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Weekly Energy Updates – October 14th to October 20th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

This is an incredible week really…  It starts out with you recovering from the weekend..asking questions of yourself, processing feelings from the past, going over your own self-realizations.  You will think that you are doing okay with all of this…but will look both UP and DOWN throughout this process. You will feel really GOOD about your gifts…(which is nice)…but you will cast shadows of doubt and shame and adversity on your weaknesses thus causing you to fall down in energy.  This is not a good plan..okay?  You need to be strong this week and the last thing you wish to do is to chastise yourself for being human and going through very real, very human challenges.  Mistakes?  not really…let’s call them learning curves.

Appreciation of your gifts?  I hope so because the Full lunar moon eclipse (ARIES-LIBRA)  is standing facing you at the end of this week, Friday October 18th, 2013…and bearing DOWN EYES upon you.  This means that the Guardians of the Inner planes and Temple of your spiritual journey called LIFE…are looking at you with a deep, powerful set of eyes.  The EXAMINATION is on !  Guess what?  It is YOU examining yourself ! Can you cross through to the next level of Higher Consciousness?  Well that depends entirely on just how you see yourself relative to your soul purpose.  Even if you are challenged by the exact definition of your soul purpose, please know that YOU DO HAVE ONE !  Being open and honest to oneself and not letting the illusions of the lower worlds grip you and turn you away, is the critical factor here in achieving liberation from the same.  Be the Light…breathe deeply and confidently !

There are many predictions out there that the world will undergo great turmoil…likely some yes…because not everyone is as spiritually conscious as you… nor does everyone have access to assistance like this (and from others) that will show them the way out in a very logical, conscious manner.  So we NEED TO BE LEADERS for the others.  You must not back down now..You must lead (be an Aries) the others as well as yourself out of the darkness of the mundane world.   Help them all to find balance (Libra) and recreate through this balance.

Okay…so building up to Friday?  but seeing things shift by Wednesday?  Gather your power around resources, financial/professional stability, home routines, stable routines and organization, no loose ends, solid commitments, verifications of plans, etc. Stay on top of things this week without vulnerability.

The Guardians are NOT amused with anyone who thinks they can jump or leap to the next level of the “houses of Higher consciousness” within the Greater Schematic of the Divine Design without doing their own work.  You have to be authentic and very real about just what you are intending to live by..etc. You have a code of moral and ethical conduct…stick to it !

I would like to say that I believe that the human race will make it through this challenge..but in fact..I would be lying.  I think that those who are stopped at the “gate” by the Guardian Angelic Team…are stopped for a reason.  You must be clear on your understanding of self.  You must be clear in just who you are and why you are born. The Angels then step in ..the Ascended Masters step  in..the Lords of Light step in..and help lift you through.  Be grateful and appreciative of the Souls’ directives and all will be well if you do that  Having an attitude?  no that won’t work….no attitudes or egos …leave that out.  You leave one level and go to the next knowing full well that you are blessed with an understanding of your great participation of Life both for yourself, your family and the Greater good of all involved!  So Mote it Be.

Luv the energy this week..looking forward to seeing how we all stand tall and eyes full of Light to face the Great Light of the All..moving into alignment and smiling within our hearts with love !

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  don’t worry about Mercury Retrograde coming have to remember you are not subservient to the are to live as Masters…rising into alignment with Universal Laws !  The planets do not control the ascended mind..only the unconscious…

Weekly Energy Updates – October 7th to October 13th, 2013

Hi Everyone!

This week’s energy may start off a little sluggish for some..this is not a “weather”’s an energy thing.  The New Moon last week gave us the opportunity to really RE-SET over the weekend and have a new Chapter opened for our life story.  This was serious business..let me tell you.  However..maybe you have “writer’s fog” for your story….well the first few days of this week will give you the energy required to clear the fog.  The fog is a result of old emotion (water) and old thoughts (air) coming together in a blend that is disharmonious and unclear.

Bring on the fire !!…WILL…the Fire element will now drive away the fog this week and inspire you to pick up your story and write a new chapter.  So don’t be too hard on yourself if this day (Monday) started out a little slow for you….by late Wednesday, Thursday you are going to experience a shift that makes you feel a lot better.  The WILL and FIRE inside of you will get going and take you into alignment with the new chapter..(new ideas and directives).

The energy this week will also help you to get out of your old habits, routines, etc. that you have been wishing/desiring so much to transform in your life….those old repetitive things.

If you can start this week..just for a day or two even…to incorporate your new will be amazed at how quickly it will integrate.  For example…if you are wanting to take new lessons, a new sport/class, a creative hands on project….TRY IT NOW…!!  Let the new energy lift you up and take you to where you really wish to go.  TRUST yourself now…you CAN make the changes in your life you need…it’s written all over the Cosmic right now.  Blessings for a safe and prosperous week…take care of your health and choose wisely!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – September 30th to October 6th, 2013

Hi Everyone!

okay..we are in a New Moon energy this week and starting tomorrow (October 1st) you have the 3 day period of preparation and then, on the day AFTER the New Moon (October 5th), it would be good for you to start projects/routines and you will be in alignment with the intentions you are putting out all week.

As we have such MINDFUL energies influencing us this week, it is important that you are aware of your THOUGHTS.  Make sure you do not criticize yourself or others and strive to be tolerant of situations around you that are out of your control. Maybe we are not aware of what another is going through…so be mindful of this.  You know the old story…”walk a mile in my shoes”….so let’s sit back and be more objective of others and their own situations.  I am seeing strife and hurt in people…as they process through their own localized situations (family, relationships, or lack thereof)

This is not to say you can’t speak about the joyful experiences YOU are having…certainly share them as it may be just what another needs to hear for encouragement and inspiration….be sure you lift the other person up in supportive dialogue too!  When we encourage each other…it is a win-win situation.  It is nice for people to experience breakthroughs and believe me they are in the making right now as we speak.  Remember I suggested that you pay a little bit more attention to Mother Earth?  Remember that Mother Earth is the PROVIDER of the material things that you need…so you had best be good to her!  What do you think your money, homes, clothes, food, cars..etc are made of?

Finally…when it comes to your mindful practice this week…and in the practice of “watching your thoughts”….be sure to have a better understanding of just what you are asking for from the Universe.  Be sure you really need and want what you are asking will get these things you ask for.  It is best then to say, “If it is Thy Will..may I have….this and that”.  In that manner of speaking you are in the greatest alignment with the All and you are creating in the circle of Love for the Greater Good of All involved.

In Light and in Peace,


p.s. I am doing full intention deliveries and 3 days of long distance healing if you are needing a representative to take your personal/group Intentions to Supreme Council.  I am starting this tomorrow…the 3 day session is $120 and can be paid via the Archangel Raphael paypal link:

Would like your intentions tonight or tomorrow please…written up..and email to:


Weekly Energy Updates – September 23rd to September 29th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

Well we had so much to deal with through the Harvest Full Moon of last week and the Equinox of Sunday, that today I am sure you just wanted to put your feet up and have a rest!  However, the fact is, that we just need to stay the course as each of your energy bodies…right down to the physical…gets used to the new changes.  It always is 3 days before Equinox and 3 days after that we need to be aware of.  The preparation and the aftermath. It now will take you until Wednesday when the window of this cycle then closes, until you really find things starting to sink in.  Clarity and direction will get better and better as the week goes.

Continuous effort and energy placed into your own Soul mandate and plan is still running strong…as you don’t let go of that which needs to be done.  If you are studying…keep studying…if you are writing/creating….then keep writing/creating…and so get the message on this one.  This will build and as you adhere to rules, laws, discipline and action balanced with receptive passivity…you will see measurable results.  Our containers (Holy Chalice) is being groomed and created thus readying itself more and more for the incoming Soul energy.  We have started a Spiritual Union at this special Equinox time and you are establishing a more concrete (grounded) and expansive expression between Spirit and Matter.  You will see considerable changes taking place around you and it is a good time to be very discerning about just what you choose whilst seeing the various levels of consciousness that people are at during this time.  Keep graceful and humble…yet strong and aware of just what is going on around you.

One more special thing that each of you should know…you are Divine in origin…this is clearly established in our minds and hearts….right?  Okay…so given that you have accepted this as Truth….do you not think that you have the capacity to attract that which you need to you in order to continue to grow and thrive?  The Great Mother (as source of resources for you upon Earth and her loving & plentiful heart) will be delighted to help you to find your continued expression of Self…and help you in very surprising ways!  So many have been “waiting” for good things to come and “good” direction….well with your own heart energetically opening and feeling balanced to both give and receive, you permit the Great Mother to help you.  don’t block off the help with feelings of low self worth…remember who you are and why you are born.  That in itself should unlock this permanently and help you to move forward …getting at the business at hand. If you believe you are Divine in Origin..then you do also believe that you are worthy of Divine Mother’s help!

Just say “Thank you Divine Mother!”  and look after the Earth as She will look after you !

In Light and in Peace,


Autumn Equinox – Message from Spirit !

MESSAGE FROM SPIRIT – for Equinox time whether for the Southern hemisphere or northern hemisphere.

Received through intuitive communication….Kathy Roseborough

You are each to take your own place now…for the Spiritual Guardians of the NORTH are returning now…the Guardians of the North are the Guardians of this EARTH and as such they have mankind now…as prophecy goes in aeons past…the Return of the Guardians is taking place.  These energies are stepping into their place now as mankind is in need.  Dutifully many of you have begun your reawakening, and are striving towards realignment with your true Selves..many are still to be awakened.

The systems of this earth are under duress..from ecological standpoints to the ministering duties of men and women for families, communities and nations.  The need for stability has never been more apparent..  The need for a strong framework is necessary be it for yourself, your home or your local neighbourhood or your country.

The world is under duress..mankind is acting out of emotional and these emotions are ricochetting all over the place.  The hand of the NORTH..the power of stability is near now.  The great Eagles return with keen eyes to direct the Divine Intelligences into the minds of leaders such as yourselves.

You can work directly with the Divine Intelligence to restore Order and foundation and strength.  (Direct teachings from the Cosmic Masters)

Order can be restored…peace and orderly activities can return.  The unruly energies that have been allowed to accelerate due to the cries for human rights…has permitted pathogens to enter..for other issues have ridden on the coattails of the label human rights only they are not actually human rights but emotional rights, old religious rights, lower sexual desires and human appetites.  The Human rights are to be in alignment with universal Laws…not Ego rights and lower demands…..the rights to be upheld are to be the RIGHT of All in accordance with the greater schematic of Creation.  Not the rights of those that feel they should do as they please.  Therefore..the term Human Rights is misunderstood..misinformed…and misapplied.

The only rights to be upheld are the Universal rights and Laws for mankind.

The Divine Ones are here to help mankind restore themselves to the Universal Laws and Human rights that are for the benefit of all to evolve.  Human rights comes with restrictions…the restrictions are the framework of vessel/vehicles into which the Universal Laws are then poured…causing a powerful alignment for each Soul incarnate.

You have have the right to prepare the vessel for the Universal consciousness to integrate with you.  that is your right..that is your responsibility.

YOu are to adhere to Laws of your dimensions.  The Archangels of the Dimensions can help you to know of these Laws for they govern each of the dimensions in that respect.  They are only too willing to share their knowledge and insightful guidance with you.

The cries of the various races of the people has called for the return of the Divine Intelligences that governs the Races and their Spiritual evolution..thus integration with the entire human race.  Each race has it’s own governing Body of LIght consciousness that impresses upon the evolving group the best qualities for their development..then all races in turn integrate with one another to form an entire body of human consciousness.

Calls have been heard for the return of the  Guardians…the Yellow Race has called for a realignment to the…Greater stream of Inner Mysteries..back to their Ancient practices of Spirituality..peaceful leadership…the Red man has called back the Teaching of the Great Grandfathers of past LIneages..the Wisdom and Teachings of their Race..their ways and lifestyle protected…The White man has called it’s own Manu to restore itself in active Intelligence and reason for order across the globe and balanced practices…the Black Man has called upon it’s own Lords of LIght to return the Teachings of a Supreme Race of Beings of advanced mystical powers and well being  for all people..

These among others…The Polynesian… the Brown people… the many diverse expressions of our human race all have Leaders and Divine Intelligences that are now here to bring them Universal Spirituality..not isolated or segregated teachings…but Universal Divine Spirituality to restore order..and especially LOVE.

You will see across the globe in your communications and news that each of these groups are struggling to find Order and to find their own HEART alignment with the Creator…the All ..

Remember this as you watch and hear the stories of strife…the struggle is to remove the supremacy and control of the few and to allow each person to find their own alignment with Truth and Light.

On the global scene this is a large task…Each group can be recognized as having taken small or great steps towards this…there will be opposition from the lower forces of man to stop this process..but given the return of the Hierarchy of Light..the Divine Intelligences and Guardians of this Planet…they will oppose to no avail…for victory is to be seen in this directed Will of alignment.

Your contribution to this global redemption is your individuated effort in your own backyard.  By restoring ORDER in your own self and contribute to the restoration of Order globally.

By your own realization that loose energies are not healthy energies…permitted to flow wherever they wish…you harness the power and regroup.

When you are loose you know you do not feel well…you get upset and ungrounded.  When you are strong and on a nice focused path of self redemption and feel very good..and very alive…  committed to and devoted to, the Divine path within.

We all enjoy feeling good and we all know that unruly lives make for sickness and disease.  Keep this in mind as you plan your lives now..your days and the direction your family is to go.  Rules are not meant to be broken..Rules from the Cosmic sense are meant to hold you in the Bosom of Love.. in the Wisdom of Light and in the Mindfulness of Divine Order.

Order will bring peace..peace within you and not struggle and strife.  You needn’t be in a hurry for your acceleration of has already long begun now and will accelerate you as is required and is necessary as you permit the surrender to the Soul .. Being in an allowing state is Key…Allow the Universe to take you into alignment and Order this will be so very pleased with the results of having this comforting Order of the Universe guiding you, surrounding you and embracing you.

so Mote it Be..
The Guardians

Weekly Energy Updates – September 16th to September 22nd, 2013

Hi Everyone!

Well?  Are you finding the “disharmony” or “harmony” energy this day?  The weekend past..and into this week ahead…you are likely challenged by some very unsettling streams of energy racing through your day while you are also enjoying and experiencing some lovely streams !  What do you do with these 2 very different bands ?  Be aware of the existence of both and with a shift in your thought, breath and realization you will be able to stay in alignment with the energies that are positive and strong. They will increase in positive power!

This is the week leading up to the Autumn Equinox in the northern hemisphere (while those in the south enjoy the Spring Equinox).  Sunday, the 22nd of September marks the shift…yet already you are being asked to do some very strong clearing, shifting, make choices, let go and live consciously.  The body is under stress as you move all that energy into this powerful alignment thus the need for rest, good food, lots of water, appropriate exercise and your supplements are all in order.  Pace yourself.

I have to tell you that your WILL and MIND both need to be very strong this week…you need to make some decisions and stick with them.  READ yourself clearly and know that you are to move forward with your soul purpose.  There is such JOY in all of this as you let go of habits, routines and attitudes that just don’t serve.  Remember that there are many around you that will struggle with this…so have patience.  They may be quite moody and emotional !

When in your alignment this week through yoga, meditation or your own unique style of Divine alignment, be aware that the power of the energy fields has increased exponentially through this alignment and you will feel like the Angels and Masters have totally surrounded you…well they are !  You are being lifted up in your own Merkabah (emotional/intellectual/intuitive) and placed in position with your Solar Merkabah (Soul mandate, purpose, self realized state).  It sure will help you to get clarity on subjects/experiences that you are faced with.

Find your contribution to this world using the Divine gifts you were born with and spread this out into the human consciousness fearlessly.  Know that you are to trust yourself now.  The fruits of this labour may or may not be seen until 2014 but it is important that you set the direction that you are to go.  Strong pillars (axiatonal alignments) are being set up now..please do take advantage and accept the offerings of this most generous cosmic time cycle….the WINDOW is open now…and will close for this cycle on the 25th of September.

Cycles come and go..passing through.. bringing their own particular strengths, gifts and opportunities.  This happens to be an incredible Christed consciousness/new beginning which takes you into alignment with your Solar Merkabah soul purpose.

Enjoy the week ahead…stay strong…recognize the illusions and don’t let what you see out there bring you down or throw you off.  You are the Light of the world !  You are investing energy into the shadows of illusion so that you and others will grow in illumination.  We all thank you for being who you are !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – September 9th to September 15th, 2013

Hi Everyone!

Whew…what a challenging post-New moon days we all had (from Tuesday the 5th to this week) as you kept..or tried to keep…a balance going through the shedding of old issues that sometimes just won’t transform as quickly as we would like, and the progression of new directives/new projects underway.  It’s like having one foot in the new camp and one foot in the old stuck in some mud.  Just pull your foot out and leave the old boot !  You are supposed to be wearing your new boots for your new foundation very soon anyway !

The guidance from the Inner Temple of Healing & Wisdom is that the bridging you are experiencing will ultimately give power to your throat chakra and the old lower tendencies will clean off more and more along the way.  The important thing is this:  INTENTION.. Have a  firm intention on your path with the Mind set on focus and evolving plans.  That in itself has already jumped you to a measurable 95% towards your success.  You would be surprised what INTENTION and WILL does…it places a focus of your MIND and you know the old saying, “Energy follows thought”.  This means that clearly you are choosing to work your soul mandate plans now during the appointed cycle the wraps up on the Equinox which is the 22nd of September.

No pressure…but It is worth my repeating several times just how important this cycle is to you.  It lays the very foundation for your success in the 2014 time cycle.  What you do now is vitally important to what you will be doing next year.  okay?

As an added bonus…the Spiritual Healing energy Rays coming out of the Solar Logos heart during this week’s energy cycle is FUSCIA….a rich blend of vibrant shades of pink/red/violet.  Talk about grounding your power !   Enjoy.

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – September 2nd to September 8th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

You are likely engaging in “back to school” or “back to work” thoughts today, so unlikely you are engaging too much in your awareness of Spiritual matters or affairs of the heart !   With the New Moon coming up this week on September 5th, you will start to gain momentum on your projects and inspirations as the energy builds.  Pace yourself and think carefully about that which you are choosing to do as your concentration is very important now during the month of September.  Stay diligent and focused on the BIGGER PICTURE of yourself that you are creating/establishing.  We have time in the mid-November to winter solstice cycle to expand and/or modify things again, if required.  For are to ensure a strong framework and picture of yourself enabling you to be settled in nicely…keeping in mind the 2014 manifestations of this groundwork.

If you ever needed discipline and boundaries, it is now.  Don’t let distractions step in right now to disturb you.  Some old habits are still being sloughed away and the summer is not officially over….not yet….so you are still being tugged at with the idea of a lounge chair or hammock strung up under a nice tree outside !  Give yourself some of those special times still…but remember we have a job to do here on earth !  LOL !

The 4 Archangels of the 4 directions are supporting you tremendously and you may feel the presence of your own Guardians in Spirit right now.  The reason?  Their interest in your success in creating a well balanced 4 lower body vehicle of Self….Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Intuitive/Will.   Joining classes this month?  the gym?  yoga? study?  Good decisions…Your being guided and supported to move forward with healthy plans.  The 4 Archangels are here because Archangel Raphael is helping you to “turnover” a New Leaf !  Healing from the heart…stepping down into the 4 lower bodies. We are very grateful for His help.

Okay enough said, take this week seriously…we are revving up our engines for some powerful expressions of our True Divine Nature !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – August 26th to September 1st, 2013

HI Everyone !

This is a great week to now recover from last week’s emotional ups and downs.  The insights were good last week but it did take a toll on us!  This is a good week for exerting effort in planning and taking measurable steps towards the organization & application of these plans.  Don’t overload..just go step by step and enjoy the benefits of seeing things getting cleared up and organized well for September.

You have some summer left and will still want to have those quiet times and play times…(likely more quiet than play)…so take them when you can.  Look around your home and your family..your job..and see what needs to be done.  We have the re-creating forces still in good influence and the knowing that discipline and responsibility to task is in front of us.

Many are considering pairing up with another in relationship, bonding in friendships, goal setting with friends, or even agreeing in theory to future business plans.  It’s a good week to hold these discussions and make plans together.  (Even winter holiday plans..LOL !) You do recall that Spirit advised us all that what we are doing now is the foundation for our 2014 successes right?  Thus you will see this more and more right up until Equinox September 22nd.

Pace yourself this don’t need to rush into things or force yourself too should feel instead a natural inertia or inner force that is moving you along with the smooth energies offered.  Pay attention as there are some very subtle hints and symbols in your life that are giving you affirmative support !  We are truly becoming to know ourselves now, aren’t we?

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – August 19th to August 25th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

Looks like the Full Moon has already begun it’s effects upon people and asking each of us to Soul search this week.  Don’t be surprised if you are looking for a little “me” time…and desiring to withdraw a bit to yourself in order to “do your own thing” as the old saying goes!

It is important that you do take time to yourself..quietly..reflecting..because this is a week when answers will come to you about those important decisions and directions you wish to take. Pay particular attention to your insights this week and your intuitive flashes of inspiration and enlightenment.  Remember that we are in the all-powerful cycle of leading ourselves into a strong bond with Soul purpose & future success.

The healing this week may make you a little “weepy” or full of emotion that you know needs to come out.  It’s like having a big basin of dirty dish water and just wishing you could find a place to dump it so that you can turn to a fresh start.  Throw the water out ! No re-using !  LOL…

I did some mystical path working up to the Solar alignment in Leo to experience the relationship to Virgo for the week and found that the Fire power is so very strong and is supporting your creative projects will which unfold nicely through the Virgo influence.  Virgo loves to create Beauty and all good projects from the heart centre.  This creative period makes you feel aligned with the Love consciousness in your heart and you truly wish to bring better reflections of this into your life with material manifestations.  This means that the projects to build, remodel and renovate are truly in order…so proceed.

Do you get a nice sense of peacefulness behind all of this energy this week too?  Well you should because behind all this fire and change and emotional transformation is a confident knowing that ALL is in ORDER !  It truly is…so allow that peaceful KNOWING to come to you that gives you the reassurance that you are really “okay” !!  Things will work out in your favour and may the Cosmic continue to show you the way by holding the Light up high upon your Path so you can see where you are walking.

Enjoy the changes and reflections this week and make note of them because they mean much more than you could possibly imagine…please pay attention!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – August 12th to August 18th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

Guess you are experiencing the “lull” or the oddness of the post new moon energy.  We were guided to not start new projects until after the New Moon (which is all good now and you should be underway)…yet people are not finding the strength in the action and results of their desires.  It’s like you know what you want but are struggling to get things going. Be rest assured you are not alone on this one.

We have an expanse of time from now until Fall Equinox (September 22nd) to build up our strength, plans, duties, responsibilities, framework, directed Will, focus..etc.  so even though you believe you have now “started” to organize what you want to do and how you wish to express yourself, the PLAN needs some development time.  I know you have heard that before because you seem to be waiting and waiting.  Actually it’s not all as bad as you think.  This time frame..through this week and forward…is a positive building time.  It’s your “reaction” to this process that is being weighed and measured.  Having emotions of fear, angst, upset, worry….is not a part of this at all !  Your methodical approach that is steadfast and true…one step..then another…is the proper way to go about this time line.

Do a little or a lot…each day and you will find measurable results in due time come September.  If you are waiting for someone or something else in order for your plans to work…then know that you have done all that you can do and let the Universe pick up the other side of the equation.  The point is…”Do what you can do”… The Universal support is there for you.

Some people have been worried that their “will power” and “focus” has been lacking…concerned about their own “inner drive”.  True..distractions and some resistance is seen as the old patterns are still being reshuffled….so just turn your attention to the activities that DO bring you satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment.

The Universal Plan is all inclusive…it has for you LOVE, compassion, mercy, kindness, support, purpose, strength, courage, and so on…  Life can be lean on the Universal Love for help !  Breathe easy…say your prayers…do your meditations and ASK FOR HELP.  Call back the Ancient powers within you.  Ask for the return of the Higher powers within you.  Do your part !   Believe in yourself …you will be successful !

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  the Meteor showers and comets that we have been experiencing do a lot to stir up the energy fields and inject movement in our lives.  So shake it out…slough off those aspects of your life that are just SO not good anymore.  Kick it out !


Weekly Energy Updates – August 5th to August 11th, 2013

Hi Everybody !

It has been 7 days now since the energy alignment with the extensive planetary influences of July 29th which gave us all quite a shift…shaking out some of the “sediment” within AND taking us to a new level of enlightenment!  How was your week past?

The New Moon influence already got underway a couple of days ago..but is in full swing August 6th.  Wait until about Thursday morning and then you can energize/start those new plans and ideas.  Planning today may still have some ups and downs to it.

The energy systems influencing us are all quite strong and steady…asking you to stay the course..navigate well and don’t go out into extremes.  The Universal Laws are in place for a reason and it is best that we each go over the basic “rules” of life often to check in and see if we are adhering to them.  For example…the diet, exercise, study time, connecting with nature, the stars, your meditation…and your PLAN.  So how is your PLAN coming along?  No..not just your business plan…I am referring to your spiritual plan..your journey and path working. Having a plan like this ensures you can truly navigate the pathways (plural) up the mountain to the capstone and find the essential permanent interface you seek while living your life here on earth.

The PLAN should include your emotional development, intellectual expansion, intuitive/creative outlets, your physical well being, and to round things up..your striving attention to the deeper reasons for your existence and Soul Purpose.   Whether you have an inkling or a solid know-how of your Soul Purpose…add to the PLAN this week…set some goals for the September time that you are well aware of where you are going.  It is not too early.  Be very supportive of your dreams and goals & attunement to the Soul’s purpose because the Universe is VERY supportive to you!  You point your feet in the right direction and the Divine Energy Intelligence’s that make up the manifest and un-manifest Universe will move you along!

Another great week…smile to content..and know that all is well…  Be peaceful within because you are doing the best you can in the face of some of your own challenges and life’s adversities.  Allow ideas to come…allow the Universal help….it is there for each of you!

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  Saturday, August 17th – participate in person or long distance (receive mP3 audio) at the Mystical Pathworking of the Chakras workshop I am presenting at the Cherry Valley Retreat Centre…here’s the link:


Weekly Energy Updates – July 29th to August 4th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

What a week this is starting off with !  Today is the Grand Sextile (2 Grand Trines) configuration or “Sacred Geometric Merkabah” that is exposing the human race to energies in a blend or pattern the is indicative of Higher consciousness, Supreme Love and Divine MIND.   These planetary bodies and our own local Sun and accompanying star constellations…interact to project into the human consciousness their own particular qualities and influences that engage in lifting the human race to Higher level s of self enlightenment.

If you can imagine each of the planetary bodies and stars as having their own definitive qualities (as examples shown below) and like a LENS the quality is projected to you and you are to receive through your own chakras.  If you work with this consciously… will have plenty to reflect on as this POWERHOUSE of combinations of systems are showing you very clearly both your weaknesses and strengths.  The difference today and this that it is all MAGNIFIED AND THE MERKABAH IS ACTUALLY LIFTING YOU UP IN CONSCIOUSNESS !  Now how wonderful is that as a treat from the cosmic for each of us?

The best way to make you are going to hold this Divine alignment…is to do energy clearing on your own chakras this morning and even throughout the day with breathing and proper chakra colour visualization….plus prepare your own property and home where you live…and as the leader of your family….your are then anchoring this interface with the Grand Merkabah and helping each member of your own family and family lineage at the same time. You become an extension of the Merkabah that is strong and uplifting to them as well.  This strengthens them as on their own they will likely not bother to do much about this offering of the Divine.  Go ahead and help your family and family lineage…after all…your own future is effected in a positive way as well as future incarnations by this day’s work.  SO LET’S CLEAR UP THE REPETITIVE ISSUES OF THE FAMILY TREE.

Your home and property also become a very sacred place here on earth and your own living space/sacred alter where you meditate is amplified with these incoming energies. So what qualities are incoming and taking your forward this week….and will be the very foundation for what happens for the rest of this year and your success into 2014? Here we go…this is the gift of the Cosmic this day:

First Trine:   Moon – emotions exposed…both those for healing and balancing & positive shifts – deep subconscious understanding of Self – nurturing of Divine Mother as your emotional body aligns directly to your heart chakra (Love).

Venus – Expressive Intuitive Will & Psychic creativity – recreating yourself, being inspired, appreciation of creating those things of BEAUTY in your life, passive reflection and peaceful relationships.

Pluto – Powerful transformation – the “end” of old habits, attitudes, behaviours and the beginning of new more expansive ways to live. Cutting yourself off completely from that which no longer serves you or the greater good of all involved.

Other Trine:  Jupiter – Your own Soul’s Will and alignment to first day of Creation. Absolutely the best influence to lift you to your soul purpose in life.

Saturn – Father Kronos – Disciplines, responsibility, Time and cycles. LAW – making sure that you do as you say you do…and that you understand that you must stay focused on the task at hand…your Soul mandate !

Neptune – Opening the pathways up past the neck and past the base of the skull to the brain so that the kundalini can trigger the greater functions of the Higher Mind. Enlightenment, Reason, advanced thinking practices, innovation, moving yourself and the human race forward to achieve enlightenment.

Now this is ONE MAJOR MERKABAH effecting you this day and throughout the days ahead.  Take full advantage of this gift of the Cosmic…no sleeping on the job today ! LOL  Enjoy your week!

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  This is the only day left now that I can help you with this healing, clearing and alignment.  I am doing personal sessions long distance from the Inner Temple.  If you register/pay for this I need some details from you.  Listed below.

Cleanse & Align Your property/home/family to Sacred Planetary Configuration!!

I have started the Clearing, Reconfiguration and Alignment property and home healing
to ensure that we are in sync with the Grand Sextile (including 2 Grand Trines) which occurs on this Monday, July 29, 2013

*  Home and property clearing
*  4 Elements balancing and invocation to the Divine Intelligence of each
*  Family karma and personal karma pulled up and examined then healing engaged
*  Inner Temple dialogue with family to shift direction onto their Greater Path and Spiritual Journey
*  Walk about your perimeter with the Ancient Ones and Ascended Masters as assigned to you.
*  Powerful alignment to the heart centre in each and the central point of your home grounded with alignment to Solar Heart
From Centre POINT..the design of the Grand Sextile set down to make a SECURE INTERFACE WITH THE PLANETARY CONFIGURATION

I personally see 2 large outer rings that are to be placed around the Merkabah (sacred geometric) design that goes on your property
One is going to be in VIOLET radiating out into WHITE Light and the inner band is electric BLUE.
This part is done on the day of July 29th, 2013.

Let’s get our house in order and all family members that need to be called into alignment.  Your lists will likely be extensive in number as we are exercising the commitments we have to our family lineages.

As leader of your family you are shifted into a permanent ascension alignment to engage/strengthen your Soul Purpose.

If you wish to book this special healing you can use this link to the website/paypal $145 but please note there will not be a pyramid
included in this one.  Alternately you can INTERAC the payment of $145.

(just click on the crystal pyramid option)

Important to let me know as soon as possible as today is the LAST DAY !

I need:

Your Name:
Your Full Address:
The Names of the People Living There and Birth dates too if possible :
Family Pets Names are welcome too for the healing ! :
The Names of People in your family not living there but you would like for them to receive
the Healing:

In Light and in Peace,

Kathy Roseborough

Weekly Energy Updates – July 22nd to July 29th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

Wow!  what a week ahead of us starting today !  The Super Full Moon energy is with us today with the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo…thus we are truly going deeply into our questions of Self to determine just what particular mandate we are to live in this lifetime that serves the greater good of mankind while nurturing ourselves and our families. You likely are feeling “ready to get going with the task at hand” !  So the internal fervor begins…

Unlike last week where you felt like you needed to stay more passive and just manage with the energies around you…this week urges you to pick up the pace and move forward with inspiration !  Move the energy around…and exert your Mind upon those areas of your life that need changing. Clearing and dedication to your projects are important as we are building towards the integration of the sacred GRAND SEXTILE (which includes the 2 Grand Trines) next Monday, July 29th.  No time to waste this week…you do wish to explore the meaning of these influences further.  With Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune leading the way for one Trine and Venus, Pluto and the Moon for the other….you can see that the waters of eternal life and purpose are exposing details to you about your own Life purpose.  The Saturn strength coupled with Jupiter’s WILL of the Soul, unleashes an energy surge from your crown down through Neptune (base of the skull) down your spine all the way to the root chakra for manifestation here on earth.  Talk about power!  You have to be ready to receive, make space and prepare your body, home and property (as applicable).  You need to move into the alignment with knowing that this shift is important and then being receptive to it.  Even if you are somewhat foggy with the details of your new directions in life unfolding as the summer will turn to autumn…the next several weeks to months are dependent upon your acceptance of this major shift. is very important to move into an awareness of this shift that is outside of the regular activities of your life.  Be open….It causes you to get glimpses, if not pictures, of the true story of your life from the Great Book of Life found in the Soul Planning.  When you move in upon this understanding of yourself you will grasp it in your MIND and not let will become the most important goal for you.

You are being guided and shown now the meaning of your LIFE and the role you play in the greater contribution to mankind.  Have within.

The Leo energy inspires leadership…so lead !  This is a great week which sets a strong tone for your life ahead. Enjoy this week and even getting started now is a true marker of success.  Whether you take a baby step or a giant one this is definitely in the RIGHT DIRECTION ! Live life consciously !

In Light and in Peace,


For this week only I am offering the long distant healing, clearing and configuration of your home/property, family energy and you too!….in order to interface with the Monday, July 29th event.  On that day I will be doing the grounding through specific invocations so that your person/family/home and property are intersecting through the nodal points as the axiatonal lines dictate.  To book this for yourself:

I need full name and DOB, address, family members list that are not only living there but those who do not live there as well, lineage (names of parents/grandparents both sides if possible both living and deceased), and many are even including their family pets names too!  Include those names of family that you wish to see receive this special healing.

(there will not be a pyramid crystal/fluorite provided for this particular healing session)



Weekly Energy Update – July 15th to July 21st, 2013

Hi Everyone !

This is a great week to spend time with your family, social circles, creative projects at home and some good ol’ fashion puttering around the garden, summer evenings watching the stars, and even out for some entertainment of music, dinner out or some live theatre!  It is a more playful week..right to, and inclusive of the weekend so make sure you include wholesome activities.  Keep it “light” this week with balance between your work/studies and play time.

You may feel inclined to do some creative projects, artistic changes or renovation around the home, go out with your family or loved ones and even nurture some friendships that may have been neglected.  Community, family and hearty conversation!  Make time for yourself this week to just “BE”…peaceful by a river or lake, park or forest would be nice.

If you enjoy meditation and journalling…great week to write.  The peace and stillness within that you keep will have a very positive impact on the human race as a whole. If each person would choose to align with these more passive energies this week it will balance the aggressive forces that perhaps others are stuck in.  Keep your exertion minimal and stresses low with a focus instead on care for your own physical health, emotional well being and the love you have in you being shared with those you love!

I would recommend that you take a moment this week to stop and really look at your partner, family, friends, and family pets even….look with your heart and your eyes..and you will see some very beautiful things about each one of them !  See through the “eyes of the Divine” and appreciate the Inner Beauty in each one of these very special Souls in your life.  Now look in the mirror…and really look at yourself..right into your eyes. you have had some ups and downs in life..absolutely…you are human!  Now look closely…smile at yourself.  Inside of those eyes..the Master within is telling you that “all will be well”…not to worry.  Feel the unity with the Master within.  Take a deep breath and know that the goodness in you is “REAL” !!

Enjoy this week…you deserve to have some good things happen to you !

In Light and in Peace,