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M.A.P. 2019 Course / Personal Development WHA courses


If you would like to sample an Energy Guided meditation with Kathy Roseborough …..sample here:   Free World Healing Library  on this Website and listen to the Spiritual – Sun Temple guided Healing and Meditation. will provide you with a sample of the style of Energy healing through meditation that is practiced in the M.A.P. classes. You may wish to also listen to the “Grounding Sacrum to Root Centre Healing Meditation” here:

Thrilled to offer you a monthly program that is essential to your spiritual enlightenment path!  Each month you will be given Energy Updates and an overview of the month ahead….as well as what you can expect and how you can navigate the challenges and opportunities to your greatest benefit! I provide a “live channelled” message for the month from the Inner Temple plus you engage in 3 to 4 distinct guided healing meditations for your own personal healing and initiation. 

  •  Chakra Energy Balancing –  tracing through the  Endocrine & Meridian system healing
  •  New!!! An introduction each month to the Laws of Creation and practical application
  • Connect with your SOUL mandate & purpose !  Guided Meditation to receive your “Gifts” from Spirit
  • BONUS ! NEW !!!  2019 ADDITION – Monthly Cellular Healing different ares of the body.  Example: Immune System, Digestive, Skeletal and more!  A special guided meditation will be sent to you via email as a student of the M.A.P. program !
  • New!  Have things to share with other students? Have questions for Kathy? On-Line Forum – Private to World Healing Academy students being created so that you can be a part of the community!  Receive log-in access at start of M.A.P. program January 3rd, 2019.

Your “Eyes are the window to the Soul” 

2019 is the 10th year of this teaching  the lessons and advancements are excellent tools for your unfolding Spiritual path!

Monthly Ascension Program – M.A.P. !   IN PERSON or at HOME receive your audio files ! 

Look forward to having you in class…the 1st Wednesday of every month. 10 a.m. to 12:30 pm.  Unable to attend in person? You will receive your audio files in mP3 format if you are unable to attend in person.

In Light and in Peace, Kathy Roseborough, Intuitive Visionary, Educator of Esoteric Principles


Starts:  The FIRST Wednesday of every month !  STARTS January 3rd, 2019 

Time:  10 am. to 12:30 pm.

Location:  405 Limerick Street, Churchill (Innisfil) Ontario L0L 1K0

contact Kathy: or 647 281 8771

You are signing up for a 12 month commitment. Please contact

Cost:  $1080 for 12 months with options:  Please note that there are no refunds after the start of first class.  Kindly give 7 days notice if cancelling before January 1st, 2019 for full refund.


  1. You missed the Early Bird?  Paying AFTER December 1st, 2018? You can still receive the FREE Spring Equinox guided Healing and Meditation (Value $40) for your one year payment of $1080.
  2. Pay for 4 month instalments – $270 – January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st, 2019 to complete one year commitment
  3. Pay for one month at a time – $110 pay as you go.

STUDENTS who refer a friend that signs up for their own 1 year (One Year) M.A.P. spiritual development program will receive ONE month free !  That’s a $90 BONUS!  Refer 2 friends and receive 2 months FREE!

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Kathy’s Teachings:

When Kathy invited me to her Electro-Magnetic Medicine workshop I didn’t hesitate because of the tremendous amount of respect I have for Kathy and the work she does. Having witnessed Kathy’s gifts first hand over the years, as well as her talent for sharing those gifts in her workshops, I arrived the first day knowing little more about the workshop than that Kathy felt it would be beneficial for me.

I was not disappointed when during the first meditation I felt immediate changes in my body. The pain I had gotten used to for years disappeared, and I’m happy to say that it has still not returned today, weeks later. I went home the first day feeling excited about everything I’d experienced and with a very deep sense gratitude for Kathy and for her abilities and willingness to share her gifts.  Day two of this workshop was just as eventful as Kathy guided us through another journey of axiatonal healing and discovery and I still feel subtle changes happening within myself from day to day.

I have the highest regard for Kathy and for her knowledge and teachings. It is evident to me that she found her true path many years ago and I consider it a great privilege to be able to benefit from her years of study and practice.  Kathy has the ability to take the mysteries of the universe and guide you in their unfolding in a way that is uplifting and inspiring. 

If you are considering participating in Kathy’s workshops or any of her services, you are in for a wonderful experience.

Janet, Collingwood, Ontario



“Even after the first few meditation classes and training workshops I could already feel the difference in my personal life and every day business leadership. To really get to clear all the fears and false beliefs it definitely takes time… Seven years after, I now turn back and realize I have been through something that I wouldn’t never have done alone. Through all the program offered, I have been learning how to stay align and how to listen my needs and respect myself. This was quite a challenge in this century of extreme distraction. I deeply want to thank Kathy for all the support she has been giving me over all those years. The programs she teaches have undoubtedly been helping me to become a more solid and powerful man. I have only one recommendation: Don’t miss this opportunity!”

Marc Ethier, CEO, Zükari inc.


I have known Kathy for over 17 years (since 2001) and was a student of the World Healing Academy (formerly School of Etheric Healing) for a period of approximately 3 years, graduating as a Registered Etheric Healing Practitioner around the 2005 time frame. I gained much spiritual wisdom and understanding from this course and its modules. It gave me an insight into the many multi dimensional aspects of the etheric body as well as the spiritual evolution of self and one’s relationship to source. I learnt much about how the body, composed of many fields, including the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual, truly works and how we are all connected, particularly at the higher levels. Hence, on the personal level, I became more self aware, I received many healings  including an healing to help release a large kidney stone within a few hours of the healing session at the School, a kidney stone which the urologist was adamant required surgical intervention!  The Course was a boost to help me evolve spiritually.

As a graduate of the Academy, I continue to draw on my gifts as a healer and happily pass on my spiritual knowledge to help others. 

Since graduating, I have from time to time consulted with Kathy who, through her readings, has provided gentle spiritual guidance and wisdom to help me empower myself to make important  decisions along life’s path and to gain an understanding of the bigger picture. Kathy is much more than an intuitive with spiritual gifts. She is a wonderful teacher and a healer at both the personal and planetary level.

Keep up the wonderful work Kathy!  A pleasure and honour to know you!

Blessings and Light,

Alan Jervis

Nice, France