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Monthly Energy Predictions

Weekly Energy Updates – October 17th to October 23rd, 2016

Hi Everyone!  So you cruised through the last full moon energy again right? maybe not cruised through..but you did manage to identify some of the challenges that were being raised up from the karmic wheel and hopefully took some time to re-examine these recurring themes.

There are some Solar Winds and forces from the SUN in our solar system (identify this with your heart centre) that are pushing influences upon you at the start of this week that you may need to sit with and reflect on a little deeper than before.  The Universe is not going to budge on this one.  Where you have moved out of alignment with Universal Laws in your evolving Soul journey in the past and distant past…you have now reached a point where you must address the authority that is standing before the sacred alter to your heart.  That is your Master Soul Personality speaking to you and it means business…with love of course..but with a no nonsense way of directing the communication.

You see…the changes that are taking place both inside of you and reflecting in your life…are all about the realignment to the Universal Laws that run the Creative fiat in a timely manner…and have been doing so since the first spark.  We need to find our own alignment and make the self-corrections so that we too…will have a timely unfolding spiritual life ahead that is more joyous, healthy and successful !! It’s in your best interest!

This week there is one major core challenge that can be seen sitting upon and within you that is not budging until you pay attention to it and make those changes!  It may mean a total upheaval of many routines and behaviours both in your own personal life and the life of perhaps your family too.  BUT !…it will make a huge difference to the way each one conducts themselves and everyone wins in the end.   For may be that you have been OVERWHELMED by the continuous attitudes and behaviours and experiences in your life that never seem to change.  Well..guess what…”THIS IS THE WEEK” !  This is a fabulous energy week to speak up!  Speak up and ACT before there needs to be correction by the Universe.  It is telling you that it is best YOU choose to make the changes before IT has to step in and make them for you.  Makes sense?  That’s a free will act by the Universal Laws. we have the world ahead of us…choices and dreams and goals to engage in…feel the Blessing in that?  Okay then..make the necessary changes!

I know I have mine ready to go…and I am quite excited about it myself.  Let’s just say mine includes some “Self Love” Universal Law alignments!! I hope that yours does too!  Many Blessings !

In Light and in Peace,



Message from the Inner Temple Council – October 2016

Message From Spirit – October 2016

Rainbows! Across the horizon and anchoring both sides of the brain through the purity of Light and Truth… into your cerebral spinal column. Calling the Angels and Archangels to you..this is the month that the Cosmic will have you in awe of yourself in your Inner Temple with manifestation of your magnificent Light and Presence out into your physical world!

The Divine Intelligence of the Inner Temple of Healing and Wisdom will begin this day to help you to enlighten yourself with the “turning on” of the Temple Lights in various compartments of your Inner Self. Look for the Light of Truth and Love in your surroundings and harmonize with it. Choose that which is simply the most favourable to your heart and do not waver on this.

There are plenty of distractions in the world that can cause you dismay and hardship so why choose them? Keep the image of the glorious Rainbow and the Beautiful Light of the sun first and foremost in your heart and mind each day and you will not go astray. Seek Thee not the Temptations of Life but rather send your awareness into the natural Universal Laws that govern your Kingdom and you shall do well.

There are choices to be made this month that are likened to you choosing material for clothing and for your home surroundings. BEAUTY is the essence of Life that is speaking to your heart..Natural Beauty of your world! When you do harmonize with the Universal stream of Sound, Music engagements, Art, colour, and positive vibration that is in harmony with your heart of Beauty, you find yourself shifting out of the emotional angers, sadness and pain.

Choose those things that best represent the natural flow of Life such as waters in: lighting, clothing, social engagements, foods and activities. When you start to increase this throughout the month ahead it becomes more and more the norm for you. You see the systems are drawing you nearer and nearer ..integrating you into the Creative World of the natural Laws of life that they govern. Even the smallest choices for your activities and experiences will be contributing to the greater alignments that will permanently be your life from now on. The expression expands and expands as you embrace more of those things that are ruled so beautifully by natural laws.

Libra and it’s opposite Aries are expressing the new beginnings and a new framework of choice for you with a natural love of beauty and fine things; fine vibrations are at the helm. This leads to a powerful shift as you reach the latter part of the month and pull the fires up more in you towards the manifestation of these choices. This takes your energy expression in through the influence of Scorpio and Taurus which will both fuel and manifest the glories of your alignments here on earth. Taurus loves the feel of earthly material delights and the passion of Scorpio will invigorate the senses as well as help you to redirect your power and thoughts to the betterment of mankind with the use of your throat chakra.

Bring that powerful energy up to the throat centre for governing and manifesting your emotional, mental and spiritual realizations of your mandate. Talk to your Home STAR this day; every cycle that dictates this need and you will find out what is being wisely expressed to you with your realizations of your true nature and identity of personality through your home star. Knowing Thyself is applicable throughout the dimensions and the personality is being finely turned and honed to hold as itself, the chalice for the Universal essence!

Keep stride with very logical and responsible duties this month as the AIR sign of Libra likes ORDER and fine streaming lines that do not always cross. The linear mind of this influence means you will be balancing your numbers, your schedules and your sleep/rest time as well. You will wish to have an orderly life that prevents overwhelm as you near the shifts in November and the expansive Winter Solstice near the turn of the year. ORDER and LAW are two of the very favourites expressions thus your timely to tidy up the systems.

The message of this Inner Temple Council is to the point: You are to start asking questions of your Soul; your purpose and your physical body needs, your environment and your unfolding story. As you ask these questions within and take them to this Council we will be happy to impart further guidance to you

Interaction within… during periods of silence and meditation… is very key at this time it allows you the precious time of integration on so many levels of your consciousness. You become more malleable and capable of integrating your self realizations. Spend time within asking questions, reflecting and journalling. It will be most helpful during these illuminating times.

Until we speak again…the Council of the Inner Temple of Healing and Wisdom.

Weekly Energy Updates – October 3rd to October 9th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Feel the power?  That’s the Universal forces getting in and behind you to support you and ensure that you stay the course!  They are like the “Solar Winds” at your back propelling you along.  You must look at it this way…going into those uncomfortable, unknown places and experiences that you have been avoiding likely all your life are here and now.  You know inside of you that it is a good thing..but you are excitedly nervous perhaps about taking up the new journey.  Be rest assured that we often do stumble a bit going over the threshold onto the new platform of life..but that’s okay !!!

Dare to be yourself…All the Light and Energy you feel bursting through your heart…pushing on the veils of your chakra lens…are all about to breakthrough so that YOU can have a happier, healthier more abundant life!  Fulfilling those dreams and goals takes one step now..yes..even just one step.  That step takes you one step away from the old repetitious ways that are disappointing…and one step closer to that which is intended to fulfill your heart!  Do you see where I am going with this?

The energy this week is riding out of the New Moon and Equinox energy of the past couple of weeks…is is’s like the ocean wave coming in and you can’t stop it !  It coming in from the cosmic to shake you up a fair bit…rattle your foundation…and move out of the old phantasms that challenge you.  With the breakthrough of the Solar Light both in and around you…why not embrace that radiance?  It is there for the taking as it is the true, inherent Divine qualities of you that are coming through.  Still nervous?  Of course you are…you are not used to having things go well perhaps in areas that have been labelled as core issues for you.  You may have thought..oh well..that is the way I am I guess.  Nonsense..that is not the way you are…the way you are is the true DNA magical special ordered plan of your Light, Love and Divine Intelligence!

Sorrow?  no…  Why should we carry sorrow or be burdened with things that drag us back?  Happiness, better health and an unfolding story of well being? got it !!  So to summarize this have POWER behind you that is propelling you..opening up the chakra systems and shaking out the debris…opportunity to make some good decisions that shift your life..PLUS a chance to stand in the Light and Love of your heart and be vulnerable to the LOVE of your Soul; Universally!  Oh boy!  ready now?

May the Spiritual consciousness of your inner Self be felt by you this day and every day!  The Energy in the Inner Temple the School of Etheric Healing and the World Healing Project is “charged” with particles of vitality and sparkling expressions of the Universal Source…soak it up!  Let it inspire and refresh you.  Go ahead now..make a decision this week that will be so very positive that it changes your life in ways you can not even imagine!  Check in with your Heart..meditate on that.  Cosmic Blessings!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – September 26th to October 3rd, 2016

Hi Everyone!

How many exciting shifts of energy can we take?  LOTS !…and this week is no exception with a New Moon arriving by Friday (the 30th of September) which further supports your new decisions in life, your new beginnings, inspirations, projects unfolding, new relationships and more.  This Autumn energy has begun with some outstanding opportunities and offerings from the beloved Universe!

You absolutely must do your part…resolving to completely let go of the old and enter the “New”!  You need to recognize the “signals” & the “prompts” your Soul keeps sending out to you to help you to choose what door to open and what path to take.  The Spiritual realizations made along the way are leaving so many people with great “aha’s”…one after the other.  Take a breath for sure in between these times of heightened awareness and in addition to that..please make sure you get some good rest.  So many people are saying they are having trouble staying asleep or getting the required sleep their bodies need.

The focus in the Autumn months is primarily that of harvesting and selecting the “good production” of your efforts to-date and letting go of that which is not up to par.  The sorting out, reorganization and strong start-ups of study, professional shifts and creative outlets are still all in order for the week ahead.

Emotionally…whew !! triggers galore lately?  Oh yes..Life is definitely testing you but wouldn’t you want that to happen?  After all you want to FEEL the power of the new energy integrating as well as holding it in your MIND and thought. The triggers help you to then lock down into your fullest potential of understanding and integration takes place!  From there you have your manifestation of the new expression.

Physical?  Well here is probably one of the biggest energy opportunities.  If you are really keen on healing that old issue, new issue or chronic issue in your health status…NOW is the time to get it underway.  This is an “all out” time…a time to really roll up your sleeves and correct as well as prevent physical challenges.

Take full advantage of the energy this Autumn…it’s ON !

In Light and in Peace,



Autumn Equinox! Enjoy a Free guided meditation!

Hi everyone!      ** Please note that Equinox energy shifts and influences Spiritually are intense for 3 days before/3 days after) **  Go ahead and to this again!

I hope you realize how special this day is!  It’s Fall Equinox Time (Spring Equinox in our Southern hemisphere) and today each one of you are to experience the receipt of enlightenment!  We do have plenty to be grateful for and it is also a wonderful time to acknowledge your efforts to date as well!

During the Equinox time we experience the “malleable state between the dimensions” thus we are able to access our Spiritual realms more readily and receive insight, clarity, guidance and integration with them.  It’s a good day to meditate, be with nature and have some time in the silence.

I have set down a guided meditation here this morning…I was sitting in the Inner Temple sending out good thoughts and prayers for peace globally and asking that all those that attend the Inner Temple of Healing and Wisdom through our World Healing Project receive some positive energy this day!  I started with this and then was moved to record some energy healing for you.  I hope you enjoy…it’s quite simple and straightforward…but there was such Beauty in the Inner Temple and so much Light to be shared I thought I would do that.  (please excuse the lack of polish…so much to see in the Temple for you..I just spoke!)

Blessings for a great day ahead… In Light and in Peace, Kathy



Weekly Energy Update – September 19th to September 25th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Let me remind you of the power of the spoken and written word.  You are a Divine Light; a Soul created by Universal power…..and you don’t think you can impact upon the human race?  Oh yes you can..and you do!  Start to think about that this week as we open into the opportunity to use your throat centre more effectively in our lives.

You just cleared out a lot of space during the full moon September 16th…and now…3 days start a week of opportunity, inspiration, ideas, concrete plans and solid foundation laid out ahead of you.  Mother Earth has your feet..remember?  And Spirit has your back !!

You will want to start to REFLECT more on just how you feel and how you wish to articulate those feelings to others..PLUS you will wish to reflect on what you believe to be truth and articulate that in words to others as well.  This may be at your job, in your own family or with personal relations, creative outlets too!  Think about the power that your throat centre has and how you can harness your higher Mind and direct your those thought personal to you; unique to you into the world.  Wow…big stuff!   This is the POWER that you are to use to heal yourself…now.

This is a very positive week to get your inspirations, mandate, gifts, skills and just downright great ideas more formalized!  If you don’t know how to do that you can seek guidance, spiritual counsel and mentoring from those who do.  Why live a life of disempowerment when that is NOT your true Self?  Why walk around “wishing” and “hoping” when you can start to make things you want to be your manifested reality.   Do I sound like a commercial?  I sure hope not because I am referring to ENERGY…  Energy Intelligence that is DIVINE and comes right from inside of you.

Universal cycles are LAW…and this cycle we are in is all about CHANGE.  It is all about opening yourself up to get going in life and not to sit around being pushed hither and yon from forces that do not have your best interest at heart.  What does have your best interest at heart?  YOU !  The Mighty YOU…the Master within that is in perfect love and harmony with the Universal forces of Light, Love, Mind and Truth.  Be that which you were born to be.

This is a great week to get your motivation turned on…integration of Spirit to Matter!

okay…will I say I teach this and enjoy teaching this?  Yes…The School of Etheric Healing is based on the Principles of the Universe…bases it’s teaching on “Integration of Spirit and Matter”…always has…always will.  We are Universal energy and we need to bring this down into our physical lives and transform all that has blocked us from doing so in the past.   Have a fabulous week..reflect on what is said here!

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  Yes…there are fabulous teachings to help you get this underway…Starting October 1st and 3rd…I have both live classes starting in Richmond Hill and in Barrie.  Can’t study in person?  Join in long distance!  Check it out…



Weekly Energy Updates – September 12th to September 18th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

One thing that I have noticed lately is how people are getting more and more enlightenment periods..those “Aha!” moments when things start to make more sense.  This is truly a sign of spiritual consciousness awakening and you are to pay close attention to what all these messages mean for you.  Keeping a journal or notepad handy to jot them down is helpful because they can occur day or night.

What is happening is that the incoming “waves” or pulsations of Higher energy (higher Inner Divine Intelligence) is sparking these synaptic interfaces in your mind…. picking up the dull zones or blank spots and giving YOU self realization.  It works..and the more that you go into meditation and practice the chakra developments and deep breathing to reach up for these energies, the more you get back to awaken the dull senses and lead yourself into a more clairsentience state of Self.  Very perceptive you are becoming!

Since the major shift over the 9/9/9 weekend start, this week opens up for you to APPLY further that which you are discovering about yourself.  What you think…you shall create!  In-grain your mind; your thoughts with pleasant essence..with energy that is suitable for attracting better things into your life.  Excuses belong to the throat chakra centre and suggests an impairment with that centre.  Let’s repair this centre by finding ways and means of succeeding.  The throat centre needs to be used..needs to be a channel or lens through which you project your skills, thoughts, emotion, gifts, Love, Light and Truth!  Truth is something that you will find more and more of as you open yourself up to the Inner most regions of your existence.

This is a week for you to clear your slate and leave out on the table in front of you a simplified version of that which you seek to create.  Meaning…take one or two specific goals/projects and let that be your main focus.  Try not to divide yourself so much that you get overwhelmed.  The throat and heart centre work together best when there are specific tasks to be done.  Watch how there will be increments..advancements towards that end!

We have a full moon coming up September 16th..the energy will start to shift by Wednesday so be alert for change..what type?  Managing your assertive male “headstrong” energy with your more feminine reflective qualities…both wishing to only bring goodness into your life; and for the lives of others. Make sure you are allowing space for the “others” in your life to express what they believe to be their mandate…not what you believe their mandate to be.

Great energy..get organized and go ahead and take action!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – September 5th to September 11th, 2016

Hi everyone!

Time is flying !! Wow! No wonder so many of you are finding difficulty harnessing your thoughts, focusing your attention on the new framework of Self expression and building your new foundations. Add to that the super-sensitivities of emotional healing during this time and we have an “energy cocktail” that needs some serious redesign! This is the week that you can GAIN composure and spiritual comfort.

We reach back into August and find the full moon pulled out so much out of your “earth educational knapsack” that you merely dumped it on the table and started to sigh. Now as you start to sort through all that was packed into it…you realize that it takes more time than you at first thought to get it all organized. Emotional reorganization is challenging but attainable from the many directions that you look. So what do you do? Well the “Teacher” within you (Soul Master) always has a directive and answer for you..but you need to sit down and ask. Asking within about your feelings, triggers and causes or emotional ups and downs starts the ball rolling and correction can ensue. The energy this week is to be balanced between personal reflection and scheduled action for advancement. Notice the word “scheduled”? This means that you need to have a plan of action each day to keep you settled and focused.

“Earth school” and schooling/education/training time is intense so it is important to prepare yourself.  Last week’s New Moon energy says….”Have a plan that will keep you aligned” and do be sure to include your personal energy ritual and training. If you are a jogger/walker in the morning..then do that. If you prefer deep breathing and yoga…then engage. This is not a time to let the body, it’s emotions or any false beliefs and fears rule you. Your Ego personality is seeking discipline, love, Universal Laws and the MASTER within. It LOVES to have the Master within in charge…so let’s engage that.  Anxiety, nervousness, sadness, pain and suffering transforms when the Master Within takes charge of one’s direction in life! Meditation & deep breathing is KEY.

What a great leap we are taking during this Virgo energy! All your energy bodies that have been seeking love and support are going to get it!
Remember to network with those people that understand you and can relate…and listen to you! It helps…truly it does!

May you feel the Presence of the Angelic Ones who are extending their Love and Light to you!

Have a great week!

In Light and in Peace,


Weekly Energy Updates – August 29th to September 4th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Were you wondering if you could recover from the challenges you have faced over the last few weeks?  Well the answer is can and will! The Solar Plexus chakra most certainly did get stirred up of late when your identity of self was being questioned as issues from the past came to light…but this is all part of the positive realizations to be made.

Solar Energy during the summer months brings out both the best and the…shall we say most “tilted disharmonious” aspects of ourselves as well.  May the Greater Light of Truth shine upon those wonderful aspects of you which gives you great strength to overcome the weaknesses!

This week your Solar Body of Light and Truth will be advantageous to keep in harmony with.  Use your skills.  Yoga, meditation, Nature, reflection, song, dance, art…whatever it is that keeps you closest to the Inner Power of Self.   You know you got this…you know that you will be able to achieve the liberation from the lower shadows of illusion and instead embrace the highest and finest that the Cosmic has to offer!

This week has “steady” increments of positive change…especially with the New Moon coming up on Thursday, September 1st.  You will notice that it takes it’s own bright Light reflective capabilities and finds the gems within you too!  What are your gems?  Plenty!  Start with making your own list of your strengths and watch how that how that expands!  The Higher Consciousness of your true Self; your Soul and all the Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels welcome the opportunity to share their good thoughts, wise counsel, encouragements, love and strength with you!  Let’s open to receive this week.

Be sure to “whisper to the Wind” your prayers and thoughts for positive gain..for yourself..and for all involved !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – August 8th to August 14th, 2016

Hi everyone!

To start off…I’d like to address the opening energy of this week. From Sunday (7th of August) to especially first thing this morning in the early a.m. we are experiencing some powerful surges of energy from the stellar forces/planetary influences and then the meteor showers which are growing in intensity causing some volatility.  This is causing quite a few sudden ups and downs in people…especially emotions and distractions.  Electro-magnetic circuitry is off and in some cases you may find that right down to your technology… there are strange occurrences.  Your AURA which is your electro-magnetic field produced by your chakras, must be tended to with deep breathing and your visualization exercises.  Some people are just too “raw” and sensitive because their energy fields are not strong enough.

So to that end, let me remind you the importance of your physical and spiritual exercises.  There is so much bombardment of artificial sources of lower energy (cell phones, televisions, radio waves, microwaves, etc) that when you add in the sudden solar flares (CME”s) from our Sun, natural shifts in the Earth’s rhythm and the stellar/planetary forces you can see that we have need to stay balanced.

All is in Divine Order with the Cosmic Intelligence helping you to shift consciousness naturally…but you need to be able to understand and make the necessary adjustments through reflection and integration of that which you are releasing, detoxing, “letting go of”, and further…what you are embracing as Divine and Universal within yourself !!!  What tremendous times we are in!  This is a week of acceleration of your Spiritual consciousness.

There is power coming up from your lower sacrum/lumbar region that is the “seat of your Dragon fire” and it is looking for ways and means of rising through the circuitry; the network of your etheric body.  Naturally it is a it wishes to burn off and transform that which is in it’s way!  With the amazing Universal Plan on track as it always is….the path of this fire is hitting at all energy blocks in your experiences in life that are out of order either now..or still challenging you from the past.  A little bit of an “ouch”?  Yes…but a good one.  This time you get to clear the slate and embrace the intricate Beauty of Life…a forward motion of both active and tranquil peaceful Oneness.

So let’s get our gear on and keep that aura strong and flowing…shall we?  Be consciously aware of any activity around you that is discordant and act accordingly and never put yourself in situations that drain your energy.  Have a Blessed week ahead!  There is some much “conscious living” to do…why wait? !!!

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Updates – August 1st to August 7th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

You will be happy to hear that much of the deep emotional strife and intensity energy you have come up against over the last several months… is now going to start being channelled into very positive and long term manifestations of your own creativity & love!  Why? The New Moon is ON in Leo this week and the planetary activity you align with now is very powerful Male (Active) Intelligence.  You bring that kind of power in through Leo and add the heart energy of LOVE to the formula and you end up with a time cycle that can be very productive for you.  This is not only for the week will see this carry right on through now for weeks and weeks.

You absolutely MUST use all personal disciplines to cease to engage in energy that does not align with your true self..and to transform the lower astral “drags” from the mundane world now.  You have the Mighty Saturn on hand to help you and a very powerful throat chakra energy being engaged right now that will hear you do more than just roaring like a Leo the Lion!  The more time you spend engaging your Spiritual Development…the faster your life is going to burst into the Glorious expression of your Inner Being; Divine Presence!    Review that last sentence carefully and read deeper than what you see in print.  For this is becoming a collective time; a harnessing time for you drawing from your inner Spiritual gifts and powers.

This week you start off with some clean up…making sure that you didn’t miss any “nook and cranny” that is still untidy.  Clean up that which is outstanding and get on with some balancing exercises including deep breathing and meditation to your Soul’s Light.

Start to address plans for the Autumn time even though you have plenty of summer still to enjoy…you just need to reflect and jot down your ideas, framework and plans.  No need to run off and execute the plans/manifestations just yet..the timing is not there.  But do you need the framework built…?  Yes.

During all of this…enjoy some mid-summer’s night dreams…that’s right!  Enjoy some time for love…however you wish to express that.  Love of Self, Nature, Relationships, Family, Universe…whatever your wish shall be.  Dream..Imagine…CREATE!  All inner Beauty awaits expression!

Enjoy your week!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – July 18th to July 24th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Full Moon energy is the start of this week (Tuesday, Full Moon in Capricorn is at it’s fullest) and you can expect the deeper shadows of Self to have already begun to rise over the last weekend.  Now here we are at the start – July 18th – and you are probably wondering what you will be facing from within yourself.  That’s good that you are inquiring and even better that you face it as well.

The fragments of your old Self and old ways may still feel turbulent but recognize this…your use of LOVE in any given situation right now will far outweigh the fragments affect on you and bring you transformation instead!  You may not like what you are recognizing in yourself as being part of your lesser nature and lesser qualities..but it is best not to dwell there but instead the use of the Sun (Solar Heart) will shed light and cleanse you beautifully!

Angry? Triggered? Frustrated?…or maybe some old vices are the topic of your cycle right now.  Best to observe your behaviour and let yourself express what you are feeling either through written journalling, art therapy,  or words of expression shared with a good friend and listener.  Which ever way you choose is perfect for you right now…just be sure to choose something.  All therapeutic energy from the Universal nucleus should be welcomed now!  Wonderful time for this.

As you can see our global events being played out have huge suppressed resentments and angers attached…. so all that you do within yourself to attain peace and Divine alignment, leaves a positive impact upon the world.  We can all contribute to positive transformations!

The whole month actually has “big Papa” Saturn (Karma, destiny and fate) overseeing that Universal Laws are adhered to and regardless of what it feels like, He will ensure that you find this alignment.  We can go willingly or with struggle.  A willingness to align is always the safer path.

The Beauty of this week is the fact that the Leo energy is already starting to gently tap you on the shoulder giving you the “thumbs up”.  Leo governs the heart and the affairs of the heart so this is a wonderful motivator as well.  Why not align with Love and Light?  I’m sure you would absolutely enjoy embracing this!

In summary, you will need to take a deep breath and face this week with both a resounding depth of courage, anticipation of change and a willingness to embrace the Love and support of your own Soul’s Light!  Let the Divine Intelligence within you take the just need to drop the baggage in your hands and step into that Light.

Have a great week!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – July 11th to July 17th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Many are questioning their lives during this particular energy cycle (we are 21 days post Solstice now).  What type of questioning? Purpose of life, oddity of repetition of daily activities, the sleep/waking agenda, how meaningful their daily affairs are…but also…each searching for something that is without clear definition.  Many are waiting for “something”..that they can look forward to.  Too deep to start off a Monday morning with this?  I thought so too but then realized that with the difference of those so fixed on the external movements of life and those who are borderline with one foot in the physical/foot in spiritual…the questions raised by so many are not to be ignored.

What is your life all about anyway?  Clearly the answer to the “is there more to life than this?” is in the affirmative…there is!  The “more to life,  richness of peace & contentment in life”… absolutely is the more to be found when one gains greater integration between their Soul and Ego vehicle in a manner that gives grace and honour to the life granted to Thee.

This week the energy Intelligence that we have access to due to different planetary and stellar influences insists that you stop and ponder your life and the possibilities placed before you.  It is imperative that you give time for unlocking the dormant sites within your Higher consciousness and it is also imperative that you apply what you learn into your very external physical life here on earth as well.  This download from your Higher consciousness will help you to gain more and more self awareness, self empowerment and inner strength with rapid improvement to the use of your energy for better health and well being.

The influences we are in during this month’s energy cycle are putting pressure on you to stop imbalancing yourself with so much exertion in the external mode alone.  This is a temporary world and will lead to confusion during quiet time.  Instead you must increase your time spent in holding a proper alignment to the Inner doors of your Mind.  Seek out proper training in meditation and internal path work.

Yes..the answer is clear…there is much more to LIFE than what you are currently experiencing and if you allow yourself the time to explore just what that is…the benefits will be so profound that you will be rewriting another chapter of your book of life.  The old story will tie off and a new nodal crossing attained.  I bet you can’t wait to see how the new characters and scenes will be engaged!

It’s Monday…start off this week with cooperation with your Soul’s Will, destiny, purpose and love!

In Light and in Peace,



Additional Comments on July 2016 Energy

Message From Spirit – July 2016

What makes you feel secure in your world? Safe? Nurtured and relaxed enough to express your feelings in a supportive environment? Many have this type of life; most do not. Perhaps there are ways now that you can start aligning with the cosmic forces to improve your own position and state of Presence on this planet during your own journey of Life.

The Intelligent systems of great size around you are also found microcosmically speaking within you, and are an integral part of your advancement and underlying reason for your spiritual enlightenment. Currently you have stellar and planetary forces that are designed to help you heal the old emotional wounds that often keep erupting due to the neglect to follow through on a complete heal. Some of these are buried quite deeply and we don’t even realize how much they are responsible for the lack of movement forward in our lives.

When these old wounds and rejected parts of ourselves do come up for healing during this time, you need the tools to examine them and have their meaning explained to you so that you can understand, forgive and move on. Through Love and the powerful influences of some major planetary bodies directing their Intelligence at you, the clarity of understanding is amplified. There are many, many supporting forces available to you during this month and when concentrated upon, help you in just what you need.

Immobilization of certain areas of your life is not “living” life to it’s fullest and you know that. You know that there was no design made in that fashion. Having known this, you can utilize that which is given to correct this false belief and position.

First is the challenge in the emotional heart for this centre is currently a key locale of disharmony for many. The distinct interactions with Jupiter, the Sun and the Constellation Leo will take care of this area for you if you allow it. When you meditate upon these 3 you will discover many things about yourself that you did not know that go back into the far reaching caverns of your Mind. The Intelligence of Jupiter will actually take you right to the disturbed and incomplete lines or paths interfered with and the Love emissions will soothe and bring enlightenment to any given situation.

You can be taking your problem directly to this interface or if you are uncertain of your problem by definition, you can merely sit and touch upon the feeling that you carry that is oppressive or restricted. Either way there is an immediate “touch” because the intention is carrying you there.

Allow yourself the response time, receptive time to engage and what ever thoughts and memories come to mind, jot them down. Start looking at these scenarios and permit the major and more vast power of the Higher Intelligences within you “open up the story”. Your story is quite complex and most intricate!

The illusions will be revealed and your realizations can be made. This is healing.

From this point you make choices; you make decisions. These decisions are made from an enlightened state; not a hurt or fearful state. The decisions you make will be most powerful and you can liberate yourself from the despair of the past. That’s healing.

Making positive choices right now under the influence of Jupiter and the Cancer/Leo interface will bring you greater “individuation” of Self. You will recognize that the lower troughs of repetition and re-triggering is NOT the path you wish to be on. This is a time when freedom and liberation of Self rises and you get lifted up and out of your current situation. Be aware that this is not for the exclusive but for everyone.

Negate now any thought that this can’t happen to you for it can. Embrace the positive stellar and planetary influences you are receiving and use them as your tools. They are specifically designed by the Creator’s hand to help you. All that you see in the sky around you; the solar system and the galaxy around you are vast systems of Intelligence that share their gifts with you so that you may grow exponentially in the spiritual sense of the word.

Each system is designed to empower you; not interfere with you. The Ancient Ones have left you many stories on the use of astrological mysteries and we need to start using these stories with more vigor and application.

The gentle ways within you are harmonizing with the gentle ways of Creation and the peaceful warrior, very active waves are also aligning with you. There is a need for both active and passive experiences in life. Be sure to not go to an extreme in either one of them. The more passive and reflective Cancer sign is bumping up against the more active and fiery Leo sign right now with Jupiter overseeing how you respond. Are you going to be repetitive? Reverting back to the old ways or using the “Lion of Courage” and stepping into a more unexplored area of life? Seems that the stepping in is the right choice.

Traditionally at this time of the year you acknowledge your feelings and share memories that are both happy and painful. You share these with those you trust and/or the “God of your Heart”. By sharing they have an outlet to come up beyond the surface. The Water element that is so predominant now will wash away many tears of old…and tears of today. The Love will be felt and you will succeed. Feel the power in the transformation. Giving wings to your Lion soar. You will feel your heart chakra centre front and back shift to greater heights.

Magical? not really…Mystical? Universal Truth and Light…Universal Laws. It is that simple. Many Cosmic Blessings….

Class Master

(via Light and in Peace)


Weekly Energy Updates – June 13th to June 19th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

As energy movements of emotion rise and fall globally in cycles that can affect us all…we must remind ourselves the importance of not slipping into this and letting our heads go underwater. You risk drowning that way. The Mind within you is all powerful and has the capacity to govern and direct your life and assist others in doing the same. Good strong practice of mindful development and the strengthening of your thinking and reflecting faculties, each adds to the overall health and wellness of your life. Like a muscle, your brain has components and compartments with assigned duties that await your command. Use your Mind and engage the brain ; cause a synapse and spark engagements that will build in momentum so that someday you will BE the living Light; the living fire with all pathways from Source expressing through you.

I recently chatted with a student about the unfortunate situation where so many are involved with very “drone-like” activity, slave to technology and “easy mindless” programs and activities that do all the thinking for us and entrap us. We must add to that the multi-billion dollar entertainment industry that keeps people glued to their television with excessive bombardment of advertising campaigns flashing before their eyes. From this we see the growing problem of kids with ADD and ADHD rising and many adults distracted and zoned out acting in similar ways with eyes that are adrift. Why do we continue like this?

Using your meditative practices plus your studies and reflection on varied topis that inspire you to ask questions, will certainly go a long way in helping yourself to activate and exercise that interface between the Higher and lower mind. Concrete data, memorization, reciting, composing and examination of yourself as a Spirit/Human Being are all good practices to further develop your inner strength to resist the pull of the very global emotional state.

This week is a good week before Solstice (coming up June 20th) to put your energy, time and effort into bridging the 2 worlds of Mind (Higher Esoteric Spiritual Mind that anchors in the throat chakra) and Intellectual mind (that anchors in the solar plexus chakra – liver). Can you really afford not to? Add some creative outlet as well to help in this bridging such as toning, singing, creative art, sharing thoughts and feelings in conversation with others of like mind, or even just the most important one…Deep Breathing!

Get yourself all cleaned up and organized for Solstice…it’s only 7 days away! Enjoy your week. If you need help there is a whole set of guided meditations of Etheric Healing “live channelled” that you can use as tools. Check it out here on website in courses.

In Light and in Peace,