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Reflections of a Mystic

Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – October 9th to 15th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

REFLECTION…go deeper this week and really ask yourself those serious questions about how you wish to spend your waking hours here on this beautiful Earth; your life!  It has been said many times before, that the most difficult question to answer is what you wish to do or become in life.  This is a good week to explore this question and a good time to get answers!

The energy shift after full moon last week..has now driven you into a “new parking spot” in the many, many departments & compartments of your MIND.  You have now pulled yourself into this new space and new level with the thought on your mind of, just where you are going when you get out of the car?  There are so many choices yet one destination is going to take precedence over the other at this time and the others will fall into order.  What is that one destination that is closest to your heart?

The LIBRA influence on each of us this week not only brings you opportunity to balance both the active and passive art of living…but when the scales tilt to the passive and reflective mode, you should be duly prepared for the download from the Soul.  If you are drawing a blank space or gap, then you take a break and do something else.  Come back to your meditative and reflective practice and you will find the connection strengthening.

Reflection and pondering upon subject matters always leads to further questions though too, doesn’t it?  Keep a notebook handy for the further questions and reflections you receive and allow yourself the freedom of getting it out on paper.  You are keep the flow of thought…no stopping it!  Patterns, designs, ideas, string of words, concepts…these will all begin to develop and take semblance this week if you let it.

For the physical body?  Pay attention to your skin for clues to what you may be eating/drinking that is causing you to be out of balance in digestion and absorption.  The skin is speaking to a lot of people these days because it does tell you about your nerves, the function of your liver, your peacefulness in your environment, your relationships, your diet, your feelings about yourself too! The skin needs more attention…it’s talking to you!

Solar plexus healing is in order for the week so you will be looking at your big “nerve plexus” and sensitivity, your self worth, attitudes and balance of work to rest. Please DO assess the various points about your life this week..even if just for examination and reflection.  Action can take place in the unfolding days and weeks to come!

Okay..!  Let’s tackle this week by sitting down and reflecting first!  Grab a yoga mat, a couch, a piece of grass under a tree or a blanket and tune in!

In Light and in Peace,


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The World is Changing…fast…October Message from Spirit

Message from Spirit – October 2017
The World has Changed…It has shifted Direction.

Our month opens with the “butterflies of transformation” energy prominent amongst us and an extensive and deep opportunity for pulling up into your energy centres developing some of our greatest possibilities! How..when you see that anxiety, fear and nervousness seems to sweep the world, you ask?

Are you looking at your life ahead and thinking….Unfamiliar territory? Unknown? Deep and seemingly empty in many ways? Yes..because you are going to BUILD the future in alignment co-creatively with your Soul; your own inherent Divine Intelligence and Love.

When you look at the positive possibilities you are dreaming about you think and imagine amazing ideas…ideas perhaps that you believe will change the world in which we live in. You’re right of course..but you are not sure how to actually get this done; where to start of even perhaps how to do it. That’s fair and truthful as well. The space in front of you is like a blank canvas in many ways because you opened up so much over the last 6 weeks (right back to Solar eclipse in August) that you are in many ways numb and even confused about having so much freedom in your upper energy centres; so much access. This leads to your personal inquiry of just what it is you are supposed to do when you know that the world and the human race has somehow’s changed.

The majority of the world consciousness in no longer set on attaining great wealth, living on yachts and drinking champagne and caviar anymore….no. Rising from fear and uncertainty…The human consciousness is now much more interested in a secure world that is safe, clean and peaceful. The human being is interested in their financial security, health and wellbeing of their own family and communities; their countries. The world’s needs have changed and each of you are looking at how to answer this call to change.

Many of you are already engaged in such healthy and foundational meditative practices that you find that this helps stabilize your own personal world..whilst others are wondering what to do..and even still others are feeling that internal push to become leaders and teachers. We all have a role to play so pick up your mandate and move forward on it.

The world is currently out of order and unstable feeling quite disconnected from the Source that provides the stability each human being needs..their own Soul connection and heart integration. How does the world engage this? It’s trying as we speak..human beings are crying out and the Inner Temples of the Hierarchy of Light which you so fondly call Angels and Masters are all ears to this cry.

The world has many leaders emerging now..each of you in your own way are acting as leaders.. be it for your own self, your family or a country. The leaders we refer to now are the spiritual leaders.. who pick up the task of restoring order in the Kingdom. The Kingdoms on earth are made composed of a variety of qualities ranging from the most obvious to the most sublime energies. Your body, emotions, waters, air currents, thoughts, ideas and inspirations all need to align as kingdoms in an orderly fashion to sustain and hold permanently the new cycle of mankind’s spiritual evolution. The influences upon the human consciousness have rolled along further now into the Age of Higher Reason and Love under the great constellation of Aquarius and this will continue to roll out and pick up momentum too.

Being a part of this change consciously starts with your acknowledgement of the needs you have; the needs of your family, friends and human race. Observe what is required and get involved with being a part of that change and improvement.

Each can do their part starting with themselves. The “utter fear and madness” that is observed “out there” by your writers and journalists, politicians and religious leaders… is a result of the human being being disconnected from their own Soul’s guiding Light and instead being pumped daily with activities, trends, promotions and influences that continuously harm the individual’s expression.

The human being is bombarded with notions and directives by television and media across the globe to lock them down into the overwhelming confusion of the lower worlds of materialism and compelling them to be infatuated with desires, passions, addictions, appetites and accumulation of material goods. With this type of thought process invested into humans by the corporate businesses and those mandating what is allowed and disallowed, the human race is getting choked on their own disturbing images in their heads. Put those disturbing images into the mind of someone who is already precariously challenged as it is, and you have a recipe for tipping over into a dangerous zone.

The world needs to be filled now with higher thoughts of moral and ethical behaviour, caring for nature and one another and the forthright focus of bettering the world puling each other away from this entrapment and into the alignments of what their most inner reflective thoughts and natural states of existence can do for them instead.

The earth cannot sustain more and more goods being produced that end up in the waste sites and at the bottom of the oceans..nor can it manage it’s forests littered or waterways plugged with debris and plastic. Your environment clean up starts with each one of you in your hearts and the October transformational energy cycle is a walk through the shadows of illusion bursting forth into the enlightenment of the next major shift in November, 2017.

When you walk through this and identify clearly your role and begin organizing and acting upon that which you feel called to do from deep within you for yourself, your family or the active participation in your community and the world; your world will shift significantly. Transformation and the Scorpio influence of profound inner change to follow at month end, all leads to some of the most enriching experiences you could possibly imagine having!

Good health, well being and spiritual alignment is your Divine right; your inheritance which should be claimed now. The fear based notions and separation between women and men, races, religions, military might, territories and most importantly separation from the Soul must end now. Separation leads to disintegration and this is a time cycle of transformation of all this. The human family has cried out stating, No more..No more fear!

The Creative World; your realm of Angels and Archangels, Teachers and Ascended Masters is well aware of the human beings needs and consistency and increasingly extends the Light of the Portals that originates from Universal Source helping each person to find their own connections. You too can help others find their own connections; having found yours first and strengthening it as well.

The October 2017 month ahead is brimming with possibilities for each of you and motivation and endurance is offered to create that foundation and framework you need now. Building and strengthening this month..that’s your directive. Build your Inner Self connection and ideas plus directive will pour into your consciousness.

Turn your powerful MIND now to the development of these concepts in your own life and you will see change; change that will accelerate in a positive way. All that you need materially will come from this engagement; not the other way around. The popular leaders of this world that prompted you into attaining wealth first missed the mark on the real meaning of abundance. The Key to this will spring forth from that deeper connection from within. So Mote it Be.

Class Master

Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – October 2nd to October 8th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Well…the mighty scales of LIBRA are weighing the Laws of Karma and Balance with you this week; this month as we delve more deeply under the constellations influence.  We need to bring our lives into order and open the doors wider for Love and peace from within to shine out.  Love will shine through when order is established..not passing love…but real STABLE LOVE principle from within your heart.   

October is a month that brings back to you good…or not so good memories…why? Because transformations happen here and right up to the middle of November..many, many transformations are taking place.  Some you will not like..some you will love.  The ones you love are the ALIGNING ones..the ones you don’t love are the “letting go” ones that you thought were good for you but in fact, the Universe says no.  Letting go of habits, practices, continued experiences and relationships that are not in alignment with who you really are can be very emotional and upsetting to some..while others find it easier to embrace the new opportunities it brings.

Support in the letting go and embracing new…should come in the form of a friend or good counsel that helps you walk across the bridge to the new threshold and new beginning!   Many of you reading this have already crossed that bridge and threshold…but are finding it difficult to navigate the course now that you are here.

What we all need to realize now is that LIBRA is the MIND and offers new beginnings and Creator’s love all the way along with you.  Keep up the focus and organization of your daily practice and gain momentum this week in your new footings…because as you keep doing this…we have some amazing breakthroughs and realizations coming up in about 4-5 weeks!  So you may hear me repeating myself when I say that focus and attention to organization is KEY while you are clearing up your personal self; home and profession.  Making space for your spiritual practice and honouring a commitment to that will strengthen the direction you are going.

This week is suiting you up in new clothes; new ENERGY for our AURA and is reminding you to breathe and develop this aura by staying your natural, healthy course.

Oh yes..and by the way…Spirit also assures everyone with this message:  We have some lovely surprises too over this month!  Have you ever stood outside as a kid and playfully caught falling leaves, snow flakes or raindrops?  Well…put your hand out and “catch” the gifts of Life this month..for they are symbols of that which you are to receive as you deserve it! Nature is showing you how much love there is for you and will be touching YOUR heart with abundance in varying forms!

Enjoy your week..!

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Updates – September 25th to October 1st, 2017

Hi Everyone!

With the Fall Equinox at your back can feel “your insides trembling a bit” in awe… realizing that you DO have the power in you to be what you wish to be, embrace your Soul mandate and live with Inner peace and harmony….good health and well being!  You KNOW this….now you are excited about putting these realizations in action! 

The shift that has taken place is rocking out the foundation and causing you to take that step… out of the old into the new.  You can’t stay on the foundation that supported the older thought must be modified, rebuilt, redesigned and reestablished on a new level. This is where the “designing” fun comes in and the action to do!  Whatever it is that you have in your heart and soul that registers the passion of LIFE energy in you..that makes your skin tingle and your vibration lift…is where you are to put your energy!  Put your time and effort into that which “rings true” for you!

The “spark” you are experiencing is not the special formula…but what is to come now IS the special formula.  The paths to achieving the goals and dreams are right there in front of you but you must walk that path and explore those uncharted territories now.  The paths are unfamiliar perhaps in this lifetime memory but inside of you..there are memories buried that you are uncovering that will amaze you more and more each day!

Self realization is just that…realizing when you uncover the gems and jewels of skills and delightful knowing of your own Divine origin…brings back many, many memories of just how you are supposed to be living and KNOWING Thyself!

For practical purposes this week…engage in the liberation of Self. Do that which you wish to do. JUMP in!  Be bold!  If you need to hold hands with someone else while you step forward..then ask them to hold your hand. That’s okay! As long as you try…for even that heartfelt intention is going to unlock the gates to the depths of your Inner Self.  There is a special Oasis inside of you that is real..meaning that it harmonizes and sings in conjunction with the “God of your heart” however you wish to express that Universal origin of Love inside of you!

Reach into that Inner heart centre and then engage in the activity you seek.  Fall Equinox remember teaches us to sort out the disharmonious aspects of our thoughts and feelings…transforming them – discarding old habits…only to then embrace the great harvest of Self Realization!  There is a bounty of Love and Light that is available to you from the Universal Source!  Lets follow Universal Laws cycles and keep in step with the Plan.

From deep within your Inner stillness of Peace and the Oasis in your heart…springs forth the Energy to shift your foundation.  Yes..your physical world and it’s activities are to now many cases quite completely..for others less…but CHANGE… yes!  The ROOT chakra is changing…you can feel it?

I hope you enjoy this week the experiences of how your HEART centre is talking to your ROOT centre (foundation) and advising you to take this new direction.  Wow..deep breath..and go forward!  Such LOVE; such JOY to be found in that!  Have a sensational week!

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – September 18th to 24th, 2017 FALL EQUINOX

Hi Everyone!

New Moon this week!  It it already influencing you with hints, pushes and inspirations from the deeper regions of your Spiritual essence!  It is amazing to see so many “signs” happening all around; waking us up; enriching us with Soul directives! 

Recently I noticed as well very dear people I know that usually are not “into this stuff”…(LOL..I’m sure you’ve heard that before :)…waking up with the Christed Consciousness realizations…speaking differently.  They are speaking as if some reflections have been taking place encouraging them to speak up and ask questions and express their own view on the coincidences occurring for them!  It’s great! For the Truth is..we are ALL into this “stuff” because it is the true essence and nature of our existence!  I’m so happy to see that!

Soul directives…yes..I said that.  You see I am also  seeing that this week is a real “pick me up” Energy shift that is moving you further into your personal goals.  Ideas are not just coming rapidly but there is some solid evidence of materializations starting to take place!  This New Moon truly is a NEW start!  Especially if you build towards the end of this week with your particulars…notes, writings, drawings, sketches, framing, hammers and nails, choreography, colour..whatever it is you particularly need to lay down on the material world this week will be a perfect time cycle for you! Let it build; they will come! Enter the MIND!

Spiritual Energy is on a “high” this week too.. (?) what ?? you ask! Yes..there is a bubbling over in the Inner Temple of “busy Angels” and Ministering Ones. The shifting that has happened since last night is amazing!  Did you wake up in the middle of the night by chance? (or a lot lately?)  Oh yes..lots of activity!  Not that I am pressing for insomniacs…!!  But we need to pay particular attention to the brief and intense insights that come to us in the 3 am. to 5 am. time line.  Then go back to sleep.

The shift is a clarity of sorts…a realization that is taking place inside of you and now the Worthy Masters and Universal Intelligences are helping you to take that route.  So the “high” energy is a potency; a great potential of yourself coming to be.   Fall Equinox shift is at the end of this week as well where the alignment is intense and so very enlightening for you!!!

Whew..better close here..let you absorb it all.  So to summarize..this week you have a lot of opportunity for spiritual growth and insight.  Stay “clean”…good healthy foods, waters, good bedtime hour..that sort of thing.  Keep the blinders on and stay focused. Enjoy your garden, your walks, Nature and keep a journal handy.

Have a great week!

In Light and in Peace,


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Fall Equinox defined on my You Tube Channel


Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – September 11th to September 17th, 2017

Hi Everyone!  Well…you okay?  We sure have had some challenging days of late..with weather, solar flares, earth quakes..emotional ups and downs.  Understand that this type of energy is consequential collectively as well as correcting and resetting. You are under such transformation that very tangible changes are taking place in your life. 

Sensitivities, mood swings, anxiousness…will be best stabilized through deep breathing, energy work and meditation. However…best guidance for the energy this week is truly for your continued planning, development and organization for yourself; your direction in life.  Be clear..define this and stay the course.  The inner strength that you will pick up from that is amazing. The Universe best steps in when you are holding that 4 square base platform of solidity and then build your pyramid of Self from there.

Daily your practice will continue to strengthen you..and having those times to stop and think, reflect and breathe is so very important.  You must give yourself that time for EVERYTHING depends upon it.  Really…you ask?  YES.  The human being is an Angelic nature; Spiritually Divine originating as an emanation of the All and we each have certain inherent qualities of Divinity.  If you don’t stop and ask yourself about this; harmonize with this and examine this are not living a fulfilling life that brings you good health and well being.  If you are so busy will not know the true Inner Self. that end..this is a perfect time to pick up that gift of your Inner Self…that beautiful part of you that guides you, heals you and sets your path out in front of you! 🙂

This beautiful time that you choose to spend reflecting and breathing and meditating harmoniously with your Inner Light; Inner Soul Self will be so beneficial that you will wish you had started sooner!  Not to worry…now is the time of spiritual acceleration and we can participate right now in a re-ordering of alignment to this part of ourselves.

What’s going on “out there” is a manifestation of all the disorder and corrections going on inside of the collective race of mankind.  You can be a shining Light amongst mankind and be that pillar of strength, hope and potentials!  Working on yourself will be the way to this successful state of peaceful alignment!

The energy this week has some pockets of calm…harness those times and make the most of them.  Plan your day so that you have a perfect spot just for you!

Know that Mother Earth is under your feet with Love and Light…Know that the Sun is your physical Source of Light and will shine upon you..take in the vitality with your deep breathing!

Enjoy your week ahead!

In Light and in Peace,


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September – “Message from Spirit” on Energy Shifts, Full Moon & Virgo

Message from Spirit – on Energy Shifts, Full Moon & Virgo
(September 6, 2017)
“The Master within” you is rising up and guiding you during this developing Spiritual time of ascension..however you may find some of this quite unfamiliar to you and this may cause you to feel ungrounded and possibly even anxious. Not to worry for the normal unfoldment, post-Eclipse time as significant as the one that occurred in August 2017, can bring you these challenges and asks you to do certain things to help yourself in the process of integrating the gifts at this new level of spiritual enlightenment.

First you are to understand and appreciate that once a portal opens such as the August Eclipse under the influence of Leo in your heart, the expansiveness of your desire to “do” becomes heartfelt and overwhelming! You feel inspired, encouraged, excited as well as uncertain as to where to start! Not only that..the energy stirred up and shook out the old drawers and cupboards of the past inside of you and these are quickly being processed by you during your meditations and dreamtime. Examination of these aspects of self leaving should be a nurturing and reflective time set aside for yourself during the period of August 21st to September 21st when the Equinox cycle occurs. After that time a deeper connection occurs and you are going to find yourself moving into even more expansive awareness of your Soul.

Anxiety, un-grounding, confusion, searching and wondering may all be a part of this period of time. To counteract these challenges you are to have more time for secured planning, pen to paper organization, more meditation time, more reflective quiet time where you can hear the “Master within” guide you. If you are in a hectic, noisy environment you can’t hear.

Your imagination and creativity had the “lid lifted off of it” making for some amazing ideas and dreams and goals to come pouring forth all in the name of “love” for both Self and humanity because the heart portal is so expansive! Hang on to those dreams and keep on writing down your organization of those dreams to come true even if you currently don’t have the means to manifest. Often the conception of humanitarian projects is made during the Virgo cycle and the “birth” can be 3, 6 or 9 months later for a full manifestation to occur depending upon how comprehensive it is. However during the time of September to May many milestones can be achieved and satisfaction of increments of change and acceleration of personal spiritual consciousness witnessed!

Taking this time post Eclipse to go into the deep caverns of your Inner heart where reflective nurturing can take place is ideal. Can you get away for a few days? Take some mornings off? Perhaps plan some time for just yourself? A little or a lot…whatever you can manage will be perfect for you. Many are looking to ensure their morning spiritual rituals are restarted or deepened and time for Nature increased. Both vitally important.

Recognizing yourself as the one in the family that holds the office of “spiritual leader” is often overwhelming so the guidance the Master within brings you here is to be listened to. You must look after yourself first and foremost or you will not be able to help others…to that end the Energy integration is best done with the deep breathing practice, your visualization of your chakra energy centres being cleared, balanced and energized as well as daily “sitting” with the Master within in the Inner Temple.

Virgo energy is very feminine, nurturing, creative, supportive and loving..carrying the flaming Office of the Christ consciousness and prescribing to cleaning your entire aura with such bathing and cascading changes. It is a good time to look after your digestive system, your spleen, pancreas, liver and solar plexus nerves. It is a good time to “cleanse” your body of toxins, purify your home of unwanted energy, and smudge or clear your home and property.

It is a time of cleansing from the internal sense where you start to really keep only those things of importance that are “real” and natural in substance. Clearing out excessive artificial, plastic, manmade items from your home and life is key. Reducing the time spent with electronic devices and staying far out of the line of fire of media bombardment.

Changing wardrobe colours, your style, honouring your changing needs and not being afraid to say no…it’s important. Boundaries, especially with your empathic solar plexus so vulnerable, is to be adhered to and practicing those routines that strengthen your aura and builds your protection sheaths.

You’ve changed..its very apparent now to you. You are striving to get accustomed to this new set of energies in your aura and your new “clothing” of energy vibrations. Give it a will get more grounded as you hold true to self acceptance and practice the new you! It’s like learning your new lines in a play or act you are asked to perform on need to memorize the lines and get into character. Well on the spiritual/ego integrative front…you need to understand the new spiritual language, the profound philosophies, the Universal need to practice and get accustomed to the new vibrations and frequencies. You will do very well !

Once you have practiced these key areas you will feel better prepared for the November shift. Each day will take you closer to holding these stronger pillars of alignments! Mind, Love and Will !

Feel the “fire” in the palms of your hands; the fires throughout the soles of your feet…the distal points of your energy bodies and physical body are expressing new transmissions of Life; Intelligence, love and creative expression! Enjoy the integrative process and be at peace within. The Master within is there for you!

Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – September 4th to September 10th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Full Moon in 2 days and already you are feeling all those “things” that are seemingly in the way of your goals..but are they? Or perhaps you are just recognizing certain traits about these “things” now since the full moon energy is pulling them up…and you don’t like them.  Well…isn’t that a gift? The full moon pulls up and out these recognizable and quite familiar lessons, blocks and challenges as it’s special September gift for you!  Let’s thank the moon for that! 

Now..what?  well… we set ourselves up into a deeper, even more profound healing and corrective mode…applying the lingering power of the Mighty Leo the Lion King influencing you that is full of courage and the equally powerful incoming Virgo energy that is enlightening you with the Wisdom of her ways.  You can SEE what you are; what you are not.  You can SEE what needs to be changed and you can certainly learn very quickly what needs to be done.

How’s your organization and planning going for the unfolding months ahead?  How are the details of this coming along? Good? Not-so good?  Get some help then…don’t try to struggle through areas of life where you lack the expertise…you focus and acknowledge your gifts..let others who are gifted/skilled help you to develop your weaker areas.  We all need each other and with a focus on the Love in our hearts going forward…it’s nice to say…”thank you..yes! I will accept that help!”  If necessary…seek it assertive and make your plan work!

No plan yet? Please have a plan.  So many of your AMAZING talents are now asking to be harnessed and directed into the formative and manifest kingdoms of life now..and if I may suggest…you develop your “ground work and framework” between now and approx. November 11th, 2017.  Feel that building strength inside of you with the confidence and self worth growing each day as you ADD to your plan more details.  Don’t know how to make a plan? Ask someone to help.

This past week was challenging for many emotionally..uncertainties rose, some sadness and grief…this week will be different..why?  Because the support of the many unseen Angelic Ones, Ascended Masters…okay..let’s just say the “Hierarchy of Light and the Divine Intelligence of our Universe” has your back always and you will be more aware of that this week!  You are destined to succeed in improving and gaining greater Spiritual Integration bringing clarity, joy, peace within, personal balance, better health and well being too! What’s your part in all of this?  Steady increments of your MIND focused on a daily unfolding plan. 

Your personal health routine each day

Your personal energy healing & spiritual routine each day

Your personal prayers and alignment with your Inner Self each day

Your mental calculations and emotions focused on your own creative projects each day

Your reflective, calm and loving eyes and ears tuned in to others you love like family and relationships

Your steady holding of hope, peace and goodwill towards mankind

= a PLAN that focuses on Self Love; Divine Alignment and a Healthy life!

okay folks..let’s get this week underway now!

In Light and in Peace,



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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – August 28th to September 3rd, 2017

Hi Everyone!

All sorts of energy reports from individuals sorting out and integrating the experiences from last Monday’s Total Solar Eclipse.  It has certainly impacted everyone’s lives and will continue to push the Spiritual influences upon us going forward. There will be no letting up now so you may as well jump on the Energy board and ride the surf of change!  This ride is spectacular..can be bumpy…but will smooth out at the fullest crest!  Once we find our own “groove” in alignment with this new paradigm of our lives…(no I’m not a hippie..LOL…luv those guys though) there will be plenty to celebrate, embrace, learn and grow from! 

The next leg of this journey post finding each of you this week trying to get used to the changes and examining still just what you were letting go of so that you can focus more on where you are going.  Old memories, review of repeating patterns and family life, soul groups and contacts you have are all a part of this resettling period.  You are working on having greater personal Mastership of just what it is you brought into this life that mobilizes your own Soul mandate being expressed as well as the deeper level of examining your Leadership in your family and Soul family.

Strength..and inner power…I am shown that this is sitting right on both your shoulders, your arms, chest, throat and increasingly strengthening neck leading to your head and crown.  All this power in the upper centres that is going to be amplified and is already beginning an integration with your Ego personality below in the receptors sites of your world here on earth.  You did it!  You opened up at Eclipse time to this portal of power through the heart…!  Now it’s showtime & flow time!   We must let this energy flow down and find its settling into the lower bodies.

Big news on the horizon….this flow from upper to lower…is spread out more specifically to the November 11th, 2017 shift where at that should be incrementally experiencing a deeper realization of your Inner power.  Each day forward..this is the primary focus…

Okay..reigning this back now…let’s not get ahead of ourselves….this week….you are to do your energy/meditative work.  Each day..and a little longer if you can.  Journal, explore your “segments”..your fragmented times.  Look at where you halted progress in various levels of emotional development, intellectual pursuit, spiritual, intuitive…and you are going to be going back and pick up these time lines.  Lots of work ahead?  yes…  this is just the start but boy oh boy..what a powerful integration time between now and November!  Start now please!  Examine these streams and you will see the reconnections to be made and you will thrive !  MORE POWER!  no disconnects in the power lines…(axiatonal meridians)

Enjoy the beginning of your development week of your “Real power” !

In Light and in Peace,


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Total Solar Eclipse – Message from the Inner Temple – World Healing Project

Message from the Inner Temple for the Solar Total Eclipse Aug 21/2017

Sacred Blessings to each of you on this day when all kingdoms; all people on Earth receive the countless gifts of the Universal Cosmic Light and Source of All things!  

Each day going forward you will recall aspects of yourself that you have long forgotten as the shift has taken place that opens up new opportunities to explore both your roots and your Divine heritage; legacy of the Ancient past. Where does one begin to explore such things? Right in your heart..for it is here that the records shall be revealed to you and you shall find new ways and means of putting your life together to see it as a continuum of the outpouring of Creation.

So many have halted or stalled their life story when they found themselves faced with overwhelming challenges or uncertainties..thus they closed off their very access to the golden white Light of Truth and guidance within them. The shadows of illusion blocked their Light and path without knowing which way to turn. The opposite has now been offered to you whereby the same shadows and illusions are open for your scrutinization and examination as they are held up in front of the Light of the Sun; the Light of your Soul! Can you see them better with this Light shone upon them? Yes you can!

Examining those illusions of yourself with an open mind on how difficult we can get stuck in a repetitive pattern of thought and emotion with this now being the first step to the transformation and integration of these fragments of self. You have all been working on this up until this point of time; today and now you can free them permanently. You see your fragments frailty and need for Love and nurturing rather than your resentment and repelling of them. You see that the lessons contained therein are full of pure Gold; pure energy from the Light of the Sun; of the Light of your Soul.

Regulus rules the Heart of Leo constellation and is a crossing station that has many different paths of Light shining through it. As a major influence for you this day it is ingathering from many levels of the Hierarchy of Light and Intelligence from the Universe…with each eager to serve you during this cycle passing.

Can you imagine the amount of energy moving through this STAR that is directly being stepped down into your heart centre? Exactly! More than you can imagine…coming with the task of burning away the dross; revealing the illusion and transforming this into a new Light path for you! New wonder? New curiosity of your life? Where does it lead to now?

Keep in mind that you will turn away from those old patterns with eagerness…looking and reflecting for ways to enjoy a more prosperous and healthy life. You will find that the power is WITHIN you; not out there somewhere. The SUN is representing the Light and your heart and it is revealing to you the shadows of emotion and illusion with the gift of the New Moon passing across it’s face.

The moon is pulling so much from the old paradigm of the “little self” that you will be clearer and cleaner with inspirations and dreams that are most uplifting!

You see your Soul is part of a much greater network of Souls and Group consciousness that work together as a team of are not alone. You are engaging in networking Angels and Archangels that are so pleased to see you awaken from a slumber of illusion and seek them out!

Start to meditate more and reflect with a promise to yourself of writing down those things you need to commit to and changing your lifestyle to accommodate this new direction. No loitering or chasing those illusions again! You will find that you magnetically attract exactly what you will need that will become the building blocks for your future!

This may come in the form of projects, people, resources, organizations, personal space, creative functions organized, or simply just being still and knowing. Everyone is so different that you may need to once again write down what YOU receive during this cycle of time. The conclusion is thorough…DOOR OPEN for all to Know Thyself at a deeper enlightened state.

Let it unfold and enjoy the journey! The LEO constellation expresses your individuation of Self and says…”I AM” ! What are you? Do you remember that you are not an ego stuck in limitation of consciousness?

Important that you reflect so much right now during the Eclipse day; week and follow your is your very sacred Truth and Light!

Cosmic Blessings…

Solar Eclipse Day! – Weekly Energy Shift & Updates Aug 21-27, 2017

Hi Everyone!  “Solar Eclipse Day” !

The Energy of the Sun (solar heart) is “intense” today and will continue to be affecting you all week! Today you embrace the Truth and personal realization of your true Inner Self!  Today you embark on a New Journey…it’s also a New Moon Energy day!

Where to begin? 

Throughout the day today..spend time alone…go within.  Breathe deeply and settle into a profound awareness of how your breath is sacred; connecting with the Light of the Sun; the Light of your Soul; the Light of Universal Source.  Believe this to be true..for you cannot be separate from it.  It is a time of is a time of understanding and profound Self-Love and Self-Acceptance.

This is such a sacred day; and sacred time cycle where you are going to make some decisions.  You are not going to follow the false beliefs and illusions that have challenged you but are embracing your most sacred Truth about Self….that is…”you are a Divine Expression of the Universal All”.  You are very important and very special.  You will feel in your heart this day…a stirring or a profound shift in this awareness.  But then…regardless of what you feel this day…KNOW THIS…you have entered a new portal of your heart relative to your own spiritual consciousness. is a new level! You must make good decisions this day; this week about how you wish to live your life as you make changes that align you with your true Soul Path; Soul Mandate.  It’s time…it must be understood and all focus upon it.

Leo’s heart star… REGULUS…is directing it’s power with the SIRIUS star at it’s own back.  Can you imagine the stellar alignments today?  Stepping down from Source?  Try to imagine the Universal Source of Light and Love sending to each of us…through space and time…through portals of dimensions…powerful unification with Itself right down to your heart!  Wow!  Please take the time to sit quietly today…anytime you can…and just breathe into this alignment.

I am currently preparing for recording the Eclipse transit from the Inner Temple of Healing and Wisdom…capturing the Energy Healing and Ascension gifts for each of you who are interested in participating in this way.  For those who are doing their own alignments please remember to do your preparation with your lower bodies first…be aware of your physical through breathing, lots of water, emotional stability, focus, receptivity and openness to the Light of the Sun; Light of your Soul!

Let’s enjoy today and be aware the all week you are INTEGRATING what you learn today.  Write down your experiences, your thoughts, reflections..and get ready to be clear and strong on just who you are and why you are born.  Sloughing off the old; no more nonsense…embrace the Change through LOVE!

In Light and in Peace,



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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – August 14th to August 20th, 2017

Hello Everyone !

okay..7 Days to Total Solar Eclipse which is shifting you up into your heart centre in ways unimaginable! You have likely been feeling all sorts of strange meridian energy shifting taking place in your body, burning or tingling sensations at the major and minor nodal crossings (chakras) and loopy emotions too!

What’s going on?

7 Days to Solar Eclipse and you are being put through a strainer or sieve of purification and sloughing off the old stuff you have carried for so long that you’d think the holes were a tad too small to get through..but you will ! 🙂

Many of my clients and students are reporting a range of experiences from not knowing where they are going in life, wanting to get to higher expressions and Soul mandates, but challenged by their repeating patterns of emotional turmoil. Intensified? you bet..because it has to be done with once and for all. Distractions? oh yes! You will be pulled by distractions to keep you from looking at the Truth.  Much like what is being played out today in our world politics, economics and social expressions…Distract us from the Truth.  You would not like to be pulled into world emotion!  More on that another time.

This week you are to not get distracted but stay strong and well defined.  MIND.  You must use your MIND and exercise routines and daily practices that strengthen that mind of yours or you will be distracted and will not get the greatest benefits from next Monday’s Solar Eclipse when the shadows of the old emotional patterns pass across the face of the SUN (your heart) allowing you a big lift up into your heart and greater clarity of Self!  What an opportunity! Plus you get to HOLD this within you permanently as an integrated part of YOU! So prepare your receptors for this!  Prepare your body, emotions, thoughts and reflection with a steady, balanced alignment.

Daily this week you will need to “catch” when the triggers are pulling you into any sadness, anger or pain. Recognize that this is the old hamster wheel.  Give yourself tasks each day that are manageable…not overwhelming.  Make plans, go into your positive routines.  Even if you have missed a lot of your positive routines over the summer it’s okay.  Pick them up today and get back to your deep breathing and meditations.

Engage help if you need to…Energy Healers and Practitioners, Coaches and Counsellors that can help you focus on a plan.

Here’s a little secret for you…even if you put your INTENTIONS out and set your DESIRE on being balanced and achieving your goals…and you calmly sit with that intention doing some quiet breathing in peaceful surroundings…you are already 95% of the way there!  As I said… DEFINE yourself this week. 

Write down now your intentions that are manageable on those experiences, projects, routines and directives you wish to engage in going forward starting at the NEW MOON and SOLAR ECLIPSE…your Spiritual energy bodies (Higher Mind, Will and the essence of your LOVE) will take you in that direction!

But it is up to you to set those intentions. Define yourself.  Be YOU! No distractions and less than deserving ideas..only those things that uplift you and take you into a new paradigm.  You are leaving the world of illusion as you know it over the next couple of weeks here as you transition into a space of consciousness in this world of gaining clarity, beauty, freshness, new beginnings, greater STRENGTH, and a no-nonsense attitude!  You go!

So please…use your breath to stay calm, focused and aligned.  Set intentions from within and the Universe will help you to get there!

In Light and in Peace,


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August 2017 Message from Spirit – SOLAR HEART

MESSAGE from SPIRIT – August 2017 Aura Makeover
“Solar Man” is the integrated consciousness of Higher and Lower dimensions of Self coming together at the heart for purposeful expression of the Soul and Universal All. The Energy forces available to you during this time of the Leo August constellation influence, brings forth opportunity for each of you to connect more fully into your heart energy centre.

The Heart centre will experience 4 full streams from the 4 directions both from the formative and Creative worlds. It is up to each of you to establish a ground for the 4 Mighty Forces of Will, Mind, Love and Soul Mandate into your 4 Elements of your physical life. These 4 are Fire, Air, Water and Earth. This means it is necessary for you to BALANCE your active Positive power (Fire & Will) and proper use of your Air element of MIND (thinking, meditative and reflective), your emotional (Water) body that is to be harmonized with Love, and of course care of the physical body (Earth). Are you attending to all of these things right now in your life?

The powerful FORCES of Divine Intelligence coming forth upon mankind during the month of August NEEDS to find a strong chalice or receptacle through which to ground. Any distractions, illusions, emotional tie ups, scattered thoughts and physical neglect have a heavy impact on the ability to integrate the Cosmic (Spiritual) offerings deep and permanently within you. What happens now? Your Soul will start moving and clearing these shadows of illusion out of the way thus making space for the Higher aspects of Self. You will feel some discomfort in the process as you have not necessarily looked and challenged these shadows for some time; if ever. How does the Soul and Cosmic do this? Through the Lunar and Solar Eclipses occurring during the month of August.

Best guidance is to allow yourself the TIME to take care of yourself. Rather than being too busy to address the internal struggles and distractions, make time to honour your WORTH through love. Leo is the energy of the HEART and expresses the LOVE of the “I AM” individuation and emanation of the All. You would not wish to disregard yourself at this time, in fact, you wish to embrace your own Soul; Divine inherent rights of existence. You each seek to live a more healthy and prosperous, Soul-filled life and the Solar Body access is particularly strong right now during the month of August for you to achieve this.

When you sit quietly in meditation you can imagine or sense these Higher Forces as waves of Light, Colour and warmth that permeate your auric field filling you with a sense of knowing the Peace of the Dove, the acceleration of a faster MIND power like the wings of a hummingbird moving, and the roar of the LION of strength and Courage. You will be filled with such expansive power of electro-magnetic magnitude that you will feel the need to direct that into something of personal interest. It may be the movement of walking in Nature, or a project of writing or a creative output expression through art or may even be a physical sport that lets the flow of Life surge through you.
However..we also must look at the conservation of the powerful Energy during Leo and ensure that this is reflecting and connecting upwards and downwards… allowing you and your Spiritual essence interface a bonding time with the initiatives and inspirations of the Soul! Movement of Energy, circulation of Energy and integration of Energy.

Draw the Solar energy offered this month down into your lower bodies with your breathing practices and as you clear stagnant energy out, feel the incoming energy circulate throughout. Be sure to sit quietly during meditation and contemplate the Intelligence of your higher bodies and be ready to receive the gifts released to you from there. Addressing both worlds allows for a constant regeneration of your true Self. You will experience this balance and walk with this balance which deflects the distractions of illusion and falsehood.
A strong magnetic aura is the result of a strong alignment through the heart towards the Light of Source above your head at the Soul Energy Centre. The Solar KING and SOLAR QUEEN integrative Self is the symbolic representation the Sphinx sets out to convey to you. This is the Solarized; Spiritualized Man… who understands their origin and strives for living that Soul filled life here on Earth. Bring out the best of yourself now during this heart entrance time!

The heart GATE or PORTAL through the LEO Constellation is to be walked into with the “eyes of a child” full of wonder, hope, TRUST and faith that within you lies the Secrets to LIFE and the reason for your birth and the signs of your destiny. This is TRUE and you will Know Thyself upon entry and examination of this dimension and aspect of Self.
Upon entry shy not away from your Sacred Alter but instead stand before it with openness and willingness to let the Love of the Universal Divine come through. Replicate this alter in your own home, nature or personal space so that it becomes the manifestation of your sacred connection within you at the heart.

Sit there often and behold the Glories that are found within you. Feel the Energy flow throughout the upper chest and upper back…be the Master of it. Connect with what issues are moving out; purging out of you as you cleanse the old hurts and self sabotages that created a false perception of separation from the Divine. This separation cannot be and will never be. Choose to find that BOND with forever and your Originator of Life; the Creator. Sit with this each day with such intent that the Light burns the dross blocking you and exposes you to the extraordinary JOY and internal Bliss of connecting with such LOVE.

No longer shall you feel the distances of illusion of separation but instead this Solar month offers you the greatest time for Self Realization and fellowship with your Brethren globally, locally and in your own Soul family. Kinship and humanitarianism begin in the heart…morals, ethics and values begin here as well. Mankind can shift into this Energy and it starts with your own powerful concentric waves flowing in and out of your world..your life.

Behold the Forces of Light that join you during this month from the 4 Directions..those of the Hierarchy of Light Source that bring you Colourful Rays of Healing Light to lift you up and out of the shadows of illusion in the valley and place you upon the mountain top of your integrated True Self!

May you find peace and joy during this time as you wash your rivers of any emotional disharmonies and impure thoughts to find your clear and clean heart flowing radiant in the GOLD and WHITE Light of your SOLAR Self!
Many Cosmic Blessings for your month ahead!
Your Class Master

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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – Full Moon – August 7th to 13th, 2017

Hi everyone!  “Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius”

The full moon energy of Aquarius during our Leo cycle is drawing out old memories in you plus a need…a growing need or search for that special something that is building in intensity.  What are you searching for?  The old memories raised may not always be pretty fact some may not be that nice at all.  But whether good or not so good..they are important to be raised now.  As you remember what hurt you or what brought you elation and joy…the movement inside of you today and going forward will be that of a determination now to find a new level of Self.  

You are searching for that new level of Self; something different…and you shall find it. The stirring up and comparing of the past to now is helping you.  You look back and compare to how you are now in order to establish a new foundation upon which to build the scaffold to the sky!  That which you are looking for is already underway being built!   Already..?  so fast? you ask…YES!  “As you shall you be” and that is exactly what is happening right now.

Did you notice that you are already finding yourself planning and visualizing new things you would like to do?  How your days or evenings will look going forward? Notice how you are pulling this new paradigm down for integration?  It is already underway.

“But I am feeling uncertain, insecure or vulnerable”…you say.  How can I go forward with ask?  The exercise of renewed strength, bonding and integrative bridging between the old and new is helped along by your MIND and your BREATH.  2 very simple and straightforward parts come together during the  procedure of integration that will accelerate the new life manifestation you seek to live.  This aspect of MIND within you is drawing on the Aquarian constellation with advanced reconfigurations skills that is “designing” your road ahead! 

Today’s exercise:  Left hand on your upper heart energy centre region (thymus in the upper chest)…and the right hand over the left.  Close your eyes..and just breathe.  Deep diaphragm breathing quietly and peacefully.  Visualize the Sun’s Light and warmth under your hands. Try to feel your heart centre (LEO) to be warm and present.  You may or may not notice this..but every planetary body in the Solar System and every Constellation around you is now joining you bringing their respected positive influences of Love and Light benefits to you. Feel the peace.

When we are calm…our Higher Self or Soul consciousness can take over as Master.  The real YOU can emerge that knows exactly how your beautiful life will open up to new possibilities and spiritual growth.

This week you are continuing to trust within.  This week’s Energy shift is about letting the full moon flush out the old because the clarity and future of your plan for life is underway! All eyes on the future!  Now that’s an Aquarian Full MOON! Alway seeing the future!  Let your MIND be free to create the New!

In Light and in Peace, Kathy

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Weekly Energy Shift & Update – July 31st to August 6th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Hang onto your hats..things are heating up!  21 days to Total Solar Eclipse and the Leo energy is roaring! Translates to what? The central heart of your Inner Being is calling you out into the Higher Consciousness of Love to purge out the lower characteristics of the heart centre which focuses on the “me” instead of the “I am”.   

Things of selfishness, shadows of illusion, distortions about yourself, self criticism and lack of self love…all need to go before the MIGHTY powers of the SUN which also rules during the Leo Constellation.  With the month of August starting an accelerated have no choice but to let go of those things that do not serve you to your Highest Good..and for the Good of All involved.  Take a look at yourself and be witness to the ego’s struggles…listen to voice within that only seeks to encourage and lift you up to be the best you can be!

With the SUN shining brilliantly upon you across the weeks of summer (in the northern hemisphere) and winter in the southern where the heart is still focused upon…all human beings are in a position of shifting out of the old paradigm of false heart expression.  North America especially will have an opportunity to embrace humanitarian efforts, make political and economic decisions that benefit more than just themselves..and all people will be looking collectively at how to look after the planet better to ensure a safe and long lasting future.

We will go into greater discussion in the weeks ahead…so for this week…start the ball rolling.  Look after yourself, your foundation, your home, securities and keep a strong focus on ensuring the very best for you and your family & loved ones.  Look after your HEALTH…especially heart and spine.

Explore the benefits of caring for yourself energetically…conserve the energy you take in by having longer periods of meditation and time spent in nature.  Practice the art of listening to Nature and holding silence…listen to the stars..the forests..the waters. They will tell you their stories too!

Listen intently to what your body needs and stop anything that is habitual that is negatively affecting your body.  Embrace those habits that strengthen and protect.  LEO loves to talk courage and develop heart to throat centre expression and use it wisely!  Great projects can be taken up and you can embrace being a leader to those around you who understands, listens and allows others to find their own inner truth.

Enjoy the week ahead..

In Light and in Peace,