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Dec 21st Winter Solstice – Message from Spirit – “2018 Prophecy” – New Wave of Awakening Souls

Message from Spirit for Winter Solstice – December 21st, 2017
“Make a Wish” for 2018 – What we can expect by Kathy Roseborough
“Many are tired of the old rides on this beautiful playground of Life”…so worn out and eagerly seeking to find their own meaning of their birth. Witness your Beloved Mother Earth patiently waiting for each of her Children to wake up and begin their spiritual journey back to Self Realization of their individuated magnitude and magnificence”. 

When the Soul incarnate experiences this particular “wave” of waking up to their True Selves….they are at first emotional, angry, cranky, irritated, sad and often depressed, much like a small child can be when awakening from their nap. There is a New WAVE of awakening going on throughout mankind at this time of year and special Solstice cycle… and for those who are more seasoned along their spiritual journey… this transition encourages them to be the Leaders for this new wave of awakening Souls.

“New Wave of Awakening Souls”

The New Wave of awakening Souls is quite massive and will require many Leaders who can hold the torch of Light up high for those coming up the mountain of Love, Heart and Truth. There will be many called upon to work and contribute more tirelessly to hold doors open..and there are those who will be using very intricate MIND-dictated concepts to open up the dimensions of Higher Spiritual practices for the many to share. Each of you have a place; and each of you are unique and Beautiful to the Greater Cause.

Reflect upon your own conscious awareness; where you are at in the unfoldment of your Inner Beauty, Mind and Will..and then examine more closely your role in the coming year; developing Cycle of the blossoming of mankind’s Spirituality. During this Solstice time reside deep in your Inner Temple in quiet solitude and peace. Journal only when you feel the moment is right..after much consideration and reflection. Journal the guidance you receive and realize that at first glance it may seem simple and straightforward…but as you explore it’s unfoldment you will see it’s depth and complexity covering many dimensions of Creation!

The MIND will be moving you; accelerating you quickly towards new ideas and inspirations…that is the POWER of the Jupiter influence and Sagittarius energy! However the GOAT of Capricorn likes to be sure-footed and take smaller leaps…stopping to graze and take in the moment…before leaping again. Expect to be the sure footed Goat with the power of Jupiter at your back!

All the many worthwhile activities and inspirations will need a good ground and solid framework. Take the time over the weeks ahead to establish this with the vision and symbol of the 6 pointed Merkabah or multi-dimensional 6 pointed star in your MIND and Soul. (my note: the Merkabah is the merged opposition of 2 three-dimensional equilateral triangles to form a six pointed star) The symbol is assigned to the Heart centre (13th point) yet it reaches out multi dimensionally and affects many people; worlds and things here on Earth. 

Meditate upon your ideas and goals with the thought of the Greater GOOD for all involved in mind. Be aware that your greatest successes are when you take into consideration others. What you do with the the Self you do with the All.

There will be many old Principles and Laws needing to be presented into the mass consciousness; into the newly awakened Souls with ease and grace. Be attentive, compassionate and understanding of their need to think things through and absorb the new insights. Your mind may be moving quickly but there’s will be just opening to remember who they truly are….so patience here is definitely a virtue!

“prophecy 2018”

Watch how the Animal Kingdom, Vegetable Kingdom, Trees and landscapes, Water, minerals and AIR quality becomes of particularly POWERFUL importance globally. Step up and step into those projects and mandates that seek to help and conserve the natural bounty and resources of the EARTH. She will need your care and attention. Be very mindful of this and dedicate your own personal time to task.

There are forces of Higher Mind and Spirit moving across the human race; the globe of mankind that are prompting many to rethink their outlet of expression, their jobs, their day to day activities. Many want off the mundane and into the extraordinary.

Many job changes and Spiritually inspired new professions being created with new titles and names never heard of before. The overhaul is expansive and technology can play a healthy role if kept in check and in balance. Global communities can soar through Love, Light and commitments to improving the lives of many many people if mankind chooses to think with his Higher Mind and forfeit the greed and corruptive practices of the past.

World organizations will be stronger and will take on the heads of States, Countries, Nations with demands that they face more thoroughly their obligations and responsibilities to the people of the world and to not isolate themselves in self indulgent behaviour. The push will be on for all countries to make political and economic decisions that will be for the whole and not for the few.

The World systems will have a chance to turn direction now and accelerate towards an overthrow of iron age practices that separate people between rich and poor; excess and scarcity.

Green space will be protected and utilized more with those Creative Souls taking aim at waste and creative, very innovative ways to conserve the waters and nutrients for growing foods. Practices will move northward towards lands that were once considered too hostile for food making and instead through natural modifications, the harnessing of Energy for food production can be as abundant as in the South.

Councils will be created to listen more attentively to inspiring new ideas and advancements in natural medicines, environmental protection and alignments to the natural course and curve of the Earth’s body.

For the microcosmic system, mankind will shy away from plastics, ingredients of man’s making, formulas that pollute and products that harm the newly born child.

The bodies will cry out for a stop to such practices at all ages and your own inner systems and mechanisms of the SENSES including the 6th will come forth and dictate to you your body’s needs.

Follow your intuition on just what should and should not pass through your mouth on it’s way to your stomach.

Use your “sense of smell” to determine whether your body agrees with what is in front of you.

This is a very large and impactful time of the cyclic change of mankind here on Earth and you are all responsible for being a part of it’s glories and it’s corrections. Be wise and turn away from those fabrications designed to enslave you. Embrace the changes of natural Life and Law.

Your Mother Earth has a special interest in each of you and as your caregiver and provider of physical Life..she works in absolute harmony and Oneness with Creator in offering Her part to your existence. Abide by Her Laws and listen attentively within to your Universal Creator directives which can be found by being still; and receptive.

Do be still this time of the season and make time in your life going forward to receive the benefits of being a Human; a Soul incarnate. Give back when you can and share with those in need. Cosmic Blessings for an enlightened Solstice time..May you prosper in the coming year 2018.

Class Master
So Mote it Be !

Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – December 18th to 24th, 2017

Hi Everyone !

New Moon week AND Solstice week ..oh my!  Such power as we start a new Energy week and shift together.  Sagittarius is our guide and we are being asked to go within during the New Moon and Solstice time (all week long you will find profound insights) as the Great Archer pierces the “veils of illusion” for us and helps us to find our Truth and Purpose.  Sagittarius calls to us in his alignment with the Centre of our Galaxy where the depth of the unknown shall come forward with guidance to your listening ears. 

Take time to be still during this week of such profound offerings and KNOW that a child of the Universe…shall be turning your heart, mind and breath of life here on earth to your destiny.  The beloved sign of Capricorn with all of it’s heart felt and Soul filled love will help you to heal your heart with gentle waves of healing as you rise above the shadows of the old and champion your way into the new.  The transition time from Sagittarius to Capricorn will cause you to breathe deeply and stop focusing on the external world alone.  This transformation time calls for deep reflection and choice.  Out of the sign of Capricorn rises your new birth at the Solstice..a freeing of the heart if you will allow yourself to let go and open to Universal Love. Take the time for that and speak your own oath to the Cosmic!  For truly you ARE the expression of the All !

The power of this special time of the year is KNOWN within; found within you and you are just being asked to sit still and meditate.  Breathe from source and feel the peace within.

This powerful week will be challenged by the old ways of commercialization and those things that know not of such powerful Cosmic love…forgive them for that and be peaceful.

The significance of this week is so deep and profound that every choice you make will determine your future.  Choose wisely; choose your Spiritual path! Mankind will shift with the direction we choose individually.

The BOW and ARROW is so significant to you now..because it shoots to your deepest core and directs you to your Inner Truth and the Will of your Soul..what a sacred opportunity!

Enjoy the week..your peace, Nature and the SILENCE of the Solstice time!

In Light and in Peace,


What happens at Solstice? How do you prepare?

Hi Everyone!

What happens at Solstice? How do you prepare? 

You have been feeling the Energy changes and know that another shift occurs at the “change of the seasons” at Solstice – December 21st.  Is it just a change in season or is there a deeper mystical meaning attached to this time of year?  It’s both.  Yes..we acknowledge that the Earth journey changes and we call it seasonal….but there is a special relationship that occurs between mankind and his spiritual consciousness.  It’s something quite “magical” hence the Age old stories and traditions of miracles occurring during the solstice time.  We experience a “birth” within ourselves..a special heartfelt birth.  The “Universal Christ Consciousness” of the 1st Principle of Creation; Love descends in through your heart…Yes..that is very special!  

What is it that many of us feel in our hearts?..and why do some feel it and others don’t?  How come people feel more distressed often in their hearts at this time too?  Well there is a particular surge of Energy that moves through the creative and formative worlds and one would wish to OPEN up and align with it…for it truly is a glorious shift in Self enlightenment; a time when mankind experiences love for humanity and feels very loving and giving.

However…If the passages between these 2 worlds within are blocked finds the struggles prevalent and difficult to navigate.  What’s the best way to ensure that the “gifts” of the Solstice are received by you? Reflect and examine that which may be blocking your heart paths..and seek out healing and resolution.  That’s preparation for Solstice. Allow yourself the opportunity to go deep within and heal the triggers life presents. What is life teaching you about yourself?

I notice that while we ALL have this opportunity to grow exponentially into our heart centres and find that bigger picture by embracing opportunity for both ourselves AND others..unfortunately..many struggle to enter that higher point within and let the shadows of illusion grip them.  Destructive shadows are magnified just before be aware and take the higher road!  It is designed beautifully this way that you are testing yourself.  After your reflection, thinking and discernment…see the Beauty for the Greater Good!  Witness those people in your life that serve the greater good and be on board to walk with them.

The more people who unite in serving the Greater Good during solstice..the better off mankind shall be!  To that end..let’s prepare for Solstice time by purging and transforming all those negative ways; embrace Love and Light instead!

This is truly a magical time of the year…Mystics of Past and Present all celebrate this time with solemn meditation, rituals and peace giving thoughts to mankind!

Do your job now..get prepared for Solstice !

In Light and in Peace,

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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – December 11th to 17th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

With all the changes and shifting going on you feel like you have one foot going forward so nicely and yet the other one is still trying to keep a “toe in the past”..why? Is it the unknown? The uncertainty or possibly fear of change?  When things opened up for you with self realizations and “aha” moments over the last couple of weeks you were delighted at the time with the new knowledge.  Have you forgotten that you were delighted to know that there was choice in life? 

Often in that moment of “joy” of knowing something or realizing something about yourself you feel really good but then your “old monkey brain” comes in and casts a shadow of doubt.  So the question is this week..who or what do you believe?  The Universal MIND consciousness that governs, creates and loves you unconditionally..or the “chatter of some old story” that did not uplift?

Seems like you are nodding your head that you rather like the Universe !!

This morning when I woke up I had the most amazing “vision”/experience..that of course was symbolic…but I was seeing through my Inner Eye from over the ocean viewing below… a huge community of whales moving swiftly through the waters and their spouts actually sprayed me with this most refreshing water and asked me to share their message.  So I am.   What are they sharing?  The whales have always represented Universal teachings, concepts, philosophies….natural living with their outstanding intelligence in Nature…they are reminding me to share that each of you….are to move through your lives in natural harmony with one another…liberated and joyful.  Let the “waters of life” wake you up!  Their energy has been offered to MOVE you along now.  Let go of the past. Wake up to the now and embrace your choices. The old story is just that…old.   They “whales” send you their healing energy and motivation to move swiftly now!

This week is your time to take that deep breath and say yes..I LOVE life..I can make the most of it..explore new possibilities…dreams and goals.  Yes..I do should be saying to yourself..that I am a Universal child of Light.  Remember that you are not bound to the old story that can cause depression, angst and sadness. You are able to think of something positive right now..and embrace it.

The Energy this week is very motivational…it will push your buttons..refresh your face…encourage you lovingly into action !

Go back and explore that “one foot forward” again…I think it just moved ahead !  Let your other foot now catch up with it and start walking !

Enjoy your week..!

In Light and in Peace,



Special for December – Private Mentoring.  Set your alignment for 2018 !

You are the Light; the Hope; the Future!

So many times we listen to news broadcasts or read something on the internet that causes us fear, anger, upset and uncertainty.  What is our future to be and the future of our children?  Well..each of us can contribute to the betterment of the planet; our human race.  How? Just by doing what you feel drawn to intuitively, spiritually and yes..logically!  If you are a gardener…then use compost and recycle; grow beautiful organic produce and share. If you are a singer..then sing to us those lyrics and songs that inspire and uplift us.  If you are a writer, poet or dancer..bring forth your gifts to us; the world.  Mechanic? Engineer? Sales? Admin? Accounting?  Well why not bring your smile to your office or workplace.  Maybe encourage a young mother, an old man nearing retirement or a neighbour.  We can all contribute..what would you like to do that comes naturally to you? That’s YOUR Light !

Shine forth your LIGHT…be that are unique unto yourself and you are exactly what this world needs.  Blessings!

In Light and in Peace,



December 2017 – Message from Spirit

December – Message from Spirit 2017
“For Whom the Bells Toll” ! For you, of course! Celebratory in nature..the Energy of the month of December is!  

Each of you have put in great effort, toiled, struggled, let go and overcome so many difficulties throughout the year that you now end this year 2017 on the note of celebration. Celebration with the realm of Angelic Ones near and far who join with you in acknowledging your great strides and standing by you with love, support and comfort at the time of permanent integration. You are integrating the sum of the year’s work and experiencing your acceleration of spiritual consciousness as well!

Most will find great benefit in looking back over the past year and examining just how much you have learned and how far you have come. If you would take the time to pick up on the year quarterly, you will see that at each turn of the cycle of the seasons you grew in self enlightenment and healed lovingly your disharmonies of the past.

In the quiet of your reflective meditation and study time, pick up your journal and scribe your findings of Self. Take your time and absorb the meaning of such changes and then you will see just how this will set the tone for the coming year 2018. You will wish to enter the new 2018 year with a strong foundation and vision of your framework, development and goals.

The month of December starts with the first couple of days to the 8th (December 1st to 8th) with the most major emotional changes with new thought forms emerging that will override the disassembling thought processes thus creating and establishing the new order of things. With the reflection continuing from December 8th to 14th, each individual has the time to purge and clear that which was let go during the Dec 3rd Super Full Moon and to focus their time and attention on that which emerged for you at that time… and its now taking precedence in your life. You will be focused on your new projects, dreams and goals that require structure. First you need to cleanse the attachments to the energy of the early full moon December timeline and be sure you have firmly made your decisions.

After the 13/14th you will then see some fresh scenes emerging with wafting Energy waves from the Cosmic that will gently move across your auric field and lightly engage your daily thinking. The December 13/14 to 17th should be kept for quiet and well paced duties and responsibilities, experiences and social get togethers. December 14th is truly the turning time because you are no longer finding you are who you were the month before! The difference is so marvellous that the Causal Body (Akashic level) sings out in celebration your “finding” of Self and the Truth that accompanies it! This light feeling is rather surreal for many so it is wise to allow this gentle time from December 14 to 17th when you can reflect and enjoy the way your environment is changing with you.

Nice time for family, changes in and around your home/office, simplified tasks, no overloading of consumerism, no overloading of “to do” lists.

Then the larger, more powerful cosmic waves start to roll on in at the 3 days before Solstice point (Dec 18th to 21st). A time well spent in journalling and reflection to discover some of your deepest directives. You’ll be quite pleased with the Cosmic messages and directives you receive during this pre-solstice time. Continue with your focus on hydrating the body with lots of water, light foods and plenty of rest.

The 21st is the Solstice time and the gifts of Solstice are offered to you when you cross the bridge from the Sagittarius to Capricorn Constellation influence. Major shift in your 2017 solstice and so major in fact, that you will likely KNOW so much more about your 2017/2018 engagements with your soul mandate that you will be filled with delight!

All eyes are on the Solstice time and what you do to prepare for this time is a necessary part of your spiritual journey. You are aware of the ebb and flow..when you engage with action and when you sit back and reflect with study.

The main theme for this month under the ruling Jupiter Energy is that “your EYE should be on the Soul mandate”. Keep this at the forefront of your planning and goal setting. The Soul mandate first and foremost which keeps you in alignment with the Universal Laws and Principles of Creation.

Once you decide that this is your focus of your heart, Mind and will see other things your life fall into place. If you drop down to the “problems” don’t have the consciousness set at receiving clarity and guidance. You focus on your Soul mandate and you know how to handle life’s problems; it’s ups and downs.

You are much stronger than you were a year ago and you know that you have cleared a strong path for yourself. You have forged your auric field levels with the higher Golden Body of Light in many ways with your pathwork and you have improved upon your personal health and well being.

Keep going for there is no turning back. Your sight is set on the greater integration with your Spiritual body of Light that keeps your consciousness at heightened levels while walking upon the earth. This allows you to have clarity and knowledge of day to day affairs from the processing stand point of Spirit; rather than emotional trigger and upset.

Stay above in your Mind, your Love and direction because it is YOU that the Angelic Ones celebrate! They celebrate YOUR self realization and your position in life here on earth as a leader and major contributor to the raising of the human race consciousness. You stand out like a bright LIGHT upon the Earth and are easily recognized by the Ascended Ones!

With this in mind, you will also find that people here on earth will start to be seeking you out more for guidance, friendship and kinship of like mind. Enjoy your newly forming circles!

Be kind to the Kingdoms and say prayers for them as well during this month for they too are feeling the changes on earth and appreciate your kindness, your good thoughts and good deeds. The more each of you can do to help the earth and Her kingdoms the better off each will be. Your projects for conservation of the planet are important and should be included in your daily life.

May you feel the changes as major and positive..for that is what they truly are! Pay heed to the preparation time this month for Solstice and you will find greater integration with permanency.

Malleable are these times and your MIND will help you govern transitions accordingly. Cosmic Blessings, your Class Master…

In Light and in Peace,


Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – December 4th to 10th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Here we are into the last part of our year..2017…and we have all sorts of influences and Energy consciousness to work with.  Feel the Super Full Moon last night?  That’s the one in Gemini that’s still causing you to truly need an opportunity to “talk” about your feelings, your enlightenment, challenges, emotions and ideas. necessary to help clear your emotional ups and downs while also finding reassurance in others as well.  The Sagittarius influence is supporting you at this time as you know some things can’t be intellectually figured out alone.  Sagittarius brings you those “sparks” of “AHA !” I get it!  Sag is a very philosophical and deeper thinking Constellation!  These influence continue this week.   

Finding you have more questions than answers?  Don’t worry..this is going to shift now as well because the Universe always opens up the doors for the seeking student! A good time for research, study, inquiring on your life path, reflection on what you wish to do and how to make your CURRENT world look..your surroundings. Funny’s a good time for consulting Astrologers, authentic mediums, and Soul readers.  Better than that even…a good time to be consulting within during your meditations. Use your tools.  Sacred cards, Pathwork, Energy testing.  This is a very good time for spiritually inclined thinking and reflecting on your life.

How solid do you feel?

Many are needing to balance their spiritual pursuits right now with the framework of their day to day living.  How do you feel about your finances, balancing activities, social time, sleep cycle, eating habits.   Time to draw in the “reins of the horse” as well.  Structure yourself to make YOU happy and healthy.  If you don’t have enough time for your own pursuits and find yourself just running around from place to place and thing to thing…then you must be quite frustrated!  There are both subtle and obvious distractions in life.  Change them.

Change with communicating to those you need to (family, friends, yourself) that you are stopping in your tracks and resetting your daily schedule to ensure you get what you need. It may be care, rest, exercise, sleep, study, meditation, or maybe just a little bit of fun!

The Inner Self is raising up all sorts of things in you right now with the Full Moon..and with the upcoming Solstice being only 2 weeks away…there are things that need to be handled.  Powerful disciplines are required and vocalization of your position in life.  If you don’t honour yourself; your health, life and Soul mandate..who is ?   Set the example.

Set the example in your family and amongst your peers by going AGAINST the fast flowing current of man-made living that is filled with distractions and luring you into a lifestyle you don’t really want.  Be the one that starts something new this week that makes you feel AMAZING !  Shine forth the “Warrior of Light” in you and announce your intentions and take action!

Great week for liberation of Self from within!  Examine what is not right and make it right for yourself.  Choose that special thing you need. are worth it…go ahead and engage with the Love and directives of the Cosmic; your Soul and Universe.  Excited about changing once and for all?  Good!  Let’s walk that path to personal enlightenment!

Enjoy your week..

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – November 27th to December 3rd, 2017

Hi Everyone !

Stillness, body awareness, Self-examination, analysis of your life..asking yourself many questions..right?  You can feel the power sitting there within you and around you..yet you are maybe not quite sure what to do with it.  It seems like it’s yours to use…but how to use it?

The uncertainty or unfamiliar state you are in is not unusual at is expected when we move from one major shift and cycle and enter into the new walking into a lost land that feels loving and yet the Mind has not quite “clicked into” the synapses that you know must be in place to make it very grounded. 

The energy this week is all about this new pattern of self..looking at things around you and within you…getting to know yourself.  Seeing things around you that you didn’t notice before?  Looking without “seeing” ?  These are the types of “gaps” that must now be filled in.  So let’s do that.

Anchoring this type of energy shift does take some practice.  It is best to draw the energy into yourself with the breath..focus on the body in meditation and visualization.  Start at the top of the head and work down to the feet; not the other way.

Don’t overload too only makes things more confusing and emotional upset can occur..such as spontaneous crying or anger..when in fact you are really asking for peace.

Peace is something that may need to be scheduled into your daily life.  Taking that time for the quiet periods where you can rest and reflect is good.  Then engaging in your activities to build your framework of creative expression, business, home and family or personal affairs has more enjoyment. After all you need to ENJOY your soul mandate and purpose..not look at it as a burden right?

So ease the pace this week..let things go forward with increments that are comfortable. Set up your routines, practices to suit your personal needs.

We have some hectic things coming up in December with holidays and celebrations…so this year be sure to prepare..starting now.  We start the 21 day preparation for Solstice this Friday and it is all about you!  Stability, detoxing, decluttering, purity of Self, ease and simplicity.

Okay..let’s enjoy the week ahead and keep a focus on how your body is responding to the new attention you are giving it..emotions and all !

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – November 20th to November 26th, 2017

Hi Everyone!     NEW Cycle – the November 11th and 18th Peaks are closing…tapering off Nov 21st…shifting again!

The New Moon in Scorpio gave us all a good “push” over the past weekend now..and here you are standing upon the threshold of a new dawn; new cycle with your power hand locked onto your Sceptre feeling the opening of LOVE in your heart!  So what’s next?  WILL POWER and MIND!

How does one grasp the possibilities and potentials this new cycle offers?  Seems surreal; unreal perhaps..yet Universal Law dictates that using the tools of the triad of Mind, Love and Will produces the manifestation of your Soul Mandate..does it not?  Let’s put it into practice then..shall we?  

You’re open..and this week you take a step by incorporating a new experience into your life that helps to build your path underfoot.  You will know what you need to add because it has either already been introduced to you or you have been inspired to inquire about it.  Then yes…connect with that again and plan to actually pick it up for yourself.

For some of you it could mean an well deserved break or holiday honouring in a Self loving way…for another it may be a project for profession or creative interest that needs to be started, and yet for another it may mean picking up a spiritual path that will add something new to your personal enlightening.  Oh the options are there for you…you just need to acknowledge it and do it !

You may say you are tired…or you are wondering if it can really happen this time.  Understandably it seems that perhaps you have been waiting and waiting for change..and the “stillness” that you are aware of is KEY to your proof.  Here we are this week right at the turning point. Right upon the threshold where the CYCLE is closing up for November and the Energy shifts towards manifestation.  Feels a little odd right?

The stillness is a normal part of the transfer station.  Where you are are knowing and feeling the momentum pulling you in a new have done your part of holding your dreams and goals in your Mind and Heart…now the power of Universal Will is about to engage!

When this WILL POWER really begins to pick up..look out everyone!  You are going to feel like a rocket going off!  So..ease into this..yes.

First few days of this week we are making use of the closing cycle with focused attention on our Creations…we pause..breathe…and as we feel the Energy move again Wednesday the 22nd…you are going in a whole new direction.  Wow!  Watch for a different and better use of colour, creative expression, literary work, communication, invention, inspiration, leadership, healing capabilities, raw power, stamina and more.  Too much to list right now..but as we move forward in the weeks ahead it will be addressed more. 

Enjoy the SHIFT this week..a real EYE opener..”Inner Eye that is” !

In Light and in Peace,



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November 18th – 2017 – Energy Shift & Update Alert!

Special News Everyone! 

We are coming to the end of the November PORTAL…. that started as you know because you felt it open…November 8th and hit a powerful peak on November 11th and then continued to expand causing you tremendous ups and downs, highs and lows over the past week.  Self Worth issues, confidence, securities, finances, dreams and visions, relationships, everything seemed to be on the line in one expression or another..sometimes all for people.  Whether you have been mildly affected to seriously challenged through this time…I have some very positive news!  The 2nd PEAK is November 18th..then we taper off for the remaining 3 days to the 21st.  We should then integrate that which you express now into fuller recognition. 

Today and tomorrow are much that I recorded a “live channelled guided healing, meditation, ascension practice and “surprise Initiation” in the Inner Temple for you. Surprise? Yes..I didn’t know about it until we started to develop the procedure in the Inner Temple.  It is now providing an opportunity for you to strengthen your alignment during this sacred time.  Can you do it on your own? Of course you can!  Just letting you know that if you need some help..there is a downloadable file in mP3 form. more about this time cycle.  11:11…11:18 ..2 very significant windows open for you.  Hold your vision of Self clearly ..if that is for good health, successful profession, happy family, creative inspiration, Soul Mandate..whatever it is that you hold dear to your heart…practice alignment now.  I can’t emphasize this enough.  

If you are the type that prefers a walk in Nature – forest, beach, backyard, do your alignment..then yes..please do that!  On the MAT? okay! Great…whatever it is that suits your own unique needs. 

This portal is particular strong and associated with Jupiter, some back of neck energy (Saturn/Mars) and the Earth of course…the SUN (your heart) and a hidden and vibrant Neptune at the base of your skull…topped with Uranus who is the One sending the major signals about the bigger picture to you..the bigger scope of unfoldment in your life plan.  Does this all happen over night? is a longer term unfoldment..but the more immediate results is seen in the days ahead of you. The Worthy guidance is coming from all directions; all 12 stations and you will be pleased with the unfolding starting the 21st.  Whew !!! 🙂 

Alright..just thought I had best send this to your attention..!  Enjoy your day! 

In Light and in Peace, 


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – November 13th to November 19th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

We are in the thick of transformation AND opened portals to Higher dimensions of Self.  So simultaneously you are discarding your old self while entering the new.  This has brought out for many images and fragments of old that are not so nice to see & remember.  However..just like cleaning out and scrubbing old cupboards in your kitchen so that you can put your brand new dishes in….this week energy requires you to do the work at hand.  The new materials and acquisitions you are receiving in life are so pure..they need a clean place within your life. 

How does one handle this transformation?  How does one not get caught in the images, feelings, emotions that are leaving?  How does one not get caught in this transformation which can cause depression, anxiety, tension and more if you do get caught in it?  Okay…those are very good questions.  Experiencing the transfer into this new awareness of Self may be a lonely experience it is very helpful to talk with others who are going through similar transformations.  If you don’t have anyone to talk even helps to read about how we cross from the old to the new. I can tell you here and now that path working across dimensions always bring you greater benefits of living. But like walking in a rain or snow feels uncomfortable until you reach the shelter and comfort at your destination.  Ultimately…you go to the heart and sit quietly opening your Energy Centres through breathing and meditation and ASK within for help in letting go.  TRUSTING this process is important.  Take the hand offered in life and be lifted up. You may feel this as a tingling and warmth of Light upon you when you are sitting in quiet reflection and meditation.  It is working…it may be subtle at times..but it is working.

So what happens next this week?  This simultaneous experience is going on for the week ahead with increments and moments of brilliance…yes brilliance.  That is most encouraging and these are inspirations and ideas that you must make immediate note of.  We reach a NEW MOON by Saturday November 18th and as always…this is an added boost to personal enlightenment.

Make decisions this week that put you into new environments, new professions, new living areas..discussions and healing.  Choose the invitations, seek out the offerings and say yes.  To step up and out of the old repetitive loop of social, professional or daily activities that are uninspiring…requires your active, vocalized choices being made.

Even if you have just ONE thing that you decide that needs to be started..then start it.  This November is open portal time..multitude really due to dimensions opening…and sparks you to pick up your Soul purpose..pick up your inspirations now and act.  Numerous planetary and stellar influences…too many to name right now..are directed at you. (Jupiter being one of my favourites!). Your Soul’s WILL and power of your Creation is being seen!

Again this week…Use your Spiritual “Sword of Light”..and cut things off that do not resonate with your TRUTH and LIGHT…your values and dedication to your devotional path.  Live liberally with the Spiritual influence and don’t be afraid to embrace it.

Have a beautifully inspiring and enlightening week!

In Light and in Peace,








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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates! November 6th to November 12th, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Full Moon behind us now..wrapping up its influence before sunrise tomorrow…but then we need to examine what is going on for all of us right now! As mentioned in my writings..the November portal(s) of Light and opportunity are significant…you are wrapping up and closing are embracing new adventures with sparkle in your eyes! 

It is unprecedented really..the amount of change that we are in.. Why?  Because as much as we have certainly had many major shifts of late accelerating our conscious awareness…this is one we can all understand to be a “huge door opening & embrace” of your deep Soul desires and mandate.  No looking back..full steam ahead!  Between now and Winter Solstice you are going to be putting effort and energy into the direction you are going with lots of Creativity, stored gifts and skills coming forward and vivid imagination.  (you can thank your Neptune/Uranus roots for this which reaches back into ancient lifetimes)

Sleeping Less and interrupted?

Be sure to stabilize yourself during these shifting times of November because the foundation and your personal chalice is key to staying balanced.  Otherwise you will be breaking into tears, emotional outbursts and confusion…you don’t want that !!  The power is so significant of the Light Energy of Source/your own Soul’s presence and the ongoing enlightening..that you are being directed to ground with Nature, breathing, regular routines of physical/spiritual practice and sleep.  What’s that?  Not getting any sleep?  I know you are not because the Energy bounding in at us never seems to stop.  All the more reason you must LEARN how to sleep and direct your consciousness each night.  (I’ll teach you that if you like)

The vibrations and subtle communications, inspirations and ideas coming in at you are often feeling like a bombardment…so you need to use the breath to capture these delightful experiences and your soulful breathing and meditation practices.

For the week are going to find the energy building..building and expansive..and we are not even at it’s peak for the month yet !  Do a lot of walking, cycling, swimming, eating of good cleansing foods and rooted vegetables.

Heart Fluttering or bouncing around? 

Many are feeling their hearts acting fluttering, racing, uncomfortable and the like.  The breath and heart must coordinate.  Truly you need to understand how important this is. The heart and breath.  A significant connection that you must use to give your heart a chance to organize the incoming energy this month.  Remember that the Spiritual world and the Physical world/emotions and thoughts…all INTERFACE through the heart.  So you can imagine the pressure going on in there?  Breathe now..nice 4 square breathing.  Breathe down the left leg and foot..then the right leg and foot.  Then the left shoulder/arm and hand ..then the right shoulder/arm/ and hand.  Then up to the top of your head..and then down the spine, legs to feet. okay? Mother Earth has you in her be at peace.  Plenty of JOY to come !!!

More about this month next week!

In Light and in Peace,


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Finding stability….right inside of you!

Hi Everyone!

With the world presenting such an intensity of late..especially now that another full moon approaches Saturday, November is often difficult to not get too anxious, stressed and triggered into fear.  What to do?  Are you susceptible to emotions that sweep across nations, news and social media?  It would stabilize the world much more if each of us worked on having our very own “stabilizing routine” daily!

By keeping yourself attuned and reduce the fears and angst…trusting instead to embrace the Universal Truth and Love that should be a ruling and governing “go to” in your life.  When I see people in my practice that are expressing emotional uncertainties, fears and anxieties…I will ask them to go to the World Healing Library FREE meditation offerings and listen to a meditation.  That it will help them…

When I am faced with my own challenges and distractions in life..what do I do?  I go right to my personal sanctum and begin to do my deep breathing and meditation.  Why?  Because it is the FASTEST health fix I have every seen!  What I have also come to discover and delight in having the experience in…is that I don’t find myself disturbed fact I find that I am most peaceful in the midst of chaos.  I seek solutions, counsel from within and strong guidance.  That’s the place each of us should go to when we need it.

We can change this world to one of a lot more peacefulness and balance…we can change our own lives first!

Try developing your own practice…LEARN a daily routine..LEARN to be aligned and come to understand the meaning of just what that is!

After my 1st Day of teaching the 5-Day workshop at More Than Just Art in Huntsville last weekend…I was so pleasantly surprised to see the response and engagement from the students as they learned the Levels of Consciousness.  Maybe you would like to learn too!

In Light and in Peace, Kathy

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November 2017 Energy Shifts, Updates & Message from Inner Temple

Hi Everyone!  I was sitting in meditation and listening to the changes of the cycles of mankind…here are some insights for you…sorry a little lengthy… 🙂

“The rumblings move across the fabric medium of Creation causing profound reverberations throughout our systems both on the microcosm and macrocosm…changes and shifts of Energy influencing the break up of forms, bonds and ties that are in disharmony to Universal Source of Light and Truth. The space created eases into a malleability then as time marches forward attracting between the atomic and subatomic particles of Creative spark, new bonds….forged in Love; forged in Truth, knowledge and profound sacredness.

When the cycles turn and breaking down of one old paradigm disperses and transforms..Creators Universal Laws reforge and regroup the finest and most subtle of your thoughts and creative urges to go forth upon your path and build up the inner strengthened fortitude and your commitment to your Soul Mandate!”

November…you have entered into the month of brilliant expansiveness….explosively generating the material and resources for you to use as your tools for a new Creative fiat. Just like a star that bursts forth it’s Light upon it’s too will be bursting forth a new energy from within that exponentially replaces the old platform of self.

Universal corrections are being made and karma is being resolved. The new group of resonating consciousness are finding each other yet are found originally to be old connections of Soul families and groups that have been earmarked to be together..destiny is fulfilled.

To put it will be meeting people in relationships that you have been waiting to connect with for a long time. These people will be in your life now so that you can all fulfill your own personal roles whilst interacting with the like minded Light and Love that each carries within themselves.

Expect changes now especially post full moon November 4th onwards which begins to roll in waves at first…. culminating and building momentum. The smaller waves here at the outset of the month are brushing and polishing, removing and replacing. The larger waves are drawing INWARD to yourself the stellar and solar Light of the Universal Levels of Creation and these waves lift you up into the momentous occasion and roll you forward into regions of unknown territory. The unknown feeling will soon dissipate as clarity ensues and you start to get familiar with your environment; your new thoughts, inspirations and realizations of just what your Truth line is.

Blinders and shades over your eyes and Inner Eye come off and the collapsing of limitation takes place. You gain in strength and you make it clear that life is to be lived; not just for the sake of being alive. Living your life consciously you put more energy and effort into making those things happen that you are mandated to do.

The Universe is responding back to you..the energy you put out is met with incoming energy for you to gain in expression of Self.

The waves of Light are challenging to harness as the energy is rolling like the Mighty Ocean…so you must learn to ride these waves, balance upon them and direct them co creatively with that which you are guided to do. Power is harnessed by the throat centre and used through the heart into the lower worlds for the magnificent manifestations and reflections of the Universal All !

The emphasis is on the solar plexus strengthening up and your throat centre to speak, express, create and direct responsibly. The Solar plexus is to be kept calm, balanced and in direct peacefulness with the incoming waves of Light carrying healing. Keep your awareness upon how your mighty plexus nerve is handling the energy here and use your breathing techniques to ensure calm prevails.

Too much excitement can cause imbalance and too much complacency can cause stagnation..immobilizing. Balance. 

As the transformations march towards the Sagittarius influence during the latter part of the year, you feel a renewed charge..the fire rising and the power developing your Inner eye and Crown centres. However, at this time..stay focused on the preparation of your lower bodies..the balancing of your solar plexus, emotions and foundation. Prepare daily these centres and when you need to make adjustments and changes to your foundation you do it. There is little room for procrastination and the cycle invites you into it’s gifts and Glories now!

Stay true to your heart; keep your family and friends close to you appreciating their challenges but not letting that distract you from the course of spiritual practice that you have contracted to for this lifetime. Organizing your own time and special sacred moments in the quiet will ensure that you are staying on top of the offerings of this cycle.

November has peak times of energy roaring through it and the individual may find their most attuned to the early half whilst others may find that latter half especially around the 18th. For the most part, the energy shift begins to take shape during the 8th of November and once anchored does not give up. It will offer you all that it can to keep you on a strong ascension climb up your own personal mountain of Spiritual enlightenment.

There are some clumsy and cumbersome things for you to remove and declutter from your life with simplified activities being the most rewarding. Clear your space and open your life up to changes now..take the full moon time to concentrate on this. Making space is very important and being in alignment with meditation and reflection. You need to allow yourself the time to reflect..that’s how you will gain the most benefits during this vibrant cycle!

Breathing and creating your foundation to hold the Light!

Class Master

Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – October 30th to November 5th, 2017

“The Jigsaw PUZZLE life”

Hi Everyone…okay..we’re not quite through this transformation energy yet so hang in there!  This week you can expect some puzzle pieces of your life to come together, some deteriorating pieces to be discarded and some fresh new pieces to be added! Now that’s a colourful life! Keep the focus on the brilliant pieces of inspiration and directives coming in..the soiled and worn out pieces know they are on their way out.  Cyclic changes always fascinate us as we recreate a new integrated picture out of our puzzle pieces of knowledge, experience and self-expression.

What is your manifestation going to look like?  Right now your puzzle pieces are likely are varying stages of development and it is best not to linger too terribly long over the musing of just one image.  Staring at the piece will slow the process down.  Reflect this week and either keep or discard.  Move the energy…move the energy to create the new form and the new manifestation of your life.

I’ve noticed of late that many people are sharing on social media the developments of their new puzzle pieces of their new goals and dreams that are coming together…that’s fabulous!  See how satisfying it is when you get started?  Be rest assured that EVERYONE is on their own very unique re-creative process and some may be further ahead…others may seem to be behind; but are they? Perhaps their acceleration will be more so in November.

For this week’s ENERGY SHIFT you will find opportunity to select some considerable amounts of LIFE karma and imbalances to correct..AND you will be presented through your meditations, reflection and dream states plenty of ideas. Saturday, November 4th is the FULL MOON and you will have your most favourable and potentially HUGE transformations to your puzzle during the November 1st to November 8th period.

Full Moon energy at the end of this week signals major BELLS going off…significant Inner Eye activity (your visionary 3rd eye) and expansive awareness…I mean REALLY expansive awareness.  Take each day this week with great dedication and focus…seriousness and planning.  This is your EARTH foundation changing time. All sorts of moves, changes and unearthing is taking place during this week ahead.

So..let the puzzle reconfiguration begin !  You know when you buy a puzzle box and through all the concentration and figuring is MOST satisfying when the picture is complete!  Then you let it sit for a while so that you can admire it…then you take it apart only to be inspired by something else right?  Well this is the FIRST stage of the PUZZLE picture being created…get ready! The picture will be amazing when you are done!

In Light and in Peace,


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