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USA shifting Consciousness

USA – Donald Trump – Spiritual Movement or further degradation?

kathyroseborough_2BHi everyone!

We were told that the November energy would “blast” it’s way in and behold…it has!  The energy started a few days before the election and has picked up exponentially every since.  By the time the Supermoon Full moon appears Monday, November 14th we will be reeling and soaking up plenty more Cosmic influence through the stellar and planetary forces!

What does this mean for you personally?  What does it mean for the United States of America?  What does this mean for the world?

Cosmic Rays of Divine Intelligence coming into the consciousness of the human race ACCENTUATES all that needs to be healed, cleaned up, understood and transformed.  That’s the bottom line.  If you are harbouring the shadows of illusion and still going around and around the karmic wheel of past time lines, and if you have not dealt with your core issues….then I need to tell you that they are going to be highlighted to the max.  The same is occurring on a larger scale into the consciousness of the human populace and specifically to the United States right now.  The issues of the lowest nature of mankind are no longer able to hide and the brilliance in all of this Divine Plan is that we can collectively move into the Golden Age of Higher consciousness when we realize this and act!

The “heart” energy of Donald Trump is currently a smeared pathway or lens through his Leo rising that was used for an outlet of his lower activities.  His sexual predator-type behaviour, his self-centred business dealings, his prejudices and his arrogance.  This has been the basis for his character profiling.  With the Cosmic energy focused on his heart centre now..during these opening weeks of November…He is being asked to make a choice.  He can further FUEL, with this Cosmic Power, the degradation of the sacred Intelligence of Life or he can “uplift” and direct his attention to the preservation and advancement of the human consciousness towards the heart centre.  Which way will he go?

He has a strong Will…this he clearly demonstrates and it is in my opinion that if we work together in our hearts, minds, prayers and meditations to influence a shift that is towards the betterment of mankind, he may have a chance to actually turn the dial in the right direction for the American people.  This does not happen until the darkness is revealed and the shots are called.  He has to take the power of his multi-tasking mind (Gemini) and harness the Inner power..use the elected power effectively and call out the degradation from his office.   He has to start to have a conscience.  He has to go to sleep at night and feel the responsibility that has been handed to him.  He has to find the desire within him to do what is morally right.

The heart centre is the centre of morals, ethics, values and redemption.  It is a centre of love, forgiveness, humanitarianism, and compassion.  It’s sitting like a banquet in front of him and within him.  He just needs to clean his heart lens and engage in the alignment.

We can hold our breath and wait..or we can go behind the scenes and give a PUSH.  Those who wish to contribute can join in with their thoughts and prayers from their own sanctum and home.  We also need the “foot soldiers”…the ones out front with placards and a loud voice…that turns the attention up to the viewing public.  The ones that will bring attention to any and all corrupted policies and demand change.  That will be a part of the “breaking up” of the old paradigm and a more malleable form into which the Cosmic Laws and Principles can flow.

Briefly then…let’s see this as an opportunity to integrate the Spiritual energy and consciousness of the Universal Divine One; the Plan…exposing, clearing and transforming that which is out of alignment and turn this page in history to one that goes into the Akashic records as a time in mankind’s development when good choices were made.  Let’s record this as a time when the world truly began to heal and ascend consciousness.

In Light and in Peace,