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Monthly Energy Predictions

Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – December 3rd to December 9th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

The use of the brief, “LOL” seems to be a common practice these days where everyone tries to find amusement in what another says or when chuckling at one’s own errors.  What’s even more common though is that fast language, fast days, fast food, fast everything is causing more than just error acknowledgement it’s downright overwhelming.  Many people are just cruising along the surface of life from day to day not even “seeing” the day they are in.  What to do?

I’m sure you have heard that the holiday season approaching is a “busy” time for everyone and it’s “hard to make plans”…etc…etc…blah blah blah.  Well this also tells us that one is not really living life and the gift it offers each of us.  It tells us that one is truly lost at a time when the greatest gifts of clarity, peace, direction and abundance of Love is being birthed and the benefits outstanding!

Winter (Summer in south) Solstice is this month…it is not just “holiday season”.  Solstice time that arrives this year on December 21st, 2018 while we are in the magnified Energy of Jupiter and the touch of the full moon in Cancer is one of the most “SACRED” and honouring time for each of us to be spending going within and receiving the true “gifts of the season”.  It is a time of the HEART centre alignment to the Universal Divine; your Soul and the enlightenment that Solstice offers.  You don’t need to prepare by running to stores to buy presents and overwhelming yourself…you are to prepare yourself with peaceful reflection.

If you get caught up running along this month making sure you DO that which is being demanded upon you by the holiday season, you are going to end up with the boxes of presents yes….but not the true gift that lasts to eternity.

This week as you schedule yourself for parties and shopping and feasting over the weeks to come….be sure to schedule yourself for that which is much more important….YOU & the interaction with the Blessings within. I’m sure you have heard several corporate marketing spams that say….”Give the gift that will last” for your partner, child, friend…etc.  Well material does not last; but the gift of the Spirit last forever.

This week ahead offers us a time of “harnessing that which is important” and disciplining ourselves, creating new habits and family plans that will last in the hearts forever.  Create with yourself and your family get togethers moments in Nature, and in cherishing one another’s love and supporting the co-creative process each Soul has within them.  Great time to be CREATIVE with the holiday season ahead!

In Light and in Peace,



7 Days of Creation and Winter Solstice – Preparation and Initiation starts after New Moon December 7th, 2018 to Winter Solstice December 21st, 2018



Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – November 25th to December 2nd, 2018


Hi Everyone!

Let’s be BLUNT….the full moon you just went through was tough.  It dealt with the dragging up of some old, old emotional reminders which seemed magnified somehow…but it also left some space to be filled by new choices still to be made.  Best thing to do right now is to draw power RIGHT INTO YOUR HEART centre.  Why? Because let me remind you that SOLSTICE is less than 4 weeks away and if that “unhappy little emotional grinch side” gets it’s way…it will challenge the Beauty of the “Christos” Flow of Love!”

I saw in the Inner Temple this morning the most beautiful image of the absolutely Brilliant Light and Love of the Solstice coming and people all really, really wanting to embrace and lift into it…but the entanglement with feelings of low self worth, inability to fit in, need for love and old sadness in people were also shown as raw feelings that need acknowledgement.  The full moon of last Friday did bring these buried emotions up for healing in our mass consciousness and isn’t that heart chakra centre really all about LOVE?  What did that Grinch really want anyway when he set out to upset the Solstice time?  He really just wanted to be loved and be included! 

So what do you wish to be included in?  What will make your heart sing out and be open to give and receive more with the “Wonders of the Universe?”

What is your heart centre sharing with you?

This week we would all wish to use our tools and communicative skills in conveying these needs and engage with the Energy Healing of alignment.  Choose to step right into that heart centre and let it feel the affects of the Sun and the Magnification of Love through the Lens of the heart!

With the SWITCH of your thoughts….the TOUCH from the Light….you are lifted up into the bounty of Love of Higher consciousness.  Daily make time to feel this.  You deserve it.  When we are feeling the rawness of open space and uncertainty, the BEST thing to do is fill yourself; surround yourself with more loving choices.   ADD to your environment and ADD to your life each day now an experience that fills the space you created by letting go of the old with fresh, new experiences.

Starting this day….be aware of those feelings that may be “Grinch-like” and testing you….and then change them.  I still see that image in my mind of what would seem to be a “SMILING” Sun; a delightful radiant Angelic nature Life force that is calling each of us to bathe in It’s Beauty!

Enjoy the week ahead…and be very discerning of how you spend your time; engage your thoughts.  Read uplifting material, meditate, choose a colourful meal, say nice things to others and most of all…look in the mirror and see your beautiful face.  You are the image and similitude of Creator!  You are a Radiant Light!

In Light and in Peace,



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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – October 29th to November 4th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

If you are feeling emotionally volatile (fraught, uneasy or uncomfortable), then you are not alone and be rest assured that you are right in the thick of the transformational “gift” of Scorpio and the pre-Soul mandate clarity of early November.  Is this part fun? Not particularly, but it has it’s benefits.  You are to stay the course on your heartfelt; Mindful direction of deeper integration that is to come and perhaps I can shed some Light on your path to help you to see your way through to the “good stuff” !

Carving out and excavating the physical, emotional challenges right now while sorting through all sorts of undesirable thoughts, attitudes and behaviours is a job description that states, “Prior to engaging in this task, roll up your sleeves, take a deep breath and KNOW that there will be spiritual energy renumeration at the end of this task.”

This particular cycle and week ahead continues to show us our shadows, challenges us and may even cause you to slip backwards slightly as you find your new footing.  Not to worry..for this is all normal in the human experience of finding one’s way clearly up into the liberated state of clarity of direction, comfort and balance.  GROUNDING is particular important right now with the balance of the 4 elements, being aware of one’s environment and surroundings, choosing your social time and engaging more deeply with your personal time for Self.

Let’s not make the mistake of getting swept along with the trendy seasonal pressures of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even Christmas/Holiday time to come.  Let’s be sure to not only be practical and logical in our choices but strong in staying true to what is important for you and your family.  We see far too many people; (especially parents) get upset with not being able to keep up with the material demands of life.  When you step back and see the material game you will also willfully find creative ways to avoid being dragged down into pressure and overwhelming experiences.

This is a testing week that will truly help you to gain stride and strength.  Stick to your most inherent natural ways.  Simple, easy, restful, well scheduled and organized goals.  Health is number one and this comes from spiritual (Inner) well being.  You can’t be pushed around by the external world if you have a strong inner constitution of what is best for you.  Know this…you are becoming more and more the true Master of Self; the higher conscious awareness is yours to have!

I’ll wrap up this week with the following synopsis:

  •  Be aware of the excessive demands and encroaching overloads that are present in your life…push back to give yourself space to analyze them and ensure that you are not making decisions from emotion.
  • Use your default button (your factory (Cosmic) setting) that takes you back to who you authentically and originally are…an emanation of pure Spirit.  Are you giving this enough attention? Seek your Soul alignment with meditation, study, pursuit of just “who you are and why you are born”.
  • Avoid unnecessary foods/drinks that are not directly of the earth resources
  • Help your children, loved ones, friends to see that there are choices…explain the difference between higher and lower worlds if you can. Ease their minds.
  • Relax and know that you are in amazing alignments that include incredibly powerful transformation and what we could call the “death” of the old and the Bridge to the new you! The bridge is being built right into November…you are not there yet so relax.

Be at peace knowing that things are gaining a greater ORDER…even if it feels and looks kind of messy right now…it will straighten out.

Enjoy your week ahead…

In Light and in Peace,



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Post-Equinox guidance – Energy Shifts – What to Expect now?

Hi Everyone !  Please SHARE this post if you can…thank you!


The incredible weekend Equinox Energy and Full Moon of Monday is pushing the fragments of Self up still….yes…still.  I have some insight from the Inner Temple to share with you:

“This cycle is about CHANGE and the Karmic rebalancing of your life that will take up to October 31st in some cases to be completely understood and resolved.  Use this time cycle between Fall Equinox and October 31st (before a MAJOR shift happens in early November) to examine your Self realizations and challenges AND MOST IMPORTANTLY to implement the realizations.  If you were to ask the Akashic Calendar if this is a good time to START something?  The answer is YES….start engaging 4 to 5 times more in your Higher consciousness activities such as meditation and application of your mandate.   This is HARVEST time…a time of ingathering the energy from Universal Source and detoxing everything that is of the old cycle out of your physical systems; your house; your relationships and your profession.

The challenges that you are now VERY well aware of….have HISTORY.  These are to be looked at from a much higher perspective and looked at from BOTH sides of the equation.  Look to see how you are feeling..and examine how the other person or person(s) are feeling as well.  The KARMA you have created is up for resolution NOW.  It has to be NOW.  Why?

Because under the incredible guidance and LAWS of the Universe that the LIBRA constellation are showing you now….you must learn this now.  It is so important and it is setting the stage for the rest of your life.  That’s correct.  You are to make your decisions based on the thorough examination of yourself and all parties/experiences involved during this time and you will see a change in your life that you were not expecting.  It is a very, very good outcome for you and all involved !

CHANGE is not just a buzz is an absolute Law.  Life is perpetual change and growth…that’s the Truth and this Post-Equinox cycle is all about change.  Very drastic changes in you I must add because that is what is being shown to me in the Inner Temple.  You are not making subtle are drastically changing your life to conform to your Soul’s intention for this lifetime.  You are to engage only in those activities and practices that align with your Soul’s mandate, your own health and well being.  There is no room for any frivolous activity nor is there to be any engagement with “going along with the crowd” of the old paradigm.  It won’t work.

If this sounds serious…it is.  This is a CYCLE that has to do with the MIND (your thoughts) and the WILL (the FIRE within you now).  So go deep and get these things resolved.

If you are not understanding the way to do this..then get help.  We don’t put things aside because we don’t know how…we pick them up and ask questions.

More next week!

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Shifts – July 30th to August 5th, 2018

Hi Everyone…

Okay let’s take this down a notch and take some time for integration shall we?  The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse last Friday added to all sorts of revealing experiences you have been witness to lately and it is time now for you to sit quietly and sort things through.

After such intense periods of “Energy stressors” from lunar/planetary and solar crossings, our own Energy Meridians, nodal points (chakras) and levels of consciousness go through shifts and changes. Why? Because we are all connected through vibrational systems and experience the changes in our environment both of immediate distance around us and afar.  You notice this yourself when you spend time outside of a city for example, in Nature…you notice the differences to your mood, physical health and thoughts, insights…. as well as sleep patterns.

This week each of you may wish to take time to search out, explore, study and examine the “meaning” of what you have just been through, what you find yourself in now…and where you are going with this.  Be sure not to just pass these experiences by too quickly or you will not benefit from the greatest teachings they were to bring to you!  Examine yourself through reflection and research; thinking.

Ask yourself a few questions about the last several days or weeks even!  What have I been feeling lately? Am I allowing my emotions to get the better of me? Do I find myself calmer now? What thoughts keep coming up? Have my inspirations, dreams and goals become more important now?  Do I feel different?  In what way?

Feeling different now from before? what way?  You see if you really start to question these things you end up digging a little deeper and getting to “Know Thyself”.  Taking time for yourself in the quiet with a journal doing some deep breathing and meditating, gives you time to THINK.  We can’t hear the Inner voice teaching us if we don’t have quiet time….right?

Speaking with your Yoga teacher, instructors of spiritual philosophy, sharing with friends and reading about other’s experiences, can all be helpful now as you sort through the next step or stage of your journey.  Let’s be real and state the Truth…you can’t go backwards now nor can you possibly return to old patterns and routines.  It’s not going to work…it’s that straightforward!

This is a good planning week, reorganizing week for ensuring that you take care of yourself with increased time spent thinking and reflecting PLUS mapping out/strengthening the goals you have. Let’s use our listening skills now and activate that throat Centre with governing MIND.

When we stop the excessive talking, increase our meditative practices to resolve the “noise and chatter in our heads”, and engage more in breathing, study, meditation….all sorts of special realizations come forth!  Turn off external noise and distractions and your internal peace will return 10X better to start! See what you learn about yourself this week!

Enjoy this week ahead !

In Light and in Peace,



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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – June 18th to June 24th, 2018

Hi Everyone! 

It’s Solstice week!  You may be feeling now like a bit of a “wet sponge” being squeezed to get the excess water out; the emotional body water that is!  Balancing the elements during a Solstice time is important and sets your solid foundation for transition to the positive qualities the next Constellation brings.  In this case, the Solstice week shifts us from the Gemini influence to the Cancer Constellation influence.

Why the squeeze? Because your emotions have been triggered here, there and everywhere with the core issues seemingly whipping around again to see if you have thoroughly dealt with them or possibly, if you have even started to deal with them as this is all new to you.  The Blessings of the Cancer Constellation which runs from Solstice to July 22nd, 2018  is quite a loving and nurturing time when you should feel a considerable need to go deep within your own “love connection” to Source especially through the umbilicus (thymus gland/high heart area) to Universal source.

Your feelings, triggers and emotions may be running high and quite sensitive right now so it is best to use the breath and settle on down before firing back at people or at experiences around you.  The breath (AIR) will bring you a stronger, mental overlay and give you time to think things through.  The breath ALWAYS will calm you down and give you better equilibrium as well.  The issues that are rising up in you NEED to come up.  They are only going to cause stagnation, bloating, anxiety, tension, stress and restlessness or sleepless night if left unexamined. WATER (emotion) builds quickly and emotion can layer on up as excess weight (fat) as well.  People are finding their digestive systems feeling bloated lately so let’s be sure not to rush through eating and have enough fluids as well.  Keep the stress out of the digestive system! Quiet eating time…no noise please! Turn the TV off and stay out of those restaurants that feel the need to blast music while you eat.  Relaxed mealtime is good for you…try having a picnic!

Directive for the week? CALM.  Strive for calm and peacefulness and take time alone.  If the world around you…your home, work, family, etc. is just too much for you then you will get snappy and irritated which is hard on your nerves, digestion and heart.  Women need to pay attention to this particularly to avoid stress which can affect the breast tissue and heart…as well as to avoid migraines.

If you can give yourself a morning or evening of calmness on your own when you can sit in silence…you will Re-SET your internal mechanisms and get a chance to think.  Not only that…. when you are alone and reflective during this time of Solstice week you can HEAR the voice of wise counsel and guidance from within; the Master Within and the Universal call.

Sadness and a yearning for something coming from deep inside of you may be rising up this week.  This is normal and it is the timing and call from the “home”; the Universal origin of your Soul that you are feeling.  The Cancer Constellation time reminds us that we do have an internal Self that is pure Love, Light, Warmth, Caring, Loving and Blessed.  So when days can be a little rough in life know this….you can sit in meditation or in the quiet of your room and just breathe in a beautiful supportive sense of Oneness and be assured that you are going to be okay!

Solstice is not all about heightened celebration…no it’s actually a time when the quiet gives you the greatest joy.  You feel closer to the SUN (the heart) and you experience the return of many of your Spiritual gifts, the peace and reassuring embrace of LIFE and appreciate the fact that truly…you are not alone! The Universe; the Angelic Ones, Nature Herself has your back !

Deep breath….ahhhhh…nice.  Take time for some calmness with Nature…perhaps with the beach, trees, garden or maybe even the stars? 🙂

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – June 4th to June 10th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Feeling like you need to be on an “even keel” right now?  “Steady as she goes”.… sort of speak?  Well that is a good choice. The AIR element of Gemini cycle influence is all about the MIND and you will find yourself doing a lot of thinking, communicating, balancing both hand’s activities, keeping 2 hands on the wheel, etc…. while your mind is pivoting through many ideas and decisions.

The energy this week is steering you into taking a tighter grip of your thoughts…. and your peaceful, reflective activities such as meditation and deep breathing…will steady out the activity of the “whirl wind” thinking that has been occurring of late.

Balancing and taking steps into your own personal projects and goals is the stable direction to be going.  Through your brain balancing activities of passive and active experiences, you will gain momentum and start to see results.  Yes….results.  The cycle is now beginning to show you some clarity of direction which I am sure you are pleased to hear! 

The paradigm shift you have been undergoing has been causing some trepidation no doubt….but the fog is now lifting and you are going to see your MIND actually HAS been creating your new awareness and presentation of Self after all !  Yes…your MIND and Soul mandate is actually starting to congeal with your own developing understanding …much like a few puzzle pieces are finally starting to come together.  We all know that when we start a new jigsaw puzzle we have to lay out all the pieces first to find the borders…then we start looking to get the middle filled in.  Well your borders are actually going to feel a lot more solid and real now.  Yeah !  This week you may even be putting a few pieces inside !

I’ve noticed that people are reviewing their daily routines…adding a few things here and there. We also need to remember to stand back and look at the work in progress…perhaps adjust here and there.  So it is very much a thinking week!  Study the material you need to get to where you are going.  Know your stuff !  Knowing just a little and skimming along is not the same as having an in-depth understanding of your purpose. Ask questions…begin to compile the questions you have for the Universe.  You will get answers…but if you don’t ask..the Master doesn’t open the door!  The Master Within is truly YOU!  The powerful YOU that is waiting to provide you with more and more wise counsel.  Prepare yourself and then go within.

Summary:  Study, stay steady with your breathing and meditative practice, use your MIND. Think and ask questions.

Enjoy your week!

In Light and in Peace,


PS… SOLSTICE this month!  more on this later…


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – May 14th to May 20th, 2018 – No old luggage allowed!! :)

Hi Everyone!

New Moon in Taurus this Tuesday, May 15th is all about a totally new level of yourself…you can’t take the extra luggage on board with you..SORRY !!!! Is it a wonder then that you have felt like you are being put through a fine sieve to squeeze out all the old residues and toxins…purification & letting go of the old FAST ! ?

The paradigm and past has ended. PERIOD.  No going back now…and you can’t take the old with you into the New Light of Truth and Paradigm of Soul purpose and mandate.  You are not a mundane expression; nor are you just a physical being. You are truly an emanation of Soul Light expressing a profound Heart and Mind into this beautiful world we call home..Earth!

The old styles, habits, routines, false beliefs, lower sense of worth and emotionally charged triggers are to be a thing of the past now.  Surround yourself with BEAUTY!  See joy in all things..yes even your kids messes all over the house, the quirky smile your loved one sheepishly gives you when they are out of alignment and the silly rush you see all over the globe to acquire all the latest gadgets and gizmos.  SMILE…these are our Brethren..our colleagues, friends, and fellow Soul travellers who are trying to figure out just what the heck their life is all about too!

So what is YOUR life all about?  What resonates with you? Who are you and why are you born?  If you think it is to load down with material items and be slave to all of that..forget it.  You are off the mark!  If you believe instead that it is about the beautiful simplicity of natural living…the birds singing, the fresh air, a peaceful moment of silence each day for your meditations and reflections, and some good food and intelligent conversation…then are warming up now!

Of course you still have to get up and go to work, pay some bills and be aware that planning is key to success…but simplifying things right now and staying the course with what is deep inside you now will take some courage and decision making.  Make those decisions..the New Moon in Taurus is swinging the return of some very powerful forces that will get under your wings!

I don’t think I can state this enough..(Unless of course you are getting annoyed..LOL ! )..but please do make that decision that what is pushing up from under the surface inside of you…and what is calling you…in your dream state and whenever you allow yourself to daydream…is something that you must pay attention to and make a priority now.

What’s with that old thinking and dinosaur type of overload thought belief that says..”more is better?”.  How about simplify and DECLUTTER…do you really need 15 strings of xmas lights, those old magazines, the boxes of broken crayons, and worn out, unworn clothes? Saving those boxes of excess in whatever theme you felt at the time was the “coolest”, is no longer cool.  Streamline…and then focus on the Soul purpose.

The dreams are big now..and they are a reality.  Hold in your MIND the vision of the Inner Calling and believe.  Use the power of energy…deep breathing and meditation.  Take the course, study the subject you are drawn to, open the office or project you dream about…get things underway!

What a fabulous time to be are letting things clear out..putting LESS emphasis on excess and material overload..and more emphasis on joyful experiences that are simple and carefree.  Health is NUMBER one…eat lightly of your body type and your vibration.  Reduce habits that are addictive..get rid of sugar laced and fast food type foods.  Try out new recipes.

Open the BOX…open the gifts of the Taurus timeline. Learn to go higher..go deeper and be more real.  No more boredom and many reality TV shows, features and movies are you getting sucked into? Really? You can make better use of your time. Nature is to be a huge part of your reality. Concrete out; trees and land in.

I think I had best cut it short here..and leave you with this thought.  We have waited so long to get to the end of the old paradigm…and now we are here….and must LEAP into the new. Thank you Taurus Constellation for reminding us that your EYE – the Star Aldrebaran in your forehead..represents OUR Inner Eye…our dreaming, seeing and Knowing EYE.  Thank you for the Sun..our hearts! Thank you for our Soul’s Light that has been BEAMING into our minds and hearts to wake us up now.

Enjoy this week..

In Light and in peace,



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New MOON – May 15th, 2018  –  With all that has been going on lately…you may be wondering where you are at…and where you are going!

I’ve added a special intention for spiritual guidance for all from the Inner Temple that may be of help to you.  A few written paragraphs in the mini reading to a more involved one hour session, may be just what you need to navigate this MAJOR shift at this time.  All sessions include energy healing at time of channelling to you!  The intensity of the guidance is most potent 3 days before and 3 days after the full moon (May 12th to May 18th).

The intensity on removing the core issues over the last couple of weeks and drawing oneself up to an interface and alignment with their Soul Purpose has been “at the forefront” for everyone.

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Look forward to providing you the guidance from the Inner Temple of Healing and Wisdom!

Kathy Roseborough, Educator of Esoteric Principles, Energy Intuitive and Healer

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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – April 2nd to April 8th, 2018

Hi Everyone !

Wow…that was an intense energy weekend with the full moon!  Lots of unleashing and uprooting to help each of us cleanse to find balance.  The balance and an even keel is so important right now. There seems to be an underlying “irritation” in many people…as they are asking for change from frustration rather than from Creative Love. Now some of you may find that you already have gone through this phase and have embraced Creative Love..while others are still in it..feeling the backlash of old paradigms. 

The full moon did bring some “backlash” of old issues for us to be sure we have dealt thoroughly with them…if you reacted then you are still processing.  Do yourself a BIG favour today…as the energy of the full moon is wrapping up tonight….and FACE these things.  Just look at the issues squarely in the face..identify them..and say to yourself “I now choose my new Path that sets me free from the chains of this attachment! I create from my heart Centre of alignment!”

This is a very sacred time of year…Spring.  It is a time when you CAN feel the love of LIFE and Mother Nature..and you CAN use that LOVE to create the stronger foundational changes. The LOVE and Light force now coming in..especially now this week with the full moon behind us…gives us the motivation to embrace the new seeds of positive, forward thought and intention!

Sit down for a moment today if you can..and establish a clear and well defined understanding of just where you wish to be in your life now..and where you wish to head.  Even some smaller reflections and thoughts will build your new “road” and “Energy House!”

Pick yourself up this day…feel the Universal Energy that is supporting you..and take a deep breath.  All will be well.  Hold your focus. Spring has often “false starts”.  You know when you see the sunshine…and then the rain/snow?  Then you think to yourself..what??  I thought it was Spring!  Okay…so it is the same with you.  You may have a few false starts but KNOW that you are going to burst forth a new Spring birth of self.   It is inevitable..and it is Universal Law. 

Enjoy this unbelievably amazing new cycle of energy this week.  It is all in accordance with Divine Plan..and the universe does have a Plan for you!

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – March 5th to March 11th, 2018


Hi Everyone!

Are you okay?  You asked for changes and they are happening now…in many cases fast and furious! The old is breaking so quickly that we sometimes catch ourselves saying…”oh boy..what next!”. The response from the collective consciousness of the human race from the Major spiritual influences of the changing Cycle of mankind as this golden Age shines forth more and more each day….is unprecedented really.  The world wants CHANGE.  Each individual is tired of the old and wants CHANGE. put all these individuals together and you have a group consciousness change that is shifting the entire planetary way of thinking!

The global mass consciousness shifting…in harmony and response to the Universal directives…is putting pressure on you to conform.  To what? To a new ORDER of Self.  An order of Self that is in harmony with Universal Law that brings out the best in you. BUT !  In order for something like this to bring out the are continuing to slough off and choose new directions.  Make space for this.  De-clutter your life of the old…embrace the new.  If you find yourself tired of your weekly habits…finding yourself dreading another “Friday or Saturday night” of the same old..same old…then change it.

If you find yourself facing each Monday with the same long face of fatigue…then change it.  Invest something in yourself.

This is the preparation of Spring Equinox time..leading up to an amazing initiation of consciousness.  What do you do?  Make space…listen to your body.  The Earth is the Mother..your body is the material of the Earth.  Your thoughts, feelings, habits, attitudes, behaviours..etc.. all affect your personal physical life.  Where’s the SELF LOVE? SELF CARE?  Make sure you put that into the preparation time.

How?  Anything you can do to help you feel and think in a more connected way to your Universal a good start.  Change habits.  Choose something simple this week to start.  Go to the gym, walk in nature, start a deep breathing program, yoga class, Tai chi.  Study positive thinking, mindfulness, meditation.  Read up on how one attains Spiritual consciousness and start a program.  Show the Universe; show yourself that you are ready for a NEW Spring beginning! 2018 !

Choose to spend time with those of LIKE MIND.  If your family and current social circle does not relate to you…find those who do.  Enjoy an evening with them; a day or a retreat!

Give yourself permission to start this week with yourself on the “to do” LIST…at the top of the list!

Step 1….Allow myself time to get closer to the Light of Love; Universal All !  Book myself in !

Step 2…Start with a deep breathing/relaxation and study period program!  Take in Nature!

Step 3…KNOW that you are getting yourself ready for Spring Equinox (Fall Equinox initiation in the Southern Hemisphere) !

Enjoy this PREPARATION week ahead..and remember that…you are LOVED by the Universe and Mother Earth will help you with the resources you need if you will simply spend some time with Her.  Some quiet time..some time alone with your own thoughts, reflections, prayers..meditation for UNION.

In Light and in Peace,


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March 2017 Energy Update – How you prepare yourself Spring Equinox!

Message from Spirit – March 2017 – Aura Makeover
The Month ahead offers many advancements but also presents the “tricks” or illusions that must be caught as well. Catching these illusive old paradigms and emotional hooks and doing something about them is going to be your mandate for the month. Being certain that you don’t disillusion yourself with false bravado that you have successfully made claim to spiritual advancement when in fact the opposite may be true.
What does all this mean? It means you must choose the purity of the Central Path of the Inner Self through the heart and you must balance the use of the expressions of both Creativity and MIND with equal attention. You are to dedicate the weeks ahead to a “side blinders fastened” approach and disallow all heckling and distractions for that is the illusion trickery part of this energy.
Being tested is not always fun but it makes you quite strong and with good stance when you challenge yourself. You feel VERY good after you have recognized the trick and stood up to it.
Temptation testing is nothing new…has been going on for thousands and thousands of years so recognize it as part of the Spiritual Ascension process. What comes next from that? Incredible Spring transformation and rebirth! The time of the Spring Equinox follows this and brings you the gifts you so earnestly have set out to receive. The Universe is all about the Principle of Love and Light and will embrace, protect and support you through thick and thin to achieve your highest good!
Timelines...first 3 weeks of the month are spent in preparation using detox, deep breathing, analyzing, reflecting and meditation to consciously bring energy into the chakras. As you work out your daily routine and enhance it further with greater emphasis on the bridging between the heart and lower energy bodies…you are enabling yourself to have a more prepared chalice to receive the gifts of Spring Equinox.
Daily assessment of your body. How does it feel? Where is there tension, pain, upset, hurt, tightness, resistance? Examine and “Know Thyself”. Your body is going to talk to you through this shift of the seasons. It has been storing many fragments for many years and wishes to release and shed these out of alignment aspects of you as soon as possible. BUT…for the sake of karmic release you need to understand what it is you are transforming so that you don’t attract the same lesson to yourself again. That should be clearly understood.
Many think that leaving a relationship or place of business because they “don’t like something” is good enough. Not really…..It is best that you examine the triggers in those experiences and your reactions. What did you learn? What can you take away from the experience that then becomes a nugget of GOLD to put back into your Master Soul personality?
Each day is offering lessons and gifts it seems as the Human Family is exposed to the many Cosmic energy influences and Divine Intelligences. Each day is a gift and should be considered as one.
Many have spoken of regrets to their Inner Teachers, Masters and the God of their Hearts. Regrets are to be redefined within the Inner Temple as well. The experiences may have brought you pain that you did or did not do something you wish you had. Reflecting on your lesson in the proper “environment” will help you to soothe the pain and release the impact it is having on you. The right environment is in your Inner Temple Sanctum. In your Meditation and Healing time, you will attract the Members of the Hierarchy of Light (Angelic Ones) to you that will help you through these currents of energy turbulence. They are there for you and are on hand. Bring your “regrets” to the Inner Temple for healing and give yourself the opportunity to let go and heal with ease and greater comfort.
Time…Many are also speaking to one another and to their Inner Masters about TIME. Whether they have enough time to do something; too much time; unaware of the timing of their own Soul Purpose. Relax about TIME. All is in order from the Divine Plan perspective so now it is your job to do your personal alignments. Your dedication to task and efforts are all bringing you that which you need for your personal achievements. You’ll notice that the cycles lately are bringing you instantaneously to your mandate just with your thoughts, intentions and directed Will. So TIME is already a part of the equation. You are perfectly on TIME because you are “doing” that which is required of you. The more you put into your Spiritual Ascension the more you get out of it. So you are always on TIME relative to energy in; energy out..ebb and flow.
If you were to sit back and wait for something to happen you would out of alignment with Time, Cycles and Karma corrections and advancements. But you are not! You are DOING your energy healing, breathing, meditations and you are putting yourself into step with TIME, CYCLES, MIND, LOVE and WILL of the ever expanding Universe! So you can shake off the worry and just DO that which you are mandated to do as an Energy emanation of Divinity: Breathe, Meditate, Think, Reflect, Co-create, Co-Plan, Co-execute and best of all…be happy, joyful, at peace and in Love.
Embracing this TIME cycle of Spring Preparation and Spring Equinox is a wonderful acknowledgement and statement of devotion to your Birthright; your Birth place. You are aligning with LOVE to Creator and you are feeling Blessed. Keep it up..keep the momentum going for this is the way to live a “Spiritual Conscious Life” !
The INNER EYE will be quite active through the time cycle because you are gaining stride in learning how to use it properly! The Pineal gland it is the same thing; you are learning more and more each day its meaning.
The Root centre is our PRIMARY focus during the month ahead because you must be aware of the new foundation and ground you are creating. The FEET…the root centre, the home, the physical body and your material tools. That which is important to your mandate will be reflected into your physical world for your use. You are to learn how to establish your “above and below” and to integrate your worlds of energy and physical matter. Tricky? can be but if you follow the simple principles of Creation; the universal Laws and practices…you will be doing that which you are being asked to do.
In summary, remember to pay attention to the body and the physical world around you. What is it asking of you? What do you see reflected back at you that is for your learning and advancement through correction? Start there..and keep up your personal Spiritual Ascension work in the Inner Temple.

In Light and in Peace, Kathy        Come on and join with me on ZOOM virtual classroom or in person for Spring Equinox! 


February 2017 – Energy Update for the month!

The Aquarius Constellation is one that influences each of us to see the “bigger picture” and not get stuck with details that leave us in a narrow minded state of emotional chaos. What does the “Great SCREEN inside your Inner Eye look like? What image is projected upon it?”
One needs to now consider through this cycle how one is to harmonize with the new wave of Soul Divine consciousness energy that is picking you up and ready to help you set sail in a new, more Truer expression of yourself. Can you feel this new wave that is pulsing through your chakras? It is the influence of the Visionary Aquarius energy that is doing that. The AIR sign Aquarius influences each of you to “think” differently; more in step with your greater Soul purpose and that which humanity needs to follow more within themselves. The AIR element is MIND and the MIND is inspiring each person with new ideas and guiding them to implement same.
Your thoughts are so very important now as they STEER your own “ship of Light” and help you to navigate your life; your spiritual journey. Practicing routinely the positive mindful thoughts and keeping your thoughts attuned to only that which is of the new paradigm of your true Self will help strengthen this shift. Repetition is helpful and so is the infusion of your study period each day. If you are unable to study each day then a short reading before bed will be helpful to guide you through the night into the proper attunement with the Higher Inner Temple teachers.
As you breathe each day with this new wave of consciousness, you may wish to try to actually feel the ascent and descent of the Soul energy tracking through your chakras. It should begin to feel more and more smooth each day like a river flowing through its assigned path. Add the colour visualization and the increasing focus of your own MIND and you have a purposeful HEALING occurring! You can well imagine the benefits of having an energy healing each day with this type of practice.
The Inner eye is going to be more aware of the “clock” of time cycles. What is meant by this…is that the clarity of your awareness of time cycles and energy will increase and you will begin to see and KNOW the shifts of the cycles and how to work with them. For example you will know when to pull back and reflect and you will know when to engage and power up a more assertive effort and practice of creating. The reflective moments urge you to sit back and meditate to receive whilst the active phases throughout the day, week or month compel you forward to execute the plans received. There is also a need to listen more attentively within to the various influences of the planets, moon, sun, and stars. All of these contribute to the growing needs and changes of the human race. Aquarius is a massive influence right now in your life and you would be in good order to reflect and study upon this more.
You will feel the directives from Universal Source towards healing both for yourself and others around you… to help others improve their own lives and to give those you love the nudge and kind word to perhaps rethink their decisions..guiding them through. If you are thinking and living outside of the old limitations then they too may benefit from the wiser words conveyed! Be sure to only offer rather than to take over and control. Help people to open their own eyes which will bring them greater delight and permanent change.
There are colour and sound changes that accompany this time cycle and when you are in meditation you will begin to experience the affect yourself. Colour and Sound…both of these for healing and shifts in attitudes and purposeful direction. Pick up your awareness of this through your Inner Eye by being receptive to them in your meditation at this chakra centre.
The MIND of the Aquarius Constellation energy is of such an advanced state of consciousness that you can only imagine this massive lens into humanity through which the All’s Universal Will is projected. You are included in the Will of Creation and your own Soul’s Will is in that stream of Mind… order to KNOW the Will of your own Soul through this particular Constellation and time are to merely take the time to sit with the alignment to the Inner Temple of this Divine Intelligence. Let the Soul and the MIND of the All inspire and guide you. This is a month when the energy is very active and you will feel the pulsing waves of Creativity and new thoughts, experiences, goals, dreams and desires bubbling up in you! This pulsing drive of the Creator sets your Mind on a new TRACK; a new paradigm and you will thoroughly enjoy being in a timeline that is so evidently different and better than the last one.
Those who take the time to move into this new track consciously will not be disappointed with their efforts! This is a time when your writing hand will not tire of expressing itself in which ever way your skills shine best! It would be wise through any Aquarian cycle influence to have pen and paper handy as the ideas are flowing with great strength.
Your health and well being on the emotional and physical plane must match in strength to the MIND and creative outpouring during this time. It is advisable to engage in activities that strengthen the body and bring it to a healthy grounding. The lower legs are to be given extra attention for they are your “energy poles” that will ensure your balance. Lower body strengthening and care is a must. You are to also run water into the body for good hydration as your nerves will be carrying a stream of high energy and should be supported. Keep yourself well hydrated.
The breath is important too because it is clearly associated with the MIND and you will need to use your breath to remain focused. What you wish to avoid is too much day dreaming and not enough actual application of creative thought. That is why putting thoughts to paper is important and strengthens the MIND connection. Breathing and exercises of energy alignments within will ensure you are doing yourself justice through this important time cycle.
Remember that you are drawing from Universal Source the MIND energy and directing it with your breath and focused thoughts and visualization into the body. There are many dimensions between that Source and your physical body. You will be responsible for developing and practicing the alignment to Source and ensuring it’s application. This will require you to adhere to your own personal routine. Choose a time that works for you and engage this.
Source through MIND to your individuated Soul expression. It is chock full of delightful benefits and gifts! A very special time of your yearly cycle and well worth being open to receive! Many Cosmic Blessings during this time!

In Light and in Peace,


Weekly Energy Updates – January 16th to January 22nd, 2017

Hi everyone!

Is it making you happy still to see yourself writing “2017” instead of “2016” on your papers, etc? Oh yes !!  This year is proving itself to be a true Capricorn start with step by step increments that may seem slow to some and fast to others.  Be the goat…be the turtle…take the slower methodical approach and you will soon find this week that the greater Aquarian visionary energy influence upon you as we begin to move towards that Astrological sign more and more.

Dedication to task…solid effort….vision boards developing….plans laid out and executed upon….Got it?  That’s the method right now that best coincides with the energy influences of the cosmic.  You are feeling your openings now that started for some people around the 11th of January (others now and to come) and blossom in the days and weeks ahead.  This week you will see good, “sunny”, moments in your Inner Eye when you have synaptic epiphany times…those glorious “AHA !!” times. Keep note of these moments of self realization because they are adding the puzzle pieces to your unfolding story and personal spiritual journey.

You will still need to have pen to paper or fingers to keyboard calculating and summarizing numbers, words, materialization of foundation, home, business…because that is the type of energy we are in.  FRAME WORK and FOUNDATION.  This keeps up still while you are drawing DOWN from the Creative spiritual realms your sparks of visions, images, dreams, imagination, goals..etc.  Keep seeing and visualizing where you wish to get to.

For those who still don’t know their own “bigger” picture…start with “smaller” pictures.  Start in areas that are close to you.  Start with yourself..your home, family, business.  Begin to play with ideas that will benefit you and everyone around you in some way.  A change of diet, culinary experiences, colours in the home, a new wardrobe expression, new routines, a new project, a new creative or educational class.  The dreams can grow you know!

It’s always a pleasure to sit with the Angelic Ones and Ascended Ones in the Inner Temple and receive words to inspire or encourage you.  Today the key word or phrase is, “Deep breath, believe and trust.  Keep going..keep going. You will see more shifts taking place with your efforts!”  Good energy week!

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Updates – January 9th to January 15th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Full Moon coming up January 12th…but what precedes it?  The last few days of the 21 day post-Solstice cycle. That’s right…we are wrapping up the integrative time of the energies that you were initiated into during Solstice of December 21st, 2016.  We all had an opportunity at that time to become aligned with…and be sparked by…the Soul consciousness and our Divine Soul Mandate alignment was strengthened.  It varied it intensity from person to person..but the Principle was the same.  We each were given a gift and we were to pay particular attention to that which we had outgrown in the old paradigm of Self and that which we were now entering.

Fast forward 21 days..and it brings you to this week.  How are you doing?  Are you finding yourself able to sort out the different self realizations?  Do you feel a little further ahead with ideas, plans, goals and actions in the direction Soul-fully inspired?

Throughout the last few weeks we have been sorting through out “energy laundry” determining whether something is slightly soiled…rather dirty still to be cleaned up…or on the definite, “we really need to still heal this!”  The FRESH laundry (aura levels) were most obvious and delightfully celebrated!   Continue to sort through things yes…but start to engage in the framework and execution of plans now…okay?

The shift started Sunday the 8th in the early hours..and is getting stronger.  You need a few more days still but then look out!  Big wide doors of “Aha” moments and positive astonishing self realizations!

Concentration is still key..and being relentless with routine..effort and determination. feet up on the couch this week…no time under the “Capricorn” goat’s steady climbing.  You are feeling passionate about something and you need to expand on the spark you are acknowledging..okay?

Watch how the young ones remind you of things…I’m seeing many, many, children, teens and young adults that are so very aware that it is a hope that the older community members pay attention to them…less baggage on these ones!  They see a lot more than you think!

Speaking of inspiration and the hard working Capricorn CONSTELLATION that is influencing mankind right now…if you have time…read the Message from Spirit below… if not a lot of time right now..that’s okay..Enjoy the week ahead!

In Light and in Peace,









Message from Spirit for January 2017 Aura Makeover

The Divine Light stimulates your Inner Eye and you feel the warmth of your Crown Centre. There is silence in your Inner Self. Drawn as you are to the EAST…you know that a change has cometh! For let this Day be carved into your neural pathways as the day a new door opened for you. The door opened and you walked through. The Cosmic Consciousness will guide you…will counsel and comfort you. For you have passed into a new realm by choice. You have decided within yourself; somewhere deep rather than on the surface…that your service to humanity and your devotion to the Universal Source is more important than it has ever been before and you can no longer ignore the calling.

You feel inspired yet uncertain. You wonder of what the task is that lays ahead but you are trusting. The familiarity of that Light upon your brow centre is endearing to you….seems to speak to your Mind and your Heart and Soul. You see the Mountain top above see the Valley below you and you know that you can only go down into that Valley with the consciousness of that which is from on high. You are aware of the trappings of the Valley below and no longer are confined to them. By accepting now your true Inner Spiritual Nature you become a representative of that which should be shared with others.

The magnificent Light with you fills your chest now and your throat has power in it that you have not felt before…urging you to be an example to others by the way you live your life. The Ministering Ones and Ascended Ones join you and you feel their presence near more often. That is your team; your network of Light Beings that are collectively involved with the redemption of mankind. You yourself have struggled before and know the challenges that those in the Valley below face. Your internal drives are filled with a passion of a fire that burns intensely and you are learning to use the Fire wisely.


The internal struggles are still there but you have learned further how to bring temperance to them. Resolutions are more readily accessible and your consciousness allows you to be more objective and less attached. Emotions are powerful yet they begin to obey more the directives of your own Mind. You stand with one foot poised to rise higher and with the other strong helping you to balance your weight in the world. You know that you must have both.

The power in your foundation increases but it leaves you with a sense more of lightness rather than burden. Self realization continues to be your daily objective and goal so you sit quietly in meditation more often..seeking the Wise words of the Master within. For this is the time of your life when the Master within has more direct linkage to your own seeking self. Answers in life are beginning to be more clear for you now and the plans are being laid out. During the month and influence of the Capricorn constellation, you are to be witness to these changes occurring within you.

Be still often and be sure footed… for you should always reflect before taking your next step. This allows your footing to come down more focused as your Mind Body and Soul drive your forward up the mountain. The crown of the goat shines and reflects the Light of the Sun; your heart and the Saviour energy whom you so lovingly call the “Office of the Christ Consciousness.” The centre of your heart beams forth more radiance than you can imagine it has. This is what causes your skin to glow; your eyes to be lit.

The renewed strength and zest for life increases as the days progress during the month and year ahead. Your constant gaze upon your destination keeps you going each day regardless of the environmental challenges. You sleep in the Bosom of the All and you awaken to the task of the day ahead with that Inner comfort at the forefront. Duty calls!


This is a time when each of you have recognized the shortcomings of being attached to only the world of matter. Each of you have begun to embrace an increased influence from the Spiritual World of Creator that can fill up each space that seeks it. You are making room within your lower bodies for the Light of your Soul.

The continued clearing and infusion of Light into your evolving personality is accelerated during these times and the hard working goat will not give up! It works hard and diligently then it will relax; you will relax..and take in your surroundings enjoying the Beauty of the World and the Earth around you. The view is spectacular from your viewpoint and you can see more clearly what is necessary to bring this same viewpoint to others. You understand the importance of members of the human race each having access to that which you perceive.

Plans…Plans are being made from within you and the serious nature of the goat and the Capricorn influence is causing you to think now. The thinking unfolds to plans and the plans unfold to action. You nourish the thoughts and you embrace the new feelings inside of you. Taking charge of your own world co creatively with the Worthy Master and Creator involves some well placed footings. You are creating from MIND and working with the Grand Intelligences such as the likes of Father Kronos who rules TIME, destiny, fate, karma and the unfolding Lawful nature of the Cosmic that ensures Universal Laws are upheld… and held up before Mankind.

Framework and structure are Key to your month…so too the foundation underfoot. Be sure to pay attention to both. These are EARTH energies and the powerful foundation you create will ensure your balance in the climb to the top of the mountain. Seek Thee the temple at the top for you shall not be disappointed!

Take your time for breathing, planning and a healthy settled body. The nerves should be kept peaceful and your body strong. Pay attention to your Bones; your framework and the structures for the Light and Essence of the Divine shall be pouring into it!

Your Class Master

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Weekly Energy Updates – December 19th to December 25th, 2016





Hi Everyone!  It’s SOLSTICE WEEK !!!

The gifts have already started to come in for you…relative to the amount of TIME and WILL (the powerful Sagittarius-Capricorn Will) you put forth going into one of the most “inner reflective” cycles for mankind!


This is all part of your Days of Christmas..Christed Consciousness for ALL people; All are Sons and Daughters of the Divine Universal Infinite Source!  You have a responsibility and personal spiritual mandate to spend time in the quiet of your meditation and reflection…to gain the gifted access to the most Inner realms within you!  Time to shut out the noise and chatter of the Monkey-brain; the excessive clamoring for your attention and money by merchants, the endless lists of things to do that you stress yourself out about too! is time to organize your days now during this most illustrious time of sit quietly, by yourself and put your focus on the Light of the Creator at your crown point interface, the profound Oneness with your Divine Heart and the gentle subservient inherent nature of your physical body that seeks only to serve you as it’s Master.

This is a beautiful week where each of you can take stock and do an analysis of just where you are at in your life…and what it is that gives you the greatest alignments to the Universal Love and Light within.  As you find this…you can then share your Light, radiance and good Will to All men/women.  Invite family and friends into your home; visit others where ever they are….spend time where you can share laughs, memories, love, kindness, and a bonding that brings each of you together in Peace.  Raise the vibration of our human family across the Globe with kindness.  So easy to do and costs “zero” dollars!

It is a “time” when you stop TIME and remember the needs of others in that it leads to becoming more and more an everyday Self Realization..not just at this time of year.  The week’s energy is also very much aimed at YOU…yes YOU!  Asking you to choose those things in life that will honour and support your own spiritual journey without regret; without guilt.  It’s amazing how much we are able to realize about ourselves during this time…and to have incredible epiphany moments during this season too!

DO YOU WANT PRESENTS? Cosmic Bounty it is!   Generous GIFTS from the Divine!

Your meditations are very important folks…extremely…absolutely essential!  Spend each day this week in meditation and enjoy your connection to the the Universal Divine.  May you feel the Blessings and receive the gifts of this season!  This is a time when the Cosmic Consciousness can more readily pierce the veils of illusion and embrace your Mind, Heart, Body and Soul.

I won’t ramble on anymore…just a reminder to use EACH day effectively.  Make the most of this excuses. The 21st to the 25th are the most concentrated energy times.  Enjoy!  May you be lifted up into the Realms of the Angelic Choir and feel the Light of Solstice upon you!  It’s already begun.

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.   We are holding a Solstice celebration at CATA in Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada on Wednesday night, December 21st – 7 pm.  Participate in person or receive an audio file of the evening.

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