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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – September 2nd to September 8th, 2019

Seeing the Forest or the Trees? Details

Hi Everyone!

After last week’s Super New Moon….we enter in a strong phase of New Beginnings that asks each of us to see the Forest; see the Trees….as one would not exist without the other. The “Bigger” picture of Soul Purpose you have been striving to achieve does not happen without plenty of “Little” picture details being pulled together and a good clearing on the forest floor. Let’s go into further detail here!

Core issues have been exponentially magnified over the last several days and in some cases may be inflamed…however….extensive clarity & vsisions for oneself are arriving simultaneously as well; thus the clash. Just HOW does one transform these old issues so that there is more open air around you than prickling emotional triggers? It’s like being right at the moment when the cloud is “just” moving past the sun and the warmth is poised to touch your skin. The core issues are moving out! It’s inevitable that it does…but the waiting can be challenging.

Why upset yourself then? Your MIND is much stronger than any of the shadows and clouds in YOUR life so let’s use more Will of the Inner Self and focus the MIND on details, design, drawings, communication, attention, integration, development, action, enjoyable small details, breathtaking large details touched, and then breathe; smile and relax.

The FOREST is your bigger Soul Purpose; goals and dreams….the TREES are the people involved, tools of expertise, skills, resources, raw materials, nurturing support and your own hands. Engage the variety of trees involved to develop the “root to sky” manifestation! The people in your network of trees are all around you and many not in the physical alone! Teamwork; family; community, human interaction and mankind. We are all one big FOREST!

Now what about that forest floor? Your foundation? Test it…is it strong underfoot? If not, then clean it, support it, focus your attention upon the details of making it stronger. If it is strong? Then let it bear some weight now and support your direction. Focused ACTION right now will get a lot done in ways you have not experienced before.

If you THINK you are stuck…then what is the “illusion” that you are giving so much energy to? Do you not see the other trees around you? Life is not just a singular purpose; but a wholesome picture. Reach out…say Yes!

The Energy Shift this week has profound PRIMORDIAL beginnings to it…inherent in each of you. It has power to move illusion; to disperse the clouds and to brighten your week ahead. Expect this to affect has already started!

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – July 29th to August 7th, 2019

Brilliant Time in Leo to START New things!

Hi Everyone!

The New Moon on July 31/August 1st (depending upon where you live) is a Supermoon! In LEO, this New Moon is inviting you to shed some the nonsense that has been hampering your plans; disturbing your peace and upsetting your apple cart! We have all been waiting for this shift as the anchor or weight we have been pulling along behind us for so long is finally lifting! Didn’t you feel like you have been waiting and waiting for things to create that “synapse” and open up the doors for you? Well… finally it’s here…let’s dig in a little further together….

The transition from the Cancer Constellation to Leo was arduous and difficult to manage emotionally for most of us. Brutal perhaps for some of you…..but now that we have “sunk our teeth a little deeper” into the Leo Energy under the auspicious delight of the SUN….we are feeling a lot more free to create; to splurge a bit and to jump into the delightful pool of our dreams and goals! Sign up now with your Master Soul purpose! It’s a powerful time to move ahead with major decisions that will set the tone for your Soul Purpose unfoldment for life.

Just a reminder that Jupiter (Soul’s WILL and Greater Creative motivator)…will be making an exit December 4th of this year approximately and so we are about 1/2 way through the year with this latter part of 2019 being the most significant for advancement. You have done a LOT of work; a LOT of emotional clearing and a LOT of creating of space for yourself to gain elbow room. So you can trust yourself to create the life you wish to live now.

When we are children we trust deeply when an adult, parent or caregiver PROMISES us something that is so important to us. As an adult now….you are turning your heart and Soul to the CREATOR and you are trusting deeply that the Creator has PROMISED you something with regard to your Soul purpose. The truth is…that promise is very real and you will know that to be true very soon. Keep the faith because you are special; you have been invested in by the Divine Universe; you have a purpose. Seek that purpose within by ASKING.

Trust in the Creator; Divine Universe

This week is a perfect week to start to trust yourself; Trust Creator. Ignite the spark of Life; Creativity and purpose this week after the New MOON. From August 1st/2nd forward (depending upon where you live on this glorious planet) you will be in a much better position and will feel your freedom.

Whatever it is you wish to do….be it a personal goal for health and well being or a professional goal or a spiritual goal (or all of the above)….this is the week to engage it. Trust now. Even if you are a little nervous or feel the sting still of the past emotional reminders of pain… have to TRUST now.

Fear is not in your vocabulary this week with roots…it may be on the surface and breaking free of old roots…but it is not going to have a grip at all on you anymore. It is empty of its power. “YOU” are the reason you will succeed! You are choosing to align with the forces of Creation.

Enjoy this week ahead…for July 29 to 31…you should cleanse your aura, meditate and get out into nature. You should speak and clear up misunderstandings, clear your heart of emotion through sharing and speaking with others, and certainly do your journalling and “PLANS of ACTION”. You are amazing!

In Light and in Peace,


Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – February 18th to February 24th, 2019

Full Moon in Virgo with the Heartfelt touch of Leo Regulus

Hi Everyone!

This is an interesting Energy shift to write about because you have been waiting for some breakthroughs patiently and the “Writer of the Script” seemed… you at least….to be making revisions and keeping much of your story to Itself (Soul)!

It’s as if you have been pacing back and forth in the “writing, editing, copying room” checking your watch and wondering when the Head Writer was going to give you the information on the next chapter out of the typewriter……rather stressful would you say?

Let’s look at how this is now shifting this week. The Full Moon on Tuesday is a rather enlightening one that will open up some directive to you…growing daily through the weeks ahead and allowing you to piece together your next step. After Tuesday the 19th (after the peak in your time zone passes), the Energy opening will be a calm, quiet space where you MUST stop and sit down to layout your inspirations and TRUST your intuition completely. This Full Moon is a vibrant opening between your Soul, Heart (Leo & Regulus) and Stomach/digestive/spleen region which begins to put into FORM (with Virgo’s help) a sparkling outline of your present and near future Self.

This development period will take up the next 3-4 weeks for most when you will then have another major shift happening mid-March/Equinox time. More on that later.

During this week and the week’s ahead you are seeing many major openings and Self realizations where you are sorting out what is best for you first. Yes…what is best for you first with tendrils then reaching out into how it lovingly impacts others. You are going to have to focus on the CENTRE Self in the Leo Heart in order to actually have the impact you wish to see on the Whole (Aquarian great Collective consciousness of Mankind). The AGE of MIND and LOVE integrated into the human race is growing in momentum and is going to turn everyone around from the archaic practices that upset the balance that we all need. The focus has to start with YOU and you are going to put your foot forward for Self Development.

This week is very CREATIVE and very Intuitive and Spiritual in nature in that you are drawing, writing, hearing, seeing, dancing, singing and being inspired by some very crisp, precise and powerful influences Celestially! Expansion is an appropriate word for the week. Also diligence and care to the task at hand. You are determined to be aligned and get things “right” as defined by your own understanding of what “right” means to you. ūüôā

The no-nonsense and expansive week ahead is setting a strong foundation and allowing you to truly see a clearer PATH ahead. You feel it and you know it.

Self Realizations all week!

So continue to be patient as the spiralling design of your own Higher Creative Hand unveils the plan daily to you…step by step this week…letting the excitement of the knowledge received a chance to integrate. It’s better this way as it allows you to absorb it all. Too fast and you become overwhelmed. After all…what’s wrong with daily “aha’s?” I’d say that gives you something to look forward to each day! Enjoy them!

In Light and in Peace,


Today is Super Blue Moon – Total Lunar Eclipse Day… Jan 31, 2018

Hi Everyone…. ¬† one word… Stillness. ¬†Can you find this stillness in yourself even for a brief period of time today? ¬†Take that time will do the world of good. ¬†If you can just sit or lay down for a few minutes shutting out the external world and allowing the purest essence of your Inner Self; the Universal Light of Source to be with you now.¬†

The turbulence and challenges of the external world do not need to affect you.  This is the perfect time to have that experience of oneness with Source.  It is curative, loving, forgiving, guiding, embracing, all-Knowing, and all-encompassing of you!

Notice that Nature has inherent qualities of specific cycles and alignments?  How perfect is that?  Yet mankind upsets those rhythms both in himself and in his world. (his/her)

Today…be in alignment…allow yourself to recapture that KNOWING within yourself that there is this state from which you emanate; originate..that is perfect and beautiful. Can you access that again and hold it? ¬†Try…just be. ¬†Just relax and let go to the inner silence…use the breath.

When that peace is attained…let yourself be immersed in it. ¬†There is something very special happening this day…and for several days still to come that has it’s roots in Universal Source…but it projects through 2 major constellations at this time…Leo – Aquarius…using the focal point on towards our earth of the Sun and the Moon. ¬†These qualities will transform your emotional disharmonies and upsets…allow them to do that with you.

After your peace..your reflection…comes a motivation to access…that part will be invigorating..but the first step is oneness and peace. ¬†Enjoy the peace. ¬†Please take the time for it.

Stillness is something so rare in our society; our lifestyle. ¬†Deep breath now…find the stillness.¬†

In Light and in Peace,


p.s. ¬†when you are ready…if you wish to use the “live channelled” spiritual tools of guided healing and meditation..

have a look at the offering… ūüôā


Special January 31st Super-BLUE-Full Moon Lunar Total Eclipse – LEO
Courage, strength, internal shifting and POSITIVE change. That’s the Leo Constellation influence right now hand in hand with the Super-Blue-Full Moon Lunar Total Eclipse of January 31st, 2018.  

Ready to embrace this one? It has been stirring in you a long time..since 2017…when your core issues were exposing themselves to you and challenging you to speak up and recognize your Self worth. You are to be mindful of not giving all your gifts and skills and love away…without receiving. Ebb and flow..that’s the Natural way of life.

You are to realize during this time cycle that it’s time to wrap up dead-end contracts, relationships, activities and routines that are leaving you depleted, defeated and lost. Close that old door!

You are to realize during this time cycle that the AQUARIUS MIND in you; in all of the human race now..can come out and co-create a future where there is fairness and proper distribution of energy amongst mankind.

You are to realize during this time cycle of the SUPER-Blue-Moon that you are not alone…that there are others who will be coming forth in support of you. Be who you are and acknowledge that your LEO heart CENTRE is timely in opening up to receive the Self Realizations so very important for you to know now. Feel your Inner strength!

When this stirring goes as deep as it is during this Energy shift, the old stuff arising is at an ‚Äúall time heightened sensitivity‚ÄĚ and is raw. Are you tired of being bullied, taken for granted, taken advantage of, not being noticed, ignored yet expected to be the listener alone? You are the Superstar now‚Ķyou are recognizing your inherent Universal Divinity. Good for you! Own it ! Speak your peace.

Assertion balanced with a humanitarian heart….a MIND on the future; a MIND on the present. Balance. An understanding and compassion for others; yet a whole new statement of yourself with self-acceptance and worth, and value. These are the KEY shifts taking place right now….January 31st, 2018! LEO Рthe Key to the Solar Heart!

3x over the last year this has come up….3 great doors of change…This one..the January 31st, 2018 DOOR IS THE BIGGEST and brightest! With the LEO-Aquarian Energy bonding in through your heart…. your staircase is in the ascending movement showing you the way!

1. Ascertain your feelings
2.  Examine those false beliefs
3.  Be aware of the aggression that has been invasive upon you
4.  Stand your ground
5. ¬†Honour your unique‚Ķ‚ÄĚsignature‚ÄĚ of Self
6.  Cut off that which is critical and abusive; unsupportive and false
7.  Smile radiantly from your heart…make the decision..Choose unification of Soul РUniversal Light and Consciousness. HONOUR

What a time! May the Cosmic Blessings pour forth unto Thee! Use the Spiritual tools that help you best…Feel the power within!

In Light and in Peace,

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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – January 1st to January 7th, 2018

Hi Everybody!  Happy New Year 2018 !

We start off this year with some powerful emotionally charged Energies as the Supermoon Jan 2nd¬†(feeling it now!)¬†in Cancer is fuelling your desires of the heart, home, relationships and family. ¬†You will find that your thoughts turn to self nurturing, self love…reflections on Love and how your material body is feeling and what it needs. ¬†Bam ! ¬†How’s that for an opener of 2018?¬†

Ruling you? only your Soul and the Universal All should be ruling you and that is a co-creative process of Love and ruling that is designed to bring out the very best in you. ¬†So what will it be? You succumbing to your lower nature, sadness, pain and suffering?……or you realizing that there is something much greater, more powerful and loving that is right inside you that is opening the DOOR wide so that you can step into your Light and true nature of Self?¬†

The Supermoon is charged with particles of Higher Love consciousness from¬†the constellation Cancer with a little help from¬†friend and partner Capricorn….directing from all of these portals… super vibrant Energy… to your heart engaging your desires, passions, dreams and goals!

If you are experiencing a big nudge and urge to “get going” with things this year you can see why! ¬†2018 is starting you off with a spark that touches the very core of your “human-spirit”. ¬†We are designed inherently from our Creator…to experience Love here on Earth and to embrace just what that means. ¬†You may be starting your year off with Self-Reflection, friendships, renewed interest in family goals, development of how love is expressed to yourself, home and natural resources which includes your finances, foods/storage, warmth, security and comfort.

The “nesting” energy this January week 2018 is quite different from the Spring in that it relates to the “bigger picture” of who you are. You are desiring to “nest” in the Love and security of Life! Your own Light! ¬†Your own Expression of Universal Oneness! ¬†That is truly coming “home” to Self.

This week you take stock of what you have and where you wish to get to. ¬†Oh may be thinking that you start this way every year and nothing changes. ¬†Really? ¬†Okay understood..but you have a Supermoon, Super consciousness, accelerated Time Cycle working with you this year and the window of opportunity is wide open. Take a shot at it again..I know you won’t be disappointed because there is a special “Energy of Love” in the air right now. ¬†This Love is bathing you and embracing you is from the Cosmic Consciousness and it is definitely touching you!

Enjoy this week…it is a very profound start to a new calendar year. ¬†Give it a chance..don’t give up….focus all your Energy on your relationship with the Universal All !

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Updates – November 14th to November 20th, 2016 – SUPER MOON!

Hi Everyone!

With a Super Full Moon like this one…today, November 14th, 2016, one can best treat this time cycle opportunity to purge & receive the Mother Divine Energy Intelligence.. as a gift from the Divine Creator!¬† How special is this? !!¬† You have likely already felt the days preceding to be ones of intense unfoldment of core challenges and a time for sorting out one’s emotions…this will continue all week.

You have likely also been experiencing the need to feel nurtured, the desire to spend some time in deep reflection, and I will also think that you have already started to tap into the incredible CREATIVE flow of energy from Universal source as well!¬† This too shall continue all week and then some !¬† So act on this.¬† YOU ARE LETTING GO of the old false beliefs this week like butter melting off a hot knife !¬† This is a “super” time for you!

Divine Mother’s Energy Intelligence and flow of Light and Love is so rich and embracing that it is being found in every nook and cranny of Life in and around you.¬† Take Nature for example…do you not feel the urge to just be in and around Her?¬† You may even take those extra few moments to really “look” at Nature this week rather than just seeing it with your eyes.¬† You will find aspects of Nature that you have never noticed before.¬† Take time and spend time with Nature.¬† If you can’t get outdoors much then bring some flowers, a plant to the office. Touch them.¬† Fuss over a indoor herb garden in your kitchen or just stand by a mature tree.

The Mother Energy is being stepped up all over the GLOBE!¬† You will see, feel, hear and KNOW Her now more than ever.¬† Your body is responding, your thought processes, your desire to be in the Heart centre with Life!¬† This is not a short term, paperback novel or movie scene…this is real folks!¬† The energy has shifted and you will feel it’s intensity all week until as you integrate it and it becomes a permanent shift to your DNA.¬† You will not go backwards..only forwards!

Your Inner eye, belly intuition, sensitivities and empathic gifts will all be increased and you will know that it is important to be aligned with a strong aura..always.¬† Be willing to do your Spiritual practices, energy work, meditation and Yoga…or whatever you do that keeps you aligned and feel the increasing synaptic connection between the physical and Spiritual worlds taking place.

Do your best to take some time to yourself this week to journal, relax, reflect… If you are unable to take any time to yourself during the day…then before bed it would be a good time to just turn your eyes towards the MOON…¬† Say your prayers, do your own invocations and feel gratitude.

A nice affirmation may be, “If it is Thy Will…May I become ONE with this beautiful Divine offering and take it into my heart, my Mind and my body. May I liberate myself now from the old pain and suffering and May I now reach untold heights of Spiritual realizations, Love, Good health and Joy…So mote it be”

In Light and in Peace,




April Message & Super New Moon in Aries April 7th!

planets-890x300Message From Spirit – April 2016 –

‚ÄúWake up, Wake‚Äôs Spring‚ÄĚ ! Your Higher consciousness is not out there somewhere but is found right inside of your MIND and extends Itself throughout your many dimensional expressions. Truly grasp what your environment; your own personal world is reflecting back to you…then look beyond and grasp what the entire physical manifestation of Life is reflecting back to you that you can learn and grow from.

New Year consciousness, during this cycle of Spring, stirs you to look back to your roots; your origin of when you had just begun to exist. This cycle calls out to you to look at where you were birthed from in the Universal sense and see what the Life stream is all about.

Your more recent shifts of consciousness have afforded you the time for reflection to figure out that you are quite uncomfortable with the state of limbo; having neither the desire to go backwards nor the will power and empowerment to go forward. Or do you? Perhaps you in fact DO have the power and courage to go forward and j need some support and guidance along the way.

You have awakened from the slumber of a long winter cycle (and energy time of introspection) to find yourself with emerging powers and vitality starting to move through your stellar veins underlying your physical energy meridians. The power is there and you are not quite sure what to do with it. It feels so powerful ..much like having a powerful engine placed in your car that you know belongs on a racetrack but instead you need to learn to navigate it through a busy city!

The power you have inside of you MUST be harnessed and governed by you because it is not going to be pushed back down now! It has emerged and the momentum is growing. Does Nature just stop the buds on trees from growing into blossoms? No…of course not And your energy is inside of you and has begun to push it‚Äôs way up through the chakras and it is causing some disturbances AND causing you to feel thrilled with it‚Äôs arrival at the same time!

During the period of vibrational change in the last several weeks and even months…you could feel the rumblings inside of you and you experienced the sudden bursts of enlightenment from time to time (like the baby kicking inside the mother‚Äôs womb) but now the forces are coming on much stronger much like labour pains just prior to birth. Nothing is going to stop that baby from being born.

Now much like parents are taught to prepare their lives and a room for the baby including the bed, play area, educational plans, nurturing, eating habits, scheduling and the restructuring of their own lives as they know the baby will permanently change them, YOU must be doing your absolute best for preparation and reordering for your own Spiritual Birth!

Some of you have started and others are still painting walls in the nursery!

If you are ill-prepared for your own Soul (baby) energy arrival, you will get overwhelmed, confused, psychically mixed up, tired, cranky, irritable and weepy. If you structure yourself with the newly printed schedule that is being handed to you, you become confident, focused, well adjusted, more conscious and deeply connected.

We repeat to you right now that you are no longer on the old schedule; old paradigm You cannot go backwards and you must go forward with the understanding that things will not be the same that they were. You’ve already changed. You have dropped in some cases, many layers of the old animal body habits, passions, appetites and ways of complacency and shifted up to an eagerness to learn and to grow exponentially within the Bosom of the All; the Mind of the All and the Universal Body of the All.

If you insist on sleeping in too long when Spirit is telling you that the time cycle has changed…we will have to start the DAY without you and you won‚Äôt like that as you will then have to catch up. There are many chores and responsibilities being assigned right now as well as many glorious realizations of the Worlds around you…physical and non-physical. Many of you will be discovering the Earth Beauty for the first time while others will not only be examining the Beauty of the Divine Mother as Earth but the Divine Mother and Divine Father of LIFE!

Multi-complex is the nature of the Universe and you will have a growing opportunity to investigate it all. What are the limitations? There really aren’t any if you organize yourself well and be prepared to reorder and re-fire during this new Spring timeline. Old Habits and outside influences must be abolished now for investment instead in those Mind, Body and Soul feeding experiences that keep you uplifted and joyful!

If you examine what you are doing now each day and find something to be amiss..then it is out of Order and must be changed. Remember that YOU are the Master within and it is YOU that will dictate the order of things in alignment with the Order of the Universe. The evolving personality will have to get used to being subservient to the Mind of the All.

The many Angelic Ones, Ascended Masters and Worthy Guardians that are with you, supporting you are quite prepared to engage with you for further study and reflection. If you decide to take the time to work into the Higher Temples of the Inner Planes of Spiritual consciousness, they are there to enhance and enlighten you on many aspects of your personal Soul journey. You are not alone.

Be clear on that which you wish to engage in and this will open unto Thee.

Establish your commitment to Self and Speak it out loud; Speak it within your heart. Use the powers of your Throat Centre and Mind to establish your new routines and directives. Pathwork around the mountain at the neck and shoulders until you see the illumination occur at the top of the mountain in response to your efforts. There is a Light that shine forth from the top of the Mountain and it’s calling you!

Worthy Ones, be aware that your life is not to be a mundane existence of slavery and labour. You were never designed for this by the Hand and Mind of Creator. You established some habits that drove you into this slumber and now that you have awakened, it is time to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine of the Living Day. We gently and yet firmly, wake each of you up now from a sleepy time. You would not wish to miss out on anymore opportunities such as this one. Do all that you can to invest time and energy into the advancement of your Soul consciousness. That is what is important and the many around you will benefit from it.

Don‚Äôt ‚Äúdilly dally‚ÄĚ with frivolous entertainment of the wiles of mankind that distorts and disturbs, instead you must come to understand just how much LIFE there is in you. Life that is not limited to one sacred spot on earth alone but inclusive of many. Go beyond your dream state; beyond the fixations you have had on matter now and embrace the New Kingdoms; and Bring ‚ÄúSpirit to Earth‚ÄĚ inside of you. Unfold that which you have not seen for a long time. It is worth it.

Conscious travels! Class Master

Weekly Energy Updates – September 8th to September 14th, 2014

Hi Everyone !

Full Moon today…a rather triggering one too I need to report…as it is a Full Moon in Pisces which is a sign of great psychic sensitivity and connection to the waters of emotion.¬† So you will either be laughing, crying, angry, sad, happy or a mixture of all.¬† The best way to work with this energy today and this week for a few days, is by acknowledging that there are emotions inside of you that need to be unlocked and expressed.¬† Full Moon times are great for clearing out the old and then saying, “that’s better” !¬† Sort of a satisfied release !

I don’t think this will drag on though and many of you are already well aware of the fact that the emotional body is not a level of your consciousness that you wish to see controlling you.¬† In fact you can turn this energy into something creative and expressive by directing the emotion in exercise, walking, cooking, building, dancing, singing…you name it.¬† The main thing you wish to make sure you do during this time is to LEARN something.¬† What do you have inside that is being raised up for your awareness?¬† Can be old issues or even more recent triggers…whatever it is…reflect on where it comes from.¬† Can be childhood for example…which then will have you acknowledging you have core issues you brought into this lifetime to heal from.¬† All is fine though… at peace.

My suggestion is to lift your spirits up by doing plenty of wonderful activities and make sure you include nature, sunshine and deep breathing!¬† Always a great tool and gift for each of us.¬† Be mindful that those around you are going to be in a sensitive, triggering type of way as well..and may not be as conscious of energy as you are.¬† So have patience…love and understanding for others.

On a very positive note…Jupiter (Soul’s WILL) is still nudging, or downright pushing you…into acknowledgement of your Soul purpose and mandate for this life.¬† Get on with your visions of creative expression, dream building, actions and plans… “Go get ’em !!”¬†¬† This week will finish strong for you!¬† Cosmic Blessings to all !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – August 11th to August 17th, 2014

Hi Everyone !

“Super” Super Full Moon last night that started impacting everyone over the last week and raised some challenges in many.¬† These emotional ups and downs needed some profound governing by your own mind using focus.¬† These energies are strong..even now…and are in need of governing so that they can be channelled into very good outlets of expression!¬† This continues all week and will be surging ahead with you right into the weekend.¬† The 17th will dawn differently though with glorious peace and expansion to give you some breathing space. Kind of like that incredible peace and golden sunshine after a rainstorm.

Stabilize yourself during this week by maintaining a schedule and an organized plan so that you don’t get pulled hither and yon in distractions. There are some very favourable influences that are so subtle you may just catch these out of the corner of your eye…like your Angels present…following you around!¬† Sometimes the presence of your Angels are to uplift your spirits and encourage joy, laughter, Light and peace!

Take this past weekend’s self realizations and insights into further reflection. They were very valuable to you.¬† Reflect on the bigger picture that may require you spanning your lifetime into memories to get accurate clarity.¬† You are to be looking for those repetitive patterns, habits and old paradigms that absolutely need restructuring now…during these summer months.¬† Once we get to about mid-September…it’s a whole new ball game and you would like to have a stable new framework underfoot for it.¬† This week asks you to look ahead at what you are doing in the September, October..timeline..etc.¬† Oh I still want to enjoy this time as you may be on holiday…..absolutely!¬† Just remember to jot a few reflections down on a pad of paper…get the engine warmed up at least !

Have a great week !

In Light and in Peace



Weekly Energy Updates – August 4th to August 10th, 2014

Hi Everyone!  HIGH ENERGY !!

I wonder if the word “massive” is the best one to describe the profound self realizations and changes you are going to be having this week?¬† Hhhmm…I think I will stick with that because Jupiter did “blow us out of the water” during the New Moon last week and the powerful Jupiter continues to rock your world with realizations.¬† You will be getting many, many new ideas, inspirations and insights about yourself all this week and then look out…the Full SUPER-MOON is in Capricorn this coming weekend (August 10th) bringing you KARMIC realizations…destiny, fate, strength of the inner Soul purpose and more!

Capricorn gives us the very grounded, earthy energy of getting things done and you will be as “stubborn as a goat”….you will NOT turn backwards or slide backwards in your spiritual path and nobody can change your mind or distract you.¬† Isn’t that wonderful? You will have such a firm grip on the power you are realizing in your new changes, self realizations and new directions, that you will pick up speed on this and feel your inner leadership qualities grow!

What a month!¬† Leo’s own Courage and STRENGTH of heart/throat paths joins in the team energy making this a very good time for you to invest into your relationships, professional goals & dreams, spiritual creativity and home changes.¬† The home truly will be very important to you and you will expand your own wings of Light around it.¬† Watch how others respond to your own shift in consciousness…they may become more inspired than you would of guessed they could!!

I’ll leave this now in your hands of experience…don’t waste your time this week…get out and enjoy, do, plan, and project energy under the power of the SUN during the day, then at night you can conserve, reflect, meditate, relax and get some good rest!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – July 14th to July 20th, 2014


Hope you are enjoying the calmness after the Super Full Moon weekend…the reactions to this moon varied from person to person however, I did find that most gained insights into their karma & repetitive patterns.¬† Many found the physical and emotional symptoms began to resurface whilst others processed reflective thoughts & soulful insights to the TRUTH of their own existence.¬† Whichever way you experienced the super full moon of July 12, 2014, let it not be easily forgotten as it was rich in lessons and resolutions.

Now keeping this all in mind as you go forward into this week…we have plenty of gentleness washing through the subtle planes right down into your consciousness. This gentleness is important for you… as it asks you to go easy on yourself…scars and wounds may have run deep lately and it is the intention of the Angelic team to help ease pain and suffering in your life.¬† With you acknowledging various ways you have driven yourself off course throughout your life and lives, the Angelic ones can more easily step in to help you recover with grace, peace and self love.¬† No harshness delivered upon yourself permitted…okay? Only kind thoughts to yourself…that way you heal and grow more quickly.¬† Resolutions and solutions are going to start turning very quickly!¬† Watch for the old saying, “turning on a dime”…which means that you will be pleasantly surprised at how life shifts and rises into a much better order of things now that you have gained these insights of Self and also welcomed the Angelic hand into your life!

Working together with those Angelic Ones who walk with you…plus those in your life who share similar thoughts with you….makes the days and weeks ahead much more pleasant for you.¬† It’s called getting back into alignment with Universal Laws…and will feel quite good !¬† It is satisfying to all involved when there is a smoother turning of a well orchestrated operation such as Creation!¬† Be a PART of creation CONSCIOUSLY!¬† Be aware of just how important you are in the making of the whole…take your role seriously and relish in the fact that you have arrived at such conclusions of yourself!¬† Enjoy the week..get to know the nicer things that life offers you….be they great or small!

In Light and in Peace,








Weekly Energy Updates – February 3rd to February 9th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Happy New Beginnings to you!¬† Oh I know it’s not Spring yet…but after last week’s New Super Moon AND your weekend reflections resulting in decisions being made in your life…you can truly see why I wish you such great tidings!¬† The realizations you made over the weekend are VERY important and do trust yourself to follow the insights and guidance you intuitively received. There were some tremendous moments of finality and threshold crossings made contributing to your new beginnings.

What you sorted out…and will continue to sort out this week…is the processing of those very important insights.¬† Let them continue to filter into your conscious awareness so that you can make both a mental note of them and a permanent record of them by writing them down.¬† Have the thoughts put down to paper because then they become tremendous reminders and strengthening tools for you.¬† With only weeks to go until Spring equinox (Autumn in the southern hemisphere)…we are in alignment with a greater understanding with the Divine Consciousness of the All.¬† We are truly listening to what is asked of us..what we planned before incarnating here..and what we know must be done in order to have a successful, joyful and fulfilling healthy life.¬† Aligning with the Plan of the Cosmic is the path we are to walk.

There are a few tangles this week to sort out…these tangles are not to get you all gnarled up but instead are the final filaments of mistaken alignments of the past.¬† There is no need for panic though…the Masters of the Inner Temple show that periods of solitude this week for you to think things out in a well paced and diligent manner, will be quite sufficient to get you through to the next phase of the February cycle.¬† Therefore, let’s set a healthy pace this week and move ahead.

Last thing…be aware of some transformation and upward turns in the heart chakra centre towards the throat chakra centre on February 8th and 9th.¬† There are Spiritual Masters on the Inner Planes that wish to teach you a few things about yourself.¬† Witness those Masters who greet you on a Higher Level of consciousness as Angelic Light…these are “new” teachers who are going to help you to take a new road in life.¬† This is a very positive and expansive road in your life..and with this strength surrounding you….you will have the courage and personal empowerment to achieve a successful alignment.¬† Just keep this in the back of your mind…it will certainly be hard to ignore!!¬† Blessings!

Have a great week !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – January 27th to February 1st, 2014

Hi Everyone!

This January 30th our New Moon is a Super Moon !  I rather like that as it seems we are all receiving an added boost to our plans and directed soul mandate.  New moons are always about new beginnings and shifts in cycles where changes take place.  If you found yourself struggling in the first few weeks of January (which you likely did), then this is an added boost to you in support of another projection of your MIND towards the building of your foundation.  It is very good that we are getting this energy this week.  We all need to have help in the laying down of a solid foundation.

Your choices ahead should be made RELATIVE TO YOUR SOUL PURPOSE…meaning that nothing you choose should be outside of the bigger picture of your own mandate. This can be tough because we get distracted, tired of working so hard, and just want to have some fun.¬† Unfortunately this is NOT the time to lay back and just play without any attention to the Divine Plan.¬† If anything, this is the time when you keep up the efforts.¬† You can still take your time to be peaceful and relax intermittently throughout this period though in order to recharge and regroup.¬† It’s how you handle these next few weeks that is important.¬† No extremes..meaning not all work and no play; not all play and no work either.¬† okay?

Often we forget that you are incarnate on this earth with Soul partners and Soul families.¬† It has taken a great deal of Divine Planning to ensure this.¬† In some cases, you are talking about thousands and thousands of years of planning to get you to this threshold in time…year of manifestation 2014.¬† You do not wish to disengage from the Plan…you wish to thoroughly engage!¬† Take a look at the plans with your “spiritual energy partners/colleagues” very carefully and ask yourself….”why did we come together?¬† What is the plan?”¬† You will see unfolding in your mind some very big projects and personal mandates for each of you that will change the course of events for the human race.

That is why this is such an important time.¬† So please do pay attention to how special and gifted you are….and those you are involved with….according to Divine Plan.¬† The Universe is in ORDER…we are the ones that need to recognize this and stay on track !

New Moon…new doors, new beginnings….yet another chance to get things right…!!

In Light and in Peace,