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Essential Oils – Benefits – Physical Considerations

Physical Considerations

This information is not a substitute for medical advice. It is best to consult with a health care provider before initiating any new form of treatment. Those taking medications should be especially prudent, and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding must always discuss new treatments with their health care provider to ensure their safety.

Essential oils are one of the earliest forms of medicine. And while often overlooked, they remain a potent modality with great potential to help heal modern illnesses. Each oil is incredibly unique, containing hundreds of distinct compounds. This complexity yields powerful and broad reaching effects, addressing all facets of health – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Essential oils are intensely concentrated, often requiring an entire plant to produce a single drop of oil. As a result, therapeutic oils can be somewhat costly. To create cheaper products some manufacturers will use oils extracted from a second or third distillation – which yields a far less concentrated oil. It is important to purchase oils from a company that upholds high standards regarding how it sources raw plant material and what techniques it employs during the extraction process. The best way to ensure you are getting a quality oil that is not diluted or adulterated is to look for an oil that meets the European AFNOR/ISO Standards (Association French Normalization Organization Regulation or International Standards Organization).

Once you have selected a few quality oils, the next decision will be determining how to use them.  There are many ways to incorporate essential oils into a treatment plan or general daily living. Most uses of oil center around inhalation, topical application, or ingestion. 

Inhalation is an incredibly effective way of using essential oils because of the aromatic compounds they contain. These aromatic constituents have a direct effect on the brain, particularly the hypothalamus, which regulates many systems throughout the body. Many essential oils also help to purify the air and provide a pleasant aroma which can positively affect mood as well as physical health. Using a diffuser helps improve air quality and allows for daily incorporation of essential oils in your home or office. Cold air diffusers are preferable as excessive heat will cause chemical changes that can make the oils toxic. If you don’t have a diffuser, you can simply mix an essential oil in a spray bottle with some water and spritz the air. A steam inhalation provides a more concentrated exposure and can easily be done at home. Start by heating water and placing it in a bowl with 5-10 drops of an essential oil. Then create a tent by draping a towel over your head as you lean in and position your face above the bowl. Inhale and exhale slowly through your nose for 10-15 minutes.

The topical application of oils is another common form of use that provides aromatic effects with the added benefit of physical absorption via the skin. Topical application is particularly helpful when addressing musculoskeletal concerns as well as helping the immune system fight off infections. Many oils can be applied directly to the skin without irritating. However, it is often helpful to dilute a few drops of an essential oil into a carrier oil (like grape seed or coconut oil) and then massage into the skin. By doing this, it helps apply the concentrated essential oil across a larger surface area. If you wish to use multiple oils, they can be combined and used together or applied in a layering fashion where each oil is massaged into the skin and once fully absorbed, the next oil is applied. Oils can be rubbed into the skin over specifically targeted regions (i.e. sore muscles, sinuses, chest, etc.)  or used in conjunction with acupressure or reflexology to enhance the benefits of each modality synergistically.

Finally, the ingestion of essential oils is another way of harnessing their benefits.  A growing number of supplement formulations are incorporating essential oils as ingredients. And some single oils are gaining recognition. In recent years, oil of oregano becoming increasingly known and utilized by many to combat the first signs of infection. As mentioned previously, essential oils are incredibly concentrated, and it is important to keep in mind that the mucosal membranes are sensitive tissues. If ingesting oils, it is prudent to add a few drops to some honey* or another oil to help minimize possible irritation. Extra caution must be observed with internal use as some oils are toxic and should not be used in this manner. Please consult with a trusted practitioner or resource to determine if this form of use is safe for you. Also, it is important to re-emphasize that only medical grade oils should ever be used, especially when use is internal. Lesser quality oils are typically not well screened for contaminants that can harm your health.

The astounding diversity of plants found here on Earth provides an oil to benefit every imbalance or condition. However, that being said it is important to emphasize that not every oil is safe or suitable for every person.  Some oils are contraindicated with certain conditions – for example, people with high blood pressure should avoid using rosemary or sage. In addition, there are certain demographics that must exert extra caution, such as babies, young children, and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Individuals in these categories should always consult with their health care provider before using an essential oil.

A few basic safety tips when using essential oils…
– Keep a bottle of vegetable oil handy, as it can be used to dilute an essential oil if it starts to cause discomfort or irritation after use.

– Ensure to avoid contact with eyes and skin in the surrounding as it is particularly sensitive. Do not put directly in the ear either.

– Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should never use essential oils without consulting a health care provider first. People with epilepsy or hypertension would also be wise to consult with a practitioner before initiating use.

– The first time using a new oil, it is always prudent to test it by applying a small amount on the inside of the upper arm. Leave it for 30 minutes and watch for a reaction. This precaution is especially important for people with allergies.

– Angelica, bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, orange, tangerine and other citrus oils can cause increased sensitivity to light for a few days following their use. This can result in a rash or darkened pigmentation on skin exposed to direct sunlight.

For further guidance, consult The Essential Oils Pocket Reference compiled by Essential Science Publishing. It is a comprehensive resource that outlines specific protocols for a vast number of conditions. It is an invaluable tool for anyone who would like to incorporate essential oils into their medicine cabinets, or daily life to promote overall well being.

*Raw honey has many health benefits, but should never be used in children under the age of two years old due to the risk of botulism.



Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – August 14th to August 20th, 2017

Hello Everyone !

okay..7 Days to Total Solar Eclipse which is shifting you up into your heart centre in ways unimaginable! You have likely been feeling all sorts of strange meridian energy shifting taking place in your body, burning or tingling sensations at the major and minor nodal crossings (chakras) and loopy emotions too!

What’s going on?

7 Days to Solar Eclipse and you are being put through a strainer or sieve of purification and sloughing off the old stuff you have carried for so long that you’d think the holes were a tad too small to get through..but you will ! 🙂

Many of my clients and students are reporting a range of experiences from not knowing where they are going in life, wanting to get to higher expressions and Soul mandates, but challenged by their repeating patterns of emotional turmoil. Intensified? you bet..because it has to be done with once and for all. Distractions? oh yes! You will be pulled by distractions to keep you from looking at the Truth.  Much like what is being played out today in our world politics, economics and social expressions…Distract us from the Truth.  You would not like to be pulled into world emotion!  More on that another time.

This week you are to not get distracted but stay strong and well defined.  MIND.  You must use your MIND and exercise routines and daily practices that strengthen that mind of yours or you will be distracted and will not get the greatest benefits from next Monday’s Solar Eclipse when the shadows of the old emotional patterns pass across the face of the SUN (your heart) allowing you a big lift up into your heart and greater clarity of Self!  What an opportunity! Plus you get to HOLD this within you permanently as an integrated part of YOU! So prepare your receptors for this!  Prepare your body, emotions, thoughts and reflection with a steady, balanced alignment.

Daily this week you will need to “catch” when the triggers are pulling you into any sadness, anger or pain. Recognize that this is the old hamster wheel.  Give yourself tasks each day that are manageable…not overwhelming.  Make plans, go into your positive routines.  Even if you have missed a lot of your positive routines over the summer it’s okay.  Pick them up today and get back to your deep breathing and meditations.

Engage help if you need to…Energy Healers and Practitioners, Coaches and Counsellors that can help you focus on a plan.

Here’s a little secret for you…even if you put your INTENTIONS out and set your DESIRE on being balanced and achieving your goals…and you calmly sit with that intention doing some quiet breathing in peaceful surroundings…you are already 95% of the way there!  As I said… DEFINE yourself this week. 

Write down now your intentions that are manageable on those experiences, projects, routines and directives you wish to engage in going forward starting at the NEW MOON and SOLAR ECLIPSE…your Spiritual energy bodies (Higher Mind, Will and the essence of your LOVE) will take you in that direction!

But it is up to you to set those intentions. Define yourself.  Be YOU! No distractions and less than deserving ideas..only those things that uplift you and take you into a new paradigm.  You are leaving the world of illusion as you know it over the next couple of weeks here as you transition into a space of consciousness in this world of gaining clarity, beauty, freshness, new beginnings, greater STRENGTH, and a no-nonsense attitude!  You go!

So please…use your breath to stay calm, focused and aligned.  Set intentions from within and the Universe will help you to get there!

In Light and in Peace,


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August 2017 Message from Spirit – SOLAR HEART

MESSAGE from SPIRIT – August 2017 Aura Makeover
“Solar Man” is the integrated consciousness of Higher and Lower dimensions of Self coming together at the heart for purposeful expression of the Soul and Universal All. The Energy forces available to you during this time of the Leo August constellation influence, brings forth opportunity for each of you to connect more fully into your heart energy centre.

The Heart centre will experience 4 full streams from the 4 directions both from the formative and Creative worlds. It is up to each of you to establish a ground for the 4 Mighty Forces of Will, Mind, Love and Soul Mandate into your 4 Elements of your physical life. These 4 are Fire, Air, Water and Earth. This means it is necessary for you to BALANCE your active Positive power (Fire & Will) and proper use of your Air element of MIND (thinking, meditative and reflective), your emotional (Water) body that is to be harmonized with Love, and of course care of the physical body (Earth). Are you attending to all of these things right now in your life?

The powerful FORCES of Divine Intelligence coming forth upon mankind during the month of August NEEDS to find a strong chalice or receptacle through which to ground. Any distractions, illusions, emotional tie ups, scattered thoughts and physical neglect have a heavy impact on the ability to integrate the Cosmic (Spiritual) offerings deep and permanently within you. What happens now? Your Soul will start moving and clearing these shadows of illusion out of the way thus making space for the Higher aspects of Self. You will feel some discomfort in the process as you have not necessarily looked and challenged these shadows for some time; if ever. How does the Soul and Cosmic do this? Through the Lunar and Solar Eclipses occurring during the month of August.

Best guidance is to allow yourself the TIME to take care of yourself. Rather than being too busy to address the internal struggles and distractions, make time to honour your WORTH through love. Leo is the energy of the HEART and expresses the LOVE of the “I AM” individuation and emanation of the All. You would not wish to disregard yourself at this time, in fact, you wish to embrace your own Soul; Divine inherent rights of existence. You each seek to live a more healthy and prosperous, Soul-filled life and the Solar Body access is particularly strong right now during the month of August for you to achieve this.

When you sit quietly in meditation you can imagine or sense these Higher Forces as waves of Light, Colour and warmth that permeate your auric field filling you with a sense of knowing the Peace of the Dove, the acceleration of a faster MIND power like the wings of a hummingbird moving, and the roar of the LION of strength and Courage. You will be filled with such expansive power of electro-magnetic magnitude that you will feel the need to direct that into something of personal interest. It may be the movement of walking in Nature, or a project of writing or a creative output expression through art or may even be a physical sport that lets the flow of Life surge through you.
However..we also must look at the conservation of the powerful Energy during Leo and ensure that this is reflecting and connecting upwards and downwards… allowing you and your Spiritual essence interface a bonding time with the initiatives and inspirations of the Soul! Movement of Energy, circulation of Energy and integration of Energy.

Draw the Solar energy offered this month down into your lower bodies with your breathing practices and as you clear stagnant energy out, feel the incoming energy circulate throughout. Be sure to sit quietly during meditation and contemplate the Intelligence of your higher bodies and be ready to receive the gifts released to you from there. Addressing both worlds allows for a constant regeneration of your true Self. You will experience this balance and walk with this balance which deflects the distractions of illusion and falsehood.
A strong magnetic aura is the result of a strong alignment through the heart towards the Light of Source above your head at the Soul Energy Centre. The Solar KING and SOLAR QUEEN integrative Self is the symbolic representation the Sphinx sets out to convey to you. This is the Solarized; Spiritualized Man… who understands their origin and strives for living that Soul filled life here on Earth. Bring out the best of yourself now during this heart entrance time!

The heart GATE or PORTAL through the LEO Constellation is to be walked into with the “eyes of a child” full of wonder, hope, TRUST and faith that within you lies the Secrets to LIFE and the reason for your birth and the signs of your destiny. This is TRUE and you will Know Thyself upon entry and examination of this dimension and aspect of Self.
Upon entry shy not away from your Sacred Alter but instead stand before it with openness and willingness to let the Love of the Universal Divine come through. Replicate this alter in your own home, nature or personal space so that it becomes the manifestation of your sacred connection within you at the heart.

Sit there often and behold the Glories that are found within you. Feel the Energy flow throughout the upper chest and upper back…be the Master of it. Connect with what issues are moving out; purging out of you as you cleanse the old hurts and self sabotages that created a false perception of separation from the Divine. This separation cannot be and will never be. Choose to find that BOND with forever and your Originator of Life; the Creator. Sit with this each day with such intent that the Light burns the dross blocking you and exposes you to the extraordinary JOY and internal Bliss of connecting with such LOVE.

No longer shall you feel the distances of illusion of separation but instead this Solar month offers you the greatest time for Self Realization and fellowship with your Brethren globally, locally and in your own Soul family. Kinship and humanitarianism begin in the heart…morals, ethics and values begin here as well. Mankind can shift into this Energy and it starts with your own powerful concentric waves flowing in and out of your world..your life.

Behold the Forces of Light that join you during this month from the 4 Directions..those of the Hierarchy of Light Source that bring you Colourful Rays of Healing Light to lift you up and out of the shadows of illusion in the valley and place you upon the mountain top of your integrated True Self!

May you find peace and joy during this time as you wash your rivers of any emotional disharmonies and impure thoughts to find your clear and clean heart flowing radiant in the GOLD and WHITE Light of your SOLAR Self!
Many Cosmic Blessings for your month ahead!
Your Class Master

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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – Full Moon – August 7th to 13th, 2017

Hi everyone!  “Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius”

The full moon energy of Aquarius during our Leo cycle is drawing out old memories in you plus a need…a growing need or search for that special something that is building in intensity.  What are you searching for?  The old memories raised may not always be pretty fact some may not be that nice at all.  But whether good or not so good..they are important to be raised now.  As you remember what hurt you or what brought you elation and joy…the movement inside of you today and going forward will be that of a determination now to find a new level of Self.  

You are searching for that new level of Self; something different…and you shall find it. The stirring up and comparing of the past to now is helping you.  You look back and compare to how you are now in order to establish a new foundation upon which to build the scaffold to the sky!  That which you are looking for is already underway being built!   Already..?  so fast? you ask…YES!  “As you shall you be” and that is exactly what is happening right now.

Did you notice that you are already finding yourself planning and visualizing new things you would like to do?  How your days or evenings will look going forward? Notice how you are pulling this new paradigm down for integration?  It is already underway.

“But I am feeling uncertain, insecure or vulnerable”…you say.  How can I go forward with ask?  The exercise of renewed strength, bonding and integrative bridging between the old and new is helped along by your MIND and your BREATH.  2 very simple and straightforward parts come together during the  procedure of integration that will accelerate the new life manifestation you seek to live.  This aspect of MIND within you is drawing on the Aquarian constellation with advanced reconfigurations skills that is “designing” your road ahead! 

Today’s exercise:  Left hand on your upper heart energy centre region (thymus in the upper chest)…and the right hand over the left.  Close your eyes..and just breathe.  Deep diaphragm breathing quietly and peacefully.  Visualize the Sun’s Light and warmth under your hands. Try to feel your heart centre (LEO) to be warm and present.  You may or may not notice this..but every planetary body in the Solar System and every Constellation around you is now joining you bringing their respected positive influences of Love and Light benefits to you. Feel the peace.

When we are calm…our Higher Self or Soul consciousness can take over as Master.  The real YOU can emerge that knows exactly how your beautiful life will open up to new possibilities and spiritual growth.

This week you are continuing to trust within.  This week’s Energy shift is about letting the full moon flush out the old because the clarity and future of your plan for life is underway! All eyes on the future!  Now that’s an Aquarian Full MOON! Alway seeing the future!  Let your MIND be free to create the New!

In Light and in Peace, Kathy

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Weekly Energy Shift & Update – July 31st to August 6th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Hang onto your hats..things are heating up!  21 days to Total Solar Eclipse and the Leo energy is roaring! Translates to what? The central heart of your Inner Being is calling you out into the Higher Consciousness of Love to purge out the lower characteristics of the heart centre which focuses on the “me” instead of the “I am”.   

Things of selfishness, shadows of illusion, distortions about yourself, self criticism and lack of self love…all need to go before the MIGHTY powers of the SUN which also rules during the Leo Constellation.  With the month of August starting an accelerated have no choice but to let go of those things that do not serve you to your Highest Good..and for the Good of All involved.  Take a look at yourself and be witness to the ego’s struggles…listen to voice within that only seeks to encourage and lift you up to be the best you can be!

With the SUN shining brilliantly upon you across the weeks of summer (in the northern hemisphere) and winter in the southern where the heart is still focused upon…all human beings are in a position of shifting out of the old paradigm of false heart expression.  North America especially will have an opportunity to embrace humanitarian efforts, make political and economic decisions that benefit more than just themselves..and all people will be looking collectively at how to look after the planet better to ensure a safe and long lasting future.

We will go into greater discussion in the weeks ahead…so for this week…start the ball rolling.  Look after yourself, your foundation, your home, securities and keep a strong focus on ensuring the very best for you and your family & loved ones.  Look after your HEALTH…especially heart and spine.

Explore the benefits of caring for yourself energetically…conserve the energy you take in by having longer periods of meditation and time spent in nature.  Practice the art of listening to Nature and holding silence…listen to the stars..the forests..the waters. They will tell you their stories too!

Listen intently to what your body needs and stop anything that is habitual that is negatively affecting your body.  Embrace those habits that strengthen and protect.  LEO loves to talk courage and develop heart to throat centre expression and use it wisely!  Great projects can be taken up and you can embrace being a leader to those around you who understands, listens and allows others to find their own inner truth.

Enjoy the week ahead..

In Light and in Peace,


Weekly Energy Shift & Update – New Moon! July 23rd to July 30th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Starting this week off with a New Moon in Leo!  Starting July 23rd the energy is all about purification and cleansing your energy bodies.  Start into this mindset and stick to a plan of action that will move to accelerate your ability to embrace and integrate the FIRE Solar Heart of Leo going forward this summer. 

The renewed vigour and vitality you will be experiencing will please you immensely as you purge.  The Cancer/Leo transition is still pulling old “water” energies of emotion up for you that the powerful SUN in Leo will burn off with it’s solar Rays.  The Formula?Fire of Leo applied to Waters of Emotion to be cleansed = purified mist !  You will feel very clean! 

The magnificent Leo energy is already stirring your heart towards the further letting go of the old… stoking the FIRES in your heart centre to enthusiastically reach out into your world magnetically attracting wonderful Souls to you of similar magnetic resonance!  Friends, relationships, social experiences, family and of course your personal relationship to the “Universal Love of Divine” in your heart will all be emphasized during the summer energies.  More on that later…this week is the kick start!

So…lots of water, detoxing, bathing, swimming, campfires, fire ceremonies, water ceremonies, clearing out of your home and property, reorganization, and a change of colour in your clothes…all will be suitable for the energy shift we are in!

Accelerating the entry way into your Spiritual Heart is well underway and incredible changes are going on in your life! Be the Child of the Universe with “eyes of wonder”…let the Sunlight in!

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shift & Update – July 17th to July 23rd, 2017

Hi Everyone!

It has been quite challenging for many to adapt to the accelerating Energy Shifts affecting each of us..especially of late.  The Universal-Creative Intelligence is remodelling each of us to align with our “True Self” and we are needing to “modify” and re-design ourselves accordingly.  The sculpting  of ourselves and our lives is not an easy art!  I have a greater respect for artists, design craftsman and renovators now! 

Each of us are currently responsible for navigating our lives with massive changes spiritually, mentally, emotionally AND physically so the task grows!

Be patient and kind to yourself during these times of change and make sure that you do not take to sleep at night worries of “not doing enough”.  You are doing what you can according to your own ascension path and you should be at peace with that.  “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and neither are we going to see a complete rebuild in a day.  What we will see is growing changes where we learn and accept what has been handed to us as our Soul Mandate without wondering why it doesn’t look like someone else’s mandate. Do your own and stay focused on that embracing it with all your heart.

Pacing yourself this week and building the foundation is still very much the focus.  You likely are concerned about not being off the ground on a dream or vision…don’t be.  The foundation is building and it will build and take framework from now until likely November 2017 when the next shift respective to this timeline we are in right now takes place.  Everything works in cycles. (More will be explained soon)

This week it is noticeable that the heart centre, breathing and anxiousness/depression are all out on the table for loving care.  Watch for this in yourself and others and reach out accordingly.  Emotional support for one another is important during these times and even if it is just listening that is good!  We are faced with the shift from Cancer to Leo Constellation and the pressure is on the heart and nurturing right now.  Try to understand others..step into their shoes to see their side.  Ask them to do the same for you.  We need to develop that understanding, compassion, forgiveness and stay in alignment with Love.  The Leo Constellation influence will be lifting you up this week !!

Invest this week into plans of action… be it for actually occurring  this week or in the near future…for you to attend and participate in something that is dear to your heart.  Choose personal happiness and do it.  Encourage others to do the same.  Keep it healthy, aligned and in harmony with who you are!

Enjoy the week…remember step by step.  Starting with each day a goal that brings satisfaction at the end by evening!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Shift & Update – Full Moon July 9 to July 16, 2017

HI Everyone!

Likely the weekend (full moon energy) stirred some things up for you to sort through. You would either find more confusion with that which was emotional triggered for you..or you would of found great clarity.  That depends upon how close you were to facing the challenges once and for all and setting your MIND on changing the scene to ensure completion. 

There was no wrong answer to this…and there is still no failure..only success to come.  Why?  Because you are reflecting on things AND you are setting the intention to recreate the future and because of that you are already on the major side of success on the scale of ascension regarding the liberation of the true Light of Self with regard to your current challenges!

The core issues intensified due to the full moon and are still doing that even now because the Full Moon energy is still strongly present and will be during the week as these Major forces of both planetary and lunar/stellar, are helping you to achieve the transformations you need in your life.

Today?  FULL MOON guides you to reset; regroup and draw the power of your intentions and WILL…push on through; perseverance!  Stay on the track of facing the challenge and learning more about the transformation of it.

The rest of the week?  Sort things on through one step at a time. Each day is new with regard to the positive changes that are taking place.  It does not have to be “grand” step each time..subtle is good.

Emotional support?  I have found that most people are looking for and needing emotional support.  Be there for others and be open to receive yourself.  Be transparent and truthful with yourself..what do you need?  Speak to those you love and trust…even if it is just one person..and share from your heart.

You don’t have anyone you say?  Reach out in your prayers and meditations…ASK for help. You do have a team of Angelic Ones ministering to you under the Divine Intelligence of Source; Creator.

Ask for professional help if you prefer…at any level or capacity that you feel could give you guidance and don’t give up. If one doesn’t help go to another.  The KEY IS PERSEVERANCE.

This is a week of energy that is so strong and helpful..supportive and full of insight…that you just need to give yourself permission to calm down into a quiet space.  Give yourself many moments of reflection.  Reach out as you need to…and don’t give up.  You will connect with what you need.

Waiting for relationship? job? money? shift in goodness?  Don’t give up..centre yourself to speak to the underlying lessons,  modifications, and steps to take “with” the Soul guidance…to SHIFT this into the new direction of personal stride both spiritually and physically.

This is a week of ANSWERS to the core issues and challenges. If you are open and interested in learning and growing..then this is the week to achieve the major change and permanent new direction.  If you give “attitude and intense emotion and defence” to the Universe it can’t help you. When you instead choose to be malleable and give a personal surrender to your Soul…you have a totally different flow of the rivers of life within you.

If you are willing to change, willing to listen and then willing to act on the guidance you receive…the transformation to your life is beyond belief. Why? Because you have only had glimpses of your true Light of Self…wait until you open the window !  Enjoy the week…remember..keep on it…don’t give up.

In Light and in Peace, Kathy

  • Please note…the Sacred Spirit of White Buffalo chose to present It’s Divine presence from the Centre of the Constellation Cancer at our July Aura Makeover class unexpectedly.  This is a rare opportunity and has been recorded for you should you choose to engage. Reflect on this. More info:

Restless Leg Syndrome – Meditation for Bedtime

Calming the Adrenals, settling the nerves and allowing for a rest”ful” sleep. Give this a try.  More details to be posted soon:

July 2017 – Energy Shifts/Full Moon July 9th/Message from Spirit

MESSAGE from SPIRIT – July 2017 

Full Moon, Energy Shifts and Knowing “Thyself” ! 

Relax Everyone!  We are not subservient to the planets and stars who lovingly surround us…they are here to guide us back to our Divine Origin; our inherent Universally Divine Self!

Worthy Master:

“3 Gongs sound in the Inner Temple heralding an announcement from the Higher Order of our internal Divine Intelligence… that the time is nigh for each to greet the dawning of a New Solar cycle opening that will bring changes profound and permanent accelerated states of vibration and higher frequency accessibility.  
This means leaving behind the old attitudes, thought patterns of negative programming and false beliefs as well as the melancholy associated with being trapped in deficiencies that spiral many into periods of depressions and shadows. This liberation, undoubtedly welcomed by all, means that many controlling entities and predominant traits in personalities will object to such a rising of Light and freedom thus it is important to hold true to Self and refuse to submit any longer. Stand strong and fast to your dedicated choices and paths to Higher ground.
Making such strong, dedicated choices of personal ascension will bring surges of renewed motivation and confidence enabling you to emerge victorious in many expressions of your true Self. Radiance, decongestion, purification and greater movement between cells in your body’s intelligence equates to a stronger constitution of physical health as well.
This renewed strength reduces significantly the aging process and many in fact will find themselves with the vitality of youth! Introduce and encourage others to find their own freedom in associating proper health choices with longevity as well.

Tacking obstacles is no small feat but with analysis, reflection and plans of action engaged you will welcome the results wholeheartedly. Step by step you will find this moment; this cycle in time pivotal to the results of 2018 and beyond. In fact, November 2017 should be marked on your calendars and schedules as a time for major review of just how much ground you have gained in the integration of your lower self to Higher self consciousness. There will be much to celebrate!
Eager to get started? The cycle has already begun thus you have noticed the malleability and volatility of the emotional body of late as it loosens up the shackles and discharges the emotional ties and triggers to the stored images of trauma and loss/shock and deep disappointments. The false beliefs that tied you to those fragments of time past are giving way through choice… to a realization that those fragments; frozen in time no longer serve in any way other than for education and enlightenment, which releases them and transforms them into stored knowledge for greater reference point only. These experiences congeal into a potent resource which will be factored in for present and future discernment opportunities in your environment including what paths in life to take. Lessons learned!
Going backwards is no longer an option for you when you take your breath and focused Mind into a partnership that bonds and forges ahead with duties assigned and personal responsibilities to be upheld. The enjoyment is rich and fulfilling and the execution of plans is inspiring and motivating you each day. Watching your body, home temple and your communities of Light being built before your eyes is a marvel and reward to both you and your Inner Soul’s Light and Love. Finding a moistness in one’s eyes expressing Love and delight will be a more common occurrence that warms your heart.
Love…this time cycle is not complete without discussing the subject of Love that pervades All things as a governing Principle of Creation. Love is to be found by you in many ways and a return to Love, integrating fragments, is all part of this matrix being restored. Through your reflection and realizations will come great forgiveness both of self and others; others that have harmed you and others that have seemingly forgotten you. Being in the suite of Loves’ song you can now tap into the flow of Love; the rivers of Life and find genuine resonance and interface with those Souls, experiences, places and kingdom offerings, that solidify your faith in a Known Truth of Love held firmly in the memory and origin of Self. Knowing that it is there and now accessing it will be a pinnacle moment during this cycle of time. May the Blessings pour forth and have you drink from the cup of sunshine and Light of Source that reaches into every cell of your existence!
Many fear needlessly that the intensity of planetary bodies and stellar forces will disturb and and cause more chaos in their life when in fact the opposite is true When you read into the deeper meaning of New Moon and Full Moon/Astrological forces, you will move past the fear based notions. Systems push and pull massive magnetic forces of Energy Intelligence throughout your solar system; your Galaxy to ensure your return to Divine Oneness is afforded you; opened to you. Your part? Recognizing your slavery of old and bondage to suffering and CHOOSING to no longer enslave yourself but instead take the offering; the “redemptive hand” of the Cosmic and feel yourself lifted up and out of these conditions.
When your emotional body is affected and you experience feelings of intensity rise within that become too uncomfortable…you can use your breath. It will help you to ease this and gain mastership of these emotions with Love for self, compassion, Mindful examination, reflection and permission to learn about yourself so that you can resolve to conclude these repetitive patterns for good. Keep in mind that some emotional release is also very healthy so use your barometer wisely. What an opportunity!
To this end…engage in this cycle with the eyes of a Child of the Universe; eyes open in wonderment of the mobilizing energy and forces of Cosmic light and Love that have moved in to help you. Much like watching an extensive convoy of beautiful Light energy mobilized to bring you special assistance for your personal self, family; home..take note…the new station of Angelic forces have arrived!”
Your Class Master thru Kathy Roseborough, Educator of Esoteric Principles

Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – July 4th to July 10th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

“Up and Down”, pivotal, accelerating and certainly unprecedented malleability is the best way that I can describe the Energy we are experiencing which looks to be quite the new pattern to come.  If this is to be the new “norm” for us until (?) when..then it is more important than ever to learn how to deal with it.

First of are going to have to be in good order both within and externally ensuring alignment with those things in life that will bring you stability.  For you to “ride the waves” is not going to be good enough because you are just managing then.  You wish to do more than just would like to thrive in your life and be more like strong pillars of Light, Mind and be Blessed with integration to Love on all accounts!

When energy is so volatile you need a strong aura or electro-magnetic field to withstand any harshness or excess of emotion that is going on around you. Building up this aura takes practice and I’ll be running a series on just how to do all of that..looking after yourself in some lessons to come.  Until then, your best choice of alignment tools is Nature.  Good ol’ fashion Mother Nature.  Plenty of water to drink, deep breathing and time spent amongst the trees or natural environments that have been untouched by bulldozers scraping off the layers of top soil and charged nutrients.  That’s right…suburban environments of housing will not be enough I’m sorry to report.  Too much has gone missing in development of new home sites, so those with newer houses will have to take themselves to natural parks and to settings rich in their original state.  Those of you living in condos and apartments will have to choose to look after themselves as well and ensure you get outside often!

This week is a good time to regroup after festivities with friends and family over the weekend and bring yourself back into equilibrium. Lots of grounding indicated by this week’s energy shift.  Focus on adrenals, kidneys, circulation, legs and feet.  So you would wish to get rest..but also make sure you do some stretching and watch your posture.  Especially if you tend to be on your computer or cell phone looking down.

Balance is required…sorry to be so insistent upon this balance/equilibrium thing but I can see so clearly that order and stability is necessary this week in all that you do.  Peace and quiet…and then actions that give you the feeling of accomplishment at whatever level that is for you.  Sometimes just balancing one’s bank account, cleaning your car or preparing a day’s picnic with family to enjoy can be satisfying!

When energy comes in waves like it has been with such intensity, you want to feel that the “winds can’t blow you down”.  Let those things in life that need clearing be cleansed by the winds and water..letting go and leaving you feeling refreshed; not knocked down!

Look at the beautiful days ahead and embrace the changes; the new opportunities!  It’s all there for you! Have a great week!

In Light and in Peace,




Calmness; Breathing quietly heals the World!

During these times of change and unrest throughout our global community it is important for each one of us to make time to sit quietly each day breathing peace into our hearts.  As you breathe and relax each day and each night before bedtime, you are actually sending out a calming wave throughout humanity.  You would be surprised at how effective you are in Healing both yourself and the World !

Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – June 26th to July 2nd, 2017

Hi Everyone!

New Moon behind us…New beginnings ahead of us “based” on the Truth and Light of that which you know is necessary to engage in…thus ensuring your true path of a Spiritually integrated life that reflects the necessary and planned qualities of your Soul’s mandate.  Period.  Walk straight ahead with no distractions.

A real no-nonsense time…right? Enough already of the stumbling, bumbling and repeat karma..right? I think you truly do feel the seriousness of this time cycle.  False starts and fumbling is to be a thing of the past! 

You likely felt the incredible energy shifting through Solstice last week and you are still sorting out the meaning of it all.  You may have had insights into childhood, past lives, repeating lessons, and more and you will need this time to reflect on the lessons that you were to learn and implement them. This is the week to do that.  Remember if something is not in order with Universal Law then change it..and change it now.  No more skimming along the top or just living day to day without plan and direction.

The serious nature of the time ahead for you means you apply what you learned from solstice time.   Repeat…”apply what you learned” allowing for the Universe to step in and magnify the Beauty and joy in all of this..manifesting the positive outcome! The results will astound you!

This shift in self realization of just what should be corrected, implemented or chosen is right across the board:  Relationships, personal care, physical/financial, creative projects, work/business plans and family lineage correction.

This week you are supported by some pretty powerful forces that have a “strength and formation” to them.  You will feel the structure and know that even though you need your rest and play time, you do not let things just go into a loose state… enforce structure.  You can do a lot of good things within that structure that makes you happy!

Priority?  Personal nurturing choices, family care (being very, very aware of those you love having their own Soul mandate; not yours), home energy. We are under the influence of the Cancer Constellation and that has the watery, emotional, loving energy imbedded in it for pursuit of contentment for all involved.

Enjoy the week ahead…stay aware, be reflective and put into action those realizations that you made over the last week… up until now! These are lessons from the past that have not been completed and have reared up their “ugly heads” and mis-alignments……to reveal their Beauty and Gift to you. Let’s not make the same mistakes again…you are much more discerning and aware now….way more than you have ever been! 🙂

In Light and in Peace,


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Summer Solstice Week – Energy Shift Reminders!

Hi Everyone!

The Angelic Ones…well…they gave us a simple reminder…perhaps you would like to hear it:     🙂

“Think of this time during the Solstice Cycles of a time when the world can shift into their hearts and you can return to your Universally Lawful State as the “Driver and Master of your Solar Chariot” with solid direction and governing power to override the unnecessary habits and attitudes…dismiss the distractions and embrace the loose energies that have fragmented within you..integrating them instead into your heart. Consider the Wisdom that you hold within you and use this time wisely for spiritual ascent.

Regard folly as that..simply folly… and let go of time consuming experiences where energy is discharged from you causing you loss..instead build up the vibratory energy patterns and boost your systems with the sacred breath and solar offerings. Conserve and expand your auric field preparing it for the next cycle and the next cycle after that.  

Simply stated…this is a reset time for each of you and you have plenty of good reasons to be diligent in recreating your time here on earth towards optimum health and well being. Use the powerful Heart Centre to magnify your presence…Feel the Christed Consciousness of Love and Light within you and keep your focus on that..with eyes and ears open to Counsel from within.

May your channels within your body run pure and clean…

May the Golden Energy of the Solstice be bright within you and flush out the impurities of the past.

May you have the sharpened eyes of the Eagle and the sensitive hearing for all subtle worlds.

Every particle of your existence will sparkle with the Glories of the All. The eternal waters of your immortal Self will nourish you. Drink in the Light of the Solstice time and let every cell open up to receive. Breathe deeply and answer to call.…the call from within you to recognize your Divine inheritance.

Let’s not let another moment pass without this. So Mote it Be.”

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – June 19th to June 25th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Solstice week! This Wednesday, June 21st is a special day for the human race all over the globe!

It is best to prepare for the receipt of your solstice gifts…(there is always a gift by the way; often many)….by purification of the physical and subtle bodies.  How? Adhere to good  diet, plenty of water, lemon water if you can, deep breathing and plenty of rest.  Stay out of noisy atmospheres, excessive emotion, entanglement with those things in life that draw you out of your centre causing you to be upset, behave recklessly or to spend monies foolishly. Avoid loud entertainment and crowds.   Stay in your heart! 

It is good if you can spend time daily in quiet reflection, meditation and/or nature.  This week you are being reminded of your past, your growing up and memories that are both pleasant…and unpleasant.  Why?  so that you can draw out fragments that disturb your heart. are feeling your wounds..they are real and they can be quite raw.  Reach out and share with about this. Most of all..feel the response of love and embrace that the Angelic Ones..the Ministering Energy of the universe is bringing to you in response to your cleansing and clearing.

SOLSTICE is all about the heart…the SUN in the sky represents our heart.  It shines upon you and within you too!  It is a good time to face those hurts and challenges that you have..with love and nurturing.  Be “brave” though…the Sun Warriors of Light are with you to help you transform the pains and sorrows. 

The gifts of Solstice always amaze me….they happen all week you know! Each day of this week is a gift of energy from Solstice with a Message from the Soul; the Universe, Spiritual Directive, Counsel, inner Knowing, realization of your skills, acknowledgement of Talents, bridging to your next level, contractual time with your work or personal projects…and BEST of ALL…your energy shift in the heart centre that goes all the way up to the pineal gland (7th energy centre)…and all the way down to the ground…(root centre, legs, feet) ! will definitely wish to be ready to optimize this time cycle and get the most out of it…that is your inherent right as a Divine human being!

Solstice is a magical time of the year when the heart aligns and engages with the LOVE of the Universe in the most powerful way!  YOU just need to be open to receive…and receive you will !! 

May you have the most precious, loving week ahead. Wherever you are currently at in your path of healing and spiritual will benefit from this energy shift week of SOLSTICE. 

Cosmic Blessings!

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  I will be facilitating a Summer Solstice teaching, healing and guided meditation.  You can participate long distance, receive mP3 audios or join in person. 7 gifts..7 chakras…7 levels of the heart centre will receive gifts! Check it out!