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What happens at Solstice? How do you prepare?

Hi Everyone!

What happens at Solstice? How do you prepare? 

You have been feeling the Energy changes and know that another shift occurs at the “change of the seasons” at Solstice – December 21st.  Is it just a change in season or is there a deeper mystical meaning attached to this time of year?  It’s both.  Yes..we acknowledge that the Earth journey changes and we call it seasonal….but there is a special relationship that occurs between mankind and his spiritual consciousness.  It’s something quite “magical” hence the Age old stories and traditions of miracles occurring during the solstice time.  We experience a “birth” within ourselves..a special heartfelt birth.  The “Universal Christ Consciousness” of the 1st Principle of Creation; Love descends in through your heart…Yes..that is very special!  

What is it that many of us feel in our hearts?..and why do some feel it and others don’t?  How come people feel more distressed often in their hearts at this time too?  Well there is a particular surge of Energy that moves through the creative and formative worlds and one would wish to OPEN up and align with it…for it truly is a glorious shift in Self enlightenment; a time when mankind experiences love for humanity and feels very loving and giving.

However…If the passages between these 2 worlds within are blocked finds the struggles prevalent and difficult to navigate.  What’s the best way to ensure that the “gifts” of the Solstice are received by you? Reflect and examine that which may be blocking your heart paths..and seek out healing and resolution.  That’s preparation for Solstice. Allow yourself the opportunity to go deep within and heal the triggers life presents. What is life teaching you about yourself?

I notice that while we ALL have this opportunity to grow exponentially into our heart centres and find that bigger picture by embracing opportunity for both ourselves AND others..unfortunately..many struggle to enter that higher point within and let the shadows of illusion grip them.  Destructive shadows are magnified just before be aware and take the higher road!  It is designed beautifully this way that you are testing yourself.  After your reflection, thinking and discernment…see the Beauty for the Greater Good!  Witness those people in your life that serve the greater good and be on board to walk with them.

The more people who unite in serving the Greater Good during solstice..the better off mankind shall be!  To that end..let’s prepare for Solstice time by purging and transforming all those negative ways; embrace Love and Light instead!

This is truly a magical time of the year…Mystics of Past and Present all celebrate this time with solemn meditation, rituals and peace giving thoughts to mankind!

Do your job now..get prepared for Solstice !

In Light and in Peace,

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December 2017 – Message from Spirit

December – Message from Spirit 2017
“For Whom the Bells Toll” ! For you, of course! Celebratory in nature..the Energy of the month of December is!  

Each of you have put in great effort, toiled, struggled, let go and overcome so many difficulties throughout the year that you now end this year 2017 on the note of celebration. Celebration with the realm of Angelic Ones near and far who join with you in acknowledging your great strides and standing by you with love, support and comfort at the time of permanent integration. You are integrating the sum of the year’s work and experiencing your acceleration of spiritual consciousness as well!

Most will find great benefit in looking back over the past year and examining just how much you have learned and how far you have come. If you would take the time to pick up on the year quarterly, you will see that at each turn of the cycle of the seasons you grew in self enlightenment and healed lovingly your disharmonies of the past.

In the quiet of your reflective meditation and study time, pick up your journal and scribe your findings of Self. Take your time and absorb the meaning of such changes and then you will see just how this will set the tone for the coming year 2018. You will wish to enter the new 2018 year with a strong foundation and vision of your framework, development and goals.

The month of December starts with the first couple of days to the 8th (December 1st to 8th) with the most major emotional changes with new thought forms emerging that will override the disassembling thought processes thus creating and establishing the new order of things. With the reflection continuing from December 8th to 14th, each individual has the time to purge and clear that which was let go during the Dec 3rd Super Full Moon and to focus their time and attention on that which emerged for you at that time… and its now taking precedence in your life. You will be focused on your new projects, dreams and goals that require structure. First you need to cleanse the attachments to the energy of the early full moon December timeline and be sure you have firmly made your decisions.

After the 13/14th you will then see some fresh scenes emerging with wafting Energy waves from the Cosmic that will gently move across your auric field and lightly engage your daily thinking. The December 13/14 to 17th should be kept for quiet and well paced duties and responsibilities, experiences and social get togethers. December 14th is truly the turning time because you are no longer finding you are who you were the month before! The difference is so marvellous that the Causal Body (Akashic level) sings out in celebration your “finding” of Self and the Truth that accompanies it! This light feeling is rather surreal for many so it is wise to allow this gentle time from December 14 to 17th when you can reflect and enjoy the way your environment is changing with you.

Nice time for family, changes in and around your home/office, simplified tasks, no overloading of consumerism, no overloading of “to do” lists.

Then the larger, more powerful cosmic waves start to roll on in at the 3 days before Solstice point (Dec 18th to 21st). A time well spent in journalling and reflection to discover some of your deepest directives. You’ll be quite pleased with the Cosmic messages and directives you receive during this pre-solstice time. Continue with your focus on hydrating the body with lots of water, light foods and plenty of rest.

The 21st is the Solstice time and the gifts of Solstice are offered to you when you cross the bridge from the Sagittarius to Capricorn Constellation influence. Major shift in your 2017 solstice and so major in fact, that you will likely KNOW so much more about your 2017/2018 engagements with your soul mandate that you will be filled with delight!

All eyes are on the Solstice time and what you do to prepare for this time is a necessary part of your spiritual journey. You are aware of the ebb and flow..when you engage with action and when you sit back and reflect with study.

The main theme for this month under the ruling Jupiter Energy is that “your EYE should be on the Soul mandate”. Keep this at the forefront of your planning and goal setting. The Soul mandate first and foremost which keeps you in alignment with the Universal Laws and Principles of Creation.

Once you decide that this is your focus of your heart, Mind and will see other things your life fall into place. If you drop down to the “problems” don’t have the consciousness set at receiving clarity and guidance. You focus on your Soul mandate and you know how to handle life’s problems; it’s ups and downs.

You are much stronger than you were a year ago and you know that you have cleared a strong path for yourself. You have forged your auric field levels with the higher Golden Body of Light in many ways with your pathwork and you have improved upon your personal health and well being.

Keep going for there is no turning back. Your sight is set on the greater integration with your Spiritual body of Light that keeps your consciousness at heightened levels while walking upon the earth. This allows you to have clarity and knowledge of day to day affairs from the processing stand point of Spirit; rather than emotional trigger and upset.

Stay above in your Mind, your Love and direction because it is YOU that the Angelic Ones celebrate! They celebrate YOUR self realization and your position in life here on earth as a leader and major contributor to the raising of the human race consciousness. You stand out like a bright LIGHT upon the Earth and are easily recognized by the Ascended Ones!

With this in mind, you will also find that people here on earth will start to be seeking you out more for guidance, friendship and kinship of like mind. Enjoy your newly forming circles!

Be kind to the Kingdoms and say prayers for them as well during this month for they too are feeling the changes on earth and appreciate your kindness, your good thoughts and good deeds. The more each of you can do to help the earth and Her kingdoms the better off each will be. Your projects for conservation of the planet are important and should be included in your daily life.

May you feel the changes as major and positive..for that is what they truly are! Pay heed to the preparation time this month for Solstice and you will find greater integration with permanency.

Malleable are these times and your MIND will help you govern transitions accordingly. Cosmic Blessings, your Class Master…

In Light and in Peace,


Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – November 27th to December 3rd, 2017

Hi Everyone !

Stillness, body awareness, Self-examination, analysis of your life..asking yourself many questions..right?  You can feel the power sitting there within you and around you..yet you are maybe not quite sure what to do with it.  It seems like it’s yours to use…but how to use it?

The uncertainty or unfamiliar state you are in is not unusual at is expected when we move from one major shift and cycle and enter into the new walking into a lost land that feels loving and yet the Mind has not quite “clicked into” the synapses that you know must be in place to make it very grounded. 

The energy this week is all about this new pattern of self..looking at things around you and within you…getting to know yourself.  Seeing things around you that you didn’t notice before?  Looking without “seeing” ?  These are the types of “gaps” that must now be filled in.  So let’s do that.

Anchoring this type of energy shift does take some practice.  It is best to draw the energy into yourself with the breath..focus on the body in meditation and visualization.  Start at the top of the head and work down to the feet; not the other way.

Don’t overload too only makes things more confusing and emotional upset can occur..such as spontaneous crying or anger..when in fact you are really asking for peace.

Peace is something that may need to be scheduled into your daily life.  Taking that time for the quiet periods where you can rest and reflect is good.  Then engaging in your activities to build your framework of creative expression, business, home and family or personal affairs has more enjoyment. After all you need to ENJOY your soul mandate and purpose..not look at it as a burden right?

So ease the pace this week..let things go forward with increments that are comfortable. Set up your routines, practices to suit your personal needs.

We have some hectic things coming up in December with holidays and celebrations…so this year be sure to prepare..starting now.  We start the 21 day preparation for Solstice this Friday and it is all about you!  Stability, detoxing, decluttering, purity of Self, ease and simplicity.

Okay..let’s enjoy the week ahead and keep a focus on how your body is responding to the new attention you are giving it..emotions and all !

In Light and in Peace,


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Summer Solstice Week – Energy Shift Reminders!

Hi Everyone!

The Angelic Ones…well…they gave us a simple reminder…perhaps you would like to hear it:     🙂

“Think of this time during the Solstice Cycles of a time when the world can shift into their hearts and you can return to your Universally Lawful State as the “Driver and Master of your Solar Chariot” with solid direction and governing power to override the unnecessary habits and attitudes…dismiss the distractions and embrace the loose energies that have fragmented within you..integrating them instead into your heart. Consider the Wisdom that you hold within you and use this time wisely for spiritual ascent.

Regard folly as that..simply folly… and let go of time consuming experiences where energy is discharged from you causing you loss..instead build up the vibratory energy patterns and boost your systems with the sacred breath and solar offerings. Conserve and expand your auric field preparing it for the next cycle and the next cycle after that.  

Simply stated…this is a reset time for each of you and you have plenty of good reasons to be diligent in recreating your time here on earth towards optimum health and well being. Use the powerful Heart Centre to magnify your presence…Feel the Christed Consciousness of Love and Light within you and keep your focus on that..with eyes and ears open to Counsel from within.

May your channels within your body run pure and clean…

May the Golden Energy of the Solstice be bright within you and flush out the impurities of the past.

May you have the sharpened eyes of the Eagle and the sensitive hearing for all subtle worlds.

Every particle of your existence will sparkle with the Glories of the All. The eternal waters of your immortal Self will nourish you. Drink in the Light of the Solstice time and let every cell open up to receive. Breathe deeply and answer to call.…the call from within you to recognize your Divine inheritance.

Let’s not let another moment pass without this. So Mote it Be.”

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – June 19th to June 25th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Solstice week! This Wednesday, June 21st is a special day for the human race all over the globe!

It is best to prepare for the receipt of your solstice gifts…(there is always a gift by the way; often many)….by purification of the physical and subtle bodies.  How? Adhere to good  diet, plenty of water, lemon water if you can, deep breathing and plenty of rest.  Stay out of noisy atmospheres, excessive emotion, entanglement with those things in life that draw you out of your centre causing you to be upset, behave recklessly or to spend monies foolishly. Avoid loud entertainment and crowds.   Stay in your heart! 

It is good if you can spend time daily in quiet reflection, meditation and/or nature.  This week you are being reminded of your past, your growing up and memories that are both pleasant…and unpleasant.  Why?  so that you can draw out fragments that disturb your heart. are feeling your wounds..they are real and they can be quite raw.  Reach out and share with about this. Most of all..feel the response of love and embrace that the Angelic Ones..the Ministering Energy of the universe is bringing to you in response to your cleansing and clearing.

SOLSTICE is all about the heart…the SUN in the sky represents our heart.  It shines upon you and within you too!  It is a good time to face those hurts and challenges that you have..with love and nurturing.  Be “brave” though…the Sun Warriors of Light are with you to help you transform the pains and sorrows. 

The gifts of Solstice always amaze me….they happen all week you know! Each day of this week is a gift of energy from Solstice with a Message from the Soul; the Universe, Spiritual Directive, Counsel, inner Knowing, realization of your skills, acknowledgement of Talents, bridging to your next level, contractual time with your work or personal projects…and BEST of ALL…your energy shift in the heart centre that goes all the way up to the pineal gland (7th energy centre)…and all the way down to the ground…(root centre, legs, feet) ! will definitely wish to be ready to optimize this time cycle and get the most out of it…that is your inherent right as a Divine human being!

Solstice is a magical time of the year when the heart aligns and engages with the LOVE of the Universe in the most powerful way!  YOU just need to be open to receive…and receive you will !! 

May you have the most precious, loving week ahead. Wherever you are currently at in your path of healing and spiritual will benefit from this energy shift week of SOLSTICE. 

Cosmic Blessings!

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  I will be facilitating a Summer Solstice teaching, healing and guided meditation.  You can participate long distance, receive mP3 audios or join in person. 7 gifts..7 chakras…7 levels of the heart centre will receive gifts! Check it out! 

Weekly Energy Updates – December 19th to December 25th, 2016





Hi Everyone!  It’s SOLSTICE WEEK !!!

The gifts have already started to come in for you…relative to the amount of TIME and WILL (the powerful Sagittarius-Capricorn Will) you put forth going into one of the most “inner reflective” cycles for mankind!


This is all part of your Days of Christmas..Christed Consciousness for ALL people; All are Sons and Daughters of the Divine Universal Infinite Source!  You have a responsibility and personal spiritual mandate to spend time in the quiet of your meditation and reflection…to gain the gifted access to the most Inner realms within you!  Time to shut out the noise and chatter of the Monkey-brain; the excessive clamoring for your attention and money by merchants, the endless lists of things to do that you stress yourself out about too! is time to organize your days now during this most illustrious time of sit quietly, by yourself and put your focus on the Light of the Creator at your crown point interface, the profound Oneness with your Divine Heart and the gentle subservient inherent nature of your physical body that seeks only to serve you as it’s Master.

This is a beautiful week where each of you can take stock and do an analysis of just where you are at in your life…and what it is that gives you the greatest alignments to the Universal Love and Light within.  As you find this…you can then share your Light, radiance and good Will to All men/women.  Invite family and friends into your home; visit others where ever they are….spend time where you can share laughs, memories, love, kindness, and a bonding that brings each of you together in Peace.  Raise the vibration of our human family across the Globe with kindness.  So easy to do and costs “zero” dollars!

It is a “time” when you stop TIME and remember the needs of others in that it leads to becoming more and more an everyday Self Realization..not just at this time of year.  The week’s energy is also very much aimed at YOU…yes YOU!  Asking you to choose those things in life that will honour and support your own spiritual journey without regret; without guilt.  It’s amazing how much we are able to realize about ourselves during this time…and to have incredible epiphany moments during this season too!

DO YOU WANT PRESENTS? Cosmic Bounty it is!   Generous GIFTS from the Divine!

Your meditations are very important folks…extremely…absolutely essential!  Spend each day this week in meditation and enjoy your connection to the the Universal Divine.  May you feel the Blessings and receive the gifts of this season!  This is a time when the Cosmic Consciousness can more readily pierce the veils of illusion and embrace your Mind, Heart, Body and Soul.

I won’t ramble on anymore…just a reminder to use EACH day effectively.  Make the most of this excuses. The 21st to the 25th are the most concentrated energy times.  Enjoy!  May you be lifted up into the Realms of the Angelic Choir and feel the Light of Solstice upon you!  It’s already begun.

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.   We are holding a Solstice celebration at CATA in Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada on Wednesday night, December 21st – 7 pm.  Participate in person or receive an audio file of the evening.

Guided Meditation and the Sounds of Crystal Journey with David Hickey –


Weekly Energy Updates – December 12th to December 18th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Fabulous transformations!!!  You have had some tremendous breakthroughs…large or have!  What does that look like?  For some it means they are clearly understanding the difference between the lower realms of confusion, entrapment and suffering and the higher realms of peace, clarity and new areas to focus their attention.  For others it can be described perhaps better as a greater sense of Self Acceptance; Self acknowledgement.  This can be a time for each of us to not be angry anymore…but instead to be as one who sees themselves accepting and understanding people and the world around us for where it is currently at in terms of consciousness.  With that peaceful acceptance we can concentrate more on who we are as individuals…doing our own part…to shift into greater spiritual consciousness thus shifting the world consciousness.

Many young as children as well as adults..are being inspired to bring Light and goodness into the world.  The tide is swelling with good hearted generous people who are creatively giving something of themselves into the world.  That is the stirrings of a more advanced Soul mandate which each will identify for themselves and embrace.  Allow yourself to be creative this week; every week with regard to the way in which you wish to bring Light and Love into the world.  Start with yourself…then your family…then your community and so on.  KEY:  Start with yourself.  Self Love and Self Acceptance..honouring your own unique gifts and skills with delight; with radiance!

This very creative and transformational energy continues all thru this week and into the Solstice. Why?  You are making space for the “golden droplets of Divine Intelligence” that occurs through the intense Solstice energy time line!  With the clearing now; self honouring and organizational framework building in a supportive way…you ensure that you are ready to accept all that this glorious spiritual time cycle offers you!

I know that it can be disheartening to see your Brethren acting like fools running around hither and yon during the preparation for the seasonal holidays…the road rage, the parking lot conflicts, the shopping disasters and the crazy expense they put upon themselves…but remember that they have just not awakened yet to the real meaning of such an auspicious time as the SOLSTICE.  Unbelievable as it sounds..they still think it is as the commercials on T.V. tell them..with the need for more money put into the corporate pockets of those who are soaking us with consumerism.  Stand back…embrace your own truth and be the Light!

This is a week for you to help prepare more than just yourself….you are actually contributing to the World consciousness so that people can have even a dim sense of what the true Cosmic and Divine meaning is of Solstice.  That is a beautiful thing !  Be at peace now..enjoy the week!

In Light and in Peace,



December Energy Update with Solstice Preparation!

Hi Everyone!  Lengthy…so if you have time to read the December Energy Update !  Prepare for Solstice now!

With a flurry of activity in the Inner Temple of Healing and Wisdom…Angelic Ones and Ascended Ones are on hand helping you to get “dressed” for the Solstice energy! You will be putting on your Blue & Violet…to White robes of Light donning jewels and crowns for this very special time of the year!

In preparation for the Blessings and Good tidings from the Universal Source; the Divine One…you are to engage in a purification process that takes care of the tears and bruises to your subtle bodies. Many of you have been assessing and reviewing your lives with the hurts and sorrows that have been buried within; often deep. Let it be known that the comforting, nurturing and forgiving, loving and soothing healing Rays have been helping you through all year as you reflect on the past. Each Ray has had something different to offer you in the transformation of your ego personality. This is a month where the acceleration of this purification process takes place and the “fires of transformation” are at some of their highest levels within the fiery sign of Sagittarius and the directed Will of Jupiter!

Most have little to no understanding of just what the adherence to one’s Soul’s Will means. The systems you reside in are teeming with Divine Intelligence and are directed under the MIND of the Cosmic Consciousness. That means that YOU are a series of Divine Intelligence yourself that must conform to the directives, qualities and programming of the cycles of the Universe. Right now the cycles are in change at year’s end with you asking the questions regarding how that should look for your own dedicated Spiritual path.

Asking within each day and night during your meditations keeps you in alignment with the Will of the Soul. Ask and then live your life according to the Universal rules of the template of Creation to the best of your ability…and your life changes. It becomes more and more in alignment thus harmonizing your life and your health with this vast network of Divine Intelligence.

This is a reminder of what you can and should be doing with your life right now in order to avoid chaotic states that you find upsetting. Getting distracted and pulled away from your main path disturbs you and you don’t like it. When you are back on track you feel good and often vow to yourself that you will never stray away from that path again. Good! Now you may waver from time to time…but by being as consistent as possible you will develop quite the strong MIND and stay on track. The tests and challenges before the Solstice often are to see how you are choosing to adhere to your path. Reset yourself with these words and then strive towards the success of this.

Energy is healing and soothing throughout the month as you are becoming more aware of your heart centre with all the wonderful influences of the Christ Consciousness at this time. You find shifts in humanitarianism comforting and you yourself awaken each day thinking about how you can improve your life and the lives of those around you. Your caring is a wonderful start but be sure to turn that to caring for yourself and ensuring that you are scripted into the daily plan as well!

Simple things will bring great pleasure and it is these natural activities that will steer you well as you navigate the purification process through the month. Keep things simple and straightforward. No complications and little confusion. There is enough going on in your external modern world that will attempt to draw you into it. Don’t let that be the case for you. Avoid the pitfalls and embrace the wonderful gifts of the season you are building towards. The chalice you are creating now will then be able to hold the WONDERS of the Solstice!

Your chalice is made up of your personality’s energy bodies and they are all asking for your guidance and help to stay in balance. From your exercise and diet in the physical…to your quiet time in reflection in your intuitive/psychic body and everything in between. The energy bodies must have balance and must have time to clear. Sea salt baths, essential oils, clearing of your home, deep breathing and chakra work are all essential to keep yourself clear and ready for the solstice shift. It is promising to be a major one given your proximity to the Stars Divine Intelligence during that time. This proximity is not even just a physical one measured by distance, but more an internal realization measured by Mind, Love and your Will.

Being aware of the lens of the stars around you means that you are conscious of their teaching..conscious of the Divine Intelligence and affect upon you. The Earth; as your Mother will be guiding you about your body and it’s health. Pay attention because this will change rapidly over the weeks to come. When your body states that it is no longer able to tolerate a particular food or snack…it is because the vibration is not matching. Do away with those things that do not match your vibration.

If you are living with certain colours of energy around you and sound vibrations that do not match..remove them. They will not support your changing vibration.

Keep yourself in alignment with the lightness of activity and with the gentleness of the being in the company of those who speak eloquently and discuss matters and affairs of life with a philosophical approach rather than an arrogant one. Speaking well and moving with grace will be helpful to you.

Your world; your life is taking a major shift right now and you must do what you can to embrace it with your heart wide open! So much is being offered to you right now that will open up your mandate and make it more clear to you. Jupiter is the planetary influence through Sagittarius that speaks from the WILL of your Soul. This is the month where you FIND OUT how that is to unfold! You will know now as 2016 is being wrapped up and 2017 opens up a new cycle for you. 2016 is your 9 karmic cycle which closes off the major challenges of Soul personality core issues. You will be in good shape knowing just what the core issues are that you have come into this world with. Knowing can start your new cycle after Solstice with a PLAN of action to ensure the rapid transformation and new statement of Self is underway.

Be aware of the power that is within you and direct it wisely! Jupiter is the largest planetary body in your Solar System influencing you and you must understand that your power is truly of Divine Origin. Knowing that you have the power to change yourself; your world it is keen and wise to reflect on the direction you are applying it. Your Soul mandate and contribution to the growing enlightenment of the human race is a Universal Law no matter how subtle or obvious in life that becomes. Whether gentle or robust, the direction is still the same; towards Divine integration.

Under the systems influence now…Matrix in size…you are being guided and there is less and less joy in being outside of this. This statement means that you are happiest and healthiest and most successful when you choose to be in alignment with the harmonics of your own Divine Matrix. With that you SEE and KNOW that the exterior worlds give temporary pleasure only and only that within you is long lasting and real. Enjoy your physical world with the KNOWLEDGE that any fixation on it will not serve you. What you should be choosing is the life pleasures as a gift from Divine Mother respectfully and know that all of it is here to serve you for a life time only and then you gently will let go and show gratitude down the road when that time comes. For now she welcomes you to enjoy her Love.

With such great windows of opportunity for Self realization and forward movement in your life of purpose…we can offer you this guidance through Light and Love. Be at peace and use your breath work to stay strongly connected to the Light of your Soul; to Source. Be still and quiet at night before bed to ensure you receive your return to the Inner Temple for rejuvenation and corrections/guidance. In the morning wake up with the optimism of a child of the Universe…ready to start your day! Welcome the sun; welcome the Earth. Thank the Guardians who serve you and the Ascended Ones for their Wise Counsel.

May you enjoy the month ahead and the end of the year wrap up! Be sure to review your year and make plans for the next one. Look back at what you have learned and accomplished…as well as look at what still needs to be cleared up and focused on to ascertain a stronger path underfoot!

Blessings to all..Class Master!


Weekly Energy Updates – June 27th to July 3rd, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Integration Week!

A good week to start integrating and applying into your personal life the new realizations made since the intensity of Solstice…as a matter of fact…the energy this week will hold you accountable to do so! (Mars and Saturn still influencing you to be decisive, disciplined and alert to Spiritual influences). The right side of the body is under particular stresses as this is the active expression of yourself; the aspect of you that is finding the courage to break into new, un-chartered territories in both affairs of the heart, new family traditions, new lifestyles. Uncomfortable? can be but the magnificent power and Will of your Soul will not let you hesitate any more! Take the step!

Any weakness in the left side of your body is due to the letting go of the emotional paradigm of the old Self. It wonders if it will be supported and nurtured going forward. The Answer? the Soul is most loving and understanding. You are not being left in abandonment or isolation with the new openings that are occurring in your life…the opposite is true! You see with Saturn governing destiny, fate and plans of action, you must be aware that it is Universal Law that is placing you in the right places now…at the right time! This has always been the case.

This week will PROPEL you forward under the alignments with Mars and Saturn as long as you do not fight that which is meant to be! Did you notice that you had some strange oppositions and frictions over the last week? People’s emotions were up and down like a roller coaster! This has now shifted and you will gain tremendously if you see that there is something much more Intelligent directing this experience we call “LIFE”!! Holding on to the old “stuff” is going to cause you illness so don’t do it. Use your deep breathing, stretching, interactions with Nature, your meditations, and all the “tools in your Spiritual tool box” now to help you to balance the physical/spiritual life you are to be leading. Fixation on the extreme of either one world or the not healthy. INTEGRATION week!

The throat chakra centre needs to speak! Start applying your inner power to get things done, engage new experiences, make commitments. This will be balanced with the Astrological energy of Cancer directing you in your personal emotional Self now. You will be re-inventing your personal routines, family changes, home energy changes. This time of going within is for the manifestation of your newly aware love and caring of the sacred experience of life. Watch that heart chakra centre open up!

In summary, you feel that your eyes have opened to a whole new world of opportunity! Like a kid visiting a new playground you will be wondering which experience to tackle first for enjoyment, learning, growing, friendship, gentleness, love and regeneration. Life is desirous to fill up your cup! Your heart deserves to “sing” its true “heart strings” of love. These strings are woven right into the fabric of Creation and have always been a part of you..but are now more accessible!

Enjoy this week…let it be the Blessed experience it is meant to be!

In Light and in Peace,


Weekly Energy Update – Special Full Moon/Solstice Message

The “change of season” is the change to the song being played by the Creator’s symphony…it’s melodic sound and beautiful rhythms running deep through our energy bodies lifting us up into the Glories of the Universe!

Today the sound and Light systems of Divine Intelligence change their course and the planetary, individual stars & constellations are their own instrument; expressing their own part in the collective symphony of Creation. Each of the planets and stars emit their own voice; their own sound and all contribute to the stable advancement of the Divine Plan. Whether it be a rise in tempo, note or volume by one planetary or stellar system whilst another pulls back, the delightful wave of the Creator’s heartbeat and breath plays on!

YOU are changing your alignments today with the universal tones and are influenced by all that is going on this day. Be sure to shift gears; shift your alignment and pay close attention to what the Great Artist’s hand; the Conductor’s baton is telling you. You can’t stay the same you know…it is time for a new story to begin. The next chapter of your story includes many new experiences, new people and new events. You are working out old patterns of karma and wrapping up the tale ends of some of the most important phases of your life. You are also entering into new scripts and there are new parts to be learned with many Angelic Ones to help you evolve.

On a very practical note, you are to check out the personal vibrations of your own chakras, your own energy bodies. Where are you out of sync? How are you feeling physically? emotionally? Does your intelligence advance with greater stimulus and inspiration or are you on a flat tone and uninspired? Go searching for truth within and you will find answers to these questions. and corrections as well! You simply cannot stay the same because the Cosmic Intelligence is not set up that way. Changes are imminent.

Reviewing one’s life is key right now….home, family, relationships, business goals, dreams and what have you. The shift is quite powerful and you KNOW you have come to the end of a chapter so why try to continue re-living the same last page over and over again?

The Great Maestro has picked up the tempo in many ways; accelerating your consciousness and expanding the members involved to include so many of the Hierarchy of Light. These bright forces of Divine Intelligence are urging you to delve into further possibilities and potentials that are inherent within you. Seek out the counsel and Wise guidance of personal direction from within and expand your awareness of the personal spiritual path that you tread.

There are “teachings” that are offered globally both on the inner planes and at stations of Light all over the earth, that you can chose from. Choose wisely and trust your intuition; trust your heart to resonate Truth to you. Ask Life to open up to you and ask to be guided. If you ask you shall receive.

The expansive Jupiter; ruling planet of Sagittarius is standing right in front of you and directing you to “tap into your birth sign” Find out now in your life “why you were born” and how you should be expressing your personal mandate out into the world. Contribute consciously to the development and expansion of global consciousness. Be the living consciousness of Light that shines out into the world! It’s time! Do it for the right reasons though..don’t let it be for monetary reasons for this will entrap you. May your Light; your Truth be integrated once again with the Great Artist; the Great MIND of the All.

Happy Solstice and Many Blessings during this full moon dance in step with the orchestra of planetary bodies and stars all about you…here on the gentle Blessed Earth dance floor!

In Light and in Peace,

Weekly Energy Updates – December 28th, 2015 to January 3rd, 2016

Hi Everyone!

“Let’s keep up the momentum”…of personal, spiritual growth and change into the New Year 2016 !

This week you are under the new cycle of the Capricorn (goat) energy and will be drawn to start focusing and solidifying more of that which inspired you and fired you up during the previous Sagittarius cycle that completed at solstice time. The full moon during Christmas “shook out” the deep rooted issues you have been carrying that prevented you in many ways of a fuller expression of now you should be gaining greater clarity.

The answers to the questions, “Who am I and Why was I born?” are going to start shimmering inside your thoughts and your heart as we accelerate forward towards the New Year. Be sure to keep balanced this week with the diversity of care of your physical, emotional and mental/spiritual needs. We have some fairly advanced influences coming in from the major planetary body of Uranus (Active Father Principles expressed) combining with our Worthy Divine Mother Principles within striving to bring out a New Order in you; new framework and plans for the coming year.

If you are still struggling with some emotional sensitivities…talk them out..journal them as well. You will see that you are RESOLVING some very old patterns that have been habitual and likely quite annoying or upsetting to you. They are worthy of your attention so that they are not carried into the new year either. Stay calm…these realizations may have come to you more recently but they took many lifetimes to form. Be kind to yourself here and let them resolve with peace and love in mind.

Listen attentively to your loved ones, friends and family…they too are revealing their own healing needs and maybe you can give them a hand with that. Create the space and let them share. A cup of tea, a listening ear or a loving touch of the hand may be in order at this time.

The Capricorn influence would like to get organized and conscientious in the New Year and put into application the various ideas and inspirations you have. Create space and time for yourself as well…give yourself the opportunity to make some solid changes to your own foundation. You will wish to have both the material foundation assured while you aspire to loftier heights during your ascent up the path towards Spiritual integration. You CAN have both…it is something that can be scheduled and applied.

Finally this week…the change into the New Year 2016 should not be entered without some deep reflection and assessment on the past year. Your accomplishments and outstanding issues still to be resolved. Be spiritually conscious. Don’t let yourself slip into the trappings of the world of illusion at this time either…it’s not healthy. As your sacred Temple (body) prepares to serve you for another year…make sure you are aware of just what is necessary to keep it healthy and strong!

Many Blessings for the coming year 2016! I will devote a special blog post to this on January 1st, 2016.

In Light and in Peace,

Weekly Energy Updates – Winter Solstice – December 21st to December 27th, 2015

Hi Everyone !

With both winter solstice today and the full moon in Cancer on Christmas Day…you can see we are all in for one amazing week! The week opens with the gifts of winter solstice, when the movement of the earth places us at it’s most distal position from the sun in our northern hemisphere. This is a cycle when you are to spend time in deep, reflective thought as you review your past quadrant (September Equinox to now) and assess your life in both it’s strengths and weaknesses that are to still be worked out. You reflect on your physical health, your emotional state, mental, inspirations, goals, dreams, “oneness” to the Bosom of the All and your own Spiritual mandate.

This special day asks that you recognize the importance of spending time alone…going within…and honour your inherent Divine birthright; birthplace. Feel the consciousness of the original birth within you and know that it is truly your Source of all things. Be reborn this day in your heart and feel the Love of the Office of the Christ Consciousness that is reaching in and touching you. This energy lifts you up! It redeems you and helps you to overcome obstacles, fears and challenges. It gives you courage and strength to go forward in life with renewed assurance. You truly KNOW what it means to be a Child of “God”; “Creator”!

You start to remember things..more and more..about your True Self…and your find yourself able to discern more easily what is aligning you & what is distracting you from this unification of Soul to self. Clarity shall unfold more this day and the days to follow as you begin to “see the Light of Truth” emerge!

People should be embracing this sacred time now and moving away from the cold and disheartening infatuation with material things alone…instead by the week’s end in the full moon of Cancer on Christmas day, December 25th…you will find yourself desiring to embrace that which is important…LOVE ! Family, friends, neighbours, the man or woman on the street..the children in foreign lands, the elderly, the sick and the unknown. You will find yourself wanting to be in appreciate the stars in the sky and the Glories of Life. That is what this shift will do for you…make things REAL.

The whole week is about becoming more “real”…closer to Truth and further distancing from those things in life that are temporary only. Make lasting memories this week and bestow kindness upon others..recognize the Soul behind the eyes…invest time and energy in becoming that which you truly are; a Divine Being. No more wasting time with frivolous matters when there is so much “Living” to do !

Enjoy this Blessed and Sacred week…spend plenty of time in a quiet and reflective state as we head into the cycle of winter. A time when Nature draws you in to Herself and the Blessed Divine Mother Earth protects you in her arms to rest and reflect on the deeper mysteries of Life.
Go about your works days ahead through this time at a comfortable pace..organized that you are now from Equinox time (hopefully! or do a little more of this)..and making sure it is one step at a time.

Aligning with the dictates of Universal/Natural Laws during this time will make all the difference in the world to you. Try to go against it and you attract folly. Alignment supports and embraces you…facilitating great changes to your life and new beginnings.

Solstice time….a time to RE-SET your heart centre into greater alignment and oneness with the Blessed Christ Consciousness of Love within you!

In Light and in Peace,

Merry Christmas..Happy Holidays..Cosmic Blessings to all on this Winter Solstice Day !

Weekly Energy Updates – December 14th to December 20th, 2015

Hi Everyone!

Countdown to Solstice! You have some marvelous opportunities this week to get into a clearer state of alignment to be able to receive consciously your solstice gifts of the season cycle! We had quite the week of “fire” going on last week and it looks like this week is not going to be much different either.

You are likely loving the “idea” of the transformations but not necessarily clear on just where this is all going to lead. Many of you are also having rather challenging times with the process of transformation especially where it is impacting the physical body. Your body is just reflecting the past paradigm and is equally eager to let go as well. Breathe with it; process with it and be rest assured that it does end up more radiant than it currently feels.

Those of you who are finding themselves more emotionally or mentally confused during these times…you can also be promised greater clarity and realizations to come as we move through the week and into Solstice next week. Purging and transforming is not always very straightforward!

Here is the MAIN POINT this week: You have started to engage in drawing back to yourself two things….1) old patterns that have not been completed and transformed have come around completely full circle to give you an opportunity AGAIN to correct. Be very WISE this time and don’t do the same thing as before. Be very defined and clear on just what will take you UP the spiritual ascension ladder this time.

2) You are going back in cycles many years in some cases…and you are drawing forward to yourself now…the chance to take action on an opportunity for personal, creative, professional and Spiritual expression. Pay attention. You have either turned it down before and it’s back…or…you are taking something you have already done and expanding upon it…lifting it up to higher levels of expression. Now this is a “wow!!!” situation you are in ! Recreating yourself at this new level of spiritual and integrated-ego expression will be quite the feat for you and there is no doubt that it will mean more responsibility, more “work”…but even more JOY !!! You are engaging in this energy now!

Piece by piece…bit by bit…you are developing a 2016 that is going to shine most radiantly ! So stay the course..keep your “nose clean” as the ol’ saying goes…. and go forward. Distractions? Face them and deal with them. You have no time for distractions in your are taking the energy this week and working it. Blessings! Enjoy ! Stay tuned next week for the Solstice Message from Spirit !

In Light and in Peace,

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Weekly Energy Updates – December 7th to December 13th, 2015

sun animated - energy

Hi Everyone!

Fire up ! That’s right…it is an incredible week of preparation for Solstice and for cleaning up the old “stuff”. There is magic in the air and strong Universal forces ‘pressing” on you to make changes. Can’t say enough about the changes you are making because you absolutely KNOW you are unable to stay the way you are in any of your misalignment. If you try; it hurts…that’s all there is to it…so don’t try.

Give yourself the freedom to be different…to go outside the box. You are not to just try to please others always, or to put everything ahead of yourself…Balance. Think and reflect on your own needs as well; think about what you need now in order to bring goodness to your life and your family. The better aligned you are the better you “all” are.

This “fire” energy is coming from the fire sign Sagittarius and its beloved ruling planet..Jupiter. The Will of the Soul is bigger than you…so surrender to it..for it reflects the real YOU! Permit your own Light to shine through. If you are not happy then look into why you are not happy and begin the initial changes. It may take a few weeks or months to complete the transformation..but you absolutely must decide. Decide who you are, what gives you the greatest harmony and good health…and what your life is all about. The Universal Divine Being invested a lot of ENERGY Intelligence into you for a reason…the reason is that you are an emanation of the Divine Being. With such love you are to express your own true Self.

2 weeks now until Solstice…the gifts of Solstice are always so precious and often very subtle. They always touch your heart. Are you open and ready to receive? Make space…let go of old false beliefs and emotional attachments about what this was..and that was… Be in the “now”. What speaks to you now..this week is all about helping your heart to sing out! If you need to speak to someone and share…then do that. Perhaps you need some time to reflect? Pencil yourself into your schedule…just for quiet time and reflection.

The fire power that is ON now…will continue throughout the month building in momentum! Let’s hear you roar..let’s hear the strength and power in your throat chakra that makes an affirmative positive statement about yourself. are a majestic Being! Details will come to you..steps to take will come to you with clarity more and more going forward. Engage the energy this week!

It’s getting hot in the Inner Temple…I had best gather this energy up now and apply it myself ! Okay…taking it to the World Healing Project to help spread Blessings and focused healing around the globe!

In Light and in Peace,


BOTTOM LINE…If you don’t like something in your life…change it. You have been given this precious life to live it in harmony with the All..with the Universal Love and Abundance of the All…decide that you are going to accept that once and for all!

Weekly Energy Updates – December 22nd to December 28th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

With the Solstice energies supporting us going into the week, we need to take a deep account and assessment of our lives now and understand completely that what you are engaging in now is truly structuring your spring 2015 manifestations.  Reflect on the word:  STRUCTURING.  That is the key to this discourse.  Solstice energies re-capitulate the lower to higher worlds into Spiritual consciousness.  This is truly an enlightening time for us all!

Walk through a reflective time of love and forgiveness to yourself and others during this time as well.  You’d be amazed at how much healing will be taking place at this time for you.   This is a slowing down time for each of us and you are to try your best not to get caught up in the frenzy of activities that overwhelm and exhaust.  The opposite is more palatable to you!  A new cycle has begun!

Energy healing and meridian work/chakra work is a great tool to be engaging in for your personal healing and spiritual growth so don’t forget to put time aside for this!  Nature, with her powerful healing ways, will also be a great contribution to your overall good health and well being.  Don’t forget about the stars too!  The stars in the night sky are beautiful to gaze upon as they are the Divine Intelligences’ shining down upon you with wise counsel as you wrap up the end of the year.

The energy this week can be very structural for you if you permit it.  Adhere to a schedule and include for yourself time spent in meditation and all will be well.  When you reflect on the past years activities, stay objective with lots of love for yourself in your evaluation.  Things change; people change.  Know that you are swiftly evolving out of the old and into the new.  Enjoy and experience the many, many Blessings of the Cosmic!  Be confident that the changes you are implementing are in Divine Order!

In Light and in Peace,




“During the Time of Solstice…

Worthy Master..What Dost Thou wish to bestow upon each of the listening ears this day…to those gathered…the Sons and Daughters of Creation that seek truth justice and a Light shone upon their path in order for each of them to return to Divine felicity?

Worthy Master Responds: It is deep in your own consciousness that your Realization of Self and the true meaning of your existence is stored…The Divine is in each one of you and at this sacred time of year, your attention turns to finding and rediscovering for yourself just who you are and where you originate from.

Every part of you is asking for the TRUTH…every one of you is seeking for truth, as the injustices upon the face of the earth are confusing and does mire your vision. You often do not know which way to turn for answers thus at this time you are to set your focus and reflective thoughts on going within. For it is within you that you will find your path to will find the true nature of your Soul.

Each winter solstice time, you feel some strange vibrations moving throughout your cerebral expression and you find yourself curious as to the nature of their electro magnetic qualities. These are waves of Divine Intelligence reaching your Mind…they stir and prompt responses from you. They cause synaptic relay stations to arc in your neural pathways of the brain… in response to their touch. The Rays of incoming energy move to purge your old thought processes and false beliefs, illusion and mis-truths from you and brighten the receptor sites for incoming TRUTH.

Truth in life brings confidence, worthiness..reason to set goals and dreams. Truth is like a bright light shining in front of you creating a path in your life. Truth is something that you must have… lest you be gripped by insecurity and fear.

Truth will set you free..liberate your from the confines of suffering and misery caused by the oppressive thoughts and actions by both yourself and others around you.

The liberation upon finding your Truth is an exalted one…the heart bursts forth in Love of the truth of Life and the energy systems sing..they truly sing in response and thus the importance of having alignment to the primordial nature of the Sounds of the Universe.

Solstice is a time to engage with the sound currents and chords of magical notes of the Cosmos. The harmonizing to the Music of the Spheres are uplifting and bring many moments of Bliss. This in turn inspires you to seek further… for once tasting the interface between the Divine Spirit and your Truth seeking Ego body, you crave more and thirst more and will not be satisfied until you have returned to a wholesomeness and unified state of BEING.

At this time…each of you as a Child of Creation, have the right to seek and to find this Truth. It is within your true nature..your true identity of Self. Do not hesitate any longer to find your own TRUTH.

The TRUTH of your identity is in fact what expresses your Soul Purpose and Soul Mandate assigned to you for this particular lifetime. Upon registration of this upon your awakened rise each day at dawn in pursuit of expressing it.

Realization of Self..realization of Truth…will unfold during and post solstice with a path of clarity…..creating a schematic….a map….which you can follow. Trust yourself to then follow the yourself to live upon the road map of pathworking your spiral of ascension and you will be fulfilled.

During your time in the cycle of Solstice…ask within to be shown the Truth..the true nature an plan of your Soul….your Master blueprint. You will discover just how special and unique you are. For just like 2 snowflake that are never alike…each one of you are unique and have your own special blueprint. By moving into your heart centre and up through the heart into your Mind and Soul…you will see TRUTH.

Choose to engage this process throughout solstice and you will not be disappointed for it is not a game but a UNIVERSAL LAW that is infallible. The Universal Laws are governing this directive and you shall find that Truth seeks you as much as you seek it.

The magnetic interface rushes through you as LOVE…for the LOVE in your heart is what is urging you forward…that devotional heart that desires to be as ONE with the Divine within you.

May you find peace and comfort in the fact that your can TRUST in Universal Law and the First Principle of Love and Principle of TRUTH.

Trust now…put absolute TRUST in your surrender to the Divine within Thee…Cosmic Blessings to All…

The Master of the Temple.