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TEE Health Scan & Dialogue Healing™

Kathy Roseborough, Founder and Master Practitioner shares with you that the TEE Health Scan program supports you with Energy healing for current and immediate physical challenges. It also targets potential underlying problem areas before they start!  It includes several approaches depending upon assessment:

  • Energy healing for clearing at the physical/etheric, emotional, false belief (mental level), intuitive/reflective and most importantly at the Causal Body levels.
TEE Scan and Cellular Healing:
A comprehensive and advanced system of Intuitive scanning and Dialogue Healing™ and CELLULAR healing support – Axiatonal Alignment and specialized Cell regeneration healing to the inherent Codes of Life. 
This healing involves Initial Energy Assessment and underlying causes from Causal body plus healing sessions. All sessions target cellular healing as required by the client.

Here are just some of the Examples of Energy Healing needs that TEE Scan Sessions Support.  Connect with me for your specific needs.

  •  Inflammation in Spinal injury, damage and impingement
  •  Viruses, bacteria clearing support –  underlying cause & direct  disengagement of pathogen attachment. (eg. Covid-19, Epstein Barr, Lung Pathogens, Flu Viruses, Gut Bacterial overgrowth)
  • Brain – support for concussions
  •  Blood System purification and Cell Regeneration
  •  Support in Cancer treatment and Prevention
  •  Regeneration of tissue cells, bones cells
  •  Healing & Synopsis on Endocrine Gland System, Organs and Body systems for blocked pathways, emotional blocks & fragments and false beliefs.
  • DNA – gene lineage dysfunction – Template connection healing – axiatonal alignments
  • Liver – intensive support and healing to multi-functions of this organ

TEE Scan (Template of Etheric Energy) is Energy Medicine to support conventional Medical treatment and is not a replacement for your Medical or Naturopathic Physician or any Certified Medical Practice.

For permanent healing to take place the Practitioner must find the underlying cause of the illness or disease manifesting in in the physical body.  This is found in the subtle bodies and Causal Body that destabilizes the Etheric Template thus Physical health.

Long Distance Sessions allows me to spend the time I need to do the Dialogue Healing, Receive the Counsel and get “in the moment” instructions on healing tools/techniques to be applied. 

Kathy specializes with her clients and students in Direct Mind healing long distance and gets at the root and underlying cause of your illnesses.  

ETHERIC HEALING:  Since 1993 Kathy has been instructed in the Principles of Healing and Universal Laws of going in behind the symptoms and manifestations to get at the root cause.  She traces the illness/disease and disharmony from the damaged Etheric Template back to the Causal.  In 1998 she established The School of Etheric Healing…now known as the World Healing Academy.  Kathy continues to study the advanced systems of Etheric Healing, the Causes of Human suffering and Disease, and Metaphysics; Cosmic Laws. 

4 DAY Healing Program:  Total Cost $1,000

Program Schedule: 

(Please note that schedule is modified for acute cases to more frequent sessions)

Day 1:  Initial TEE Scan Assessment, Underlying Causes and Dialogue Healing – synopsis sent via email

Day 4:  Second Healing Session – synopsis sent via email

Day 11:  Third Healing Session – synopsis sent via email

Day 18:  Fourth Healing Session – synopsis sent via email

Review of Health with Client – via email

Upon Registration please forward an email to: OR you can call/text 647 281 8771 to schedule healing.

Follow up Sessions – $225  – including report/synopsis of the findings and healing for long distance healings


Healing program

TEE Health Scan & Dialogue Healing™