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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – February 5th to February 11th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

What a week behind us !!  okay so now what?  Are you reeling from all that has been going on this past couple of weeks? This year sure started off with a few “hits” of Energy and a “eye opening” realization that where you are going on your Spiritual Path will not tolerate any of the old paradigm! 

The words “letting go” seems to be getting on a lot of people’s nerves and being overused.  What does this repetitive guidance really mean? “Letting go” is one thing…CREATING new outcome is another.  So many people are saying they are not really SURE or CLEAR on just what they are supposed to create.  So that does suggest that they have made some space…but has also left them wondering how the CONSTRUCT of this new paradigm is going to come into manifestation.

The beauty of Life is often it’s mystery…but it also gives us freedom to be creative and to experience life here on earth.  The Universal Parents send us forth into the world and ask us to be mindful of our thoughts..but to be playful in inspiration but serious in our construction.  Why?  Once you start constructing your thoughts in your MIND…the next phase of unfoldment is the actualization of those thoughts.  So be aware of your thoughts and your definition of Self and your projects.  You don’t have a project you said?  Well maybe you are starting with the first step then…defining those things that bring you joy to your heart.  You can start there.

If you are finding it challenging to see the BIG picture..then start with the small picture.  Start with developing those experiences on a day to day basis that bring you a positive feeling.  As you experience some satisfaction with this…open up to how that will look when expanded upon.

Finding that there are people you know or read about that seem so much further ahead and certain?  Really ?  Are they so certain?  Once you start exploring the higher realms of your Inner Self and stepping into the trust more and more with the are not really certain…but you trust that Truth and Light will unfold.  Remember you are a beautiful “CHILD” of the Universe and there IS a Divine Plan for you!

This week’s Energy ahead is a time of examining, planning, dreaming, imagining, asking within, doodling, drawing, thinking, writing…did I say examining?  Yes..because there is still a great deal of that going on.  Researching yourself and your reviewing your gifts steps up now.

A POSITIVE CLUE:  The KEY to your KNOWING about how your future will unfold is in IDENTIFYING just WHAT the Universe invested in you.  Write down your gifts.

Okay…enjoy your week ahead !

In Light and in Peace,



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Today is Super Blue Moon – Total Lunar Eclipse Day… Jan 31, 2018

Hi Everyone….   one word… Stillness.  Can you find this stillness in yourself even for a brief period of time today?  Take that time will do the world of good.  If you can just sit or lay down for a few minutes shutting out the external world and allowing the purest essence of your Inner Self; the Universal Light of Source to be with you now. 

The turbulence and challenges of the external world do not need to affect you.  This is the perfect time to have that experience of oneness with Source.  It is curative, loving, forgiving, guiding, embracing, all-Knowing, and all-encompassing of you!

Notice that Nature has inherent qualities of specific cycles and alignments?  How perfect is that?  Yet mankind upsets those rhythms both in himself and in his world. (his/her)

Today…be in alignment…allow yourself to recapture that KNOWING within yourself that there is this state from which you emanate; originate..that is perfect and beautiful. Can you access that again and hold it?  Try…just be.  Just relax and let go to the inner silence…use the breath.

When that peace is attained…let yourself be immersed in it.  There is something very special happening this day…and for several days still to come that has it’s roots in Universal Source…but it projects through 2 major constellations at this time…Leo – Aquarius…using the focal point on towards our earth of the Sun and the Moon.  These qualities will transform your emotional disharmonies and upsets…allow them to do that with you.

After your peace..your reflection…comes a motivation to access…that part will be invigorating..but the first step is oneness and peace.  Enjoy the peace.  Please take the time for it.

Stillness is something so rare in our society; our lifestyle.  Deep breath now…find the stillness. 

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – January 29th to February 4th, 2018

Hi Everyone !

Can we all say “Yes! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to access new levels of Self and close the doors on the past” !!  That’s what this week is all about ! 

I suggest you drop back to the Blog page and read the previous post which extensively talks about this Wednesday’s Super Blue Moon-Lunar Eclipse…but I have a few things to add here that I”m sure you will be pleased with.

First of all..TRUST… Trust that even though you may not be able to “see” what the post-Blue Moon Energy holds..nor can you likely “see” how 2018 is going to unfold for yourself…it IS a different world.  The question you should be asking yourself is what set of EYES do you wish to see your world through?  Which LENS?

What am I talking about?  The LENS and EYES are your perceptions and what you co-create and what you draw to yourself …basically in a nutshell…how you see your world and live in it comes through your energy centres…commonly known as Sight, Feel/Touch, Hearing, Smelling, Tasting…but best of all your Higher Centres; your “uplifted state of MIND”.  What are your MIND & your THOUGHTS creating? The Universe can HEAR you!

So you can sink down if you like and re-live over and over again the old paradigm..(which I am sure you are saying “no way”)…OR you can step up into the state of true living; state of consciousness on the other side of this week’s ENERGY shift and access the opening at the Full Moon Eclipse…and start living from a new perspective.  How do you see your world?

Likely you could list all sorts of things you don’t like about your life..and the way it is currently going.  Okay ..then do that.  EXAMINE what it is that you are definitely focused on shifting and changing.  That’s a good step one right there.   Now write your new list of all the new, creative ways you are visualizing yourself to be living after you close the door to the repetitive old ways.

Say NO to the old and say YES to the NEW !  You have to hear these words; these thoughts in your own head.  You have to formulate these new thoughts and hold on tight to them. The Leo energy is pushing it’s way through your heart and throat…while the Aquarius powerful MIND energy is holding the VISION that YOU ARE THINKING WITH YOUR OWN THOUGHTS… that we all have inside of us to embrace!  You have the LENS of these massive Energy systems pointing straight in at you..asking you…what do you want? ANSWER the Universe! 

Let’s all answer the call this week and state clearly your intentions and focus. Where are you going in 2018? What is your goal? You can choose easily this week to get out of the old MUD and to step up into the “brilliant” Light of the Inner Self.  Choose to read, study, meditate, breathe better, eat better, hang out with people of like MIND, stay clear of gossip and lower unnecessary boring talk, lift up to what is beautiful, important, encouraging and sharing AND LOVING. Lift yourself up and others may choose to follow!  🙂

Cosmic Blessings this week…stay connected.  That’s the biggest message I can share with you for this week’s ENERGY shift.  Focus on your connection to the Higher Self/Soul and hang on TIGHT. Just like an incredible lifeline of intense LOVE and INTELLIGENCE…hold on tight to it.  TRUST.  This is the turning point…!

In Light and in Peace,


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Special January 31st Super-BLUE-Full Moon Lunar Total Eclipse – LEO
Courage, strength, internal shifting and POSITIVE change. That’s the Leo Constellation influence right now hand in hand with the Super-Blue-Full Moon Lunar Total Eclipse of January 31st, 2018.  

Ready to embrace this one? It has been stirring in you a long time..since 2017…when your core issues were exposing themselves to you and challenging you to speak up and recognize your Self worth. You are to be mindful of not giving all your gifts and skills and love away…without receiving. Ebb and flow..that’s the Natural way of life.

You are to realize during this time cycle that it’s time to wrap up dead-end contracts, relationships, activities and routines that are leaving you depleted, defeated and lost. Close that old door!

You are to realize during this time cycle that the AQUARIUS MIND in you; in all of the human race now..can come out and co-create a future where there is fairness and proper distribution of energy amongst mankind.

You are to realize during this time cycle of the SUPER-Blue-Moon that you are not alone…that there are others who will be coming forth in support of you. Be who you are and acknowledge that your LEO heart CENTRE is timely in opening up to receive the Self Realizations so very important for you to know now. Feel your Inner strength!

When this stirring goes as deep as it is during this Energy shift, the old stuff arising is at an “all time heightened sensitivity” and is raw. Are you tired of being bullied, taken for granted, taken advantage of, not being noticed, ignored yet expected to be the listener alone? You are the Superstar now…you are recognizing your inherent Universal Divinity. Good for you! Own it ! Speak your peace.

Assertion balanced with a humanitarian heart….a MIND on the future; a MIND on the present. Balance. An understanding and compassion for others; yet a whole new statement of yourself with self-acceptance and worth, and value. These are the KEY shifts taking place right now….January 31st, 2018! LEO – the Key to the Solar Heart!

3x over the last year this has come up….3 great doors of change…This one..the January 31st, 2018 DOOR IS THE BIGGEST and brightest! With the LEO-Aquarian Energy bonding in through your heart…. your staircase is in the ascending movement showing you the way!

1. Ascertain your feelings
2.  Examine those false beliefs
3.  Be aware of the aggression that has been invasive upon you
4.  Stand your ground
5.  Honour your unique…”signature” of Self
6.  Cut off that which is critical and abusive; unsupportive and false
7.  Smile radiantly from your heart…make the decision..Choose unification of Soul – Universal Light and Consciousness. HONOUR

What a time! May the Cosmic Blessings pour forth unto Thee! Use the Spiritual tools that help you best…Feel the power within!

In Light and in Peace,

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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – January 22nd to January 28th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

How’s your year starting out so far?  Good? not so good? could be better?  Well this year started out CORRECTING you and showing you ALIGNMENT. That’s right. You see we, as a human race, are out of alignment with our purest state so we need to be “shown the way” towards a greater state of personal integration with our Soul ..thus achieving a much more fulfilling and happier life. Capricorn has been correcting you!  

So the Universe started us out with several lessons of correction..many of course that we didn’t like.  We’re a stubborn lot at times..and we get complacent and comfortable even in our own discomfort!  So the Universe has been correcting us.

Besides the lessons we have been walking through to correct though…we have also had some beautiful opportunities for greater alignment come to us as that’s the good stuff!  Choosing those activities and projects that bring you joy and alignment is the way you would wish to start every day!  Wouldn’t that be better?  Aquarius is now showing you your future!

I’m finding that the best thing to do is just stay the course and march on through the corrections methodically while at the same time keeping my hands in those things that are bringing a whole new change for 2018!   Your corrections may mean letting go of old patterns, a relationship may need to close up, your social activities, daily health practices and even sleep patterns may need changing.  Whatever it is that is “feeling” like an obstacle may just be a correction.  So have another look and examine your challenges..and see if you are better off complying !!

Anything new you are bringing down into action this week needs an ORDERED BASE.  So your physical world needs to receive the new inspiration and project well prepared. This is important.  So whether it is making space, time, framework, or mental/emotional need to bring your NEW 2018 idea and goals into an ORDERED foundation. 

Lesson of the week...get your organization on !  Prepare your base; your root chakra centre.  Prepare your environment in a peaceful manner. Be ready! This AQUARIAN shift is always about the MIND being on the future.  Your Soul is looking at plans for you that are far, far ahead of what you can see!

CAPRICORN was correcting you..and still is…while AQUARIUS is introducing you to future VISIONS of yourself.  Love it ! 

Enjoy the week ahead!

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – January 15th to January 21st, 2018

Hi everyone!

New Moon this week (January 16)..yet already underway with you today… affecting the way you are thinking about your future.  The Capricorn influence is still strong calling your attention to your foundation, security of Self and acceptance of Self too.

This whole cycle..which especially started from 1-11-2018 is stirring your questioning of Self; your direction and just how you wish to express yourself over the months; years to come. Who am I ? You ask yourself. Why is it so difficult to lock onto this Soul purpose, integrate and hold it to my foundation?  

Just as this is a powerful NEW beginning also tests your willingness to completely let go of just who you thought you were before… including all insecurities and emotional blocks…but..especially your old lifestyle!  The old lifestyle, routines and patterns will NOT support the new beginnings this month. So carefully examine and review your daily life, it’s routines, your choices and habits.  If they are not in alignment with your new direction then you have to let them go …and NOW!

Young people ask…what am I going to be? Where am I going and how?

Middle aged people ask….am I doing enough? Have I found my path and my direction? What are my gifts?

Older people ask…how can I live my life with greater joy and good health? Attain that which I may have missed before? Find more to life?

This is the cycle where each of us MUST..and I mean..MUST set our foot down.  The “goat” of Capricorn is a sure-footed little fellow and he will guide you up the path of the mountain to the true Self..but you need to start your solid base.  Solid daily practice of breathing, exercise, meditation and journalling, training and studying.  Time to pick up your study of Self ascension. Procrastination isn’t going to work anymore.

Make the most of this New Moon Energy this week…complete the utmost surrender to your Universal soul guidance!  Seek the tools and practices…don’t chase the material world doesn’t bring happiness.  Seek the Inner Self and balance it THROUGH and into the material world.

Beautiful week to hit that RE-SET button…no self defeat…just full speed ahead with full power at your back.

Have a great week…use your tools !

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – January 8th to 14th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

We are in the most profound 21 days post-winter solstice cycle…(dec 21st to this week culminating January 11th, 2018 = 1-11-2018 which are 1’s and 11’s).  From the Winter Solstice until this is week you have had 21 days to do your “checks and balances” and to ascertain your inkling on Soul purpose and mandate.  You have examined your life, reflected on 2017, you have made some plans, perhaps even started them!  You likely have had some false starts, uncertainties, and yet positivities, dreams and goals too.  

Report card time…This week the Universe is powerfully stepping in with Saturn (LAW/TIME)  (Capricorn) and your own Soul birth sparks and influences, determining your alignment to Universal Laws.  What you have done to-date in your life, where your Mind and Heart are leading you and what help you may need to bring out the very best in you.  How can you help yourself and get the most of this alignment with karma corrections, openings to the higher realms, abundance of Universal flow and solid foundation?

Reset, step up and step into your Soul purpose, deep rooted goals, “seriousness”, strengths and Love for aligning with that which is real and authentic to you.  Your own intentions, Mind directives and decisions will move the Universal Energy in behind you for success.  Alignment is a “bonding” with the Universal Love; your Truth.  Alignment is a “oneness” to work together and co-create.

The Inner Temple teachings this week are showing us that “all the powers in the Universe are yours to use; use them”.  Meaning set your course and the Universe is flowing with you to help you. This is the week where the “weights and measures” are taking place.  What’s your balance like?

All this week…especially January 11th….you are to focus on corrections, goals and determinations of Self. The higher levels of spiritual consciousness are calling you…reach up! Believe that you are the most worthy, beautiful, gem of Light and that the Universe is shining it’s Light upon you.

Many will experience an unusual shift in material/financial abundance and others will find doors opening towards their dreams and goals.  The Universe is going to bring you this in the way best suited for you.  This is the week where your future is being set in many, many ways…be sure to pay attention to your thoughts. Meditate on your decisions and direction.

I’ve seen some beautiful portals open before in my years of experience…but I must say to each of you…that this week has some extraordinary Divine Powers focused on us “humans”.  Remember Creator sees more than we do about our life and who we really are.  Let’s open up to receive!

In Light and in Peace,



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Message from the Inner Temple for January 2018 – M.A.P. course..Worthy Master Message

M.A.P. – Message from Spirit for January 2018 – w/ Kathy Roseborough

Sit in the Sun (your Soul’s heart) in the Inner Temple reflecting upon the waters below in the pond in front of you. Touch the waters gently and let the ripples reveal to you that which is hidden in It’s Beauty and rarity. The celestial dreams and hidden messages from your own Soul’s Light are revealed to you when you sit in the quietude of Inner peace and reflection.  

Such is the year starting as we open the Inner Temple to you this day for study and meditative practice. When you are in alignment and peace you are able to decipher the messages more clearly and not be so filled with angst and tension. The Cosmic illumination that is occurring for all ; the entire human race..over the weeks and expansive time cycles ahead, is beyond your expectations. One needs to learn how to listen. People say they are listening, but are they really?

Each of you have an opportunity to not only touch upon your inner gifts but to bring them forth with greater clarity and resolve. You will prioritize those things this month that are important to you; each of you. The nurturing of Self is the key and game changer to your life.

That which you put into your own daily routine, living “thoughts” and personal awareness of needs, will pour forth outcomes that will astound you. You don’t realize this though because you have spent aeons of time in either serving others to the neglect of yourself or in trauma or vague awakening with dependency upon the external world alone to show you the way to survival.

This is not to be the case anymore for when you accelerate your own Cosmic mission in life you positively affect the others around you, so it is in good faith and caring for Universal Law, that you turn your attention at once to yourself and your ascension climb. Personal spiritual ascension is at the forefront; placed like a map on the table in front of you that you must touch; must grasp and mobilize yourself to do.

Hesitation is not the place to be at this time cycle but instead in reflection and action. Hesitation and resistance is being accepted by many as their energy “block” and are letting it rule them stating that they don’t feel the desire or capacity to go forward as they would like citing that they “must be blocked”. To state that you are giving your power to the lower

resistances from the old paradigm is not a wise thing to do. It seems to be used often to absolve one of their duty to act; their duty to recognize their own worth and Soul consciousness. It is used far too loosely with expectation that something should just come along and undo it for them. The truth is that your own keen intention and effort of Will IS THE KEY to unlocking the block and as you turn your own attention to this climb.. then the Energy to mobilize will follow.

The use of keen effort and Will Power from your own ego incarnate vehicles will truly engage the assistance of your Master Soul Personality and together there will be movement… be it great or small; there will be ascending movement. The amount of change and increments of change will depend upon the daily effort on your part. Remember that the forces within you are much more powerful than you can imagine and once you have the wheel rolling… it picks up momentum very quickly if you keep the focus of your MIND upon it!

There is nothing in the lower worlds that has power over you in reality… you just think that it does. As soon as you reassign those thoughts to the truth and realization that your Soul is truly all powerful under the Love and Light of Source, you will embrace it and let it show you the way out of the darkness and shadows of illusion and suffering.

The Truth, as it is immediately shown to you this month, is that you are able to find more “smiles and joy within” as you recognize the absolute Beauty of your Inner Self; your worth and honest surrender into the flow of Love of the Cosmic state. When you let Peace flow within you and strength in alignment reside within you daily, the outcome into your external world is exponentially charged and manifesting!

The waters in your reflection in the Inner Temple extend far and wide…they reflect your Inner radiance of the Creator back into your eyes and you shall see yourself in a whole new Light. Don’t just look once..look twice…look several times over and over again until you realize the Beauty, Strength and Knowledge that resides within you. Bring it out..let it shine forth! This is the month and new engagement of your calendar year that you say to yourself…Yes..I realize it has finally caused the synapse of self realization I have been looking for! I will focus on this and clarity of Self shall be revealed! Touch upon the “waters of Life” this day! Feel the shift!   Class Master

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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – January 1st to January 7th, 2018

Hi Everybody!  Happy New Year 2018 !

We start off this year with some powerful emotionally charged Energies as the Supermoon Jan 2nd (feeling it now!) in Cancer is fuelling your desires of the heart, home, relationships and family.  You will find that your thoughts turn to self nurturing, self love…reflections on Love and how your material body is feeling and what it needs.  Bam !  How’s that for an opener of 2018? 

Ruling you? only your Soul and the Universal All should be ruling you and that is a co-creative process of Love and ruling that is designed to bring out the very best in you.  So what will it be? You succumbing to your lower nature, sadness, pain and suffering?……or you realizing that there is something much greater, more powerful and loving that is right inside you that is opening the DOOR wide so that you can step into your Light and true nature of Self? 

The Supermoon is charged with particles of Higher Love consciousness from the constellation Cancer with a little help from friend and partner Capricorn….directing from all of these portals… super vibrant Energy… to your heart engaging your desires, passions, dreams and goals!

If you are experiencing a big nudge and urge to “get going” with things this year you can see why!  2018 is starting you off with a spark that touches the very core of your “human-spirit”.  We are designed inherently from our Creator…to experience Love here on Earth and to embrace just what that means.  You may be starting your year off with Self-Reflection, friendships, renewed interest in family goals, development of how love is expressed to yourself, home and natural resources which includes your finances, foods/storage, warmth, security and comfort.

The “nesting” energy this January week 2018 is quite different from the Spring in that it relates to the “bigger picture” of who you are. You are desiring to “nest” in the Love and security of Life! Your own Light!  Your own Expression of Universal Oneness!  That is truly coming “home” to Self.

This week you take stock of what you have and where you wish to get to.  Oh may be thinking that you start this way every year and nothing changes.  Really?  Okay understood..but you have a Supermoon, Super consciousness, accelerated Time Cycle working with you this year and the window of opportunity is wide open. Take a shot at it again..I know you won’t be disappointed because there is a special “Energy of Love” in the air right now.  This Love is bathing you and embracing you is from the Cosmic Consciousness and it is definitely touching you!

Enjoy this week…it is a very profound start to a new calendar year.  Give it a chance..don’t give up….focus all your Energy on your relationship with the Universal All !

In Light and in Peace,


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Wrapping up 2017 – The World needs the human race to be Conscious of Self

Hi Everyone!

What does the phrase, “Wake up everyone” really mean?  It is a passionate plea and call we cry out to each other; to the world for people to be awakened to just who they really are and to consciously participate in developing their inner Self and reality.

Each individual has to stop numbing themselves with shopping, food, drink, drugs, poor entertainment and slavery to the few who control the world’s daily living. By taking up your own spiritual path and making the changes you wish to see and experience yourself in 2018 and release yourself from the chains of the old paradigm. 

Each individual..(you)..needs to get involved in their own personal creative outlet; their dreams and goals.  To cherish family life, live simply with good food and water; rest and well being.  To say “enough already” to the corporate groups and people who want you to buy this and be used as guinea pigs for their latest drug and chemical experiments and instead choose to live according to how our Creator lovingly set up for each of us!

You have a purpose; you deserve to be loved and share love. You have a MIND..a wonderful MIND that can be formulating great thoughts and incredibly inspiring insights!

You can choose to have a 2018 year ahead that is unique unto you.  Let’s let the stress and worry turn to peace and creativity.

Know that you can have this now…”Wake yourself up!”  How?  Take the time out to sit down and make your plan for your health, creativity, hobby and profession.  Choose socially the lifestyle that best reflects your inner nature.  If you like the outdoors then make it a big part of your life! If you like to have quiet time reading and meditating..then choose that. See? You decide.  2018 is now.

In Light and in Peace,

Kathy Roseborough, Educator of Esoteric Principles

Intuitive Teacher and Healer

Founder of the World Healing Academy



Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – December 25th to December 31st, 2017

HI Everyone!

The rush of the holiday season is now behind us and we need to settle down into that which we all really crave…”Peace within”.  When at peace within, your immune system operates better, there is less stress on the nerves and spinal column, the breath is full and you are more apt to appear radiant and feel less tired.  Why don’t we all have this? 

We are a funny human race really, aren’t we?  The modern day demands, technology, scheduling and competitiveness..and survival nature inherent in our base chakra energy centre…all has us stressed out and with wheels spinning in our heads for the “next and the next” thing we have to do.  This is a living condition that is completely unnatural..especially during the winter season when Nature asks us to slow down and conserve our energy.  In the Southern are having a peak summer energy so you would be wishing to relax to enjoy the sun and build up your reserves of Energy.  According to Nature..the real season for us to be assertive is in the Spring and Fall.  Spring we “build things, detox, clean, create and assert” and in Fall we harvest, sort, examine and actively clear and reorganize and substantially draw abundance into ourselves.

Solstice is only about a week behind us and we should be moving into the deeper reflective time now of our season.  Rest is important and reorganizing our life style and day to day routines so that we are living more in harmony with Nature and Universal Law.  You need to pace yourself, not overload and let go of those things that cause you stress.  If your external world is ruling’s because the collective human race and modern man has created this to fulfill the “chase” of the material top rung of the ladder. At what cost?  Remove yourself as best as you can from the excess and whims of fads and pomp.  Be unique…create your world in simplicity and joy.  Ask your family to start looking at the natural Laws and lifestyle as well.

The best health and well being can be gained by taking time to enjoy Nature, your deep breathing practice and meditation, simple organic foods and drink, plenty of sleep and saving your money for a stronger foundation.  Enjoy your home, hobbies, family, loved one and friends.  For your work or profession, put the time in and keep a positive attitude in what you do.  Whatever it is that you do for a living…make the best of it. See it as one part only of something much bigger.

For your week ahead..think about your life, reflect on what type of changes you would like to make and keep the changes simple.  One step this week …will lead to many more steps ahead that make you feel good about yourself.  You will be surprised at how this can pick up momentum in the weeks and months to come!

Enjoy the week and get out in Nature for some fresh air.  Spend time in the quiet of your Inner Self…for “truly Inner Peace will be found there” !

In Light and in Peace,


2018 Courses that I am teaching starting January include Chakra Personal Journey Courses, Monthly Spiritual Development and more!

Dec 21st Winter Solstice – Message from Spirit – “2018 Prophecy” – New Wave of Awakening Souls

Message from Spirit for Winter Solstice – December 21st, 2017
“Make a Wish” for 2018 – What we can expect by Kathy Roseborough
“Many are tired of the old rides on this beautiful playground of Life”…so worn out and eagerly seeking to find their own meaning of their birth. Witness your Beloved Mother Earth patiently waiting for each of her Children to wake up and begin their spiritual journey back to Self Realization of their individuated magnitude and magnificence”. 

When the Soul incarnate experiences this particular “wave” of waking up to their True Selves….they are at first emotional, angry, cranky, irritated, sad and often depressed, much like a small child can be when awakening from their nap. There is a New WAVE of awakening going on throughout mankind at this time of year and special Solstice cycle… and for those who are more seasoned along their spiritual journey… this transition encourages them to be the Leaders for this new wave of awakening Souls.

“New Wave of Awakening Souls”

The New Wave of awakening Souls is quite massive and will require many Leaders who can hold the torch of Light up high for those coming up the mountain of Love, Heart and Truth. There will be many called upon to work and contribute more tirelessly to hold doors open..and there are those who will be using very intricate MIND-dictated concepts to open up the dimensions of Higher Spiritual practices for the many to share. Each of you have a place; and each of you are unique and Beautiful to the Greater Cause.

Reflect upon your own conscious awareness; where you are at in the unfoldment of your Inner Beauty, Mind and Will..and then examine more closely your role in the coming year; developing Cycle of the blossoming of mankind’s Spirituality. During this Solstice time reside deep in your Inner Temple in quiet solitude and peace. Journal only when you feel the moment is right..after much consideration and reflection. Journal the guidance you receive and realize that at first glance it may seem simple and straightforward…but as you explore it’s unfoldment you will see it’s depth and complexity covering many dimensions of Creation!

The MIND will be moving you; accelerating you quickly towards new ideas and inspirations…that is the POWER of the Jupiter influence and Sagittarius energy! However the GOAT of Capricorn likes to be sure-footed and take smaller leaps…stopping to graze and take in the moment…before leaping again. Expect to be the sure footed Goat with the power of Jupiter at your back!

All the many worthwhile activities and inspirations will need a good ground and solid framework. Take the time over the weeks ahead to establish this with the vision and symbol of the 6 pointed Merkabah or multi-dimensional 6 pointed star in your MIND and Soul. (my note: the Merkabah is the merged opposition of 2 three-dimensional equilateral triangles to form a six pointed star) The symbol is assigned to the Heart centre (13th point) yet it reaches out multi dimensionally and affects many people; worlds and things here on Earth. 

Meditate upon your ideas and goals with the thought of the Greater GOOD for all involved in mind. Be aware that your greatest successes are when you take into consideration others. What you do with the the Self you do with the All.

There will be many old Principles and Laws needing to be presented into the mass consciousness; into the newly awakened Souls with ease and grace. Be attentive, compassionate and understanding of their need to think things through and absorb the new insights. Your mind may be moving quickly but there’s will be just opening to remember who they truly are….so patience here is definitely a virtue!

“prophecy 2018”

Watch how the Animal Kingdom, Vegetable Kingdom, Trees and landscapes, Water, minerals and AIR quality becomes of particularly POWERFUL importance globally. Step up and step into those projects and mandates that seek to help and conserve the natural bounty and resources of the EARTH. She will need your care and attention. Be very mindful of this and dedicate your own personal time to task.

There are forces of Higher Mind and Spirit moving across the human race; the globe of mankind that are prompting many to rethink their outlet of expression, their jobs, their day to day activities. Many want off the mundane and into the extraordinary.

Many job changes and Spiritually inspired new professions being created with new titles and names never heard of before. The overhaul is expansive and technology can play a healthy role if kept in check and in balance. Global communities can soar through Love, Light and commitments to improving the lives of many many people if mankind chooses to think with his Higher Mind and forfeit the greed and corruptive practices of the past.

World organizations will be stronger and will take on the heads of States, Countries, Nations with demands that they face more thoroughly their obligations and responsibilities to the people of the world and to not isolate themselves in self indulgent behaviour. The push will be on for all countries to make political and economic decisions that will be for the whole and not for the few.

The World systems will have a chance to turn direction now and accelerate towards an overthrow of iron age practices that separate people between rich and poor; excess and scarcity.

Green space will be protected and utilized more with those Creative Souls taking aim at waste and creative, very innovative ways to conserve the waters and nutrients for growing foods. Practices will move northward towards lands that were once considered too hostile for food making and instead through natural modifications, the harnessing of Energy for food production can be as abundant as in the South.

Councils will be created to listen more attentively to inspiring new ideas and advancements in natural medicines, environmental protection and alignments to the natural course and curve of the Earth’s body.

For the microcosmic system, mankind will shy away from plastics, ingredients of man’s making, formulas that pollute and products that harm the newly born child.

The bodies will cry out for a stop to such practices at all ages and your own inner systems and mechanisms of the SENSES including the 6th will come forth and dictate to you your body’s needs.

Follow your intuition on just what should and should not pass through your mouth on it’s way to your stomach.

Use your “sense of smell” to determine whether your body agrees with what is in front of you.

This is a very large and impactful time of the cyclic change of mankind here on Earth and you are all responsible for being a part of it’s glories and it’s corrections. Be wise and turn away from those fabrications designed to enslave you. Embrace the changes of natural Life and Law.

Your Mother Earth has a special interest in each of you and as your caregiver and provider of physical Life..she works in absolute harmony and Oneness with Creator in offering Her part to your existence. Abide by Her Laws and listen attentively within to your Universal Creator directives which can be found by being still; and receptive.

Do be still this time of the season and make time in your life going forward to receive the benefits of being a Human; a Soul incarnate. Give back when you can and share with those in need. Cosmic Blessings for an enlightened Solstice time..May you prosper in the coming year 2018.

Class Master
So Mote it Be !

Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – December 18th to 24th, 2017

Hi Everyone !

New Moon week AND Solstice week ..oh my!  Such power as we start a new Energy week and shift together.  Sagittarius is our guide and we are being asked to go within during the New Moon and Solstice time (all week long you will find profound insights) as the Great Archer pierces the “veils of illusion” for us and helps us to find our Truth and Purpose.  Sagittarius calls to us in his alignment with the Centre of our Galaxy where the depth of the unknown shall come forward with guidance to your listening ears. 

Take time to be still during this week of such profound offerings and KNOW that a child of the Universe…shall be turning your heart, mind and breath of life here on earth to your destiny.  The beloved sign of Capricorn with all of it’s heart felt and Soul filled love will help you to heal your heart with gentle waves of healing as you rise above the shadows of the old and champion your way into the new.  The transition time from Sagittarius to Capricorn will cause you to breathe deeply and stop focusing on the external world alone.  This transformation time calls for deep reflection and choice.  Out of the sign of Capricorn rises your new birth at the Solstice..a freeing of the heart if you will allow yourself to let go and open to Universal Love. Take the time for that and speak your own oath to the Cosmic!  For truly you ARE the expression of the All !

The power of this special time of the year is KNOWN within; found within you and you are just being asked to sit still and meditate.  Breathe from source and feel the peace within.

This powerful week will be challenged by the old ways of commercialization and those things that know not of such powerful Cosmic love…forgive them for that and be peaceful.

The significance of this week is so deep and profound that every choice you make will determine your future.  Choose wisely; choose your Spiritual path! Mankind will shift with the direction we choose individually.

The BOW and ARROW is so significant to you now..because it shoots to your deepest core and directs you to your Inner Truth and the Will of your Soul..what a sacred opportunity!

Enjoy the week..your peace, Nature and the SILENCE of the Solstice time!

In Light and in Peace,


What happens at Solstice? How do you prepare?

Hi Everyone!

What happens at Solstice? How do you prepare? 

You have been feeling the Energy changes and know that another shift occurs at the “change of the seasons” at Solstice – December 21st.  Is it just a change in season or is there a deeper mystical meaning attached to this time of year?  It’s both.  Yes..we acknowledge that the Earth journey changes and we call it seasonal….but there is a special relationship that occurs between mankind and his spiritual consciousness.  It’s something quite “magical” hence the Age old stories and traditions of miracles occurring during the solstice time.  We experience a “birth” within ourselves..a special heartfelt birth.  The “Universal Christ Consciousness” of the 1st Principle of Creation; Love descends in through your heart…Yes..that is very special!  

What is it that many of us feel in our hearts?..and why do some feel it and others don’t?  How come people feel more distressed often in their hearts at this time too?  Well there is a particular surge of Energy that moves through the creative and formative worlds and one would wish to OPEN up and align with it…for it truly is a glorious shift in Self enlightenment; a time when mankind experiences love for humanity and feels very loving and giving.

However…If the passages between these 2 worlds within are blocked finds the struggles prevalent and difficult to navigate.  What’s the best way to ensure that the “gifts” of the Solstice are received by you? Reflect and examine that which may be blocking your heart paths..and seek out healing and resolution.  That’s preparation for Solstice. Allow yourself the opportunity to go deep within and heal the triggers life presents. What is life teaching you about yourself?

I notice that while we ALL have this opportunity to grow exponentially into our heart centres and find that bigger picture by embracing opportunity for both ourselves AND others..unfortunately..many struggle to enter that higher point within and let the shadows of illusion grip them.  Destructive shadows are magnified just before be aware and take the higher road!  It is designed beautifully this way that you are testing yourself.  After your reflection, thinking and discernment…see the Beauty for the Greater Good!  Witness those people in your life that serve the greater good and be on board to walk with them.

The more people who unite in serving the Greater Good during solstice..the better off mankind shall be!  To that end..let’s prepare for Solstice time by purging and transforming all those negative ways; embrace Love and Light instead!

This is truly a magical time of the year…Mystics of Past and Present all celebrate this time with solemn meditation, rituals and peace giving thoughts to mankind!

Do your job now..get prepared for Solstice !

In Light and in Peace,

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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – December 11th to 17th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

With all the changes and shifting going on you feel like you have one foot going forward so nicely and yet the other one is still trying to keep a “toe in the past”..why? Is it the unknown? The uncertainty or possibly fear of change?  When things opened up for you with self realizations and “aha” moments over the last couple of weeks you were delighted at the time with the new knowledge.  Have you forgotten that you were delighted to know that there was choice in life? 

Often in that moment of “joy” of knowing something or realizing something about yourself you feel really good but then your “old monkey brain” comes in and casts a shadow of doubt.  So the question is this week..who or what do you believe?  The Universal MIND consciousness that governs, creates and loves you unconditionally..or the “chatter of some old story” that did not uplift?

Seems like you are nodding your head that you rather like the Universe !!

This morning when I woke up I had the most amazing “vision”/experience..that of course was symbolic…but I was seeing through my Inner Eye from over the ocean viewing below… a huge community of whales moving swiftly through the waters and their spouts actually sprayed me with this most refreshing water and asked me to share their message.  So I am.   What are they sharing?  The whales have always represented Universal teachings, concepts, philosophies….natural living with their outstanding intelligence in Nature…they are reminding me to share that each of you….are to move through your lives in natural harmony with one another…liberated and joyful.  Let the “waters of life” wake you up!  Their energy has been offered to MOVE you along now.  Let go of the past. Wake up to the now and embrace your choices. The old story is just that…old.   They “whales” send you their healing energy and motivation to move swiftly now!

This week is your time to take that deep breath and say yes..I LOVE life..I can make the most of it..explore new possibilities…dreams and goals.  Yes..I do should be saying to yourself..that I am a Universal child of Light.  Remember that you are not bound to the old story that can cause depression, angst and sadness. You are able to think of something positive right now..and embrace it.

The Energy this week is very motivational…it will push your buttons..refresh your face…encourage you lovingly into action !

Go back and explore that “one foot forward” again…I think it just moved ahead !  Let your other foot now catch up with it and start walking !

Enjoy your week..!

In Light and in Peace,



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