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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – August 10th to August 16th, 2020

How Strong is Your Shield? Your Aura?

Hi Everyone! 

Okay…so it seems that most of you have been putting your “puzzle pieces” together and concentrating, focusing and visualizing what your goals and dreams going forward in your life should look like…right?  That’s okay if you hesitated because there is still a lot to do with regard to detail and design….so don’t sweat it…..not yet anyway!  What I do need to ask you though is “how are you managing the Energy these days and the onslaught of negativity from many globally, despair and lack of support in some cases?”  Do you feel like your own Aura (electro-magnetic field) is strong enough?  Do you have good armour and a shield?  Let’s see what’s going on together…shall we?  

Not everyone is “with you” ….riding on the same wave and resonating with your heart & mind….so we tend to find ourselves at times with some opposition and antagonism with regard to our choices; ways and means of living our life.  This week …(started actually after the full moon of August 3rd)…is accelerating many divisions of perspectives on life and we need to be at peace with that.  You are not to waste energy trying to persuade another to agree with you nor shall you waste energy trying to protect yourself either.  You should ALWAYS try to have a strong Energy field through commitment to your daily spiritual and physical practices thus not have to experience so much the bumpy challenges that come up. 

A Strong Energy Field is developed through your deep breathing practices, Energy centre (chakras or portals) study, assessment and healing, plus a good spiritual integration personal program that blends the higher, more subtle realms of vibrational intelligence with your personal vehicle or ego personality, as some like to call it.  Visualizing a powerful ovoid of Electric Blue Colour all around you from above your head to below your feet also is a great tool of developing a strong shield of MIND so that the lower, negativity can “bounce” off you. 

Question…(rhetorical) Why do Leaders who, like yourself, have a good heart and Mind wishing to do well for the Greater Good, who work hard and seek to only contribute to a healthier human race get bumped and knocked around energetically testing their metal?  Hhhmmm….perhaps because they are impacting upon the stagnant unawakened human family with their Light?  Perhaps because they are “poking” at the sleeping human being attempting to help draw them up into that same Light?  And perhaps because their Love and Understanding is such that they have a higher tolerance level.  

However…there comes a time when the shields are put to the limit and we get tired, overwhelmed and need some help.  (Yes..I am listening to your emails and comments back about the challenges you have been having).    

So for all of you out there reading this that have been feeling the overwhelm of late…I have good news!  The WAVE of Energy from the 8-8-20 opening over this weekend past…is revving up and you are going to be have access to some pretty powerful protective Energy.  USE it to develop your AURA and to gain rejuvenation and power to your Energy centres.  Okay?  So with even the bubbling mass of waves of uncertainty growing around the world…there is even a BIGGER waves of growing TIDES of Light Intelligence; Universal Light and Love that is extending into our human family as well.  Look to the EAST during your meditation times and you will feel a difference.  Try it. 

For now…everyone…deep breathing, great stretching and movement, meditation and focus. Stay alert, clear and focused for you are doing well and your SHIELDS, Auric field and Sword of Truth and Light will be blazing with the Cosmic signature of some Mighty powers led by those who lead the stronger battle.  Feel your support and know that there are many who have your back!  

Great week ahead to get things done!  Feel the strength in your arms and creative hands…your stance in your pelvic floor, legs, knees and feet…for you WILL have a stronger foundation! 

In Light and in Peace, 


Lion’s Gate – 8 – 8 – Guided Activation Meditation

Activation – LION’s GATE

Sit back and enjoy and guided healing and meditation to connect with the auspicious and spiritually accelerating Energy of the SUN – the LEO Constellation and the SIRIUS star alignment. This Energy healing can be repeated over the 3 day period – August 8th to 12th to optimize your own Spiritual path! OPEN THE GATE!

There are many beautiful vibrational channels that flow from our Universe and when cycles come up that bring strong nodal crossings into your own Energy centres it is maximized; amplified. This is a time when our heart centres guide our lives with compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and love. The “courageous” and strengthening influence of this time line provides you support for self expression, taking your rightful place, speaking up, choosing and deciding your Soul purpose and most importantly….creating boundaries for Self Love and for personal growth.

May you find benefit with this guided healing meditation…

World Healing Library…

Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – August 3rd to August 9th, 2020

Hi Everyone! 

We start this week off in the full moon in Aquarius and what you are experiencing is your assessment of current obstacles on your path and inferior distractions “nipping” at you; bothering and/or frustrating you which disturbs your peace.   How do you find peace and create harmony over this full moon week and ensuing times ahead in August? Let’s look at this together. 

Your environment, and the people and events involved within it, is the manifestation of past thoughts, past living and “placement” by the Universe for you to work out certain things in your life as well as to CREATE greater conscious awareness of Self.  The full moon and Energy of JUPITER and SATURN this week, which are dynamic forces of the Mighty Will of Creation (Jupiter) and Karma, cycles and CHANGES in events (Saturn) are all combining to bring your attention to a total FOCUS on yourSELF.  It is YOU that has the power to overcome those obstacles you are experiencing and you are going to have to take the TIME to sit quietly and reflect in order to reach the solutions. 

As you work these things out for yourself…look at the Leadership and EXAMPLE you hold up for others so that they too can experience the HOPE and not the fear of being stuck and confused. 

Be meticulous in your approach.  Like cleaning up a cupboard or garage or room…you don’t just run in and start throwing things out.  You LOOK at what is there and create and organized approach.  

BONUS from Universe:  As you start this method of mastering your challenges this week…the power of your MIND is going to increase exponentially, you will feel STRONGER, healthier and way better for it.  PLUS!  EXTRA BONUS!  What you start to put into ORDER this week and engage in with regard to overcoming your obstacles and creating anew…you are harmonizing and engaging in the VERY important TIME cycle that runs from June Solstice 2020 to September Equinox 2020!  Good for you!  Right within the powerful Window!  

Practical Application:  Begin to address the most obvious, nagging and disturbing challenge you have in your life right now.  Reflect on the underlying CAUSE. Get assistance if you need to in order to UNDERSTAND it.  You see KARMA and SATURN is very tricky in that you cannot just “throw away” your problems.  You have to REFLECT on them and LEARN…and THEN the powerful, beauty of the GIFTS this week from Jupiter and Saturn come in! 

I’ll repeat that….Jupiter (WILL) and Saturn (Law, Karma) will BOTH help you this week if you show your good intentions of facing the issue / obstacle you wish to clear up.  Sit down on your own or with a mentor and take it apart.  Study the issue, the underlying causes and resolutions.  Then this will SHIFT permanently upon resolution.  Got it? 

Lead; spread HOPE and show others the way. 

Blessings for the week ahead! 

In Light and in Peace, 



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Courage: Leo – AUGUST – “Dare you to Believe in Yourself”

What’s happening with us?  Time seems…”different”.  Vibrational changes are occurring within each of us causing Self Realizations to take place on multiple levels at once. Cycles and windows of opportunity are opening and others are closing… that are identified by their intensity and Cosmic Intelligence.   

What’s going on?  Are you feeling some compelling urge to get a handle on your life now and direct the forces?  You are correct…the window of time started this past June Solstice and closes Fall Equinox 2020 and by next week we are HALF way through it. 

What is this timeline calling you to do?  Be a LEADER….at what? ask. Within your family, your community, your profession; your expression of Self.  Show others the way by living your dream; your True Self.  Be DARING…go beyond your limitations and put your focus on things that are important to you.  But…you say…there’s a pandemic out there! this physical world we have a pandemic.  What about the other KEY aspects of you? What about your EMOTIONS?  your CREATIVITY?  your MIND?  your PURPOSE   your SPIRIT?  Is it all controlled by a physical pathogen?  I think not. 

I have been helping people everyday in my mentoring sessions to tackle, question, search within, discover and assert…ACHIEVE their goals and dreams by developing and strengthening their COURAGE and their DECISIONS to ACT during this very, very special time cycle. 

What you decide NOW during this window….will set off a “spark” with others around the Globe….setting the TONE and PRECEDENCE for the rest of your life and humanity’s.  You don’t need to have it all figured out and manifested…no…but you DO need to acknowledge, state your intention and take that very important step now.  Don’t wait for something; or somebody to act….take it upon yourself to liberate yourself and live the freedom of your Soul expression that is inherently yours. 

There is a very WILLING “Spirit” or SOUL fire inside of you that needs to be permitted to light up your path.  Don’t hold it back.  Let it be free to guide you and focus you.  

These are extraordinary times and leadership is important.  Your leadership can take many, many forms of expression.  You may be starting with leading yourself…then you will find the COURAGE to lead and help others.  

Let’s get some beneficial Energy healing and physical healing going on for ourselves right now AND let’s get some formative MIND and WILL directed at your physical world as well. Be CREATIVE; don’t hold back.  Now is not the time to “wait and see”.  That is procrastination and humanity and our EARTH needs ACTION and LEADERSHIP.  The shift is already underway…the WINDOW is open…can you be the Pegasus WINGED HORSE with  HEART to fly through it?  

In Light and in Peace, 


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Panic Attack – Anxiety Relief

Public or Personal – Panic Attack – Immediate Relief
Guided Healing for Inner Peace – Relief of Panic Attack/Anxiety
You are Safe – You are Grounded

If you have been feeling overwhelmed and anxious during these transitioning times of life….it may find it too much for your nerves and heart to handle so you get an overload reaction. This happens and it is usually when we “fear the unknown; the future of uncertainty” or find it difficult to cope with the amount of day to day things that need to be done in order to survive.

Let’s use the tools of guided healing and meditation to train the physical body and emotional system to TRUST the Master within…in other words…to build a connection that balances out the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life.

The breath and the Mind development will help you to get stronger and more assured. Know that you are safe. Know that there is a Plan for your life and that you will build up the strength inside to pick up on the guidance.

Practice this guided healing and you will find many benefits from it.

***** Note *****

The shorter immediate relief Energy audio is for when you find yourself in a place either on your own or in public that ungrounds you. Walk away for a moment and listen to it on your phone…just to bring you back into oneness.

Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – July 27th to August 2nd, 2020

Courage, Protection and Love

Hi Everyone! 

Sitting in the Inner Temple this morning reflecting on the Spiritual energy influences from the Leo Constellation for the week ahead, and the most important and predominant guidance that came forward was for each of us to draw on our Courage to face our “inner and outer” challenges of life.  In support of that for you…comes the addition of one of the Greatest Principles of our unfolding and developing realization of Creation and that of course is LOVE. These 2 together can help you to not only face…but overcome with integrative understanding…some of the most difficult experiences you may have in this life. 

Now that I have reached my 60th birthday today, I am starting to now “spiritually mature” as my most Wise Teachers would lovingly say, and with that comes the reflective consciousness to be able to share with you the “energy Intelligences” that are influencing mankind to help awaken the masses and to also accelerate those who have positioned themselves to become the “conscious leaders” this world so sorely needs at this time.  Are you one of them? 

There are many individuals being called to wake up to their respective Soul mandates and to take the “reins” of the lead wagon of the convoy of many who are mobilizing to pioneer a new frontier of forward, innovative thinking and heart based communities of people.  

Of course…you say…you would LOVE to step up and step in…but you are personally having so many challenges of either health, emotional upheavals, economic unknowns, confusing or conflicting ideas on direction to take, or seemingly unsurmountable piles of “stuff” to do that are preventing you from getting to where you would LIKE to be!  

Yes…I hear you!  But you also… unbeknownst to you perhaps…have the VERY powerful forces of support in the Universe that will help you to get to where you need to go and that’s where the many shifts and changes of opportunity are opening up during the LEO constellation; the SIGN that currently mobilizes this united front and direction for mankind. 

Take heed and KNOW that this week is going to provide you with the “fuel” from the fire sign Leo and give you some propulsion to get going on the clearing up of your old “stuff” that you acknowledge and need to face as being in the way for you…PLUS…will be dissipating the VEILS of illusion, distortion and disharmony for you as well! 

What do YOU need to do this week?  PUSH forward with your mighty internal WILL and drive the team of MIND and LOVE towards claiming further your access to Soul mandate and purpose thus liberating yourself from the lower dross that can pull you down.  Shake off the emotional glue that you think will not permit you to bond with Self Love and Self Worth/Forgiveness. 

Enjoy this incredible SOLAR sign beginnings and look forward to more power of the Leo sign for mankind moving across the globe as our SUN transits though it’s Cosmic intelligence. 

In Light and in Peace, 


Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – July 20th to July 26th, 2020

New Moon in Cancer this week…Double the LOVE and Nurturing for YOU!

Hi Everyone! 

How can we not engage in conversation about the rather rare 2nd New Moon during the Cancer Constellation focal point this week without talking about your Heart, Breasts, Lungs, and Emotions!  That’s heard me correctly!  You are going to “Double UP” with the Love, Healing and Energy focus this week to these areas of your body and more….let’s walk the beach together and talk about your physical body and your LOVE towards it…shall we?  

You are going through an “extra wash and rinse” cycle with the Universal washing machine as our Beloved Mother is making sure you scrub behind the ears, take off those old clothes of repetition, clean out your closets and clean up your room… and get into your Sunday best! And yes…Father Universe is watching and smiling at you with understanding but backing up Mother as you “complain a fair bit” that it’s not fair!  It’s interrupting my busy time, you say.   Then there is always the old retort… “I’ve got better things to do with my life than this” routine that we usually find ourselves saying as “Children of the Great Light and Love of the Universe”.  What child doesn’t complain when they have to come in from play to have their bath time when everyone else…you think…doesn’t have to!  

The ENERGY this week is an amazing SCRUBBING clean time, wrapping oneself in a big BEACH or BATH towel and settling on down at the end of your day to review your life, assess just where you are going and ensuring that YOU are paying attention to the outpouring of Love from Creator as you dismiss the excuses you’ve used in the past and get on with the Blessings at hand.  This IS a beautiful week for a clean slate and a new routine, new journal, fresh set of clean clothes, new colours, new realizations of those things that are IMPORTANT to you while you toss away the repetitive games that you thought you were having “such a good time with”..only to find them somewhat empty and shallow. 

CLEAN?  You bet and do you need to double up on the Deep breathing practices, dietary changes, communication channels, LUNG freeing exercises, toxic body cleansing, and purity of thoughts?  YES, and DOUBLE yes!  Your Divine Parents are overseeing you and expect you to do your homework now.  The 2nd New MOON is a DOUBLE UP NEW MOON!

The New Moon in the Cancer Constellation is as always a NEW beginning in SOMETHING in your life that needs change and now we can turn this topic to everyone’s favourite…LOVE! Love is so important as it is a FIRST PRINCIPLE of Creation and cannot be ignored.  You must LOVE yourself so that you look after the gift of your life that your Universal Parents so painstakingly ensured your arrival here…next… you must LOVE nature and harmonize with Her as a Planetary body, and….drumroll please…when in this alignment of looking after and loving yourself and your environment…next…you ATTRACT through the Law of attraction…those who are magnetically in resonance with you through LOVE.  Whether singularly or plural…you will draw LOVE and experiences of LOVE to yourself.  That’s an expression of the Law of Magnetic Resonance. 

So…in closing…number one PRIORITY this week…is to give yourself a good energy wash during the New Moon with meditation and a chakra cleanse…Energy Bathing, and clearing your aura.  Next…get started on something NEW.  Yes..this week.  No excuses. 

Enjoy the week ahead.. 

In Light and in Peace, 


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – July 13th to July 19th, 2020

A week of transformations ahead!

Hi Everyone!

We often look for help from one another during times of unease and when unpredictable circumstances surround us…and this time is no different. Those in “leadership” positions globally are not strongly united to give people clarity on the future both near and far. What to do? You will look for that clarity and strength within yourself and co-create your own future based on the trustworthy, stable laws and the template of Life itself…and you won’t go wrong.

The future of humanity depends upon those who have either learned or are willing to learn to live by the natural Universal and planetary laws of life. These have been the “backbone” of life since the beginning of All things and will always be there to guide each of us into alignment for better health and living on this planet. Many of you have already started to live consciously this way and there are “eyes” opening all over the world that are finding that it is best to take up their own position of alignment themselves and to help their family and loved ones do the same. That’s how you change the world and feel at peace with the future!

The transformations that are occurring so quickly within you this week are leaving you with a very decisive stand of just what you will and will not tolerate in your life. The shifts both of late and to come…are also giving you ample opportunity to schedule and coordinate your plans, ideas and goals in ways that you only dreamed of in the past. You are actually “engaging” your plans into form and towards manifestation.’s happening.

How will you gain stride and clarity with this? As you put energy into these developments and transformations of your life this week…you will be quickly setting yourself UP onto your new platform of life…. and feel that new ground beneath your feet. You don’t need to always “leave” completely the tasks/projects/jobs you have been doing for years…but some of you may find you are ADDING or opening up to include these new expressions of Self. For others? Yes…absolutely you may be completely shutting a door and opening another in a very “matter of fact” way. Whatever way you “transition” from one phase or cycle to the next… the achieved goal is the same.

Settle into the week ahead with peace in your heart…not angst. While sitting in your quiet spot doing reflection, meditation and writing…you will find that you are peacefully including your self realizations and acknowledgements of your own unique style and personality…thus greater ease will come with this.

I can already see the smiles starting to appear on your faces and you feel that internal “wiggle of delight” and “warm heart flowing” with the acknowledgement that yes…you just need to ACKNOWLEDGE” yourself! Verify this all week! Affirm and re-affirm with yourself that you are accepting YOURSELF! Look how much energy and intelligence has gone into creating you by the Universe! Let’s use that intelligence now wisely!

This week ahead is not about you turning on CNN, CTV, Fox, etc..and wondering “what’s going to happen”…it’s about you making your own life happen and honouring just who you are and what your own Soul mandate is. If we all focus on that…guess what? The world changes with its own accord. Something OUT THERE…is not changing the world….Something IN YOU is changing the world. Let’s unite in strength together from within! We can create a positive, healthy world together!

What a week of transformation ahead! Enjoy it ! Honour you!

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – July 6th to July 12th, 2020

Show your “reverence and gratitude”…..your life is about to change!  

HI Everyone!  

Let’s get right to the point!  A “Presence of sublime Divinity, a Healing and an Enlightening experience” is engaging you this week that will be for some…. best realized through Nature and your meditation/reflective time…and for others…with a strong wake up call.  Why?  Because the Intelligence of our Creative Universe is so far beyond our perception that when these waves of well orchestrated experiences take place it is because it is known that mankind needs to stop “chattering” and doing the “blah blah blah” dialogue amongst each other and LISTEN carefully.  For those of you who are on your path…the guidance is BLUNT…get moving!  Make your plans and mobilize.  For others? stop your hamster wheel  running now! Seek guidance where necessary. Will it be supportive? You bet it will !! 

Why are we to STOP and sit quietly with our heads ready to be touched by the “hand of Nature; Creation and Love?” Because the seeds of Spring have now started to grow nicely and rather quickly too… and you are being graced with a warm, loving touch upon your head that gives you great comfort and assurance…whilst stirring in you something that is very difficult to describe.  The Presence within you recognizes your struggles, confusion, uncertainty and bewilderment of often wondering where to start…and it is this week that you will begin to truly KNOW. 

The image comes to mind of a youth (male or female) who is sitting on the stairs…staring out ahead wondering what to do with with their life…and a “Wise Old Master” comes and reaches out their hand of Love and Strength and says…“walk with me..Let me show you the way.” 

You see we often have so much passion, emotion, desire, and willingness… and we KNOW that we have much to offer…yet for some reason or another can’t seem to connect with what we are to DO in this life.  Can be so frustrating!  We see humanity has needs out in the world..we are creative and of good heart…yet find it hard to fit into anything that can work! 

What this week’s energy offers, now that the full moon of Capricorn / Cancer alignment is at our backs…is a very rich moment of KNOWING.  A wave of confidence and purposeful act will come over you and you will just say to yourself…I’m doing this.  This can be in whatever capacity is suited to your life.  Not everyone is going out to “save the world”…it starts with “save yourself”.  In other words…say YES to yourself.  You will be touched upon the top of your head and then you will LIFT your face to the SUN…to your Heart, Soul and Universe with affirmative stance! 

Can you feel the PUSH of the Capricorn Goat head-butting you at the back between your shoulder blades?  That’s the back of your HEART CENTRE and the contact point to the Will of Creation personalized to you.  Feel that..accept it and say..YES to your PATH opening.  It is time to walk with the sublime Divine “essence of Life” that will help you to unfold the Greater Mysteries that are to be found within you! 

So do you feel like you should take a moment, and bow your head briefly…preparing for the incoming Life forces of Divine Intelligence that shall grace your presence?  Certainly…then lift up your head to receive the “touch of awakening and direction” that you have been seeking. 

Enjoy the week ahead…May you find it warm to your heart…beyond words. 

In Light and in Peace, 


Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – June 29th to July 5th, 2020

Walk to the “unknown” and you will start to remember!

Hi Everyone! 

I personally have been waiting for this week to start because I was shown for some time now that we will all have greater leverage for releasing the past and utilizing the gifts of the Solstice from 7 days ago in and around July 1st.  It takes always several days of processing and a transition period from the old to the new.  Did you find yourself faced with a lot of “shadows of illusion” over the past couple of weeks?  You likely did…and so here’s the bigger question.  Are you ready to walk away from negative interactions and repetitive unhealthy environments?  Are you ready to find out more about yourself? 

It’s “THE” week to walk towards your soul purpose and mandate and to go deeper into your own Truths; your path.  It’s time to study your life’s purpose and subject matter more so now than ever before.  It’s time to take your life to a more meaningful and satisfying level. 

The question…are you going to walk into the unknown?  Are you going to go where you know you want to head in life, but have been afraid to go so you chose to stay unchanged?

Let me share this with you….a very important and reassuring piece….you are not walking into the unknown.  You are walking into remembering why you are born,what your true gifts and purpose in life is AND what you have been “groomed for and preparing for all your life”.  That’s where you are walking.  The Creator doesn’t make any mistakes…you are who you are…by DESIGN. 

It’s not always easy of course…to make the focus of your life…YOU.  But this is what is necessary in order for this world to change.  We need to recognize that the “order of design” for the entire human race means that each unique piece; every human being makes up the entire design.  You have a responsibility to KNOW your own design and embrace it. 

People have a way of making up excuses….they often respond when asked if they are ready to “Know Thyself” and start to put focus and effort into themselves…”I’m so busy right now”.  I have to look after this and that…my life has so many demands and everyone needs me all the time.  I don’t have time.”   

What I would like to know…is when will you have time?   

If you are finding your day to day consisting of running from one task to the next…running along the surface as a “slave” to life… trying to get the “day” done with all energy put OUT into DOING for others and to look after your material duties/affairs/jobs of life….exhausted at the end of the day and little time for deeper reflection and study on your life….then you are “out of balance”.   That’s not living…that’s just being alive.  Totally different meaning.  Being alive only with cause frustration, anxiety, sadness, depression and raise all those issues of self worth.  “Living a conscious life” means that you are creatively engaged, joyfully surprised at all the different things you learn about yourself, more willing to extend yourself to others as you are content, healthier, stronger and peacefully balanced. this was a long-winded blog today…purposefully.  You see this is such an important “WEEKLY ENERGY SHIFT” that I just wanted to share to you the importance of life…”you!”.  Dig into your own life..your own true Divine constitution..and take time for yourself.  

Let’s not see another day, another week, month or year go by with you postponing and procrastinating and making excuses as to why you feel the “Universal Creator” is not worthy to acknowledge.  You are the emanation and manifestation of Creator…and you need to study yourself now; reflect and know who you are and why you are born.  You are a “son or daughter” of Creation…wow…!  Think about that for a moment please. The same Creator that made everything your see on Earth, all planets, stars, galaxies..universes..made YOU!  Why?  Scientists study the intelligence and purpose of all the species on Earth and beyond into the Solar system…and all the Creator is asking is if you would please study and reflect and KNOW Thyself.  Good time to start! 

Enjoy your week ahead! 

In Light and in Peace, 



My purpose of service in life:  to help people understand who they are and why they are born.  To help people learn how to live consciously and to help in shifting mankind to a healthier state.  To help in some way…to create a healthier planet.  🙂 

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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – June 22nd to June 28th, 2020

Lift your head up…See the BIGGER picture!

Hi Everyone! 

Well!  What did you think of that weekend energy? New Moon, Solstice, Eclipse! Whew! What major shifting going on and just think of the potential you have unlocked!  How are you going to start to now bring out the very best of yourself?  Let’s have a look at the week ahead together….  

The build up of emotional confusion and false beliefs against “your veils of illusion” have now broken through so that the Light of the Sun; your heart centre can shine from within you to “light your path ahead”.  As we continue into the weeks ahead…you will gain greater clarity about your own personal needs and have a stronger determination to ensure that there is balance in all things.  Remember that there must be a proper “ebb and flow” in the heart so that you do not end up “serving” only with little respect and gratitude coming back in.    

So many people, especially women have shared…that they found their lives to be so imbalanced as they “give so much energy out” and find little for themselves but this week it all begins to change! A very important heart chakra Energy “veil” has broken!

There are some very powerful Energy Intelligences that “run” the workings of our Earth, our Solar System and beyond…that are in place to guide you, protect you and instruct you.  As you pick up on the guidance when in meditation you will then learn how to coordinate your own “Soul-ful” gifts so that you will be in tune with the harmonics of Life.  Where to start? 

When you hear the “buzz word” in the spiritual community of being in alignment…what does that really mean?  Remember that you are a vast emanation of Divine/Universal Light and Intelligence and are now beginning to pick up on that and find your own true Self.  To start an alignment plan for first need to learn to breathe properly with life itself.  You need to daily sit down and get quiet so that you can begin to listen within…beyond the excess “tall grasses, confusion of human interaction, noise and pressures of life”.  Lift up! 

Aligning the inner forces means you need to study what these forces are that are there to guide your every move…your reflections, goals and dreams and keep you away from the interfering distractions and demands of the lower worlds. It is too easy to fall back down into the tall grasses without ability to see Truth.  It will take you practice and perseverance..but you will succeed. 

This week ahead is an important time for you to pick up a daily practice, write down what you know about your own Soul mandate, what you need to do in your own personal life with your family and friends to ensure balance and boundaries, and most importantly…to keep your eyes looking “Up and Beyond” without distraction looking backwards. Look forward and pursue a life that is lived with conscious awareness. 

There are all sorts of opportunities for you in this Post-Solstice time to achieve liberation from your lower wheel of repetitive behaviour….let’s put our “shoulder to task” and embrace the new cycle that this Season generously offers! 

Enjoy the week ahead! 

In Light and in Peace, 


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – June 15th to June 21st, 2020

Thinking Overload? Let’s See What This Week Has in Store….

Hi Everyone! 

Lots of thinking going on inside your head? You may even find that you are “tired” of trying to figure things out for yourself about what to do in some of the most important areas of your life….profession, home, new relationships and old ones too.  What’s going on with the Energy these days? Let’s reflect together. 

The “weight” on every human being on this planet emotionally has taken it’s toll on our health and mental state.  We struggle with achieving what we believe would be the right answers to solve our issues but for some reason…. it just doesn’t seem to align and manifest.  We are, for the most part, trying to be very forward thinking yet the “tools” we are using are from the old paradigm and cycle.  So what to do?  Start using a new set of tools from within ourselves to shift our reality because you have hit the ceiling on the use of the old ones.

Maybe have been thinking that, “if I just had a new job, or new partner, more money or a home off the grid…then I know I would be happy then”.  Well is that really true?  You are overwhelmed with your own “stuff” and yet you think that someone or something will make it right?  Let’s not go down that path when we know well and true that we have to change from the “inside out”.  As you internally integrate body to Soul…you THEN create outwardly what it is you wish to align with that is physical. We are creating a new reality; new level of living on this planet.

By the end of this week..over the New Moon weekend…we are making a transition into the Cancer constellation sign and already it is influencing you to go inside and ask yourself what you really want in life.  The Cancer energy brings out the “need to be nurtured” because it is sure difficult to be a human being these days!  The “water” emotional content is the highest percentage inside of us and when it is turbulent, stagnant or unattended to we are not happy. 

How to shift and get out of this overwhelm and confusion?  

Start with the finest things in life that our Mother Earth offers…..the ground beneath your feet. That’s right.  You need to settle the Inner Self with the Earth foundation.  Your base.  What is your day to day connection between your body and your Soul going to look like?  If you don’t connect the two you are not going to have stability.  The body is your base…the vehicle that your Soul uses to live upon this Earth and get a job done; a Soul purpose achieved.  You must connect to your own Self both inside and out.   

Have a look at what you need to do each day to be healthy and feel nurtured.  How much rest are you getting? Do you have quiet time alone for at least 30 minutes each day on your own to  engage your Soul?  Do you do deep breathing and reflection on your gifts and talents?  Stop chasing things…instead tap into your talents and give them your utmost attention.  Listen to what your heart and Soul believes in; stands for; harmonizes with. That’s pure love and nurturing! 

Now let’s shake off the “if I only had”…and get on with…”I am going to find out just who I really am and what I need…then I am going to LIVE that true Self” 

The PULL you are feeling that keeps dragging you back down into the redundant, repetitive day to day living needs a good OVER-RIDE and RE-SET now.  You will use your Inner MIND and WILL to do that.  This week you will have help. 

This week you have the help of the Universal forces that provide the “Arrows of Truth” and power.  Use them!  You have it in you and we have a courageous New MOON change coming.  

Enjoy the week ahead! 

In Light and in Peace, 



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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – June 8th to June 14th, 2020

Waiting patiently…for the “wind” to pick up? Gemini AIR element of MIND!

Hi Everyone!

Your intellectual mind is likely “whirling, wanting, waiting and wondering” all at the same time after the June 5th full moon that has uncovered yet another “marker on the trail” ahead for you. Here we have a new puzzle piece that you are trying to FIT into your story and you are both eager and curious as to how to do it. Let’s have a look together at what is unfolding inside of you.

Feeling your body pain points…I would say that the adrenals and the digestive system are calling out the loudest as they battle to calm any stress and anxiety in your heart and neck. You see the underlying issues are surfacing that your body is giving you a “shout out” to correct. What are you correcting? The internal confusion and unmanaged whirlwind in KNOWING that you have all sorts of power in your mind, will and desires…but it is seemingly usurped by an inability to engage that energy with the appropriate container for successful manifestation. Bottom line? “How do I get from Point A to Point B.” You ask.

First you acknowledge that you HAVE the potential to achieve and lock in your “Mind’s Eye” on the goal. Second, you “equalize the load” on the cart…meaning that you mobilize the excess from your head full of powerful thoughts and ideas…. and transfer it down into useable form. Start allocating, governing and directing the ENERGY with your MIND into containers or organized compartments! You are overloaded and the AIR uptake is unable to “lift off and take the balloon into the Higher sublime interface” where it is needed to go!

Network, share, create groups, organize with others…in other words…work together with others to bring your task and goals to manifestation.

Higher Mind works very well when several diverse streams are created to bring the “strings” or “strands” of the Codes of Life down to manifest into the human family. As you exchange the thoughts and communication between the higher and lower Mind…there is a smooth overlay and design created. You will have tremendous success underway this week if you “use the skills” inherent in you. Life is not about being an “island” unto oneself…..but a human family that is united and working together. Bring other people into your life to create “a conscious life” for humanity with your ideas. Start at home, community, friends!

“Build it and they will come” it is said. Okay…then in order to build you need to have a team. So let’s release some of the “excessive hot air” which is indicative of overload….out of you and instead breathe deeply and let down the tension.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”….certainly not and neither is this new cycle for mankind going to be built in a day. We are in the conceptual/development stage at the moment which means that we have to bring (+Active Directive Will/MIND and -Reflective, Receptive MIND/Template) together to “show us the operations” for the potential interface of your gifts, skills…then discuss the next step of bringing this mandate of yours to fruition.

This week you are emphasizing the important stage of healthy communicating. You are communicating and developing the framework and construct of your life ahead. This will go on for your lifetime…as it is the basis for successful living.

Let’s now proceed to settle the rhythm of your heart so that your adrenals will calm down and the tension and angst can leave the body. Deep breath now….and start the rebalancing.

Great week ahead….and yes…you will achieve “lift off” !

In Light and in Peace,


Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – June 1st to June 7th, 2020

Perseverance! Will and MIND

Hi Everyone!

You are likely feeling the unstable global conditions and yet at the same time feeling very determined to succeed in stabilizing yourself and your foundation! Good! You will need to use the dual forces of your Mind now (intellect and Higher, more sublime MIND) to take the lead now on just what it is you wish to SET from your template and format for life. Why? Let’s look at the Energy influences together, shall we?

There is a full moon this Friday, June 5th with a penumbral lunar eclipse plus we are experiencing an outpouring or cascading phase from the Higher Master Template of our human race consciousness that is setting the course for our future. Let’s use our own Minds very wisely and secure communications in our personal relationships, professional tasks and businesses that adhere to this Template.

You will be making some very important decisions this week and you will have to start taking the steps now to communicate your decisions with great clarity and precision. Think, reflect, listen and communicate.

You have likely been waiting for further information and something to start guiding you towards solutions and that is now coming in. I’m sure you are tired of saying, “I don’t know” or “I’m waiting still”..etc. etc. Internal confusion of thought leads to chaos and unhappiness. An ordered MIND that constructs from well thought out plans…creates a strong foundation and happier life.

You will need to put some strength of Will behind that Mind of yours so you are looking at an Energy week that is progressive and active. Use your early evening hours for relaxation, quiet time and reflection….. and your DAYTIME from the early hours after your personal meditation, for more active use of the MIND. Liberally use your Active MIND during the day.

What you set into motion this week especially from June 4th to June 8th will be engaging and strengthening the direction of your Soul mandate.

Now is not the time to waver and wander into distraction. You have questions of the Cosmic Self so use your communication skills of “asking within, listening within and writing down or acknowledging from within” and you are going to develop a more direct Higher to Lower Mind engagement. If you do not know how to do this…then learn. Engage an instructor and start to take charge of your own life.

You have all the skills inside of you that are more dormant in some than others…but they are there and they need to be awakened and developed. That MIND of yours is going to change your life now and you wish to have a relationship with it that interfaces like a “bee to a flower”…..pure, sweet and through love as Nature intended!

So CLEAR your lower mind during this upcoming full moon week of any clutter, distractions, lazy or bored states, repetition that is unhealthy and limitations from your past habits. Wake it up! That intellectual and reflective container of yours has to get prepped to receive the Higher Mind…..let’s go! Let’s start living the way we were intended!

Enjoy the week ahead!

In Light and in Peace,


Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – May 25th to May 31st, 2020

Learn to Listen…..for good communication on all levels

Hi Everyone!

The New Moon is now behind you and caused your thoughts to “fly around” as you dismissed some smaller inconsequential talk-talk, allowed old thoughts to arise from within that originated in your long past, plus perceived NEW thoughts stimulating you to take some NEW steps! Lots going on inside your head! Let’s see if we can sort it all out this week and significantly strengthen the thought patterns going forward. Shall we?

This week we are being guided by some rather Mind-provoking influences that give us both inspiration and motivation to act. You will like that these are emanating from some deeper aspect of your Soul consciousness and be rather pleased that you are starting to settle into some sort of new pattern that should prove to be quite satisfying. Early steps? Oh yes…but at least the Light illuminating your path is catching your attention as you step out from the “fork in the road” syndrome and actually FEEL the “wind at your back” propelling you forward.

What is required of you? LISTEN….very, very important to LISTEN. There are a lot of sublime messages that life is presenting to you and if you are talking all the time, you are not able to catch the whispers of life that the Natural outpouring of the All is providing.

What’s that? You would prefer that Life would “shout” it out at you instead? I know…I hear you. However…the whole skill of learning to listen is important so that as you involve yourself deeper with developing “inner communication” with your Higher Self and the Intelligence of a Cosmic Nature…you will need to have the “lines open”! Mother Nature talks to us all the time and shares great Wisdom for She is very old indeed.

Good communication and good listening skills are important. This week you will be asking questions….all sorts of questions and the Universe will answer you in the way that “IT” wants to. So you may find your answers come through in some peculiar ways. You will smile..and you will KNOW…that the Universe is looking out for you.

You are not alone in your thoughts…for ENERGY follows thought and where your thoughts are so too is the power of your co-creating MIND. Be very AWARE of how you are creating. Be very AWARE of what you are thinking and what you say. Thoughts are very powerful and whether individually or collectively…what mankind THINKS shall prove to be the direction that humanity goes. So let’s make sure our THOUGHTS are positive and substantial in developing human consciousness.

You are a very powerful human and you are to harness your thoughts and listen carefully to your inner self.

This week you will be starting to experience an acceleration of interactive dialogue with your Higher Self and your Divine nature. It would be a very good idea to write down your thoughts, inspirations and new sparks of direction because the new Chapter of your Life has begun.

Let’s not be distracted by the streams of unpleasant news or persuasive fear based agendas….instead SEE the path of your new TRACK of THOUGHT…feel it on the RIGHT SIDE of your head that there is a tingling of Energy happening inside of you. Feel that motivation that is urging you to get going with your own Spiritual Journey and finally, let this Energy gently flow to the left and then back to the middle again.

Blessings…enjoy this wonderful week ahead.

In Light and in Peace,



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