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New Moon

Weekly Energy Updates – January 19th to January 25th, 2015

Hi everyone!

With a New Moon happening on Wednesday the 20th of January…it’s a good time for you to take courageous steps and start to undertake agreements in your projects.   Plan NOW …starting today you need to get organized and focused on these undertakings that are developing as the week opens up for you.  You are likely feeling a little stronger…you know there is something inside of you that is very positive brewing…yet perhaps unable to totally grasp it’s full meaning.  These are the promised “unveiling of TRUTH” experiences that your Soul is aligning you with.  So much has cleared out of your way and very strong bonding with NODAL crossings of people, communications, opportunities and agreements are now taking place.

Let’s look back for a moment at November 6/7, 2014 where you may recall a HUGE shift of releasing karma took place.  Now you then took the next 2 months to scrape of some remnants and likely found the last couple months rather “rough”.  Okay…so let’s look and see what sunshine is now breaking through…as Sons and Daughters of the Greater Universal All.  Tip your face upwards towards the Light of the Soul..the Light of the All and you will experience a very refreshing wave of reassurance, comfort, truth and a “saving” if you will…of yourself.  Sounds too melodramatic?  I hope not… as I do recognize that it is difficult to describe in English words the Spiritual truths of this time cycle.  Know this:  You are increasing and rapidly accelerating your integration to your soul purpose & mandate for this lifetime.

Bluntly stated…you have suffered enough…you have cleansed and purged and likely felt like a beaten rug on and off for some time now….now the Cosmic Masters are pulling you into an incredible alignment that brings change….POSITIVE change.

May you begin this week to truly experience more and more periods of delight and uplifting energies…and less and less…of the old triggers.

Take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that present themselves.  Recognize them as signs of change.

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – December 22nd to December 28th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

With the Solstice energies supporting us going into the week, we need to take a deep account and assessment of our lives now and understand completely that what you are engaging in now is truly structuring your spring 2015 manifestations.  Reflect on the word:  STRUCTURING.  That is the key to this discourse.  Solstice energies re-capitulate the lower to higher worlds into Spiritual consciousness.  This is truly an enlightening time for us all!

Walk through a reflective time of love and forgiveness to yourself and others during this time as well.  You’d be amazed at how much healing will be taking place at this time for you.   This is a slowing down time for each of us and you are to try your best not to get caught up in the frenzy of activities that overwhelm and exhaust.  The opposite is more palatable to you!  A new cycle has begun!

Energy healing and meridian work/chakra work is a great tool to be engaging in for your personal healing and spiritual growth so don’t forget to put time aside for this!  Nature, with her powerful healing ways, will also be a great contribution to your overall good health and well being.  Don’t forget about the stars too!  The stars in the night sky are beautiful to gaze upon as they are the Divine Intelligences’ shining down upon you with wise counsel as you wrap up the end of the year.

The energy this week can be very structural for you if you permit it.  Adhere to a schedule and include for yourself time spent in meditation and all will be well.  When you reflect on the past years activities, stay objective with lots of love for yourself in your evaluation.  Things change; people change.  Know that you are swiftly evolving out of the old and into the new.  Enjoy and experience the many, many Blessings of the Cosmic!  Be confident that the changes you are implementing are in Divine Order!

In Light and in Peace,




“During the Time of Solstice…

Worthy Master..What Dost Thou wish to bestow upon each of the listening ears this day…to those gathered…the Sons and Daughters of Creation that seek truth justice and a Light shone upon their path in order for each of them to return to Divine felicity?

Worthy Master Responds: It is deep in your own consciousness that your Realization of Self and the true meaning of your existence is stored…The Divine is in each one of you and at this sacred time of year, your attention turns to finding and rediscovering for yourself just who you are and where you originate from.

Every part of you is asking for the TRUTH…every one of you is seeking for truth, as the injustices upon the face of the earth are confusing and does mire your vision. You often do not know which way to turn for answers thus at this time you are to set your focus and reflective thoughts on going within. For it is within you that you will find your path to will find the true nature of your Soul.

Each winter solstice time, you feel some strange vibrations moving throughout your cerebral expression and you find yourself curious as to the nature of their electro magnetic qualities. These are waves of Divine Intelligence reaching your Mind…they stir and prompt responses from you. They cause synaptic relay stations to arc in your neural pathways of the brain… in response to their touch. The Rays of incoming energy move to purge your old thought processes and false beliefs, illusion and mis-truths from you and brighten the receptor sites for incoming TRUTH.

Truth in life brings confidence, worthiness..reason to set goals and dreams. Truth is like a bright light shining in front of you creating a path in your life. Truth is something that you must have… lest you be gripped by insecurity and fear.

Truth will set you free..liberate your from the confines of suffering and misery caused by the oppressive thoughts and actions by both yourself and others around you.

The liberation upon finding your Truth is an exalted one…the heart bursts forth in Love of the truth of Life and the energy systems sing..they truly sing in response and thus the importance of having alignment to the primordial nature of the Sounds of the Universe.

Solstice is a time to engage with the sound currents and chords of magical notes of the Cosmos. The harmonizing to the Music of the Spheres are uplifting and bring many moments of Bliss. This in turn inspires you to seek further… for once tasting the interface between the Divine Spirit and your Truth seeking Ego body, you crave more and thirst more and will not be satisfied until you have returned to a wholesomeness and unified state of BEING.

At this time…each of you as a Child of Creation, have the right to seek and to find this Truth. It is within your true nature..your true identity of Self. Do not hesitate any longer to find your own TRUTH.

The TRUTH of your identity is in fact what expresses your Soul Purpose and Soul Mandate assigned to you for this particular lifetime. Upon registration of this upon your awakened rise each day at dawn in pursuit of expressing it.

Realization of Self..realization of Truth…will unfold during and post solstice with a path of clarity…..creating a schematic….a map….which you can follow. Trust yourself to then follow the yourself to live upon the road map of pathworking your spiral of ascension and you will be fulfilled.

During your time in the cycle of Solstice…ask within to be shown the Truth..the true nature an plan of your Soul….your Master blueprint. You will discover just how special and unique you are. For just like 2 snowflake that are never alike…each one of you are unique and have your own special blueprint. By moving into your heart centre and up through the heart into your Mind and Soul…you will see TRUTH.

Choose to engage this process throughout solstice and you will not be disappointed for it is not a game but a UNIVERSAL LAW that is infallible. The Universal Laws are governing this directive and you shall find that Truth seeks you as much as you seek it.

The magnetic interface rushes through you as LOVE…for the LOVE in your heart is what is urging you forward…that devotional heart that desires to be as ONE with the Divine within you.

May you find peace and comfort in the fact that your can TRUST in Universal Law and the First Principle of Love and Principle of TRUTH.

Trust now…put absolute TRUST in your surrender to the Divine within Thee…Cosmic Blessings to All…

The Master of the Temple.

Weekly Energy Updates – November 24th to November 30th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

New Moon energy is at your back now and you just passed through a change over the weekend.  It became a little confusing for some as the energy would waffle between providing you a lot of energy to get things done… to heading you towards the couch for a nap! That being said, we enter this new week now on some “silver lining” energy which means positive support from your Universal alignments both subtle and obvious!  Always after a New Moon you feel like you would like something to “start happening”….something that weaves into your own intentions & directives…well it is happening this week!

You have long been asked to keep your focus and try your best at setting goals both large and small that will help you build momentum on your Spiritually infused life here on earth. Do a review of these goals today and see where you would like to put your efforts.  Reminder to be content with what you choose and address it more fully.  For eg. if you are in the midst of personal changes at home…then focus there.  If you are inclined to develop a project for your work or hobby…take it there. Whatever you choose the Universal energies provided this week are on track to be your wings.

Have a look during this post New Moon time of November to scan ahead at 2015 because it IS just around the corner.  Solstice is only a few weeks away and then you will enter a new year.  Gear up now and make your plans on just how you are going to engage the transition between this year and next.  Remember too that Spring 2015 will be quite an incredible time of manifestation of your soul purpose so the next few months are critical. Continuous effort and focus on your individuated expression..your own true Creative Self is key!

We build up our efforts and energy focused on the development of our personal projects over the next 3 to 4 weeks because after solstice (December 21st) you are going to go into a period of rest and reflection. Yes..even through the holiday time.  You will wish to settle and not be inclined to noise and over stimulation…not at all.  More on that later.

Enjoy this week…steady like the turtle but with a painted belly of colourful energy from the Universe hand gliding you along in the right direction !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – October 27th to November 2nd, 2014

Hi everyone!

Whirlwind changes in your life over the past few weeks no doubt !  The partial solar eclipse & New Moon from last Thursday has opened up many possibilities for each of you and has taken your baggage out of your hands…you know..the heavy suitcases of old karma carryover that you have been burdened with.  Those bags have been taken from you and now with this feeling of “lightness” and perhaps a little uncertainty…you go forward!  What does freedom feel like for you?  It likely does bring a little confusion because you have been so used to repetitive patterns of the same old; same old..that you are not quite sure what to do with this liberation of Self!  Well here’s the good news…it is up to you now to co-design and co-create from this new space you find yourself in. Amazing!

Along this theme, you now find yourself with a very special spot from inside of you, radiantly shining outwards looking for manifestation.  You are to reflect on your gifts..your talents..your Divinely invested assets in yourself and acknowledge them.  The next step is to take some action.  This week is a re-shuffling week of sorts.  You need to re-organize your schedule, framework and course of action..because what you are doing over the next 2 to 3 weeks will DICTATE THE EXPERIENCES YOU HAVE IN SPRING, 2015.  This is very important to note…so I will repeat…be aware of what you are co-creating this week…because it will be the platform of your spring, 2015 successes..okay? Perfect !

So roll up your sleeves..identify what’s in and what’s out…and take some action. If you are to understand yourself more clearly…take a step back and look at the bigger purpose..the big picture of yourself. This will have emphasis on what is really IMPORTANT in your life.  Take a strong stance in your principles..adhere to Universal Law…slough off the riff-raff energy of wasting time, money and any distraction from your precious dedication to your enlightened path…and get on with the most beautiful soul mandate at hand !

Do your meditations, yoga, walking, hiking, singing, toning, affirmations, good cooking, removal of toxins, additions of positive energy in any form and add LOVE to your life….all this?  Sure…pick something from the list and get at it!  Enjoy your week have started a new cycle after the most powerful New Moon & Solar eclipse…we have had in a long time.  This cleared out so many old emotions so that the Sun’s Light could pierce you deeply with arrows of love!  Cosmic Blessings!

In Light and in Peace,



New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse today – October 23rd, 2014

HI Everyone!

The Stars…our own Sun…is particularly active right now with solar flares and today…a partial Solar Eclipse during the New Moon. We are under the influence of the constellations Libra and Scorpio, both of which direct our attention to bringing balance to our inner waters (emotions, sexual energy, relationships).  Libra will dictate to you balance with your financial affairs, collective world economics and a “state of affairs” globally when combined with the Solar and Lunar energies this day.

Today is a gift for each of us from the STARS….during the Solar eclipse time (and even building up to it 3 days before…3 days after) our SUN is charging up it’s life giving energy and directing it into your own shadows, illusions and false beliefs to reveal to you that which is burying you like a heavy wet blanket.  By doing this, you feel the need to push up…and cast the blanket aside so that you may enjoy the benefits of the Universal Love energy that the SUN…your HEART CHAKRA REPRESENTATION….offers you now!

This day you will be enlightened…attain some self realization…likely more so than you ever have before!  The Aha!!  Got it !!! responses will be leading the way.  Recognize this….emotions and mental states in people have been very erratic of late with confusion, depression, overwhelm and such…why?  The blanket is too heavy! The weight of the old paradigm doesn’t suit the new cycle of Spiritual consciousness.  This is the week of outlandish change….a week where you can make some incredible changes that may even surprise you!  Honour and follow the heart.  Be authentic and stay true to yourself.

This is not the time to be the follower; the sheep…it is the time to be the Master of your own life and lead the way.  Feeling excited about the changes?  You should be…they will dictate how your 2015 Spring will unfold.  What you set in motion this week will be the foundation for the Spring of next year.  Make it count!

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  Please don’t buy into the fear mongering going on right now in the media.  That’s the last thing you wish to do.  Just stay informed through the news but do not let it sink and program you.  Cosmic Blessings!

Weekly Energy Updates – August 25th to August 31st, 2014

Hi Everyone !

New Moon energy today…lay low…just contemplate/reflect on your life, plans, objectives.  Don’t be rushing around trying to get things done as it won’t work well.  Take things one step at a time.

Now tomorrow you can start to move things around, organize your projects and take some action.  You still need to look at this week more so as a “planning and preparing week.”  You will be organizing and setting into place the framework of your projects and practices.  Research things and reflect carefully.  Be aware that rushing through anything this week will likely lead to re-takes.  Be selective and careful about things you are buying..even back to school/work requirements, autumn clothes/shoes and things for your home.  If you let advertising and emotions rule this at all you will be disappointed and spend too much.

The “emotional you” is still having some ups and downs whilst the constellations are changing hands with more Virgo influence.  Leo is still putting the pressure on your heartfelt underlying Soul purpose, which is making you feel the challenges of getting your directives underway.  Virgo is offering you such an opposite to this…a kind, warm and nurturing energy is emanating from Virgo that asks you to TRUST.  So even though you feel such powerful creative and expansive energy…Virgo’s tempering this with the Inner heart centre reminding you that all is in order in the Universe. It always is.

So take up the reins this week and move your “chariot” forward…with a methodical approach that will serve you best in the long run.  Don’t let the emotions knock you around and cause you to rush into things sideways.  It’s a “feel good” week.  See your problems and challenges as things that will receive help/guidance in resolving.  Know that you will surmount obstacles!

With the long weekend for many by week’s end, you will want to look back on this week with the satisfaction of having done a good week’s work.  There will be measurable changes and advancements throughout your week.  No need to worry then…deep breath….all is well!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – July 28th to August 3rd, 2014

Hi Everyone!

With the New Moon behind you now…you can start to explore a few more “activities” this week…kind of get yourself moving into the doing mode. You may enjoy having some new experiences planned for yourself and/or family that you never seem to have got around to actually doing before. This would be a nice week to manifest something like that.  Think about what you would like to start and get into the energy flow that will propel you forward.  We have had plenty of boosting from the influence of Jupiter already and I see this will continue to be strong this week. Jupiter does have a way of opening up doors with magnitude !

Insights on your karma, destiny and fate will be moving in and out of your conscious awareness as well…likely when you least expect it. Even more insights will be gained if you actually include this as part of your meditation practice.  This is a good thing because you are receiving these insights so that you don’t make the same mistakes again…plus these insights will give you greater clarity on some very positive choices and opportunities! When we examine our lives over the years and experiences we have had, we enrich ourselves at a deeper level.  When people just “fly” along through life they lose out on the deeper meaning and we call this “living on the surface”.  Not a good choice!  So to really get the most out of your life, you are being encouraged to review and examine your experiences deeply.  Life has handed you quite a “menu” of choices and you get to know what you like, dislike, savour, wish to repeat again and remove all together!  Life’s desserts are on that menu too so there are plenty of sweet memories to be created and shared!

So let’s get going this week creating experiences that can then be stored as enriching memories for your Akashic Records…all important matters are placed here in your life and it is in your best interest to keep your library growing!

In Light and in Peace,


ps.  Having a great workshop on “Accessing your Akashic Records” this autumn…Keep an eye open for the announcement of the date of class…in person or long distance study available.

Weekly Energy Updates – July 21st to July 27th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

This week we are to harness our power with focused discipline and true realization of our responsibilities….especially where your home and children/family are involved…EARLY in the week.  Reorganize to ensure that everyone is involved with the recapitulation of energy plans and forecasts for their daily routines. Each of you need to organize a strong plan while we have the influences of Mars and Jupiter in place so that after the New Moon in Leo on Saturday, July 26th, you feel you can breathe easier knowing that things will turn out just fine!  So stay strong and focused on getting projects well organized and your personal daily affairs (Home/business) in order.  By the weekend, you can breathe deeply and let Jupiter’s expansive energy pull you up into higher realizations of Self!  Nice of the abundant Jupiter to do this for us!

Jupiter in the New Moon Leo expression is not a regular occurrence thus you will certainly wish to acknowledge those aspects of you that are ready to come out and shine!  Jupiter will strongly encourage you to open up your creative expression and drive that comes from deep within your Soul.  Your integrity, morals, ethics and profound heartfelt desires to lead and instruct, care for and empower others, will be emphasized now.  Great time for you to take another step up in your Soul purpose and mandate..don’t be afraid…Jupiter is holding you in his powerful aura !

With the end of this week being so profoundly life changing, you absolutely must ensure that leading up to the weekend of July 26th New Moon….you have properly secured a good framework and base for all this energy to pour into.  Great week to clean house, car, desk at work, computer, dismiss rubbish, and empower yourself with these tasks.  By the end of the week what will stand out and shine will only be those things in your life that have SOULFUL MEANING… You will have a powerful and positive impact on others!

So don’t delay…this is an active week..not passive…Leo energy and Jupiter is not passive especially with Mars involved.  You know that you need to be on track and turn your minds “EYE” towards your truth line…Let’s go !  Have a great week!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – May 26th to June 1st, 2014

Hi Everyone!

New Moon May 28th…this week is going to be all about CHANGE…you need to recognize your old paradigms and make sure that extra effort is put into transforming the old behaviour patterns.   You are not the person you were a year ago; 6 months are changing and your understanding of your Soul mandate is well underway.

Be in a better state of mind this week…recognize that there are plenty of opportunities for you to shine forth your Creative Spirit !! If you truly look for these outlets they will present themselves with much more clarity.  The Soul consciousness wishes for you to be liberated from past mistakes, repetitive behaviours and false starts.

The energy is actually quite good..but the questions remain inside of you….how,  what, when, where?  These are questions that are justified… yes…but please allow for the answers to be HEARD by you..not just a mental notation but truly an awareness that the answers are CAN change your direction AND change your life.  Listen to your intuition.

Funny how we often do not really “hear” the answers…but yet we still continue to ask the same things..?

This is a particularly marvelous week of asking and listening; listening and action.  You are the Master within…..remember that !

Start your NEW projects, relationships, business proposal, etc.. just about 24 hours minimum AFTER the New Moon energy on the 28th of May…that gives you time for incredible realizations to take place!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – April 28th to May 4th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

New Moon Energy !  Let’s get on a roll this week and ensure that extra effort is placed upon ALL new projects & ideas that you are inspired with.  There will be plenty of downloads coming in from your Higher Self and it is in your very best interest to write them down and ACT on them this week.

Some of you are working on physical issues, health, relationships, business projects or creative expressions! Whatever it is that you are inspired by it is the best time to go past the old limitations and false beliefs and just jump right in.  There will be those nagging old beliefs trying to resurface to pull you back and the best thing you can do is face each and every one of them. Remember they ARE FALSE…the truth of your existence is coming down through the channels of your MIND, while any chatter of doubt, is coming from the old beliefs that now must transform.  Let’s totally release the false beliefs into a transformational Light and give strength to that which is new!

Ready to teach? heal? write? draw? act? pursue corporate positions? Raise the bar on your athletic goals?  Then go ahead…and make it something that you truly wish to do and feel in your heart! not jump over the challenges or try to get around adversity…FACE it …straight on and dismantle it.  Recognize that anything that goes against your Soul expression is an illusion.  You will find power inside of you this week that you didn’t even know you had! are making headway towards the manifestation of your Soul Purpose!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – March 31st to April 6th, 2014

Hi Everyone !

The New Moon and the influence of SATURN (karma, destiny, fate, laws, cycles, timing) are both at your back…meaning you can be rest assured that all is in order with your New Beginnings this Spring cycle and there is no chaos.  Stability of Order and Law is ruling your new start of projects, inspirations, goals, dreams and soul mandates. This is a very special energy week and I would hope that each of you will delve deeply into the meaning of it without distracting incident.

Focus on the BIGGER PICTURE of your life.  Realize that what you do and invest in, and the decisions you make this week are not all for immediate gratification but for the long term spiritual development of both yourself, those around you and the human race. Be clear and precise and move forward under the alignment to the Divine.  Be prepared to surrender and to act.  Meaning be aware that you must move some things out of the way, especially your attachments to the way you may have done things in the past.  Don’t be afraid to move into the new cycle with more fearlessness…it is in just need to bring that strength and courage out.

Be clear about what you believe to be the aligned task and mandate…and be open to modify that as required, due to the fact that your perceptions are much, much smaller than the perceptions and view from the Soul Level!  Be aware that there is always a greater picture but you may not see it all yet.

Be aware this week that you are just at the tip of the iceberg in awareness of your True Soul purpose….meaning you can’t even imagine just yet where your creative expression and manifestations, or your investment of energy and time into humanity, are going to go yet.  The greater good served is just that; GREAT and there is plenty of room for expansion and all will benefit in the outcome.

Don’t waste any time this week daydreaming or fantasizing or wishing…this is an active week where you need to set yourself down into active experiences.  Whether that is writing, drawing, dancing, singing, planning, business meetings or whatever it is you have to do it.  The only passive time will be early in the morning and later at night for reflection and meditation.

okay..let’s do our best folks…this is a powerful week.

Oh and by the way…the incoming Souls born between yesterday’s New Moon and Next Sunday are very special souls…they will make major changes in their lineages and shift their stream of Divine heritage!!

In Light and in Peace,


** Participate in World Healing…in person or long distance in your own home” :



Weekly Energy Updates – March 3rd to March 9th, 2014

Hi Everyone !

If ever I could advise and encourage you to stay focused on your developing soul mandate…it’s now.  You do have plenty of added support from the Universal – Divine Intelligences who are watching over you and represent the greatest qualities of the evolving Golden Age to be developed by each of us.  It is not to be taken lightly when I tell you that this particular cycle of March 2014, as we engage the Spring shift in the north (Fall in the south) is THE MAJOR KEY to your attainment of alignment with the Christed Consciousness of the 1st Principle of Love and your own particular Soul Mandate.  If it seems to you that I am overstating or repeating myself with regard to this…it is only because I am doing my very best to make sure you resonate with the importance of this time cycle.

During this week you have a very good influence from Jupiter (Soul’s Will) coming in and even with the common adversities that come up in your life, this power is much stronger for you when aligned to it.  Distractions must be kept to considerable minimum and your old habits, routines, desires must be sloughed off now.  Time is up…your “framework” is being twisted, modified, re-designed, strengthened and “spell-checked…(little humour there)…in order to have the most suitable foundation and 4 pillar base support.

The reality of your life…the Truth of your existence is becoming much more clear to you.  No longer lured by the illusion of ostentatious behaviour and presentation by unconscious people who live so attached to the material plane, you find great enlightenment in your own reflections.

Something very natural and real is emerging from inside of you that may seem overwhelming, strange, exciting and quite unique!  Do you trust this?  YES…because this is the time when you step out of the box and place yourself on the faster moving current that takes you through many ascension experiences.  One must not only trust…but be the True son or daughter of the greater Light who seeks their way back into Divine felicity.  It’s time to get off the wheel of karma and emerge victorious and liberated!  This week you will be asked to take steps towards this goal.  You ready ?

In Light and in Peace,


Spring Equinox celebration:  (join in person or long distance)







Weekly Energy Updates – February 24th to March 2nd, 2014

Hi Everyone !

As the energies “zig zag” along taking us back into our past and forward into our Self-Realizations, we are all still to keep swimming upstream towards the goal of Spring manifestation.  You will find that there are currents in the stream that are refreshing and cooling for you when you move into your more passive feminine side of reflection too which allows each of you to perceive with clarity the vision of your future.  If you work too hard with the heat of the Yang energies….struggling upstream, you will be disappointed as you will feel out of control.  It is best to balance the active pursuit upstream with the same streams cool currents.  That way, within the cooler currents the visions and internal guidance will keep you strong and on track.  I hope that you can understand this analogy…because it is very important that you continue to strive to be unique unto yourself.

This is a successful journey regardless, and you can pause to look around you while you are going forward from time to time this week to evaluate and appreciate your surroundings.  The environment you are creating for yourself and your family is from the Creator Itself and it pleases the Universe too when you enjoy the manifestation of the Creator’s works.  Nature for example, or your latest project, or perhaps just the decor of your home or the sweet fragrances coming from the kitchen oven.  All these things in your life should be taken into account as to contributing to the joy and good health and well being of your spiritual journey.

There are those that have more and there are those that have less.  However you measure it…you still can easily find the “link of Love” between you and the manifestation of your hands at work.  Skilled or untrained does not is what you create around you and within you from your heart that counts.  As one child’s drawing is not better than another child in school, nor too is one Son or Daughter of Creation better than another when each is trying from their own heart to express the All within them.

You are doing very well…and sometimes you just don’t stop to realize this.  During the week ahead as you pursue your dreams, goals and projects at hand…please pause to consider just who you are and assimilate the meaning of your existence here on earth.  What a beautiful expression of the Divine you truly are!

Every time you align with the Higher dimensions of Truth & Light…you bring that stream down into the lower dimensions to illuminate them.  Bring your own kindness and joy to this world through your touch, word or smile.  Your plans in life are unfolding and many, many streams of Divine Intelligence are joining you to ensure the manifestation of the GREATER works of Life in the coming weeks and months.  Now is not the time to hold your breath…now is the time to breathe and enjoy the challenges, the measurable successes and the many moments of delight.   May the week ahead bring you many enlightened moments!

In Light and in Peace,


p.s. New Moon March 1st !!!  Tremendous insights at the end of this week…


Weekly Energy Updates – February 3rd to February 9th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Happy New Beginnings to you!  Oh I know it’s not Spring yet…but after last week’s New Super Moon AND your weekend reflections resulting in decisions being made in your life…you can truly see why I wish you such great tidings!  The realizations you made over the weekend are VERY important and do trust yourself to follow the insights and guidance you intuitively received. There were some tremendous moments of finality and threshold crossings made contributing to your new beginnings.

What you sorted out…and will continue to sort out this week…is the processing of those very important insights.  Let them continue to filter into your conscious awareness so that you can make both a mental note of them and a permanent record of them by writing them down.  Have the thoughts put down to paper because then they become tremendous reminders and strengthening tools for you.  With only weeks to go until Spring equinox (Autumn in the southern hemisphere)…we are in alignment with a greater understanding with the Divine Consciousness of the All.  We are truly listening to what is asked of us..what we planned before incarnating here..and what we know must be done in order to have a successful, joyful and fulfilling healthy life.  Aligning with the Plan of the Cosmic is the path we are to walk.

There are a few tangles this week to sort out…these tangles are not to get you all gnarled up but instead are the final filaments of mistaken alignments of the past.  There is no need for panic though…the Masters of the Inner Temple show that periods of solitude this week for you to think things out in a well paced and diligent manner, will be quite sufficient to get you through to the next phase of the February cycle.  Therefore, let’s set a healthy pace this week and move ahead.

Last thing…be aware of some transformation and upward turns in the heart chakra centre towards the throat chakra centre on February 8th and 9th.  There are Spiritual Masters on the Inner Planes that wish to teach you a few things about yourself.  Witness those Masters who greet you on a Higher Level of consciousness as Angelic Light…these are “new” teachers who are going to help you to take a new road in life.  This is a very positive and expansive road in your life..and with this strength surrounding you….you will have the courage and personal empowerment to achieve a successful alignment.  Just keep this in the back of your mind…it will certainly be hard to ignore!!  Blessings!

Have a great week !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – January 27th to February 1st, 2014

Hi Everyone!

This January 30th our New Moon is a Super Moon !  I rather like that as it seems we are all receiving an added boost to our plans and directed soul mandate.  New moons are always about new beginnings and shifts in cycles where changes take place.  If you found yourself struggling in the first few weeks of January (which you likely did), then this is an added boost to you in support of another projection of your MIND towards the building of your foundation.  It is very good that we are getting this energy this week.  We all need to have help in the laying down of a solid foundation.

Your choices ahead should be made RELATIVE TO YOUR SOUL PURPOSE…meaning that nothing you choose should be outside of the bigger picture of your own mandate. This can be tough because we get distracted, tired of working so hard, and just want to have some fun.  Unfortunately this is NOT the time to lay back and just play without any attention to the Divine Plan.  If anything, this is the time when you keep up the efforts.  You can still take your time to be peaceful and relax intermittently throughout this period though in order to recharge and regroup.  It’s how you handle these next few weeks that is important.  No extremes..meaning not all work and no play; not all play and no work either.  okay?

Often we forget that you are incarnate on this earth with Soul partners and Soul families.  It has taken a great deal of Divine Planning to ensure this.  In some cases, you are talking about thousands and thousands of years of planning to get you to this threshold in time…year of manifestation 2014.  You do not wish to disengage from the Plan…you wish to thoroughly engage!  Take a look at the plans with your “spiritual energy partners/colleagues” very carefully and ask yourself….”why did we come together?  What is the plan?”  You will see unfolding in your mind some very big projects and personal mandates for each of you that will change the course of events for the human race.

That is why this is such an important time.  So please do pay attention to how special and gifted you are….and those you are involved with….according to Divine Plan.  The Universe is in ORDER…we are the ones that need to recognize this and stay on track !

New Moon…new doors, new beginnings….yet another chance to get things right…!!

In Light and in Peace,