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New Moon in Gemini

Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – May 25th to May 31st, 2020

Learn to Listen…..for good communication on all levels

Hi Everyone!

The New Moon is now behind you and caused your thoughts to “fly around” as you dismissed some smaller inconsequential talk-talk, allowed old thoughts to arise from within that originated in your long past, plus perceived NEW thoughts stimulating you to take some NEW steps! Lots going on inside your head! Let’s see if we can sort it all out this week and significantly strengthen the thought patterns going forward. Shall we?

This week we are being guided by some rather Mind-provoking influences that give us both inspiration and motivation to act. You will like that these are emanating from some deeper aspect of your Soul consciousness and be rather pleased that you are starting to settle into some sort of new pattern that should prove to be quite satisfying. Early steps? Oh yes…but at least the Light illuminating your path is catching your attention as you step out from the “fork in the road” syndrome and actually FEEL the “wind at your back” propelling you forward.

What is required of you? LISTEN….very, very important to LISTEN. There are a lot of sublime messages that life is presenting to you and if you are talking all the time, you are not able to catch the whispers of life that the Natural outpouring of the All is providing.

What’s that? You would prefer that Life would “shout” it out at you instead? I know…I hear you. However…the whole skill of learning to listen is important so that as you involve yourself deeper with developing “inner communication” with your Higher Self and the Intelligence of a Cosmic Nature…you will need to have the “lines open”! Mother Nature talks to us all the time and shares great Wisdom for She is very old indeed.

Good communication and good listening skills are important. This week you will be asking questions….all sorts of questions and the Universe will answer you in the way that “IT” wants to. So you may find your answers come through in some peculiar ways. You will smile..and you will KNOW…that the Universe is looking out for you.

You are not alone in your thoughts…for ENERGY follows thought and where your thoughts are so too is the power of your co-creating MIND. Be very AWARE of how you are creating. Be very AWARE of what you are thinking and what you say. Thoughts are very powerful and whether individually or collectively…what mankind THINKS shall prove to be the direction that humanity goes. So let’s make sure our THOUGHTS are positive and substantial in developing human consciousness.

You are a very powerful human and you are to harness your thoughts and listen carefully to your inner self.

This week you will be starting to experience an acceleration of interactive dialogue with your Higher Self and your Divine nature. It would be a very good idea to write down your thoughts, inspirations and new sparks of direction because the new Chapter of your Life has begun.

Let’s not be distracted by the streams of unpleasant news or persuasive fear based agendas….instead SEE the path of your new TRACK of THOUGHT…feel it on the RIGHT SIDE of your head that there is a tingling of Energy happening inside of you. Feel that motivation that is urging you to get going with your own Spiritual Journey and finally, let this Energy gently flow to the left and then back to the middle again.

Blessings…enjoy this wonderful week ahead.

In Light and in Peace,



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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – May 18th to May 24th, 2020

Each Generation should improve upon the last

Hi Everyone!

It can be confusing and frustrating to figure out just what it is you wish to do in life as you weigh the “should do” with the “inherent nature to do” that poses some great conflict at times. So many young people are trying to step away from the repetitive footsteps of their parentage where their trappings in life made them sick and lifeless in the latter years. Young or old…we have to examine our lineage and we need to co-create our future.

There is a NEW MOON this Friday, the 22nd of May, and it gives us once again…an an interesting angled crossing of opportunity to reflect within, and make some good decisions that enrich our lives and those of our families. The human race is going through extraordinary times of change and as each individual decides personally the direction they are going…we have a collective global trajectory that reduces the confusion and gives clarity of vision to all involved.

How do you decide? How do you improve upon the last generation of your family respectfully and inspire those who are coming up behind you? This week you would definitely want to take advantage of the unfolding petals of the flower of Life because you can consciously add to the new human race cycle of Inner Beauty, Intelligence and an adherence to a well ordered template of Creation.

Start with recognition of your own natural talents, gifts and joyful resonance with those things….after all…they are your birthright! Refrain from looking at others and comparing. Refrain from self-doubt and self criticism as it casts a shadow upon the brilliance of your Inner Self. Instead be bold and express in written, oral or artistic ways a beautiful self-acceptance communication between your Higher Soul Self and your struggling, yet eager, personality self. Know Thyself means just that…KNOW what constitutes your presence here on Earth.

All the Intelligence in the Universe will get behind you as a “force” of semblance and order through Love and driving raw power when you acknowledge you are here in this world for a purpose.

Remember that each generation is to “improve upon the last” by expanding upon the our greatest Intelligence and Reflective Assets, Morals, Ethics and Values of the heart, which in turn will open humanity to its own True Nature for the first time in many, many cycles.

This week you do not have to fall into a dark cloud of depression, sadness or sense of disempowerment. No. You have only to make the decision that you acknowledge and accept that you have a PURPOSE…that LIFE has a PURPOSE and that you WILL better your life over that of your ancestors whilst creating a strong and healthy future!

Enjoy the week ahead…you can make a difference in this world starting with what you acknowledge within yourself!

In Light and in Peace,



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