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Weekly Energy Updates – August 5th to August 11th, 2013

Hi Everybody !

It has been 7 days now since the energy alignment with the extensive planetary influences of July 29th which gave us all quite a shift…shaking out some of the “sediment” within AND taking us to a new level of enlightenment!  How was your week past?

The New Moon influence already got underway a couple of days ago..but is in full swing August 6th.  Wait until about Thursday morning and then you can energize/start those new plans and ideas.  Planning today may still have some ups and downs to it.

The energy systems influencing us are all quite strong and steady…asking you to stay the course..navigate well and don’t go out into extremes.  The Universal Laws are in place for a reason and it is best that we each go over the basic “rules” of life often to check in and see if we are adhering to them.  For example…the diet, exercise, study time, connecting with nature, the stars, your meditation…and your PLAN.  So how is your PLAN coming along?  No..not just your business plan…I am referring to your spiritual plan..your journey and path working. Having a plan like this ensures you can truly navigate the pathways (plural) up the mountain to the capstone and find the essential permanent interface you seek while living your life here on earth.

The PLAN should include your emotional development, intellectual expansion, intuitive/creative outlets, your physical well being, and to round things up..your striving attention to the deeper reasons for your existence and Soul Purpose.   Whether you have an inkling or a solid know-how of your Soul Purpose…add to the PLAN this week…set some goals for the September time that you are well aware of where you are going.  It is not too early.  Be very supportive of your dreams and goals & attunement to the Soul’s purpose because the Universe is VERY supportive to you!  You point your feet in the right direction and the Divine Energy Intelligence’s that make up the manifest and un-manifest Universe will move you along!

Another great week…smile to content..and know that all is well…  Be peaceful within because you are doing the best you can in the face of some of your own challenges and life’s adversities.  Allow ideas to come…allow the Universal help….it is there for each of you!

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  Saturday, August 17th – participate in person or long distance (receive mP3 audio) at the Mystical Pathworking of the Chakras workshop I am presenting at the Cherry Valley Retreat Centre…here’s the link:


Weekly Energy Update – July 8th to July 15th, 2013

Hi Everybody !

New Moon energy to start your week….!  I am posting this tonight (Sunday, July 7th) because I wish to convey to you that a paring down and slowdown for the evening is best for each of you.  Perhaps you have already started !

Tomorrow morning, Monday, July 8th, 2013 you are to get a “hit” from the Cosmic Consciousness….to kick start your week.  ENCOURAGEMENT is putting it mildly !  I would say a good swift kick is a better way to describe the energy this week coming !  We are each going to be “pushed” to get on track…starting with a re-definition of ourselves, a recapitulation and some very necessary reorganization for Monday…then Tuesday you are not to look backward or sideways..just look forward and focus on where you are going.  While some may be enjoying the summer must take a few hours to absolutely focus on your personal development, healing and professional/creative attainments.  This is solid…really solid.  I too support the loving summer vibes…but unfortunately…it comes at a price if we don’t balance with making sure that our soul mandate is accentuated. There are 3 major streams or highways of energy running through you right now this week that are gaining momentum and pushing upward into the heart and throat paths.  This means that you should go with the stream or flow…if you don’t you bob up and down in the water..instead of paddling and maneuvering your own canoe appropriately.

I know that the strength this week is with you.  You know the old movie saying…”May the Force be with you” ?   Well…this statement could not be more true !  Align with it and Enjoy !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – July 1st to July 7th, 2013

Hi Everybody !

Still looking for your Soul purpose? Wondering how to organize and focus on the insights about yourself that you have already found?  Then this is the week to dig in.  The MIND strengthening opportunities from the Universal Consciousness means that we can disregard any distractions as that; distractions…and focus on strengthening the MIND to INTELLECT alignment by directing our energy towards the completion of tasks.  If we permit the weaker parts of us to be overcome by distraction, then we fall prey to all sorts of unpleasant thoughts and impulses from the shadows of illusion.  Be on schedule and set aside time to complete what needs to be done.

Your meditations this week will be very good !  Work with the Sun (Solar Heart) and the Crown (7th chakra)…then move up above your crown to the spark of the Divine…then ease this all back down through the spine..right down to the root chakra…taking it through the legs and feet until you unite with the essence of Mother Earth (Nature).  This will keep a ground and make you feel very, very good !

Insights are going to come in waves for you over the summer which will add to your deeper understanding of your Soul purpose, your origin…connections to your strengths, gifts and an illumination around just how expertise you really are with the talents assigned to you for this lifetime.  Don’t underestimate yourself !! Please !!  ** Important **  I had to star this one in order for each of you to appreciate those enlightened moments when you say to yourself, “Wow…this is great ! I didn’t know I was so good at that” !!

Finally…yes..this is also a time for “R & R”…so make sure the balance continues….rest will come nicely to you…it is a requirement this week to get lots of sleep !

Enjoy..and have a great week !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – June 24th to June 30th, 2013

Hi Everybody!

Well we have all made it through the Super Moon – Full power – and likely have had many strange dreams and realizations throughout.  Your experiences are such that now you are starting to really see the importance of being organized and having a framework in place in order to go forward.  Some of you have been lacking motivation, some lacked organization and others were just not sure how to go forward productively….correct?  Well don’t feel badly…we have all had to recognize that we are not where we wish to be…and would like to advance into a greater alignment as soon as possible.  The next challenge though is this…how do we do this during summer months when we are inclined to relax and/or play?  Ahhh..another issue !

The energy of the summer solstice that just passed is actually the answer to this challenge/issue at hand.  There is MORE POWER available to you now..and you should utilize this time to tap into it.  The Solar electro-magnetic field brings you more vital life force and opportunity to expand consciousness…not less.  If you are in the winter hemisphere of the earth right now..then you are going into passive receipt of the Source…in the northern hemisphere we are drawing upon the energy to boost the intake and direct it into greater organization of self.  A strong steady pursuit of your soul purpose and mandate is in order now.

Be clear this week on how you can take measurable steps towards the development of your own structured framework and approach to your goals and dreams..even if they don’t still actualize fully until months ahead.  We must have a well developed Mind and apply the energy to engage your brain development.  We are not to degenerate or get lazy now..but instead sharpen our mind.  A strong MIND cannot be taken over and controlled by another person, passing fad or commercial drive from those that may wish to take advantage of you.  So let’s get on with the summer development of mind ! Be creative..expressive and have a good routine going…   OH yes…of course…don’t forget to have fun too though..after all it is summer !!

In Light and in Peace !  Happy Summer to you !




Weekly Energy Updates – June 17th to June 23rd, 2013

Hi Everyone !

This is Solstice Week…(Summer in the northern hemisphere and Winter in the southern)…and as such, it is a very important week regardless of where you live !  Each of us has to realize that the seasonal shifts means a time when the influences upon you are varied due to the electro-magnetic fields of the earth working with our Sun and local astrological constellations.  The “energy signatures” change.. effecting every living thing upon this earth…that means you !

Your behaviours, attitudes, emotions, thought patterns, inspirations, etc…all shift at this time and it is clear that you must pay attention to how your own Soul signature relates to these various opportunities.  Staying with the theme of understanding just who you are and why you are born….the solstice offers you more clarity and strength to secure alignment with your soul purpose and mandate for this lifetime.  Efforts are placed upon the INCREASE of vital life force available to you and the investment of your time and energy into your plans.  You will see that the more foundational work you put into place here in 2013..leads to a greater, measurable result in 2014 when you will actually SEE the effects of your efforts!  Extraordinary times and a wave of success is occurring for all those who choose to take up this opportunity for Soul expression.  No one is left out…we all have open windows during this time cycle.

This week it is best that you clearly face all adversity, false beliefs and energy mishaps from the point of view of your internal Mastership...COMPLETION is the “buzz word” for the week.  Complete your tasks…Solstice shifts begin as early as Wednesday..and carry on until Sunday.  If you want something to happen..important to you…open your eyes..!!! This is the week to strengthen your commitment to Self !  Enjoy your week!

In Light and in Peace,

Kathy Roseborough