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Message from Spirit – October 2015

Message from Spirit – October 2015

Kathy:  There is so much I would like to ask the Class Master..starting with the changes we are experiencing to our brains and the talk of the shifting to higher frequencies in such an accelerated manner. Let’s address this first for the autumn months..

Class Master in Inner Temple:   “Solar DNA changes you…that is what it is all about at this are quickly changing from one state of consciousness to another and you must be aware that keeping up with this means a totally different lifestyle for some and only minor lifestyle changes for others. Your delight in living here on earth will come from the various interactions with the kingdoms and other spiritually aware human beings..and your other greatest enjoyments will come from your Inner awareness with the spiritual realms.

Do not be deceived by your fallen thought forms passing through to disintegration and change…let them go. The old story of living has broken free and you are moving into a new story and new realizations…this requires some time of implementation and integration..but it is changing. You are seeing and doing things much differently now and it is in your best interest now to disengage those things that speak to an old lifestyle that no longer serves you. This may sound harsh or strange to some people but you will see going forward just what that means.

You may recall for example your childhood dreams or those of your parents that often come to a conclusion of retirement at the end of life. You are rewriting the definition of retirement for it is not at all what it claims to be for not one of you will wish to retire from expeditiously acquiring further spiritual attainments and self awareness. The income and projects, professions and daily jobs will be a means to an end for ensuring your foundation is comfortable and your true expressions of soul realization will be the major part of your living state….you will be LIVING a spiritually conscious life and this will be expressed in all that you do.

Until that time, you are in a process of creating and solidifying a healthy foundation and chalice to hold these strong vibratory changes and shifts in frequencies. The incoming streams of Divine Intelligence are carrying codes of Light that triggers a response and a resurgence in your brain. Many fibres are reactivating and various chambers within your brain are releasing their stored memories. Ignitions are taking place all over your brain mapping that are sending signals out to the body and stimulating responses. Your body needs to adjust to these changes. Muscles twitches, spasms and neural pathway movements are taking place. The energy bodies and physical systems are findings new ways to communicate with each other that have not been used before. They have been dormant. The Master within is instructing the energy bodies how to interact with the physical and this is happening quickly.

You must have plenty of exercise, sleep, nature, natural resources and keep your water intake at a higher level especially if you are losing waters through exercise. Detoxify your blood and be aware that your digestion is changing as well. If you don’t need to eat a food anymore then drop it from your menu.

Cellular changes are necessary and more space; higher vibration in the body is ensuing. Practice tuning into your body and energy bodies until you are more aware of them. This is not a time for waiting to see what is going to happen…this is a time when you are consciously aware of what is happening and you are contributing consciously to the changes taking place. Live a conscious life and stay far away from the drone like temptations in your media and entertainment outlets.

It is helpful to use flower essences, incense, meditation, brain balancing techniques, and inner body scanning to check in on yourself …the tools you use for assessment and healing will prove to be quite valuable to you. Help others as well to understand their own bodies and the changes they are going through.

Keep a log or journal of your changes and be aware that especially during the weeks ahead in your seasonal changes you are going to need Nature especially for fresh air to your blood steam. Continue to be aware of the breath, your heart, your adrenals and the Source of the All..the sacred breath. It will calm you, diffuse unhappiness and depression, purge you, return you to an equilibrium and uplift you as well. VERY some of you are concerned of the overwhelming changes taking place and get anxious about keeping up. the breath will help you.

Many are inviting and engaging in new Spiritual Guides in the Inner and outer worlds. The new guides are not new…these Teachers are very old friends of yours and are returning to teach you and help you into your new alignments. Study with them on the inner planes of the temple.

Secure for yourself extra time in the mornings and evenings for meditation and quiet reflection…you will be pleased to have it. This is your healing time as well…it allows you to clear up many things faster. We will start with each of you this day in getting into the deep caverns of your Being and shed Light on some old illusions…throughout the time ahead together we will be assisting you in some very deep clearing that will leave you different results. Some will feel at first empty, or emotional..but this is only fleeting for the energy and Light that comes in will generously fill up and abate that.

The dross and heaviness must leave now as it is not your impairs your judgement…the Lightness will send vibrations of sparkling Light and great victories to you…There are going to be times when we will not be speaking to you directly about the meanings right away..but instead will help you to just let go of the encumbrances in your energy fields…then in a reflective time together we will help you by enlightening you on the marvelous Beauty that is within you that is now shining out with the radiance of your Soul.

Your Soul is burning through the dross in you to shine out just like the sun burns through the clouds and bursts forth surrounded by Blue sky. You Soul is shining forth too and this is a cycle where your Beloved Father Cronus and His team of Ministering Lords of Light shall welcome you in the Inner Temple for instruction and insights. Speak to Him; to them..for they will help change your life..and in some instances you will find immediate epiphanies… it is that fast. Problems have solutions; illusions have resolutions and where there are shadows so too shall you find the Light of truth unveiled to remove them.

Not a time now in your life for vagueness or complacency….not a time in your life for repelling or withdrawing….but a time for embracing each day and each night..welcoming new knowledge, new experiences, new insights. A time for love to be exchanged throughout humanity and for each of you to rediscover the joy of this life here on earth.

Nature in all Her glories will support you…you just need to seek it out…the MIND will be quick to teach you about yourself and you will be bold in expression. Choose these new lens to see through..for the cloudy ones of the past bring only repetition of program.

In summary, this is a cycle of time post Equinox and pre-Winter Solstice where you get used to all the new discoveries…like a child who discovers a classroom full of experience or a room filled with toys and books..they run from spot to spot at first..and then they settle down to enjoy. This new beginning time may have you running a bit hither and yon at first..but you are settling in more and more into your first choices and starting to see the future now…that future is magnificent; is like a whole new world of discovery…let the PORTAL of Light begin to now flow it’s Divine Intelligence to you!

So mote it be.

Weekly Energy Updates – October 5th to October 11th, 2015

Hi everyone!

Things are sorting out for you more and more each day; each week going forward.  Your story is starting to come together that allows you to see the big picture more clearly now regarding your Soul’s mandate for this life and the immediate changes that must be implemented into your personal daily routines, your attitudes, behaviour, and understanding.

You are also being more and more aware of OTHER people’s stories too!  This helps you tremendously in being able to manage interaction with others…and to be able to disarm the old triggers that previously plagued you.  Remembering that everyone IS Divine in origin and striving to be integrated once again into their own Higher Self…opens up in you a greater perspective of life…reinforces the fact that we are all in this together.

The influence this week is very warming to the heart chakra for it is about humanity and helping others.  Seeing others needs as well as remembering to acknowledge and satisfy your own is on the front burner. You absolutely must look after yourself..and in doing that you are in the ebb and flow of helping others without detriment to self…meaning loss of energy.  No more draining of your own energy field!  That is from an old paradigm and is clearly not to be engaged with again!

In helping yourself and others this week…you lift up into that heart chakra and others follow suit quickly.  We all start to resonate in the heart chakra and this begins an oscillating wave throughout the family, community..and human race.  As we move towards the Thanksgiving gatherings celebrated globally in Autumn, plus begin to “harvest” the autumn crops storing and preserving for the months ahead, we naturally begin to feel Blessed.  Expressing gratitude to Mother Earth in your prayers and thoughts would be a wonderful heart chakra warming addition to your life each day.

You will likely find yourself this week very inspired to expand your experiences in life from the heart centre…enjoy that!  Go ahead and knit a scarf for someone, lend a helping hand, give a homemade preserve away or just open your heart and your ears to a stranger. Seek within the heart centre of Love & the 1st Principle of Love..and it will naturally wish to flow outward as well.  Tell your children and your partner; your family and friends how much you love them…sometimes we don’t say it often enough.

May the Love and Blessings of the Harvest time begin to embrace each and every one of you!  We have truly moved into quite an accelerated time of Spiritual consciousness and it is the APPLICATION of this that is most important.

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – September 28th to October 4th, 2015

Hello to each of you!

How are you feeling today?  You just coming out of some whirlwind energies from the Fall Equinox last week to the Super Moon/Lunar Eclipse last night (Sunday) and both of these events were designed to have you retrieve fragments of Self for analysis and reflection.

You may have found yourself lately reliving memories…childhood, past lives, repetitive patterns..that sort of thing.  The Soul is helping you to piece things together..join the dots and come to some very important decisions about yourself through UNDERSTANDING AND LOVE.  When you apply your internal Divine Intelligence you lock down a new level of awareness and self enlightenment.  This very important cycle of time we are in provides us with the opportunity to end the folly; the weaknesses and the wobbly positions that we have found ourselves to be in…in the PAST.  Renewal of a Higher Order.

You are going through an internal restructuring that is only occurring now because you have the opportunity to really look at the emotional patterns and analyze thoroughly the way you have been living your life up until now.  This is done with LOVE though..not with criticism.  The Super Moon…reached right into your face….probing into your emotional storehouse deeper than it ever has before.  With that moon looking in at have no choice but to stop and reflect on just what you need emotionally; what you are to state about yourself that will bring about a more loving and balanced life.  It is YOUR needs that are to be addressed right now..and how your own needs will be balanced in the ebb and flow of life with those around you.

Reorganization of your life; of yourself is in the NOW..not something you are to be waiting for.  This time cycle gives you all that tools you need to reorder your life.  The Super Moon energy and eclipse brought the “shadows” of yourself up as the reflection of the earth passed the face of the moon with the Sun (your Soul) directing…..and this was a GIFT to us all!  Now going are going to choose very carefully and wisely so as not to repeat the past…but instead embrace the power of now.

What should you be doing now that these energies have been impressed upon you with such depth and power?  This week you are best to “strengthen up” your focus on living in a concise manner that flows with the “river of life”….to honour what the Universe has invested in you as your gifts and explore further on how to develop them.  No procrastination…but instead action.  Forgiving yourself and others for not perhaps living wisely in the past…but also understanding that it’s all going to be okay moving forward.  Pick up your mandate; celebrate new realizations of Self and take a good look around at the eyes of the Souls that are in your life.  See how together you can make a real difference….see how together…life can be a joyous expression….see how together you can bring out the very best in each other !

What a great week to start these new things !

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Updates – September 21st to September 27th, 2015

Hi Everyone!

It’s Equinox week!  You know what that means?  The “veils” between the dimensions of consciousness become quite malleable and affords you the opportunity to shift to higher states of awareness and clarity of Self !  Our planet’s interaction with the Sun is of great importance to us as there are energies available to you that trigger natural inherent Spiritual qualities to emerge.

Just as the Sun and Earth interact to move natures gifts, animals and vegetation seasonally, so too does this interaction cause YOU to change!  Things start to happen inside of you that inspire changes…for example you start to think about harvesting, storing food, changing your clothes colour, shifting energy in your house, eating differently, having a better schedule, taking in your reflections on LIFE and seeking to apply them.

This week our Equinox inspires us to think about others, our relationship to our Soul Mandate, how we can recreate our lives to be more fulfilled, and certainly pushes us to “act” on our ideas as the freshness of impending change is in the air!

What sparks the passion inside of you?  What do you dream of doing?  What has been on your mind?  Go into meditation and reflection to allow the seed thoughts of your Soul of Great Light to inspire you!  Time to truly accept the flow of the Inner Self.

Take that step this week…!  Start your project, work on it, sign up for your new educational expression, creative outlet, enhancement of Self…do that “something” for yourself that you feel charged up about !

Steps to Equinox (Wednesday the 23rd)…you must do your clearing…try to get a lot of rest, drink water, eat lightly; not heavy foods, include root vegetables, walk in Nature, and journal too!

Equinox day:  Get up early, start with your deep breathing and prayers to give thanks, do a chakra alignment through meditation, yoga, or whatever way you choose, then step up in your mind to the “God of your Heart”….sit quietly and let the image/awareness of your Equinox gift come through.  Do not DOUBT…be open to receive and let the image/thought be impressed upon you by Universal Divine Presence !  Ahhhhh…nice !  You deserve to receive positive energy, good health and well being !  You are worthy to have the great “hand of Creation” lift you up to new heights of Self Realization !

Enjoy this beautiful week of energy !

In Light and in Peace,



The Truth about Healing…Why register for Etheric Healing Course?

Hello to each of you !!!

In an effort to help people decide whether they would benefit from taking the Etheric Healing course offered from the Inner Temple of Healing and Wisdom…I thought I would ask the Master of the Temple to speak directly to the interested people.  

I thought that perhaps you may be interested in seeing how the course is taught from the Inner Temple.  It is an “intuitively channelled course” that is live streamed.  Little is in the actual text book relative to the teaching that comes from the Inner Temple.  I was trained to teach you directly from the Inner Temple… it streams smoothly into the student who enters with an open mind; open heart !

In Light and in Peace, Kathy Roseborough, Educator of Esoteric Principles 


Exploring your Roots as a Healer

Introduction to the “Truth of Healing” – Registered Etheric Health Practitioner course.

intuitively live stream channelled by Kathy Roseborough

During this Age of Man…many are discovering, and inspired in using, their gifts and skills in healing and teaching the esoteric sciences that will bring about change in mankind’s consciousness.  Witness the need across the Globe as the forces of “shadow self to Light Self” struggle to see which will take dominance in the years and time cycles that ensue.

The waves of energy and shifts in consciousness is not something new to man but instead is something that man should be more conscious of.  When the seeking Disciple of the Greater Mysteries expressed her interest in finding a way to convey the importance of this cycle and the relevance to this Etheric Healing course, we respond accordingly.

We have been asked to speak to each of you; to your Minds and to your hearts.  Why would you wish to be exploring, learning and practicing your inherent Divine qualities now at this time of your life? Each of you have your own very unique reasons though they coincide in many ways as well.

Each interested incarnate Soul has particular patterns in their auras that indicate their spiritual potentials and stored knowledge.

Each of you have had many, many incarnations where these gifts of healing and helping others were a natural state of your Being and the Intelligences’ within you could optimally shift another person just with a touch and a thought.  What is not understood by most of you is just how powerful the MIND within each of you really is.  We see your MIND.  ..we then help you to tackle removing the dross that has built up over time that disrupts the natural flow from the Mind to the manifest Kingdoms here on your earth in the physical.

Keep the MIND in your thoughts as a reference point often when you are seeking answers within.   Your MIND is microcosmically holding it’s own experience in the flesh in its entirety of the experience with nothing being outside of it.  It knows.  The Universal Mind does the same thing, in fact, it holds all manifestation in its entirety.

The well controlled and  Divinely planned cycles of Mankind have placed upon your journey a portal or nodal point across the fabric of Creation a “zero point” where reconfiguration and reset occurs.  During these reset moments there is nothing and everything at the same time.  It is analogous to the poised pen above the paper; the pause before the writing.

Each of you are summoning from deep within you the return of the powers of your pure ancestry; your authentic origins.  You have come to realize that the illusion that has gripped you for so long can truly be stepped away from with clarity and precision.

Through the heartache of old and the many lifetimes of pain and suffering, you have finally now come to this glorious moment in time when the ease from which you can step into the new paradigm and realization of yourself is beyond words to describe.

These healing skills that you are now picking back up are not actually skills alone but in fact are an actual state of Being.  This state of Being is so profound that you merely need to have intention and your energy fields will heal another through a wave of magnetic resonance.  Your larger wave of pure exalted sate of Being dissolves and absorbs the lesser waves within you and it is this larger wave that causes the same to happen in another.

By assisting another to experience their own Inner Wave of the original pulsations of Creation, they can quickly shift out of their fixation on the lower waves that remain to keep them in the limitation of form.

The possibilities are infinite as you set out now to explore your own Inner waves of higher modulations between dimensions allowing you to perceive so many dimensions of consciousness at one time!

This my friends, is what is in store for you as we walk together in the Inner Temples and help you to reclaim your conscious awareness of Self. This is what we will teach you during your time spent in the Inner Temple of Healing and Wisdom.

Through the process of your Etheric Healing Course in the Inner Temple with us,  you will be precise in your clearing of the lower energy fields and ascertain for yourself the perfect interactive points between your lower and higher fields through these nodal crossings.  Whether they be the larger chakra crossings as you have come to name them or the minor crossings that accelerate the more refined and magnified particulars of Creation, you will now be able to integrate both.

Again, at the forefront of this should be a reference back to the Power of your MIND.  It is MIND that is enabling you to do this recovery and regeneration, and the more that you operate through the brain and the purpose of the initiation chamber (pineal/pituitary/hypothalamus) the sooner you will have your systems back in order.

The brain is a intricate instrument for discovery and our goal is to further help you to appreciate it’s use.  It is the nucleus of your Being and your appendages are extensions from there to explore and express the myriad worlds around you.

To the furthest distal points of your body to the close up range of the most intimate contact with your cells, each experience and expression will be KNOWN…you will not have the disconnections that you have had in the past.

We warm you up each session in the Inner Temple wit self awareness exercises so that you are conscious of your energy bodies and your MIND becomes more and more capable of directing energy.   Then you will need to note…that merely a THOUGHT of yours becomes a powerful tool that must be used for the highest of purpose!  Thoughts are so powerful they can lift or destroy.  Your thoughts must be trained, your emotions tempered (balanced) and your heart purified so that the illusion is so clear to you and shadows of waste so obvious, that you will not fall into the trappings of your own makings again. This too we shall teach you.

Now we are going to speak to the qualities of a BEING..and the importance of your task and mandate.

One cannot be just a “minor” healer or part time healer…instead you will be trained and experience a permanent shift of consciousness and a living existence of Being.   You are entering into a cycle of mankind where those professing to be healers and teachers of the Great works of Creation must be honourable  and conscious of themselves at all times.  You will no longer be living in the consciousness of confined states… shackled to the depths of distortion.  You will be living each day on this earth in an enlightened state and you will be resting your body at night while you yourself; the True Self will be active in other dimensions of this Creative Fiat of the All; rediscovering and advancing the evolution of LIFE.

Your desire to own particles of matter congealed to form mass material substances will fade, replaced with a new realization of your relationship to the material kingdom through a light touch and respectful gratitude.  You will be cherishing the sharing of the Mother body of earth and Her own kingdoms will pursue you; will be eager to serve you as the return of Love and contribution to change is so great.

With the awakening of your roots; your origins of consciousness, comes a state of Being that will seem at first unreal or like a dream but will then quickly be reinforced as Truth; your own Truth of existence.

The Truth about Healing is that it is a state of Being that is in harmony with the Universal Laws; the Template of Creation.  It seeks to conform Itself to that from which it came.  It is desirous to return to the love of unification with the All…instead of being separated and with less Light.

The Truth about Healing is that One learns to recognize the Harmony one must live in with the layers and layers of exact placement of Divine Intelligence.  One effectively is finding within themselves this interface with each dimension; across each threshold.

When this is attained then one is said to be healed.  Through a combined effort of client and healer, a gain is made to forge this bond again.

Each of you under training here in the Inner Temple as Practitioners, Facilitators, Healers and Teachers of the Great Truth andLight, are going to be reabsorbing the fragmented aspects of Self; those rejected parts from misbeliefs, and reunite yourself with the All that Is and will ever be…an immortal Divine essence of individuated proportion.  The Soul within you is encouraging you to seek it out, explore the many wonders of Creation and to access the MIND within you.

In summary, though each of you have spent many, many lives healing and helping others during civilization s past…the task in front of you is to realize your state of Celestial Being..that is all you are going to need to be successful in helping others.

So Mote it Be !

If you wish to register for the “Truth of Healing” – Registered Etheric Healing Practitioner Toronto or can sign up here:

It starts October 1st (Thursdays) in Innisfil and in Toronto starting Saturday, October 3rd running 12 modules until April 2016 animated - energy

Weekly Energy Update – September 14th to September 20th, 2015

Hi Everyone !

What’s up with the energy for September? Lots of buzz out on the “wave of energy” that is about to hit mankind.  Maybe I can shed some Light on this as well…add my little bit of insight to it too !

As our human race on this beautiful blue planet zooms along it’s orbital track within our local Solar system…most are unaware of the diverse influences and exchanges that take place between our system and the myriad of worlds both physical and non-physical that we engage with.  Be that others stars (suns), planets, comets, energy pulsations from the Centre of our own own Galaxy or the shifting higher frequencies that are stepped down to us from the Hierarchy of Light…we are involved with a LOT of Divine Intelligence.

During certain cycles these influences are more pronounced than during other Ages..and it just so happens that we are participating now in a more advanced set of vibration patterns that will assist mankind in waking up out of his slumber and live more consciously involved with LIFE as it was intended.  So this is very good !

Slated for us during pre-Equinox, Autumn Equinox and post equinox time is just one of these occasions when energy waves interact with our microcosmic chakra systems that truly are to be reconnected with the larger LENS in the greater cosmos.  That is why you feel it so much moving through you physically, emotionally, intellectually and creatively…inspiring you and cleansing you from the old paradigm and localized dormant states.  you get further awakened !

Deeper meanings?  You are being offered to engage in energies that bring about your realization of your True Self.  This comes with less attachment to material and mundane acquisitions as your primary goal…  though you are provided for handsomely…you will understand your relationship to the material.  You will then be able to do your service or offering that you are mandated for…without the anxiety and stress of the false beliefs, fears of survival.

From the Centre “Brain” of the Galaxy, a carrier Messenger in the form of a pulsation or energy wave, has already been sent out. Upon entering the stratosphere it contains new methods of self reflection that include the ability to assess and discern the various Cause and Effects of Universal Law.  This includes the reactants and results found on our globe.  Mankind has been involved with creating that which impacts negatively upon all kingdoms  yet still absolves himself from any responsibility towards others both planetary and galactic.  There are consequences to their choices.  Grieving are those who have failed to understand this yet.  Upside? You have choice during this special  time to embrace your strong commitment of contribution to the Greater Good for the right reasons.

Loosely stated the Divine Mother has included in her own own Plan with Divinity, directing the incoming forces…and exerting upon the planetary Earth Mother these energies… stimulating the multiple facets of her grid makeup..this comes with physical sensations too both upon the body of man and the planet.

Incoming energies begin to pick up September 17th /18th and become more exacting and more increased in their “jack hammering” you go forward to the 25th.  A frequency shift takes place then during Equinox and the 24th/25th of Sept. and all will feel this…all wildlife…all systems.  Keep your energy bodies clear..some may find their nerve systems and cranial spinal columns highly sensitive during these times.  Lots of water, breathing, meditations and good choices upon reflection…all will help you. Stay aligned.

Redesigning and formatting takes place entering into the 1st/2nd of October where you have a portal alignment set and open to those wishing to establish realizations of the infinite aspects of Mind..the Mind of the All.  Permanent are these changes and plenty of opportunity afforded to Thee. One will not need to be trapped in the illusions anymore.  A clear and refined state of awareness will have been reached for you through these days of incoming waves of reconfiguration.

Sound incredible?  I hope so…because it is !  Many Blessings to come in the weeks ahead…stay tuned…more insights to follow!

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Updates – September 7th to September 13th, 2015

Hello to each of you !!!

You are doing well…keep going! spite of the powerful Saturn influences (karma corrections), the Moon energies turning us upside down and the intense hot weather in some are gaining stride!  Here we are in September and you need to know a few things about this month going in.

September is the month where you start to focus on digestive system clearing, new foods from your harvest (especially ROOT vegetables), and continued purging of emotional clutter with terrific enlightenment periods with this by the way.  You see the Divine Mother energies cascading on down through the Office of the Christ consciousness of LOVE in your heart… bringing you very nurturing, encouraging and loving influences that reduce anxiety, angst, depression.  Big emphasis on illumination and SELF LOVE !! Please be sure to include in your schedule time for yourself to just BE.

Watch what is going on:  We have a rapid acceleration of the Ego personality (that anchors itself in the solar plexus, sacral and root) up into the heart centre with direction from your throat chakra.  As these upper centres come down and integrate with the rising consciousness of the Ego…you create a  beautiful illumination of Self.  Your heart radiates more joy and you really start to see things in your life differently.

Take a good look at this…the important part to understand is the “blending of Spirit with Personality”…lifting you up into greater clarity.  That’s what this week is all about…spearheading these incredible changes in September that start now !

In summary? Emphasis on taking care of yourself….opening heart to Divine Mother…and then sharing this outwardly with your family, friends, community; HUMANITY.

Great week…enjoy!

In Light and in Peace, Kathy

p.s.  Remember Mother from our own Mother Earth…are bountiful right now.  Mother is giving you her LOVE…just say thank you and receive.  Give back to her respect and gratitude! 

Weekly Energy Updates – August 31st to September 6th, 2015

Hi Everyone!

That super full moon over the weekend accentuated your emotional challenges, illusions and old attachments/addictions/triggers. also spontaneously ignited your CREATIVITY, IMAGINATION, DREAMS, GOALS AND DESIRES relative to your Soul Mandate and purpose.  It sparked as well the deepest yearning in you to serve upon your devotional path as you find yourself seeking reintegration with the Master within you.

The energy of the Christed Office – 1st Principle of Love continues to be predominant, even after this Super Full Moon, into this week ahead.  Your internal “call” is strong and the week requires you to go into a deeper reflection of your spiritual Self and the choices that you need to make.  The expression coined for this week’s energy should read:  “Reflection…knock on the door to the Master within and the door shall be opened upon Thee”

As you are finding your disciplines starting to really take shape now and a new Self is emerging, you will feel more and more encouraged by this.  This re-creation of yourself is really quite exciting and is cause for periods of celebration as you go forward.  Keep it up!  For those of you just starting to really carve out their schedules and look for ways to integrate their physical world here, and their spiritual drives and search for enlightenment, know that your intention counts for 95% of the way there!  Intentions are very important..yes! you can interface these intentions with your actions.

Walking the Path in search off the Master within can be arduous at times; but most rewarding.  The spiritual path of service, creativity, soul expression and advancement will bring you great rewards in many, many ways.  Whether you work in a factory, an office, a healing centre or a shop in your backyard, the state of your consciousness and presentation of your heart is what really counts.  This internalization & reintegration plus becoming “one” with your Master within gives you greater peace of mind, optimum health and well being and less need to conform.

Be yourself…be unique…listen and honour your intuitive guidance!  Great week for reflection..Enjoy!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – August 24th to August 30th, 2015

Hi Everyone…

This week..leading up to the full moon on Saturday..the 29th…is progressive and full of creative energy.  Taking your breathing practices quite seriously will be a good idea as your heart centre is seeking a deeper connection to the UNION it needs with the Soul in order to overcome any emotional anxiousness or insecurities.  Give yourself as much “you” time as possible…go within.  The more we walk towards the connection to the Spiritual Heart…the happier we are!

Include plenty of nature energy and when you use the breath for quiet and deep meditation, reflection or just good ol’ fashioned breathing for oxygenation….KNOW just where you are breathing from.  SOURCE!  This is a sacred connection so make it a conscious activity from time to time.  You will start to notice changes to the way you think….positive thoughts will replace negatives and your emotional self will be uplifted.  It is amazing what breathing and connections with Nature will do for you.

Being in the creative stream will not be the best over long periods during the day..but more effective & productive in shorter duration of time.  Spend time in your creative mode for your projects and plans for Autumn and those bursts of creative energy will flow nicely. Know when to stop and turn to something else then to ensure balance.

With people around the Globe all starting to think about summer ending and school/work projects starting…it can definitely put some strain on everyone.  Excitement yes..but also anxiousness.  You don’t want to get caught up in that type of energy.  Solution?  Peaceful time..acceptance of your Divine Journey…pacing yourself and knowing that this is just another cycle…one that will bring all sorts of interesting opportunities for you!  There is truly Divine Order in all things presented.

Summary?  the week energy is essentially “moderate”….leans a little more slightly to right brain/creative and reflective.  That’s the way you wish to approach it.  Enjoy the week ahead and get your rest too.  Conserving energy in your cells is good too!!

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Updates – August 17th to August 23rd, 2015

Hi Everyone!

If for a variety of reasons you have been feeling a little down; more so than UP….then I have some positive things to share with you to “lift your Spirits”!!!  We have passed through the New Moon last Friday intact and open to listen to Inner counsel…which is what I ask you to do this week…listen within.  Listen to the voice of the Master within that will be helping you to really gather yourself.  Helping you to get very serious about all the wonderful things in life you can express and manifest !  You don’t need to feel alone on this either because you join right now in loving magnetic resonance with the love and support of the many, many ascended Masters and Angelic Ones that are assigned and willing to help you!

It can be very challenging to walk into the unknown without navigational tools in hand..that is why we shift now this week to receiving the tools; the support that we need in order to get our projects underway.  Creating the goals in your Mind and Heart comes please be very clear about what it is you wish to do; what it is that you understand to be your Soul expression…and then let it flow!  The energy this week is directly effecting the heart and root chakras so it means that when you focus your MIND on what you KNOW in your heart to be your TRUTH…PLUS…you trust the Master within…the Universal powers of support can begin to shift in your root chakra centre to help you to get what you need to be successful.  Your role is to hold true to what you believe; in your heart and Soul.  Don’t waver on that or let any distractions take that from you.

It may all sound very surreal and odd…but the Laws of Attraction are stable in that the descent of energy from Source goes through the appropriate channels before reaching the manifestation here on your physical life.  This is not any secret…it is not new…it is just the Truth.  So you can see that it is important for you to hold the direct connection with your goals in your Mind, Heart and open willingness to receive without YOUR conditions placed on it..but instead with the willingness to let the Universal All; and your own Soul…determine just how this will play out.

Summary:  We are now on the next phase of this summer cycle which is predominantly a manifestation cycle.  Now is the time for that which you have been holding in your heart and mind to start manifestation.  Keep up the connection though please…don’t drop the ball now!  We are on a BRIDGE time now…setting things down into the formative and manifest Kingdoms.

I hope this helps you with your focus; your optimism & encourages you!

In Light and in Peace,


Weekly Energy Updates – August 10th to August 16th, 2015

Hi Everyone!

Inconsistencies? Struggling to manage the strength of the incoming energy influences?  Yes..I know that it can be challenging for you when the power and shifting is so intense that you often feel like just having a rest from it all!  I don’t think the word “confusion” sums it up as well as perhaps more the description of “feeling uncertainties” in your life that need clarification.  You may find that the uncertainty and incomplete feelings/thoughts are bothering you because you lack clarity of knowledge on near future events.  Let me see if I can ease your mind somewhat and shed some Light on this matter.

The energy intensities from the varying influences both planetary and celestial (Universal), are doing CORRECTIONS right now and your body, emotions/thought responses are in many ways in agreement with this; and in some ways NOT.  You are not used to the corrections yet so they just don’t seem to smoothly blend and integrate yet with you.  That’s what makes you feel a bit tilted or off.  You know you WANT alignment with the new placements and welcome that…but your denser subtle  bodies and your physical body are still playing catch up.  it can come to you like that in waves..sometimes more; sometimes less.  Go with the flow and understand that it takes some time for these alignments to really feel good.

Judging by the days and weeks ahead when I scan forward…it looks like you can really enjoy a profound alignment this week if you just allow it.  Be aware of overreacting/oversensitivity as it does not serve you.  You can’t change what is necessary for you and Divinely KNOWS better than you and your own Divine Self is the Captain of the ship!  Try to be at peace and enjoy the changes…for you know that the outcome will be amazing!  This uncertainty feeling will start to dissipate and instead you will feel more and more liberated with the new “you!”

It can feel this week like you are trying to navigate yourself through the end of a home renovation……you know that the outcome will be beautiful and orderly…but in the midst of the changes it doesn’t quite feel that way yet!  Start with the orderly clean up anyway this week and start putting things around you and within you..into their proper place.  Be diligent in your internal ORDER and you will also be drawn to create further ORDER outside of you and around you!   Clarity ensues and the uncertainties are replaced with confident personal empowerment!  Okay?

All right then…deep breath…start to engage in the week ahead and it’s activities and enjoy some nice family/social time as well…all will be well.  Get good sleeps at night too..early bed..early rise and lots of nature and deep breathing, where possible.

In Light and in Peace,



August – Saturn starts to shift you…BIG TIME!

Hi Everyone!  Well I thought I would post the August Teachings around Saturn and not only about your own Inner Peace / Order…but how that impacts upon the human race!  Read it with the thoughts of the microcosm and the macrocosm !  Your life can be very joyful if you follow to the “T”..a shift to internal order and personal discipline!  Give it a try !

August 2015 – Message from Spirit (dialogued in Inner Temple & scribed by Kathy Roseborough

Is International Peace possible? This is a question that was posed to the Cosmic Masters during the morning Inner Temple meditation. During these unstable times of change and correction…rectifying past Karma and situations that are out of balance is happening “hard” and “fast”!

Not only is peace possible; it is destined to be so. The type of peace that arises (as we engage further and further into the Golden Age energies) is originating from deep inside each of your hearts. There is a new dawning happening out of the Office of the Christed Principle of Love – 1st Principle – that is infiltrating the hearts and minds of mankind each and every day. Now there are probably 7 and 1/2 billion people on this planet and the old paradigm has run far and deep so there is still much work to do….however…the signs are all here for us to see.

How is this peace going to play out? How does it start? It is starting from within each one of you. The tides of change are rising and these waves flow into your energy bodies like great pulsar waves With each wave moving in towards you comes an impact of response from your own nebulus of Light fields. The impact can “crash” into you at some locales (vortices) and at others you may find the integration smooth and pleasant. The impact and results of these interactions are to be assessed and measured by you so that you can investigate this readjustment you are making to the Universal waves; the shift to your sympathetic resonance with the Universal waves that harmonize you.

Living in Peace and Harmony is the ideal state… with each person choosing their path of spiritual evolution from conscious CHOICE; not from karmic suffering. The suffering does not need to be like this..the corrections can happen very quickly given one’s attention to the internal matters that lay dormant or that are to the other extreme; totally active and distracting! Whatever you have inside of you that is out of harmony; out of balance is moving through a course of change this month under the governing Laws of SATURN that is unavoidable and is in the greatest benefit for all to consciously undertake.

Those that are still asleep; unaware of these energy changes will have pleasant surprises as well and some rude awakenings when they find that their lives cannot continue as it has been. Every person; every nation is undergoing change right now and as much as the old paradigm and regiment is trying to muscle in on keeping the human race oppressed..they will ultimately fail to do this as the Solar power of the AGE, which is magnifying itself in waves that are un-describable, is literally pushing the anti-LOVE OUT of the hearts of mankind.

Your heart chakras are THE centre of attention during these times and people are crying out in relationships, family, business, every where to have their hearts recognized, acknowledged, honoured and respected. People are starting to speak; to act and they will not stay silent anymore.

The heart chakra centre; your heart chakra centre is speaking to attention to that which your heart craves! Honour the heart filled destiny that has been planned for you and permit the Rays of the Solar Heart to engage in all the fine axiatonal filaments that had been cut off, to be once again mended and secured inside of you. You will breathe easier, have better health and will no longer wake up with worries, stresses and depressing thoughts.

Peace is something that is now starting to BE inside of you. It will extend itself into your family, community and into the world at large. Experiences that have been truly noted as disruptive will not be permitted. You will cut off and chuck out anything that is disturbing your peace of Mind and the Peace you seek in your heart. Peace does NOT come at a cost as the old saying goes… in fact you are letting go of those very things that have been costly to your health ! Peace comes with some very simple methods starting with your own practices and expanding into your choices with lifestyle, in social, business activities and family practices. If there are those that do not wish to engage in a peaceful manner with you; you will simply not go forward with that association and instead, you will attract those of like mind and like heart that will increase the waves of Peace and Harmony throughout your life. If these are family members, then you will stay centred and radiate your inner peace; living your Truth.

These massive wave like energies that have been sent out from planetary bodies and stars such as our local Sun and SATURN, are particular strong during this month and will be commented on further as we head into September. These extensive energy waves seem to knock you off your feet a bit until you realize that they are trying to get your attention for change. When you open to receive them your whole world changes! Right now the rise of these waves are pushing you into ACtION with a lot more energy available to do the things you want to do and to get your job / projects done. When they recede at certain times during the day you find the need for a much deserved rest and can close your eyes for a few minutes to relax. These waves settle down during the night at the time when the body should go into rest. Keep your room dark and quiet for sleeping time to the best of your ability. This allows the pineal gland to get the rest it needs as well.

Saturn often has surprises tucked away into it’s Energy Rays of Intelligence. It is as if the Rays are carrying little packets of Truth and Light to each of you and asking you to open them up to reveal their gifts! The gift inside is the reintegration of your stored gifts and past life memories. The access through Saturn’s waves is understood to be your access to some pretty extensive Akashic Records. Saturn gives you access to Time cycles of the past, indications of the now and co-operative planning for the future, as you gain awareness of the Map of the Divine Plan. The schematic that each of you so fondly know of as, your Ascension paths to Higher consciousness, are inherent in the Teachings of Saturn.
With this month impressing so strongly and loudly upon your senses for efforts to be made and action to be taken…you start to feel the inner strength building as you shift into a more balanced placement here on earth. Some of you will be applying this energy WAVE to get your physical body in shape such as in exercise, sports and health. Others will use this energy mentally for development of writings, teachings, business plans, new educational paths and more…then there is a need to speak! ALL of you…All of you will feel it in your HEART to speak and you will realize that it is TIME now. You must honour and act upon your heart messages and let it expand and grow. The results? Peace and JOY !

All energy systems are responding to the impact of the POWER of this massive ringed planet that represents the Divine Template. It sends out the waves or ORDER and constructive framework that bonds each of us through love, to the secure Bosom of the Cosmic; the Heart of the All. We feel safe as Children of the Universe when we abide by the rules and ORDER of the Universe. Like children on earth, who like to see and know what the boundaries are, each of us WANT to have boundaries so that we can contain Order within ourselves. It is when we are loose and disorderly that we are unhappy.

The Peace and ORDER that this world needs is found when each of us exercise that ORDER and personal disciplines from within. Saturn helps us; guides us and ensure us that this is the true method. Have you noticed how content you feel when you have an orderly business day or the family/children are living in accordance with the rules of the home? It helps everyone be at peace; no stress.

Stress causes disease and Peace ensures good health. Choose the Peace; choose the ORDER and you will not be disappointed. Have your scheduling down for external order and for the internal perspective….path work to organize the inner Self.

Path work is Spiritual Art…it is a tool given to us by the Ancient Gods; the Gods of these massive planetary and star Intelligences. Follow the Gods; follow your inner self and get into your own training daily. Path work an orderly life and Saturn can pour the pulsing waves into your energy bodies for expansion of your consciousness.

The foundation is to be laid down very well right now in is to be sold..solid and secure. When you path work through this month you are to keep your sites on the lower bodies. As you enter into your educational programming and spiritual activities during the lifting at Fall Equinox time, you will be able to path work some of the higher energy bodies…but you are not to go up the Tree of Life with Her glorious branches until the trunk and roots are stable! Create the harmonious environment here on earth for good and proper living. Be at peace within and the World will be at peace with you.
Cosmic Blessings!

Weekly Energy Updates – August 3rd to August 9th, 2015

Hi Everyone!

I’m just going to jump right in and speak to you about SATURN.  Our beloved planetary influence Saturn (Spiritual – Divine MIND, time cycles, LAW, karma, destiny, fate, powerful governing force to make sure you take the Divinely planned course of ACTION) is jumping out all over the place at us this week; this month.  My advice for you is to STOP any procrastination you may find yourself in, be absolutely certain that you put some disciplinary actions into practice for your daily spiritual/health routines and delve deeply into your Spiritual mandate/Soul purpose right now.  Saturn is strong and benevolent, illustrious and ruled by Divine Mother as He (Father Cronus) adheres us strictly to the Divine Template of Creation.  Whew…that was a lot to say in an opening paragraph!

Practical application…so what does this all mean?  In short…it means that you need to roll up your sleeves and be diligent; very diligent about your business, holistic practice, family order, personal order, good habits and activities that will lead you to successful living which includes optimum health and JOY as well!  Refresh yourself…kick out the watery, emotional distracting energies that can pull you down..just KICK THEM OUT. As my Spiritual Teacher used to say, “Chop-Chop”…just let them go now. LOL !  He was right of course.

What about LOVE and quiet and all that jazz you ask?…Yes..there is plenty of room and open space for all that!  When you  have an orderly life and nice schedule you purposely schedule in the quiet time, relaxed time with loved ones, romantic time..etc..etc.  You will have ample time for all the wonderful joyful activities because you are so well organized to do all your work first!

How does this order and advancement of Self come about?  Well let’s just say that if you start now..with just a little bit of this effort towards will be very pleased.  Then the next day you do a little more..and so on until you finally say to yourself..this is great!  A little at a time.  For example I just cleaned off my desk today…no big deal right?  Well to me it was a great deal because I found something I was looking for and now I am JOYFUL !  See how easy that is?  Can you imagine doing this all week; all month; always?

Enjoy this wonderful week ahead and stay focused on the awesome qualities of SATURN…who is here to HELP you; not disturb you.  Many don’t like Saturn…turn that around and start LOVING Saturn !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – July 27th to August 2nd, 2015

Hi Everyone!

Leo energy starting to blossom now as the influence from this constellation impacts on each of you with the main “star” of the show…REGULUS.  Regulus is the “heart star” of this particular constellation and this means that the energy influence on mankind all across the globe…. centers on the heart chakra; your heart chakra.

You will find that the thoughts and feelings you have this week are focused on affairs of the heart….such as relationships, longings you have from within, desire to connect with Spiritual Love, reflections on how you feel about yourself, what still needs to be healed as well as how you can truly honour the powerful heart centre to feel it’s Divine magnitude!  The Leo energy has a “larger than life” feel to it..that makes you own chest swell out with love and the need to have great joy in your life that can be shared with others.  Ready for joy?  Ready for happiness that is authentic?

This week you are to use the tools that have been given to you that will shift you into a greater alignment with the authentic heart.  Meditations, yoga postures, healing stones, release through Reiki healing, focus on your HEART CHAKRA dreams, goals & true desires!  You have to embrace it from within and then feel yourself taking the steps that will bring you closer and closer to this individuated expression of Self!

Summer energy from Leo gives you that extra push (in case you were dozing off in the heat of the summer sun)….and tells you that this is not the time for complacency but in fact is a time of action!  Leo energy is a POS+ charge through the lens of our own Sun and is predominantly male in nature…assertive.  Use this energy to gain stride in your projects and goals.  Get the job done…feel good about each feat accomplished!

Sure you can have some lounging days in the sun or Huckleberry Finn-like adventures…but don’t forget that you have work to do still…your Inner Self is desirous for change and “action”.   Enjoy this week…balance it out.  Open that heart chakra up to receive..and as my Respected Teacher of Ho SHIN Reiki said to me this morning in the Inner Temple…”start manifesting that what you need to ensure your heart blooms!”

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Update – July 20th to July 26th, 2015

Hi Everyone!

Well…I bet you are all glad that last week is over…..whew!  That energy from the New Moon in Cancer was set on making sure you cleansed out what ever was still blocking you!

This week you can breathe a bit better…knowing that really..all you need to do is stay the course.  Get some things done that continue to support your own personal projects, dreams and creations…and mark off on your “to do” list items as often as you can.  No need for excessive pressure on yourself though…just make sure you are gaining stride.  You likely have started off this week with a “should I do this now?” or “can I do this one tomorrow?” attitude..putting off a little bit of what needs to be contemplated or acted on.  Not to worry yourselves too much…the week will have it’s own side walls to ensure you don’t bounce off the path !

The Inner Temple Masters are suggesting you organize your finances and balance yourself for the rest of the summer so that you will be ready for the added expenses in Autumn months for such things as personal courses, professional studies, new things for the office or home and for some…your children’s needs.  So it is important to look at the organization of this.

Health has some mirroring going on with others so try to catch those comments from others who mention they are experiencing similar things to you..and watch for the lessons in the mirrors then !  You may get insights that you have been looking for.  Angelic team is working on on us all from the Inner Temple of Healing to help us transform the most underlying emotional issues that we have carried around.  Funny I was fortunate enough to get a “reset” button hit during my morning meditation and I consider that a true Blessing!  I’ll ask for one for each of you as well !

All in all…I think that if we take this week one day at a time with solid purpose each will be satisfied that is has been a good week when you reach the end of it!  Smile at your kids, partners and friends jokes..even when they are not that funny and give a hug to those you love!

In Light and in Peace,