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Private Spiritual Mentoring – Tee Scan & Intuitive Counselling Services

1st Principle of your Mentoring Objective:  

In order for your Projects, Initiatives, Creative Inspirations and Mandate to thrive and last far past the initial impulse and excitement…you MUST have a Spiritual Template from which to attach yourself and “it” to.  Otherwise it will not last nor will it have the on-going power and momentum to expand.

Private Mentoring:

“Mentoring is about helping you to heal, understand your challenges, gain insight on your gifts and develop your own Soul mandate and purpose.  You may already have a vision for yourself personally and/or professionally but need the tools to develop it…to get yourself to your goals.  Some of you may not even be quite sure of your Vision..but would like to find it! Either way..the private mentoring sessions are to help you specifically find your true Self.  It is not about me “reading” you..or answering a few questions…’s much more than that.  I facilitate a connection for YOU to be lifted up into higher consciousness…to begin to experience yourSELF. was meant to be written..yourSelf !  Connect with me for your private mentoring..and start living a Spiritually conscious life!”

…..Kathy Roseborough, Intuitive Healer, Teacher & Facilitator

Need help to develop your Spiritual Path? Your Business? Your Practice?  Many people decide to take private mentoring classes because they are looking for a solid foundation and direction on how to develop their intuitive gifts, their healing, wondering what their experiences mean, which direction to go with their life.  Private mentoring is very unique to you.  Take the theory into practical application now… get the specifics you need to set you on the right path..elevating your consciousness and directing you in your own Soul mandate and Soul purpose.

Kathy uses a combination of her own intuitive spiritual skills and training, addressing your alignment to the “Tree of Life Schematic of Creation, TEE scan aura reading capabilities, unique Dialogue Healing and work with your Book of Life to guide you.  Starting studies at the age of 12 and growing up in a family of spiritual healers and mediums, Kathy went on to study and develop specialized Spiritual Ascension programs and Energy work training. Kathy still studies and will continue to study as well !  You could say with 46 years of training she’s got a pretty strong template for you to follow to ensure you get the most out of your training.  You will find these classes very special; personal and unique to you…!


Option 1:  Personal Spiritual Growth:  6 – 2 HOUR classes

  • Chakra Assessment & Development – practice guided meditation/healing/pathwork with Kathy
  • Aura Development – Levels of Consciousness understanding
  • Intuitive Counselling to help you get to the root of the problems and symptoms you are experiencing such as anxiety, fears and stagnation
  • Find out “Where you are at” in your Spiritual Ascension
  • Developing your Intuition – Get out of your way!
  • Meeting your Ascended Masters, Guided and Angelic Ones (if you are interested in this)
  • Alignment with Soul Purpose – Why am I born? Gifts and moving forward
  • Emotional support for you in family and relationships
  • Clear out your old false beliefs – Learn a daily meditative practice

**** NEW!  Kabbalah – Tree of Life – Introduction to understand your own relationship to the most profound Schematic of Creation and how you are ascending and gaining in levels of Conscious awareness.  6 lessons of 2 hours.  Request this if you are interested.  ****

If you would like to include the following in your program you can:

Can be added:  USUI Reiki Initiations for Self Healing – receive initiation for the first time or repeat to ensure optimum use of the Reiki energy Ray for healing and personal advancement.  This guidance, live channelled initiations and training is meant for Self Healing primarily but if you wish to learn hand placements for others as well it can be included.  The Reiki energy is an excellent addition to your meditative practice.

Option One – 6 Classes  (Please bring your own Recording Device/handouts provided) – 2 hour classes – you need to practice at home and bring developing questions and reflections as homework as well.  It’s important to practice!

Option 2 – Mentoring for those who are wishing to Develop their Creative Projects or start their Holistic Business, Therapists, Practitioners 

Seeking to Expand? Diversify your Skill? Learn how to use the Template of the Tree of Life for your own Practice!

  •  Let’s discuss your unique gifts and your personal projects – Soul Mandate.  We will develop your new vision of Self for professional expression by accessing the Higher Inner Temple – Master Soul Personality and your Ascended Teachers.
  • The manifestation of your Soul Mandate and Purpose has a very distinct outflow that I know how to connect you with. Let me help you with what I do best!
  • If you need mentoring for your creative projects, new direction plus strengthen your interface with the Higher Self mandate then this is the option for you.
  • Pathworking and guided energy healing meditations to UNBLOCK your access to Soul Purpose, creativity, Higher understanding and Acceptance of Self

Option Two – 6 – 2 hour classes –  Please bring your own Recording Device! You need to practice at home and bring developing questions and reflections as homework as well.  

via SKYPE, Facetime, in person 

  • You are registering for a total of 6 classes with each class being 2 hours in duration.  Total mentoring is $1800 if paid in full.  You may choose payment options.

Payment: Credit card online or Interac e-transfer

Payment Options


“I have been blessed to know Kathy for over 15 years. She has been a gifted mentor for me and for my family and has taught me much that I now call on in my work as a physician and teacher.

When it comes to esoteric studies, Kathy is as much a master teacher as she is a kind and patient guide. Her self-discipline, curiosity, clear heart, self-compassion and truth seeking keep her grounded in first principles, making her a great model for her students. Kathy lives by what she teaches and she takes a no nonsense approach to her work. She is only interested in the extent to which her teaching can lead to personal experience and effect change in the lives of her students. While I have studied the human body and mind from an objective, scientific perspective, studying with Kathy has brought that understanding to life as she has guided me into the perception of subtle energy and its interaction with the material world. What Kathy teaches resonates through all the energetic layers, from the densest conditioned beliefs, emotions and physical sensations to the subtlest levels of awareness.

I am deeply grateful that I can call Kathy my teacher.”

Jane Salter MD


“We all have dreams of how we would like our lives to unfold, but often we find ourselves stuck or meandering off course.  I started private mentoring sessions with Kathy at a time in my life when I felt a bit lost and in need of direction. The sessions got me back on track by helping me identify my life’s purpose and devise a tangible plan of action to bring my dreams into formation.  I find myself happier and more focused than ever, and largely attribute this to my work with Kathy.  I know with her continued mentorship and teaching I will be able to manifest my dreams…which continue to grow in scale under her tutelage!” 

Jacs Cooper 


“Even after the first few meditation classes and training workshops I could already feel the difference in my personal life and every day business leadership. To really get to clear all the fears and false beliefs it definitely takes time… Seven years after, I now turn back and realize I have been through something that I wouldn’t never have done alone. Through all the program offered, I have been learning how to stay align and how to listen my needs and respect myself. This was quite a challenge in this century of extreme distraction. I deeply want to thank Kathy for all the support she has been giving me over all those years. The programs she teaches have undoubtedly been helping me to become a more solid and powerful man. I have only one recommendation: Don’t miss this opportunity!”

Marc Ethier, CEO, Zükari inc.

TEE Health Scan & Dialogue Healing™

Supports & heals current physical challenges. Targets potential underlying problem areas before problems start!

  • Includes energy healing for clearing at the physical/etheric, emotional, false belief (mental level), psychic and most importantly at the Causal Body (via access to Akashic)
  • Audio and written synopsis on Endocrine Gland System, Organs and Body systems with details on blocked pathways, emotional blocks & fragments and false beliefs.  Chakra/Auric Field details included.
  • TEE Scan (Template of Etheric Energy) is the medicine of the future. For permanent healing to take place the Practitioner must find the underlying cause of the illness or disease manifesting in in the physical body.  This is found in the Formative subtle bodies and Causal Body that destabilizes the Etheric Template.

A comprehensive and advanced system of Intuitive scanning and Dialogue Healing™

“The truth is…I can “talk..mind-to-cells” with your endocrine glands, organs, circulatory system, heart, lymphatics and more. Why? to find out the emotional underlying issues of your health challenges and to seek out the false beliefs that you hold that are blocking the process of healing.  Many times we are given good medicine from our doctors and alternative care practitioners but you don’t heal.  Why? because the subtle energy bodies are holding old emotions, traumas, pains and memories that alter the body’s inherent health state.  This is a great Energy healing process to support your current physical protocol and to help embrace and hold better health!”  ……. Kathy Roseborough, Intuitive Healer, Teacher and Facilitator    

“In a relaxed atmosphere, starting with assessment sitting in chairs across from each other…then proceeding to a Energy healing on the healing table… Kathy will use energy healing and interactive dialogue with your body systems.”

* This work can also be done long distance by Kathy (channelled) in the Inner Temple with a synopsis of the healing written up for you if you prefer *

Sessions Cost: $185 – approx. 75 minutes

*** Please bring your own Recording device ***

Intuitive Sessions – One Hour or Reiki Healing Book a session with Kathy – $150 for one hour – please bring your own recording device

TEE Scan Healing – $185 for 75 minutes

Reiki Session or One Hour Intuitive Counsel – $150

45 minutes Intuitive Counsel – $110

30 minute Intuitive Counsel – $75

Options of Service