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TEE Health Scan & Dialogue Healing™

Supports & heals current physical challenges. Targets potential underlying problem areas before problems start!  

  • Energy healing for clearing at the physical/etheric, emotional, false belief (mental level), psychic and most importantly at the Causal Body (via access to Akashic)
  • Synopsis on Endocrine Gland System, Organs and Body systems with details on blocked pathways, emotional blocks & fragments and false beliefs.  Chakra/Auric Field details included via email for long distance clients.
  • TEE Scan (Template of Etheric Energy) is the medicine of the future. For permanent healing to take place the Practitioner must find the underlying cause of the illness or disease manifesting in in the physical body.  This is found in the Formative subtle bodies and Causal Body that destabilizes the Etheric Template.

A comprehensive and advanced system of Intuitive scanning and Dialogue Healing™

Long Distance Sessions from my Inner Temple

Cost: $185 – approx. 75 minutes – emailed synopsis of your healing

In-Person Sessions are also $185 – approx. 75 minutes – please bring your own recording device for audio will be your report rather than written.

Upon Registration please forward an email to: OR you can call/text 647 281 8771 to schedule healing.

Register on line with payment via email transfer or PayPal first then –

Book your session via email:

or phone/text:  647 281 8771