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Finding stability….right inside of you!

Hi Everyone!

With the world presenting such an intensity of late..especially now that another full moon approaches Saturday, November is often difficult to not get too anxious, stressed and triggered into fear.  What to do?  Are you susceptible to emotions that sweep across nations, news and social media?  It would stabilize the world much more if each of us worked on having our very own “stabilizing routine” daily!

By keeping yourself attuned and reduce the fears and angst…trusting instead to embrace the Universal Truth and Love that should be a ruling and governing “go to” in your life.  When I see people in my practice that are expressing emotional uncertainties, fears and anxieties…I will ask them to go to the World Healing Library FREE meditation offerings and listen to a meditation.  That it will help them…

When I am faced with my own challenges and distractions in life..what do I do?  I go right to my personal sanctum and begin to do my deep breathing and meditation.  Why?  Because it is the FASTEST health fix I have every seen!  What I have also come to discover and delight in having the experience in…is that I don’t find myself disturbed fact I find that I am most peaceful in the midst of chaos.  I seek solutions, counsel from within and strong guidance.  That’s the place each of us should go to when we need it.

We can change this world to one of a lot more peacefulness and balance…we can change our own lives first!

Try developing your own practice…LEARN a daily routine..LEARN to be aligned and come to understand the meaning of just what that is!

After my 1st Day of teaching the 5-Day workshop at More Than Just Art in Huntsville last weekend…I was so pleasantly surprised to see the response and engagement from the students as they learned the Levels of Consciousness.  Maybe you would like to learn too!

In Light and in Peace, Kathy

New 5 Day workshop starting FRIDAYS…..NOVEMBER 10TH.. 2017 AT CATA in Richmond Hill, Ontario…or do the program long distance !