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Full Moon – Buddha WESAK 2019

We can choose enlightenment; We can choose Peace!

This special Full Moon Weekend in Scorpio offers each of us an opportunity to “join” with the Ancient Ones; the enlightened Ones globally and the direct flow of Cosmic Intelligence pouring into mankind, bathing us with the Creative Light of Source!

There is such a need for each of us to awaken to the understanding the WE ourselves can join in Like Mind and Love and change the world we live in. The ultimate Divine forces of Creator through Love are operating right now to help us; each of us every moment! May you feel their support!

It is said that at this special Full Moon weekend cycle, when the Buddha – Christos flow of Love and Wisdom is celebrated, that we can ALL participate in the in-flow of CHANGE for mankind. Life is in perpetual change and evolution, thus modifications and new directives and access to higher consciousness, is ALWAYS in motion. Let’s open to receive the directives of the Universal Source! Your soul mandate is being expanded and enhanced; we can each have a positive impact on the Greater Whole!

We not only RECEIVE this weekend…but we can also ADD our own positive thoughts and invocations for mankind to shift into greater alignment with the “God of their heart” – whatever one wishes to address this God as. For each of us has our own special relationship with that. 🙂

I have recorded a meditation that you may wish to use to align with this most sacred and auspicious time of the year…the Full MOON of May in Scorpio; WESAK festival weekend and the many Blessings of Creator into our hearts and mind.

Healing and Enlightenment Meditation for Special Full Moon May 2019

In Light and in Peace, Kathy

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The Blessings of the Divine One into your own hands
Full Moon in Scorpio