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Intuitive Counselling Sessions with Kathy Roseborough

Intuitive Counselling Sessions: 

The Intuitive Counselling Sessions offer you insight and guidance on how to navigate your spiritual path and journey of life. Many topics can be discussed and each session starts out with an overview as to “just where you are at” currently with Kathy pinpointing the challenges as well as the beautiful openings that are present in your aura/Energy field.

Every session is an “experience” with your own higher aspects of Self and there is always a healing that takes place!  It is an uplifting session with positive direction and wise counsel from the Inner planes.

  • Etheric and Physical Health, Emotional well being, challenges in personal life, professional
  • Questions about family, relationships, spiritual journey experiences
  • Ask me those things that are on your mind; let’s see how Spirit guides you!  Spiritual help and development of your journey!

You can book a 30, 45 or 60 minute session – contact at: or

Sessions:  in person or via Skype/Facetime/Zoom or email.

Locations:  405 Limerick Street,  Innisfil, ON just 20 min north of Bradford.   Call/Text 647 281 8771

Costs:  30 min. $75, 45 min $110 or 60 min $150 via etransfer or PayPal.  Payments are made at the time of your booking to confirm appointment.

Etransfers to:

TREE of LIFE – 22 Major Arcana Tarot Readings for 2020 – $150  Contact me for this please.  Payment below with PayPal to register for the 60 minutes Tree of Life session.

Session Length