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Weekly Energy Shift & Update – July 31st to August 6th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Hang onto your hats..things are heating up!  21 days to Total Solar Eclipse and the Leo energy is roaring! Translates to what? The central heart of your Inner Being is calling you out into the Higher Consciousness of Love to purge out the lower characteristics of the heart centre which focuses on the “me” instead of the “I am”.   

Things of selfishness, shadows of illusion, distortions about yourself, self criticism and lack of self love…all need to go before the MIGHTY powers of the SUN which also rules during the Leo Constellation.  With the month of August starting an accelerated have no choice but to let go of those things that do not serve you to your Highest Good..and for the Good of All involved.  Take a look at yourself and be witness to the ego’s struggles…listen to voice within that only seeks to encourage and lift you up to be the best you can be!

With the SUN shining brilliantly upon you across the weeks of summer (in the northern hemisphere) and winter in the southern where the heart is still focused upon…all human beings are in a position of shifting out of the old paradigm of false heart expression.  North America especially will have an opportunity to embrace humanitarian efforts, make political and economic decisions that benefit more than just themselves..and all people will be looking collectively at how to look after the planet better to ensure a safe and long lasting future.

We will go into greater discussion in the weeks ahead…so for this week…start the ball rolling.  Look after yourself, your foundation, your home, securities and keep a strong focus on ensuring the very best for you and your family & loved ones.  Look after your HEALTH…especially heart and spine.

Explore the benefits of caring for yourself energetically…conserve the energy you take in by having longer periods of meditation and time spent in nature.  Practice the art of listening to Nature and holding silence…listen to the stars..the forests..the waters. They will tell you their stories too!

Listen intently to what your body needs and stop anything that is habitual that is negatively affecting your body.  Embrace those habits that strengthen and protect.  LEO loves to talk courage and develop heart to throat centre expression and use it wisely!  Great projects can be taken up and you can embrace being a leader to those around you who understands, listens and allows others to find their own inner truth.

Enjoy the week ahead..

In Light and in Peace,


Weekly Energy Shift & Update – New Moon! July 23rd to July 30th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Starting this week off with a New Moon in Leo!  Starting July 23rd the energy is all about purification and cleansing your energy bodies.  Start into this mindset and stick to a plan of action that will move to accelerate your ability to embrace and integrate the FIRE Solar Heart of Leo going forward this summer. 

The renewed vigour and vitality you will be experiencing will please you immensely as you purge.  The Cancer/Leo transition is still pulling old “water” energies of emotion up for you that the powerful SUN in Leo will burn off with it’s solar Rays.  The Formula?Fire of Leo applied to Waters of Emotion to be cleansed = purified mist !  You will feel very clean! 

The magnificent Leo energy is already stirring your heart towards the further letting go of the old… stoking the FIRES in your heart centre to enthusiastically reach out into your world magnetically attracting wonderful Souls to you of similar magnetic resonance!  Friends, relationships, social experiences, family and of course your personal relationship to the “Universal Love of Divine” in your heart will all be emphasized during the summer energies.  More on that later…this week is the kick start!

So…lots of water, detoxing, bathing, swimming, campfires, fire ceremonies, water ceremonies, clearing out of your home and property, reorganization, and a change of colour in your clothes…all will be suitable for the energy shift we are in!

Accelerating the entry way into your Spiritual Heart is well underway and incredible changes are going on in your life! Be the Child of the Universe with “eyes of wonder”…let the Sunlight in!

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shift & Update – July 17th to July 23rd, 2017

Hi Everyone!

It has been quite challenging for many to adapt to the accelerating Energy Shifts affecting each of us..especially of late.  The Universal-Creative Intelligence is remodelling each of us to align with our “True Self” and we are needing to “modify” and re-design ourselves accordingly.  The sculpting  of ourselves and our lives is not an easy art!  I have a greater respect for artists, design craftsman and renovators now! 

Each of us are currently responsible for navigating our lives with massive changes spiritually, mentally, emotionally AND physically so the task grows!

Be patient and kind to yourself during these times of change and make sure that you do not take to sleep at night worries of “not doing enough”.  You are doing what you can according to your own ascension path and you should be at peace with that.  “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and neither are we going to see a complete rebuild in a day.  What we will see is growing changes where we learn and accept what has been handed to us as our Soul Mandate without wondering why it doesn’t look like someone else’s mandate. Do your own and stay focused on that embracing it with all your heart.

Pacing yourself this week and building the foundation is still very much the focus.  You likely are concerned about not being off the ground on a dream or vision…don’t be.  The foundation is building and it will build and take framework from now until likely November 2017 when the next shift respective to this timeline we are in right now takes place.  Everything works in cycles. (More will be explained soon)

This week it is noticeable that the heart centre, breathing and anxiousness/depression are all out on the table for loving care.  Watch for this in yourself and others and reach out accordingly.  Emotional support for one another is important during these times and even if it is just listening that is good!  We are faced with the shift from Cancer to Leo Constellation and the pressure is on the heart and nurturing right now.  Try to understand others..step into their shoes to see their side.  Ask them to do the same for you.  We need to develop that understanding, compassion, forgiveness and stay in alignment with Love.  The Leo Constellation influence will be lifting you up this week !!

Invest this week into plans of action… be it for actually occurring  this week or in the near future…for you to attend and participate in something that is dear to your heart.  Choose personal happiness and do it.  Encourage others to do the same.  Keep it healthy, aligned and in harmony with who you are!

Enjoy the week…remember step by step.  Starting with each day a goal that brings satisfaction at the end by evening!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Shift & Update – Full Moon July 9 to July 16, 2017

HI Everyone!

Likely the weekend (full moon energy) stirred some things up for you to sort through. You would either find more confusion with that which was emotional triggered for you..or you would of found great clarity.  That depends upon how close you were to facing the challenges once and for all and setting your MIND on changing the scene to ensure completion. 

There was no wrong answer to this…and there is still no failure..only success to come.  Why?  Because you are reflecting on things AND you are setting the intention to recreate the future and because of that you are already on the major side of success on the scale of ascension regarding the liberation of the true Light of Self with regard to your current challenges!

The core issues intensified due to the full moon and are still doing that even now because the Full Moon energy is still strongly present and will be during the week as these Major forces of both planetary and lunar/stellar, are helping you to achieve the transformations you need in your life.

Today?  FULL MOON guides you to reset; regroup and draw the power of your intentions and WILL…push on through; perseverance!  Stay on the track of facing the challenge and learning more about the transformation of it.

The rest of the week?  Sort things on through one step at a time. Each day is new with regard to the positive changes that are taking place.  It does not have to be “grand” step each time..subtle is good.

Emotional support?  I have found that most people are looking for and needing emotional support.  Be there for others and be open to receive yourself.  Be transparent and truthful with yourself..what do you need?  Speak to those you love and trust…even if it is just one person..and share from your heart.

You don’t have anyone you say?  Reach out in your prayers and meditations…ASK for help. You do have a team of Angelic Ones ministering to you under the Divine Intelligence of Source; Creator.

Ask for professional help if you prefer…at any level or capacity that you feel could give you guidance and don’t give up. If one doesn’t help go to another.  The KEY IS PERSEVERANCE.

This is a week of energy that is so strong and helpful..supportive and full of insight…that you just need to give yourself permission to calm down into a quiet space.  Give yourself many moments of reflection.  Reach out as you need to…and don’t give up.  You will connect with what you need.

Waiting for relationship? job? money? shift in goodness?  Don’t give up..centre yourself to speak to the underlying lessons,  modifications, and steps to take “with” the Soul guidance…to SHIFT this into the new direction of personal stride both spiritually and physically.

This is a week of ANSWERS to the core issues and challenges. If you are open and interested in learning and growing..then this is the week to achieve the major change and permanent new direction.  If you give “attitude and intense emotion and defence” to the Universe it can’t help you. When you instead choose to be malleable and give a personal surrender to your Soul…you have a totally different flow of the rivers of life within you.

If you are willing to change, willing to listen and then willing to act on the guidance you receive…the transformation to your life is beyond belief. Why? Because you have only had glimpses of your true Light of Self…wait until you open the window !  Enjoy the week…remember..keep on it…don’t give up.

In Light and in Peace, Kathy

  • Please note…the Sacred Spirit of White Buffalo chose to present It’s Divine presence from the Centre of the Constellation Cancer at our July Aura Makeover class unexpectedly.  This is a rare opportunity and has been recorded for you should you choose to engage. Reflect on this. More info:

July 2017 – Energy Shifts/Full Moon July 9th/Message from Spirit

MESSAGE from SPIRIT – July 2017 

Full Moon, Energy Shifts and Knowing “Thyself” ! 

Relax Everyone!  We are not subservient to the planets and stars who lovingly surround us…they are here to guide us back to our Divine Origin; our inherent Universally Divine Self!

Worthy Master:

“3 Gongs sound in the Inner Temple heralding an announcement from the Higher Order of our internal Divine Intelligence… that the time is nigh for each to greet the dawning of a New Solar cycle opening that will bring changes profound and permanent accelerated states of vibration and higher frequency accessibility.  
This means leaving behind the old attitudes, thought patterns of negative programming and false beliefs as well as the melancholy associated with being trapped in deficiencies that spiral many into periods of depressions and shadows. This liberation, undoubtedly welcomed by all, means that many controlling entities and predominant traits in personalities will object to such a rising of Light and freedom thus it is important to hold true to Self and refuse to submit any longer. Stand strong and fast to your dedicated choices and paths to Higher ground.
Making such strong, dedicated choices of personal ascension will bring surges of renewed motivation and confidence enabling you to emerge victorious in many expressions of your true Self. Radiance, decongestion, purification and greater movement between cells in your body’s intelligence equates to a stronger constitution of physical health as well.
This renewed strength reduces significantly the aging process and many in fact will find themselves with the vitality of youth! Introduce and encourage others to find their own freedom in associating proper health choices with longevity as well.

Tacking obstacles is no small feat but with analysis, reflection and plans of action engaged you will welcome the results wholeheartedly. Step by step you will find this moment; this cycle in time pivotal to the results of 2018 and beyond. In fact, November 2017 should be marked on your calendars and schedules as a time for major review of just how much ground you have gained in the integration of your lower self to Higher self consciousness. There will be much to celebrate!
Eager to get started? The cycle has already begun thus you have noticed the malleability and volatility of the emotional body of late as it loosens up the shackles and discharges the emotional ties and triggers to the stored images of trauma and loss/shock and deep disappointments. The false beliefs that tied you to those fragments of time past are giving way through choice… to a realization that those fragments; frozen in time no longer serve in any way other than for education and enlightenment, which releases them and transforms them into stored knowledge for greater reference point only. These experiences congeal into a potent resource which will be factored in for present and future discernment opportunities in your environment including what paths in life to take. Lessons learned!
Going backwards is no longer an option for you when you take your breath and focused Mind into a partnership that bonds and forges ahead with duties assigned and personal responsibilities to be upheld. The enjoyment is rich and fulfilling and the execution of plans is inspiring and motivating you each day. Watching your body, home temple and your communities of Light being built before your eyes is a marvel and reward to both you and your Inner Soul’s Light and Love. Finding a moistness in one’s eyes expressing Love and delight will be a more common occurrence that warms your heart.
Love…this time cycle is not complete without discussing the subject of Love that pervades All things as a governing Principle of Creation. Love is to be found by you in many ways and a return to Love, integrating fragments, is all part of this matrix being restored. Through your reflection and realizations will come great forgiveness both of self and others; others that have harmed you and others that have seemingly forgotten you. Being in the suite of Loves’ song you can now tap into the flow of Love; the rivers of Life and find genuine resonance and interface with those Souls, experiences, places and kingdom offerings, that solidify your faith in a Known Truth of Love held firmly in the memory and origin of Self. Knowing that it is there and now accessing it will be a pinnacle moment during this cycle of time. May the Blessings pour forth and have you drink from the cup of sunshine and Light of Source that reaches into every cell of your existence!
Many fear needlessly that the intensity of planetary bodies and stellar forces will disturb and and cause more chaos in their life when in fact the opposite is true When you read into the deeper meaning of New Moon and Full Moon/Astrological forces, you will move past the fear based notions. Systems push and pull massive magnetic forces of Energy Intelligence throughout your solar system; your Galaxy to ensure your return to Divine Oneness is afforded you; opened to you. Your part? Recognizing your slavery of old and bondage to suffering and CHOOSING to no longer enslave yourself but instead take the offering; the “redemptive hand” of the Cosmic and feel yourself lifted up and out of these conditions.
When your emotional body is affected and you experience feelings of intensity rise within that become too uncomfortable…you can use your breath. It will help you to ease this and gain mastership of these emotions with Love for self, compassion, Mindful examination, reflection and permission to learn about yourself so that you can resolve to conclude these repetitive patterns for good. Keep in mind that some emotional release is also very healthy so use your barometer wisely. What an opportunity!
To this end…engage in this cycle with the eyes of a Child of the Universe; eyes open in wonderment of the mobilizing energy and forces of Cosmic light and Love that have moved in to help you. Much like watching an extensive convoy of beautiful Light energy mobilized to bring you special assistance for your personal self, family; home..take note…the new station of Angelic forces have arrived!”
Your Class Master thru Kathy Roseborough, Educator of Esoteric Principles

Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – July 4th to July 10th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

“Up and Down”, pivotal, accelerating and certainly unprecedented malleability is the best way that I can describe the Energy we are experiencing which looks to be quite the new pattern to come.  If this is to be the new “norm” for us until (?) when..then it is more important than ever to learn how to deal with it.

First of are going to have to be in good order both within and externally ensuring alignment with those things in life that will bring you stability.  For you to “ride the waves” is not going to be good enough because you are just managing then.  You wish to do more than just would like to thrive in your life and be more like strong pillars of Light, Mind and be Blessed with integration to Love on all accounts!

When energy is so volatile you need a strong aura or electro-magnetic field to withstand any harshness or excess of emotion that is going on around you. Building up this aura takes practice and I’ll be running a series on just how to do all of that..looking after yourself in some lessons to come.  Until then, your best choice of alignment tools is Nature.  Good ol’ fashion Mother Nature.  Plenty of water to drink, deep breathing and time spent amongst the trees or natural environments that have been untouched by bulldozers scraping off the layers of top soil and charged nutrients.  That’s right…suburban environments of housing will not be enough I’m sorry to report.  Too much has gone missing in development of new home sites, so those with newer houses will have to take themselves to natural parks and to settings rich in their original state.  Those of you living in condos and apartments will have to choose to look after themselves as well and ensure you get outside often!

This week is a good time to regroup after festivities with friends and family over the weekend and bring yourself back into equilibrium. Lots of grounding indicated by this week’s energy shift.  Focus on adrenals, kidneys, circulation, legs and feet.  So you would wish to get rest..but also make sure you do some stretching and watch your posture.  Especially if you tend to be on your computer or cell phone looking down.

Balance is required…sorry to be so insistent upon this balance/equilibrium thing but I can see so clearly that order and stability is necessary this week in all that you do.  Peace and quiet…and then actions that give you the feeling of accomplishment at whatever level that is for you.  Sometimes just balancing one’s bank account, cleaning your car or preparing a day’s picnic with family to enjoy can be satisfying!

When energy comes in waves like it has been with such intensity, you want to feel that the “winds can’t blow you down”.  Let those things in life that need clearing be cleansed by the winds and water..letting go and leaving you feeling refreshed; not knocked down!

Look at the beautiful days ahead and embrace the changes; the new opportunities!  It’s all there for you! Have a great week!

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – June 26th to July 2nd, 2017

Hi Everyone!

New Moon behind us…New beginnings ahead of us “based” on the Truth and Light of that which you know is necessary to engage in…thus ensuring your true path of a Spiritually integrated life that reflects the necessary and planned qualities of your Soul’s mandate.  Period.  Walk straight ahead with no distractions.

A real no-nonsense time…right? Enough already of the stumbling, bumbling and repeat karma..right? I think you truly do feel the seriousness of this time cycle.  False starts and fumbling is to be a thing of the past! 

You likely felt the incredible energy shifting through Solstice last week and you are still sorting out the meaning of it all.  You may have had insights into childhood, past lives, repeating lessons, and more and you will need this time to reflect on the lessons that you were to learn and implement them. This is the week to do that.  Remember if something is not in order with Universal Law then change it..and change it now.  No more skimming along the top or just living day to day without plan and direction.

The serious nature of the time ahead for you means you apply what you learned from solstice time.   Repeat…”apply what you learned” allowing for the Universe to step in and magnify the Beauty and joy in all of this..manifesting the positive outcome! The results will astound you!

This shift in self realization of just what should be corrected, implemented or chosen is right across the board:  Relationships, personal care, physical/financial, creative projects, work/business plans and family lineage correction.

This week you are supported by some pretty powerful forces that have a “strength and formation” to them.  You will feel the structure and know that even though you need your rest and play time, you do not let things just go into a loose state… enforce structure.  You can do a lot of good things within that structure that makes you happy!

Priority?  Personal nurturing choices, family care (being very, very aware of those you love having their own Soul mandate; not yours), home energy. We are under the influence of the Cancer Constellation and that has the watery, emotional, loving energy imbedded in it for pursuit of contentment for all involved.

Enjoy the week ahead…stay aware, be reflective and put into action those realizations that you made over the last week… up until now! These are lessons from the past that have not been completed and have reared up their “ugly heads” and mis-alignments……to reveal their Beauty and Gift to you. Let’s not make the same mistakes again…you are much more discerning and aware now….way more than you have ever been! 🙂

In Light and in Peace,


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Summer Solstice Week – Energy Shift Reminders!

Hi Everyone!

The Angelic Ones…well…they gave us a simple reminder…perhaps you would like to hear it:     🙂

“Think of this time during the Solstice Cycles of a time when the world can shift into their hearts and you can return to your Universally Lawful State as the “Driver and Master of your Solar Chariot” with solid direction and governing power to override the unnecessary habits and attitudes…dismiss the distractions and embrace the loose energies that have fragmented within you..integrating them instead into your heart. Consider the Wisdom that you hold within you and use this time wisely for spiritual ascent.

Regard folly as that..simply folly… and let go of time consuming experiences where energy is discharged from you causing you loss..instead build up the vibratory energy patterns and boost your systems with the sacred breath and solar offerings. Conserve and expand your auric field preparing it for the next cycle and the next cycle after that.  

Simply stated…this is a reset time for each of you and you have plenty of good reasons to be diligent in recreating your time here on earth towards optimum health and well being. Use the powerful Heart Centre to magnify your presence…Feel the Christed Consciousness of Love and Light within you and keep your focus on that..with eyes and ears open to Counsel from within.

May your channels within your body run pure and clean…

May the Golden Energy of the Solstice be bright within you and flush out the impurities of the past.

May you have the sharpened eyes of the Eagle and the sensitive hearing for all subtle worlds.

Every particle of your existence will sparkle with the Glories of the All. The eternal waters of your immortal Self will nourish you. Drink in the Light of the Solstice time and let every cell open up to receive. Breathe deeply and answer to call.…the call from within you to recognize your Divine inheritance.

Let’s not let another moment pass without this. So Mote it Be.”

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – June 19th to June 25th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Solstice week! This Wednesday, June 21st is a special day for the human race all over the globe!

It is best to prepare for the receipt of your solstice gifts…(there is always a gift by the way; often many)….by purification of the physical and subtle bodies.  How? Adhere to good  diet, plenty of water, lemon water if you can, deep breathing and plenty of rest.  Stay out of noisy atmospheres, excessive emotion, entanglement with those things in life that draw you out of your centre causing you to be upset, behave recklessly or to spend monies foolishly. Avoid loud entertainment and crowds.   Stay in your heart! 

It is good if you can spend time daily in quiet reflection, meditation and/or nature.  This week you are being reminded of your past, your growing up and memories that are both pleasant…and unpleasant.  Why?  so that you can draw out fragments that disturb your heart. are feeling your wounds..they are real and they can be quite raw.  Reach out and share with about this. Most of all..feel the response of love and embrace that the Angelic Ones..the Ministering Energy of the universe is bringing to you in response to your cleansing and clearing.

SOLSTICE is all about the heart…the SUN in the sky represents our heart.  It shines upon you and within you too!  It is a good time to face those hurts and challenges that you have..with love and nurturing.  Be “brave” though…the Sun Warriors of Light are with you to help you transform the pains and sorrows. 

The gifts of Solstice always amaze me….they happen all week you know! Each day of this week is a gift of energy from Solstice with a Message from the Soul; the Universe, Spiritual Directive, Counsel, inner Knowing, realization of your skills, acknowledgement of Talents, bridging to your next level, contractual time with your work or personal projects…and BEST of ALL…your energy shift in the heart centre that goes all the way up to the pineal gland (7th energy centre)…and all the way down to the ground…(root centre, legs, feet) ! will definitely wish to be ready to optimize this time cycle and get the most out of it…that is your inherent right as a Divine human being!

Solstice is a magical time of the year when the heart aligns and engages with the LOVE of the Universe in the most powerful way!  YOU just need to be open to receive…and receive you will !! 

May you have the most precious, loving week ahead. Wherever you are currently at in your path of healing and spiritual will benefit from this energy shift week of SOLSTICE. 

Cosmic Blessings!

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  I will be facilitating a Summer Solstice teaching, healing and guided meditation.  You can participate long distance, receive mP3 audios or join in person. 7 gifts..7 chakras…7 levels of the heart centre will receive gifts! Check it out! 

Weekly Energy Shifts & Update – June 12th to June 18th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

It’s Monday morning…time to AWAKEN another part of yourself!  Each day..each morning you can apply techniques and practices to remove the veils of illusion that have kept you trapped in limitation.  With that full moon now at our backs I would say it’s a good time to start…or increase that which you are already doing! 

BREATHING….deep, powerful and focused breathing should be done each morning without fail.  Before you go to work..get the kids up…or have your shower…engage the new day with a realignment with the sacred breath.  Breath is your original connection to the start of your life at the time you emerged from your mother’s womb and began your journey as a living soul.   It should take priority and witness the changes that will take place in your life when you place your MIND upon your connection to the Source of Life!

This week we are feeling the push and the support from Universal Laws more and more… urging us to live in harmony with Nature and purity.  You may find this stirring in you as a desire to go outside, drive to the country, throw out the commercialized food products in your kitchen, get your soul mandate underway, kick off your shoes, or just have a moment’s peace..ALONE.  You may be craving conversation with another person about the meaning of life or you may just wish to sit beside someone who thinks the way you do.

You may be wishing the Television and internet was not so full of garbage..feeding nonsense into the world.  You may be praying for things to change in your life.

Why?  The surge of energy that passed through during full moon the last several days did this deep cleanse throughout your aura that made you stop to think about where you are going in this life and what it should look like. Even though you woke up this morning and the routine may still be feeling the same…something inside of you feels different…and is saying..CHANGE it!

Notice the old trends and ways are shifting?  I mean MAJOR shifts? We have globally been dropping a lot of “collective” nonsense and the massive corporations are going to be scratching their heads a lot looking for new ways to seduce us into buying their craziness.

So…what does this mean for you?  Go ahead and make your individuated mark and energy signature upon the human race.  Introduce your own unique and creative way of living.  Choose to express yourself outside the box and embrace your inspirations.

Make this week count…start with the decision to begin carving out whatever it is you have been wishing to do…be it big or small…it is YOU!

Focus on YOU…focus on strengthening your connection to Source..and focus on putting your energy into what you feel stirring inside of you.  If you think better by being outside and away from noise and people…then walk or take yourself by car somewhere that allows you to THINK and REFLECT deeply upon the importance of your life.

Let’s not let life drift away…let’s love it and live it!  🙂

In Light and in Peace,


Message from Inner Temple Master – Gemini, Student Aspirations & Full Moon!

Hi Everyone!  Thought you may enjoy reading the Message from the Class Master for this month’s School of Etheric Healing Teaching.  This time cycle asks each of us to decide where we are at as students searching for personal Mastership; personal Masters.

I asked the question…Worthy Master answered.  Lengthy but perhaps you may have time to sit down and read …and reflect!  Kathy

“We come now to the third labour, in the sign Gemini, concerning predominantly the active work of the aspirant on the physical plane as he comes to an understanding of himself. Before this active work becomes possible there must be a cycle of interior thought and mystical longing; the striving after the vision and a subjective process carried on, perhaps for a very long time, before the man on the physical plane really begins the labour of unifying soul and body. This is the theme of this labour. It is in this physical plane achievement, and in the work of gaining the golden apples of wisdom, that the real test of the sincerity of the aspirant takes place. A longing to be good, a deep desire to ascertain the facts of the spiritual life, spasmodic efforts at self-discipline, at prayer and meditation, pre- cede, almost inevitably, this real and steady effort.” quote from Alice Bailey’s interpretation of the Labours of Hercules.

Gemini..Question to the Worthy Master

“What is the underlying cause of the challenge each is facing now to liberate themselves from the struggles and challenges to break through to a more expansive and settled realization of Self?” Though each may still have much work to do…so many are finding difficulty with self-motivation, endurance, understanding of direction, and a deeper integration that they seek. Many dissatisfied with the results seeking more and more…sometimes chasing an empty dream…sometimes not even dreaming…sometimes with dreams that seem to them so seemingly far away from where they are at.

Worthy Master:

The solar plexus does the thinking, rationalizes the desire and limits the Soul when undeveloped. The clarity of one’s goals go misread, misunderstood as one quickly engages the emotion to the task and misses their mark on the deeper meaning of the exercise of Life here on earth.

One’s life is to unfold over time..a duration of time that is rich in substance and becomes deeply integrated as Soul experience which then becomes recorded lifetime after lifetime in the Akashic. Many are in a rush..seeking notoriety, fame and fortune without looking at their deeper meaning. They ask the trivial questions of immediate gratification and ask not of their deeper rooted meaning for existence here.

The Soul seeks experiences here, knowledge and Wisdom also seeks to apply this Wisdom based knowledge into the world of matter and again achieve it’s own more expansive resolutions and more profound interaction to the Universal understanding and concepts of Life. The Soul flows from the outpouring of the Cosmic Source.

On the surface one believes they are to achieve a certain material gain, status and success mark based upon the human charting and definition of a successful life. The Soul has a lengthier and more descriptive unfolding chart and astrological wheel or multidirectional and multi dimensional chart, that is reflected on and ministered to.

Go below the surface..go deeper into your meaning of existence with questions of a more thought out nature. Ask not just what you are doing in the physical world that is expressed externally alone, but ask what you are to achieve internally; what Universal lessons of life you are here to align with and incorporate. Develop a new way of thinking that is more complex and dual in nature, thinking and reflecting both upon the Spiritual and Physical components of your Soul expression.

The influences right now under the Gemini and opposite Sagittarius constellations are asking you to THINK about what the Greater Will of the Soul and the Universe is. It is asking you to challenge your physical desires and emotions and look beyond the instant recording of the external 5 senses alone.

Re-write your questions at this time of the year while being faced with a Full Moon in Sagittarius, that will raise the shadows of illusion and present them to the Light of Truth and the Soul’s Will. Prepare for a shift of Solstice energy when the Light of Truth is at it’s brightest in your heart and Soul, Mind and body. Reveal to yourself your deeper nature and explore the meaning of your existence.

Think not and look not, from only the physical eyesight out there into the world alone…but include in this your Inner eyesight. Reach deeper into your life’s meaning and see if you comprehend the reasons beneath the surface.

What are you sending out into the world and why? What do you seek to contribute and how does that reflect back upon your own experiences of the many, many incarnations of time you have spent here on earth? What karma and Lessons are you bringing into equilibrium and what lessons are you needing to still understand? What do you lack in this life…why? Does the lesson become lost on you in this life? Are you challenged and become distracted avoiding the journey to face the lesson?

The lesson of the month is a more fuller interaction with the Soul and a deeper communication thus the Gemini is the sign of MIND and inner and outer communication. The ability to sit in reflection and meditation to commune within and learn about oneself is priority.

The Cosmic does challenge the seeking Soul to determine whether or not the Seeker is looking for a deeper experience or if one is wishing to skip that and merely get to some sort of prize by the end of the day. Dabbling in Spirituality is not an acceptable practice to the Cosmic Masters who seek to teach and guide those who are willing to put the effort in.

Once you have resolved to your Spiritual path you will not be blinded and distracted by the temptations of the flesh that will grind you to a halt and take you back into the caverns and caves of the old ways. The shadows of illusion will only drag you into despair whilst the Light of Truth will set you free. The path to redemption and liberation of the chained incarnate ego personality will be lifted and one can freely think and reflect on the nature of their existence both on the earth and throughout the Cosmic matrix.

Disturb yourself….arouse yourself out of sleep and routines that are absent of Truth and Light. Think of a successful life as one being filled with rich substance of Mind, Divine Love flowing through your veins and eternal peace.

The motivated student of the Greater Mysteries will find their way…they will ask the right questions and the Master within will direct them to the programs of the Ancients; the Way of the Mystic and the Path of the Return to Divine Integration and ultimate Bliss.

The students of the lesser mysteries will continue to read and dabble in their enjoyments and will gain from those experiences. They will not however reach the transformative stage of rolling up into the Creative and Spiritual Planes of consciousness where the more serious students reside. The problems of the lower planes will still be there and many questions left unanswered or never even asked.
It will take effort and strength, inner fortification and personal training and development to reach the higher planes of consciousness and one must act diligently and in a disciplined manner to attain this.

The choices are being presented to the student during these times and the choices will be made and assignments given. The Cosmic Teachers are waiting for their students and the Worthy Ones in the Hierarchy of Light are acting upon those who do present themselves. The question is..are you one of them? Do you seek to restore yourself into the Greater Transformations of Life and Light?

These are questions that only you can ponder and reflect upon…at peace and in Oneness.

Your Class Master.

Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – June 5th to June 11th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Ready to tackle the full moon influence this week?  The energy this week is for you to explore and address how you can harness the powerful JUPITER energy of the Sagittarius influence with the power of Gemini asking you to integrate the Spiritual and Physical reality of co-existence.  Naturally you are full of questions and inquiry on this one! 

Most of you will have a quizzical look on your face right about now and then the brow will come together for a discerning thinking type of look!  Yes..true!  You are trying to figure out this week how to get things done, how to project into the weeks and months ahead…heck..your life…what you want to do. You are trying to determine just what it is that your Soul is trying to tell you and what it is that you are meant to do to execute on the plans of the Universal Divine.  You are likely even scratching your head trying to figure out how to successfully frame your goals and dreams here on earth that will best suit the growing needs and extraordinary shifts in mankind. Right?

Yes..this is again all the big answer comes… The powerful influences this week are helping you! Jupiter and Mercury for example will handle your thinking, communication, and expansive creative/inspirational department whilst the SUN stabilizes your position by holding you where you need to be coming from…your heart.  Staying with that heart centre is very important and if you can do your stretches, yoga and nature walks to harmonize the heart centre and open up the upper back and upper chest will do even better.

The human race across this great field we call in a erratic state in many ways and you will be participating in stabilizing this “human race team” with your own very powerful and Soul aligned efforts.  As you use your own skills to keep up the efforts in balancing your own energy keep a pillar post support going of the team!

  1.  Don’t take your foot off the accelerator except when you come to the rest point (meditation/reflection times and family/nature/sleep times)
  2. Energy of MIND applied through this week will be your saving grace…don’t allow yourself to throw in the towel.  You will succeed and the planetary/stellar influences ARE helping you.  KEEP GOING!
  3. When you do take your rest time..make it count.  Turn off the outside noises and take in the quiet.
  4. The breathing practice you undertake is your life saver..use it consciously!
  5. Spirit and Matter work together…your goal this week is to bring your inspirations DOWN into this world..even if it’s just on paper right now.  Show the Universe that you are understanding the method.…be happy.  The Universe has your has a plan for you and you know that.  No one is left outside of the Plan.  🙂

With such awesome forces as this week had best roll up your sleeves and get to work on it.  Energy output this week will be rewarded!

In Light and in Peace,


Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – May 29th to June 4th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

No need for pressure being put upon you this week to get motivated…you will find inspiration all on your own!  Take some time to just sit quietly and will be surprised at what ideas will come to you! You may wish to keep a notepad and pencil with you as well because you will likely start drawing out your ideas!

Where is all this “inspiring and motivating” energy coming from?  The GEMINI twins constellation of course! The Spiritual influence is sparking you with plenty of MIND energy (Air element) and it is best you pay attention because your goal during this cycle is to do further integration between your Spiritual MIND and your world of matter (earth).  CREATE!  Simple or complex…it doesn’t long as you are enjoying the 2 world integrating and manifesting from your Inner Beauty; your heart!

Bringing goodness and Beauty into this world is simple…be it a few kinds words, an offering to another or a masterpiece of your own all adds up.  We owe it to ourselves, and in contribution to the improvement of the world, to incline our thoughts and attitudes towards those things in life that bring a smile and good feeling to life!  Doesn’t cost you anything to speak kindly and encourage others!

There is so much unsettling factors going on amongst the human populace due to differences in people..that one common thing that we all have which is the bond we can strengthen…is that we all come from the same Source.  Regardless of how things look right now..everyone has a spark of Light in them somewhere and it is that “Light” that we shall feed with our thoughts and positive emotions.  Sending out a positive thought into the world each day helps.  Keep it simple if you like..something along the lines of…“May everyone in the world breathe this day in harmony with Nature and be at peace.”  Or choose that which you feel is positive.  Try it today!

For yourself this week…embrace something positive each day and feel the goodness increase inside of you. Whatever the weather…the SUN is still out there!  The SUN is connected esoterically (symbolically) to your HEART.  Nice connection !  May that brilliance within you increase each day with Light and Love!

Have a great week!

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – May 22nd to May 28th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Let’s hit the issues that are present in the “air” around us right at the start of this discussion.  Many people are finding that they are going through the motions of life..daily routines, trying to find out what they are “supposed” to be doing…so they are told…and trying to just make sense of it all.  Confusion, feeling lost and knowing that even with their efforts..something isn’t quite right yet.  What is that?…they ask.  Where’s the deeper meaning to it all that will give me a greater sense of peace, joy and honest to goodness (deep breath now)…happiness?  There is too much mental chatter in the world; a poor use of the gift of our Minds.

Okay…so let’s look at the current influences and make some sense to this jigsaw puzzle.  Fragments of the puzzle are being pulled into place and snapping together, as we speak, in you.  Your Higher Self or individuated Soul is this beautiful Intelligence inside of you that is constantly there for you; available to guide you and direct you to that which you seek.  Take a moment now and close your eyes…tune out the outer world and just breathe deeply.  Can you feel a warm liquid Light or warm spot on the back of the head? or top of your head?  Try it now please.  Well? It’s may need to practice this stillness.

You will not find the answers to that which you seek out there in the world alone.  The physical world will reflect BACK to you triggers, clues, obvious signals and signs to help move you towards further integration of Self…but the real guidance and support will be from within.  Your Soul…when sought out in your “quiet times” ….will help you pull this all together.  The Gemini constellation influence right now is teaching you and asking you to use different faculties of your Mind. Go deeper…let’s not just use the one side of the brain (intellect)…let’s see what the reflective brain can teach us!

Remember..this week…NEW MOON in GEMINI.  Gemini is the duality sign…the Teacher of the stars that helps you to shift into understanding that there are 2 very distinct expressions/worlds that you are to bring together.. Spiritual and Matter (physical).  The 2 sides of your brain will be strengthened this week in their own unique roles of “thinking” and “reflecting” with each other.  Your role?  SIT DOWN and stay still.  The more you train yourself to stop and breathe..go within and meditate…the sooner you will reach your happiness.  Running around chasing the world out there will only add more and more to the state of (????) these question marks…and less to the “integrative state of Peace and wellness, joy and happiness”.

Let’s enjoy putting our feet in the water..our hands in the garden or upon soft material or patting our family pet.  Let’s reach out and touch the skin of the face of a loved one…let’s climb a tree or touch the colourful fruit found in the market.  The world out there has many “Beautiful” experiences to offer us.  That will be balanced so nicely with the “inner reflections” of your quiet time when you just allow yourself to trust the inspiring and loving guidance from the Soul.

The week ahead is asking you to draw the energy in…breathe it in.  Settle down your excessive thoughts or emotions.  Don’t let the traffic out there in the tracks of so many lines of mental transmissions (dialogue, business, television, news, opinions, etc) overshadow the PURITY of your own Soul.

Let’s govern this all right now..with the quietude of your breath and time spent asking within.  Enjoy the week ahead.  Gain strength in your stillness. 

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – May 15th to May 21st, 2017

Hi Everyone!

The testing and stress you are experiencing is actually strengthening your inner fortitude and increasing the power of your Will.  Oh my!  don’t throw eggs at me…I’m just the messenger!

You are doing very, very well…this is just such an extraordinary steep ascension step up you are taking with your soul mandate and transformation, that it is taking some time to lift you up where you wish to be.  It seems I’m sure, that you feel this is quite the uphill battle but there are rest stops you’s not about exhausting yourself either! 

Take the breathers here and there as you can because this mountain is a big one to climb during these late Spring time cycles.  (autumn in the Southern Hemisphere).  You made your minor and/or major decisions and planted your seed thoughts and have been grooming them; nurturing them as well.  Now you need to keep a strong pressure on the direction you are going..AND be aware of the Universal help.

If you found that you faltered and slipped a bit of late..don’t you worry…you have already made great ground and headway over the last several weeks now.  Keep going.  As we get through this May period of time where the flurry of decisions to be made soon settles, you will have a clearer path to march on.

Don’t be rushed of course..but also too much complacency can cause you to get distracted so let’s stay with the balance.  Life should be fun…yes we all know that…..but there needs to be a steady exertion on what it is you are creating and ultimately manifesting, so the balance part is key.

Big, BIG message of the week….Learn to RECEIVE.  As you are embracing this new paradigm of change where your creative heart and Mind through Will are all acting together, you mustn’t forget the most important part…the receiving of what you are putting out there as well!  So many people are used to giving and not receiving!!!  This is a closed circuit remember!

The Universe made it super clear in meditation in the Inner Temple this day that I was to convey to all of you that you are supposed to enjoy the ebb and flow of Creation.  As you move forward this week..please look for signs of where you experience the Universe giving generously to can be big or small experiences. These experiences must be acknowledged.  There is a whole new teaching going on and you are a part of it!

Open to abundance of joy, good health and well being, ideas, inspirations, financial support, Blessings, good foods, nice words, kindness, sharing, laughing too!  Remind those with a sad heart that you are there for them..let them feel the touch of your hand on their shoulder.  Reach out to those who do not understand the shifting consciousness that is going on. 🙂

Enjoy the week…

In Light and in Peace,


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