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Spiritual Teachings

Weekly Energy Updates – May 12th to May 18th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

This is a full moon week…watch for the review of old lessons! If you haven’t quite released the nagging and sometimes frustrating old patterns, then this is the week you really want to dig deep and find your inner power. If you have had enough of the repetitive situations that arise, then you can certainly move it out this week. The full moon energy you are receiving this week will have an incredible impact on the very physical and real aspects of your life.  Very root chakra energy….home, foundation, career, finance, security and CHANGE ! Divine Mother…Matrix of our existence is making sure that the Children of this planet start adhering to achieving the highest potential of their Divine nature!

Follow the Laws of the Universe…get yourself into Order.  This is the most important message for the week.  There is an all embracing meaning to your life here on earth and it is up to you to connect to this and get on with things.  Only you will know if you are out of alignment because you will not feel right.  When in alignment there is an inner knowing, strength and Beauty that emanates from your very Being.

There is no sitting back and waiting…roll up your sleeves and dig into the garden..this beautiful garden we call Earth.  Your life here on earth at its very foundation needs cultivating, seeding, nourishment and love.  Build your garden; your life.  Build your new projects, creative outlets and such…let the ideas flow and make sure you take action.  The downloads from your Higher Self and the Angelic Messengers are coming in fast so make sure that you harness all of it.

Remember that spring clean up is still underway in your life..physically and emotionally speaking. Change your life…you have the power to do this. Get on with your Soul Purpose! Enjoy an amazing week of enlightenment and good reasoning of your awareness of Self.

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  I am teaching a “Manifesting your Soul Purpose” instructional full day event this Saturday, May 17th.  You don’t need to be here in physical to do the work as I am making it available to you via mP3 audio and I can bring you into the Inner Temple through remote healing/teaching. Don’t miss out on this one…so many people don’t know how to connect with and fulfill their Soul purpose.  I am teaching the techniques to do this….so let’s get on with your conscious life!


Weekly Energy Updates – May 5th to May 11th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

As you spiral upwards into alignment, you will find yourself having pivotal viewpoints…meaning that you will be able to turn yourself into alignment with a variety of perspectives thus achieving a much better vision to the GREATER PICTURE of your soul journey ahead.  Pay attention to the various clues that the Universe drops down in front of you from time to time this week.  Some will be very obvious signs that make you say, “AH HA !!”….or Eureka !  Other clues will be so sublime that you almost miss them; key word being “almost”!

Navigating the opportunities can be a skilled art…but you know that there are some natural gifts that will shine through for you!  When you acknowledge that you have some incredible natural gifts that are just waiting to shine forth; you give them space to shine forth.  Amazing how we so often just bury our gifts and wait for that “some day” to come.  “Some day” is NOW…not some random day in the future that you are hopeful for.  Life is happening now…not something that we are all waiting to happen.

Funny thing…I ran into a gentleman and his personal assistant that have been working together for over 30 years…and they looked fabulous.  They commented that I was maintaining a very vibrant state myself which was very good of them to say so. When we all touched/hugged it was as if we drew upon an incredible powerful force field surging through us all.  We each left smiling and knowing that our zest for life, pursuit of greater dreams and goals plus optimism and balance were each contributing to the state of our energy fields.

Please remember that each day is a day to improve upon the last.  Don’t live in regrets but learn from lessons.  Start over, recreate or just spark a new direction.  You are here as a Divine Right…created for the purpose of living your conscious life to the best of your ability. See what you can do with your life this week!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – April 28th to May 4th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

New Moon Energy !  Let’s get on a roll this week and ensure that extra effort is placed upon ALL new projects & ideas that you are inspired with.  There will be plenty of downloads coming in from your Higher Self and it is in your very best interest to write them down and ACT on them this week.

Some of you are working on physical issues, health, relationships, business projects or creative expressions! Whatever it is that you are inspired by it is the best time to go past the old limitations and false beliefs and just jump right in.  There will be those nagging old beliefs trying to resurface to pull you back and the best thing you can do is face each and every one of them. Remember they ARE FALSE…the truth of your existence is coming down through the channels of your MIND, while any chatter of doubt, is coming from the old beliefs that now must transform.  Let’s totally release the false beliefs into a transformational Light and give strength to that which is new!

Ready to teach? heal? write? draw? act? pursue corporate positions? Raise the bar on your athletic goals?  Then go ahead…and make it something that you truly wish to do and feel in your heart! not jump over the challenges or try to get around adversity…FACE it …straight on and dismantle it.  Recognize that anything that goes against your Soul expression is an illusion.  You will find power inside of you this week that you didn’t even know you had! are making headway towards the manifestation of your Soul Purpose!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – April 21st to April 27th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

You have opened quite a “portal” of self-enlightenment over the last weekend of extensive spiritual transformations!  Now the question is, “what are you to do now?” “Where are you to go with these realizations of Self?”  Okay….not too fast now!  The beginning of this week we need time to be calm, methodical, and stable.  You have been through a great deal of changes of late and it is now important to BREATHE and harness this new energy…locking it down into the form.  This can take you until Wednesday to do this.  Therefore, it is best for each of you to move forward developing your organization of thoughts and actions without rash decisions.  Precision, focus and a calm, reflective approach to your new direction. This direction will come to you during your quiet time. Ideas will be coming in fast.

Relationship issues whether positive or in the midst of transition, should not be dealt with too acutely or quickly. Where positive, enjoy this and let yourself move with gentle fluidity into the bonding that is taking place and strengthening.  If you are in adversity with your partner, be it personal or business, learn to be objective and look at both sides of the equation. Step into the other persons shoes to see what type of perspective they have and from what level of consciousness they are coming from.  They may not be able to see what you see and vice versa.

With the incredible transformations that we have been through, the building and restructuring needs a sharp eye, a gentle heart and a focused Will.  Entering this week with an open mind, you are going to soon realize what is truly important in your life and the lives of those you love. You will realize that the simple things in life are the most natural and long lasting. Stick to focusing on what is right; morally and ethically.  Keep your values to the forefront and please, take some time to reflect on the purpose of your birth here on earth.  Please give the earth some consideration too.  You are to tend to, and minister to the earth and the health and well being of the planet.  I hope that you will please join in long distance to give & receive healing,  to the World Healing Conference this Saturday, April 26th, 2014.  You don’t need to be there in person if you can’t.  But having your MIND, LOVE and WILL focused with the group on healing the waters of the earth, the waters of your body and your emotional heart, is so very important to the future of the human race.  Kindly help; please give your support.

In Light and in Peace,



If link is not working:   under EVENTS  register on line.

Weekly Energy Updates – April 14th to April 20th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Wow!  What a week ahead !  We have the Total Lunar Eclipse (full moon) tonight (middle of the night) which should glow an impressive orange/red and at the bottom of the week we move right into the powerful transformational weekend starting Friday with the internalization and realization of those issues in your life that have “nailed” you into suffering.  Hhhmm…what does that mean?  Well you need to delve deeply into the spiritual teaching and meaning of the stories left for us by the Mystics of Ages past.  Traditionally this is a time cycle when you must evaluate your life and see just where you have been fixed to repetitive experiences that seem to be never ending and limit your own individuated expression of Soul purpose.

Being nailed to a painfully exhausting core issue is very wearing on one’s health and well being plus it gets passed through the lineages of the family if left unattended.  The story doesn’t change and one does not live a fulfilled life of joy and peace within.  This week the full moon will pull out these issues right onto the plate in front of you for you to dissect.  What are the triggers?  Who triggers you?  What is your emotional reaction? Where does it hurt in the body?  Take a look at all of this and then you can dis-empower the muscle it has held over you and instead you can empower your own True alignment to Universal strength within. YOU CAN CHANGE THIS NOW !  That is the beauty of the energy this week.  You can transform plenty of occlusions to your life…smooth out the wrinkles and bring harmony & success to your journey!

The greatest shift will come over the weekend as you wrap up the stages of self evaluation, healing, transformation and liberation of Self.  By Sunday you will have a very, very good handle on just where your limitations have been and what is being done to change that. Mystics call that:  resurrection ! You liberate yourself into your alignment to TRUTH !

Don’t forget the most important factor…you have the DIVINE UNIVERSE at your back !  That means the Will of the Soul and the amazing time cycles of change we are in will be boosting you significantly into the clearing and freedom of your true expression of Self.  What a joy ! We need this!

Enter this week with EYES open and be ready to face the core issues with the strength of 1,000 Lions of Courage in your throat chakra!  Through discipline, focus, reflection and speech, you will be thrilled with the outcome!  Enjoy the week!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – April 7th to April 13th, 2014

Hi Everyone!  (site was down for a bit…sorry about that !)

This week we have some incredible forces at play that are locking  you “UP” and “INTO” your soul mandates, and in some cases adventures!  Let’s realize this are likely feeling a bit challenged by this…perhaps even nervous about what you KNOW you need to do and what you believe you CAN do.  The doubts, fears, worries, etc will soon pass as you realize that there is only one way to go..and that is forward.  Remember SPRING AHEAD !  This is the cycle of Spring manifestation 2014.  There is nothing that you can say or do that will take that meaning away from this important cycle.

I was reminded this morning of the old saying, “Many are called; few are chosen”….who is doing the choosing?  YOU ARE !  If you choose to do that which needs to be done…and that which is written by your own Soul’s hand…then success is imminent.

Let’s be more comfortable now with our new realizations and understand that this week is a building week.  Like locking LEGO blocks are strengthening your framework and increasing the power to your foundation.  Be quick to add the various tools and techniques for your own physical health.  The outdoors, different foods, smoothies and so on.

I was aware too that many are going through decision and resolution this week.  They want things in their lives to come to a direction…a purposeful one..and it is happening.  Good…because you need to know where to put your MIND during a week such as this.  So where your thoughts are…so too shall the energy travel.  The chalice is being filled with the wine this week…that means the chalice (your developing personality) is being filled with the wine (Soul’s Light)…and together you make a fine blend..fresh and ready to expand in conscious awareness.  Have a great week !

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Updates – March 31st to April 6th, 2014

Hi Everyone !

The New Moon and the influence of SATURN (karma, destiny, fate, laws, cycles, timing) are both at your back…meaning you can be rest assured that all is in order with your New Beginnings this Spring cycle and there is no chaos.  Stability of Order and Law is ruling your new start of projects, inspirations, goals, dreams and soul mandates. This is a very special energy week and I would hope that each of you will delve deeply into the meaning of it without distracting incident.

Focus on the BIGGER PICTURE of your life.  Realize that what you do and invest in, and the decisions you make this week are not all for immediate gratification but for the long term spiritual development of both yourself, those around you and the human race. Be clear and precise and move forward under the alignment to the Divine.  Be prepared to surrender and to act.  Meaning be aware that you must move some things out of the way, especially your attachments to the way you may have done things in the past.  Don’t be afraid to move into the new cycle with more fearlessness…it is in just need to bring that strength and courage out.

Be clear about what you believe to be the aligned task and mandate…and be open to modify that as required, due to the fact that your perceptions are much, much smaller than the perceptions and view from the Soul Level!  Be aware that there is always a greater picture but you may not see it all yet.

Be aware this week that you are just at the tip of the iceberg in awareness of your True Soul purpose….meaning you can’t even imagine just yet where your creative expression and manifestations, or your investment of energy and time into humanity, are going to go yet.  The greater good served is just that; GREAT and there is plenty of room for expansion and all will benefit in the outcome.

Don’t waste any time this week daydreaming or fantasizing or wishing…this is an active week where you need to set yourself down into active experiences.  Whether that is writing, drawing, dancing, singing, planning, business meetings or whatever it is you have to do it.  The only passive time will be early in the morning and later at night for reflection and meditation.

okay..let’s do our best folks…this is a powerful week.

Oh and by the way…the incoming Souls born between yesterday’s New Moon and Next Sunday are very special souls…they will make major changes in their lineages and shift their stream of Divine heritage!!

In Light and in Peace,


** Participate in World Healing…in person or long distance in your own home” :



Weekly Energy Update – March 24th to March 30th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

With the Equinox now behind us…you have received an incredible boost to your spiritual evolution and you are now locked onto your Soul Mandate for manifestation in the year 2014. How does that feel for you?
I bet that you are quite happy about the latest shifts in consciousness..and you should be…for you have earned this! Congratulations!  Also..I hope that you read my Equinox live channelling…it was the previous post.

You can expect this week to bring you strength to build your focus and development of your is rather tedious..I know..but well worth the efforts.  Clean up any lingering overlay from the past…which should be quite straightforward….and then look at the possibilities that are being presented.

The cleansing is not overly strenuous for you..nor should you feel angst.  The cleanse is pretty much about wrapping up a cycle.  The gifts of Equinox are primarily your retrieval of your authentic Self and a very secure placement in this Self Realization.  Promote the alignment to clean living, good thoughts and vibrational changes to your home.  Move things around…throw things out/recycle/give away…and make space.  Why so much space required?  Because there are incoming projects that will demand your new time.  This new time is MOST enjoyable and will increase the amount of contentment in your heart.  How lovely !

Think about using some very natural materials in your life…think about what you wish to do to your sacred space, home or office…this Spring. It is important…and you may not realize this until much later.

SATURN is the Divine Intelligence of Time, Cycles, Karma, Fate, you have some true power and manifestations taking place this spring.  But back to this week…be aware of the little things that need taking care of.  Boring? no…not really..they are going to bring you as much pleasure as the greater things.  Have you ever spent hours sanding then painting a wood carving, piece of furniture or object of art?  SATISFACTION…oh yes.  So…see what will be tedious yet very satisfying in your life this week.  Believe will be a productive and enjoyable week for you!

In Light and in Peace ,


p.s. if you wish to have a LONG DISTANCE HOUSE CLEARING…I am doing them now !  Every year this should be done..and if I may help you…let me know…




Weekly Energy Updates – March 17th to March 23rd, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Equinox week!  Full moon from yesterday permitting a greater cleanse in you!  Each of us will experience the shift in opportunity and the gifts from Mother Earth (your physical body, material world & foundation) in a different way.  Let us not forget about the SUN (heart chakra and engagement to the Light of Spiritual Love) which is responsible for the electro-magnetic changes, Divine Intelligence signals to our systems and the soothing changes in temperature to wake up the sleepy animal nature, promote growth and offer us new direction during the change of the seasons.

The traditional prompts have already begun for you such as new choices in diet, routine, plans….but your Spiritual Self is also currently inspiring you with sparks of ideas for your journey of life that embraces your Soul mandate.  You likely are feeling the rise in power inside of you that can best be described as rejuvenating, refreshing and invigorating because truly that is what this seasonal shift does for you.  People everywhere feel the need to turn the corner in their spiral-like ascent towards integration with their authentic spiritual Self… and now is the time to do that.

When we have been so visibly stuck in the mire, stagnation and repetition of our own karma and consequences thereof for so long, the refreshing changes offer us solution, insights, enlightening moments that integrate permanently, and an empowering Oneness with the Divine. Unique unto you, your mandate is in many cases obvious, whilst others may need to explore this aspect of themselves more thoroughly during their sojourn through the spring 2014.

Be very aware of this…your thoughts create and what you are creating and manifesting is the true expression of your soul purpose. Therefore, harness the ideas and “seed thoughts” and let them develop inside of you during a meditation and quiet state.  They will take root and grow very, very quickly !!  This is the beauty of alignment…the forces at work with particular Constellation influences and star forces around us, are making sure this spring that you move boldly, positively and joyfully into the manifestation of your Divine birthright!

You’ll likely feel excitement, anticipation, curiosity, and wonderment about the whole process…so in order to more consciously be participating in this, it is advisable that you spend a fair bit of time…each day….in meditation-type reflection and in the Higher Temple of your Inner Self.  Choose this…and the benefits will far outweigh any adversities or challenges that may be your excuses not to try this.  It is in you and your family’s best interest to do this…for then all will benefit.  Looking out for the Greater good of all involved is an important piece of the Soul purpose.

Enjoy the week..celebrate your life and start with the particular changes in your life you wish to see now.  Cosmic Blessings!

In Light and in Peace,


Spring Equinox – Guided Meditation & Healing Workshop

 Spring Flower meadow

Spring Equinox – Guided Meditation & Healing Workshop
…..let’s usher in the new Cycle together!

Join me for a special evening of healing through guided meditation & Spring Equinox energy Initiation.  This Spring Equinox is an energy shift that your Master Soul Personality plans to use for the MANIFESTATION of your Soul purpose and Soul direction.  Many, many incarnations of life have been spent building towards this YEAR OF MANIFESTATION 2014!  Your new beginnings are MAJOR in the making and you are to receive Universal support and guidance in a powerful way!  Let’s get this new cycle underway together!

You can participate in person or long distance.  Those participating long distance will be receiving an mP3 audio file of the evening.  When participating long distance, kindly let me know if you wish to be on the list of names that is read out loud to come into the Inner Temple or on the SILENT list.  Your family will likely wish to participate and should be signed up separately.  If you wish to bring your crystal pyramids or Lemurian Seed crystals or any of your own special hand held healing stones for CHARGING…for this cycle, then you are welcome to bring them with you for the special “charging”.  If you don’t have any I will have some available for purchase that you may wish to have if they resonate with you.

Location:  Newmarket Inn, 18667 Old Yonge Street, Holland Landing, ON L9N 0J2 website:

Time:  6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (doors open at 6 p.m.)
Date:  Thursday, March 20th, 2014
Cost:  $ 45
Interac or Paypal  EVENTS




Weekly Energy Updates – March 10th to March 16th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Yes…Yes….it has been intense…I’ll agree..but don’t lose sight of just what is going on in the bigger picture here over your life.  The “mini-deaths” or “transformations” you have been going through have been well calculated by your Soul and are for the purpose of you being in the more raw and authentic form come Spring Equinox.  When one is going through such things as you have over the last several, weeks, you start to feel rather vulnerable which actually translates to rather CLEAN.  Hhhmmm…you didn’t think of it that way before, did you?

The meaning of this more clean and naked state, rids you of the build up of false securities, false beliefs and often times a wall or shell you built up to protect yourself from things that you are not to be protected from.  Such as what?  Love, receiving, security, good alignment..etc.  You need to have experiences that will move you forward, yet most fear the things they need the most!

When you hold back and build up a tough shell around you, it is very challenging for the Divine Self to enter and integrate with you.  By stripping away your various “build-ups”, you are suddenly finding yourself more transparent.  With this transparency comes a sweetness and purity of Truth. The Light penetrates you and emanates throughout your aura and you are ready to give birth this Equinox time to a new direction and expression of the Soul.

It is not always a comfortable feeling, but it is a positive outcome.  Now there is another very important part of this that should be stressed…Clean and malleable does not mean you are to leave yourself open to attack in an unfriendly environment such as the likes of the lower astral consciousness.  To to ensure we are on the same page here…permit the sloughing off and the shedding of the you would your winter coat…but keep a visualization of the BLUE orb of energy around your aura that protects you from the unwanted and unnecessary irritations of life.  You will be pleased with the advancements you make this way plus you remain strong in the throat of discernment, choice and expression.

Throughout this the full moon approaches Saturday, be sure to be aware of just how many changes you are going through and just how much of the old shell or armor is leaving.  It just doesn’t shine like it should so let it go ! Look forward to the new spring “clothes”…which translates to the very brilliant auric fields that each of you will radiate and be rest assured you are on the right path.

No chastisement of Self please..just some lovely nurturing thoughts for self and a smile to yourself that all is well…you are doing fine.  Treat yourself well and be sure to invest some energy into your typical spring changes with diet and fresh air !  Have a great week….the Angelic Team of the Hierarchy of Light is with you…!

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  Use a lot of clean amethyst in your healing room…bedroom and bathing area.  Make sure it has been cleaned since you last used it.  Sunlight is good..I will even dip mine in Sea Salt water though many will disagree with me…but I just use a pinch !


Weekly Energy Updates – March 3rd to March 9th, 2014

Hi Everyone !

If ever I could advise and encourage you to stay focused on your developing soul mandate…it’s now.  You do have plenty of added support from the Universal – Divine Intelligences who are watching over you and represent the greatest qualities of the evolving Golden Age to be developed by each of us.  It is not to be taken lightly when I tell you that this particular cycle of March 2014, as we engage the Spring shift in the north (Fall in the south) is THE MAJOR KEY to your attainment of alignment with the Christed Consciousness of the 1st Principle of Love and your own particular Soul Mandate.  If it seems to you that I am overstating or repeating myself with regard to this…it is only because I am doing my very best to make sure you resonate with the importance of this time cycle.

During this week you have a very good influence from Jupiter (Soul’s Will) coming in and even with the common adversities that come up in your life, this power is much stronger for you when aligned to it.  Distractions must be kept to considerable minimum and your old habits, routines, desires must be sloughed off now.  Time is up…your “framework” is being twisted, modified, re-designed, strengthened and “spell-checked…(little humour there)…in order to have the most suitable foundation and 4 pillar base support.

The reality of your life…the Truth of your existence is becoming much more clear to you.  No longer lured by the illusion of ostentatious behaviour and presentation by unconscious people who live so attached to the material plane, you find great enlightenment in your own reflections.

Something very natural and real is emerging from inside of you that may seem overwhelming, strange, exciting and quite unique!  Do you trust this?  YES…because this is the time when you step out of the box and place yourself on the faster moving current that takes you through many ascension experiences.  One must not only trust…but be the True son or daughter of the greater Light who seeks their way back into Divine felicity.  It’s time to get off the wheel of karma and emerge victorious and liberated!  This week you will be asked to take steps towards this goal.  You ready ?

In Light and in Peace,


Spring Equinox celebration:  (join in person or long distance)







Weekly Energy Updates – February 24th to March 2nd, 2014

Hi Everyone !

As the energies “zig zag” along taking us back into our past and forward into our Self-Realizations, we are all still to keep swimming upstream towards the goal of Spring manifestation.  You will find that there are currents in the stream that are refreshing and cooling for you when you move into your more passive feminine side of reflection too which allows each of you to perceive with clarity the vision of your future.  If you work too hard with the heat of the Yang energies….struggling upstream, you will be disappointed as you will feel out of control.  It is best to balance the active pursuit upstream with the same streams cool currents.  That way, within the cooler currents the visions and internal guidance will keep you strong and on track.  I hope that you can understand this analogy…because it is very important that you continue to strive to be unique unto yourself.

This is a successful journey regardless, and you can pause to look around you while you are going forward from time to time this week to evaluate and appreciate your surroundings.  The environment you are creating for yourself and your family is from the Creator Itself and it pleases the Universe too when you enjoy the manifestation of the Creator’s works.  Nature for example, or your latest project, or perhaps just the decor of your home or the sweet fragrances coming from the kitchen oven.  All these things in your life should be taken into account as to contributing to the joy and good health and well being of your spiritual journey.

There are those that have more and there are those that have less.  However you measure it…you still can easily find the “link of Love” between you and the manifestation of your hands at work.  Skilled or untrained does not is what you create around you and within you from your heart that counts.  As one child’s drawing is not better than another child in school, nor too is one Son or Daughter of Creation better than another when each is trying from their own heart to express the All within them.

You are doing very well…and sometimes you just don’t stop to realize this.  During the week ahead as you pursue your dreams, goals and projects at hand…please pause to consider just who you are and assimilate the meaning of your existence here on earth.  What a beautiful expression of the Divine you truly are!

Every time you align with the Higher dimensions of Truth & Light…you bring that stream down into the lower dimensions to illuminate them.  Bring your own kindness and joy to this world through your touch, word or smile.  Your plans in life are unfolding and many, many streams of Divine Intelligence are joining you to ensure the manifestation of the GREATER works of Life in the coming weeks and months.  Now is not the time to hold your breath…now is the time to breathe and enjoy the challenges, the measurable successes and the many moments of delight.   May the week ahead bring you many enlightened moments!

In Light and in Peace,


p.s. New Moon March 1st !!!  Tremendous insights at the end of this week…


Weekly Energy Updates – February 17th to February 23rd, 2014

Hi everyone!

There have been many diverse energies of late and this has played both havoc and peacefulness upon us.  With this in mind, we go forward.  Losses, challenges and gains should all be properly reviewed since the beginning of this year, as you take stock this week of just WHERE you are at relative to the upcoming Spring Equinox acceleration.  Do you feel you are preparing well?  How would you rate your foundational work, organization, mental, focus, emotional stability and so on?  Be fair to yourself; not critical…just make notes of yourself and it will paint a better picture for you going forward.  Reviewing and assessing from time to time helps you in measuring your successes and making reminders to yourself of areas that still need a little extra help.

This is a very good week to review your current situation and to stabilize any areas that are currently out of balance.  There is no need for rushing or pressuring yourself, but instead just restate your position so that you can begin to gain momentum in March.

If you have a chance to get any physical body energy work done such as reflexology, massage or the like, it would be a good idea.  Your body needs to have nurturing and assistance now to prepare for the energy vehicles that make up your aura, going through changes in the latter part of March.  You understand that it is important for the physical body to be able to HOLD or GROUND the Higher subtle energies that are gifted to us as the cycles change.

The Teachers and Angelic Hierarchy of the Inner Planes of consciousness have been reminding everyone…increasingly….to be very aware of their diet and water intake as well as the encouragement to be outside as much as you can to take advantage of the sun’s gift of vitality or prana that you require to stay healthy.  If you are getting away to the sunny south then you have that covered!  For those who are not, you know that even a short walk or some play time outside will do you the world of good.

Introduce some new essential oils or fragrances to your senses and start to think about the odd “early spring cleaning” chore.  All these movements and changes in energy in both your home and your body will be a benefit to your during the week ahead.  Not too much at a time..just adding those little experiences that make significant shifts to your life!

Enjoy the week!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – February 10th to February 16th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Some people are not pleased with this type of energy…but in fact…the transformations that take place during this week are of the “opportunistic” kind.  How can that be? Well the Divine Universal consciousness is well aware of the best direction for each Soul on this planet to take….and we need to trust that.  When one is aware of the Divine Intelligence guiding the unfolding Creation in a well orchestrated manner, you understand that your role is to align with these developments.  Sounds easy right?  Well…it CAN be…but it is actually a bit of a practice to get used to aligning with the Universal Divine Plan.

Your trust alone is not quite enough…it is best to have both TRUST and willingness to assess, review, reflect, analyze and then be open to the directive that always allows for your Highest Good.   This happens most readily during a meditative state.  When you are in the quiet, reflecting upon your challenges or experiences, and/or asking about your direction and purpose, the receptors sites in your own personality are in a sensitive mode.  This sensitivity picks up any images, pictures, words, sounds, channelled guidance, and such…that are CLUES to the best direction or best counsel.  By they way, your Angelic guides don’t mind you asking the same question several times…(LOL)….I know because I have done that myself !!

This week…please take time to ask more questions and trust the answers.  Be calm and be open to learn…and know that you are a Child of the Universe…you are a Son or Daughter of the Divine All Presence and Source.  Naturally, the ONE has your best interest at heart and would never steer you wrong.

There is a need for quite a few moments of rest throughout this week…it is in these moments that you find healing and repair to the physical, plus moments for your resourceful insights.  Are you really in such a rush?  Take this time to digest and assimilate the incoming insights…well worth it !  A good week I would say !   Full Moon at the end of this week…so let’s allow all insights to be registered to our conscious awareness..they will be very important !!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – February 3rd to February 9th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Happy New Beginnings to you!  Oh I know it’s not Spring yet…but after last week’s New Super Moon AND your weekend reflections resulting in decisions being made in your life…you can truly see why I wish you such great tidings!  The realizations you made over the weekend are VERY important and do trust yourself to follow the insights and guidance you intuitively received. There were some tremendous moments of finality and threshold crossings made contributing to your new beginnings.

What you sorted out…and will continue to sort out this week…is the processing of those very important insights.  Let them continue to filter into your conscious awareness so that you can make both a mental note of them and a permanent record of them by writing them down.  Have the thoughts put down to paper because then they become tremendous reminders and strengthening tools for you.  With only weeks to go until Spring equinox (Autumn in the southern hemisphere)…we are in alignment with a greater understanding with the Divine Consciousness of the All.  We are truly listening to what is asked of us..what we planned before incarnating here..and what we know must be done in order to have a successful, joyful and fulfilling healthy life.  Aligning with the Plan of the Cosmic is the path we are to walk.

There are a few tangles this week to sort out…these tangles are not to get you all gnarled up but instead are the final filaments of mistaken alignments of the past.  There is no need for panic though…the Masters of the Inner Temple show that periods of solitude this week for you to think things out in a well paced and diligent manner, will be quite sufficient to get you through to the next phase of the February cycle.  Therefore, let’s set a healthy pace this week and move ahead.

Last thing…be aware of some transformation and upward turns in the heart chakra centre towards the throat chakra centre on February 8th and 9th.  There are Spiritual Masters on the Inner Planes that wish to teach you a few things about yourself.  Witness those Masters who greet you on a Higher Level of consciousness as Angelic Light…these are “new” teachers who are going to help you to take a new road in life.  This is a very positive and expansive road in your life..and with this strength surrounding you….you will have the courage and personal empowerment to achieve a successful alignment.  Just keep this in the back of your mind…it will certainly be hard to ignore!!  Blessings!

Have a great week !

In Light and in Peace,