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New Moon

What happens at Solstice? How do you prepare?

Hi Everyone!

What happens at Solstice? How do you prepare? 

You have been feeling the Energy changes and know that another shift occurs at the “change of the seasons” at Solstice – December 21st.  Is it just a change in season or is there a deeper mystical meaning attached to this time of year?  It’s both.  Yes..we acknowledge that the Earth journey changes and we call it seasonal….but there is a special relationship that occurs between mankind and his spiritual consciousness.  It’s something quite “magical” hence the Age old stories and traditions of miracles occurring during the solstice time.  We experience a “birth” within ourselves..a special heartfelt birth.  The “Universal Christ Consciousness” of the 1st Principle of Creation; Love descends in through your heart…Yes..that is very special!  

What is it that many of us feel in our hearts?..and why do some feel it and others don’t?  How come people feel more distressed often in their hearts at this time too?  Well there is a particular surge of Energy that moves through the creative and formative worlds and one would wish to OPEN up and align with it…for it truly is a glorious shift in Self enlightenment; a time when mankind experiences love for humanity and feels very loving and giving.

However…If the passages between these 2 worlds within are blocked finds the struggles prevalent and difficult to navigate.  What’s the best way to ensure that the “gifts” of the Solstice are received by you? Reflect and examine that which may be blocking your heart paths..and seek out healing and resolution.  That’s preparation for Solstice. Allow yourself the opportunity to go deep within and heal the triggers life presents. What is life teaching you about yourself?

I notice that while we ALL have this opportunity to grow exponentially into our heart centres and find that bigger picture by embracing opportunity for both ourselves AND others..unfortunately..many struggle to enter that higher point within and let the shadows of illusion grip them.  Destructive shadows are magnified just before be aware and take the higher road!  It is designed beautifully this way that you are testing yourself.  After your reflection, thinking and discernment…see the Beauty for the Greater Good!  Witness those people in your life that serve the greater good and be on board to walk with them.

The more people who unite in serving the Greater Good during solstice..the better off mankind shall be!  To that end..let’s prepare for Solstice time by purging and transforming all those negative ways; embrace Love and Light instead!

This is truly a magical time of the year…Mystics of Past and Present all celebrate this time with solemn meditation, rituals and peace giving thoughts to mankind!

Do your job now..get prepared for Solstice !

In Light and in Peace,

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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – November 13th to November 19th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

We are in the thick of transformation AND opened portals to Higher dimensions of Self.  So simultaneously you are discarding your old self while entering the new.  This has brought out for many images and fragments of old that are not so nice to see & remember.  However..just like cleaning out and scrubbing old cupboards in your kitchen so that you can put your brand new dishes in….this week energy requires you to do the work at hand.  The new materials and acquisitions you are receiving in life are so pure..they need a clean place within your life. 

How does one handle this transformation?  How does one not get caught in the images, feelings, emotions that are leaving?  How does one not get caught in this transformation which can cause depression, anxiety, tension and more if you do get caught in it?  Okay…those are very good questions.  Experiencing the transfer into this new awareness of Self may be a lonely experience it is very helpful to talk with others who are going through similar transformations.  If you don’t have anyone to talk even helps to read about how we cross from the old to the new. I can tell you here and now that path working across dimensions always bring you greater benefits of living. But like walking in a rain or snow feels uncomfortable until you reach the shelter and comfort at your destination.  Ultimately…you go to the heart and sit quietly opening your Energy Centres through breathing and meditation and ASK within for help in letting go.  TRUSTING this process is important.  Take the hand offered in life and be lifted up. You may feel this as a tingling and warmth of Light upon you when you are sitting in quiet reflection and meditation.  It is working…it may be subtle at times..but it is working.

So what happens next this week?  This simultaneous experience is going on for the week ahead with increments and moments of brilliance…yes brilliance.  That is most encouraging and these are inspirations and ideas that you must make immediate note of.  We reach a NEW MOON by Saturday November 18th and as always…this is an added boost to personal enlightenment.

Make decisions this week that put you into new environments, new professions, new living areas..discussions and healing.  Choose the invitations, seek out the offerings and say yes.  To step up and out of the old repetitive loop of social, professional or daily activities that are uninspiring…requires your active, vocalized choices being made.

Even if you have just ONE thing that you decide that needs to be started..then start it.  This November is open portal time..multitude really due to dimensions opening…and sparks you to pick up your Soul purpose..pick up your inspirations now and act.  Numerous planetary and stellar influences…too many to name right now..are directed at you. (Jupiter being one of my favourites!). Your Soul’s WILL and power of your Creation is being seen!

Again this week…Use your Spiritual “Sword of Light”..and cut things off that do not resonate with your TRUTH and LIGHT…your values and dedication to your devotional path.  Live liberally with the Spiritual influence and don’t be afraid to embrace it.

Have a beautifully inspiring and enlightening week!

In Light and in Peace,








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New Moon – October 19th – Radical or Aquarian Age?

Hi everyone!

I’ve been talking about Uranus for the last couple of weeks..not as an Astrologer (because I’m not)..but from my Cosmic “lens” on the meaning of the influence of the larger planetary and stellar/constellation bodies upon mankind.   Uranus started to really make its presence even more known a couple of week’s ago when it blew the doors off people’s heart-mind alignments so that they could start to “get serious” about their Soul Mandate and purpose.  The raw power that this planetary body sends forth to mankind can move a civilization towards the spiritual path and boy oh it ever doing that! 

The decisions that you make in your life changing truly…that honour the depth of your understanding of Spirit within you, your origin, your profound inclination towards Universal alignment and Law..all of these…will be an investment into both yourself, your family, community; mankind!  That which you pick up..the way you run with your baton held high..will be very powerfully going against any further sheep-like herd following behaviour and lifestyle… and clearly more revolutionary and advancing!  Some call this the “rebel” influence…I like to think of it as “Spiritual leadership or being the “leader of your family” making changes to the lineage and establishing a foot on the Spiritual path for generations to come!  Make good decisions now!

Breaking ties with ANYTHING that stands in the way of the changes that need to be made for mankind’s continuity of life towards better health and spiritual well being is going to occur.. PERIOD. Uranus doesn’t mess around and neither do the supporting planetary and stellar systems that are turning the human race’s thoughts more to the qualities of the Aquarian Age.  LOVE and HIGHER REASON; MIND.  Love this Age..Love this cycle of time..don’t you?

This New MOON today, October 19th…sets you on your seat of reflection and makes you think…very deeply and seriously about what needs to GO and what needs to be EMBRACED.  Give yourself a 24 hour period…tomorrow set into action this change.  Light the “wick” and let it accelerate!  The FIRE of ARIES is sparking New beginnings that are right out of the CREATORS Heart and Mind…a new Creative period has begun!  Let it unfold strong..let your MIND lead through your heart..let your WILL be aligned with the Universal Will.

Just thought I would share a few thoughts with you…

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – October 16th to October 22nd, 2017

Hi Everyone!  How are you feeling?  The last week was pretty rough with the larger planetary bodies of Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter challenging your alignment to the Cosmic Plan..going deep. You’ve entered a new level of spiritual understanding now which you are to embrace and adhere to; the old level won’t cut it anymore.  You are having to recognize that there is a much bigger scope of commitment to be made and the Universal Intelligence is commanding this commitment.   Now you might counter, “but I thought we were just in primary school..taking out time and still having recess?”.  Not really…but the fun and games you seek is found WITHIN the mandate!  Ahhh! now you see…the more aligned you are; the more enjoyment and well being you will have in life! 

What you are doing now is taking the next few weeks ahead clearing out more wavering and weaknesses.. giving yourself some solid footing so that you may engage more in your lifetime contribution to the advancement of the human race; your family and loved ones.  Keeping it simple though…It all starts with you!  Blessed you!

To that sure to have your primary focus on your health, rest, meditations and spiritual studies..including nature and down time for reintegration and relaxation too!  Reading should now be lifted to the next level….study.  Reading is good for your peaceful moments of easy learning…study is for your commitment to your spiritual path.  Study the paths ahead and how you are going to  walk them.  Don’t leave it to chance alone or waiting for “something to happen”.  No you can make it happen co-creatively with the Universe walking hand in hand with you!

October 19th marks a New MOON…and you SHOULD be excited..because you are using both your creative AIR element of MIND in Libra AND your passionate, emotional and intuitively deep and early gifts of Scorpio already to develop the direction you wish to go.  Now it may seem early for such passionate creativity but believe me..excitement IS in the “air”…so enjoy it!

Remember fondly your current family and their your respects to your family and Soul family lineage whether they are living or passed.  Think and reflect on how you came to be, what you have inherited in the way of Soul weaknesses and your dedication to those around you that need to feel your leadership too.  It is a good week to show them the way.  Spend your quiet prayer/meditative times…at night and in the morning, in alignment with the most profound LOVE of the Universe; your depth and strength will increase tenfold.

Enjoy this week creative and free to speak your Truth and believe in your cosmic mandate…if you have been distracted or slipped up..then get back on track! It will do you a world of good!

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – September 18th to 24th, 2017 FALL EQUINOX

Hi Everyone!

New Moon this week!  It it already influencing you with hints, pushes and inspirations from the deeper regions of your Spiritual essence!  It is amazing to see so many “signs” happening all around; waking us up; enriching us with Soul directives! 

Recently I noticed as well very dear people I know that usually are not “into this stuff”…(LOL..I’m sure you’ve heard that before :)…waking up with the Christed Consciousness realizations…speaking differently.  They are speaking as if some reflections have been taking place encouraging them to speak up and ask questions and express their own view on the coincidences occurring for them!  It’s great! For the Truth is..we are ALL into this “stuff” because it is the true essence and nature of our existence!  I’m so happy to see that!

Soul directives…yes..I said that.  You see I am also  seeing that this week is a real “pick me up” Energy shift that is moving you further into your personal goals.  Ideas are not just coming rapidly but there is some solid evidence of materializations starting to take place!  This New Moon truly is a NEW start!  Especially if you build towards the end of this week with your particulars…notes, writings, drawings, sketches, framing, hammers and nails, choreography, colour..whatever it is you particularly need to lay down on the material world this week will be a perfect time cycle for you! Let it build; they will come! Enter the MIND!

Spiritual Energy is on a “high” this week too.. (?) what ?? you ask! Yes..there is a bubbling over in the Inner Temple of “busy Angels” and Ministering Ones. The shifting that has happened since last night is amazing!  Did you wake up in the middle of the night by chance? (or a lot lately?)  Oh yes..lots of activity!  Not that I am pressing for insomniacs…!!  But we need to pay particular attention to the brief and intense insights that come to us in the 3 am. to 5 am. time line.  Then go back to sleep.

The shift is a clarity of sorts…a realization that is taking place inside of you and now the Worthy Masters and Universal Intelligences are helping you to take that route.  So the “high” energy is a potency; a great potential of yourself coming to be.   Fall Equinox shift is at the end of this week as well where the alignment is intense and so very enlightening for you!!!

Whew..better close here..let you absorb it all.  So to summarize..this week you have a lot of opportunity for spiritual growth and insight.  Stay “clean”…good healthy foods, waters, good bedtime hour..that sort of thing.  Keep the blinders on and stay focused. Enjoy your garden, your walks, Nature and keep a journal handy.

Have a great week!

In Light and in Peace,


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Total Solar Eclipse – Message from the Inner Temple – World Healing Project

Message from the Inner Temple for the Solar Total Eclipse Aug 21/2017

Sacred Blessings to each of you on this day when all kingdoms; all people on Earth receive the countless gifts of the Universal Cosmic Light and Source of All things!  

Each day going forward you will recall aspects of yourself that you have long forgotten as the shift has taken place that opens up new opportunities to explore both your roots and your Divine heritage; legacy of the Ancient past. Where does one begin to explore such things? Right in your heart..for it is here that the records shall be revealed to you and you shall find new ways and means of putting your life together to see it as a continuum of the outpouring of Creation.

So many have halted or stalled their life story when they found themselves faced with overwhelming challenges or uncertainties..thus they closed off their very access to the golden white Light of Truth and guidance within them. The shadows of illusion blocked their Light and path without knowing which way to turn. The opposite has now been offered to you whereby the same shadows and illusions are open for your scrutinization and examination as they are held up in front of the Light of the Sun; the Light of your Soul! Can you see them better with this Light shone upon them? Yes you can!

Examining those illusions of yourself with an open mind on how difficult we can get stuck in a repetitive pattern of thought and emotion with this now being the first step to the transformation and integration of these fragments of self. You have all been working on this up until this point of time; today and now you can free them permanently. You see your fragments frailty and need for Love and nurturing rather than your resentment and repelling of them. You see that the lessons contained therein are full of pure Gold; pure energy from the Light of the Sun; of the Light of your Soul.

Regulus rules the Heart of Leo constellation and is a crossing station that has many different paths of Light shining through it. As a major influence for you this day it is ingathering from many levels of the Hierarchy of Light and Intelligence from the Universe…with each eager to serve you during this cycle passing.

Can you imagine the amount of energy moving through this STAR that is directly being stepped down into your heart centre? Exactly! More than you can imagine…coming with the task of burning away the dross; revealing the illusion and transforming this into a new Light path for you! New wonder? New curiosity of your life? Where does it lead to now?

Keep in mind that you will turn away from those old patterns with eagerness…looking and reflecting for ways to enjoy a more prosperous and healthy life. You will find that the power is WITHIN you; not out there somewhere. The SUN is representing the Light and your heart and it is revealing to you the shadows of emotion and illusion with the gift of the New Moon passing across it’s face.

The moon is pulling so much from the old paradigm of the “little self” that you will be clearer and cleaner with inspirations and dreams that are most uplifting!

You see your Soul is part of a much greater network of Souls and Group consciousness that work together as a team of are not alone. You are engaging in networking Angels and Archangels that are so pleased to see you awaken from a slumber of illusion and seek them out!

Start to meditate more and reflect with a promise to yourself of writing down those things you need to commit to and changing your lifestyle to accommodate this new direction. No loitering or chasing those illusions again! You will find that you magnetically attract exactly what you will need that will become the building blocks for your future!

This may come in the form of projects, people, resources, organizations, personal space, creative functions organized, or simply just being still and knowing. Everyone is so different that you may need to once again write down what YOU receive during this cycle of time. The conclusion is thorough…DOOR OPEN for all to Know Thyself at a deeper enlightened state.

Let it unfold and enjoy the journey! The LEO constellation expresses your individuation of Self and says…”I AM” ! What are you? Do you remember that you are not an ego stuck in limitation of consciousness?

Important that you reflect so much right now during the Eclipse day; week and follow your is your very sacred Truth and Light!

Cosmic Blessings…

Solar Eclipse Day! – Weekly Energy Shift & Updates Aug 21-27, 2017

Hi Everyone!  “Solar Eclipse Day” !

The Energy of the Sun (solar heart) is “intense” today and will continue to be affecting you all week! Today you embrace the Truth and personal realization of your true Inner Self!  Today you embark on a New Journey…it’s also a New Moon Energy day!

Where to begin? 

Throughout the day today..spend time alone…go within.  Breathe deeply and settle into a profound awareness of how your breath is sacred; connecting with the Light of the Sun; the Light of your Soul; the Light of Universal Source.  Believe this to be true..for you cannot be separate from it.  It is a time of is a time of understanding and profound Self-Love and Self-Acceptance.

This is such a sacred day; and sacred time cycle where you are going to make some decisions.  You are not going to follow the false beliefs and illusions that have challenged you but are embracing your most sacred Truth about Self….that is…”you are a Divine Expression of the Universal All”.  You are very important and very special.  You will feel in your heart this day…a stirring or a profound shift in this awareness.  But then…regardless of what you feel this day…KNOW THIS…you have entered a new portal of your heart relative to your own spiritual consciousness. is a new level! You must make good decisions this day; this week about how you wish to live your life as you make changes that align you with your true Soul Path; Soul Mandate.  It’s time…it must be understood and all focus upon it.

Leo’s heart star… REGULUS…is directing it’s power with the SIRIUS star at it’s own back.  Can you imagine the stellar alignments today?  Stepping down from Source?  Try to imagine the Universal Source of Light and Love sending to each of us…through space and time…through portals of dimensions…powerful unification with Itself right down to your heart!  Wow!  Please take the time to sit quietly today…anytime you can…and just breathe into this alignment.

I am currently preparing for recording the Eclipse transit from the Inner Temple of Healing and Wisdom…capturing the Energy Healing and Ascension gifts for each of you who are interested in participating in this way.  For those who are doing their own alignments please remember to do your preparation with your lower bodies first…be aware of your physical through breathing, lots of water, emotional stability, focus, receptivity and openness to the Light of the Sun; Light of your Soul!

Let’s enjoy today and be aware the all week you are INTEGRATING what you learn today.  Write down your experiences, your thoughts, reflections..and get ready to be clear and strong on just who you are and why you are born.  Sloughing off the old; no more nonsense…embrace the Change through LOVE!

In Light and in Peace,



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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – August 14th to August 20th, 2017

Hello Everyone !

okay..7 Days to Total Solar Eclipse which is shifting you up into your heart centre in ways unimaginable! You have likely been feeling all sorts of strange meridian energy shifting taking place in your body, burning or tingling sensations at the major and minor nodal crossings (chakras) and loopy emotions too!

What’s going on?

7 Days to Solar Eclipse and you are being put through a strainer or sieve of purification and sloughing off the old stuff you have carried for so long that you’d think the holes were a tad too small to get through..but you will ! 🙂

Many of my clients and students are reporting a range of experiences from not knowing where they are going in life, wanting to get to higher expressions and Soul mandates, but challenged by their repeating patterns of emotional turmoil. Intensified? you bet..because it has to be done with once and for all. Distractions? oh yes! You will be pulled by distractions to keep you from looking at the Truth.  Much like what is being played out today in our world politics, economics and social expressions…Distract us from the Truth.  You would not like to be pulled into world emotion!  More on that another time.

This week you are to not get distracted but stay strong and well defined.  MIND.  You must use your MIND and exercise routines and daily practices that strengthen that mind of yours or you will be distracted and will not get the greatest benefits from next Monday’s Solar Eclipse when the shadows of the old emotional patterns pass across the face of the SUN (your heart) allowing you a big lift up into your heart and greater clarity of Self!  What an opportunity! Plus you get to HOLD this within you permanently as an integrated part of YOU! So prepare your receptors for this!  Prepare your body, emotions, thoughts and reflection with a steady, balanced alignment.

Daily this week you will need to “catch” when the triggers are pulling you into any sadness, anger or pain. Recognize that this is the old hamster wheel.  Give yourself tasks each day that are manageable…not overwhelming.  Make plans, go into your positive routines.  Even if you have missed a lot of your positive routines over the summer it’s okay.  Pick them up today and get back to your deep breathing and meditations.

Engage help if you need to…Energy Healers and Practitioners, Coaches and Counsellors that can help you focus on a plan.

Here’s a little secret for you…even if you put your INTENTIONS out and set your DESIRE on being balanced and achieving your goals…and you calmly sit with that intention doing some quiet breathing in peaceful surroundings…you are already 95% of the way there!  As I said… DEFINE yourself this week. 

Write down now your intentions that are manageable on those experiences, projects, routines and directives you wish to engage in going forward starting at the NEW MOON and SOLAR ECLIPSE…your Spiritual energy bodies (Higher Mind, Will and the essence of your LOVE) will take you in that direction!

But it is up to you to set those intentions. Define yourself.  Be YOU! No distractions and less than deserving ideas..only those things that uplift you and take you into a new paradigm.  You are leaving the world of illusion as you know it over the next couple of weeks here as you transition into a space of consciousness in this world of gaining clarity, beauty, freshness, new beginnings, greater STRENGTH, and a no-nonsense attitude!  You go!

So please…use your breath to stay calm, focused and aligned.  Set intentions from within and the Universe will help you to get there!

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shift & Update – New Moon! July 23rd to July 30th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Starting this week off with a New Moon in Leo!  Starting July 23rd the energy is all about purification and cleansing your energy bodies.  Start into this mindset and stick to a plan of action that will move to accelerate your ability to embrace and integrate the FIRE Solar Heart of Leo going forward this summer. 

The renewed vigour and vitality you will be experiencing will please you immensely as you purge.  The Cancer/Leo transition is still pulling old “water” energies of emotion up for you that the powerful SUN in Leo will burn off with it’s solar Rays.  The Formula?Fire of Leo applied to Waters of Emotion to be cleansed = purified mist !  You will feel very clean! 

The magnificent Leo energy is already stirring your heart towards the further letting go of the old… stoking the FIRES in your heart centre to enthusiastically reach out into your world magnetically attracting wonderful Souls to you of similar magnetic resonance!  Friends, relationships, social experiences, family and of course your personal relationship to the “Universal Love of Divine” in your heart will all be emphasized during the summer energies.  More on that later…this week is the kick start!

So…lots of water, detoxing, bathing, swimming, campfires, fire ceremonies, water ceremonies, clearing out of your home and property, reorganization, and a change of colour in your clothes…all will be suitable for the energy shift we are in!

Accelerating the entry way into your Spiritual Heart is well underway and incredible changes are going on in your life! Be the Child of the Universe with “eyes of wonder”…let the Sunlight in!

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – June 26th to July 2nd, 2017

Hi Everyone!

New Moon behind us…New beginnings ahead of us “based” on the Truth and Light of that which you know is necessary to engage in…thus ensuring your true path of a Spiritually integrated life that reflects the necessary and planned qualities of your Soul’s mandate.  Period.  Walk straight ahead with no distractions.

A real no-nonsense time…right? Enough already of the stumbling, bumbling and repeat karma..right? I think you truly do feel the seriousness of this time cycle.  False starts and fumbling is to be a thing of the past! 

You likely felt the incredible energy shifting through Solstice last week and you are still sorting out the meaning of it all.  You may have had insights into childhood, past lives, repeating lessons, and more and you will need this time to reflect on the lessons that you were to learn and implement them. This is the week to do that.  Remember if something is not in order with Universal Law then change it..and change it now.  No more skimming along the top or just living day to day without plan and direction.

The serious nature of the time ahead for you means you apply what you learned from solstice time.   Repeat…”apply what you learned” allowing for the Universe to step in and magnify the Beauty and joy in all of this..manifesting the positive outcome! The results will astound you!

This shift in self realization of just what should be corrected, implemented or chosen is right across the board:  Relationships, personal care, physical/financial, creative projects, work/business plans and family lineage correction.

This week you are supported by some pretty powerful forces that have a “strength and formation” to them.  You will feel the structure and know that even though you need your rest and play time, you do not let things just go into a loose state… enforce structure.  You can do a lot of good things within that structure that makes you happy!

Priority?  Personal nurturing choices, family care (being very, very aware of those you love having their own Soul mandate; not yours), home energy. We are under the influence of the Cancer Constellation and that has the watery, emotional, loving energy imbedded in it for pursuit of contentment for all involved.

Enjoy the week ahead…stay aware, be reflective and put into action those realizations that you made over the last week… up until now! These are lessons from the past that have not been completed and have reared up their “ugly heads” and mis-alignments……to reveal their Beauty and Gift to you. Let’s not make the same mistakes again…you are much more discerning and aware now….way more than you have ever been! 🙂

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Updates – January 23rd to January 29th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Okay..let’s shake off and breathe out all that EMOTION!  Woah!  The waves of emotion going across the world; especially through the USA since Friday has been far too much for sensitive people who are spiritually inclined! Empaths all over the world are impacted and it is very unhealthy for everyone regardless of their level of awakened consciousness.

Stand back…You are much more effective upon the world; politics, leaders, etc. when you stand back and hold an alignment with the Universal Divine state of Love, Mind and the balanced, unfolding Will of Creator.  Of course there will be those with placards on the front lines…they are at liberty to speak to that which they stand for.  But there is also a large number of Souls required to HOLD a powerful conduit and transmission of Intelligence that can impact upon the new direction we should all be going.

Sit quietly through this week and say your prayers or include in your meditations when you are in your High heart centre…a thought towards the Universal Laws being upheld.  It will help a lot.  Also disengage from the excessive noise and intense emotion.  Try not to watch every word and action being shown to you on the television and news reports.  It will penetrate into your mind and twist you.

We have a good week opening up with some need for you to detox and do some deep breathing…then we have a New Moon on Friday the 27th of January which is already shining its radiance via the reflective Rays of the Sun towards you!  Reach up!  Lift up!  YOU are co-creating this world..let’s make it a good one!

What fortuitous engagements do you wish to align with?  What powerful expressions of your own creativity do you wish to embrace?  That’s the Spirit !  Choose to hold the heart felt love of Life both within you; and through you for your loved ones, family and friends to share!

Have a great week!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – December 26th to January 1st, 2017 – NEW MOON!

Hi Everyone!

Hope that each of you had a safe and spiritually uplifting Solstice – Christmas – Holiday season!  The energy shifts were very profound and a lot that was buried came up for each of you to face.  These challenges are often quite painful but also lead to extraordinary Self realizations and further reintegration of Oneself to their inherent Divine nature….rather than the limited physical Self alone.

That is the KEY and THEME for the New Moon shift this week and your plans for the New Year 2017!  Reintegration to your Divine Self through reflection..and then concentrated effort at your NEW self realized level of Spiritual Consciousness.  Start learning NOW how to live consciously on this new level…do not look at the limitation of the old paradigm; old self.  Let’s repeat that for the Glories of the liberation of the true Self….Do not look back…eyes ahead.  You can “reflect” on what you have learned and grown from through experiences over the last year…but let go and co-create your future during this NEW MOON energy of the week.  Be prepare to start your year 2017 right away.  It is a powerful year of new beginnings for us all.

Many get concerned with the world around them and the world at large….don’t be.  Be the one to contribute instead to the growing liberation and Beauty of our world.  Start by CREATING YOUR OWN…with your co-family, co-workers, co-loved ones…Walk WITH  each other….create with each other.

Reflection on the past serves only to summarize the lessons and wonderful steps you have gained.  Planning the New YEAR requires a LOT of meditation and reflection.  Don’t get caught at the last minute.  You must start planning and creating now.  This is New Moon and we are in the dedicated, hard working, talented, trusting of Creator Sun sign of Capricorn.  This sure footed goat walks up the Mountain towards the Divine Lord of Light; Universal Light with a dedication to task.  No distractions…okay?  Keep to the plan and the results will astound you!

Blend your 4 levels of Self realization all week as you make your plans….keep close to Nature (EARTH), stay hydrated and emotionally stable (WATER), breathe deeply and think pleasant thoughts (AIR) and meditate, be inspired and transform yourself (FIRE) as you strive for your attunement to the Inner Divine each day!

Let’s start with that…further guidance to follow as we approach the New Year 2017!

In Light and in Peace,


** P.S.  I am doing a 2 hour teaching, meditation and New Year Planning via ZOOM on New Year’s Day 11 a.m. est.  Sign up..get your coffee and tune in!

Sign up on this website…Blessings!


Weekly Energy Update – November 28th to December 4th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Fabulous week for NEW beginnings..and completions!  It’s a New Moon energy week PLUS we are starting the 21 day preparation for Winter Solstice! (summer in the southern hemisphere).  Don’t delay!  Take advantage of this incredible energy which I “KNOW” you can feel…it’s like a bubbly excitement that comes in waves.  Why?  Because the pure Divine Soul in you is encouraging, loving and inspiring you to move forward and better your life that ensures your growing good health, happiness, joy and Spiritual well being!

We all know how difficult it has been over the last many weeks and a lot of you are just plain tired.  You have been wondering what to do; where to go..etc.  The answer inside of you is that you should embrace every particle of Light from this time cycle and HOLD it…integrate it.  As you conserve and manage your own energy without losing it to outside energy drains, you find yourself more invigorated and ready to expand upon your own life.  Be VERY discerning and strong in your decisions about Self and your boundaries.  Let go and speak up…be clear on what lifts your spirits and what drains you. Choose to be in sympathetic magnetic resonance with those people and experiences that are on a higher level of energy consciousness.

Starting new?  The New Moon on the 29th of November is turning us over to a new door opening..therefore…good start up times! You may have felt the inner call or urge to close something off yesterday (Sunday the 27th) and the new beginnings are underway as we speak.  Breathe deeply and become aware of your body and surroundings.  Set your foundation in your mind and if necessary, write down the plan and schedules.

Okay..I”m going to switch a topic now…on Wednesday, November 30th (one day after New Moon)…but starting already from Inner Temple..the World Healing Project is sending out special prayers and invocations….healing and Blessings with the Team of the Hierarchy of Light…for those who are seeking and waiting for the Blessings of a pregnancy.  Just follow on Twitter (MindLoveWill) or Facebook (Kathy Roseborough) and you are sure to be included.  You can also send in your name for our healing list to

Very special time for new beginnings in many, many ways!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – October 31st to November 6th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Day AFTER New Moon today, October 31st so that means what…?  You get to start something new!  If you are already working on a project than you will feel inspired this day to “step it up” and align with that refreshed place inside of you.   The last few days raised all sorts of emotional fragments that were assessed through you…some still processing…but that made space for all these streams of incoming ideas to interface with renewed vigor and passion!

Have you noticed that you are able to move more quickly through your reflections in many, many ways now?  That you are not getting stuck so much?  Oh I know it is not quite yet “heaven on earth” for each of us…but it sure is improving through Spiritual clarity and a resounding determination inside each of us to have a life that is lived consciously…not slave to some sort of tilted way of thinking.

In the days to come this week you WILL notice improvements to self realizations each day because we are hitting the “November burst”!  One of my favourite times when the energy really opens up like Angelic Wings around us and we feel this “oneness” that starts stirring from about November 4th.  Then things slowly start to open more and more when suddenly we hit this burst of energy from the 8th of November that intensifies through to the 14th…then still maintains quite an illuminating influence on us until about the 18th.  Quite something really and I would suggest at this time that you book off time for yourself somewhere in that to have a “personal day” where you isolate yourself for the day so that you can journal, meditate, walk in Nature and be far, far way from your technology.  okay?  I’m telling you now so that you have time to book this off of work or pencil it into your calendar.

Keeping with tradition, this post-New Moon time means that you put your intentions out for the week today!  Breathe deeply…feel the power and the resolve inside of you to have a powerfully healthy and successful week ahead.  Resolve also in yourself that you will open up your heart and mind to those you love and really LISTEN to them. Take time to sit down and listen.  Try not to rush around but instead embrace those you love and share time and ideas with them.  Great energy..Have a super week!

In Light and in Peace,


Weekly Energy Updates – October 24th to October 30th, 2016

Hi Everyone ! we are again…the start of a brand new week and you likely wondering what this week will unfold to be like.  It will unfold to be that which you put your MIND for it to be.  Energy follows thought…so let’s roll up our sleeves and play the “unfortunately; fortunately” game of thinking and reflection in order to shift this!

  1.  Unfortunately many are challenged with a repeating core issue that has swung around again for some type of correction on your part. Fortunately you have recognized that this has not gone away and are likely building inside of you the determination to resolve this once and for all!
  2. Unfortunately the results and consequence of it coming around again and “biting” you again, energetically speaking, seems to be growing in intensity and hurting more than it did before.  Fortunately that has got your attention and you don’t like being hurt and in pain so you have had enough of this and have decided to take the action to confront it!
  3. Unfortunately you see that these recent experiences are impacting on those you love around you as well and this may sadden or disturb you because the last thing you wish to do is drag others down on your own core issues.  Fortunately they love you and understand so they are at your side with even greater support and love…rooting for you all the way towards your success!
  4. Unfortunately you have thrown off your peace, balance and grounding in the latest round of challenges from the core issue and are wondering if you have the strength to make it right and to pull yourself up energetically.  Fortunately you have remembered your tools of Spiritual Ascension and you have begun to immediately use them.  Deep breathing, meditation and an invocation from the Divine Universe to give you strength and redirect you in your thoughts!
  5. Unfortunately you sometimes doubt that the Universe is going to actually step in this time to help you resolve this permanently.  Fortunately the Universe is smarter than those thoughts in so many ways and has already prepared the alignment for you and is walking with you hand in hand in LOVE !
  6. Finally… unfortunately you see the experiences around you as something that you feel you may be stuck with…Fortunately the Universe can remind you that these are illusions of false beliefs and emotional fears that you can surmount and gain clarity, enlightenment and permanent change in!

Fortunately...the Creative Fiat; your world and all of Creation is based on the 1st Principle of Love…and that my dear friends is something you can count on as you once gain face the challenges you have in life to face this week and find all the power you can muster within you to resolve them.  There is great support, Love understanding and Intelligence available to you..right now!  This is a great week to make those incredibly powerful life shifting changes so that you can manifest that which you wish in the coming weeks.  There is a new moon October 30th and it is at that time you should start to see the results of your efforts from this week!  Great energy…let’s embrace the changes and totally transform and let go of those things that are now being rendered more useless to you and that which does not ADD to the greater good of All involved.  Blessings!

In Light and in Peace,