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Dec 21st Winter Solstice – Message from Spirit – “2018 Prophecy” – New Wave of Awakening Souls

Message from Spirit for Winter Solstice – December 21st, 2017
“Make a Wish” for 2018 – What we can expect by Kathy Roseborough
“Many are tired of the old rides on this beautiful playground of Life”…so worn out and eagerly seeking to find their own meaning of their birth. Witness your Beloved Mother Earth patiently waiting for each of her Children to wake up and begin their spiritual journey back to Self Realization of their individuated magnitude and magnificence”. 

When the Soul incarnate experiences this particular “wave” of waking up to their True Selves….they are at first emotional, angry, cranky, irritated, sad and often depressed, much like a small child can be when awakening from their nap. There is a New WAVE of awakening going on throughout mankind at this time of year and special Solstice cycle… and for those who are more seasoned along their spiritual journey… this transition encourages them to be the Leaders for this new wave of awakening Souls.

“New Wave of Awakening Souls”

The New Wave of awakening Souls is quite massive and will require many Leaders who can hold the torch of Light up high for those coming up the mountain of Love, Heart and Truth. There will be many called upon to work and contribute more tirelessly to hold doors open..and there are those who will be using very intricate MIND-dictated concepts to open up the dimensions of Higher Spiritual practices for the many to share. Each of you have a place; and each of you are unique and Beautiful to the Greater Cause.

Reflect upon your own conscious awareness; where you are at in the unfoldment of your Inner Beauty, Mind and Will..and then examine more closely your role in the coming year; developing Cycle of the blossoming of mankind’s Spirituality. During this Solstice time reside deep in your Inner Temple in quiet solitude and peace. Journal only when you feel the moment is right..after much consideration and reflection. Journal the guidance you receive and realize that at first glance it may seem simple and straightforward…but as you explore it’s unfoldment you will see it’s depth and complexity covering many dimensions of Creation!

The MIND will be moving you; accelerating you quickly towards new ideas and inspirations…that is the POWER of the Jupiter influence and Sagittarius energy! However the GOAT of Capricorn likes to be sure-footed and take smaller leaps…stopping to graze and take in the moment…before leaping again. Expect to be the sure footed Goat with the power of Jupiter at your back!

All the many worthwhile activities and inspirations will need a good ground and solid framework. Take the time over the weeks ahead to establish this with the vision and symbol of the 6 pointed Merkabah or multi-dimensional 6 pointed star in your MIND and Soul. (my note: the Merkabah is the merged opposition of 2 three-dimensional equilateral triangles to form a six pointed star) The symbol is assigned to the Heart centre (13th point) yet it reaches out multi dimensionally and affects many people; worlds and things here on Earth. 

Meditate upon your ideas and goals with the thought of the Greater GOOD for all involved in mind. Be aware that your greatest successes are when you take into consideration others. What you do with the the Self you do with the All.

There will be many old Principles and Laws needing to be presented into the mass consciousness; into the newly awakened Souls with ease and grace. Be attentive, compassionate and understanding of their need to think things through and absorb the new insights. Your mind may be moving quickly but there’s will be just opening to remember who they truly are….so patience here is definitely a virtue!

“prophecy 2018”

Watch how the Animal Kingdom, Vegetable Kingdom, Trees and landscapes, Water, minerals and AIR quality becomes of particularly POWERFUL importance globally. Step up and step into those projects and mandates that seek to help and conserve the natural bounty and resources of the EARTH. She will need your care and attention. Be very mindful of this and dedicate your own personal time to task.

There are forces of Higher Mind and Spirit moving across the human race; the globe of mankind that are prompting many to rethink their outlet of expression, their jobs, their day to day activities. Many want off the mundane and into the extraordinary.

Many job changes and Spiritually inspired new professions being created with new titles and names never heard of before. The overhaul is expansive and technology can play a healthy role if kept in check and in balance. Global communities can soar through Love, Light and commitments to improving the lives of many many people if mankind chooses to think with his Higher Mind and forfeit the greed and corruptive practices of the past.

World organizations will be stronger and will take on the heads of States, Countries, Nations with demands that they face more thoroughly their obligations and responsibilities to the people of the world and to not isolate themselves in self indulgent behaviour. The push will be on for all countries to make political and economic decisions that will be for the whole and not for the few.

The World systems will have a chance to turn direction now and accelerate towards an overthrow of iron age practices that separate people between rich and poor; excess and scarcity.

Green space will be protected and utilized more with those Creative Souls taking aim at waste and creative, very innovative ways to conserve the waters and nutrients for growing foods. Practices will move northward towards lands that were once considered too hostile for food making and instead through natural modifications, the harnessing of Energy for food production can be as abundant as in the South.

Councils will be created to listen more attentively to inspiring new ideas and advancements in natural medicines, environmental protection and alignments to the natural course and curve of the Earth’s body.

For the microcosmic system, mankind will shy away from plastics, ingredients of man’s making, formulas that pollute and products that harm the newly born child.

The bodies will cry out for a stop to such practices at all ages and your own inner systems and mechanisms of the SENSES including the 6th will come forth and dictate to you your body’s needs.

Follow your intuition on just what should and should not pass through your mouth on it’s way to your stomach.

Use your “sense of smell” to determine whether your body agrees with what is in front of you.

This is a very large and impactful time of the cyclic change of mankind here on Earth and you are all responsible for being a part of it’s glories and it’s corrections. Be wise and turn away from those fabrications designed to enslave you. Embrace the changes of natural Life and Law.

Your Mother Earth has a special interest in each of you and as your caregiver and provider of physical Life..she works in absolute harmony and Oneness with Creator in offering Her part to your existence. Abide by Her Laws and listen attentively within to your Universal Creator directives which can be found by being still; and receptive.

Do be still this time of the season and make time in your life going forward to receive the benefits of being a Human; a Soul incarnate. Give back when you can and share with those in need. Cosmic Blessings for an enlightened Solstice time..May you prosper in the coming year 2018.

Class Master
So Mote it Be !

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