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Spiritual Teachings

Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – April 10th to April 16th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

2 Words – FULL MOON !  oh boy! Raw feelings…core issues…childhood reminders.  This week already began on the weekend when you shifted into memories and clearing your old emotional “walls” and challenging your false beliefs.  Done?  Not yet….  There are so many people telling me right now that they are realizing feelings and experiences of separation from joy and they are not liking it.  They are waking up to this and are ready to take action on correction!  That’s the Spirit!  Awaken to your correcting this now..this week when the energy is so powerfully supportive!

The strife and struggle going on externally right now globally is the result, in part, of the internal struggle, internal battles, internal unhappiness and pain.  People are very challenged these days.  Witness the difficulty in authentically answering the question….”Are you happy?”

Why are we not happy? Joyful? Peaceful?  The full moon energy this week is causing you to shift into examining this question AND shift into SOLUTION!

Of course you CAN be happy and you WILL as you awaken to the glories of the energy being offered throughout the Cosmic; via Universal Rays of Divine Intelligence, Wisdom, Love, Knowledge and Understanding.  See the word, LOVE in there?  That is the Key!

We must get back into alignment with our internal maker; Creator and the Energy of LOVE; 1st Principle of Creation.  Truth is…Love is not something that you can be outside of..not at all…Love is an inherent quality and fundamental part of your make up. It’s your perception that must shift and it is..this week!!!

Love flows through all aspects of Creation and you are find this week that as you shift into realizing this, contemplating and meditating upon this further, you are making GOOD choices this week that will embrace love and draw Love closer into your life permanently!

Self worth, Self Love, Self Acceptance…all of it.  This week is all about that and extending that into your circles of relations be they friends, family, partner and/or community.  You are an important part of the whole and you are becoming more aware of just how this is to unfold.

Remember this during the week ahead so that you align:

  1.  You are an emanation of Universal Light, Love and Truth
  2. You are an important part of the whole and you have purpose
  3. You are deserving of Love and joy, happiness and well being
  4. Reach out and speak, ask, explore and make your plans for this to be honoured.
  5. Choose this week an activity or book / make plans for an experience that will allow an outpouring expression of Love into life that is reflected right back inside of you in an ebb and flow.

The Energy has shifted!  If you are shocked at just where you are at in life and have found the rude awakening to feelings of separation…then that is your core wake up call!  Act on it now and work with this fabulous energy to turn things around.  This week we get into alignment with LOVE and let our Spring energy unfold more and more into this realization of Love that is inherent in you!

This week…4 words…Love Heals; Love Unites!

In Light and in Peace,



p.s.  Check out the free download introduction…journal your way into healing and get free support too!  Allison will help you…!

April 2017 Energy Shifts & Updates!

Hi Everyone!  I wonder if these recent energy shifts have been leaving you feeling like you are on a roller coaster…one day up!  one day down.  In between you are going along the sidebar with the roller coaster cars turned sideways wondering if you are going to fall out !  What’s going on you ask?

Many are feeling and knowing they are on this “in between” phase where they are not in last years energy but haven’t quite anchored their new understanding of Self; Higher purpose.  The re-defining of such is still on the draft table for many…but be rest assured it is forthcoming!  

I will be picking this subject up more and more during the days and weeks to come with many discussions and sharing from the Inner Temple on “Energy Shifts and Updates” !!  Stay tuned here!

In the meantime there is a positive message from Spirit for April 2017…have a read if you have some time…

In Light and in Peace,


Message from Spirit – April 2017 

Fresh, new and welcoming are the “keywords” that express the flow of energy between your Heart and the Heart or “Bosom of Creator” during this time cycle of change and rebirth. Your station of Office, your home, and your Self realizations for personal spiritual advancement are all aligning now with this flow of pure Love…. which should bring a smile to your face and bring radiance to your energy bodies!

Start to work more closely with your tools of visualization and use the technique of Mindful creation as you engage this energy because it is NOW that you should feel the shift to a very peaceful place from which this strength of manifestation shall originate. Though earnest and Willful in execution…. all the same..…it is coming from a Blessed still point that expresses out into the World through every lens of your energy systems called chakras.

As you reflect more deeply and hold alignment more beautifully each day in your meditative practice you will be finding that there is an ease that is taking place in your co-creative process. Any fears and insecurities, worries and tension will soon begin to resolve and dissolve as you recognize what the true definition of self empowerment really means. Most understand that to be a defensive stance whereby they no longer feel that willingness nor weakness to let others should push them around in their newly found power. Not true…the empowerment you seek shall come from the still point of Oneness and harmonizing with the Creator.

There is more POWER and energy in Oneness than you can imagine.…but it is so often overlooked as a weak or passive position when in fact the opposite is true. You are the most powerful when aligned to your Inner Self and are embracing the qualities of this.

Going forward now into this month you can do best by pacing yourself each day with a steady schedule of events and good habits. These set up the vibrational patterns required for proper conscious living and it is easier to be prepared for unknown events that can pop up when you have this smooth rhythm underway. Everything will fall into step behind that as you go. You will be surprised at how the Leadership energies of the ARIES MIND will dictate to the others bodies through your Master Pituitary gland, thus the importance of awakening the dormant Inner Eye and the pursuit of further understanding of just how the MIND works.

Your attention to this will bring you greater rewards as you see and know that the power of the All starts at the Soul entry point through your body in the head; the brain. Let this develop and be the main control panel for the other glands from which the communication can go out and “command the field” in an orderly loving manner. These are the levels of the Hierarchy within you and each listens and responds to the directives of the one above in a subservient role, though without loss of its own identity and function as being important to the whole. Nothing functions outside of the group wholeness and wholesomeness.

The steady planting and nurturing of your mandate and daily living plan, will show its rewards throughout the year and beyond into your future incarnations, because you are making permanent changes to the atomic and subatomic particles of your working systems Intelligence. That which in the past was blocking the neural pathways from delivering the Truth and Light shall be free to flow the Divine Orders of Love and Divine expression now and forever more as you undertake this new personal ritual of self realized actions.

All that you do should be reflected upon before executing so that you know the consequences of such undertakings before agreeing to them. The world has so many distractions that it is always best to gather your information and then reflect. Be sure as well that when in reflection you are not listening to the voice of the fragments within rather than the voice of Truth. Reach up into your Inner Temple for guidance. Distractions are short term often and without a rising curve in measurements of spiritual ascension. Anything truly worthwhile shall take some time!

Letting the MIND rule now and allowing it to govern the garden planting, scheduling, nurturing, weeding and balancing of self, will result in a bright garden! Your life is now moving more directly into an interface with the affects of the Taurus Constellation already and you are being “nudged” by these influences to look at your relationships, family, sexual urges, appetites, material foundations, “nesting” instincts, smooth operations and running of your material lifestyles, abundance of accessibility to resources, balancing of material desires so that excess is avoided, consultation within to Beauty which comes from your heart centre, and a inherent Divine urge to produce and manifest those things that benefit both yourself and others. A warm radiance of the new sunshine; the new warmer Rays of Spring are touching your skin and illuminating your cells. A calling of sorts is taking place and you are responding to this!

This “action” energy of the RAM (fire) energy is being tempered by the (earth) Love energy of Taurus with a blending that produces a harmonious flow throughout your entire endocrine system. You would therefore wish to assist your endocrine system by flushing out the chakras and engaging in the Light and Sound currents of the Universal Source; your inherent make up…to engage in this flow and increase it.

The resulting uplifting experience of chakra development changes your world; your internal and external world. You are more energized for this time of year and walk with a lighter step! Your sleeping patterns will adjust to rising with the Solar influence and departing into the Temple for the night with the Moon influence. The extraordinary rhythms of life become your norm and anything that distorts or disturbs that peace, you will become quite alert to it and ensure an avoidance to it as well. Late nights and excessive material energy will not be engaged in as you shift to the clear space and one vast, though contained, field for creating into.

Decluttering your life and the lifestyle are all in order during this time and a letting go of that which complicates your life too much. Simple and straightforward you engage in the flow from the Divine Source to the manifest Kingdom and return this energy back to Source full of Intelligence and experience, knowledge and eventually further stored Wisdom.

During this time be conscious and aware of the environment around you. Open your eyes! Open the inner and outer eyes so that you can look into the depth of your True Self. See your world around you and stay grounded with the understanding of that which you are creating is a reflection of that which is inside of you! Capture your visions from within and bring them to fruition..plant the seeds now!

Weekly Energy Updates – April 3rd to April 9th, 2017

Hi Everyone!   Spring is in the air; Love is in our Hearts!

The turbulence of emotions that you have been feeling “only at certain times of the day” have been caused by a few different influences.  One of course is your own Soul directly stirring you to loosen up the old affairs of the heart that are out of alignment with your true heart chakra nature.

What else is shaking up your heart?  The Sun..our Sun’s activity (Sun is associated with the CENTRE of your physical body just like our Sun is the centre of our Solar system) and has the Divine qualities of LOVE stamped right into it.  It gives life through Love..your life is all about love.  So what’s happening? Your emotional issues in your heart are clearing out as there is no room for disturbance or blockage and you will know about it!  The great Sun is purposely sending impulses through it’s solar winds and recent sun spot activity to the people of the earth..that’s us! 

All challenges related to LOVE will be dragged up right onto your doorstep…Self Worth, Self Love, Self Respect, Desire for Love, Desire for Worthy/Respected Relationships, Humanitarian Issues, and more.  You can’t hide from this one folks…the Heart wishes to run its energy freely and purely during this new Spring unfoldment; close to Nature you need to be and close to Universal Law.

What to do?  Embrace it.  Gather to yourself the Truth of what it is that you stand for and how you know you are to be in the flow of the expression of love.  Anything less is not part of the equation.

Forgive…forgive those who know not of these Principles of Creation.  Understand that they are missing the mark; the synapse of “getting it” and be at peace with that.

Love…Introduce into your life things that will bring joy no matter how great or how small.  They will grow as you nurture and water them throughout the Spring energy.  If you wish to partake in something that you have yearned to do for some time…then do it!

Yes…in Spring our thoughts and “feel good” hormones turn to LOVE! You are in sync then with Mother Nature; time cycles and Life…let’s honour this human part of ourselves and allow..embrace and enjoy it!  Welcome an abundance of Love into your life which can present itself in so many different ways!

Let the shadow teaching you wrestled with and learned from through Winter…now give rise and give birth to new Spring beginnings!

Ready for LOVE in your life?  Okay…OPEN THE DOORS Guardians of the Heart !!  🙂

In Light and in Peace,



Spring Readings from Tarot & Archangel Sandalphon!

Weekly Energy Updates – March 27th to April 2nd, 2017


Hi Everyone!

Well…there is a pretty big opportunity happening this week for all of us due to the Energy influences of the time of year, Aries, Venus and the Sun.  What impact to these have on us?  The Sun is particularly ACTIVE with solar winds this week which “blow” towards us an energy Intelligence that affects your HEART and all associated qualities of your heart chakra.  Eg.  Relationships, love, passion for Soul purpose, humanitarianism, Nature, health and abundance.

Next…we have our beloved Venus influence that is establishing it’s own direct alignments with us while getting between the Sun and on Earth. What Venus offers is the RE-CREATION of Self.  Venus is a planetary body that locks it’s energy alignments into your pancreas (solar plexus) and will impact your decisions to CHANGE.  That can be change of diet, routine, expression..a number of things…but because it is tied into the SUN’s great Solar Winds…you can bet that the changes you are under this week are intertwined with the “affairs of the heart” !!

Let the Shake Up happen…don’t resist this one…it is a de-concretization of your old repetitive patterns and you are going to get an open window between heart and solar plexus…meaning the Universal Love and your personal expression of Self here on earth!   SELF LOVE is very important folks..embrace your worthiness!

Bottom line to this preamble of explanation….”this is a DECISION making week” !  Make some good, solid, reflective decisions from your clarity of Heart and Mind sometime before the end of the weekend (April 2).  No rush to do it today…but please recognize the signs…the “hints” that the Universe is giving you about what is best for you.  Listen within and trust that some of the best experiences and paths opening ahead are as a result of what you put into place this week.

This week is very important for everyone..embrace the gifts of change!  The MIND of the All is behind this..and you need to trust that.  Your Soul is propelling you forward now with creative expression and an opportunity to know what a joyful, loving life that is fulfilling can really be like.

So let go..enter your new paradigm with the strength of the Ram and the gentleness of the lamb…and curious as a Child of the Universe!

In Light and in Peace,



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Weekly Energy Updates – March 20th to March 26th, 2017

Hi Everyone!  Happy Vernal Equinox !!

This week we all engage the Equinox energy…an event that is a lot more than just the change of seasons!  This is a change of YOU…rebirth and new start!

This entire week ahead you are going to be finding all sorts of old memories coming up, old patterns being shown to you, things you have done, experiences you have had….that all need to be reflected upon, require forgiveness to self and others if necessary, and reintegrated as “learning experiences” that you will find to be quite rich for you.

This is also the week where you really dig into your personal desires to co-create with your Soul; your Universal alignments to bring out the best in you for the benefit of both self and others!  Many changes underway so pace yourself…you can’t do it all in one day though I’m certain you would love to! 🙂

Below is the Spring Equinox message…again..lengthy…but if you have time give it a read.

Enjoy this week…spend time in reflection and take time to yourself.  You have to have time alone just to think and meditate. Please take that time as it is important.

In Light and in Peace,


*** You can still purchase the “live channelling” audio of guided meditations and teachings from Spring Equinox through the link below ***

Message from Spirit for Spring Equinox – March 2017

The seasonal change leaves those in the Northern hemisphere with winter behind them and an opening of fresh beginnings ahead in sight. During this time the mystical traditions suggest always that each person take a count of themselves and reflect upon the year past especially the last quarter since Solstice.

One takes “stock” and reviews their spiritual consciousness, their daily habits and activities as measures their progress to date with a watchful eye on those areas that present such great promise as well as those areas of achievement that may be now satisfied. The “accounting” process may seem tedious but well worth the time spent understanding where you stand and what seeds you are about to sow in the soil.

Before one seeds… the soil is always turned over and examined for quality. You remove anything that is undesirable and you add nourishment, positive thoughts and an abundance of love to the process.

The soil is your foundation and you are examining and creating this first and foremost so that your highly attuned inspirations, goals and dreams have something to tether their Lines of Intelligence into. Therefore, you are to go over thoroughly your current state of health, physical surroundings where you live and play, surroundings assigned to education, study and of course your workplace. You are going to satisfy those areas of neglect and untidiness with your Mind, your hands and perhaps even a broom!

Many people will start with this level and stay with this level of change for a while during the Spring until such time as they feel that it is prepared well enough to then handle incoming Energy that is at a much higher vibration and is bountiful as well. This can begin to integrate slowly now…like a trickle or Spring thaw of water running and then expand from there.

You have all been waiting for this Spring of 2017 for some time…why? Because the difference in the new Aries energy influence and planetary influences this year over the fact that the configuration under the Age of the new dawn of mankind’s spiritual awakening is exponentially more attainable, accessible and within grasp and those who are conscious know this… they in fact draw it closer for the others. The more awakened ones in the human race; the more accessible the energies are for others just awakening. It is an opening or portal of time for each that is expressing itself with such force and presence that it is truly difficult to ignore. Many will see; others will feel..that this is truly a remarkable time to shift up into a new paradigm of Self that leaves the old roads behind that are truly worn and narrowing.

The expansion of one’s life may take it’s greatest leap during the Spring Equinox time and clarity is likely one word that many will use when describing their own awareness of Self. It is the clarity that ensues that people will marvel at; you will marvel at and be pleased with.

Old habits and attitudes are dying off hard and fast. This is a shake down like no other and literally the falling away of those underlying issues that cause so much distress and disease will be removed as you concentrate your own energy , time and activity on that which is truly important.

Many will find that their day will ONLY start with their awareness to the Higher Self and Creator and will not see the mundane world as being significant enough to warrant all the attention upon awakening. This proves to yourself that you are starting to realize that you are NOT just a physical being but in fact are recognizing your Spiritual origin. You want to have the breath ; the feel; the taste of your HOME energy of Source upon awakening and carry that within you and through you as you walk your life here on earth.

You will be removing the activities of the world that are time consuming, fruitless and stale. You will see that what joy you thought you were gaining from your past and current activities are proving to be monotonous and outdated. Your lifestyles turn to learning and growing; engaging in those actives with Nature, people and Spirit in ways that bring joy…great joy!

People have ben challenged with finding personal satisfaction in their lives and have been unable to figure out why. They have been searching outside of themselves instead of inside. Now with the turn of Spring each of you will start to look inside and examine your true Nature without feeling you must conform to something that is artificial and illusive. Universal Law will rule over pressure from a need to conform and your happiness will be found in the joy of being in this world; upon this beautiful planet without the need to be carbon copies of another.

The seeds you plant this spring should be carefully selected, not in excess and harmonized with at the time of planting. You should have a strong relationship with those seed thoughts so that when you plant them; bury them just beneath the surface…they still feel your nurturing heart upon them. There will be no neglect on your part and you will care and water them each day. These seed thoughts will grow and they will bring you great abundance. They seek to serve you because you planted them. That is how the above and below cooperate together.

USE your is the time of ARIES and you are to use your Head; your MIND to co create with the Universal Will and directive. That means you will have to overcome the shortcomings within yourself that this Constellation pulls up and out of you. Your red emotions..those that are unharnessed and those loose ends. Think things through and plan accordingly. Anything unruly will stomp on you if you are not careful. It is already testing each of you now.

You will out think these unruly aspects of yourself and shine through the challenges. You can access much greater powers now than ever before and you will be pulling on your CREATIVE powers to do this. The MIND must be engaged and your reflective Self will draw it down. Meditate. Be still and personally disciplined during these times and you will know what to plant.

The HEAD is to always rule as it is the First One…the Creative drive within you. The heart will harmonize all that is brought forth with love. Love must work with Mind and Will…therefore take the time to organize this within yourself. Reflect and then journal. Write out the old and write in the new.

May the following be a lasting thought for you…there are many mystical places within you that can lift you up into the Light of such great health and well being the Spring…allow yourself to be lifted by centering yourself with the breath. Introduce positive thoughts and affirmations with your eye ONLY on that which is being planted. May good wishes and thoughts of well being spring forth from within you to be scattered like seeds by the winds over the lands and into the hearts and minds of others on this earth.

As you share these good thoughts and prayers your own fields will be Blessed by the Sunshine; the Light of Spirit. Cosmic Blessings and feel the power or your own Mighty roar of the throat centre as it is exercised this Spring and taught how to direct energy and create in Thy Holy Name; So mote it be.

Weekly Energy Updates – March 13th to March 19th, 2017

Hi Everyone! have a right to complain…there is plenty that feels out of “Order” prior to Spring Equinox (which by the way is the 20th of March) and you are not liking the confusion, extremes in emotions, technology upsets, gripping problems etc..etc. Everyone is aware of this odd energy either within their own lives or within the lives of those around them.  This is the Pre-Equinox SHAKE DOWN and it is not a pretty sight at times.  We are living the consequences of some old bent out of shape thinking, collective human race paradigms that are outdated, resistance and refusals to change, inabilities to have developed the tools to cope and so on. Many were not raised in families and communities that openly discuss these types of challenges and the skills to cope with them were not taught in school either.

So…yes..please do voice your concerns, opinions, objections, agreements…everything that you are understanding to be your current paradigm…and then this week you had best comply to the ruling energy of Jupiter (your Soul’s Will) and the many other configurations of planets and stars that are directing the REAL and very TRUE Universal Laws that WE must adhere to.  It’s not the other way around; Universal Life will not conform to must be willing to conform to it.  That means you are going to find your “inner still point” and from there sort through and sort out all of those things that are not in ORDER.

It is inevitable that you must change to conform to the Universal Laws and Principles that govern our Creative Fiat; Divine Plan…and here is the good news…it is WAY better than what you are doing !!!  It KNOWS exactly that which will bring out the very best in you and will bring out the Light, Love, Joy, Knowledge and Understanding that is inherent in you!

Let’s summarize it this way…your EGO personality is being subjected to the All powerful Will of your Soul…surrender to it.  Relax and don’t fight.  Be with inner strength and develop your Aura by the breath, chakra work, energy work, focusing, yoga, proper eating, good schedule, etc.  Just find that inner still point.  Clarity and the Inner Master voice will guide you.

This is going to sort itself out as you shake off the old robes; the old heavy coat that you have been wearing.  Spring is coming in one week and you are not going to be the same.  Enjoy the transitions to many new and varied gifts and skills arising from this current struggle.  Okay?  All will be well..

In Light and in Peace, Kathy

P.S.  Pay attention to that full moon from Sunday, March 12th…it is still teaching you about your shadows of illusion.

P.S.S…  Spring Equinox I will be conducting a guided meditation to the Summit of the Mystical Tibetan Temples for Healing and Energy Initiation of Spring! Join in person or receive long distance healing and audio.  Tap in through ZOOM from home if you like!  “live”










Weekly Energy Updates – March 6th to March 12th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Feel like you are walking sometimes with gum under your shoe? Not quite getting a good pace in your day just yet or things not “quite” coming together?  Well you are not alone and’s true that there seems to be some vibrational energy from the Central “Sun” that is causing some disturbances.  What is this?’s a shaking up of sorts.  The power comes in through your higher centres and right at about the heart it goes through this “channel” or tunnel of the chakra lens and the energy is doing a scraping and cleansing inside the tunnel or lens or your heart heading towards the lower chakras.  Debris is thrown hither and yon from your old self and the debris is on it’s bumpy ride OUT of your aura.

Hope that was a good analogy for you…it’s challenging sometimes to find the right words to describe such a pre-Equinox cleanse such as the one you are currently going through.  In the microcosm one could call it an “arterial cleanse” which ALSO is a clue to something else you should be doing…Spring DETOX!  Yes..already you ask?  Yes..especially ANYTHING that has to do with the arteries, your heart, blood stream, liver and pancreas and the removal of toxic particles from your body.

Emotionally and Mentally the “debris” that is loosening up with the recent energy influx is causing some distractions, irritability, fogginess, sleepiness, restlessness and confusion.  The debris needs to be cleansed out just like the physical particles.  Take this week to do your deep breathing and mental / emotional letting go.  That’s right…eliminate what you can that is out of alignment and be sure to put your focus on your spiritual ascension process.

Like my Teacher says…”What you put into it; you get out of it”…so if you increase your “INNER” practice your OUTER world will adjust to that accordingly…so skimming along the won’t work !

Back to the Source incoming….these waves are pulsations of higher vibrational particles of “Light”…put your awareness on this as they are just what you need to move up into alignment to receive your gifts from Equinox.  Rather than looking at the obvious..more tangible world around you full time…shift your perception to that which is rather subtle in fact that you need to be relaxed and at peace in meditation to perceive it.  My advice? Choose some time to do your meditation to receive these particles of Light this week and you will have a happy ending to this work week …!!! (next Sunday is a full moon !!)

Enjoy your week!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – February 27th to March 5th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Shocking news out of the Cosmos….The Universal Divine Intelligence states that you can permanently make the changes you wish to see in your life this week after the amazing New Moon and Solar Eclipse yesterday.  You have the “ticket to get through the door” Divinely programmed inside of you!

Nothing is in the way of your success if you can embrace the Truth.  Truth is that you are a Divine emanation of Light and Mind Intelligence that simply needs to focus on the power of this; power of what this means.  Your thoughts are creating your life and you are to use your MIND in a concentrated and reflectively creative manner to engage change.  Real change…not something that you buy in a bottle, box or bag out there…but inside of you.

The changes that you can now make starting this week are groundbreaking and liberate you from that repetitious circle of karma that you have been nailed to for so long.  What does this Truth spark in you?  What is your reaction to this?  Think about it.

How do you do this?  Give yourself the TIME to be with your Inner Higher Self each day and promise yourself that you will fulfill this task.  You need to define clearly what you want and sit back into meditation with the Inner Self to receive the Energy and “download” of directives/help that you need.  Thinking and Reflecting….concentrating and receiving.  Ebb and flow.  Just do it…it will work for you…that is the LAW.  Universal Law dictates that you need to be in that place of Oneness in a relaxed manner..peaceful.  Then you combine your thinking and reflecting qualities of being a Human Being of Divine descent.

Once you start this process you will wonder why you didn’t start sooner!! No distractions; no blunder.

May the many Blessings of the Cosmic spark YOU this day as you embrace the FRESH start that this time line offers.

21 days to Spring Equinox….get ready!  Make this your daily practice.

In Light and in Peace,


P.S. If you need help…  21 Day Preparation for Spring…get the audio or join in live each day at 6:30 a.m. EST. !!!




Weekly Energy Updates – February 20th to February 26th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Wow..powerful energy week already starting! Can you feel the shift that happened over the weekend?  It’s like the SUN unleashed more power to us all and the electromagnetic interactions with the larger body planetary systems are directing their forces to us for great benefits!  Whatever you are concentrating on is going to manifest…so watch your thoughts !!!

When you have systems of Divine Intelligence in our Solar System impressing their power towards you in a collective way; focused way… are to harness that power and direct it accordingly.  Thinking positive thoughts, fresh starts, new beginnings, stepping up and the “whole 9 yards” as they say…will be exactly what you will get!  DETAIL…yes…be sure to detail your plans and focus them down into the necessary modifications this week.  Stay with it…focus and don’t let go because the powerful week energy will funnel itself nicely right into the chalice that you create.  You are preparing the foundation and the framework now! 

We’ve all got a few more weeks of this formative building and foundation until Spring Equinox so don’t worry…but realize it IS coming.  Equinox 2017 is March 20th this year and we all know the importance of a New Year..the True New Year in the Mystical sense.  Every Spring you are being birthed to another level of your Spiritual consciousness and you must be prepared for that so you can HOLD the transformation and change.

Great way to get this underway is to UNDERSTAND what you are creating, who you are and what you are doing every step of the way.  No mindless groping or daydreaming here..not now Brothers and Sisters…we don’t have time for that!  It is about the dedication to Self and Self awareness which is put out into this world through you…that will bring a collective shift for this 2017 year.  So let’s be strong now..deep breath and shake off ALL NONSENSE that you are involved in that does not serve the greater good.  Embrace goodness, Light and the Inner Alignments to Universal Source!  Enjoy the week!

In Light and in Peace,








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Weekly Energy Updates – February 13th to February 19th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

The energy shifts..some small..some large…have been fast and furious as you know.  With that in mind…please remember that you are rebuilding yourself back to the extraordinary Spiritually integrated human being you were designed to be and that takes time!  Focus on the “artist’s” hand!  The Creator is helping you to participate consciously in the incredible restructuring of your life!

Decide what you wish to do each day (and it can be a simple, easy to manage thing) and pull your inner resources around you to do it.  The rest of the power will come right to your magnetic heart.  You will draw the particles of external matter to you that will form and manifest that which you are focused on.  This takes place all the time but many take little notice of it.  Your Mind and the Will…focused through your heart manifests things all the time.  Be more conscious of this and use it more effectively.  It is a Law…it is an actual Universal Law.

Taking the time to consider the day ahead from a relaxed pose…perhaps during your yoga, deep breathing practice or meditation..will bring you a calm, centred approach to your life.  Let’s see more of this and then you won’t be overwhelmed.  We get overwhelmed when we feel out of control.  You gain control and self alignment back through the practice of deep breathing.

Sounds too simple right?  It is…and this week while we continue to be under the flux and flow of a world trying to find it’s centre…you need to find yours!

Make it a goal this week to FIND and HOLD that alignment to your Inner Peace and CENTRE each day.  Now that will astound you…the benefits are 10x fold each day.  Why be pulled into drama when in your own consciousness..your world is peaceful.  Each of you are quite sensitive to energy and you know what I speak of.  You will have a greater impact on those you love; those around you when you are living from this centre.

Oh will still have some ups and downs…laughs and cries…but all in all…you will be content with inner joy building!  Let’s get on to a life that PRODUCES good health from this conscious alignment with your CENTRE to the Universal All..Source of All things!

In Light and in Peace,








Weekly Energy Updates – January 30th to February 5th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Starting my energy update still under the influence of January 27th  New Moon but this will begin to shift then this week into an even more expansive influence of our Aquarian time cycle.  Expanding your own “mind” this week about your personal life..and the bigger picture.  This week has you pulsing from one to the other as you reflect upon just who you are and what it is that you are truly seeking.  Some may say love..others may say a life of diversity…whatever it is you seek….it is certainly a very personal thing and very, very real to you.

What is it that you seek?  Why are you reflecting upon it so much these days?  Because it is so very important to KNOW these things and to dedicate your time..well the seeking, finding and integration of these experiences.  Too much time can easily be wasted wandering aimlessly, or being confused, or being engaged in the Higher mind suppression activities that many “gadgets and gizmos” have us slave to.

The new paradigm that everyone speaks of is your own very real..current perspective of life.  It is your LENS into the many subtle levels of the Creator’s fiat with growing expectation each day of learning and striving to expand on that.  It is not complacent nor unmotivated.  The way you experience your life and the thoughts that you engage in are creating your paradigm; your individuated expression.  What does yours look like?  Are you happy with it?  Would you like it to be different?

This is a very good week to think and reflect on what particular highways of thought you walk on and how other lines of thinking, experiences and healthy challenges cross yours.  What opportunities do these nodal crossings bring you?  Are you meeting new people, engaging in new dialogue? expressing yourself in ways you never have before?  Think of your paradigm as being “that which you See, Know, Experience, and exponentially grow with spiritually” at this time cycle of your life.

Great week to get yourself OUT of any ruts you have found yourself tripping over, or muddy waters that have been pulling you down.  Okay?  How?  Tools…use your spiritual tools.  Use them routinely…and if you don’t have any knowledge on how to use them…time to seek it out!

There are lots of tools here on this website for sure…most importantly…start with your breathing!

Have a great week!

In Light and in Peace,


Weekly Energy Updates – December 19th to December 25th, 2016





Hi Everyone!  It’s SOLSTICE WEEK !!!

The gifts have already started to come in for you…relative to the amount of TIME and WILL (the powerful Sagittarius-Capricorn Will) you put forth going into one of the most “inner reflective” cycles for mankind!


This is all part of your Days of Christmas..Christed Consciousness for ALL people; All are Sons and Daughters of the Divine Universal Infinite Source!  You have a responsibility and personal spiritual mandate to spend time in the quiet of your meditation and reflection…to gain the gifted access to the most Inner realms within you!  Time to shut out the noise and chatter of the Monkey-brain; the excessive clamoring for your attention and money by merchants, the endless lists of things to do that you stress yourself out about too! is time to organize your days now during this most illustrious time of sit quietly, by yourself and put your focus on the Light of the Creator at your crown point interface, the profound Oneness with your Divine Heart and the gentle subservient inherent nature of your physical body that seeks only to serve you as it’s Master.

This is a beautiful week where each of you can take stock and do an analysis of just where you are at in your life…and what it is that gives you the greatest alignments to the Universal Love and Light within.  As you find this…you can then share your Light, radiance and good Will to All men/women.  Invite family and friends into your home; visit others where ever they are….spend time where you can share laughs, memories, love, kindness, and a bonding that brings each of you together in Peace.  Raise the vibration of our human family across the Globe with kindness.  So easy to do and costs “zero” dollars!

It is a “time” when you stop TIME and remember the needs of others in that it leads to becoming more and more an everyday Self Realization..not just at this time of year.  The week’s energy is also very much aimed at YOU…yes YOU!  Asking you to choose those things in life that will honour and support your own spiritual journey without regret; without guilt.  It’s amazing how much we are able to realize about ourselves during this time…and to have incredible epiphany moments during this season too!

DO YOU WANT PRESENTS? Cosmic Bounty it is!   Generous GIFTS from the Divine!

Your meditations are very important folks…extremely…absolutely essential!  Spend each day this week in meditation and enjoy your connection to the the Universal Divine.  May you feel the Blessings and receive the gifts of this season!  This is a time when the Cosmic Consciousness can more readily pierce the veils of illusion and embrace your Mind, Heart, Body and Soul.

I won’t ramble on anymore…just a reminder to use EACH day effectively.  Make the most of this excuses. The 21st to the 25th are the most concentrated energy times.  Enjoy!  May you be lifted up into the Realms of the Angelic Choir and feel the Light of Solstice upon you!  It’s already begun.

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.   We are holding a Solstice celebration at CATA in Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada on Wednesday night, December 21st – 7 pm.  Participate in person or receive an audio file of the evening.

Guided Meditation and the Sounds of Crystal Journey with David Hickey –


Weekly Energy Update – November 28th to December 4th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Fabulous week for NEW beginnings..and completions!  It’s a New Moon energy week PLUS we are starting the 21 day preparation for Winter Solstice! (summer in the southern hemisphere).  Don’t delay!  Take advantage of this incredible energy which I “KNOW” you can feel…it’s like a bubbly excitement that comes in waves.  Why?  Because the pure Divine Soul in you is encouraging, loving and inspiring you to move forward and better your life that ensures your growing good health, happiness, joy and Spiritual well being!

We all know how difficult it has been over the last many weeks and a lot of you are just plain tired.  You have been wondering what to do; where to go..etc.  The answer inside of you is that you should embrace every particle of Light from this time cycle and HOLD it…integrate it.  As you conserve and manage your own energy without losing it to outside energy drains, you find yourself more invigorated and ready to expand upon your own life.  Be VERY discerning and strong in your decisions about Self and your boundaries.  Let go and speak up…be clear on what lifts your spirits and what drains you. Choose to be in sympathetic magnetic resonance with those people and experiences that are on a higher level of energy consciousness.

Starting new?  The New Moon on the 29th of November is turning us over to a new door opening..therefore…good start up times! You may have felt the inner call or urge to close something off yesterday (Sunday the 27th) and the new beginnings are underway as we speak.  Breathe deeply and become aware of your body and surroundings.  Set your foundation in your mind and if necessary, write down the plan and schedules.

Okay..I”m going to switch a topic now…on Wednesday, November 30th (one day after New Moon)…but starting already from Inner Temple..the World Healing Project is sending out special prayers and invocations….healing and Blessings with the Team of the Hierarchy of Light…for those who are seeking and waiting for the Blessings of a pregnancy.  Just follow on Twitter (MindLoveWill) or Facebook (Kathy Roseborough) and you are sure to be included.  You can also send in your name for our healing list to

Very special time for new beginnings in many, many ways!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – November 21st to November 27th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Settle down into some tracks now and run them back and forth a few times creating grooves in the neural pathways of your brain.  That means you are to repeat your positive rituals and practices of deep breathing, affirmations, meditations each day and any other physical/spiritual practice that you enjoy to ensure that it becomes a permanent memory in your sub-atomic particles of Light Intelligence.

You do not ever need to succumb to the folly and divisive and distracting activities and behaviours of those things that interrupt your Spiritual Ascension climb nor do you need to try to fit into any outside crowd.  Be true to yourself and stand firm on that which you need to do to better yourself.   As they say…”misery loves company” and the last thing you wish to do is fall prey to the lower trappings of suffering when you can liberate yourself this day and each day ..higher and higher into the joys and accomplishments of both this physical life and your spiritual one !

Many times during the last weeks you have been reflecting on your own personal temptations, repetitive experiences and unhealed practices..only to find that your inner strength has been building up…encouraging you to CHOOSE better!  Live better..Love better and all the wonderful experiences of life are intended to find their way to you!  So no faltering this week…keep it up…!!  Feel the power in you rise up and dedicate one more minute, one more step, one more page to be read or whatever “one more” means to you and celebrate the next step!

This is a great week of grinding it out…nose to the wheel..dedication to task…so that you can reap the benefits in the near or distant future.  All positive activity you undertake this day; this week will be advantageous both to you and others!   So why wait ?

May you have faith restored, joy incorporated and health and well being integrated now!  May you prosper both internally and externally and find yourself with peace in your heart and radiance in your step into the world!  Enjoy the week !

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Updates – November 14th to November 20th, 2016 – SUPER MOON!

Hi Everyone!

With a Super Full Moon like this one…today, November 14th, 2016, one can best treat this time cycle opportunity to purge & receive the Mother Divine Energy Intelligence.. as a gift from the Divine Creator!  How special is this? !!  You have likely already felt the days preceding to be ones of intense unfoldment of core challenges and a time for sorting out one’s emotions…this will continue all week.

You have likely also been experiencing the need to feel nurtured, the desire to spend some time in deep reflection, and I will also think that you have already started to tap into the incredible CREATIVE flow of energy from Universal source as well!  This too shall continue all week and then some !  So act on this.  YOU ARE LETTING GO of the old false beliefs this week like butter melting off a hot knife !  This is a “super” time for you!

Divine Mother’s Energy Intelligence and flow of Light and Love is so rich and embracing that it is being found in every nook and cranny of Life in and around you.  Take Nature for example…do you not feel the urge to just be in and around Her?  You may even take those extra few moments to really “look” at Nature this week rather than just seeing it with your eyes.  You will find aspects of Nature that you have never noticed before.  Take time and spend time with Nature.  If you can’t get outdoors much then bring some flowers, a plant to the office. Touch them.  Fuss over a indoor herb garden in your kitchen or just stand by a mature tree.

The Mother Energy is being stepped up all over the GLOBE!  You will see, feel, hear and KNOW Her now more than ever.  Your body is responding, your thought processes, your desire to be in the Heart centre with Life!  This is not a short term, paperback novel or movie scene…this is real folks!  The energy has shifted and you will feel it’s intensity all week until as you integrate it and it becomes a permanent shift to your DNA.  You will not go backwards..only forwards!

Your Inner eye, belly intuition, sensitivities and empathic gifts will all be increased and you will know that it is important to be aligned with a strong aura..always.  Be willing to do your Spiritual practices, energy work, meditation and Yoga…or whatever you do that keeps you aligned and feel the increasing synaptic connection between the physical and Spiritual worlds taking place.

Do your best to take some time to yourself this week to journal, relax, reflect… If you are unable to take any time to yourself during the day…then before bed it would be a good time to just turn your eyes towards the MOON…  Say your prayers, do your own invocations and feel gratitude.

A nice affirmation may be, “If it is Thy Will…May I become ONE with this beautiful Divine offering and take it into my heart, my Mind and my body. May I liberate myself now from the old pain and suffering and May I now reach untold heights of Spiritual realizations, Love, Good health and Joy…So mote it be”

In Light and in Peace,