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Fertility Issue in Women

Energy Centre Focus:  1st – Tailbone Centre
plus 2nd – Sacral – Lower Abdomen – Lumbar, Sacrum

Endocrine Gland effected:  Ovaries

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:  What you need to embrace right from the start is that your own situation is unique to you.  Do not try to compare yourself to others especially your friends and family have had not had any issues in conceiving a baby.  If you can start by pushing these notions aside then you can start.

Your own Soul evolution has dictated that you were to be born into this world carrying into it your own past lives strengths and weaknesses.  You were born a woman and you are to embrace the very essence of this consciously.  The woman is to receive the vital life force and ignition from the Life stream and carry within herself the inherent Divine matrix or template of creation that the incoming Soul can replicate for themselves during their own period of incarnation.

But what if the Soul to be (the child to be) is having difficulty in coming in to this world because the womb is unstable or disharmonious to them?

You as the “mother” are to embrace your Divine qualities and be passive and reflective on this meaning of taking in this life.  You need to set aside time to prepare the womb and clear it of old, often unhappy pregnancies and emotions surrounding this from past lives.   Is this too far reaching? is true.  The sacral; the body; the cells of the womb have memories and the memory of any trauma or emotional upset will be recorded here.

Usually the barren state is due to a disconnection to the incoming Soul in a past life pregnancies, the conditions that were associated with the pregnancy and the partner involved.  Also whether or not the child was welcomed, and planned.

Let’s see how you can prepare you own womb and make it a happy, healthy, welcoming Womb!  We also need to lift you out of the old emotion into the heart chakra centre !

Counsel and Steps to Healing:  We take down all barriers now and speak to Truth!  Ask yourself and reflect on, your own fears of being a mother, your thoughts, and feelings surrounding the prospect of this.

Be transparent and honest with yourself and write these reflections down in your own private journal.   Reflect on these lessons and even the memories of growing up and defining what your own home and family was like for you to be involved with.

Be prepared to reflect on those concepts that you may have buried a long time.  Also remember that you are releasing thoughts and feelings which may not be of the highest nature always.  Be kind and patient with yourself when you are reflecting and journalling these.

Are you barren or are you abundant in energy in the sacral?  Shift yourself into realizing that with the focus of your own MIND you will be able to spark and ignite a new flame of energy in the sacral which houses the infamous kundalini energy.

By going through the process of releasing the old and coming to terms with that which you harbour and then welcoming the have given yourself a chance then to develop the healthiest womb energy to receive the incoming Soul !

Guided Meditation:

Heart Wash:



2nd Chakra:


Healing Stones:  garnet,  citrine, carnelian

More Meditations:

Additional energy healing audio meditations for women are available here:

More Healing Meditations

Respiratory Issues – Pneumonia, Bronchitis

Energy Centre Focus:  5th Centre – Throat, Heart centre effected – 4th Centre

Endocrine Glands effected:
 thyroid and Organ:  lungs

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:

When you find yourself with these deep seated conditions that disable your breathing, then it is time to take a close look at yourself.  The BREATH..the sacred breath that connects you to life.  The underlying challenge here is a painful false belief of separation.  “Can’t breathe; can’t live..trying to survive so please help me”

Let me tell you that the Cosmic consciousness or unfolding Universal Energy of the All is definitely listening to you!  Let’s take charge now and begin to reintegrate into the precious LOVE of the Universal Divine to feel that you can have space to breathe again!

Counsel and Steps to Healing:  How do you do this?  You may find this next part challenging but we need to advise you to stop what you are doing and take time for yourself. may need to take a “sick” day off work or ask a good friend or family member to come into your home and look after things while you stay horizontal on the couch and rest.  Why?  You are not used to this…that is why!

Can you feel the Angels with you?  It’s okay to cry and be sad if you find yourself in this position.  Feel their embrace? Pull the soft blanket up around you even more and connect with LOVE.  Can you imagine how many people are missing out on life because they are carrying this miasm (unresolved emotion and thought process) and it explodes to the surface from time to time asking for patience, love and kindness from you?  Miasms will come out of dormancy causing physical symptoms when the timing is right for them to be healed.  Pay attention to this!

If you ignore yourself and this concretized energy that needs clearing then you are putting yourself at serious risk.  The breath may need some slow recovery methods if you find the lungs are far too challenged.  Start with a small breath and let it built.  KNOW that you can connect with the curative energies of the Universal Source and prana.  The energy of the sun is particularly good if you can get to enjoy that.  If not, then you can use your MIND and imagine many wonderful alignments.

The changeover from this challenge you are having is to take LIFE ENERGY IN !

Guided Meditation:


Healing Stone:  Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Clear quartz Crystal, Aquamarine

Women – Reproductive Issues – Painful Periods, Reduced or Excessive, Cysts, Fibroids

Energy Centre Focus:  2nd Centre – below the navel

Endocrine Glands effected: 
 Ovaries and associated reproductive system

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: 

Internal peace is required and a move towards a total acceptance of yourself.  You seem to be carrying the “weight of helping others” on your back.  You are helping your friends and family, listening to friends, clients, students but you are having difficulty expressing yourself and being who you really want to be.  Your desire to have a partner that is strong and who will look after things may not be playing out as planned. You may also be struggling to balance both your independence and the desire to be in a solid relationship.  You just can’t seem to relax so you are often in pursuit of the dream and hope of finding that one special day when you can say that you are satisfied with your life.

Emotional energy builds up in the sacral and is often pushed down and compacted.  You just don’t seem to have the time for self nurturing and care as you are too busy.  You end up being ignored as you just have too much to do for others.  This unhealthy state can wind up accelerating quite fast, thus the pain increases too.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: 

Let’s reflect on a few things….do you SPEAK up and express yourself in relationships openly and with transparency?  That is the first point that must be assessed.  Your emotions are getting bogged down in your sacral chakra and reproductive system so it is important to get a good assessment of this.

Share with your partner, your friends, your family and be sure to choose those that you sense or know will best understand you.  If you have been settling for 2nd best for yourself or you have not been totally truthful with yourself it needs to blow open now and be stated.

Use the energy healing for the sacral and lumbar with time spent specifically for YOU!  Pampering yourself with a spa, a long bath with candles and music, meditation and the right attitude is great!  No guilt; no shame..just a pure intention of having time for yourself.  Check your diet….as this is an area that can be of concern if you are not including some rich Omega energies for reproductive support.

Review your calendar.  How many hours per week are for you and your personal, holistic and spiritual exercises and practices?  This is important because if you DO fix a specific time for yourself each day you will learn to protect that time and not give it away.  Remember:  You are important!

Guided Meditation:

Healing Stone:  Carnelian, citrine,  aqua marine gemstones, turquoise

Eye Twitches

Energy Centre Focus:  6th – Between the Brows to Pituitary, 1st – Tailbone Centre, 3rd – Solar Plexus

Endocrine Glands effected: 
 Pituitary, adrenals, pancreas

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:

Your nervous system is under stress and it is from the following types of symptoms and conditions that you find yourself:  “I’m worried, stressed, afraid…I don’t see clearly how I can survive, be strong.  My nerves are off..this affects my nerves”.

With those types of experiences it is important that we start with a foundation that brings security and a good sense of Self.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: 

The breath is part of this challenge you are having as it is found to be irregular and often you are holding your breath.  Practice some deep breathing to calm yourself first of all and to know that there are solutions to your problems.  What you can’t see for yourself as yet does not mean that it is not there.  You just can’t see the outcome as yet.  Go step by step with your challenges in life.  As you step into each adversity or challenge and solve it you find satisfaction and completion with internal power.  Then move to the next challenge.  Little by little or big by big!  You will be pleased with how you are pulling yourself up and out of situations that disturb you.

Often your eye will twitch because you are trying to hide your feelings and fears from others.  You don’t wish for others to see the truth in your eyes so you are struggling to mask these.  Start to change that now.  Be open to someone in your life that you can trust; someone you can speak to about the underlying emotions and fears you have about the world around you and the world you are trying to create for yourself.  By blocking up your fears it will only show in your face.

Be at peace, talk to the “God of your Heart” through journalling as well or in your prayers and thoughts.  Be assured there are answers for you.

Healing Stone:  
pink quartz will help you tremendously, Aquamarine, Sodalite


Energy Centre Focus:   3rd Centre – solar plexus above navel and 1st centre – located at the base of the spine.   3rd centre – YELLOW and 1st centre – RED colour used in visualization

Endocrine Glands effected:
   Adrenals – Organs:  The elimination tract including Colon and Rectum

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:

With constipation you are having difficulty in elimination of the body’s waste and you are also having challenges with expressing your own emotions thus a stagnant state occurs.  This stagnant state of emotions and thoughts as well as physical waste creates a very toxic problem for your health.  The environment and people you associate with are triggering an insecurity within you.  When there is time for sharing thoughts and feelings, you hold back often afraid of how you are being read by others, judged by others and what impact your emotions and thoughts are going to have on others as well.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:
 You need to speak!  Easier said than done you say and likely you are not even sure how to start.  The best way to start engaging movement in your body is to start with journalling.  Writing things down about how you are feeling is a very positive step.  Singing, toning and Yoga as well as exercise in swimming and aquatic movement to music are all helpful to you.

For energy work you can take your own healing hand (the most predominant one that you use to write with or feeling inclined to use) and open it up keeping palm flat towards you. Start with small circular movements just above the surface of the body energizing yourself.  Do this in slow movements; not too quickly!

Start at the lower right hand side of your abdomen in front just about at your right hip.  Follow the path of the ascending colon” with circular motions and see if you can feel the warmth and love of the energy healing from your own hand.  Think of the word UP as you circulate this energy.  Breathe..and breathe deeply.  When you reach the waist at about the navel on the right side…continue to make these circular movements as you go across the body from right to left which is about mid-body).  Say to yourself ACROSS…Pause at the left side and then continue down the left side in circular motions until you reach the left lower abdomen/left hip…. saying in your mind DOWN….  Imagine then that you are flushing this hand in a sweeping motion down through the middle of you and say the word OUT in your mind.  So it is UP – ACROSS – DOWN and OUT.  You  are participating energetically with the peristalsis activity of the natural movement of the bowels.  You will feel the rhythm of the body’s own natural abilities to clear itself of the waste matter in a natural length of time for you.

Start to affirm to yourself that you release the toxins from your body and that you are at peace within.

Guided Meditation for Solar Plexus:

Healing Stone:  Malachite, obsidian

Addictions – Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling

Addictions – Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling

Energy Centre Focus :  From the tailbone Centre to the Inner Brain at the Pineal and everything in between.  The whole system needs to be looked at for the healing. Primarily:  BRAIN centre associated with feelings of pleasure and endorphin release.

Endocrine Glands affected:  all of them. Organs affected: Heart and Liver

The reason all are being mentioned here is because the addictions are so unhealthy; so damaging to your existence that they effect injury upon the total state of your Being and existence.  Time to choose a healthy lifestyle and find your spiritual/holistic balance to be happy.

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: 

You are going to have to start with a most important Principle in Creation:  LOVE

For a particular reason, you are struggling with love in your life and this love is of vital importance to you because it is SELF LOVE that we are talking about together this day.  Self love is something in your vocabulary that you are challenged to embrace and this inability to embrace with seen in symptoms of addiction.  It takes a lot of courage at times, to speak to the fears of being unloved and the addictive substances “seem” to give you courage to get up each day and go about your life.  This false courage is not real though as it only masks the pain and you will need to get to the storehouse of the pain and release it. That pain in your body and emotional self will be very, very happy to be released too as it has likely been imprisoned in you a long time.  Won’t it feel good to give yourself liberation from this pain !

Addictions to substances that give you temporary relief from your world of pain and fear; where love is seemingly absent in your life…are just that; temporary.  The truth still remains that you need to get in touch with the underlying cause and fix it permanently.  While you are exploring, releasing and treating your emotional pain you can be incorporating a physical detox and diet that helps you to wean off of addictive substances and strengthen the health of the body with proper nourishment and higher vibratory supplements. Engage a mentor or professional support to help you get started…someone who will “walk beside you”.

Destructive energies in addictions may start out quite harmless as an investigation and experimentation with some activity that seems to be crowd pleasing in society.  However, this pleasure soon gives way to pain and triggers the wheel of emotion around you and within you making it more difficult to keep on a happy front or presentation among your peers, family and friends.

We have a pleasure centre in our brain that registers the first response and it is this response that we feel we deserve to have; happiness.  We enjoy the first responses of happiness because often there is so little happiness that you trick yourself into believing that this is finally going to give you some form of happiness that you deserve.  However, the key right here is that you are “tricked’ into believing this.  The happiness is absolutely well deserved; but not from these addictions and experiences.  Happiness, love and joy should be experiences that you register in your life because you are doing some very natural activities and surrounding yourself with situations where happiness can come from some very simple practices in life rather than from the addictive substance and behaviour.

It can be very difficult for you to recognize that you have an addiction because it seems that the temporary joy is quite exhilarating to you and you would not wish to give that up.  You can then convince yourself when you are in pain after that you’ll be okay as long as you can go back to the addictive behaviour to bring back that happiness feeling again…and so the cycle goes.

Choosing another activity to replace this will be best but even more important is to reach into yourself and identify WHY you are not happy and WHAT is the originating reason.  Where do you deny yourself a natural ebb and flow of joy?  Are you giving away too much of yourself to others and not getting the same in return?  Do you find yourself deeply critical of self instead of appreciating yourself and loving just who you are?  There can be many reasons for the underlying cause to be so eruptive in your life and it is a very wise decision to go exploring the reason for your unhappiness and for your denial of SELF LOVE.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: 

It is most often best in addictive situations to go and seek help from another; a profession who has the skills in advising you PLUS they should have experience in what you are going through.  If they do not have that experience as you do, then it is less likely they can help you.

Start with the Self Love meditation available on this site below and write down or journal your feelings often.  Be HONEST with yourself.  Why are you upset?  Why are you so hard on yourself?  Why do you deny yourself LOVE?  If you think you are unworthy or undeserving then you need to explore that further.  Who told you that?  What experience told you that?  Be very clear where you are getting your beliefs from for these are what we call “false beliefs” and need to be cleared up.  The experience you had is telling you these things are true but in fact they cannot be true for you are a Divine expression of Love & Light, and have within you inherent qualities of Divinity.  You have been born for a purpose and a PLAN has been laid out for you.  You are just unaware perhaps of what that plan is and do not have the support to find out and walk the plan!

It is TIME to seek out guidance from a Spiritual or Intuitive counsellor, take up meditation for healing and RECEIVE healing from an energy worker to lift the load of old emotions and false beliefs up and out of your life so that the destructive behaviour can turn to POSITIVE living! Learning to receive can be tedious and embarrassing at first.  You may be feeling too proud to receive this type of help.  Then you can start on your own with affirmations and healing meditations for receiving.  Once you feel comfortable receiving you can start to network out further.

Recognize that the shadow side of this world’s commercial marketplace, have designed the products and entertainment industry services to lure you in when you are feeling weak and unprotected, so that they can take your hard earned money for themselves as you buy their products, consume their products and spend your money on their games and “smoke and mirrors”.  They trick you into believing you are important and well loved as long as you are spending your money in their gambling establishments, drinking their alcohol or smoking their cigarettes.  This love however is not REAL love; it is a manipulative hook at best.  The bars will continue to pour you liquor if you are paying, the cigarette companies will continue to sicken your  body with addictive substances for their own financial gain and the beer and liquor manufacturers will pump out vast amounts of money in advertising to suggest you will have more friends, fancy cars, sports engagements and beautiful people around you if you drink their products.  These products will damage your liver, your brain, your self esteem and self worth.

Spiritual energy on the other hand and holistic practices will make you “addicted” too!  This is said in good humour.  The meaning of this being that you will enjoy your good health and well being so much that you will be ensuring it is a part of your life each and every day!

Guided Meditation – Heart Washing Healing:


Healing Stone: Rose quarts, clear quarts and Amethyst

Back Pain – Lumbar – Sciatica

Energy Centre Focus:   2nd Centre – Sacral and 1st Centre – Tailbone

Endocrine Gland effected: 
  Adrenals and reproductive glands as well.

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:  What you are experiencing is an inability for your powerful life force (kundalini) to rise up properly through your chakras from its station in the root to sacral energy path.  This is caused by energy blockages in the sacral chakra at the back lumbar/sacrum and the front just below your navel.

The most predominant cause is emotional with its roots in false beliefs.  The false beliefs are often about being connected to your own feelings and expressing them.   How relaxed are you in expressing yourself about issues that are sensitive? Do you feel you are being listened to?  Often times you are harbouring hurt from relationships with family, friends and intimate partners.  The lumbar region should be strong and supportive and for this reason, underlying issues of fear of loss, imbalance must be transformed.

Key word for you to reflect on and assess in your life:  SUPPORT.  Identify those areas where support is lacking.

Another concern you may be challenged by is your own identification with your sexual needs in relationship.  Often old shame issues, misuse of energy, inability to openly express yourself sexually, disgrace with your own body, and suppression of feelings are commonly at the root of the emotional energy blocks in the sacral chakra.

Disc issues in Vertebrae:

When left unchecked, the vertebrae in the spine at the lower back become prone to sciatica, sudden falls, inflammation issues and disc slippage.  This is all due to the emotional build up in the weakened lower back from poor energy circulation impairing movement up and down the spine.

With the sacral chakra centre blocked at the back due to unexpressed emotions, the energy of the kundalini when rising  during meditation and natural impulses, has no where to go but right back down causing pain in the back.  This makes many simple acts of living quite difficult.

If the unexpressed emotions and sexual energy is continued to be suppressed, often times you will find yourself gaining extra weight (fat layers) over the belly, lower abdomen and on top of the bladder region.  This can cause further illness and problems for you and should be carefully watched with effort placed on transforming it.

* Note:  Kundalini is a subtle energy of power that each human being has inherent in them.  It usually lays dormant with minimal vibration or movement to it, until called upon.  There is a small amount of kundalini awakened and moved up through the spine during adrenaline rushes (fight or flight) – root chakra, sexual release through orgasm – sacral chakra, deep thinking (solar plexus) and meditation – most or all chakras.  Controlled meditations will masterfully raise the kundalini with proper breath work taking your conscious awareness to higher levels of spiritual realization expressing through the chakras.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:  You have to first do a few reflections.  Ask yourself the important questions as to whether or not you are in a relationship/home or work environment where you can freely express yourself.  Are you feeling supported?  Check in on your own feelings and beliefs around your sexuality and the expression of it.  You may need to start looking for the roots of this condition with a Energy Healer or Intuitive Counsellor.

You can run a chakra meditation with emphasis on the Orange and Pink Ray being drawn into the 2nd Chakra but not exclusively.  You will want to make sure you do all the chakras.  When working on your 2nd chakra to root path, you are visualizing such higher subtle thoughts as self love, compassion for self and others, honouring your own needs, choosing a partner and friends that are good listeners as well as receivers, understanding that you may wish to share your old hurts with someone you trust to release the pain that you are holding.  Breathing practices that can be performed while stretching your lower back with proper exercises or yoga practices.

Be very clear that you are choosing now to live a more flexible life of expression that has transparency between you and your partner, family and friends.  That you can stand up for what you believe in your heart are your own skills and gifts and that you are choosing to create a life that embraces them.


Guided Meditation – 2nd Chakra:


Healing Stone: Smokey Quartz, Peridot,

Physical Considerations:

This information is not a substitute for medical advice. It is best to consult with a health care provider before initiating any new form of treatment. Those taking medications should be especially prudent, and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding must always discuss new treatments with their health care provider to ensure their safety.

Lower back pain is a common symptom that can arise from a variety of underlying issues. The characteristics of pain (sharp, radiating, dull, diffuse, localized, etc.) help to decipher whether the pain is coming from a muscle, nerve, joint, fascia, organ, or some combination of the above. Identifying the source of the pain helps determine which therapies are most beneficial.

Some of the causative factors that contribute to the development of back pain include: 

Dehydration – Never underestimate the importance of water. Proper hydration is a key component of musculoskeletal health. When the body is dehydrated the ability to clear lactic acid, and other forms of waste is compromised. So is the capacity to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the joints, muscles, and other tissues. Fascia (the connective tissue that encases our muscles and organs) is particularly sensitive to dehydration.  Dehydrated fascia is more prone to developing adhesions which decrease a person’s range of motion and can become a source of chronic pain. The volume of vertebral discs also shrinks when a person is dehydrated, which in turn compromises the joint space and places further strain on muscles and tendons. Drinking roughly 8-10 glasses of water a day (depending on size and activity level) is important, but if you have been under hydrated for a long period of time, the electrolytes that help your body absorb water are likely out of balance. Coconut water is a natural source of electrolytes and therefore a potent rehydrator. Potassium and magnesium are two minerals that typically must be replenished for optimal hydration to be achieved. 

Mineral Deficiency – Like dehydration, mineral deficiencies prevent the delivery of nutrients and the clearance of waste to and from the tissues. It also contributes problems with the intervertebral discs, increasing the likelihood of herniation or rupture. While it is imperative that you replenish all minerals, magnesium plays an especially important role helping relieve chronic tightness and muscle spasms. It comes in many forms, but magnesium glycinate is best for treating musculoskeletal concerns. Epsom salt baths are incredibly restorative for sore, stiff muscles largely due to the magnesium they contain. Alkaline baths are another option which assists in remineralization and muscle recovery by facilitating the breakdown of lactic acid and removal of other toxins via the skin. 

Poor Posture – When the skeletal system is out of alignment due to improper positioning of our body, it creates a strain on our muscles, tendons, and ligaments, as well as promotes the development of fascial adhesions. When the body is in an unnatural position for a prolonged period, some muscles are forced to stretch beyond a comfortable limit and consequently weaken. Other muscles respond to this by tightening up in an attempt to compensate and stabilize the joints. Sitting for long periods at a desk or in a car, sleeping in certain positions and wearing high heels are all poor posture habits that can lead to lower back pain.  Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists specialize in identifying and treating fascial adhesions and imbalances in muscle tone that lead to lower back pain. 

Supplements that act as natural anti-inflammatories and help to restore joint health include Boswellia, curcumin, fish oil, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) and glucosamine. Tissue salts that help correct underlying causes of lower back pain include Ferr Phos which is good in the early stages of inflammation and pain; Calc Fluor following a strain (can be alternated with Ferr Phos); Calc Phos – for rheumatic pain or when the pain presents on bending, and there is difficulty straightening.  Calc Phos also works well for those who find their symptoms worsen with exposure to cold and changes in weather. 

Topical application of essential oils can be hugely useful in providing pain relief. Some of the oils most indicated include peppermint, wintergreen/birch, marjoram, basil, black pepper, nutmeg, lemongrass (especially good for ligaments and tendons), cypress, lavender, and rosemary*.  Oils can be mixed together or layered one by one over affected area. Essential oils should be diluted in a carrier oil to avoid irritation of the skin. Arnica oil is an ideal carrier oil for musculoskeletal pain as the arnica plant has numerous healing properties, especially in the case of bruising or strains. In addition to applying essential oils to the lower back directly, you can also massage the oils over various acupuncture points that are indicated for back pain, such as UB 63 or KD 3.  

*rosemary should be avoided by individuals with high blood pressure. See Essential Oil page for more advice on safe use.


Skin Issues

NEW !  Please scroll down to end of page to view Jacs Cooper, Naturopathic Doctor ARTICLE – help for you!

Energy Centre Focus:   3rd at Solar Plexus  – and Tailbone Centre

Endocrine Glands effected:
  Check thyroid and adrenals   Major Organ:  Liver
Other symptoms are often constipation, poor digestion/assimilation, food sensitivities, and inability to properly detox your body naturally.

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:
  Your skin can “break out” in an attempt to rid the body of various toxins and impurities that the digestive-elimination system is unable to handle. Your skin is a massive respiration organ and has the tremendous responsibility of working with your sacred breath to keep you clean and pure.

However, when you upset the balance by loading up on foods or drink that is toxic to the body or excessive, the result of this shows up on the skin.  Lesions, red spots, inflamed and irritated marks are all signs of the body attempting to rid itself of something that is not in harmony with the pure functioning of the systems.

In addition to the physical symptoms, we must also look at the emotional causes here. Your digestive system is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra and energy centre is underlying the massive nerve plexus found in here in the body.  Everyone registers their sensitivities here in their belly!  If your nerves are off and you are highly sensitive to disharmony and disruptive environments, then this too will throw off your skin

Being irritated by people, places and experiences that disturbs the peace and calm of your nerves in the solar plexus will also cause the skin to break out in hives, eczema and spots.  Itchiness further aggravates and a total emotional frustration about your life will come out as symptoms on the skin. Are you happy?  Can you settle down in your life and feel a balanced ebb and flow of energy between yourself and others?  Do you give too much away in helping others and more often find yourself not receiving enough nurturing and care yourself?

If your skin is giving you a problem in your life, then you must take a good look at your environment, people, events and situations that are triggering you.  Identify these things and start to engage in the action of eliminating them or at best modifying them.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: 

You will need healing to the solar plexus chakra and you will need to start a deep, diaphragm breathing practice daily.  This is available to you on the link below.

The visualization of YELLOW and VIOLET to this chakra will really help and you should visualize this while you are doing deep breathing with your hands on your stomach above the navel.  A full chakra meditation is a good idea.

Cleanse and purify the digestive system and include bitters, lemon and lots of water in your daily nutrition plan.  Engage in a DETOX plan with the help of a nutritionist or Naturopathic doctor.

Avoid perfumes, colognes, skin products with any additives but instead use organics cleansers and moisturizers.

Emotional causes:  Identify the triggers that cause you to break out more.  See how you are responding to situations and exactly what happens to your skin.  The location will also help you to get to the root cause for healing.  You can look at the chakra most closely related to where the skin breaks out and ADD that to your practice of energy healing/meditation.

For example, if you have skin breakouts around your mouth then add the 3rd (Solar plexus) and 5th chakra (throat chakra)  healing meditation to your regular 7 chakra routine each day.  Journal and access the triggers to gain enlightenment on just what they are so that you can begin to change them.

Skin aggravated at:

Root chakra – hemorrhoids, buttocks, legs and feet, toes (Athlete’s feet)

Second chakra – external genitals, lower abdomen

Third chakra – belly and back

Fourth chakra – upper chest and under the arms, upper back

Fifth chakra –  neck, throat, mouth, chin, arms and hands

Sixth chakra – forehead, around the eyes, scalp at back of head –

Seventh chakra – top of the head, cradle cap,


Guided Meditation: Breathing for Divine Alignment


3rd Chakra healing meditation:

Healing Stone:

Citrine, gold topaz, amber, tigers eye, gold calcite and gold, topaz, peridot, pyrite

Skin Issues – by Jacs Cooper, ND

Naturopathic Approach:Disclaimer: 
This information is not a substitute for medical advice. It is best to consult with a health care provider before initiating any new form of treatment. Those taking medications should be especially prudent, and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding must always discuss new treatments with their health care provider to ensure their safety.

When symptoms, like acne, eczema or psoriasis, appears on our skin, it tells us our that our body is overwhelmed. Typically the root cause of the issue involves some combination of mental-emotional stress, digestive dysfunction, and difficulty eliminating toxins.

Stress directly promotes the development and progression of disease through countless mechanisms. And with respect to skin conditions, it can be the primary cause of skin symptoms or a contributing factor that impairs the ability of other organ systems to operate effectively. For instance, digestion and detoxification are both parasympathetic activities, and stress causes our nervous system to shift out of parasympathetic mode and into a sympathetic state. As a result, individuals who are chronically stressed will often have difficulty digesting their food and consequently, have an increased likelihood of developing food sensitivities and dysbiosis (dysbiosis is an imbalance between helpful vs harmful bacteria in the body). Chronic stress also impairs the body’s ability to eliminate toxins. When detoxification pathways are shut down the liver and lymphatic system start to become congested, and this further worsens the elimination of toxins.

Some individuals may find their skin symptoms worsen with hormonal fluctuations. For example, a woman may experience a worsening of acne in the days leading up to the start of her period. The reason is that if stress, poor digestion, and impaired detoxification are not addressed, eventually they will disrupt the delicate balance of hormones. Hormonal imbalance, in turn, further aggravates the existing skin condition. This complexity of factors and organs involved is why skin conditions can often be so difficult to treat.

A few basic supplements that you should consider taking include: vitamin D, probiotics and a fish oil. These are basic building blocks of good health that are frequently deficient in people suffering with skin conditions. All three supplements play an important role in modulating inflammation, which always occurs in response to stress, poor digestion and an inability to adequately detoxify the body.

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin which means that you can reach toxic levels if you take too much. That said the vast majority of people are incredibly deficient in vitamin D because they don’t take enough. 2000 IU of vitamin D daily is a commonly prescribed dose for adults, however, the only way to safely determine the right dose for you is by monitoring your blood levels. You can ask your naturopathic doctor or medical doctor to test your D3 levels.

When choosing a probiotic,

  • Select a product that uses proprietary strains of bacteria that are backed by research and come from a human source.
  • Avoid probiotics that are enteric coated as the enteric coating prevents the bacteria from being released in the stomach and first part of the small intestine. It is important to colonize the entire digestive tract, which is why I encourage my patients to occasionally open the capsule and place the probiotic powder in some water and swish around their mouth before swallowing. To ensure that the bacteria survive the exposure to stomach acid, ensure you ALWAYS take them WITH food.  The pH level in the stomach is significantly higher (less acidic) when food is present. The bacteria will not survive if taken on an empty stomach.
  • As for potency, it is more important to take a low dose of a high-quality probiotic rather than opting for a higher dose of a cheaper brand. For most people, taking 25 billion CFU 1-2 times a day is more than enough. There are individuals who sometimes require much higher doses, but this should be supervised by a naturopathic doctor who can help you decipher whether or not it is a higher dose probiotic you need, or perhaps the addition of another supplement to your regimen.

The most important factors to consider when choosing a fish oil are the following:

  • It is sustainably sourced in a way that respects our environment.
  • It is 3rd party tested for microbial and environmental contaminants and rancidity
  • The combined daily amount of EPA and DHA is in the range of 1000-5000mg, and in a ratio of EPA:DHA that falls between 0.5:1 to 2:1.

For vegans or those who have a sensitivity to fish, algae-derived oils can provide an alternative source of essential fatty acids -, particularly DHA.

Gemmotherapy and phytogens are forms of medicine that are particularly effective at helping the body eliminate toxins and regain optimal function. Below are three remedies to consider in the treatment of skin conditions:

  • Ribes  (Blackcurrant) reduces inflammation and provides adrenal support for those who are chronically stressed.
  • Juglans (English Walnut) helps improve digestion and immune activity by removing harmful forms of bacteria and encouraging the growth of beneficial strains of bacteria.
  • Rosmarinus (Rosemary) strengthens the liver’s ability to break down and eliminate toxins.

While the root cause of skin conditions is always internal, topical support is important. I don’t typically like to recommend specific products, but there are a couple of products that I have found exceptionally helpful in the treatment of difficult skin cases.

  • AlkaBath is a special brand of bath salts that come from Germany. It contains sodium bicarbonate and traces of several semi-precious stones. It helps to remove acids and toxins via the skin. I have found this particularly helpful for my patients suffering from eczema and psoriasis.
  • Zeolite, specifically Clinoptilolite I found to be especially good for acne. Zeolite is similar to a clay. You apply it as a mud mask to the affected area of skin and allow it to dry. Like the AlkaBaths it also assists in alleviating the toxic burden on the skin. I’ve found this to be particularly helpful as a weekly skin treatment for those suffering from acne.
  • Acne Control Cream by Orange Naturals is a homeopathic combination for the treatment of acne. It soothes redness and other signs of inflammation while hydrating the skin.

While selecting quality supplements is necessary, a supplement protocol alone is not enough to restore healthy skin. Optimizing diet and ensuring proper hydration are both of the utmost importance. A general rule for good health is that 50% of what you consume in a day should be vegetables – this ensures you are getting sufficient vitamins and minerals. Equally as important is determining what foods you need to eliminate. There are obvious things that should be eliminated such as sugar, processed foods, etc. However, there can be whole foods that are typically considered healthy that may not be healthy for you. Our immune systems can develop an inappropriate reaction to foods – a food sensitivity. Food sensitivities are mediated by two different components of the immune system (IgG and IgA). They are different from food allergies (which are mediated by IgE). Food sensitivities are becoming more and more common, but they are extremely difficult to recognize as the skin reaction may not occur for 24-72 hours after the food was consumed.

There is a blood test that identifies whether or not your immune system has made an inappropriate immune response to certain foods through the production of antibodies. Creating IgG antibodies to foods is more common, but it is also possible for the immune system to create IgA antibodies. Therefore, I always encourage my patients to run both the IgG and IgA tests together, so that they have the complete picture when revamping their diet. A naturopathic doctor can order this test for you and guide you through the process of eliminating foods.

There are numerous forms of natural medicine (beyond the scope of this blog) that can assist in bringing the body back into a state of balance, thereby restoring the health of your skin. However, as discussed above, there are potentially many organ systems involved and knowing where to focus your efforts can be difficult. By comprehensively reviewing your health history and employing specific lab tests, a naturopathic doctor can assist you in creating a plan of action that matches your unique physiological needs.

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Sinus, Watery Eyes

Energy Centre Focus:  6th Centre – located between your eyebrows

Endocrine Gland effected:  Pituitary Gland

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: 

You have struggled to create new visions of Self as the old emotions have been in the way.  Primarily the underlying emotion here is disappointment, sadness, and sorrow from old suffering.  You have been challenged with creating and manifesting your dreams and goals. Now is YOUR time to start to open up to your capabilities in visualizing and creating a life that will be rewarding for you!

Counsel and Steps to Healing:  The energy needs to shift through the Inner Eye lens of the chakra permitting an ease of flow between that which you visualize at the front of your inner eye chakra at the 6th and the ability to MANIFEST your dreams with an open 6th chakra at the back of your head in the occipital region.

First you would wish to breathe to the best of your ability, in and out through the 6th chakra.  Close your eyes and visualize the Light of the Sun.  The Sun is often represented by the male power and the Rays of the Sun can be felt in your imagination as being very healing.  Breathe deeply through your nose thinking about these solar rays coming into your inner eye on the in-breath.  You can even say the word “Light” in your mind as you breathe in.  Feel the energy going into your 6th chakra centre on the in breath as if the Chakra itself could breathe!

Breathe out on “Love” which will feel softer across you face and help you to connect with feminine energy of the Mother Earth.  As you breathe out through your nose and imagine the flow of energy moving out through your 6th chakra lens, say the word “love” in your mind.  So you are “in breath” on LIGHT and “out breath” on LOVE.  Through this process you will experience increases in depth of the energy moving inside the funnel of this chakra tapping right back to the back of your head and fully forward projecting out. Do this about 3 or 4 times and then take a deep breath and breathe down…breathing down as if you are just completely relaxing the entire body..letting the shoulders relax as well. You are striving to become more and more comfortable with your connection of Love to Universal Source. The love connection in this will help you to feel the support of Source with you as you breath in harmony with it.

Even when difficult sinus breathing you can start this.  Now if you find it too difficult to breathe then certainly you can breathe through your mouth but keep the same focus and intent on the Inner eye – 6th Chakra.

The results are actually a clearing of the old emotional energy that has built up and a renewed confidence growing within you that you CAN create your world with joy and inner power.

Guided Meditation:


Healing Stone: Sodalite and amethyst are both good for this development and healing.

Digestion – Difficulty in Breakdown, Absorption & Assimilation

Energy Centre Focus:  Solar Plexus (3rd) Centre located just above your navel

Endocrine Glands effected:  pancreas.  Organs:  stomach, duodenum, intestines, often even the liver/gall bladder involved as well.

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: 
Overload, over stimulation of life, can’t keep up but also can’t relax.  You are struggling with being able to “take in” the nourishment of life through food and energy from your environment including “chi” or life force.  The solar plexus is a powerful centre and needs to be kept well fed in a balanced way.  Feeling sick and emotionally unhappy is so often the case with those who are challenged in digestive issues such as this.

You feel dis-empowered by the world around you and unable to make your world; your body healthy.  It can be confusing because people don’t understand you well and you feel that attempts to explain your feelings and choices are often over-ruled by others or not embraced.  You likely find many things you learn and engage in difficult to assimilate and this is usually related to issues of love with a partner, friend, family or community.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:  The first step is to KNOW that you are an “individuated” expression of the Creator and that your unique ways and unique expressions are not necessarily the same as others.  This can be quite empowering for you actually!  As a Divine emanation you would wish to identify your strengths, talents and skills and develop them.  As you explore this more your appetite for living here on earth will increase and you will be looking for; and receiving, the goodness in the foods that support your demands for energy in your body.

The solar plexus houses the intellect energy, emotional realizations of your personality as well as your creative, intuitive and sensitive functions.  Lots of energy movement goes on here.  Balancing the solar plexus with core muscle exercises, deep breathing, yoga, pilates, Qi Gong and other physical exercises you enjoy that bring core strength will be most effective.  In addition to these efforts, we can move now to the gentler healing part of your daily exercise, which would be in meditative reflection.  Important for you to feel the peace.  Allowing your ideas and dreams to be written down will be beneficial as well.  Express yourself.

After you eat place both your hands on your stomach above the navel; one on either side. Now start to breathe deeply and slowly.  After a meal you should give yourself time to take in the goodness from your food and not rush off in pursuit of something else. As you breathe deeply your diaphragm helps in the peristalsis or movement of digesting.

You should always strive to create a peaceful environment for meals.  Anxiety, stress, emotions, arguing, heavy discussions, and noise are not conducive to proper digestion.  Meal times should be times when there is no television, cell phones and radio going and everyone sits down to eat.  Standing to eat is not a healthy choice.

Remember YOU are in charge of what goes into your mouth as healthy food.  Choose the healthy foods that you need and keep junk food out of your vocabulary.  The body is a subservient vehicle for you as the Master and it is conditioned only as you think and feel.  Positive thoughts and moderate emotions are best!

Guided Meditation:



Healing Stone: Aventurine, Malachite

Male – Prostate Issues

Energy Centre Focus:  1st  – at the Tailbone

plus 2nd – Sacral – Lower Abdomen – Lumbar, Sacral

  RED for Root Centre and ORANGE for Sacral

Endocrine Gland effected:
  Gonads (testes)

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:

Loss of power (energy) and the moon energies (emotions) have given you periods of depression and  emotional challenges.  There are underlying conditions of fear and insecurity around yourself.  This can be buried quite deep and you are likely not surprised to hear this.  Often what is found when analyzed, is that you have been subjected to belittling comments growing up, “not good enough”, overshadowed by a strict male lineage (father and grand father), subjected to a powerful boss at work even and you likely have chose a partner in life that is stronger to handle challenges than you.

Remember that this loss of power and worth is full of false beliefs…you ARE loved and you ARE a powerful man of great inner strength!  However you have lived with these insecurities for some time and now they may be manifesting for you in the physical world and this can be very disturbing for you.  Energy healing will be a tremendous help.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:

Reassurances and development of one’s own worth and power as a man.  Begin to reflect on the root of the false beliefs and see if you can see a common thread beginning to form.  If you find that during various times of your life you have been feel disempowered…then write this down.  Lay it out for yourself on a notebook and you will soon find all the links to false beliefs that have concentrated to form these emotional blocks.  Emotions and reactions to your friends, partner, community are very real to you and you need to identify them as well.  Who triggers you?  What triggers you?  You will likely feel this in the prostate and often find a cold fear running through you as well.  Circulation can be poor and your heart may react with anxiety.

Once identified you can start to reassure your body that you, as the Master, are now about to take over the situation with power and love!  The people that helped to form these false beliefs should not be judged or criticized for they came from their OWN insecurities as well.  They found their power in putting others down.  You on the other hand are finding that your sensitivities are acute, your compassion strong and your understanding of others even stronger.

Choose that which you wish to express and create in life and put your heart and soul into it.  Be sure to honour your own goals and desires.  Be sure to keep balance and watch for anger from within you as you wish to neutralize this more and more with your understanding of your body and your needs.

Engage in the deep breathing practices, nature, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or martial arts.  Include meditation and learn how to breathe into the lower part of your body for better circulation and heart support.  Visit a Naturopath or Holistic Practitioner for proper diet and supplements.

KNOW that you are the Master of your body and that you are a Divine emanation!  Embrace your own unique gifts and forgive those who are unable to see you for what you are and instead embrace those who do!

Guided Meditation:  Vital Life Force – POWER increase!

Healing Stones:  Pyrite, Garnet, Obsidian, Clear Quartz