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New Moon

Weekly Energy Updates – June 6th to June 12th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Now that you have moved past the New Moon & Grand Cross energy of the weekend that has been building momentum for several weeks now…you can take a deep breath and start to reflect, analyze and examine what you have come through. LESSONS and OPPORTUNITIES!

The incredible part of this most recent leg of your journey is that the emotional triggers, false beliefs and mirroring taking place around you has actually done it’s job in strengthening you. You have had to take stock now of your positive inventory, your gifts and skills and come to conclusions about just what choices and decisions need to be made to lift you up into a better place now. VERY definitive time it is this week..with the no nonsense letting go saying…”I’m not going there again” type of attitude!

Stability, strong stands, balancing on both feet, lots of physical engagement with body exercise, outdoor labour and skillful physical crafts would benefit you tremendously right now. Think CORE strength with a firm belief in that the future is NOW. The new paradigm is NOW. New Moon of Saturday, June 4th with all those planetary and stellar influences surrounding it (especially Mars and Saturn) has literally shoved you forward from behind your back (Will of the Soul) and said, “Look…this is the last time we are going to tell you this…you are an amazing Divine Light of Higher Presence that needs to own the unique expression of your Soul Mandate..take the step..we will walk with you” ! (okay so maybe not the last time you are told this..because the Angelic team never tires of telling you how Beautiful you are..LOL !)

Plenty of old insecurities, inner child issues, core issues and the like have been rising up in yourself, your family and friends…it’s okay! It’s really good actually! Be patient with others who are not necessarily aware of how this healing stuff works! Be patient with yourself in that you have just acknowledged the repetitiveness of the lesson and have JUST made a good as you step forward..and that incredible Soul’s Light shines down upon your face and within your can smile! You are doing just great!

The Universe is on high alert this week..keeping it’s EYE on all of us and helping us through your own reflections. The Universe watches you sort out the laundry between fabrics, colours, different garments and so on…but just’s all laundry. It’s all yours and you are cleaning and sorting out a lot right now. Then comes the folding and putting away nicely. STRUCTURE…that is what Mars and SATURN are both teaching you now..ORDER and STRUCTURE. This will make you feel very good about how you integrate your Spiritual gifts and let the LOVE shine into your life. The more ordered your are in this world..the better the Higher worlds can flow in and integrate within you!

Welcome to your NEW order; New level of life…bring on the Creativity! Lots of new “stuff” to do!

In Light and in Peace,

April Message & Super New Moon in Aries April 7th!

planets-890x300Message From Spirit – April 2016 –

“Wake up, Wake’s Spring” ! Your Higher consciousness is not out there somewhere but is found right inside of your MIND and extends Itself throughout your many dimensional expressions. Truly grasp what your environment; your own personal world is reflecting back to you…then look beyond and grasp what the entire physical manifestation of Life is reflecting back to you that you can learn and grow from.

New Year consciousness, during this cycle of Spring, stirs you to look back to your roots; your origin of when you had just begun to exist. This cycle calls out to you to look at where you were birthed from in the Universal sense and see what the Life stream is all about.

Your more recent shifts of consciousness have afforded you the time for reflection to figure out that you are quite uncomfortable with the state of limbo; having neither the desire to go backwards nor the will power and empowerment to go forward. Or do you? Perhaps you in fact DO have the power and courage to go forward and j need some support and guidance along the way.

You have awakened from the slumber of a long winter cycle (and energy time of introspection) to find yourself with emerging powers and vitality starting to move through your stellar veins underlying your physical energy meridians. The power is there and you are not quite sure what to do with it. It feels so powerful ..much like having a powerful engine placed in your car that you know belongs on a racetrack but instead you need to learn to navigate it through a busy city!

The power you have inside of you MUST be harnessed and governed by you because it is not going to be pushed back down now! It has emerged and the momentum is growing. Does Nature just stop the buds on trees from growing into blossoms? No…of course not And your energy is inside of you and has begun to push it’s way up through the chakras and it is causing some disturbances AND causing you to feel thrilled with it’s arrival at the same time!

During the period of vibrational change in the last several weeks and even months…you could feel the rumblings inside of you and you experienced the sudden bursts of enlightenment from time to time (like the baby kicking inside the mother’s womb) but now the forces are coming on much stronger much like labour pains just prior to birth. Nothing is going to stop that baby from being born.

Now much like parents are taught to prepare their lives and a room for the baby including the bed, play area, educational plans, nurturing, eating habits, scheduling and the restructuring of their own lives as they know the baby will permanently change them, YOU must be doing your absolute best for preparation and reordering for your own Spiritual Birth!

Some of you have started and others are still painting walls in the nursery!

If you are ill-prepared for your own Soul (baby) energy arrival, you will get overwhelmed, confused, psychically mixed up, tired, cranky, irritable and weepy. If you structure yourself with the newly printed schedule that is being handed to you, you become confident, focused, well adjusted, more conscious and deeply connected.

We repeat to you right now that you are no longer on the old schedule; old paradigm You cannot go backwards and you must go forward with the understanding that things will not be the same that they were. You’ve already changed. You have dropped in some cases, many layers of the old animal body habits, passions, appetites and ways of complacency and shifted up to an eagerness to learn and to grow exponentially within the Bosom of the All; the Mind of the All and the Universal Body of the All.

If you insist on sleeping in too long when Spirit is telling you that the time cycle has changed…we will have to start the DAY without you and you won’t like that as you will then have to catch up. There are many chores and responsibilities being assigned right now as well as many glorious realizations of the Worlds around you…physical and non-physical. Many of you will be discovering the Earth Beauty for the first time while others will not only be examining the Beauty of the Divine Mother as Earth but the Divine Mother and Divine Father of LIFE!

Multi-complex is the nature of the Universe and you will have a growing opportunity to investigate it all. What are the limitations? There really aren’t any if you organize yourself well and be prepared to reorder and re-fire during this new Spring timeline. Old Habits and outside influences must be abolished now for investment instead in those Mind, Body and Soul feeding experiences that keep you uplifted and joyful!

If you examine what you are doing now each day and find something to be amiss..then it is out of Order and must be changed. Remember that YOU are the Master within and it is YOU that will dictate the order of things in alignment with the Order of the Universe. The evolving personality will have to get used to being subservient to the Mind of the All.

The many Angelic Ones, Ascended Masters and Worthy Guardians that are with you, supporting you are quite prepared to engage with you for further study and reflection. If you decide to take the time to work into the Higher Temples of the Inner Planes of Spiritual consciousness, they are there to enhance and enlighten you on many aspects of your personal Soul journey. You are not alone.

Be clear on that which you wish to engage in and this will open unto Thee.

Establish your commitment to Self and Speak it out loud; Speak it within your heart. Use the powers of your Throat Centre and Mind to establish your new routines and directives. Pathwork around the mountain at the neck and shoulders until you see the illumination occur at the top of the mountain in response to your efforts. There is a Light that shine forth from the top of the Mountain and it’s calling you!

Worthy Ones, be aware that your life is not to be a mundane existence of slavery and labour. You were never designed for this by the Hand and Mind of Creator. You established some habits that drove you into this slumber and now that you have awakened, it is time to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine of the Living Day. We gently and yet firmly, wake each of you up now from a sleepy time. You would not wish to miss out on anymore opportunities such as this one. Do all that you can to invest time and energy into the advancement of your Soul consciousness. That is what is important and the many around you will benefit from it.

Don’t “dilly dally” with frivolous entertainment of the wiles of mankind that distorts and disturbs, instead you must come to understand just how much LIFE there is in you. Life that is not limited to one sacred spot on earth alone but inclusive of many. Go beyond your dream state; beyond the fixations you have had on matter now and embrace the New Kingdoms; and Bring “Spirit to Earth” inside of you. Unfold that which you have not seen for a long time. It is worth it.

Conscious travels! Class Master

Weekly Energy Updates – March 7th to March 13th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Can we get better than this? Oh probably yes…but WOW ! What a week ahead! We have New Moon in Pisces, Total Solar Eclipse and Jupiter the closest to the earth that it will be this year…all in the outset of this week’s energy! March 7th, 8th and 9th are big energy shifts !

We start out our week with the “calm before the storm” in that you will find Monday, March 7th a good time to stay quiet. Find some time today to meditate, go into Nature or sit and relax somewhere even if just for a brief period of time. Enjoy the energy of reflection.

Tuesday and Wednesday and even into Thursday you will want to examine your life deeply and decide what is important to you. Are you putting the Soul path FIRST and foremost on your agenda? Big issues on the table at this time: Self-worth and Self-Love. The heart. All the planetary and stellar influences during this cycle are pointing directly at your heart. I hope that you are listening big time. Your heart and the expression of love. The ebb and flow of love in our life; through your heart is very, very important. You wish to be healthy and strong and find joy in your life now and forever more. Follow your heart.

Remove anything in your life that is not in alignment with your heart centre and focus your time and energy now on improving the quality of your life; your Spiritual path. Speak up and share with your family and friends this time as well and encourage them to do the same. We all need to move the shadows of illusion and old pain/suffering out of our lives now (thus the Solar eclipse letting the shadow and darkness pass across the face of the sun). The shadows will come out of you during this week and must be addressed. Some of you have already been experiencing this for perhaps a few weeks now leading up to this time. New Moon in Pisces indicates that you are on a new beginning as well out of the grip of the lower emotions, appetites, and any addicted behaviours to unhealthy experiences (including relationships). Big ol’ Jupiter represents the SOUL’S WILL of Creator and boy oh boy…He can’t be any more in our faces right now !! Jupiter is the closest to the earth in the next couple of days that it will be all year !

Can you imagine that the Blessed Creator is sending to us all these signs, signals and heads up energies this week! We must pay attention and be sure to dedicate our tasks, our time to the beautiful life that we are meant to live. Pull yourself up and out of the old paradigm completely and state your oath to yourself. Be clear and strong on what it is you wish to do and let the Love shine forth from within you.

Use this week’s energy for healing, starting new projects, cleaning out the old and embracing the new. Ask your body what you are blocking if it is giving you pain. It is trying to talk to you. Ask within and ask your spiritual mentors for help. Use this week to really embrace the Beauty within you!

Become more engaged with the energy of Nature this week and with the connection you have to Universal Source..the Divine Essence of your True Self. Like a tree budding it’s sacred growth in the early spring…be sure to feel both your connection to the Sun (Soul & Divine alignment) and your connection to the Earth (good roots and ground)

Blessings on this auspicious week of Sacredness, Truth and Light !

In Light and in Peace,

Weekly Energy Updates – February 8th to February 14th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

New Moon energy of Aquarius is underway now which gives you yet another chance to re-start, re-group and re-direct your life choices; your path, dreams and goals! If you have been challenged and struggling with keeping a balanced momentum going or even just getting started, this is a good week to buckle down so that you can check off things on your to-do list! Draw this power and opportunity for rebuilding INTO yourself. This will mean good management of your time. Shake off those strange feelings of just zoning out or getting mesmerized by the television, computer, etc. Deep breath and re-group yourself. Tackle one task at a time so that you feel deep satisfaction in it’s completion.

Life’s demands can often get in the way of your plans but it is important to remember that your steady spiritual development, which is unfolding, should be enjoyed each moment along the way as well! Under Aquarius, the entire human race is in a position to liberate themselves at different stages and paces, from the shackles of the old time-line laborious false beliefs. YOU are personally able to enrich your life with many self-realized moments that will lighten your load and increase your awareness of Self. This is a great week to reflect with such powerful planetary, moon and constellation influences. Let these realizations rise up for your self discovery!

Points to remember about this New Moon week:

1. Deep breath and good use of the New beginnings. Set out the project to be completed whether large or small and get it done.

2. Moon/Signs teaching – What is stopping you from finding and expressing your own Soul signature and contributing to the greater good which brings tremendous Light and Love into your life? Good week for reflection and healing on this. IDENTIFICATION of the emotional block.

3. Embracing the joyful moments and offerings of life. Stop in your tracks and appreciate that which you DO have. Look at the Beauty in those around you. Mention to someone who you find feeling scornful and sad, a very positive, truthful statement about them that can lift their Spirits!

Aquarius energy is all about helping one another to build a better world for us all. Together we can achieve this. Start in your own home!

In Light and in Peace,

Weekly Energy Updates – January 11th to January 17th, 2016

Good Day to each of you!

With the New Moon at your backs…this is a good week (and particularly Jan 11th as a good day) to start your new projects and to roll up your sleeves and dig into your work. Some of you are going to be particularly focused on your own health and well being of a physical nature, while others are being creative with new work projects or spiritual plans. Whatever your focus is for these opening months of the year, be sure to engage and try to stay focused.

We have some very beautiful energies present that emanate from the Solar Heart of the “Cosmic consciousness” which everyone can “feel” when they tune in though may not completely understand. These are moments of profound reassurance for you..that “everything is going to be okay”. Trust this for when you are feeling anxious, upset, nervous or afraid, you just need to stop and breathe. Close your eyes and tune into the energy that is connecting in and through your heart chakra. That is the Cosmic Heart Centre energy that I am referring to. KNOW that it is there for you and is only building in strength !

There are times when we need to make choices that can cause unpleasantness to another. In other words…it is “tough love”. Choices that you must make in order to grow; and to “shake out” the old paradigm once and for all. You have to trust yourself on these things…so check within. Changes are absolutely in the works and you are adhering to them strictly. Abide by them and do what is right. Letting go, altering, modifying and ending certain experiences are necessary for expansion of Self and for the contribution to the greater good. You are truly acknowledging the forward progression and evolution of mankind. We will soon be feeling more and more of the Aquarius energy this month which is always very innovative and forward thinking. Capricorn right now is HOLDING THE LIGHT FOR YOU IN THE HEART! Enjoy this very “Christed Love” office of energy!

This week you will feel a lot of love…Love that you may not have known in your life for some time; if ever. Where is it coming may ask? From deep within the heart..emerging and pushing it’s way up through you. Some people are finding that it may be getting stuck here and there. Not to worry…you can call on help for this or seek some help from a healing. The heart is designed to flourish with love at this time; and all times. Let the blossoming come forth! A truly beautiful time and moment that this cycle brings!

Enjoy your week!

In Light and in Peace,

If you are in need of heart chakra may connect with a healing:

Weekly Energy Updates – May 18th to May 24th, 2015

Hi Everyone !

I just love the NEW MOON energy in May…which happened to be Sunday..(May 17th)…which means that you are to dive into your creative projects with great enthusiasm and you can expect return on your efforts.  It is a real “give and take”..ebb and flow.  It’s always good to start one day AFTER the New Moon which would of left yesterday for a break/rest…which means today you pick yourself up into new things!

Today…you may be wrestling with some emotional “drag”…so the World Healing Project Angelic team was working on that for each of you this morning.  These “nagging” issues in the heart centre are old and should be understood to be from an old paradigm.  Do some deep breathing this morning and help yourself and the Angelic team in shaking off the rest of them.  They have already undergone processing inside of you…you have understood their cause…so “Bless them and transform them back to Light” !

So we go on….with the FRESHNESS of this week’s clean can implement your new rules, routines and organized scheduling.  Give it a hearty try…you will be amazed how much can be accomplished and gained in the process.  Enjoy your “to do” list because it helps you organize and solidify your plans.

There is a very good interface underway this week with the Higher energies because of the shift that took place 3 days prior to the New Moon.  Again…I will mention that old acquaintances will be thought of, perhaps contacted, and new networks of people will be formed and developed.  It’s all lot about community and friendships right now.  You do NOT want to isolate yourself during this cycle…the opposite is true.  Keep building and developing your associations as it is necessary for your advancement.

If you are looking at your projects ahead and saying to yourself…”this is big!”…you are right.  It takes a lot of positive energy and effort to change yourself; and change this world!  What are we waiting for?  Good day to start !  Have a great week everyone!

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  If you wish to follow the World Healing Project “tweets” and be aware of the FREE healing you are receiving 2x a day…catch them on Twitter:   MindLoveWill or follow on Kathy Roseborough in FACEBOOK.  If you wish to be on the hand written healing list instead…just email me your name or names of your loved ones to:


Weekly Energy Updates – April 20th to April 26th, 2015

Hi Everyone !

This week’s energy is starting off a little rough …so you need to learn to roll with it.  Let me explain…With the full power up charging ahead you have done in the last week especially…the relay switches are clicking in your brain and the new wiring to your emotions and physical health are trying to catch up and integrate.  Not always an easy task..but not to worry it will smooth out. Wednesday and Thursday will see a smoother state as you relax into the new ORDER of energy transfers inside of you.

It is a reminder to each of us that when you have SURGES of power and ideas…that you give yourself ample time to integrate as well.  The ON switch should not be full power ON all the time or you burn out.  Down time good.

What you need to be very, very careful of is the tendency to slip back into old patterns without realizing it when you overwhelm yourself. We do know that a steady climb is the way to go up the mountain… with pausing to rest here and there to take in the view…but you mustn’t get distracted, overwhelm yourself and lose focus. I’ve noticed some people are feeling a little disoriented with the new energy as they try to apply it.  The KEY?  The answer is in the planning…scheduling and review of your self assessment and new definition of self.  Have a MONDAY morning “board” meeting with yourself to see if you are on track each week.  Do the reviews.  Give yourself reasonable tasks to accomplish each week as well.

With the continuous opening to your own true Self each and every day….the “wow” moments need to be appreciated and a honouring of your accomplishments.  You really are getting better and better you know !  It is important to recognize these increments of change.

Life changing too fast or not fast enough?  See where your MIND may be needing to find adjustment and alignment with the practical shift of the slower dimensions here on earth.  Earthly realms are more concretized realms than the MIND there is need to coordinate that which you download from the Spiritual realms and that which you put into practice and application here on earth.  It’s okay…we are all learning to “Minister” to the newly found kingdoms within ourselves!

Summary for the week?  Your planning, review of your plans and execution of your plans. Stay to task.  Are you on track with your definition of Self?  okay GOOD !  I sense a happy sigh of contentment as the week progresses !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – March 16th to March 22nd, 2015

Hi everyone…well….are you ready for Equinox this week? And a NEW MOON ?Red Hearts_Rays of Light

I posted the RED Ray energy because in the change of the seasons in the northern hemisphere we celebrate Spring Equinox and a rebirth of Nature’s wonders! There is a renewal and a powerful surge of Energy that causes rebirth of life for many Kingdoms..this includes human beings.

What most have forgotten is how to work WITH this cycle of Time that the Creator is offering you…so let’s go over a few things now so that you can engage with this time cycle for the most benefit in your life.

Pre-Equinox energy this week will be prompting you to recognize those emotional difficulties and underlying concerns you have…AND….to reassure you that it is quite normal to have these things come up for you to face.  Here’s where the Universal Love steps in and comforts you.  Being kind to yourself and others is important during this time especially.  Self Love and acknowledging your very sacred Life must be addressed now with your needs spelled out clearly so that you will focus energy there to create.

Expect to step out of your comfort zone during the changing season and step up into a greater realization of yourself.  The greatest gift you can give yourself is to “TRY”..take the first step.  The Universe ALWAYS gives a gift at Equinox and Solstice times…so meditate during this time and clarity will come to you, uplifting healing will come to you..and insights on your new direction will come to you as well.

Leave old patterns and poor habits don’t need them anymore and they don’t serve you.  Rearrange your schedule out of the mundane and repetitive with a injection of new experiences.  Join a class, be outside more, write, create, dream, plan, organize and explore.  Life is RICH in offerings..take all blinders off and see that we are a Global society….and YOU are contributing to the greater good of ALL.

Note this very important point…What is being asked of you during this time is a willingness and intention to move through changes.  The Universe will show you how.  Open mind, open heart and an understanding that this is all a very natural process of personal evolution.  You MUST change during this time…as this is how the human race evolves spiritually.

Your Equinox purification process, sloughing off of the old and the incredible welcoming of the powerful RAYS of CREATION into your own self is such an amazing RENEWAL that it will make your heart sing !  Jump up..jump in…it’s all going to be just marvelous !

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Updates – February 16th to February 22nd, 2015

Hi everyone!

It’s a New Moon energy this week starting on Wednesday the 18th but people are already feeling the shifts tugging on them.  This ranges in degrees of emotion from “I don’t feel like doing anything…to I can’t wait to do things”.  Sort of a tug of war of emotions. Be at peace with that and honour what your body needs.  Strains and stresses from environment are heightened at this time on a collective consciousness note…so the care and time you give to yourself is important.

You are waking up the sleeping dragon in yourself now..meaning the fire of the kundalini has it’s embers burning with your systems going through checks and rechecks before the big wake up call of Spring 2015.  We wake up physically then as nature dictates Her Laws to us…but we also are waking up psychologically and spiritually to our own unique new beginnings, goals and dreams.

You are not quite ready..but the preparation is well underway. This week asks you to start off at a comfortable pace without real acceleration or maxing out.  Go with the steady choice instead.  Harness your energy and conserve it well.  Replenish and rejuvenate with nature and quiet moments with your own thoughts.  Stay out of babble and excessive crowd experiences.  There is a lot of THINKING going on this week and these thinking processes will be supported by the Pink Ray of love energy in an effort to keep you positive and optimistic.  More joy in the small things of life will be found this week.  You would be amazed at how smaller accomplishments make our hearts sing !

Fixing little things around the house, doing some odd clean up jobs here and there..and literally making modest progress in your projects of any nature is keeping in alignment with the energy this week.  Staying on this pillar of equilibrium is good for your health and well being right from the physical, emotional, mental states…all the way up to spiritual levels.

A good week…strong…but not too strong.  The momentum is kept up through your deep resolve to act plus your surrender to your rest periods.  When you let go into rest..let it all go.  Be sure to trust that all is well when you do that. Letting go is part of the curative process we go through.  It enables your systems to get ready for the Spring reboot !

Wishing you pleasant days ahead…

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – January 19th to January 25th, 2015

Hi everyone!

With a New Moon happening on Wednesday the 20th of January…it’s a good time for you to take courageous steps and start to undertake agreements in your projects.   Plan NOW …starting today you need to get organized and focused on these undertakings that are developing as the week opens up for you.  You are likely feeling a little stronger…you know there is something inside of you that is very positive brewing…yet perhaps unable to totally grasp it’s full meaning.  These are the promised “unveiling of TRUTH” experiences that your Soul is aligning you with.  So much has cleared out of your way and very strong bonding with NODAL crossings of people, communications, opportunities and agreements are now taking place.

Let’s look back for a moment at November 6/7, 2014 where you may recall a HUGE shift of releasing karma took place.  Now you then took the next 2 months to scrape of some remnants and likely found the last couple months rather “rough”.  Okay…so let’s look and see what sunshine is now breaking through…as Sons and Daughters of the Greater Universal All.  Tip your face upwards towards the Light of the Soul..the Light of the All and you will experience a very refreshing wave of reassurance, comfort, truth and a “saving” if you will…of yourself.  Sounds too melodramatic?  I hope not… as I do recognize that it is difficult to describe in English words the Spiritual truths of this time cycle.  Know this:  You are increasing and rapidly accelerating your integration to your soul purpose & mandate for this lifetime.

Bluntly stated…you have suffered enough…you have cleansed and purged and likely felt like a beaten rug on and off for some time now….now the Cosmic Masters are pulling you into an incredible alignment that brings change….POSITIVE change.

May you begin this week to truly experience more and more periods of delight and uplifting energies…and less and less…of the old triggers.

Take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that present themselves.  Recognize them as signs of change.

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – December 22nd to December 28th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

With the Solstice energies supporting us going into the week, we need to take a deep account and assessment of our lives now and understand completely that what you are engaging in now is truly structuring your spring 2015 manifestations.  Reflect on the word:  STRUCTURING.  That is the key to this discourse.  Solstice energies re-capitulate the lower to higher worlds into Spiritual consciousness.  This is truly an enlightening time for us all!

Walk through a reflective time of love and forgiveness to yourself and others during this time as well.  You’d be amazed at how much healing will be taking place at this time for you.   This is a slowing down time for each of us and you are to try your best not to get caught up in the frenzy of activities that overwhelm and exhaust.  The opposite is more palatable to you!  A new cycle has begun!

Energy healing and meridian work/chakra work is a great tool to be engaging in for your personal healing and spiritual growth so don’t forget to put time aside for this!  Nature, with her powerful healing ways, will also be a great contribution to your overall good health and well being.  Don’t forget about the stars too!  The stars in the night sky are beautiful to gaze upon as they are the Divine Intelligences’ shining down upon you with wise counsel as you wrap up the end of the year.

The energy this week can be very structural for you if you permit it.  Adhere to a schedule and include for yourself time spent in meditation and all will be well.  When you reflect on the past years activities, stay objective with lots of love for yourself in your evaluation.  Things change; people change.  Know that you are swiftly evolving out of the old and into the new.  Enjoy and experience the many, many Blessings of the Cosmic!  Be confident that the changes you are implementing are in Divine Order!

In Light and in Peace,




“During the Time of Solstice…

Worthy Master..What Dost Thou wish to bestow upon each of the listening ears this day…to those gathered…the Sons and Daughters of Creation that seek truth justice and a Light shone upon their path in order for each of them to return to Divine felicity?

Worthy Master Responds: It is deep in your own consciousness that your Realization of Self and the true meaning of your existence is stored…The Divine is in each one of you and at this sacred time of year, your attention turns to finding and rediscovering for yourself just who you are and where you originate from.

Every part of you is asking for the TRUTH…every one of you is seeking for truth, as the injustices upon the face of the earth are confusing and does mire your vision. You often do not know which way to turn for answers thus at this time you are to set your focus and reflective thoughts on going within. For it is within you that you will find your path to will find the true nature of your Soul.

Each winter solstice time, you feel some strange vibrations moving throughout your cerebral expression and you find yourself curious as to the nature of their electro magnetic qualities. These are waves of Divine Intelligence reaching your Mind…they stir and prompt responses from you. They cause synaptic relay stations to arc in your neural pathways of the brain… in response to their touch. The Rays of incoming energy move to purge your old thought processes and false beliefs, illusion and mis-truths from you and brighten the receptor sites for incoming TRUTH.

Truth in life brings confidence, worthiness..reason to set goals and dreams. Truth is like a bright light shining in front of you creating a path in your life. Truth is something that you must have… lest you be gripped by insecurity and fear.

Truth will set you free..liberate your from the confines of suffering and misery caused by the oppressive thoughts and actions by both yourself and others around you.

The liberation upon finding your Truth is an exalted one…the heart bursts forth in Love of the truth of Life and the energy systems sing..they truly sing in response and thus the importance of having alignment to the primordial nature of the Sounds of the Universe.

Solstice is a time to engage with the sound currents and chords of magical notes of the Cosmos. The harmonizing to the Music of the Spheres are uplifting and bring many moments of Bliss. This in turn inspires you to seek further… for once tasting the interface between the Divine Spirit and your Truth seeking Ego body, you crave more and thirst more and will not be satisfied until you have returned to a wholesomeness and unified state of BEING.

At this time…each of you as a Child of Creation, have the right to seek and to find this Truth. It is within your true nature..your true identity of Self. Do not hesitate any longer to find your own TRUTH.

The TRUTH of your identity is in fact what expresses your Soul Purpose and Soul Mandate assigned to you for this particular lifetime. Upon registration of this upon your awakened rise each day at dawn in pursuit of expressing it.

Realization of Self..realization of Truth…will unfold during and post solstice with a path of clarity…..creating a schematic….a map….which you can follow. Trust yourself to then follow the yourself to live upon the road map of pathworking your spiral of ascension and you will be fulfilled.

During your time in the cycle of Solstice…ask within to be shown the Truth..the true nature an plan of your Soul….your Master blueprint. You will discover just how special and unique you are. For just like 2 snowflake that are never alike…each one of you are unique and have your own special blueprint. By moving into your heart centre and up through the heart into your Mind and Soul…you will see TRUTH.

Choose to engage this process throughout solstice and you will not be disappointed for it is not a game but a UNIVERSAL LAW that is infallible. The Universal Laws are governing this directive and you shall find that Truth seeks you as much as you seek it.

The magnetic interface rushes through you as LOVE…for the LOVE in your heart is what is urging you forward…that devotional heart that desires to be as ONE with the Divine within you.

May you find peace and comfort in the fact that your can TRUST in Universal Law and the First Principle of Love and Principle of TRUTH.

Trust now…put absolute TRUST in your surrender to the Divine within Thee…Cosmic Blessings to All…

The Master of the Temple.

Weekly Energy Updates – November 24th to November 30th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

New Moon energy is at your back now and you just passed through a change over the weekend.  It became a little confusing for some as the energy would waffle between providing you a lot of energy to get things done… to heading you towards the couch for a nap! That being said, we enter this new week now on some “silver lining” energy which means positive support from your Universal alignments both subtle and obvious!  Always after a New Moon you feel like you would like something to “start happening”….something that weaves into your own intentions & directives…well it is happening this week!

You have long been asked to keep your focus and try your best at setting goals both large and small that will help you build momentum on your Spiritually infused life here on earth. Do a review of these goals today and see where you would like to put your efforts.  Reminder to be content with what you choose and address it more fully.  For eg. if you are in the midst of personal changes at home…then focus there.  If you are inclined to develop a project for your work or hobby…take it there. Whatever you choose the Universal energies provided this week are on track to be your wings.

Have a look during this post New Moon time of November to scan ahead at 2015 because it IS just around the corner.  Solstice is only a few weeks away and then you will enter a new year.  Gear up now and make your plans on just how you are going to engage the transition between this year and next.  Remember too that Spring 2015 will be quite an incredible time of manifestation of your soul purpose so the next few months are critical. Continuous effort and focus on your individuated expression..your own true Creative Self is key!

We build up our efforts and energy focused on the development of our personal projects over the next 3 to 4 weeks because after solstice (December 21st) you are going to go into a period of rest and reflection. Yes..even through the holiday time.  You will wish to settle and not be inclined to noise and over stimulation…not at all.  More on that later.

Enjoy this week…steady like the turtle but with a painted belly of colourful energy from the Universe hand gliding you along in the right direction !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – October 27th to November 2nd, 2014

Hi everyone!

Whirlwind changes in your life over the past few weeks no doubt !  The partial solar eclipse & New Moon from last Thursday has opened up many possibilities for each of you and has taken your baggage out of your hands…you know..the heavy suitcases of old karma carryover that you have been burdened with.  Those bags have been taken from you and now with this feeling of “lightness” and perhaps a little uncertainty…you go forward!  What does freedom feel like for you?  It likely does bring a little confusion because you have been so used to repetitive patterns of the same old; same old..that you are not quite sure what to do with this liberation of Self!  Well here’s the good news…it is up to you now to co-design and co-create from this new space you find yourself in. Amazing!

Along this theme, you now find yourself with a very special spot from inside of you, radiantly shining outwards looking for manifestation.  You are to reflect on your gifts..your talents..your Divinely invested assets in yourself and acknowledge them.  The next step is to take some action.  This week is a re-shuffling week of sorts.  You need to re-organize your schedule, framework and course of action..because what you are doing over the next 2 to 3 weeks will DICTATE THE EXPERIENCES YOU HAVE IN SPRING, 2015.  This is very important to note…so I will repeat…be aware of what you are co-creating this week…because it will be the platform of your spring, 2015 successes..okay? Perfect !

So roll up your sleeves..identify what’s in and what’s out…and take some action. If you are to understand yourself more clearly…take a step back and look at the bigger purpose..the big picture of yourself. This will have emphasis on what is really IMPORTANT in your life.  Take a strong stance in your principles..adhere to Universal Law…slough off the riff-raff energy of wasting time, money and any distraction from your precious dedication to your enlightened path…and get on with the most beautiful soul mandate at hand !

Do your meditations, yoga, walking, hiking, singing, toning, affirmations, good cooking, removal of toxins, additions of positive energy in any form and add LOVE to your life….all this?  Sure…pick something from the list and get at it!  Enjoy your week have started a new cycle after the most powerful New Moon & Solar eclipse…we have had in a long time.  This cleared out so many old emotions so that the Sun’s Light could pierce you deeply with arrows of love!  Cosmic Blessings!

In Light and in Peace,



New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse today – October 23rd, 2014

HI Everyone!

The Stars…our own Sun…is particularly active right now with solar flares and today…a partial Solar Eclipse during the New Moon. We are under the influence of the constellations Libra and Scorpio, both of which direct our attention to bringing balance to our inner waters (emotions, sexual energy, relationships).  Libra will dictate to you balance with your financial affairs, collective world economics and a “state of affairs” globally when combined with the Solar and Lunar energies this day.

Today is a gift for each of us from the STARS….during the Solar eclipse time (and even building up to it 3 days before…3 days after) our SUN is charging up it’s life giving energy and directing it into your own shadows, illusions and false beliefs to reveal to you that which is burying you like a heavy wet blanket.  By doing this, you feel the need to push up…and cast the blanket aside so that you may enjoy the benefits of the Universal Love energy that the SUN…your HEART CHAKRA REPRESENTATION….offers you now!

This day you will be enlightened…attain some self realization…likely more so than you ever have before!  The Aha!!  Got it !!! responses will be leading the way.  Recognize this….emotions and mental states in people have been very erratic of late with confusion, depression, overwhelm and such…why?  The blanket is too heavy! The weight of the old paradigm doesn’t suit the new cycle of Spiritual consciousness.  This is the week of outlandish change….a week where you can make some incredible changes that may even surprise you!  Honour and follow the heart.  Be authentic and stay true to yourself.

This is not the time to be the follower; the sheep…it is the time to be the Master of your own life and lead the way.  Feeling excited about the changes?  You should be…they will dictate how your 2015 Spring will unfold.  What you set in motion this week will be the foundation for the Spring of next year.  Make it count!

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  Please don’t buy into the fear mongering going on right now in the media.  That’s the last thing you wish to do.  Just stay informed through the news but do not let it sink and program you.  Cosmic Blessings!

Weekly Energy Updates – August 25th to August 31st, 2014

Hi Everyone !

New Moon energy today…lay low…just contemplate/reflect on your life, plans, objectives.  Don’t be rushing around trying to get things done as it won’t work well.  Take things one step at a time.

Now tomorrow you can start to move things around, organize your projects and take some action.  You still need to look at this week more so as a “planning and preparing week.”  You will be organizing and setting into place the framework of your projects and practices.  Research things and reflect carefully.  Be aware that rushing through anything this week will likely lead to re-takes.  Be selective and careful about things you are buying..even back to school/work requirements, autumn clothes/shoes and things for your home.  If you let advertising and emotions rule this at all you will be disappointed and spend too much.

The “emotional you” is still having some ups and downs whilst the constellations are changing hands with more Virgo influence.  Leo is still putting the pressure on your heartfelt underlying Soul purpose, which is making you feel the challenges of getting your directives underway.  Virgo is offering you such an opposite to this…a kind, warm and nurturing energy is emanating from Virgo that asks you to TRUST.  So even though you feel such powerful creative and expansive energy…Virgo’s tempering this with the Inner heart centre reminding you that all is in order in the Universe. It always is.

So take up the reins this week and move your “chariot” forward…with a methodical approach that will serve you best in the long run.  Don’t let the emotions knock you around and cause you to rush into things sideways.  It’s a “feel good” week.  See your problems and challenges as things that will receive help/guidance in resolving.  Know that you will surmount obstacles!

With the long weekend for many by week’s end, you will want to look back on this week with the satisfaction of having done a good week’s work.  There will be measurable changes and advancements throughout your week.  No need to worry then…deep breath….all is well!

In Light and in Peace,