many oils can be applied directly to the skin without irritating. However, it is often helpful to dilute a few drops of an essential oil into a carrier oil (like grape seed or coconut oil) and then massage into the skin. By doing this, it helps apply the concentrated essential oil across a larger surface area. If you wish to use multiple oils, they can be combined and used together or applied in a layering fashion where each oil is massaged into the skin and once fully absorbed, the next oil is applied. Oils can be rubbed into the skin over specifically targeted regions (i.e. sore muscles, sinuses, chest, etc.)  or used in conjunction with acupressure or reflexology to enhance the benefits of each modality synergistically.

Finally, the ingestion of essential oils is another way of harnessing their benefits.  A growing number of supplement formulations are incorporating essential oils as ingredients. And some single oils are gaining recognition. In recent years, oil of oregano becoming increasingly known and utilized by many to combat the first signs of infection. As mentioned previously, essential oils are incredibly concentrated, and it is important to keep in mind that the mucosal membranes are sensitive tissues. If ingesting oils, it is prudent to add a few drops to some honey* or another oil to help minimize possible irritation. Extra caution must be observed with internal use as some oils are toxic and should not be used in this manner. Please consult with a trusted practitioner or resource to determine if this form of use is safe for you. Also, it is important to re-emphasize that only medical grade oils should ever be used, especially when use is internal. Lesser quality oils are typically not well screened for contaminants that can harm your health.

The astounding diversity of plants found here on Earth provides an oil to benefit every imbalance or condition. However, that being said it is important to emphasize that not every oil is safe or suitable for every person.  Some oils are contraindicated with certain conditions – for example, people with high blood pressure should avoid using rosemary or sage. In addition, there are certain demographics that must exert extra caution, such as babies, young children, and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Individuals in these categories should always consult with their health care provider before using an essential oil.

A few basic safety tips when using essential oils…
– Keep a bottle of vegetable oil handy, as it can be used to dilute an essential oil if it starts to cause discomfort or irritation after use.

– Ensure to avoid contact with eyes and skin in the surrounding as it is particularly sensitive. Do not put directly in the ear either.

– Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should never use essential oils without consulting a health care provider first. People with epilepsy or hypertension would also be wise to consult with a practitioner before initiating use.

– The first time using a new oil, it is always prudent to test it by applying a small amount on the inside of the upper arm. Leave it for 30 minutes and watch for a reaction. This precaution is especially important for people with allergies.

– Angelica, bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, orange, tangerine and other citrus oils can cause increased sensitivity to light for a few days following their use. This can result in a rash or darkened pigmentation on skin exposed to direct sunlight.

For further guidance, consult The Essential Oils Pocket Reference compiled by Essential Science Publishing. It is a comprehensive resource that outlines specific protocols for a vast number of conditions. It is an invaluable tool for anyone who would like to incorporate essential oils into their medicine cabinets, or daily life to promote overall well being.

*Raw honey has many health benefits, but should never be used in children under the age of two years old due to the risk of botulism.



Restless Leg Syndrome – Meditation for Bedtime

Calming the Adrenals, settling the nerves and allowing for a rest”ful” sleep. Give this a try.  More details to be posted soon:

Auto Immune Diseases

Auto-Immune Disease
Energy Centre:  Physical Body –  Tailbone Centre, Heart Centre

Endocrine Glands affected: Adrenals, Thymus as well as Spleen/Lymphatic system

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: The emotions run intense as they get triggered around the false belief “separation” at the heart chakra creating a perception of distance from Love. In addition to this, a miasm with the consciousness of resentment is found buried deeply that has produced an attitude of bitterness towards the body, and many branches of emotions that are self destructive. The Beautiful Divine Principle and emotion though that shines like a gem amongst all these other illusive, darker stones can ALSO be found if sought…and that is LOVE! You can begin to clear away the old paradigm of grief and pain in the body, emotions and mind… and move swiftly forward to embrace the Light of the Sun; Light of the Soul with a some support and guidance.

When the body’s defense mechanism, as white blood cells, turn confused and fall into the program of fighting with the healthy cells, they no longer have a “Commander” or “Master” at the head of the troops. Enter YOU. You are the Master and Commander that will now take over the programming to direct cells and Intelligence of the cells as per their original ORDERS from Creation. These are Universal Laws.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: First thing you need to understand is that YOU are the Master of the body and that you have the skills inherent in you to direct the cellular make up accordingly in cooperation with the original CODE of Life. The program of balance and protection of the physical body was disrupted in your Soul (and family) lineage and must now begin to be shifted back to a normalized state. Understand that your MIND is incredibly powerful and that energy is now going to follow your well focused thoughts. This new superior directive of healing from the Soul within you works very well and is your first step!

The new voice of command who governs and directs through love, is the focused power of your Mind, Heart and Soul that the body will look forward to co-operating with. Turn to the Source; the Divine and open your heart to receive. Speak within and surrender to the Code of Divine Life and Love. Start to pick up on the Colours and vibrations, healing and guidance that the Soul wishes to convey to you so that you may turn this condition around. Love and forgive yourself and embrace a new beginning where you direct the cells to seek out only that which truly is a pathogen and disturbance in the body and to love and embrace…. that which is not. The pathogens can be “transformed” into pure ENERGY again by the incredible Divine Intelligence found within you. Try this healing now on audio below and start to organize your “army of Light” with power and love!

Guided Meditation: Love Thyself. Retraining White Blood Cells

Healing Stone: Pink Quartz, Ruby, Garnet, Pure Quartz crystal and lumurian seed crystals.

Self Worth – Part One of a Series

Healing for Self Worth – Part One of a series
Energy Centre Focus:  Solar Plexus, Heart Centre

Endocrine Glands affected:  Liver and Pancreas and Thymus

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:   “What’s wrong with me?”  Nobody cares…is often the false words and thoughts that pass through us when we are feeling very low about ourselves.  Do you wonder why you are not “seen” or others get the job, the attention and you don’t?  It may seem that the world feels very unfair and it is only those that have the looks or talents that are going to be happy and successful.  Do you really think that is true?  Let’s explore that and see if there is any truth to it.  For oftentimes those you think are so successful and happy are often the ones who have the least amount of self confidence, peace inside and self esteem.  Perhaps it is best that we explore this very deeply so that this type of healing series can be used by people throughout every walk of life.

In order to assess whether there is any truth to your thoughts you had best begin to ask yourself just how much “care” you give to yourself.  This is very important because if you are not caring for yourself then you are reflecting thoughts right into yourself that has absolutely nothing to do with any person, place, thing or experience “out there”.  You must first start with realizing that you are a unique emanation from something much bigger than you can imagine.  Remember this…you are from Universal Divine Source and “It” surely knows what it is doing by bringing forth YOU!  Having YOU birth into this world.  There is a reason for this and you are going to find out why.  Start with the basics in this Part 1 of the series and we will build from there.  First question will be “Why were you born?”  Now this is going to take some reflection and some defining of yourself !  Be prepared to treat yourself extra special through the series of healing!

Counsel and Steps to Healing:  The first part of the healing series is for you to learn to breathe from Universal Divine Source and to understand the very special connection between yourself as the ego personality and this Source.  For when you breathe with Source you are connecting with the Intelligence of that which brought you forth to this world!  The more you connect with the breath the more “magnetic” and “radiant” you will become.  With radiance the shadows of illusion fade and the glimmers of hope and guidance turn to stronger and stronger directives of clarity…but one step at a time!  Dispelling the illusion and the false beliefs will come as you realize that you are special..that you bring a gift to this world….and you may not as of yet even understood that to be true.  You are “Worthy”….worthy to be loved, to grow in strength and be successful!

Guided Meditation: Healing and Guided Meditation for Self Worth Part ONE of a series

Healing Stone: Amber, Yellow Jasper, Sapphire, Malachite