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Weekly Energy Updates – January 27th to February 1st, 2014

Hi Everyone!

This January 30th our New Moon is a Super Moon !  I rather like that as it seems we are all receiving an added boost to our plans and directed soul mandate.  New moons are always about new beginnings and shifts in cycles where changes take place.  If you found yourself struggling in the first few weeks of January (which you likely did), then this is an added boost to you in support of another projection of your MIND towards the building of your foundation.  It is very good that we are getting this energy this week.  We all need to have help in the laying down of a solid foundation.

Your choices ahead should be made RELATIVE TO YOUR SOUL PURPOSE…meaning that nothing you choose should be outside of the bigger picture of your own mandate. This can be tough because we get distracted, tired of working so hard, and just want to have some fun.  Unfortunately this is NOT the time to lay back and just play without any attention to the Divine Plan.  If anything, this is the time when you keep up the efforts.  You can still take your time to be peaceful and relax intermittently throughout this period though in order to recharge and regroup.  It’s how you handle these next few weeks that is important.  No extremes..meaning not all work and no play; not all play and no work either.  okay?

Often we forget that you are incarnate on this earth with Soul partners and Soul families.  It has taken a great deal of Divine Planning to ensure this.  In some cases, you are talking about thousands and thousands of years of planning to get you to this threshold in time…year of manifestation 2014.  You do not wish to disengage from the Plan…you wish to thoroughly engage!  Take a look at the plans with your “spiritual energy partners/colleagues” very carefully and ask yourself….”why did we come together?  What is the plan?”  You will see unfolding in your mind some very big projects and personal mandates for each of you that will change the course of events for the human race.

That is why this is such an important time.  So please do pay attention to how special and gifted you are….and those you are involved with….according to Divine Plan.  The Universe is in ORDER…we are the ones that need to recognize this and stay on track !

New Moon…new doors, new beginnings….yet another chance to get things right…!!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – January 20th to January 26th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Moving our way forward into January….I have good news…then I have even better news!

The good news…is for those who have been challenged by, or have been teeter-tottering with, brinks of depression, then swings of upbeat clarity…relief is filtering in this week and next, so that you will feel more stable in your direction.  Rough starts in new year’s post winter solstice often need time to balance out.  So don’t be alarmed by yourself nor should you feel that somehow you have missed any opportunities here in the New Year, 2014…it is all growing and expanding as it should.

The even better news?  With thoughts of Spring and the manifestations of your Soul mandate getting will also start to feel the impact of the energy impulses that govern the revival and renewal of your Soul expression!  The pace is still to be steady and progressive, so don’t be rushing out too quickly this week but certainly we will start to feel the comfort of support and measurable gain!  Yeah !

If expectations jump the line and emotions tangle up the process, you will have to correct.  Therefore it is best to SEE these next few weeks STILL as the framework building.  Okay? all is well in that.  Deliveries are being made to your life as the buds on the trees start to show and we are not there yet.  (In the Southern hemisphere you are to watch for your seasonal transformations as well).

Best advice for this week is to go steady and remember that taking the time to just put your feet up and zone into meditation or a jigsaw puzzle, good book and cup of tea is JUST FINE to do!  There is plenty of re-organization going on for you from Divine Intelligence on multiple planes or dimensions of consciousness.  Keep your awareness to the Highest degree…and enjoy your physical world simultaneously.  Enjoy walking the family pet, hanging out on a nature trail with friends or just sitting by a cozy fire somewhere.  Whatever you know will help you to smile and accept the fact that all is in order.

Enjoy your week!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – January 13th to January 19th, 2014

Hi Everyone !

Full Moon energy this week….so don’t be surprised if you get a few “blasts between the eyes” on emotional issues that you have left long unresolved or that you were hoping could just go away.  The energy of this full moon is enlightening to say the least.  Be aware..eyes open and look for clues and clarity behind the obvious.  The material world of illusion and grandeur often deludes and tricks us into believing things at face value as we only see the surface..or only what we WANT to see!  Deeper spiritual TRUTHS must be sought out and this requires effort.  Most of what you see is really only the tip of the iceberg whilst the rest of the iceberg is massive under the surface.  Go deeper and seek spiritual understanding and TRUTH.  Careful that you don’t quickly write, speak or agree to things without investigation.  There are many selling unnecessary wares and many seeking to draw from your energy field during the full moon through the emotional.  Ask yourself, does what you agree to contribute to your Soul purpose?

So before slamming into the iceberg like the titanic..I strongly suggest you stay on guard and go over things/matters/challenges very carefully ..examining the whole picture.  When you ask for inner counsel…be wise…ask the Akashic records and find out if what you are going through is a carryover from another life.  It may be that you just don’t seem to understand it’s meaning yet.  It would be most helpful then for you to get behind the problem..rather than just trying to tackle the problem itself with limited tools!

January has now finally shifted and the ground beneath your feet will get stronger and more trustworthy through applied Intelligence….as your foundation gains in strength and the framework is being built.  So your emphasis on projects and unfolding mandates is in great alignment this week and beyond this week. the best way to describe the energy this week for your Soul purpose.  Though I can’t say the same for the emotional body energy which can easily attach to phantasms, passions and illusive desires.  So where do you put your focus?  On the MIND of course..where the strength is and keep the foundation building.  Great week for this.  Appointing time to your projects, organization of your cycle of spiritual development and solid activities that keep you organized and well harnessed will all be good.  Harnessed? harness the Soul energy and bring it into practical application this week with your mindful attention and directing of this energy into manifestation of good deeds, projects, creations, and so on.  Great week for this…so please align with it.

Some things can be as simple as ORDER in your HOUSE or OFFICE.  Nice time to go about this as well.  Sometimes it is in re-ordering or re-defining a practice or routine that fits best in alignment with this type of energy..  The mind will elevate and delight you this week with ideas and directives.  Write things down lest you forget them!

Enjoy this week..the full moon is teaching and so it should.  We don’t need to keep dragging emotional things along… so this is a good week to take your awareness from the repetitive to the inspiring present….then on to the future!

In light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Updates – January 6th to January 12th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Oh my…we have all been startled by some unusual weather patterns.  Seems Mother Earth is showing her muscle!  You mess around with the environment and you can expect some consequences!  However…if you do your own part…by partaking in your own Inner Divine alignment, prayers, invocations, blessings and spiritual rituals…you are contributing to a positive change and progressive improvement of the earth environment.

How does this relate to the week’s energy for you?  You are to focus on your own stability…each and every day of this week for sure.  Strength and endurance now is favoured.  Your 4 cornerstones (physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive) are to be like Pillars of strength for you. There is need for attention to be given to each of these 4 aspects of yourself.  How are your well laid out plans doing so far?  Did you include personal attention to be paid to each of these 4 distinct personal levels of consciousness?

1.  Physical body – some type of modification made and incorporated to improve your health and well being.  Diet, exercise, food quality, perhaps more water? Sleep?

2.  Emotional body – an assessment of your own personal emotional triggers.  What is “tilting you” and what brings you peace?  Ensure to include more of the peaceful activities and investigate the underlying cause of the emotional imbalances.

3.  Intellectual body – have you included a portion of your time each week to be spent in study to increase and diversify your own mental database?  What about the inclusion of studying spiritual topics?  Do you seek the truth as to why you are born and what your life purpose is?

4.  Intuitive body – This is the psychic/reflective and active Will of your ego personality.  It should be developed through meditation, creative outlets, quiet time for inspiration and the engagement of your own inner drive.  You need to apply in practical terms the ideas that enter your mind.  Think & reflect.

Please consider this week how you are developing your own framework of Ego in order to integrate the spiritual body.  Your personality must house the Soul…take time to build the “house” !!

Enjoy the week ahead!

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Updates – December 30th, 2013 to January 5th, 2014

Hi Everyone !

This is a great week…and you need to stay strong and in alignment with the cycle.  Saturn is not opposing you..but instead is working with you!!  (Saturn representing:  Karma, destiny, fate, time cycles, Law).  The best way to ensure your alignment is to stay focused and have an organized plan for each day this week.  Stay out of drama.  The New MOON on January 1st will excite you into getting involved with others starting Dec 30th, 31st…but beware you don’t get distracted.  The New MOON is also about the new beginnings that will take place after January 4th….so that is why you set yourself down in a chair with pencil and pen in hand to construct your plans.

The Solstice 2013 and the changes that we just passed through were “earth-moving” for you to say the least…now you need to know that planning and mental focus is the “bridge” to the new year 2014.  Get lots of rest this week to regenerate from the holiday time.

Enjoy writing down your ideas for 2014 in a neat and tidy manner…pulling out your day-timer to begin inserting your plans into some sort of schedule.  If you need to modify it in order to keep it reasonable then do that.  Don’t overload; you won’t be happy about that.  Spread out the achievement markers and goals to make it plausible.

January and February are still very much “building” times for your framework and foundation…but they are contributing to the steady ascension of your spiritual consciousness.  You know exactly what you don’t want; focus on what you do want for the coming year.  If you stay within the healthy boundaries of your Soul can’t go wrong.  However, be careful you don’t underestimate your gifts and capabilities by choosing too small a role or less than what you deserve to have and express.

With so many new doors of opportunities being presented, you will need to be quite selective as the new year unfolds.  Wise, well thought out plans and decisions are in order.  Your new expressions need time to unfold and invest in yourself with steady and focused application.

The Soul has every intention of not taking you backwards into the old paradigm and neither do you wish to go there.  You have learned so many lessons in 2013 (sometimes painful ones), that you should stand tall with a radiant smile and turn the door handle of the new year with great expectations.  So many indications are being shown throughout the Cosmic that you have both the heart chakra energy, the intelligence of your Mind and the inertia of your own Will to succeed in manifesting a powerfully successful year in 2014 and beyond.  Let’s get going !

Cosmic Blessings to each and every one of you!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – December 23rd to December 29th, 2013

Hi Everyone!

Well we are certainly rounding up the year now with a powerful alignment through solstice energies! The past weekend opened up for you the opportunity to learn a great deal more from your personal reflections and to establish much clearer lines of mental activity to create your 2014 year ahead.  Your no-nonsense attitude and refusal to buy into the repetitive infiltration of your thoughts by commercial merchants and sellers of wares should be celebrated.  Only you can change your life and find the good health and liberation of Self expression you seek.  I am sure you are getting charged up to enter the new year with a much greater understanding of your life…thus looking forward to having a lot more personal mastership in the ensuing months and years ahead.

This week…be at peace in your heart knowing that there are those in your family and social circle that don’t clearly understand yet “what’s going on”….so they should all be loved and embraced with good thoughts and compassion.  Enjoy the festive activities knowing that it is just that…a festive activity that too shall pass.  The real substance of your experiences this week will be gained during your quiet periods of meditation and personal healing.  Take as much time as you can for your own alignments to the Christed Consciousness (1st Principle of Love) within you for this is where the real action is!  Expanding upon your inner experiences will make your external experiences all the more enjoyable.  What is going on inside of you will express itself beautifully in your life !

We are in a root chakra to crown chakra time cycle of change….meaning it is clearly about you ensuring a good solid foundation upon which to build your own powerful Soul purpose and expression.  Whatever changes need to be made in your personal life, home, foundation, physical world activities…put it into practice with INTENT…and then as the days and weeks move ahead…put it into actual PRACTICE.  2014 is a year of manifestation of the true YOU.  Let’s get started now !

You are doing very well…you can see that for yourself if you reflect upon your life.  You have truly come a long way now..measurable changes!  So let’s keep up the steady movement forward.  Focus this week on stability.  Keep the flow, enjoy…but stay stable.  Time for action and time for reflection.  That will serve you very well through the holiday season!

Cosmic Blessings to each on of you…may all good things appropriate to you…come your way!  May the Light within you shine like a Beacon to the World…

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – December 16th to December 22nd, 2013

Hi Everyone !  It’s solstice week!

Hope that wasn’t too “loud” an announcement….not trying to come off like a drill sergeant waking everyone up in the early a.m. !  LOL !  But seriously….this is the last few days before solstice to get your foundation in order and truly feel you have an organized framework and mindset going in.   The Divine alignments and offerings from the Cosmic during the Solstice times are always very, very special and this time is no exception.  What to do to prepare?  Be connected right down to your toes.  Be very aware of yourself…your body, focused mind, emotional stability.  This is time when “quiet” is key…and of course…wouldn’t you know…it is exactly during the time when distractions are heightened due to the holiday festivities and social gatherings.  Coincidence?  I think not.  There is always something that tries to pull us away from that which is most important for our spiritual advancement.  So don’t get fooled…you know that it is a key time of year when you make the transformations necessary to take you into the next quarter of 2014 (to Spring Equinox and then beyond with unfolding enlightened experiences and manifestations of Soul purpose).

What you do this week and during solstice is very important to your 2014 manifestations of soul purpose.  I hope you could hear me loud and clear on that ?  This wrap up time of 2013 during solstice is going to be the key factor in determining how you experience 2014. 

So there is no time for excuses…or “I think I will wait until later”…or “haven’t got time”…no…that won’t work this time.  The increased engagements between your evolving EGO through the root, sacral and solar plexus chakra centres AND the heart, throat, brain (initiation chamber) are a MUST and with the thinning veils between dimensions, your realizations shall jump exponentially through the Solstice time.

What to do?  Concentrate and put time this week into quietly GROUNDING and ALIGNING yourself.  Concentrated breathing to the body, clear decisions on your course of direction for 2014, emotional stability (no extremes with dramas), quiet reflection, repair/completion of outstanding projects, containment of energy to your body…etc.   Do you see the theme here?  It is about pulling IN…drawing into a strong, concentrated awareness of yourself whilst knowing this is in collaboration with the magnificent Divine Plan for contribution to the betterment of All involved.  Build your aura.

No leaky auras, loss of energy, extremes, excessive anythings.  If you don’t have a strong framework you will not be able to HOLD the incoming energies of your own Higher Soul body of Light.  That is why the concentration must be on you.  The stronger you are; the better it is for you to help your family and others.  Be the silent Leader !

Okay…a very good week of help too…this full moon (Dec. 17) will remind you a lot of what is out of order and will nudge you to remove and/or modify it.  You will do well…trust yourself.  There is nothing more important (save for emergencies handled), that should take you away from your preparation for Solstice.  A deep breath now…!  Let’s truly own this time cycle and enjoy with anticipation the delightful receipt of Divine gifts to follow. Such a Blessing…what a great time for each of us !  When we do our part consciously…the changes to our lives in a positive way are forthcoming.  I know how difficult it has been….extremely difficult for most of you in many cases.  All the more reason to take the hand offered of LOVE from the Angelic Team and the Ancient Lords of Light now.  Lift yourself up and feel liberated in that !

Looking forward to sharing a Solstice message to you at the end of the week…until then,

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – December 9th to December 15th, 2013

Hi Everyone!

There is an underlying realization that your strength is returning, though you may not think it to be nearly fast enough yet to give you all that you need, to get you where you want to go!  That’s okay….just know that it is returning and you won’t be so worried or concerned by staying in an unknown and expectant state.  The fact remains that the strength and direction for a better foundation under your feet IS returning to you.  That fact in itself should help to hold you steady and true for the run ahead across 2013 into 2014.  Trust that good things ARE happening!

We can start with looking at this week to know that the shift is underway.  Count the small but measurable changes that you see taking place in your life.  These can be quite simple you know…so don’t look for such big things or such major experiences all the time.  The goodness can come in small packages, as we see the return of the power from the Master Soul Personality integrating with your evolving Ego, thus liberating you and guiding you more and more towards the realization of soul purpose.  This recall and stronger interface is a true blessing that we should all learn to be grateful for.  I know how impatient we all can be and this is understandable…because the frustration may be originating from the fact that you have waited months ..even years…to get to this point.  Who wouldn’t be frustrated?  But let’s look at this fact as well…it took you lifetimes to get to the bottom of the feeling of separation…so a few months more of accelerated ascension is quite palatable and quite acceptable!  Manifestation of your Soul purpose WILL occur in 2014 and you are to emphasize the strengthening of your structure/foundation now during these ensuing weeks and months ahead.  Let’s not get distracted with the upcoming holidays…enjoy the family time but don’t get thrown by the false illusions.  Is temptation still out there…trying your taste buds?  Certainly it can try….but it does not need to succeed.  The real assurance will be found in your meditations and dreams…your journal writing and your insights..they are your TRUTH them and KNOW that you are on track.

The family, kids, cousins, friends…all of them may still be in a less conscious state than you….that’s okay…enjoy with love the wholehearted experience with the end of the year celebrations…but do ensure that you take your own quiet time with your own Divine alignment to speak to you..past the veils of illusion…and appreciate how you are shown the journey of life ahead of you.  Your invocations to the Cosmic consciousness will be starting to change now as you explore different methods of recalling your true Divine identity.  Use these tools…sound, song, dance, visualization, mantras, writing….all of them are very helpful to you.

Enjoy this week…it should be fairly stable if you put the aforementioned practices into play.

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Update – November 25th to December 1st, 2013

Hi Everyone !

Let’s start with what is happening at the END of this week first.  You will be engaging in an in-depth and very expansive heart chakra clearing starting on Thursday the 27th of November and intensifying over the several days until December 4th actually.  There will be quite a lot of emotional clearing from the solar plexus (liver) up into the heart which will give you some internal pressures as you move into some decision making opportunities.  (You can thank Comet ISON for the added spiral of energies this week as it heads towards the SUN November 28th) The challenge here is that you must TRUST yourself and your Soul guidance…even though you feel like you are stepping into unknown territory.  This is significant because you will feel the enormous opportunities and possibilities that are being offered to you by your Soul and the cosmic, yet the root chakra fear and insecurities will have to be met right in the face squarely this week as well.  This Saturn cycle influence is very intense (Good ol’ Father Cronos) and your inner self is exerting It’s own pressure on you towards liberation as well.   Reminds me of parents gently pushing their child to get on-stage at their school play….it is clear you will do well…but your inner child isn’t quite so sure !

How does the Cosmic assure you that all will be well?  It starts by asking you to feel the Love in your the quiet moments….just you, breathing deeply and permitting the Souls Light above your head to emanate It’s Love and protection down into your cerebral-spinal column.  Let’s start there.  In the peaceful moments this week, ensure that you do this while reflecting on your dreams and heartfelt desires.  The body needs to have less tension in it…curative circulation of vital life force, and a stable state of consciousness must preside.  This week it is important that you have these times for yourself even if it is only for a few short durations.

The overall experience this week is one of achieving balance in the root chakra and solar plexus in the first half of the week…which will hold the incoming influx of energy due to the shift from the heart to Solar Self at the END of the week.  With these 2 worlds of consciousness merging you are placed in a more positive place, as you enter the 21 day preparation for Winter Solstice (north and Summer Solstice in southern hemisphere).  Can you see how important this week is?  The 27th of November to the 4th of December is a window of very, very good opening and opportunity.  You will feel stronger and more confident due to the release of life’s patterns and routines that are distracting and disturbing your soul purpose path.  Measurable changes..inner strength and fortunately too…better organization of yourself.  You actually will feel quite good about yourself as you let all of this unfold because you will have more clarity.

I will be asking yourself..will I manifest a lot at this time?  You can…but likely the majority of the work you are doing now is for a 2014 year of success both personally in the material world and spiritually path working.  Having said that, I am also being advised here that those manifestations and materializations that DO take place before year end are very satisfying though…very satisfying indeed…but with much more to come still in 2014!  I rather like that news from the Inner Temple myself !!!  Hope you do too !

In Light and in Peace


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Weekly Energy Updates – November 18th to November 24th, 2013

Hi Everyone!

Well…between the Full Moon that we were under the influence from over the weekend and the effects of Comet ISON moving throughout our solar system, we have been “stirred, shaken and turned upside down” too!  Steady as she goes…!!

The comet ISON has been breaking trails in the solar system that mirror the pathways between your solar plexus (Mercury planet – Liver and Venus planet – Pancreas) and the heart chakra (Sun).  The Sun is it’s destination, which is expected to be around the 28th of November.

The pathways from the Liver to the Heart bring forth from within you, your FALSE BELIEFS and the pathways from the Pancreas to the Heart bring forth to your awareness, the challenges you need to face that will transform you to higher levels of consciousness.  Both these paths are imperative to clear as they free up for you a greater ability to create and manifest your heart felt joys and dreams. will be getting through to the marvelous levels of Self consciousness and self awareness…so consider the Comet ISON to be a GIFT from the Cosmic!

Through the week we will be going through the rebirth..recreative energies…in a positive manner.  Even if you stumble a bit through this…keep your eyes looking forward as there certainly are brighter developments taking place.

Keep the body flushing…lots and lots of water, greens, root vegetables, alkaline diets…and be sure to look at all things that cause you an emotional reaction right in the face.  These fragments of yourself are seeking integration into your heart… and the best way to approach this week…daily…is with compassion and understanding for yourself and others.  We are in a bit of a tough cycle and your perceptions of your life are going through changes.  Know that you are going to be fine…that this too shall pass.  This cycle is offering you tremendous opportunity yet it may not feel like it right at the moment.  It comes in waves…you get ups and downs….and riding this roller coaster can be challenging.  When you step off in the Light of the Sun (your heart)…you can stand tall and say to yourself, “okay…I made it !!”  Then turn around and offer your hand to your fellow man, woman or child that is coming up behind you.  We are all destined to reunite in the radiance of Love!

In Light and in Peace,



Special Insights – Comet ISON – Gates to the Galaxy !


The comet that is effecting your atmospheric vibrations as it moves throughout your solar system is effecting you and is in alignment with Universal Laws and Cycles.  (Gates to the Galaxy will be open for you to receive through)

Realize that the body of God…is your body too…and as the manifest universe goes through many cyclic do you..

The comet is carrying a message to you from Divine Intelligence…heralding change…causing a vibrational stir amongst mankind…and in this case, the impact will be very tangible for those who know just where to look for the hidden message.  The comet is engaging the qualities of the planets and sun that it is interacting within it’s path thus carrying these vibrational changes ultimately to you.  Each system has it’s own unique qualities that modulate the human races evolution.  In this particular influence from comet ISON you can expect a dramatic increase of humanitarian heart qualities to open up throughout the globe and the need for the human race to stabilize itself; parting further from the behaviours of it’s past.

The heart energy is summoned through the interaction with the local sun and where there is this type of interface, mankind can be assured that the wake up call has certainly been trumpeted.  May all listening ears and eyes upon the sky pay attention to that which is being told.

You may consider this a warning or an opportunity..depending upon which lens you care to look through..for the heart is the Centre of Spiritual Love and as such can only mean that the intentional changes and opportunities will bring about only that which is good for each of you ultimately.

Startling speeds of comets make for rapid changes and you will find yourself moving swiftly to act upon global participation.  You will not be interested in just yourself, for the humanitarian nature of your existence will shine through.  Each member of the human race must ultimately lift into their moral and ethical expression…some though may be harder to transform than others.  Living and dying by the sword is an erroneous statement for the only sword man should live by is his own “sword of truth” as expressed through the throat centre.  For man must now take responsibility for himself and his behaviour due to the extreme and urgent calls from the kingdoms here on earth.

The earth is receiving the help she has called out to her Brethren for and now the response must come from those that inhabit her as well.  The systems on earth are stressed as so too are your own emotional and physical systems….you all need to move into more peaceful times and into a more stress-less society.

Changes over the weeks ahead are not new…mankind has had several opportunities through visitations such as this comet…but never before will you see such a response as you will this time.  Temple bells will be ringing out in the sacred centres all over the globe in response to the happenings taking place.  The response is so profound due to the timing and alertness of the few.  Masses will be called together to ACT now and to increase the amount of energy investments that are made into those experiences that will bring balance to the earth and the people upon her.

Extreme rule does not necessarily need to apply in most regions..unless karma is otherwise noted.  Balance in the more progressive and modern day signs and times, will be deemed more appropriate to the needs of man.

In your own lives you are going to find that each of you are no longer interested in the gripping restrictions and confines of the offerings from lower man’s creations.  These things will pass from your sight more and more as you strive for an increase into alignment with more Natural Laws of living with the earth and her systems.  Your goals will change as you find out how empty they may have been formulated…replaced by dreams that are satisfying…goals that make good sense.

Immoral activities around the globe will be challenged and there will be those brought forward to bear the responsibility of transformation and permanent change.

Each of you must now come to know that your efforts are measurably making changes to the permanency of the dimensions…the stability of their actual Intelligence is becoming more and more aligned with you due to your efforts.  You are abiding by the Universal Laws..the Universal Laws are not changing to suit is you that is changing and it is because you are being aroused out of the slumber of unconsciousness.   The fulfillment of the prophecies of the Ancients regarding this Age of Man will come to realization.

Be the Ones that they speak of…liberate yourself from the chains and suffering of the lost levels of man…Rise up now and heed the call…eyes open and alert for the return of the Ancient Ones has already begun…the Hierarchy of Light that was so unfamiliar to all of you is now becoming more and more a  more realized state of your living consciousness..

Enjoy the increased portals and extensive network of Light that this comet carves throughout it’s path, for the Light will infiltrate your own thoughts, actions and heart felt realization of Soul consciousness.

So Mote it Be..

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Updates – November 11th to November 17th, 2013

Hi Everyone!

Do you often think about the effects of the stars around you?  the Moon and the Planets?  Well, as an aspiring student of the Greater Mysteries…certainly I need to explore just how these Divine Intelligences effect mankind…and effect how we are developing over the weeks, months and years.  This week is a relatively calm in the beginning, in that you are thinking, reflecting, likely daydreaming, and probably not motoring along very quickly in any particular direction because you are a lot in the “head”.  The time you are spending this week doing all this thinking and reflecting and musing upon your life experiences, will prove to be very valuable to you and you are not to discount ideas, inspirations and plans that do come to your mind. Make note of them.

We will be drawn into the effects of the Full moon once again fully on Friday, so you will start to notice this by about Wednesday when there will be various irritations and interferences that are seeking to disturb you and your desire to “do your own thing”.  Make sure you check out just what these disturbances are…if they are coming from a loved one, family member, child, friend or colleague…pay attention.  You have made some very important commitments to these people (Souls) that you have incarnated with for this lifetime and they may be needing you to fulfill that commitment now.  If you ignore their pleas, calls, or the way they are just plain “bugging you”…then you are only putting off the inevitable fulfillment of your agreement.  Make sure you take a 2nd look at just what these people mean to you in your life….regardless of their level of spiritual awakening or conscious state.  What do you mean to them? What do they mean to you?

Here’s an example…I had a vision of what I had promised, prior to incarnating, to do to help my youngest son (his soul mandate) for this life time. He is now an adult.  It would be very spiritually unlawful for me to not stand behind my word to this Soul.  Just a thought….maybe it will trigger some memory in you too?

So…go smoothly this week….no need to get upset or annoyed…put aside distinct time for yourself..and for helping others…it will then all work out nicely!

In Light and in Peace,


P.S.  The Comet ISON is already effecting you as it moves in closer causing different vibrations in our Solar system…more on that next week….


Weekly Energy Updates – November 4th to November 10th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

You all survived the weekend New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse gaining insights as to just what is bothering you at a very deep level AND just what you are so Divinely gifted in…right?  I hope so..because you really and truly need to recognize that you were given some very distinguishable Divine talents that must not be buried…but instead…brought out into expression and integrated as a Living consciousness!

The up and down emotional energies were intense…and took us in many cases to extremes over the weekend, but you should each start to gain greater clarity now as we move into more enlightening influences.  Keep in mind that there is ONLY your Soul Mission and Mandate for this lifetime…the rest are the benefits and rewards of being human.  Walk with your partner, interact with your business colleagues and networks of people, enjoy your family with whom you have much to learn and grow from, and most of all..enjoy being YOU !

Women out there….find your Inner Grace, Beauty, Nurturing & Creative Mind and distinct Divine Light that is truly your own Auric Signature.  Shine your own Light !

Men out there…find your Inner Fire, natural ability to protect those you love, strength of Inner purpose…again the Divine Light that is truly your own Auric Signature.  Shine your own Light !

This week we are stretching out beyond our limited boundaries of the past…we are testing the waters…seeing how far we can expand our consciousness.  My goodness…life can be very, very good now…as we explore the various ways and means that we can express ourselves.

Yes…we are still in corrective modes, modifying those things that need “tweeking” making sure our framework is in order.  But there is more…turn to those you love and SEE them…truly SEE them.  What are the qualities of those around you that you love…and why?  Perhaps we need to look into the eyes of those we love…and see their Soul?  They have their own purpose and mandate…support them!

This is a good week..keep a journal…you are going to need to remember some of the enlightening insights you receive !

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Updates – October 28th to November 4th, 2013

Hi Everyone!

Not feeling quite yourself?..Feeling sick?  Weird?  Hhhmmm…that is how many describe themselves over the several days and I have to tell you that this is going to continue through this week as we are under the influence of SATURN, MERCURY RETRO, NEW MOON & and upcoming TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE on November 3rd.  Did I mention solar flares too?  Plenty of sun activity mixed in with all of this.

With all of these influences you need to know that you will be are PATH are walking your path through the accelerated openings to the dimensions of consciousness and subtle realizations, that were previously blocked to you.  Saturn says it is TIME.  So we must reflect on the inner self…looking at past communications and experiences with people throughout our lives…and extract the jewel of knowledge from each of these experiences.  What role did these people play in our lives..and what roles are people now playing in your life to this day?  What are you learning?  There are doors ahead of you opening…YES..this is true.

The SUN continues to spark you, push you, jiggle you…do all that it can to burst open the doors to your heart and awaken the humanitarian knowledge & understanding you are to have.  Your heart chakra is opening to the magnificence of Spiritual Love.  These Solar experiences coupled with the influence of Saturn this week will be pushing all the right buttons in you to direct you further into your own Soul purpose that is heart based..and support you as these enlightening moments keep occurring!  Great opportunities to grow through this cycle. are are changing very quickly and outgrowing so much that is not helpful to you anymore.  Your body needs a lot of TLC this week.  Trade off foot massages with a dear friend or loved one !

The world consciousness is changing very quickly as you know.   People are tired of the oppression and restrictions.  People are tired of being tired..and sick..and sad.  The conscious ones (each of you reading this) are to recognize how the planetary and solar body energies are shifting them now..and with this knowledge comes peace and empowerment to then reach out and help others understand.  Let them know that they are going to be “okay”.  We all need to appreciate that nothing is trying to hurt you..only help you.  I know it doesn’t always feel so good…but truly we are moving up and out of the old karmic patterns thus liberating ourselves from the restrictions of the past.

This is a good week to move energy around…through physical movement, changes in your house, organization of self..motivate yourself to shift the mental perceptions.  See the positive..create positive thoughts..imagine/visualize positive experiences, breathe deeply the positive energy in the air.  All these changes are very good !

Enjoy the week….it is a real eye opening experience !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Update – October 21st to October 27th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

I was a little slow to get this update written today because I am still integrating the huge changes that have been taking place since last Thursday night (one day before that full moon we had!).  The intensity of the self-realizations of lessons learned combined with the  equally intense spiritual insights, have made for some really incredible advancements in consciousness.   However…keep in mind that everyone is going to experience things differently…from sublime to to profoundly tangible.

One thing that I can tell you for sure about this week…is for each of you to keep a stable keel on your own ship….no extremes or sudden decisions.  Use this week to reflect upon your path, modify if necessary, review, clear out and focus.  This applies right across the board…home, profession, relationships, business affairs.  I would also suggest you move energy around in your home and business now too.  Clear out cupboards, put things away, move knick knacks around, re-organize your kitchen, work space, or where you hang out the most.  The energies in your physical spaces need some movement now.

Pay attention to your family needs…and your own needs.  Who needs nurturing?  You, your family or both?  hhhmmm… Let’s not forget about each other with the changes that are going on right now.  Take a look at a variety of things now in your life…are you neglecting any area that should not be neglected?  Do you like your environment?  For example..where you study…do you like your study area?  Where you sleep…are you comfortable and you enjoy where you sleep?  Your environment is very important…as it supports you while you focus on exactly what you need to focus on.

You don’t need to undertake major projects and just need to move energy around and utilize colour/lighting/crystals, etc…to make sure you feel more aligned with the gentleness of the Divine expression within you.  We are entering a cycle of time now…where your passive, reflective, restful, creative and inspirational times are going to be very important to your future.  Please provide yourself with the opportunities to look within, listen within and come to knowing within…surrounded by the right type of vibrations.

So..we go easy this week…let’s do our reflections and enjoy a little peace…how’s that ?

In Light and in Peace,