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World Healing

Weekly Energy Shift & Updates – August 13th to August 19th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Do you find yourself still “mumbling, grumbling, complaining, upset, tense, frustrated or angry” about something in your life? ¬†Did I say something wrong? ūüôā

Okay…then let me explain the opening question because we have all just experienced the shifting energy of the New Moon over the weekend, the partial eclipse of the Sun and several other rather heavy duty energy influences over the past several weeks. ¬†With these type of influences there are several grounding breaking shifts that take place and several emotional outlets opened up that cause things to bubble up to the surface.

The next step of course we then become faced with is, “What do we do with these findings about ourself?” ¬†Well the truth is…we have been processing through a great deal of these issues together but now each of us needs to use the rinse cycle now on double speed. ¬†Doing your personal Energy healing work, routine and practice with journalling and speaking your feelings is very helpful indeed…but the next step is the “mental re-ordering and action.”

If there is something in your life that you are not happy with and know intuitively that it can be changed…then change it. ¬†Take action and make that change that you wish to see. ¬†The energy this week is one of taking action on things that you know are ready to be mobilized, shifted and moved. ¬†After a New MOON we are to put things into gear and roll it out!

Big or small…take action. ¬†Sharing with others the way you feel about things is good…keep that up if you are finding that now very helpful to articulate your release of emotions and realizations from all that has been going on around you and within you. ¬†Next….do something about whatever it is you are seeking and knowing needs to be done!

There is a wave of changing consciousness where more and more people are gathering together, networking or starting new projects and mandates, missions and movements that contribute to a change in both their personal lives and the lives of our human race.  Let the passion rise within you to change positively that which you believe to be of that nature!

The sun rises each day in all it’s Glory and Beauty calling us to wake up…to draw in the vitality it offers with the breath, to take in the offerings of greater vibration for our own Energy fields…so let’s soak up the power of a New Day; a New week ahead!

Everyday is a restart, a time for your heart centre to be open with love and forgiveness, hope and optimism! ¬†Stop and think about that for a moment…how beautiful each day truly is.

So you may have something to grumble about yes…but you also have the power within you to make the changes you need to make to RESOLVE the grumble! ¬†Let’s pick up on this now and move forward with it. ¬†Let’ s make some positive decisions this week about our lives together!

Enjoy the week has you looking at the morning sun with a different perspective.  How beautiful is that!

In Light and in Peace,

ENERGY Shift Update! – August 11th – New MOON – Partial Solar Eclipse!

Hi Everyone!

August 11th – 2 very different camps of thought on just how this week has been and what this day brings! ¬†Why? ¬†How is it that we are all here on the same planet yet experiencing the affects of the Moon/Sun – Earth and Leo Constellation in such varied ways? ¬†Perception and awareness of levels of consciousness….that’s how.

This week up to and including today, the stress levels, anxiety, overwhelming, confusion, boredom of repetition, frustrations and challenges has been on the playing field for us to “see” and be aware of…it is to determine for yourself to what degree you have been finding it get a grip on you and upset you.

This week up to and including today, the magnitude of “aha” moments, enlightening experiences, Self realizations and impulses of inspiration and inner directives have also been very much on our radar as we experience those quiet moments alone in meditation or nature experiencing the ONENESS with the Heart and Soul.

Balance? ¬†Yes..right at the LEO heart during this Solar Eclipse time the Energy Intelligence of our Universe is stating a profound fact to each of us…Stay balanced through the heart. ¬†The heart centre is the MAJOR nodal crossing through which all energy MUST pass from the Creative World to the formative/physical world. ¬†So can you imagine the stress on this crossing point? ¬†That is why you get upset through your body and feel reactive…that heart centre needs peace.

The New Moon Energy shift calls to action your absolute determination and agreement to Self to make sure you carve out time for Inner Peace.  How are you to hear the Inner voice, Guidance and assurances that alleviate stress and pain and anxiety if you are wrapped up in the lower chaos?

Intellectually you are all nodding your heads…so now the NEW moon says….“execute the Plan” ! ¬†This is also a New period of time when the heart shall lead you ! ¬†Moving forward with the Truth of your Inner Self, the passion of your heart and the joy of living!

The perceptions, lower vibrational conflicts and upsets cannot grip you when you raise your vibration with deep breathing, meditation and positive affirmations, thoughts and conversation of a higher nature.  You get stronger and you refuse to drop on down into it.  Remove yourself where possible from these things and speak your truth that you simply must have time to improve your health and spiritual/mental well being!

Let’s give our Heart Centre a break now…let’s remember that the heart beats with the umbilicus to the Universal womb of Life; the origin of All Things and this will nurture you, heal you, guide you and love you unconditionally. ¬†Breathe deeply this day and let go of what has been upsetting you now. ¬†Instead BREATHE and embrace the now..the New Moon energy and Eclipse Energy of the Sun (heart) offers you through the Constellation LEO and realignment; a restart to gently bring LOVE into place where it belongs…your HEART !

Enjoy the day!

In Light and in Peace,



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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – August 6th to August 12th, 2018

Hi Everyone….

Life is nice…isn’t? I mean really…think about it. ¬†Give yourself ample time to sit quietly and reflect on the POSITIVE aspects of your life. Take a deep breath in and give yourself a moment of absolutely stillness and peace. ¬†Tune out the external confusion and upset, let go for a moment of your worries…and just let something special happen to you. ¬†That special moment when you realize that whatever your life is doing to you….there is this very specific and profoundly reassuring essence of Life that is eternally connecting you to a power indescribable.

There’s nothing in the world that can take away your pure, beautiful connection to Love. ¬†It is from this Love from Source, God, Universe …whatever you wish to call it…..that your eternal peace in life can be found.

Now let’s do an experiment…let’s transfer this peaceful realization over to one thing right now that you are grateful for. ¬†Even just one thing so that you can increase the connection of Self realization. ¬†Don’t let any other thought come in to disturb this one. ¬†Feel the connection with peace to that which you are grateful for. ¬†For example…”I am so grateful that I have a beautiful child, or that I have skill in art, or I have a friend who loves me, or that I can go sit in a park with my dog…..” ¬† ¬† Enjoy the moment of this realization.

The magnitude of this will grow and flow throughout your body as a healing as you breathe in oneness with this. ¬†You can feel the warmth of this realization in yourself and it is calming. ¬†Try it with a few things..and let’s let the POSITIVE grow to be the main experiences of your life…welcoming MORE positive experiences like this. ¬†You see in this case…Like attracts Like. ¬†You raise the vibration of your thoughts and your electro-magnetic field (aura) and more good things can come in. ¬†Not only that…the week ahead is about CLEARING up the OLD making space for more Beauty in your Life; in your heart.

The NEW MOON next Saturday is special…why? ¬†Because this week you are clearing up things in your life with the help of the oneness you are creating with this exercise. ¬†Plus you are tapping into the ENERGY of the preparation for the New Moon during this particular shift in LEO. ¬†LEO is still regulating your heart centre and is now EASING you into recognition of POSITIVITY.

If you can take time to reflect..starting today and don’t be jumping to all that is wrong in your life but instead building upon things that are right…you will find this to grow. ¬†I am being shown clearly that positivity will be exponentially growing this week 10x (fold). ¬†Let good things happen; Let good things come to you!

Enjoy the week ahead…

In Light and in Peace,



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Weekly Energy Shifts – July 30th to August 5th, 2018

Hi Everyone…

Okay let’s take this down a notch and take some time for integration shall we? ¬†The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse last Friday added to all sorts of revealing experiences you have been witness to lately and it is time now for you to sit quietly and sort things through.

After such intense periods of “Energy stressors” from lunar/planetary and solar crossings, our own Energy Meridians, nodal points (chakras) and levels of consciousness go through shifts and changes. Why? Because we are all connected through vibrational systems and experience the changes in our environment both of immediate distance around us and afar. ¬†You notice this yourself when you spend time outside of a city for example, in Nature…you notice the differences to your mood, physical health and thoughts, insights…. as well as sleep patterns.

This week each of you may wish to take time to search out, explore, study and examine the “meaning” of what you have just been through, what you find yourself in now…and where you are going with this. ¬†Be sure not to just pass these experiences by too quickly or you will not benefit from the greatest teachings they were to bring to you! ¬†Examine yourself through reflection and research; thinking.

Ask yourself a few questions about the last several days or weeks even!  What have I been feeling lately? Am I allowing my emotions to get the better of me? Do I find myself calmer now? What thoughts keep coming up? Have my inspirations, dreams and goals become more important now?  Do I feel different?  In what way?

Feeling different now from before? ¬† what way? ¬†You see if you really start to question these things you end up digging a little deeper and getting to “Know Thyself”. ¬†Taking time for yourself in the quiet with a journal doing some deep breathing and meditating, gives you time to THINK. ¬†We can’t hear the Inner voice teaching us if we don’t have quiet time….right?

Speaking with your Yoga teacher, instructors of spiritual philosophy, sharing with friends and reading about other’s experiences, can all be helpful now as you sort through the next step or stage of your journey. ¬†Let’s be real and state the Truth…you can’t go backwards now nor can you possibly return to old patterns and routines. ¬†It’s not going to work…it’s that straightforward!

This is a good planning week, reorganizing week for ensuring that you take care of yourself with increased time spent thinking and reflecting PLUS mapping out/strengthening the goals you have. Let’s use our listening skills now and activate that throat Centre with governing MIND.

When we stop the excessive talking, increase our meditative practices to resolve the “noise and chatter in our heads”, and engage more in breathing, study, meditation….all sorts of special realizations come forth! ¬†Turn off external noise and distractions and your internal peace will return 10X better to start! See what you learn about yourself this week!

Enjoy this week ahead !

In Light and in Peace,



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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – July 23rd to July 29th, 2018


Hi Everyone!

How can we not talk about the “elephant in the room” this week? ¬†Yes…the Total Lunar Eclipse and Blood Red Full Moon in Aquarius during the Leo cycle this Friday, July 27th is pegged to be the “longest eclipse of the century” which will be spanning deeply through your HEART centre as well with a good scrub brush!

If you are ambitious to come into your own Self expression…this is the time to do it! ¬†With the LEO heart focused on the “individuated” Soul expression and your heart centre getting a tidal wave cleansing on the emotional body…you will be making a lot of great space to live consciously in the Ebb and Flow of the 1st Principle of Universal Love!

Been sitting on the “edge of the dance floor” and not participating fully yet in your Soul mandate? ¬†Well you are going to come out and dance into the limelight now as you start to find the COURAGE this week from the LEO constellation to bring that power out of your heart and throat centre. ¬†You wish to stand up for something you believe in? ¬†Now is the time to engage in the project of global spiritual improvement and evolution!

This is a week of Energy shifting that digs deep into the old wounds yes…but it also comes with the Stellar (constellations and powerful individual Star) forces that will be lifting you up into the Higher vibrational meaning of the Aquarius attributes, namely: ¬†MIND and Love and Higher reason! ¬†LEO – AQUARIUS will be holding strong MIND contact with you calling you to step in to some beautiful personal moments of Self realization.¬†

Love and the Heart Centre…that is what this early Leo week is all about with a loaded “PULSATION” of Energy to boost you higher! ¬†Best guidance for this Friday? TUNE IN ! ¬†Sit in meditation, go out in Nature, sleep under the stars…keep things quiet. ¬†Can you hear the voice of the Stars? your SOUL? ¬†You will this Friday if you allow it. ¬†Make it a quiet day and night…best served in a meditation circle or on your own.

The MOON is a very beautiful gift to us…it will lovingly work with us to help us shed the illusions and also send out it’s own “Moon Beams of Love” to cause us to smile…for truly there is plenty in life to smile about.

Enjoy the week ahead…stay alert to that which is to leave your life and let it. ¬†Don’t get disturbed over the old “dreams” be they strange or absurd…the astral body is clearing. ¬†Kind of like dumping some old VCR movies that truly were not that great… ūüôā ¬†While keeping and treasuring the sacred memories and experiences…storing them as as Jewels of Inner Wisdom now!

In Light and in Peace,



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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – July 16th to July 22nd, 2018

Hi Everyone!

The week ahead is filled with choices on how you can clear your heart chakra centre through Love and forgiveness…”with” understanding! ¬†As our watery element “Cancer the Crab Constellation” continues to influence us with some intense post-Super New Moon energy and big PUSH towards our internal Love Principle, you are assessing and examining the proper expression of Love in your life!

Love should be simple..right? After all it is the 1st Principle of Creation..and the outpouring of Universal Life itself carries it throughout creation right?  Well then why the heck is it so difficult on this planet?  Why is it that Love is not thoroughly embraced and consciously lived?

Perceived separation, “not good enough”, emotional walls, barriers, defences, survival, the “mine” syndrome; not yours…all of this and more contributes to the wide “grand canyon” size gaps and paths that each of us are asked to navigate to bring ourselves ultimately to integration with the pure expression of Love. ¬†How do you bring love BACK into your life more authentically? ¬†Why not start right now this week with you!¬†

Self-Love and forgiveness for your own personal transgressions. ¬†Yes… are to embrace this incredible Energy of the week for personal forgiveness and love to self. ¬†If you don’t love yourself then how are you to attract love and goodness to you? ¬†It’s a week of “raising your own vibration and that of the environment” around you! ¬†How? ¬†For the environment such as your home or office…that’s fairly simple. ¬†You can add visuals such as photos, desk items, pictures, flowers, music, colour, art…all those things you SEE that bring a smile to your face and lift to your heart and to others. ¬†You can use Reiki on your home or office, meditate on the 7 levels of the chakra colours and intelligences outpouring into your environment and/or inviting the love of Mother Earth and the Universal Light to your place too! ¬†There are all sorts of ways to raise the vibration of your environment! Be creative!

For you? ¬†Sit in your quiet time of meditation or reflection and ask of yourself what needs forgiveness at this time. Place your hands upon your heart centre (upper chest area) and just breathe. ¬†Let the Light into your heart; your mind; your body. ¬†Breathe deeply and draw this higher vibration of Love and Light to yourself. ¬†Have an inner conversation with yourself…reflect on the scenario of the experience that you need to forgive yourself for. ¬†Try to remember now your level of consciousness at the time…you did not know then what you know now. ¬†You have learned, grown, made realizations, examined things carefully now and realize what you have learned is pure and true. ¬†Reach inside of yourself with your Mind…and let the Light touch your head and heart. ¬†Have compassion for yourself as you would have for others. ¬†Make peace with yourself…for the emanation of Love is reaching out to you.¬†

As we learn to breathe with Love and forgiveness through understanding….we grow. ¬†We let go of those things that burden us and we open up to those experiences that can multiply 10x fold spreading the goodness and joy to others. ¬†If we punish ourselves with negativity we “wilt” like neglected flowers. ¬†Instead water your heart with pure Love and Light!

With such a week ahead it takes time to really sit with these things …so make the time. ¬†Honour the Love that the Universe has invested in you and let the Light of this week disperse the dark clouds of illusion and separation! ¬†The SUNSHINE of your heart centre will expand more and more!

Take this week to do “good things” for yourself and others…..meaning that you include activities and quiet time for goodness. ¬†Action and reflective time. ¬†Start with yourself and ¬†then you can practice more on clearing things up with others as you grow inviting more Love and joy into your life.

You are an emanation of pure Love and Light of the Universe…start to see yourself streaming along theses lines of thought, emotion and physicality! ¬†You are a human remembering that you are actually an Angelic expression and as the human wakes up more and more…you feel the profound LOVE inside of you!¬†

Enjoy the week ahead and remember…you know a lot more and are more enlightened today that you were yesterday!

In Light and in Peace,




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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – July 9th to July 15th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

For the most part…there’s a growing number of people that earnestly “want” change and are believing that they are doing everything they can to get to a better place in their lives…but are confused as to why they are not experiencing the results or manifestations of that which they seek. ¬†In fact, you may be feeling as if more “stuff” comes up just when you think you might be getting a break.

Well you actually HAVE been moving forward and gaining stride mentally & intuitively; creatively too! We are now under the influence of the Cancer Constellation which as you may know is assigned the Universal WATER element symbol and it’s attributes, therefore is helping you remodel your EMOTIONAL body.

The emotional body has been acting like the waves of the ocean lately and one needs to be careful not to be pulled under with it’s force. ¬†Your emotions are very powerful and it is important to wrap your love and Mind around them keeping them from spilling out of your chalice (container) and causing you to tilt and feel out of alignment with your true Self.

Personal mastership has an opportunity to GROW again this week with the New Moon on the 12th of July with it’s message of focusing on your container…your “shell” through which your beautiful Soul’s Light and mandate can shine through.

A dedication to harnessing your thoughts and having time to think. ¬†Think about your structure of life and how you can move your MIND over the waters of your emotions. What will make you feel safe and secure right now? ¬†Do you need to review your budget? Change your schedule for more time for yourself? Put more or less effort into a project or work experience? In other words…the foundation and structure of your life needs attention, TLC (tender loving care) and time.

Things in life can feel overwhelming when the structure and boundaries are amiss…causing us to pull back into our “shell” like the Cancer the Crab and get upset, anxious, stressed, nervous..that sort of thing. ¬† Turning this around in the week ahead is supported by the Universal shift of Energy that already started a couple of days ago that is now picking up and getting stronger for the week ahead.

So deep breath…re-group now. ¬†The emotions and all this “not right” in your life can be moved to correction and accelerated growth. ¬†You have been doing very well in so many ways with Self Realizations..and it is important to recognize this in yourself! ¬† Now let’s go to that next phase of strengthening both inner and outer experiences of life.

It can be the little things that get annoying for you too…so start with your daily practice of deep breathing and visualization or meditation and then see how you shift your perspective of the environment around you. ¬†Good week to “fix” those things around the house or office that need fixing too!¬†

Remember that when these waves of Energy are moving through you…the Cancer the Crab in you doesn’t need to be pulled under the waves but instead can “surf” the waves smiling and in full control of these emotions !! ūüôā

In Light and in Peace,




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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – July 2nd to July 8th, 2018



Hi Everyone!

I believe it’s a fair statement to say that the need for your Spiritual practice daily has never been so important than now. ¬†Why? There seems to be a lot more demand on us to “manage” and navigate our lives amongst others… as more and more people are awakening and becoming confused with what they see “out there”….wondering where they fit in. ¬†Perhaps you are wondering where you fit into all this as well!

One thing in Life that you can be assured of is the stability of your Inner True consciousness; your True Soul Self. ¬†You have powerful stability of Divine Intelligences throughout your many systems from physical to Love…to Mind and to Will. ¬†You are a sacred expression of Divinity and you need to have a strengthening relationship with this part of you growing EACH DAY. ¬† As you become stronger and clearer, fresher and healthier…you will not be so easily knocked about by the discordancy “out there”.

I’m finding that even the more experienced people of spiritual living are struggling to do their daily practices…or they forget their breathing routines because of the business of daily life. ¬†This is making it very difficult to do this SOLSTICE transfer. ¬†Yes..we are in a TRANSFER…from one level of spiritual consciousness to the next and it is triggering some difficulty for many across the board!

Why is it so hard? ¬†The various influences of late have been Saturn/Mars..and even Jupiter…this is just one example as to why. ¬†The attributes/characteristics of teaching that these 3 give us are all focused on the personal self disciplines, karma, Soul discovery, throat centre, Universal Laws…and so on…thus you are feeling the forces of the Higher Levels of yourself pushing to take you up another Level of Spiritual consciousness. ¬†Can we take the elevator or the stairs ? !!

If you can push back on the external world somewhat now and dedicate yourself instead to your practice of meditation and breathing day and evening…plus your study a couple times a week..then you are not going to get pulled can ascend your consciousness and be more self aware. ¬†The excessive upsets and demands “out there” will be handled and you will thrive within!

So let’s get some basic medicine this week underway…kick start this new month of July with the focus being on YOU and your developing relationships with your own Soul/Universal alignment. ¬†Learn to engage and sit within it. ¬†Some many wonderful gifts to be realized during this Constellation time of Cancer…so many! ¬†Especially with the nurturing of yourself, your home, family and the pleasantries of Nature here on Earth.

Enjoy your week ahead!

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shift & Updates – June 25th to July 1st, 2018

Hi Everyone!

I’m going to be very blunt and to the point….the Universe is giving it to you straight right now and is showing you from all sorts of angles and “signs” that you must truly pay attention. Have you noticed that “thoughts, signs, songs, symbols” feel like they are speaking directly to you? ¬†Therefore….whatever you are doing that is not in alignment with the very best of your health and well being…STOP doing it. ¬†Whatever you are inspired by and “wishing for” that you know if you start, will make you very happy and healthy….START doing it. ¬†ūüôā

We are in a week ahead of a full moon which is going to purposely pull you right into your heart, your inner consciousness, your need to honour yourself and to reflect deeply on just what is important to you that can never be overstated. ¬†You have the deepest, richest knowing inside that your potential is all there ready to come out and this week you will be feeling the urge to take the plunge! ¬†When you take that first step you will experience all sorts of emotions…. just like jumping into a refreshing pool, lake or ocean…and when you come up the sunshine and air catches your Beauty and radiance from your Inner and Outer presence of True Self !¬†

The shift after Solstice of last week has loosened up all sorts of old self inflicted false perceptions and unhealthy learned habits and thoughts from others….and now? ¬†You feel like there is something now inside of you that is giving you great hope! ¬†You are correct! ¬†The Hope is actually your own Light of Truth and Oneness to Source! ¬†That is the resource of true power and joy!

“Finding Oneself” is a term we often use when we feel out of order and know that we need something but are uncertain what that is. ¬†When you start to “find yourself” you are starting to grasp the understanding that you are much more than you ever thought! ¬†You start to feel better because you start to breathe differently, think differently, allow yourself to start doing things differently. ¬†This is the new cycle of the year 2018 (quadrant June 21 to September 22) where you are opening your eyes and seeing your true Self at a new level!

Self LOVE is the key phrase this cycle and you are quite happy to explore just what that means and how to implement it!  This week you can be safe to say that giving yourself some ME time for quiet reflection is number ONE !  So much is bubbling to the surface creatively and inspirationally that you need to set aside time to jot down these things and start working out how you will manifest them.  Starters? Both sides of the brain need to be engaged during meditation, deep breathing and opening up to your Soul for guidance.  Once set into motion you are well on your way to developing a healthier, happier life.

Take time this week to agree to look after YOU! ¬† need tools. ¬†Meditation, Reiki, teaching, guidance…yes you need to have the tools to get the project underway or to take your current project to the next level. ¬†Feeling the change? ¬†It’s real and it originates inside of you! ¬†Blessings!

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – June 18th to June 24th, 2018

Hi Everyone! 

It’s Solstice week! ¬†You may be feeling now like a bit of a “wet sponge” being squeezed to get the excess water out; the emotional body water that is! ¬†Balancing the elements during a Solstice time is important and sets your solid foundation for transition to the positive qualities the next Constellation brings. ¬†In this case, the Solstice week shifts us from the Gemini influence to the Cancer Constellation influence.

Why the squeeze? Because your emotions have been triggered here, there and everywhere with the core issues seemingly whipping around again to see if you have thoroughly dealt with them or possibly, if you have even started to deal with them as this is all new to you. ¬†The Blessings of the Cancer Constellation which runs from Solstice to July 22nd, 2018 ¬†is quite a loving and nurturing time when you should feel a considerable need to go deep within your own “love connection” to Source especially through the umbilicus (thymus gland/high heart area) to Universal source.

Your feelings, triggers and emotions may be running high and quite sensitive right now so it is best to use the breath and settle on down before firing back at people or at experiences around you. ¬†The breath (AIR) will bring you a stronger, mental overlay and give you time to think things through. ¬†The breath ALWAYS will calm you down and give you better equilibrium as well. ¬†The issues that are rising up in you NEED to come up. ¬†They are only going to cause stagnation, bloating, anxiety, tension, stress and restlessness or sleepless night if left unexamined. WATER (emotion) builds quickly and emotion can layer on up as excess weight (fat) as well. ¬†People are finding their digestive systems feeling bloated lately so let’s be sure not to rush through eating and have enough fluids as well. ¬†Keep the stress out of the digestive system! Quiet eating time…no noise please! Turn the TV off and stay out of those restaurants that feel the need to blast music while you eat. ¬†Relaxed mealtime is good for you…try having a picnic!

Directive for the week? CALM. ¬†Strive for calm and peacefulness and take time alone. ¬†If the world around you…your home, work, family, etc. is just too much for you then you will get snappy and irritated which is hard on your nerves, digestion and heart. ¬†Women need to pay attention to this particularly to avoid stress which can affect the breast tissue and heart…as well as to avoid migraines.

If you can give yourself a morning or evening of calmness on your own when you can sit in silence…you will Re-SET your internal mechanisms and get a chance to think. ¬†Not only that…. when you are alone and reflective during this time of Solstice week you can HEAR the voice of wise counsel and guidance from within; the Master Within and the Universal call.

Sadness and a yearning for something coming from deep inside of you may be rising up this week. ¬†This is normal and it is the timing and call from the “home”; the Universal origin of your Soul that you are feeling. ¬†The Cancer Constellation time reminds us that we do have an internal Self that is pure Love, Light, Warmth, Caring, Loving and Blessed. ¬†So when days can be a little rough in life know this….you can sit in meditation or in the quiet of your room and just breathe in a beautiful supportive sense of Oneness and be assured that you are going to be okay!

Solstice is not all about heightened celebration…no it’s actually a time when the quiet gives you the greatest joy. ¬†You feel closer to the SUN (the heart) and you experience the return of many of your Spiritual gifts, the peace and reassuring embrace of LIFE and appreciate the fact that truly…you are not alone! The Universe; the Angelic Ones, Nature Herself has your back !

Deep breath….ahhhhh…nice. ¬†Take time for some calmness with Nature…perhaps with the beach, trees, garden or maybe even the stars? ūüôā

In Light and in Peace,


P.S. ¬†If you are looking for some meditative “tools” I am recording live from my Inner Temple on Solstice morning a program of Guided Healing Meditations, Ascension/Initiation meditation and some words of guidance. ¬†You can order that now and also put names in the Healing Bowl I will be doing a invocation/prayers for Blessings as well.


Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – June 11th to June 17th, 2018

Hi Everyone!   

Between the Solar activity, planetary influences, upcoming Solstice, and extensive volcanic releases…I would say that we are shaking it up a bit now, wouldn’t you? ūüôā ¬†The energy cycle you are going through includes you making some very hard choices accompanied by the practice of discernment, governing of thought and responsible actions. ¬†We are moving along very quickly into the clearer use of our throat centre of expression of true Self and this means that you are awakening the profound use of your Higher Mind.

“Misfit” energies in your life and discordancy” will not be in harmony with where you are headed and you know it. The proper governing of yourself and your developing environment of choice is what will lead to a healthy, happy and successful spiritual/physical life. ¬†This is a huge time of choice.

Choice? ¬†Yes..this is a exceptional time of decision making as we begin to wrap up our 3 cycle Aries/Taurus/Gemini TRIAD of Energy influences that you have chosen to use to either lift you right up firmly into a path of balance, forward thinking, spiritually infused concepts, clear boundaries and open heart that flows in good morals and values…or not. ¬†How do you know if you have done this? Made some good choices? Are on the right path for yourself? ¬† By careful examination, reflection and time spent in the quiet of alignment. ¬†You’ll know deep in your heart and you will find resonance with peace. ¬†You will have stepped out of the discordancy and you will feel that you are gaining stride to clarity. ¬†Be it small or large will know.

This week as we move through a New Moon and prepare for the upcoming Solstice next week on the 21st of June…you will know you are heading in a positive direction because you will be the one judging that. ¬†No one else. ¬†You will be looking at various choices and opportunities and deciding for yourself after reflection if what you are doing is in good standing with the Universe and is for the Greater Good of All involved. ¬†You will know if you are choosing to live the life the Universe has invested in you. ¬†You will know that you are not wasting time by indulging excessively in activities that do not add anything to your life. ¬†You will know.

Develop your intuition, practice this as well as study about the Laws of this Universe.  Learn the art of careful reflection to avoid speaking out recklessly. Enjoy meditative practices and engaging with others of like Mind. Your life is poised now for such vast changes of remembering who you really are that so much of what you are leaving behind will just be memories from which you learned great lessons.

Enjoy the week ahead…it is filled with delightful Energy offerings from the New Moon as it adds to the progress of your spiritual unfoldment! ¬†It will SPARK some changes in you!

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – June 4th to June 10th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Feeling like you need to be on an “even keel” right now? ¬†“Steady as she goes”.… sort of speak? ¬†Well that is a good choice. The AIR element of Gemini cycle influence is all about the MIND and you will find yourself doing a lot of thinking, communicating, balancing both hand’s activities, keeping 2 hands on the wheel, etc…. while your mind is pivoting through many ideas and decisions.

The energy this week is steering you into taking a tighter grip of your thoughts…. and your peaceful, reflective activities such as meditation and deep breathing…will steady out the activity of the “whirl wind” thinking that has been occurring of late.

Balancing and taking steps into your own personal projects and goals is the stable direction to be going. ¬†Through your brain balancing activities of passive and active experiences, you will gain momentum and start to see results. ¬†Yes….results. ¬†The cycle is now beginning to show you some clarity of direction which I am sure you are pleased to hear!¬†

The paradigm shift you have been undergoing has been causing some trepidation no doubt….but the fog is now lifting and you are going to see your MIND actually HAS been creating your new awareness and presentation of Self after all ! ¬†Yes…your MIND and Soul mandate is actually starting to congeal with your own developing understanding …much like a few puzzle pieces are finally starting to come together. ¬†We all know that when we start a new jigsaw puzzle we have to lay out all the pieces first to find the borders…then we start looking to get the middle filled in. ¬†Well your borders are actually going to feel a lot more solid and real now. ¬†Yeah ! ¬†This week you may even be putting a few pieces inside !

I’ve noticed that people are reviewing their daily routines…adding a few things here and there. We also need to remember to stand back and look at the work in progress…perhaps adjust here and there. ¬†So it is very much a thinking week! ¬†Study the material you need to get to where you are going. ¬†Know your stuff ! ¬†Knowing just a little and skimming along is not the same as having an in-depth understanding of your purpose. Ask questions…begin to compile the questions you have for the Universe. ¬†You will get answers…but if you don’t ask..the Master doesn’t open the door! ¬†The Master Within is truly YOU! ¬†The powerful YOU that is waiting to provide you with more and more wise counsel. ¬†Prepare yourself and then go within.

Summary:  Study, stay steady with your breathing and meditative practice, use your MIND. Think and ask questions.

Enjoy your week!

In Light and in Peace,


PS… SOLSTICE this month! ¬†more on this later…


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – May 28th to June 3rd, 2018

Hi Everyone!

I can’t say enough about the Energy shifts and influences that are going on right now! You are being influenced powerfully by your own Soul’s Will with Jupiter sitting so close to the earth but PUSHING on you to do the right thing and decide your fate; your Soul mandate!

We also have a full moon on Tuesday, May 29th that is “kicking up a storm” with your fires from within and really pressuring you to make that choice as well. ¬†Do you need to actually achieve the results of your intentions right now? ¬†No ! ¬†But you must make decisions now. ¬†The results of these decisions will unfold in due time.

What are most afraid of? Most people are wondering what the heck it will all look like ahead and without any real control over this transition it is causing quite the heated emotions to stir up! We don’t know and it is…so there is feelings that are frustrating, unnerving and triggering!

Why don’t you know? ¬†Because when you step up into the conscious awareness of your Soul’s WILL and MIND in the Creative world; Creative dimension, the ego is not the powerhouse that you think it is; in fact it pales in comparison. ¬†Solution? Surrender and relax. ¬†Let the superb realizations come forth and the awesome sparks of creativity continue to expand.

I had to pop in this image of the egg opening and the “now what?” notation because really and truly…that is what a lot of clients/students are saying…basically. “What am I supposed to do next?”

The solutions and directives I can give you for this week is to stick to the planning and thinking. Reflect more and more while taking steps, even little ones, towards good health and well being.

Whether you are changing your physical body, health, lifestyle, family and personal routines….or going out into the world with your latest invention, creative endeavour or Soul is all the same principle…you are becoming YOU !

So let’s say “Congratulations” on the steps you have been taking. ¬†Now the AIR element of MIND and our Beloved JUPITER influence is asking you to hold the line. Be strong and do not waver. This is an expansive time and you wish to mobilize your new expressions…Even if you are nervous ! ¬†WOW…I bet you may be nervous! ¬†But the angst and unsettling is actually a very positive realization that being in “charge” is not what you think. ¬†Letting the soul GUIDE you is the way to go. As the EGO begins to more..sleep more..meditate more..and get to know itself…the SOUL can whisper and engage ¬†you with greater clarity.

You can’t HEAR the Soul guidance if you have the radio blasting, the computer on or you are surrounded by noise. Turn off the noise !

This is a PERFECT time to draw back within and start to really KNOW Thyself.!  As your realizations come to you..then BURST out and state your decisions!

Great week ahead everyone..enjoy and may you smile deeply and with great resolve.  Deep breath and enjoy the many wonderful moments ahead this week.

In Light and in Peace,




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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates! – May 21st to May 27th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

I know that there are still struggles and challenges in the understanding and integration of what you have been learning over the past several weeks during these accelerated energy shifts. Well this is normal and we don’t rush through such major changes. ¬†The powerful recent New moon for example blew open all sorts of self realizations about underlying causes of your personal challenges as well as opened up further enlightenment on your Soul plans and mandate!¬†

With all this in mind…stand back for a moment and look at things carefully. ¬†Your throat centre/thyroid/neck region has been urged to give up on resistances, stubbornness, old ways of thinking and living…your expressions of Truth is being revealed and you are feeling the creativity “valve door” open! ¬†Yet with all of this you are trying to figure out what to do to implement these changes..right?

No problem…in comes GEMINI…and it is with this Constellation’s lens upon you (starting Today) that you will gain enlightenment on just how to bring the 2 worlds (Gemini twins and expression of the creative/formative worlds) together and manifest all that understanding and new direction down here on earth.

Over the time period ahead of you are going to use your upper chest/shoulders/arms and creative hands that represents the dual thinking…the left/right brain thinking and further the cooperative plans being laid between your ego personality and your Soul! ¬†Marvellous times ahead of you in the coming weeks!

The Air sign Gemini (MIND) is just what you need right now to THINK and REFLECT your way to higher living and higher levels of spiritual consciousness. ¬†Awakening intellect/intuitive processes and awakening even further to your true self..and expanding on just how your mandate in life is to be expressed into the human race to prompt ignition within others as well. ¬†Let’s keep on helping both ourselves and others to awaken further from the sleepy limitations of the physical life alone. ¬†2 worlds….2 worlds now are to be reflected on and acted upon. ¬†Explore the CREATIVE world of your heart centre and Higher MIND…through meditation and study plus personal reflection causing ideas to be expanded upon. Plus..explore your formative/physical world receptor sites to implement these changes.

Let’s cut to the chase…plant the gardens now! ¬†Planning, decisions, mathematical configurations, dates/scheduling, cycles..ACTION. ¬†Take action now to bring your soul mandate towards greater fruition.

No sitting still now…the MIND activity is too robust..too delightful and animated to leave you in a fog. ¬†Let’s breathe all that fog away with deep breathing and positive thinking practices. ¬†No lazy brains here…activate the brain!

Great week ahead…get going!

In Light and in Peace,



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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – May 14th to May 20th, 2018 – No old luggage allowed!! :)

Hi Everyone!

New Moon in Taurus this Tuesday, May 15th is all about a totally new level of yourself…you can’t take the extra luggage on board with you..SORRY !!!! Is it a wonder then that you have felt like you are being put through a fine sieve to squeeze out all the old residues and toxins…purification & letting go of the old FAST ! ?

The paradigm and past has ended. PERIOD. ¬†No going back now…and you can’t take the old with you into the New Light of Truth and Paradigm of Soul purpose and mandate. ¬†You are not a mundane expression; nor are you just a physical being. You are truly an emanation of Soul Light expressing a profound Heart and Mind into this beautiful world we call home..Earth!

The old styles, habits, routines, false beliefs, lower sense of worth and emotionally charged triggers are to be a thing of the past now. ¬†Surround yourself with BEAUTY! ¬†See joy in all things..yes even your kids messes all over the house, the quirky smile your loved one sheepishly gives you when they are out of alignment and the silly rush you see all over the globe to acquire all the latest gadgets and gizmos. ¬†SMILE…these are our Brethren..our colleagues, friends, and fellow Soul travellers who are trying to figure out just what the heck their life is all about too!

So what is YOUR life all about? ¬†What resonates with you? Who are you and why are you born? ¬†If you think it is to load down with material items and be slave to all of that..forget it. ¬†You are off the mark! ¬†If you believe instead that it is about the beautiful simplicity of natural living…the birds singing, the fresh air, a peaceful moment of silence each day for your meditations and reflections, and some good food and intelligent conversation…then are warming up now!

Of course you still have to get up and go to work, pay some bills and be aware that planning is key to success…but simplifying things right now and staying the course with what is deep inside you now will take some courage and decision making. ¬†Make those decisions..the New Moon in Taurus is swinging the return of some very powerful forces that will get under your wings!

I don’t think I can state this enough..(Unless of course you are getting annoyed..LOL ! )..but please do make that decision that what is pushing up from under the surface inside of you…and what is calling you…in your dream state and whenever you allow yourself to daydream…is something that you must pay attention to and make a priority now.

What’s with that old thinking and dinosaur type of overload thought belief that says..”more is better?”. ¬†How about simplify and DECLUTTER…do you really need 15 strings of xmas lights, those old magazines, the boxes of broken crayons, and worn out, unworn clothes? Saving those boxes of excess in whatever theme you felt at the time was the “coolest”, is no longer cool. ¬†Streamline…and then focus on the Soul purpose.

The dreams are big now..and they are a reality. ¬†Hold in your MIND the vision of the Inner Calling and believe. ¬†Use the power of energy…deep breathing and meditation. ¬†Take the course, study the subject you are drawn to, open the office or project you dream about…get things underway!

What a fabulous time to be are letting things clear out..putting LESS emphasis on excess and material overload..and more emphasis on joyful experiences that are simple and carefree. ¬†Health is NUMBER one…eat lightly of your body type and your vibration. ¬†Reduce habits that are addictive..get rid of sugar laced and fast food type foods. ¬†Try out new recipes.

Open the BOX…open the gifts of the Taurus timeline. Learn to go higher..go deeper and be more real. ¬†No more boredom and many reality TV shows, features and movies are you getting sucked into? Really? You can make better use of your time. Nature is to be a huge part of your reality. Concrete out; trees and land in.

I think I had best cut it short here..and leave you with this thought. ¬†We have waited so long to get to the end of the old paradigm…and now we are here….and must LEAP into the new. Thank you Taurus Constellation for reminding us that your EYE – the Star Aldrebaran in your forehead..represents OUR Inner Eye…our dreaming, seeing and Knowing EYE. ¬†Thank you for the Sun..our hearts! Thank you for our Soul’s Light that has been BEAMING into our minds and hearts to wake us up now.

Enjoy this week..

In Light and in peace,



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