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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – May 14th to May 20th, 2018 – No old luggage allowed!! :)

Hi Everyone!

New Moon in Taurus this Tuesday, May 15th is all about a totally new level of yourself…you can’t take the extra luggage on board with you..SORRY !!!! Is it a wonder then that you have felt like you are being put through a fine sieve to squeeze out all the old residues and toxins…purification & letting go of the old FAST ! ?

The paradigm and past has ended. PERIOD.  No going back now…and you can’t take the old with you into the New Light of Truth and Paradigm of Soul purpose and mandate.  You are not a mundane expression; nor are you just a physical being. You are truly an emanation of Soul Light expressing a profound Heart and Mind into this beautiful world we call home..Earth!

The old styles, habits, routines, false beliefs, lower sense of worth and emotionally charged triggers are to be a thing of the past now.  Surround yourself with BEAUTY!  See joy in all things..yes even your kids messes all over the house, the quirky smile your loved one sheepishly gives you when they are out of alignment and the silly rush you see all over the globe to acquire all the latest gadgets and gizmos.  SMILE…these are our Brethren..our colleagues, friends, and fellow Soul travellers who are trying to figure out just what the heck their life is all about too!

So what is YOUR life all about?  What resonates with you? Who are you and why are you born?  If you think it is to load down with material items and be slave to all of that..forget it.  You are off the mark!  If you believe instead that it is about the beautiful simplicity of natural living…the birds singing, the fresh air, a peaceful moment of silence each day for your meditations and reflections, and some good food and intelligent conversation…then are warming up now!

Of course you still have to get up and go to work, pay some bills and be aware that planning is key to success…but simplifying things right now and staying the course with what is deep inside you now will take some courage and decision making.  Make those decisions..the New Moon in Taurus is swinging the return of some very powerful forces that will get under your wings!

I don’t think I can state this enough..(Unless of course you are getting annoyed..LOL ! )..but please do make that decision that what is pushing up from under the surface inside of you…and what is calling you…in your dream state and whenever you allow yourself to daydream…is something that you must pay attention to and make a priority now.

What’s with that old thinking and dinosaur type of overload thought belief that says..”more is better?”.  How about simplify and DECLUTTER…do you really need 15 strings of xmas lights, those old magazines, the boxes of broken crayons, and worn out, unworn clothes? Saving those boxes of excess in whatever theme you felt at the time was the “coolest”, is no longer cool.  Streamline…and then focus on the Soul purpose.

The dreams are big now..and they are a reality.  Hold in your MIND the vision of the Inner Calling and believe.  Use the power of energy…deep breathing and meditation.  Take the course, study the subject you are drawn to, open the office or project you dream about…get things underway!

What a fabulous time to be are letting things clear out..putting LESS emphasis on excess and material overload..and more emphasis on joyful experiences that are simple and carefree.  Health is NUMBER one…eat lightly of your body type and your vibration.  Reduce habits that are addictive..get rid of sugar laced and fast food type foods.  Try out new recipes.

Open the BOX…open the gifts of the Taurus timeline. Learn to go higher..go deeper and be more real.  No more boredom and many reality TV shows, features and movies are you getting sucked into? Really? You can make better use of your time. Nature is to be a huge part of your reality. Concrete out; trees and land in.

I think I had best cut it short here..and leave you with this thought.  We have waited so long to get to the end of the old paradigm…and now we are here….and must LEAP into the new. Thank you Taurus Constellation for reminding us that your EYE – the Star Aldrebaran in your forehead..represents OUR Inner Eye…our dreaming, seeing and Knowing EYE.  Thank you for the Sun..our hearts! Thank you for our Soul’s Light that has been BEAMING into our minds and hearts to wake us up now.

Enjoy this week..

In Light and in peace,



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Special New Moon in Taurus – Messages/Guidance from Inner Temple!

New MOON – May 15th, 2018  –  With all that has been going on lately…you may be wondering where you are at…and where you are going!

I’ve added a special intention for spiritual guidance for all from the Inner Temple that may be of help to you.  A few written paragraphs in the mini reading to a more involved one hour session, may be just what you need to navigate this MAJOR shift at this time.  All sessions include energy healing at time of channelling to you!  The intensity of the guidance is most potent 3 days before and 3 days after the full moon (May 12th to May 18th).

The intensity on removing the core issues over the last couple of weeks and drawing oneself up to an interface and alignment with their Soul Purpose has been “at the forefront” for everyone.

If you would like some guidance connect with me via email or once registered a notice will come to me if you are using PayPal. Interac E-transfers to the same email is accepted as well.

Perhaps your family members are in need to guidance in their life as well?  Looking for guidance on how to communicate this to them? Share insight?

Look forward to providing you the guidance from the Inner Temple of Healing and Wisdom!

Kathy Roseborough, Educator of Esoteric Principles, Energy Intuitive and Healer

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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – May 7th to May 13th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

One week from now we are going to be entering into the influence of a New Moon energy that is carrying a powerful “punch” to everyone on this Earth and is carrying with it an impulse from the Universal depth that we have not felt for decades; for the Golden AGE.   According to our cycles of planetary/stellar cycles you are getting ready to move into a window of time where you can really set your life on track with Soul purpose, mandate, healing, alignment and peacefulness of Self that will unfold rapidly if you allow it and work with it. 

This week you will likely be able to not only think and reflect…but solidly write down for yourself; making note of…the frustrations that you find yourself still facing not only about your own habits and routines…but perhaps the triggers from others that will soon need to end. STATE your case so that you have a starting point for the new path ahead.

When you come to such a NODAL crossing as the New Moon of May 15th, the ENERGY TENSION preceding this time intensifies and brings out the emotion and passionate DRIVE of your intentions and determination to embrace a new stage or level of your Self expression.  May 7th to 13/14th, 2018 is a week of ASSERTION and change in preparation for the New Moon next week!

The Energy SHIFT of May 7th to May 13/14, 2018 is going to keep you on your toes and stir you with thought provoking inspiration and ideas that you will be stunned by with amazement!  You may start saying to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that before?” or “Why didn’t I start this sooner?” !! 🙂  With a big smile of course!  Eureka…the Lights are going to start going on this week! Wait until you get into the New Moon week…however we’ll get there in next Monday’s Blog!

So why didn’t you shift sooner? Timing is everything and this is one of those rare opportunities and gifts of CREATOR; of Life…when we can behold the Beauty of Creation in it’s rebirth time of spiritual consciousness and new paradigms!  This is a time when you wish to shout at the rooftops to all to wake up!  Even while you yourself are still wearing your pyjamas having just found a new awakening yourself! 

COMMUNICATION – We are in Taurus and we are going to focus straight on that thyroid, throat centre and neck.  No more resistance!  Let go to the Cosmic impulse and direction and let’s get on this ride together…across the Globe this week!  Make a firm decision about your “right to Life”…meaning your inherent Spiritual DUTY, BIRTHRIGHT and PERSONAL JOY to have a life that is peaceful and healthy and in alignment with your Soul consciousness.   A week of self-acceptance and don’t let anything stand in the way.

SHIFT – Telling all that need to hear, if necessary, of your new schedule, plans and decisions…AND totally just doing it!  If you are waiting for permission and are hesitating. If you really want to live the balanced spiritual/material Life…then you own it and just start.

The Energy is turning up a BIG notch this week…cranking up the POWERFUL inner FIRES which have been burning off layers over the last 7 days!

In summary, my offering of guidance this day is to stop procrastination if that’s been your challenge, stop waiting if that’ been your challenge and stop putting so much energy into looking back at your past…it will come up nicely in your healing and meditation time.   But DO PUT YOUR ENERGY into creativity, material changes in your foundation, building of a framework, planting those seeds and turning that soil to the NEW you and deciding that you are worth it!

Enjoy the week!

In Light and in Peace,



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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – April 30th to May 6th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

TRUTH…Jupiter starts out our week with his magnificent presence pushing at your “veils of illusion” to come down and urging you with great intensity to be more transparent; to embrace your raw and vulnerable realization of Self.  Jupiter expresses the truest STATEMENT of your Creative purpose and will answer your questions from within when you sit quietly and reflect.

The truth be known…you are such a precious, beautiful GEM and emanation of Creation that you struggle to even fathom such a glorious station of existence..yet it is true. When we don’t comply with this truth and embrace it…what happens? We don’t feel well..we are out of alignment.  Instead this week..really start to shed these illusions of separation and sit quietly in meditation and contemplation and heal.

Healing…what is healing?  I mean really..we talk about fragments and separation and illusions…bottom line is that each of us want to really get out of pain on all levels…any level for that matter! So how are we going to do this?

The energy this week is just one more example of many we have had..and more to come…of offering from Universal “Order”, “Law” and “Love” that provides you the template to find all of that within yourself.  Healing is a state of realignment to the Template of your perfected Self; the TRUTH; and the real YOU!

Focus on ONE issue this week only.  Just ONE.  Let’s say it’s stress and anxiety.  Okay then the very first thing on your agenda is BREATHING…quiet and deeply starting today.  Sit down somewhere..anywhere and just breathe.  Close your music if you like and just breathe.  Focus on that breath for what it is.  Each time you breathe in you are drawing the greatest powers you can every imagine.   Those are THERAPEUTIC in nature.  Do you love the use of capitals here in the blog today?  LOL. !  Emphasis on breathing, healing, truth and therapeutics!

Whatever issue you choose to focus on this week…no overwhelm.  Just choose one.  Start with breathing and quiet and you will find that your body and the cells of your body will start to respond.  You see you can’t make clear decisions about your life in any way, shape or form if you are not centred with the breath.  What comes out of you is emotional decisions if you are not clear.  Emotional decisions most often end in disaster.  Calm decisions from a place of clarity and peace come from the mind.

Step one towards your healing is underway.  Today you breathe..and note “when calm” any ideas or directives that come to mind.  If nothing comes to you don’t worry about that.  It will when you least expect it.  Otherwise just enjoy the moment of the peacefulness of when you tune out the external world and tune into your breath.

You are not able to contribute to the family, relationships, community and world if you do not contribute to yourself first.  The Key to proper living is the breath and the Key to your clarity and success is you being healthy and strong.

Make a promise to yourself that you will look after you this week and then JUPITER will start guiding you towards your Soul purpose…that’s his JOB ! and he loves it !

In Light and in Peace,


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Energy Shifts – You will feel the need for security; foundation

Hi Everyone !   Brief note to connect with you on the desire for material security, KNOWING, health, wealth, foundation and more.  

The Energy Shift you are experiencing is about the inherent need in the root (BASE) centre to feel grounded and secure. You will be placing an incredible amount of focus on this need to have more personal empowerment and in a sense, control; albeit with alignment to your Soul origin.  That’s okay….you sense the growing passion, need, and motivation right now, and may even feel quite adamant about obtaining it.  This is a nesting/securing wave that is coming in and it will grow in strength over the days and weeks to follow.  Why?  the Taurus constellation is influencing you to take note; take your focus to just how your base is doing and what needs are to be fulfilled.  Be sure to listen carefully to what your needs are and what the needs are of your loved ones around you. Everyone is important and unique in their needs!

The Energy Shift is moving out of Aries ….but the WILL and motivational inertia is still don’t discount that!  Let the WILL and passion speak to you from within…..let your creativity come up from deep within you inspiring you.  The Taurus Constellation and Solar Body integration is nudging you to get strong; get grounded.

This is a very good time for your planning and action towards harnessing the ideas, goals, dreams and really begin to honour this; honour yourself.

If you have been challenged then it is a good time to sit down on your BASE (root) located at your tailbone and just BE.  Focus on your breath and be still.  Don’t worry if the “monkey” chatter comes up…it is not knowing what to do at this time.  Just breathe.  Relax for several minutes and then when you are ready…ask yourself…”what do I need right now to feel solid in my base?”

Let the ideas and wise counsel from within flow.  Be honest and open with yourself.  Be clear..because as you are more clear with yourself the Universe can help you to understand your direction.

I just wanted to touch on the “opening” of this shift that is now clearly underway.  There is more to follow Monday the 23rd in my Weekly Energy Shift updates. Until then…honour that you want and need a secure base from which to springboard your goals and dreams…and you need to respect that Mother Earth and the “earth element” rules right now. Adhere to it with the intent on drawing Spirit down to Matter. 🙂

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – April 16th to 22nd, 2018

Hi Everyone!

New Moon kicks off your week starting today, Sunday, April 15th and influencing the first couple of days out of the gate.  The following applies to all of us.The strong willed and active “Male” side of you wishes to excel and gain acceleration in so many areas of your life but the Universal Mother Template inherent quality of you is governing you in accordance with Universal Law and has It’s own Intelligence and Divine Agenda.  Feel like you are being pushed around energetically; held back and forced to restructure and regroup?  Well the Truth is you are.  

For good reason the Universe is harnessing your inner passion, in some cases sparking you further…AND helping you to generate the correct Path of Self Realization.

You see the Universal Consciousness of All things absolutely rules and governs Creation and It’s expressed Template of Life.  Within that your free will to explore, learn, grow and correct while seeking joyful reflections of Love nestles on inside of that Great Template seeking to return to integration with it.  Sometimes you may “think” that you are to assert yourself, yet the Laws and Rules are correcting things inside you first from your past..which of course is very annoying to us humans !  🙂

Be at peace…the correcting part of the journey is so very important and will be done.  So if you can maintain the ship on steady course towards your goals…the winds, sun and waters will help you navigate the journey, help you avoid troubled waters and rocks…as well as help you to sit back in reflection on just where you came from and the experiences you had when back on shore.

This is a journey…a sacred and beautiful journey of life.  It does not come without some hard knocks under these accelerated times..but it also does most generously come to us with abundance of Love!

When we start this New Moon week..let us keep these things in mind.  You are breathing steadily with concentration on direction.  You are seeking further guidance and clarity through reflection….and you are also learning from your past.

Remember who you are…you are a very special and uniquely designed outpouring of many levels of Creator.  Define this week what your skills are and embrace them. Stick to the simplest definitions.  No need to go into the grey areas.  Define in simple black and white terms what your gifts are.  Starting there will give you much more insight as to why you were born.. Cosmic Blessings to that!

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – April 9th to 15th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

People are asking why is it so difficult to gain ground; make their new foundations work? Why so slow to heal? to be successful or to know one’s purpose?  Big questions..right? But also very good questions and ones that we should all strive to understand in the unfoldment of becoming a conscious Soul here on Earth.  

Awakening to remember your true power of living consciously and creating “in the moment” is a lost art to the human race…and one that will be re-discovered more and more as time marches on. The “veils of illusion” are heavy still in many cases…BUT great gain is being made!!   We are in accelerated times of removing the veils of illusion thus rediscovering our greater mastership and learning more about “governing and directing” ENERGY! 

This is an amazing week to step into the “power of governing and directing” ENERGY…why?  Because the throat centre is set to receive a solid, pulsating WAVE of energy from some very special SUN releases AND some more subtle rays from what we call “deep space”.  Sound too “star trekkie” and fictional for you?  That’s okay…I would expect so.  You see there are many, many influences upon the human race as we live on this beautiful planet and the human race is certainly not some isolated and ignored group of people!

Back to the questions at the outset… can take some time still to fully pierce the veils and open up to better health and manifestation of Soul’s purpose..but we are on a BOOST this week! An incredible boost that I think you are going to like !  So pay heed…this is a time for you to mentally focus on your CREATIVE projects…and whatever you do….don’t drop the ball now!

The more you are focused on your personal goals this week..the better the outcome.  Morning and night…draw your focus and your breath in and meditate on this.  It will be enhanced!  You will also jump another hurdle this week when you set your attention on the goal…you will be “overcoming the global collective consciousness of fear of success” !  Have you wondered recently what this “fear” is inside of you?  Well perhaps it is not just yours?  Just a thought…..hhhhmmmm….empaths will pick up on this one. Shake this off now…you have dreams and goals to fulfill !

Yes…this is the shifting time which is under the ARIES constellation influence!  The Will is incredible right now and you will be pulled UP into the stream of forward, innovative thinking!  What a week!

Okay…so to pull it all together now in a synopsis...this is a “week of shattering illusion and embracing Truth”. Let’s get with the Universal Plan people!  Best foot forward !

In Light and in Peace,


“My greatest joy is helping my students…to bring out the very best in them” !

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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – March 26th to April 1st, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Spring Energy is about rebirth, new growth and direction…but more importantly it is about shifting your level of spiritual consciousness to a new Order of Self.  That which you sow..will certainly be that which you reap come harvest time!  Therefore..what are you seeding and planting in your own garden;  your MIND, body and Soul alignment? 

We have to apply Mother Nature’s Laws at all times..especially at this most important time of year…time of your life.  You wouldn’t just throw seeds scattered around to see what happens, would you?  Only if you wish to grow wild flowers perhaps…which look pretty but won’t be able to draw enough energy from them to sustain you!

When you are orderly and mindful of your daily tasks, your thoughts, plans and goals towards Spiritual enlightenment, you gain the greatest benefit from the bounty.  Nurturing your garden; your life right now and seeding properly is essential to you, your home and your family at this time.  Add to that the benefit to your Soul mandate and purpose in contributing to the goodness of mankind and you have a “consciously lived” life !!

Re-SET this week.  Re-GROUP.   There’s a full moon ahead (Friday) and you are being tested all the time right now to see if you are able to harness this Spring Energy that is powerful and bursting forth from the Universe; from even our SUN to help you grow.  If you become distracted and allow the “small stuff” to get in the way you are not going to be very happy with your garden as it will look and feel neglected.

“You” are the garden in this story and to that end…make sure that it is healthy!  You may wish to stir things up a bit in your life and make some room for yourself.  Prep the “soil” sort of speak!  But before you can do much gardening you need to know what you are planting!

  1.  What are the “seed” thoughts you are planting this Spring?  What are the categories?  Eg. More meditation, exercise for good health, study of topics of profound interest? Perhaps you are just wishing to plant positivity and affirmations for yourself?
  2. Be sure you do not let anything pull you off your path of personal meditation, study and spiritual attainment. PERIOD.  That way you can weather any storms and you won’t get blown around and pushed around but instead will take strong ROOTS and firm development.
  3. Water and nurturing?  Self care.  Good food, sunshine, exercise, plenty of water, no processed foods, no talking excessively while eating and NO noisy restaurants with music blaring.

The tests have already begun and will continue this week.  No excuses now…take responsibility for yourself and embrace your Soul mandate!

Liberate yourself from the distractions in the world, the foggy mind, the confusion, the “spaced out” feelings….and this week make a commitment to yourself.

This is a good week to “rubber stamp” your agreement to Soul purpose and mandate.  Pick it up now and run with it !  It’s Spring !!

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – March 19th to 25th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

You are likely having a few symptoms of pre-Equinox displacement and wondering why.  Your body may be feeling toxic, heavy, stomach nausea, headaches and bloated feeling…..perhaps even challenged by skin afflictions.  Your emotional body and thoughts are sweeping through massive changes in order to transfer you from confusion to clarity under the powerful interactions between our SUN and our EARTH.   The Sun is blasting energy which is in alignment with your own heart changes and your Earth is your body…of which you are composed of.

Our Earth is going through her cycle of pre-Equinox…soon to be Equinox which means Her magnetic fields vary in strength, become malleable and experience a few cracks. You are the same.  Your body and your energy fields are going through this time period where the SUN is directly affecting your personality.  The SUN is all about Morals, Ethics, Values, Love, Oneness, Humanity and PERSONAL alignment to the “Creator” of your heart.  So can you imagine the amount of power pouring forth from the subtle higher dimensions of the Spiritual realms and being carried down through to the human race via the stars, planets; our Solar system right now?

You are detoxing “lifetimes” of build up and experiencing the letting go of limitations, suppression, and control of others as well as the letting go of those things in your life that don’t align with love.  You are SEEING things you never saw before in your life..the clarity is going to astound you.  All WEEK..this clarity and self realization is taking place.

What to do?  Process it through…journal, breathe, rest, drink water..reflect..and then reflect some more.  Take control back of your life and get it re-ordered and aligned with what you want to do. Make time for yourself.  Don’t give excuses..make time for yourself.

Allow the gifts of Equinox to bring you the greatest impressions and inspirations this week.  You are making space for some of the most wonderful shifts in your life.  Intense?  You bet it is..and you are likely going to say you have never experienced such realizations and energy shifts as you are this week.

The influences of the Cosmic is increasing…the depth and intensity of Cosmic Rays are scientifically being proven right now.  The cosmic is pulling you out of the old stagnant limitations and you are getting more Soulful and Self realized!  What a time to be alive !   Does it come with some uncomfortable cleansing?  Yes…but who likes vacuuming and washing floors and walls anyway?  Same with your body and energy bodies.  Cleaning them up !  It has to be done..!

When you have a visitor coming to see you…. you wish to have a clean house right?  Well you have a very special visitor coming this Spring Equinox…Yourself! That is.. your own SOUL’s Light and Presence!  Clean up a little will you?  🙂

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – March 5th to March 11th, 2018


Hi Everyone!

Are you okay?  You asked for changes and they are happening now…in many cases fast and furious! The old is breaking so quickly that we sometimes catch ourselves saying…”oh boy..what next!”. The response from the collective consciousness of the human race from the Major spiritual influences of the changing Cycle of mankind as this golden Age shines forth more and more each day….is unprecedented really.  The world wants CHANGE.  Each individual is tired of the old and wants CHANGE. put all these individuals together and you have a group consciousness change that is shifting the entire planetary way of thinking!

The global mass consciousness shifting…in harmony and response to the Universal directives…is putting pressure on you to conform.  To what? To a new ORDER of Self.  An order of Self that is in harmony with Universal Law that brings out the best in you. BUT !  In order for something like this to bring out the are continuing to slough off and choose new directions.  Make space for this.  De-clutter your life of the old…embrace the new.  If you find yourself tired of your weekly habits…finding yourself dreading another “Friday or Saturday night” of the same old..same old…then change it.

If you find yourself facing each Monday with the same long face of fatigue…then change it.  Invest something in yourself.

This is the preparation of Spring Equinox time..leading up to an amazing initiation of consciousness.  What do you do?  Make space…listen to your body.  The Earth is the Mother..your body is the material of the Earth.  Your thoughts, feelings, habits, attitudes, behaviours..etc.. all affect your personal physical life.  Where’s the SELF LOVE? SELF CARE?  Make sure you put that into the preparation time.

How?  Anything you can do to help you feel and think in a more connected way to your Universal a good start.  Change habits.  Choose something simple this week to start.  Go to the gym, walk in nature, start a deep breathing program, yoga class, Tai chi.  Study positive thinking, mindfulness, meditation.  Read up on how one attains Spiritual consciousness and start a program.  Show the Universe; show yourself that you are ready for a NEW Spring beginning! 2018 !

Choose to spend time with those of LIKE MIND.  If your family and current social circle does not relate to you…find those who do.  Enjoy an evening with them; a day or a retreat!

Give yourself permission to start this week with yourself on the “to do” LIST…at the top of the list!

Step 1….Allow myself time to get closer to the Light of Love; Universal All !  Book myself in !

Step 2…Start with a deep breathing/relaxation and study period program!  Take in Nature!

Step 3…KNOW that you are getting yourself ready for Spring Equinox (Fall Equinox initiation in the Southern Hemisphere) !

Enjoy this PREPARATION week ahead..and remember that…you are LOVED by the Universe and Mother Earth will help you with the resources you need if you will simply spend some time with Her.  Some quiet time..some time alone with your own thoughts, reflections, prayers..meditation for UNION.

In Light and in Peace,


Spring Equinox – enjoy this evening in person..or sign up and receive mP3 audio recording:

Weekly Energy Shift & Updates – February 26th to March 4th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Finding yourself “dreaming or lucidly recalling” your Past?  People, events, experiences…then sorting out how they interweave with the present to change your future?  This Pisces energy influence is very “lucid”…watery just like the sign.  Constellations have a major impact on the collective consciousness and uniquely to your own personal life.  We have an opportunity to understand the past emotional wounds right now and set down a whole new agenda.  They serve as a powerhouse energy recharge for the creating of your future!! ……how and why?  

You are not interested in creating the same old thing….so you are feeling the urge to move on and have diversity and a different “shape” of yourself out there in this energy cycle.  The feelings may be so powerful that you feel strongly motivated to undergo drastic scheduling, routines, lifestyle, everything! Trust this…you see the MIND within you is mobilizing and motivating you…your ideas and creativity is engaging with you ever so strongly this week.

The FULL moon this Thursday is already talking to you about your changes…but the past has some stories still to share with you.  Observe these reflections and dreams you are having for they give you incredible insight as to the strengthening direction you are going while showing you the gifts and lessons to be gained from them.  You do not have to repeat the old at fact the new paradigm you are creating has a MIND behind it so strong..that you just need to trust the amazing ideas, skill sets you have…plus your personal goals.  Think expansive right now but with structure.  By the way..this is going to empower those of you that are seeking to HEAL YOUR PHYSICAL BODY as well right now!

Use your “emotional reactions” to the experiences you are having as a “strength tool”…what do I mean?  For example…If someone is treating you poorly, not honour you, or the same repeating pattern is happening with you feeling undervalued..etc….then your trigger and reactions are actually CALLING YOU INTO ACTION!   Use that energy you are feeling upset about…. towards creating and building yourself even better and stronger.  You are rebuilding your “house” right now.   The body and all it’s extensive expressions.  Turning things on a dime right now and engaging with the gifts of early Pisces energy.  Turning weakness to strength!

By looking at all these awesome challenges and awesome opportunities this week you are bringing all clashing opposites under alignment with the STARS….you are actually going to bring these forces together under the great Pillar of Equilibrium and feel the LOVE!  The LOVE is an esoteric deeper meaning of the Pisces energy…”The Christed Consciousness..1st Principle of LOVE of Creation”.. WOW !!!  By the time we get to Spring equinox..the balancing of these powerful opposites you are challenged by will spearhead out through the ARIES energy…. through a projectile LENS or WINDOW of all 3 points of the triad… LOVE, MIND and WILL!  Talk about creative forces!  Start now as you can begin to see results THIS WEEK!  🙂 ensure I don’t overwhelm with the teachings…keeping it simple for this week…examine the opposites you are experiencing.  The triggers you feel emotionally are going to MOBILIZE and Strengthen you into action.  You are going to get to feel the “lightness” in your step..maybe find yourself smiling more and singing a little tune !

Take the energy this week to heart…what a gift..the full moon is showing you the way.  Boundaries, Creativity, self love and honour! Respect for your BODY, respect for your FEELINGS…respect for the Divine Being that you are !  LOVE the week ahead… !

In Light and in Peace,

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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – February 19th to February 25th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Today is “family day” in Ontario, Canada…something that sparks the writing of the Blog for the week because you are going to start “feeling” the affects of PISCES (WATER and EMOTION) now and how you are relating to your family (children, spouse..and relationships/friends).  How are you doing emotionally? Triggers..challenges?  What about how much you love them or care/worry about them?  How about how much you are “not” caring about them at this time?

Feelings, emotions, triggers, and ENERGY in your water body are being stirred, prodded and prompted at the start of this week.  Before you run away and say I don’t want to go into this…just have a listen.      

The BEAUTY of this week’s start will lead to many resolutions and shifts if you allow yourself to be open to new insights, sparks of realizations about them and yourself…plus the most helpful Energy event right now….. today and tomorrow… URANUS is sitting with the MOON holding hands in this equation as well alongside PISCES.

URANUS is a powerhouse influence that is going to give you insights into LONG TERM SOLUTIONS for yourself, feelings, and emotional challenges you are having with family (siblings and offspring) and it will flow from LOVE.  The “1st Principle of LOVE (Christed Consciousness) through Pisces is helping you this week to CONNECT WITH SOLUTIONS because of URANUS (Love/Wisdom Ray Energy).

You are going to find with the Energy shifting this week that you are moving into a softer, malleable peacefulness in your heart WITH a strong boundary of MIND and WITH a new doorway to solutions to your problems.  Friend relationships, family and intimacy…there is going to be for you a new insight and a worthwhile… “aha!!”

How do you connect with this?  Take a moment in the silence today, tomorrow…even Wednesday/Thursday…give yourself a chance to receive.  If you are still struggling consult with a medium/sensitive that can help you.  This is a wonderful time when a new FACET of the CRYSTAL matrix of Life will be imparting guidance…right from the Higher subtle realms! summarize this week ahead…state the issues for yourself. Be bold and just state them. Write them down if you need to.  Then relax..breathe..meditate and ask within.  Be in the Inner Temple of consciousness alignment…breathe and be open to receive.  Just your intention alone will spark the connection.  You will find answers in dream state, upon awakening..through the reflections of life around you…or directly from Source in meditation.  Funny how little “signs” in life give us the most amazing answers!

Peace will be yours and an unfolding longer term solution will be underway.  No..the family won’t change overnight..but a new perspective will dawn and you will be peaceful with this.

Let’s stop enabling others…forcing change or ignoring..instead enter the alignment with Universal Source…the ANSWERS are being offered.

In Light and in Peace,



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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – February 12th to February 18th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Are you happy?  Everyone is searching for happiness and in my meditation and Universal attunement in the Inner Temple of Healing & Wisdom, the teachings given to me by the Ascended Masters have always been for the individual to seek happiness within first.  But how many people do this?  They seem to run from one “fad to the next fad”…then buy the latest gadget…then try some different physical challenge or influence. Why?  Because we are not listening to the most important Source of happiness and peaceful well being…that which is found in the silence. 

I notice that as more and more people do awaken to their inner Self they have this craving; this desire and passion to go and spend time in silent retreats, yoga classes, meditation classes and other relative things.  GOOD !  That is the start..and then keep it up at home in your own inner sanctum.  Create space and time each day for the SILENCE; the peaceful meditation, study and reflection. this will bring you not only incredible happiness BUT will also improve your health, your clarity of MIND, your nerves, your patience with life and increase understanding with those around you as well.

As you build up this Inner Self connection to Source…the true happiness is found.

At my own project and Teaching hub…the World Healing Academy…I have set out all sorts of foundational teachings to help people to establish that BASE…the solid ground from which they can build.  This has always been the case over the 25+ years of teaching that I have been engaged in.  Important for each of us to grasp the basics and from there… your roots set in and you grow like a “Tree of Life” !

New MOON energy this week!  So make it a point to give yourself that new BASE or starting point.  Establish yourself with the goal of being happy, healthy and connected.  Happiness in life truly will come to you…perhaps not with rockets and stars & fireworks…but instead inner peace, bliss, calm..AND a LIGHT blazing in and around you that surpasses any light a firework may bring! 

The Light and Love; FIRE of Universal Source is beyond words.  Your inner Light BATHES you with such immense happiness that it should be on everyone’s daily menu.  Drink and eat of the Greater Light and true happiness shall be found !

In Light and in Peace,

Enjoy your week ahead…start your road to happiness now!


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – February 5th to February 11th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

What a week behind us !!  okay so now what?  Are you reeling from all that has been going on this past couple of weeks? This year sure started off with a few “hits” of Energy and a “eye opening” realization that where you are going on your Spiritual Path will not tolerate any of the old paradigm! 

The words “letting go” seems to be getting on a lot of people’s nerves and being overused.  What does this repetitive guidance really mean? “Letting go” is one thing…CREATING new outcome is another.  So many people are saying they are not really SURE or CLEAR on just what they are supposed to create.  So that does suggest that they have made some space…but has also left them wondering how the CONSTRUCT of this new paradigm is going to come into manifestation.

The beauty of Life is often it’s mystery…but it also gives us freedom to be creative and to experience life here on earth.  The Universal Parents send us forth into the world and ask us to be mindful of our thoughts..but to be playful in inspiration but serious in our construction.  Why?  Once you start constructing your thoughts in your MIND…the next phase of unfoldment is the actualization of those thoughts.  So be aware of your thoughts and your definition of Self and your projects.  You don’t have a project you said?  Well maybe you are starting with the first step then…defining those things that bring you joy to your heart.  You can start there.

If you are finding it challenging to see the BIG picture..then start with the small picture.  Start with developing those experiences on a day to day basis that bring you a positive feeling.  As you experience some satisfaction with this…open up to how that will look when expanded upon.

Finding that there are people you know or read about that seem so much further ahead and certain?  Really ?  Are they so certain?  Once you start exploring the higher realms of your Inner Self and stepping into the trust more and more with the are not really certain…but you trust that Truth and Light will unfold.  Remember you are a beautiful “CHILD” of the Universe and there IS a Divine Plan for you!

This week’s Energy ahead is a time of examining, planning, dreaming, imagining, asking within, doodling, drawing, thinking, writing…did I say examining?  Yes..because there is still a great deal of that going on.  Researching yourself and your reviewing your gifts steps up now.

A POSITIVE CLUE:  The KEY to your KNOWING about how your future will unfold is in IDENTIFYING just WHAT the Universe invested in you.  Write down your gifts.

Okay…enjoy your week ahead !

In Light and in Peace,



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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – January 29th to February 4th, 2018

Hi Everyone !

Can we all say “Yes! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to access new levels of Self and close the doors on the past” !!  That’s what this week is all about ! 

I suggest you drop back to the Blog page and read the previous post which extensively talks about this Wednesday’s Super Blue Moon-Lunar Eclipse…but I have a few things to add here that I”m sure you will be pleased with.

First of all..TRUST… Trust that even though you may not be able to “see” what the post-Blue Moon Energy holds..nor can you likely “see” how 2018 is going to unfold for yourself…it IS a different world.  The question you should be asking yourself is what set of EYES do you wish to see your world through?  Which LENS?

What am I talking about?  The LENS and EYES are your perceptions and what you co-create and what you draw to yourself …basically in a nutshell…how you see your world and live in it comes through your energy centres…commonly known as Sight, Feel/Touch, Hearing, Smelling, Tasting…but best of all your Higher Centres; your “uplifted state of MIND”.  What are your MIND & your THOUGHTS creating? The Universe can HEAR you!

So you can sink down if you like and re-live over and over again the old paradigm..(which I am sure you are saying “no way”)…OR you can step up into the state of true living; state of consciousness on the other side of this week’s ENERGY shift and access the opening at the Full Moon Eclipse…and start living from a new perspective.  How do you see your world?

Likely you could list all sorts of things you don’t like about your life..and the way it is currently going.  Okay ..then do that.  EXAMINE what it is that you are definitely focused on shifting and changing.  That’s a good step one right there.   Now write your new list of all the new, creative ways you are visualizing yourself to be living after you close the door to the repetitive old ways.

Say NO to the old and say YES to the NEW !  You have to hear these words; these thoughts in your own head.  You have to formulate these new thoughts and hold on tight to them. The Leo energy is pushing it’s way through your heart and throat…while the Aquarius powerful MIND energy is holding the VISION that YOU ARE THINKING WITH YOUR OWN THOUGHTS… that we all have inside of us to embrace!  You have the LENS of these massive Energy systems pointing straight in at you..asking you…what do you want? ANSWER the Universe! 

Let’s all answer the call this week and state clearly your intentions and focus. Where are you going in 2018? What is your goal? You can choose easily this week to get out of the old MUD and to step up into the “brilliant” Light of the Inner Self.  Choose to read, study, meditate, breathe better, eat better, hang out with people of like MIND, stay clear of gossip and lower unnecessary boring talk, lift up to what is beautiful, important, encouraging and sharing AND LOVING. Lift yourself up and others may choose to follow!  🙂

Cosmic Blessings this week…stay connected.  That’s the biggest message I can share with you for this week’s ENERGY shift.  Focus on your connection to the Higher Self/Soul and hang on TIGHT. Just like an incredible lifeline of intense LOVE and INTELLIGENCE…hold on tight to it.  TRUST.  This is the turning point…!

In Light and in Peace,


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Special January 31st Super-BLUE-Full Moon Lunar Total Eclipse – LEO
Courage, strength, internal shifting and POSITIVE change. That’s the Leo Constellation influence right now hand in hand with the Super-Blue-Full Moon Lunar Total Eclipse of January 31st, 2018.  

Ready to embrace this one? It has been stirring in you a long time..since 2017…when your core issues were exposing themselves to you and challenging you to speak up and recognize your Self worth. You are to be mindful of not giving all your gifts and skills and love away…without receiving. Ebb and flow..that’s the Natural way of life.

You are to realize during this time cycle that it’s time to wrap up dead-end contracts, relationships, activities and routines that are leaving you depleted, defeated and lost. Close that old door!

You are to realize during this time cycle that the AQUARIUS MIND in you; in all of the human race now..can come out and co-create a future where there is fairness and proper distribution of energy amongst mankind.

You are to realize during this time cycle of the SUPER-Blue-Moon that you are not alone…that there are others who will be coming forth in support of you. Be who you are and acknowledge that your LEO heart CENTRE is timely in opening up to receive the Self Realizations so very important for you to know now. Feel your Inner strength!

When this stirring goes as deep as it is during this Energy shift, the old stuff arising is at an “all time heightened sensitivity” and is raw. Are you tired of being bullied, taken for granted, taken advantage of, not being noticed, ignored yet expected to be the listener alone? You are the Superstar now…you are recognizing your inherent Universal Divinity. Good for you! Own it ! Speak your peace.

Assertion balanced with a humanitarian heart….a MIND on the future; a MIND on the present. Balance. An understanding and compassion for others; yet a whole new statement of yourself with self-acceptance and worth, and value. These are the KEY shifts taking place right now….January 31st, 2018! LEO – the Key to the Solar Heart!

3x over the last year this has come up….3 great doors of change…This one..the January 31st, 2018 DOOR IS THE BIGGEST and brightest! With the LEO-Aquarian Energy bonding in through your heart…. your staircase is in the ascending movement showing you the way!

1. Ascertain your feelings
2.  Examine those false beliefs
3.  Be aware of the aggression that has been invasive upon you
4.  Stand your ground
5.  Honour your unique…”signature” of Self
6.  Cut off that which is critical and abusive; unsupportive and false
7.  Smile radiantly from your heart…make the decision..Choose unification of Soul – Universal Light and Consciousness. HONOUR

What a time! May the Cosmic Blessings pour forth unto Thee! Use the Spiritual tools that help you best…Feel the power within!

In Light and in Peace,

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