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Energy Updates – May 20th to May 26th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

We continue to position ourselves into a greater alignment with our true Selves while striving to overcome the challenges that face us each day.  People are tired…yes…tired of the “work” and I truly understand this…but we do know that the results of our efforts are so great; so beneficial for all involved that there is no doubt that the power is within us to succeed !

Go at a good pace though this week…not too fast; nor too slow.  Just work diligently on your plans and your practice.  Keep up a routine of self improvement be it exercise or emotional or spiritual  (in fact all 3 !!).  By keeping up the routine you will see measurable increases in all these areas as you go along over the weeks ahead.

Be safe!  I’m sorry to say that the road hazards and people upsets have increased.  People are distracted…extremely…especially when driving so please be aware of each other and be quick to react in a preventive manner if necessary.  I hope that it is not necessary.

Be discreet…you have some plans and you need to know those that are trustworthy and so discernment is Key.  Not that you are…just that you need to respect and give acknowledgement to those powerful inspirations from the Inner Self.

This is the type of energy week where upsets can occur from miscommunication and misreading of material…as well…people are energetically defensive…so don’t get mixed up in dramas that you do NOT need to be in. That’s for sure !

We need to mention here the need for each of you to establish clear boundaries and rules/routines that make sure your own soul mandate is being honoured.  So often we help others and totally forget about our own selves.  It is NOT being selfish…you are applying Self-Love….so please do this diligently !

Finally, recapture your youth…what??? you say?  Yes…I said to recapture your youth..enjoy those activities that will make you laugh and play !  Things that will make you sing and smile !  okay?  Regardless of your age…it is time for some enjoyment to life as well.

In Light and in Peace,




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