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World Healing

Weekly Energy Updates – August 26th to September 1st, 2013

HI Everyone !

This is a great week to now recover from last week’s emotional ups and downs.  The insights were good last week but it did take a toll on us!  This is a good week for exerting effort in planning and taking measurable steps towards the organization & application of these plans.  Don’t overload..just go step by step and enjoy the benefits of seeing things getting cleared up and organized well for September.

You have some summer left and will still want to have those quiet times and play times…(likely more quiet than play)…so take them when you can.  Look around your home and your family..your job..and see what needs to be done.  We have the re-creating forces still in good influence and the knowing that discipline and responsibility to task is in front of us.

Many are considering pairing up with another in relationship, bonding in friendships, goal setting with friends, or even agreeing in theory to future business plans.  It’s a good week to hold these discussions and make plans together.  (Even winter holiday plans..LOL !) You do recall that Spirit advised us all that what we are doing now is the foundation for our 2014 successes right?  Thus you will see this more and more right up until Equinox September 22nd.

Pace yourself this don’t need to rush into things or force yourself too should feel instead a natural inertia or inner force that is moving you along with the smooth energies offered.  Pay attention as there are some very subtle hints and symbols in your life that are giving you affirmative support !  We are truly becoming to know ourselves now, aren’t we?

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – August 19th to August 25th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

Looks like the Full Moon has already begun it’s effects upon people and asking each of us to Soul search this week.  Don’t be surprised if you are looking for a little “me” time…and desiring to withdraw a bit to yourself in order to “do your own thing” as the old saying goes!

It is important that you do take time to yourself..quietly..reflecting..because this is a week when answers will come to you about those important decisions and directions you wish to take. Pay particular attention to your insights this week and your intuitive flashes of inspiration and enlightenment.  Remember that we are in the all-powerful cycle of leading ourselves into a strong bond with Soul purpose & future success.

The healing this week may make you a little “weepy” or full of emotion that you know needs to come out.  It’s like having a big basin of dirty dish water and just wishing you could find a place to dump it so that you can turn to a fresh start.  Throw the water out ! No re-using !  LOL…

I did some mystical path working up to the Solar alignment in Leo to experience the relationship to Virgo for the week and found that the Fire power is so very strong and is supporting your creative projects will which unfold nicely through the Virgo influence.  Virgo loves to create Beauty and all good projects from the heart centre.  This creative period makes you feel aligned with the Love consciousness in your heart and you truly wish to bring better reflections of this into your life with material manifestations.  This means that the projects to build, remodel and renovate are truly in order…so proceed.

Do you get a nice sense of peacefulness behind all of this energy this week too?  Well you should because behind all this fire and change and emotional transformation is a confident knowing that ALL is in ORDER !  It truly is…so allow that peaceful KNOWING to come to you that gives you the reassurance that you are really “okay” !!  Things will work out in your favour and may the Cosmic continue to show you the way by holding the Light up high upon your Path so you can see where you are walking.

Enjoy the changes and reflections this week and make note of them because they mean much more than you could possibly imagine…please pay attention!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – August 12th to August 18th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

Guess you are experiencing the “lull” or the oddness of the post new moon energy.  We were guided to not start new projects until after the New Moon (which is all good now and you should be underway)…yet people are not finding the strength in the action and results of their desires.  It’s like you know what you want but are struggling to get things going. Be rest assured you are not alone on this one.

We have an expanse of time from now until Fall Equinox (September 22nd) to build up our strength, plans, duties, responsibilities, framework, directed Will, focus..etc.  so even though you believe you have now “started” to organize what you want to do and how you wish to express yourself, the PLAN needs some development time.  I know you have heard that before because you seem to be waiting and waiting.  Actually it’s not all as bad as you think.  This time frame..through this week and forward…is a positive building time.  It’s your “reaction” to this process that is being weighed and measured.  Having emotions of fear, angst, upset, worry….is not a part of this at all !  Your methodical approach that is steadfast and true…one step..then another…is the proper way to go about this time line.

Do a little or a lot…each day and you will find measurable results in due time come September.  If you are waiting for someone or something else in order for your plans to work…then know that you have done all that you can do and let the Universe pick up the other side of the equation.  The point is…”Do what you can do”… The Universal support is there for you.

Some people have been worried that their “will power” and “focus” has been lacking…concerned about their own “inner drive”.  True..distractions and some resistance is seen as the old patterns are still being reshuffled….so just turn your attention to the activities that DO bring you satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment.

The Universal Plan is all inclusive…it has for you LOVE, compassion, mercy, kindness, support, purpose, strength, courage, and so on…  Life can be lean on the Universal Love for help !  Breathe easy…say your prayers…do your meditations and ASK FOR HELP.  Call back the Ancient powers within you.  Ask for the return of the Higher powers within you.  Do your part !   Believe in yourself …you will be successful !

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  the Meteor showers and comets that we have been experiencing do a lot to stir up the energy fields and inject movement in our lives.  So shake it out…slough off those aspects of your life that are just SO not good anymore.  Kick it out !


Weekly Energy Updates – August 5th to August 11th, 2013

Hi Everybody !

It has been 7 days now since the energy alignment with the extensive planetary influences of July 29th which gave us all quite a shift…shaking out some of the “sediment” within AND taking us to a new level of enlightenment!  How was your week past?

The New Moon influence already got underway a couple of days ago..but is in full swing August 6th.  Wait until about Thursday morning and then you can energize/start those new plans and ideas.  Planning today may still have some ups and downs to it.

The energy systems influencing us are all quite strong and steady…asking you to stay the course..navigate well and don’t go out into extremes.  The Universal Laws are in place for a reason and it is best that we each go over the basic “rules” of life often to check in and see if we are adhering to them.  For example…the diet, exercise, study time, connecting with nature, the stars, your meditation…and your PLAN.  So how is your PLAN coming along?  No..not just your business plan…I am referring to your spiritual plan..your journey and path working. Having a plan like this ensures you can truly navigate the pathways (plural) up the mountain to the capstone and find the essential permanent interface you seek while living your life here on earth.

The PLAN should include your emotional development, intellectual expansion, intuitive/creative outlets, your physical well being, and to round things up..your striving attention to the deeper reasons for your existence and Soul Purpose.   Whether you have an inkling or a solid know-how of your Soul Purpose…add to the PLAN this week…set some goals for the September time that you are well aware of where you are going.  It is not too early.  Be very supportive of your dreams and goals & attunement to the Soul’s purpose because the Universe is VERY supportive to you!  You point your feet in the right direction and the Divine Energy Intelligence’s that make up the manifest and un-manifest Universe will move you along!

Another great week…smile to content..and know that all is well…  Be peaceful within because you are doing the best you can in the face of some of your own challenges and life’s adversities.  Allow ideas to come…allow the Universal help….it is there for each of you!

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  Saturday, August 17th – participate in person or long distance (receive mP3 audio) at the Mystical Pathworking of the Chakras workshop I am presenting at the Cherry Valley Retreat Centre…here’s the link:


Weekly Energy Updates – July 29th to August 4th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

What a week this is starting off with !  Today is the Grand Sextile (2 Grand Trines) configuration or “Sacred Geometric Merkabah” that is exposing the human race to energies in a blend or pattern the is indicative of Higher consciousness, Supreme Love and Divine MIND.   These planetary bodies and our own local Sun and accompanying star constellations…interact to project into the human consciousness their own particular qualities and influences that engage in lifting the human race to Higher level s of self enlightenment.

If you can imagine each of the planetary bodies and stars as having their own definitive qualities (as examples shown below) and like a LENS the quality is projected to you and you are to receive through your own chakras.  If you work with this consciously… will have plenty to reflect on as this POWERHOUSE of combinations of systems are showing you very clearly both your weaknesses and strengths.  The difference today and this that it is all MAGNIFIED AND THE MERKABAH IS ACTUALLY LIFTING YOU UP IN CONSCIOUSNESS !  Now how wonderful is that as a treat from the cosmic for each of us?

The best way to make you are going to hold this Divine alignment…is to do energy clearing on your own chakras this morning and even throughout the day with breathing and proper chakra colour visualization….plus prepare your own property and home where you live…and as the leader of your family….your are then anchoring this interface with the Grand Merkabah and helping each member of your own family and family lineage at the same time. You become an extension of the Merkabah that is strong and uplifting to them as well.  This strengthens them as on their own they will likely not bother to do much about this offering of the Divine.  Go ahead and help your family and family lineage…after all…your own future is effected in a positive way as well as future incarnations by this day’s work.  SO LET’S CLEAR UP THE REPETITIVE ISSUES OF THE FAMILY TREE.

Your home and property also become a very sacred place here on earth and your own living space/sacred alter where you meditate is amplified with these incoming energies. So what qualities are incoming and taking your forward this week….and will be the very foundation for what happens for the rest of this year and your success into 2014? Here we go…this is the gift of the Cosmic this day:

First Trine:   Moon – emotions exposed…both those for healing and balancing & positive shifts – deep subconscious understanding of Self – nurturing of Divine Mother as your emotional body aligns directly to your heart chakra (Love).

Venus – Expressive Intuitive Will & Psychic creativity – recreating yourself, being inspired, appreciation of creating those things of BEAUTY in your life, passive reflection and peaceful relationships.

Pluto – Powerful transformation – the “end” of old habits, attitudes, behaviours and the beginning of new more expansive ways to live. Cutting yourself off completely from that which no longer serves you or the greater good of all involved.

Other Trine:  Jupiter – Your own Soul’s Will and alignment to first day of Creation. Absolutely the best influence to lift you to your soul purpose in life.

Saturn – Father Kronos – Disciplines, responsibility, Time and cycles. LAW – making sure that you do as you say you do…and that you understand that you must stay focused on the task at hand…your Soul mandate !

Neptune – Opening the pathways up past the neck and past the base of the skull to the brain so that the kundalini can trigger the greater functions of the Higher Mind. Enlightenment, Reason, advanced thinking practices, innovation, moving yourself and the human race forward to achieve enlightenment.

Now this is ONE MAJOR MERKABAH effecting you this day and throughout the days ahead.  Take full advantage of this gift of the Cosmic…no sleeping on the job today ! LOL  Enjoy your week!

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  This is the only day left now that I can help you with this healing, clearing and alignment.  I am doing personal sessions long distance from the Inner Temple.  If you register/pay for this I need some details from you.  Listed below.

Cleanse & Align Your property/home/family to Sacred Planetary Configuration!!

I have started the Clearing, Reconfiguration and Alignment property and home healing
to ensure that we are in sync with the Grand Sextile (including 2 Grand Trines) which occurs on this Monday, July 29, 2013

*  Home and property clearing
*  4 Elements balancing and invocation to the Divine Intelligence of each
*  Family karma and personal karma pulled up and examined then healing engaged
*  Inner Temple dialogue with family to shift direction onto their Greater Path and Spiritual Journey
*  Walk about your perimeter with the Ancient Ones and Ascended Masters as assigned to you.
*  Powerful alignment to the heart centre in each and the central point of your home grounded with alignment to Solar Heart
From Centre POINT..the design of the Grand Sextile set down to make a SECURE INTERFACE WITH THE PLANETARY CONFIGURATION

I personally see 2 large outer rings that are to be placed around the Merkabah (sacred geometric) design that goes on your property
One is going to be in VIOLET radiating out into WHITE Light and the inner band is electric BLUE.
This part is done on the day of July 29th, 2013.

Let’s get our house in order and all family members that need to be called into alignment.  Your lists will likely be extensive in number as we are exercising the commitments we have to our family lineages.

As leader of your family you are shifted into a permanent ascension alignment to engage/strengthen your Soul Purpose.

If you wish to book this special healing you can use this link to the website/paypal $145 but please note there will not be a pyramid
included in this one.  Alternately you can INTERAC the payment of $145.

(just click on the crystal pyramid option)

Important to let me know as soon as possible as today is the LAST DAY !

I need:

Your Name:
Your Full Address:
The Names of the People Living There and Birth dates too if possible :
Family Pets Names are welcome too for the healing ! :
The Names of People in your family not living there but you would like for them to receive
the Healing:

In Light and in Peace,

Kathy Roseborough

Weekly Energy Updates – July 22nd to July 29th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

Wow!  what a week ahead of us starting today !  The Super Full Moon energy is with us today with the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo…thus we are truly going deeply into our questions of Self to determine just what particular mandate we are to live in this lifetime that serves the greater good of mankind while nurturing ourselves and our families. You likely are feeling “ready to get going with the task at hand” !  So the internal fervor begins…

Unlike last week where you felt like you needed to stay more passive and just manage with the energies around you…this week urges you to pick up the pace and move forward with inspiration !  Move the energy around…and exert your Mind upon those areas of your life that need changing. Clearing and dedication to your projects are important as we are building towards the integration of the sacred GRAND SEXTILE (which includes the 2 Grand Trines) next Monday, July 29th.  No time to waste this week…you do wish to explore the meaning of these influences further.  With Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune leading the way for one Trine and Venus, Pluto and the Moon for the other….you can see that the waters of eternal life and purpose are exposing details to you about your own Life purpose.  The Saturn strength coupled with Jupiter’s WILL of the Soul, unleashes an energy surge from your crown down through Neptune (base of the skull) down your spine all the way to the root chakra for manifestation here on earth.  Talk about power!  You have to be ready to receive, make space and prepare your body, home and property (as applicable).  You need to move into the alignment with knowing that this shift is important and then being receptive to it.  Even if you are somewhat foggy with the details of your new directions in life unfolding as the summer will turn to autumn…the next several weeks to months are dependent upon your acceptance of this major shift. is very important to move into an awareness of this shift that is outside of the regular activities of your life.  Be open….It causes you to get glimpses, if not pictures, of the true story of your life from the Great Book of Life found in the Soul Planning.  When you move in upon this understanding of yourself you will grasp it in your MIND and not let will become the most important goal for you.

You are being guided and shown now the meaning of your LIFE and the role you play in the greater contribution to mankind.  Have within.

The Leo energy inspires leadership…so lead !  This is a great week which sets a strong tone for your life ahead. Enjoy this week and even getting started now is a true marker of success.  Whether you take a baby step or a giant one this is definitely in the RIGHT DIRECTION ! Live life consciously !

In Light and in Peace,


For this week only I am offering the long distant healing, clearing and configuration of your home/property, family energy and you too!….in order to interface with the Monday, July 29th event.  On that day I will be doing the grounding through specific invocations so that your person/family/home and property are intersecting through the nodal points as the axiatonal lines dictate.  To book this for yourself:

I need full name and DOB, address, family members list that are not only living there but those who do not live there as well, lineage (names of parents/grandparents both sides if possible both living and deceased), and many are even including their family pets names too!  Include those names of family that you wish to see receive this special healing.

(there will not be a pyramid crystal/fluorite provided for this particular healing session)



Weekly Energy Update – July 15th to July 21st, 2013

Hi Everyone !

This is a great week to spend time with your family, social circles, creative projects at home and some good ol’ fashion puttering around the garden, summer evenings watching the stars, and even out for some entertainment of music, dinner out or some live theatre!  It is a more playful week..right to, and inclusive of the weekend so make sure you include wholesome activities.  Keep it “light” this week with balance between your work/studies and play time.

You may feel inclined to do some creative projects, artistic changes or renovation around the home, go out with your family or loved ones and even nurture some friendships that may have been neglected.  Community, family and hearty conversation!  Make time for yourself this week to just “BE”…peaceful by a river or lake, park or forest would be nice.

If you enjoy meditation and journalling…great week to write.  The peace and stillness within that you keep will have a very positive impact on the human race as a whole. If each person would choose to align with these more passive energies this week it will balance the aggressive forces that perhaps others are stuck in.  Keep your exertion minimal and stresses low with a focus instead on care for your own physical health, emotional well being and the love you have in you being shared with those you love!

I would recommend that you take a moment this week to stop and really look at your partner, family, friends, and family pets even….look with your heart and your eyes..and you will see some very beautiful things about each one of them !  See through the “eyes of the Divine” and appreciate the Inner Beauty in each one of these very special Souls in your life.  Now look in the mirror…and really look at yourself..right into your eyes. you have had some ups and downs in life..absolutely…you are human!  Now look closely…smile at yourself.  Inside of those eyes..the Master within is telling you that “all will be well”…not to worry.  Feel the unity with the Master within.  Take a deep breath and know that the goodness in you is “REAL” !!

Enjoy this week…you deserve to have some good things happen to you !

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Update – July 8th to July 15th, 2013

Hi Everybody !

New Moon energy to start your week….!  I am posting this tonight (Sunday, July 7th) because I wish to convey to you that a paring down and slowdown for the evening is best for each of you.  Perhaps you have already started !

Tomorrow morning, Monday, July 8th, 2013 you are to get a “hit” from the Cosmic Consciousness….to kick start your week.  ENCOURAGEMENT is putting it mildly !  I would say a good swift kick is a better way to describe the energy this week coming !  We are each going to be “pushed” to get on track…starting with a re-definition of ourselves, a recapitulation and some very necessary reorganization for Monday…then Tuesday you are not to look backward or sideways..just look forward and focus on where you are going.  While some may be enjoying the summer must take a few hours to absolutely focus on your personal development, healing and professional/creative attainments.  This is solid…really solid.  I too support the loving summer vibes…but unfortunately…it comes at a price if we don’t balance with making sure that our soul mandate is accentuated. There are 3 major streams or highways of energy running through you right now this week that are gaining momentum and pushing upward into the heart and throat paths.  This means that you should go with the stream or flow…if you don’t you bob up and down in the water..instead of paddling and maneuvering your own canoe appropriately.

I know that the strength this week is with you.  You know the old movie saying…”May the Force be with you” ?   Well…this statement could not be more true !  Align with it and Enjoy !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – July 1st to July 7th, 2013

Hi Everybody !

Still looking for your Soul purpose? Wondering how to organize and focus on the insights about yourself that you have already found?  Then this is the week to dig in.  The MIND strengthening opportunities from the Universal Consciousness means that we can disregard any distractions as that; distractions…and focus on strengthening the MIND to INTELLECT alignment by directing our energy towards the completion of tasks.  If we permit the weaker parts of us to be overcome by distraction, then we fall prey to all sorts of unpleasant thoughts and impulses from the shadows of illusion.  Be on schedule and set aside time to complete what needs to be done.

Your meditations this week will be very good !  Work with the Sun (Solar Heart) and the Crown (7th chakra)…then move up above your crown to the spark of the Divine…then ease this all back down through the spine..right down to the root chakra…taking it through the legs and feet until you unite with the essence of Mother Earth (Nature).  This will keep a ground and make you feel very, very good !

Insights are going to come in waves for you over the summer which will add to your deeper understanding of your Soul purpose, your origin…connections to your strengths, gifts and an illumination around just how expertise you really are with the talents assigned to you for this lifetime.  Don’t underestimate yourself !! Please !!  ** Important **  I had to star this one in order for each of you to appreciate those enlightened moments when you say to yourself, “Wow…this is great ! I didn’t know I was so good at that” !!

Finally…yes..this is also a time for “R & R”…so make sure the balance continues….rest will come nicely to you…it is a requirement this week to get lots of sleep !

Enjoy..and have a great week !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – June 24th to June 30th, 2013

Hi Everybody!

Well we have all made it through the Super Moon – Full power – and likely have had many strange dreams and realizations throughout.  Your experiences are such that now you are starting to really see the importance of being organized and having a framework in place in order to go forward.  Some of you have been lacking motivation, some lacked organization and others were just not sure how to go forward productively….correct?  Well don’t feel badly…we have all had to recognize that we are not where we wish to be…and would like to advance into a greater alignment as soon as possible.  The next challenge though is this…how do we do this during summer months when we are inclined to relax and/or play?  Ahhh..another issue !

The energy of the summer solstice that just passed is actually the answer to this challenge/issue at hand.  There is MORE POWER available to you now..and you should utilize this time to tap into it.  The Solar electro-magnetic field brings you more vital life force and opportunity to expand consciousness…not less.  If you are in the winter hemisphere of the earth right now..then you are going into passive receipt of the Source…in the northern hemisphere we are drawing upon the energy to boost the intake and direct it into greater organization of self.  A strong steady pursuit of your soul purpose and mandate is in order now.

Be clear this week on how you can take measurable steps towards the development of your own structured framework and approach to your goals and dreams..even if they don’t still actualize fully until months ahead.  We must have a well developed Mind and apply the energy to engage your brain development.  We are not to degenerate or get lazy now..but instead sharpen our mind.  A strong MIND cannot be taken over and controlled by another person, passing fad or commercial drive from those that may wish to take advantage of you.  So let’s get on with the summer development of mind ! Be creative..expressive and have a good routine going…   OH yes…of course…don’t forget to have fun too though..after all it is summer !!

In Light and in Peace !  Happy Summer to you !




Weekly Energy Updates – June 17th to June 23rd, 2013

Hi Everyone !

This is Solstice Week…(Summer in the northern hemisphere and Winter in the southern)…and as such, it is a very important week regardless of where you live !  Each of us has to realize that the seasonal shifts means a time when the influences upon you are varied due to the electro-magnetic fields of the earth working with our Sun and local astrological constellations.  The “energy signatures” change.. effecting every living thing upon this earth…that means you !

Your behaviours, attitudes, emotions, thought patterns, inspirations, etc…all shift at this time and it is clear that you must pay attention to how your own Soul signature relates to these various opportunities.  Staying with the theme of understanding just who you are and why you are born….the solstice offers you more clarity and strength to secure alignment with your soul purpose and mandate for this lifetime.  Efforts are placed upon the INCREASE of vital life force available to you and the investment of your time and energy into your plans.  You will see that the more foundational work you put into place here in 2013..leads to a greater, measurable result in 2014 when you will actually SEE the effects of your efforts!  Extraordinary times and a wave of success is occurring for all those who choose to take up this opportunity for Soul expression.  No one is left out…we all have open windows during this time cycle.

This week it is best that you clearly face all adversity, false beliefs and energy mishaps from the point of view of your internal Mastership...COMPLETION is the “buzz word” for the week.  Complete your tasks…Solstice shifts begin as early as Wednesday..and carry on until Sunday.  If you want something to happen..important to you…open your eyes..!!! This is the week to strengthen your commitment to Self !  Enjoy your week!

In Light and in Peace,

Kathy Roseborough


Weekly Energy Updates – June 10th to June 16th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

While most turn their thoughts… during the upcoming summer days ahead..towards BBQ’s, boating, sunbathing and such, a MYSTIC turns their own thoughts towards utilizing the Summer energies to enhance and enrich their own lives & help others.  The Solar heart (and the change into the summer cycle) truly opens up your 4th chakra centre and in the case of this cycle, your energy is pressing upwards to the courageous throat chakra (5th) that needs to speak, create, share and expand now into a more conscious faculty from your core makeup.

Summer energies mean more Solar vital life force and the absorption of same.  Of course you can enjoy all the wonderful playful activities of summer..but don’t neglect your spiritual practice & studies or you will miss the golden opportunities and offerings that the Divine universe wishes to bring you!

This week is a prime example of all this as you continue to update yourself through action on those necessary changes to be made..for example:  the purging of your home/offices & old routines/habits.  Remember you REALLY do not wish to go back to your old ways, old habits, repetitive social activities, “same old; same old” nightly routines, etc.  This is your window of opportunity during the spring to summer switchover , when you EXPAND consciousness and get out into your new understanding of life. Discover living consciousness!   Review the age old questions, “Who are you?”, “Why were you born?”, “What is your soul purpose?”….and get about living these answers now !  Great energy to explore these answer fully !

Blessings to you for a fabulous week…keep an open perception that change is very good…letting go of the old is healthy and stepping into new challenges is empowering !

In Light and in Peace,


Summer Solstice event:  Mississauga, Ontario with Kathy Roseborough & David Hickey of Crystal Journey.  Friday, June 21st 7:30 p.m.

Weekly Energy Updates – June 3rd to June 9th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

Okay..a little rocky start you are having at the beginning (started over your weekend June 1 and 2)…but we will get some uplifting insights and clarity as we move into this week.  The waves/impulses that keep striking you are chisel-like and break off the old relationships and repetitive cycles that you keep enduring.  Are you tolerating? Trying to forget?  Best to face each and every at a time.  In other words..break it all down so that you can examine things more closely.  Where did this originate…what choices did I make…what consequences are occurring..and so on.   In fact, as you examine each piece of this you will find answers coming to you during the examination.  New Moon June 8th so know that the clearing will come throughout this week in order to have fresh starts next weekend.

The summer solstice is approx. 3 weeks away from now which is always a very heart warming time when you can lift up and enjoy the network of energy support around you that leads to an expanded sense of conscious awareness.  Leading up to that you are picking away at some old problems having resurfaced and receiving enlightenment on them.  Many have been plagued with strange emotional/physical health issues and need to know that they are not alone…the Spiritual levels of Masters and Ascended Ones is incredible..lots of support for you.  Do ask for guidance and stay very open to receive.

There is a need for each to achieve liberation from old habits, behaviours, attitudes, addictions, etc..that have hampered efforts to move forward with joy and full expression.  That is why asking for help with healing, sharing, exploring alternative methods, etc. are all possibilities and not to be ignored.  I have found that many clients are dealing with heart chakra issues and physical conditions.  Love is important to not only give; but to receive.  You do deserve this you on that note…the World Healing Project is increasing the energy healing from the Inner Temple of Healing & Wisdom.  There are subtle changes taking place and you are most welcome to receive. Just follow on twitter:  MindLoveWill or pick up on Facebook:  Kathy Roseborough    Either way you are welcome to receive the free healings – 2x per day !

In Light and in Peace,


Healing and better support for you this week…breathe deeply and know that you are going to have better days ahead.

Also you may enjoy reading the posts on Facebook:   World Healing Project


Weekly Energy Updates – May 27th to June 2nd, 2013

Hi Everyone !

We start this week with a wonderful influence from the planets Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, who are all gracing us with their presence and asking us to be open to transformation!

Mercury is the planet of communication, concrete data, logic, and intellect…ruled by Archangel Michael…you can see the need for your own life to conform to some sort of strategy now.. can you not?  PLANS…big PLANS…find your alignment with your bigger Soul plan and all will start to move “with” you in the Universe.  You are protected !  Watch out for those who are unfocused…you may find them confusing.

Venus is the planet that receives directive from the LOVE in your heart; ready and willing to create “Beauty” in your life. This influence sparks you to truly WANT to have “nice” things and to have an expression in your life; be it home or office…that reflects your creativity and your own Soul signature. Creative hand here with Venus..use your creativity wisely !

Jupiter is the expansive planet of your own Soul’s Will and the POWER of your Soul.  Have you harnessed this power?  How effective are you at being able to apply such power?  It is imperative that at this time of your life..this cycle does express your own Soul mandate.  Find out what you are GOOD at…and DO IT !  It will mean a very successful, happy and healthy life

This week we are being asked to truly stop procrastinating, stop living in the past, stop hoping for something !  Instead..make your life happen..and make it happen now !  Talk about a great influence for each of us this week !  Enjoy !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – May 13th to 19th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

Station yourself!  This is the week when you are to gather strength and forge ahead..don’t let anything stop you now..the powers of RA …profound Male (pos+ polarity) energies of the Sun, are unleashed and towards the end of this week you will feel the effects of this.  The +POS Ra energy of the Solar influence (our sun and your heart chakra) means that the spiritual heart is going to get a good blast of awakening!  Are you ready to step into the Glory of your true Self?  There is no time for distraction and confusion…though if this does occur…be aware that you are just adjusting to the liberation of Self.

Spirit described this nicely as the “pause” a prisoner released from jail would take just after the shackles are off and he or she is told they are free to go…they are not sure exactly where to go for just a second…then it “clicks” in and OFF THEY GO !  You are the one who has imprisoned yourself to old false beliefs and illusions..thus you are “freeing” yourself this week and experiencing the enlightened state that comes from this.

For those who are engaging in their new direction at the beginning of the week…take heart in knowing that others around you may not be in the same alignment thus disharmony can ensue.  Give the days ahead a chance to settle in so that more and more people find their place of inner peace and alignment.

Finally….we speak of the “garden being sowed and seeds planted”….YES…absolutely at this time we are planting & enjoying the task!  Enjoy the input you receive from Spirit; the inspirations..and follow through on these….good ideas are coming down the Spiritual “pipes” !

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  You did make it through that New Moon in Taurus from last was a good one! Really pulling out the old shadows of Self that would be in the way of the planting of the New!