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Weekly Energy Updates – April 4th to April 10th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Enough of the limitations and false beliefs already!! I’m sure you are as eager and I am to have a strong and very thorough governing power expressed through your throat chakra that will transform (and finally end) the false beliefs and the ages-old paradigm of struggle. Welcome to the Spring cycle of 2016!! This is the energy cycle where the “sloughing” off of the old dead skin of pain and suffering in our lives takes place and where your consciousness shifts more deeply and permanently into the new!

This week will be more organized for you and satisfying than you think if you really look at each day carefully. Be sure to take your time examining each experience, opportunity and choice as there are some very subtle energies helping you that you wouldn’t want to miss. The difference between the old paradigm and new is CONSCIOUSNESS. You are so quickly moving out of the old systems that you are like a “kid in a candy shop” looking at your life and all the potential you have. Sit down this week and go over it. Take counsel if you must with one who has another set of “eyes” to help you. You are to make some very powerful decisions and choices in your life this week and none of this is taken lightly.

With the amazing last few weeks of energy shifting, you find yourself now with the week ahead asking you what you wish to do? Reflect on this and make your choices. Keep the momentum going. You need to pull yourself up and out of the influences that are not healthy for you and leave behind the repetition/limitation that mimics the chatter of the old ways. Recognize these things and dispose of them.

There are so many Ascended Masters, Angelic Ones and Higher powers that are engaged to help you with your path of study, self realization and personal enlightenment, that you just need to show intent. Making good decisions now about your pursuit of Spiritual integration ensures that doors will be flung open to you by the “team” of Angelic Ones welcoming you!

This is a CHANGE week. will be making some big changes and you will likely not recognize yourself by the end of it! You will be so very pleased with yourself when you take that big step and say to yourself YES…enough already…I embrace the totality of my inner Presence; my Inner Light. I welcome change and change my schedule, program and thoughts of limitation now to make space for this new expression of my Truth and Light.

Great week ahead…Take your eyes OFF just the physical world alone and SEE with your true eyes that can pierce the veils of illusion and see your true enlightened path!

In Light and in Peace,

P.S. If you are looking for the “key” to access the Inner gifts of Self and pull out the very best in you…check out the 4 days
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Menopause – including pre-Menopause

Energy Centre Focus: Engage all centres through from the Inner Brain region (associated with pineal gland and pituitary gland), Throat, base of brain, heart, solar plexus, sacral below navel and tailbone.

Endocrine Glands affected:
Your entire system with emphasis on ovaries, thyroid and pituitary

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: This is not a sickness! So there are no underlying emotions and false beliefs that are to be addressed other than the ones that YOU create as you go through this natural change of life.

Symptoms of pre-menopause and menopause are the obvious physical changes, metabolism and body temperature changes and a distinct hormonal change. The energy changes are to be honoured and aligned with. The kundalini will change in the way that you work with it during meditation and energy healing. You will feel it stronger as it rises through the chakras and if there are any blocks in the pathways then you will feel heat.

The heat is a naturally occurrence as the veils in between the chakras are thinning and evolving. You are dealing with the issues associated with those issues; not with menopause itself.

Women often find that their Inner Eye (6th) chakra centre become more sensitive and they have very lucid dreams with prophetic insight. Their sensitivities sharpen and even though there are mood swings they are best handled with the deep breathing.

One thing is certain, you must understand that you are not “old” but maturing with years of experience in life and a good solid foundation. You are to celebrate this time and enjoy the self realizations. You may need to adjust water intake, supplements and dietary needs. You can check with your physician on that.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: Since you are not “sick” the only counsel would be Spiritual. Spend time in respecting the changes in your body. Nurture the body and spend time in Nature. Walk with the understanding and KNOWING of your connection with Mother Earth from which your body is made. “Speak” with Divine Mother during meditation in the quiet of your Mind and enjoy the counsel She provides.

Wear your CROWN well at the 7th chakra. That’s correct! See if you can feel the energy that rises from the base/sacral up to the crown and feel that this chakra centre connects you with the Universal All; the Divine.

When you are going to bed at night, be sure to scan through your body pathways in between the chakras and if you feel the energy blocks then you are going to have to start reflecting on their root source/origin. For the time being you can use the cool Blue Ray and you can visualize this cool coloured energy moving through that location in your body.

When you have time you should investigate the blockages. I suggest you do a full chakra clearing and balancing. Perhaps take a look at the Healing course entitled “the Healing Odyssey” on the School of Etheric Healing Website. Another course that would serve you well is the 4 Day course: Dialogue Healing™

The only reason why you are having symptoms that you find disturbing is because of the older emotional blocks in the meridians and centres. If you investigate these you CAN heal them and get on with a pleasant shift in your Auric field. Enjoy this time for you will learn a lot about yourself and you will soften in the heart of the All.

Guided Meditation: Divine Alignment

Healing Stone: Your favourite plus Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz or Amethyst

Shoulder Pain

Energy Centre Focus: Throat (5th), back of the heart centre (4th)

Endocrine Glands affected: thyroid, thymus

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:
The weight of the world? your family? friends and profession too? You are not breathing properly and the additional stress, built up from your burdens, is gathering and hardening right there in your shoulders. The pathways that are supposed to move freely between the back of the heart and the back of the neck are blocked; right in between the shoulder blades.

The neck is stiff and we see that your muscles are tight and sore across the shoulders running all the way across. Even with energy massage RMT work you would find it difficult to completely resolve this problem unless you get to the underlying issues. One thing is certain, you are to realize that you “can’t do it all” and that you should be permitting others to take their own weight. If you do it “all” because you are so nice, then naturally others will let you. You will often tell them, “It’s okay…I can do it myself” when in fact you need to permit others to help you and to receive the generosity offered by others.

When you take on the full load of other peoples problems, you are carrying far too much weight and you will crash if you keep this up. Delegate and learn to say, “Yes..thank you I accept your help” with earnest.

The tightness across your shoulders will close off the power to the front of your throat as well, so be careful or you will end up with sore throats, shallow breathing and a tendency to go quiet and take on the emotion of others. This type of living often creeps up on you and gets worse only to find that as you get older, the tightness in your shoulders can turn to “frozen shoulder” or arthritis.

You have to remember that you are very important too! It is important that you see your own Inner Beauty and proper place. You contribute for the greater Good of the All and must recognize this. It is important that you don’t always try to just please others, in that, you see the need for an ebb and flow. Self acceptance and self love will go a long way to your improvement of shoulder aches and pains.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:
Take an assessment of yourself including what you do each week for others and what you do for yourself. Note the imbalance? Definitely not an equal ebb and flow. Be sure to schedule time for yourself and also to be observant of when you do and do not accept help; even from strangers. There are people in the service industry that have a job description which includes helping you. If you don’t let them do that, then you are not letting them do the job they wish to do.

Also….be aware that you don’t need to apologize to everyone all the time for “supposedly “ being in their way. Do you think that maybe you are being tested as well by the Cosmic to see if you understand that everyone has a place? Even you!

Take up the deep breathing practice and very gently start to have energy work done on your arms and shoulders. Best to go with Osteopathy or Shiatsu/Energy/Body work that actually feels relaxing to you where you don’t need to “think” but instead allows you to receive.

Learn to say “no”. Set boundaries and be sure to take the time to define just what it is that you want and don’t want in your life. Be clear with that.

Take the load off. When you are done your work for the day be sure to schedule in some down time and some leisure time spent for your own bath, meditation, reading or just putting your feet up. Maybe you wish to go to a gentle flow yoga class at night or on a weekend? Take turns with others for evening chores and the demands of everyday life. In good weather you could go for a bike ride, do some gardening, puttering or relaxing with your friends.

If you don’t change your ways your shoulders cannot loosen up so that you can swing your arms up in the air and smile with joy! Be liberated in your energy field. Be flexible and yet be strong!

Practice the requirements for 5th Chakra development and you will be pleased with the results!

Guided Meditation: 5th Chakra Meditation

Healing Stone:
Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, Agate, Hematite

Psychic Attack – Clearing Energy of Others

Energy Centre Focus: All of them can be affected especially 3rd Energy Centre (solar plexus) giving symptoms of bad dreams/visions, stomach issues, headaches

Endocrine Glands affected:
All of the endocrine glands and organs can be affected as well. Depends upon which chakra you feel the most invasive disturbance of the emotions and thoughts of others. Commonly it is the stomach therefore the pancreas is affected.

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: This is a situation where your aura is too soft and malleable without the strength it requires to ward off the ill effects of other people’s negativity. You would tend to be a very kind, loving and generous person yourself and not prepared to defend yourself. Most often your “empathy” nature and attitude of “looking for the best in people” can be a gift and a challenge too!

Be careful that you don’t attract to yourself these types of experiences either by permitting yourself to fall into the deception of the lower worlds (emotions and thoughts that are not uplifting).

Another heads up to be aware of: The proper use and improper use of psychic energy and your personal development. When you are developing your psychic gifts and start to “see into” and become acquainted with, the energy and entities of others realms you must approach this development with solid teaching. Your chakras must be developed properly before you go into the world of psychic phenomena. The psychic realms can be tricky and need proper spiritual development and interpretation. Many take their visions literally and then become confused by the experiences.

Psychic development and your spiritual paths should be awakened by methods that are tried and true; not a fast track method. It can be quite injurious to you to move too fast. Strong and steady study, meditation and personal reflection will do you well. Learning from a qualified instructor on the proper development of your Inner Eye is key and as well, learning to look “up and into” the higher realms with the steady development of the pineal pituitary gland connection with a further good “grounding” to ensure stability.

First of all though…give your chakras a good cleanse and strengthen your Aura!

For more on the stages of your psychic and spiritual development, it would be helpful for you to read the Life 101 Manual that is available on this website under Educational Tools.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:
Your AURA will become stronger as you increase the clearing and development of your own chakras. Your chakras actually produce the aura as they spin. All 7 of your chakras must be looked after and kept clear. Be clear and precise about who you are and what you engage in for your psychic development. Be also very clear about boundaries with your family and friends, employers and care providers. There is no need for you to be drained and made weak by the energy thoughts and feelings of another. After you do the CLEARING from your auric field the remove the energy of another person, you should then use the tools provided here to increase your boundaries and strengthen your aura. Sealing your Aura in BLUE will be most helpful and there is an exercise here for you to do that.

Guided Meditation: Strengthening Aura:

Removal of Others Energy:

Healing Stones:
Black Tourmaline and Pyrite, Labradorite, Hematite

Insomnia troubles

Energy Centre Focus: Tailbone Centre –  path through Sacral, Heart and up to centre of Brain

Endocrine Glands affected: The adrenals, pineal and the organ: Heart

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:
When we tune into your aura it is clearly seen that the psychic body is challenged by images and fragments of thoughts that are false and misleading that dredge up old fears of mistrust and safety. The streams in the system going back are extensive even into the past lives.

You haven’t really been at “peace” in life and several experiences have contributed to your current state of inability to sleep at night. Rather than fight with the inner self and get frustrated it is easier to face these issues with emotional support and conversation. The emotional challenges are very hard on your nerves and increases the stress on the adrenals and brings anxiety to the heart.

One issue has triggered the next and so on. You have tried to override it with the intellectual pursuits and keeping busy as it were, but there comes a point in time when you can no longer put a lid on these matters; something needs to give.

One gets the feeling that the world is a difficult place to trust and that people may not necessarily be trustworthy. In fact, even if that were partly rest assured that solutions are at hand and you CAN attract those people to you that will bring a mutual respectful exchange of trust and love.

Your childhood will reveal that you were, and still are, a very sensitive person and that you found fear in the unknown. If you are an adult reading this section for your own child, then be sure to observe yourself as a mother/father and examine your own peacefulness. The child will be expressing the energy that it is picking up in its own environment and parents auras.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: The first thing you will wish to do is examine your life in terms of your own TRUST with a power within you that is in charge; the Creator and Divine Plan. There is a Plan for you and you need to begin now to reflect on the assurances this plan will bring you. Surrendering to the Divine within you at night is going to be the first step. Know that you can step on up into the Higher Temple for the night will be quite the relief and quite the protection as well.

If you are an energy worker or you work with a lot of people, you may wish to have a Sea Salt bath before bed. Put a handful of Sea Salt into your bath and soak for no more than 20 min. Don’t forget to dip your head too to cleanse your aura. The salt will remove the energy of others from your field. CLEAN ! Fresher sleep.

You may wish to consult a specialist who can assist you in reflecting on your childhood and where the first issues of “breach of TRUST” occurred. You may be surprised how the inner child still holds in the emotional body fears of the dark, people and experiences. Clearing this up and integrating the inner child will be helpful.

Gain confidence in speaking to someone about what you are feeling and what “bothers” you so that you don’t hold it all to yourself. You can start to talk your way to enlightenment on the underlying cause of insomnia. You may have stress in your life that comes from false beliefs about your foundation..most commonly your job, success and financial or health concerns.

The emotional body would enjoy very much for you to address that which it holds. The thoughts that are repetitious being cleared and reprogrammed would greatly benefit you as well. It is time to “talk it out” and explore what you are holding inside that is disturbing your sleep.

Try the meditation on “Creating your Temple” for the Night for a pleasant sleep. It will help you to get up and out of the lower realms where sleep can be disturbed as well.

Put a few drops Lavender essence in a bowl of fresh water in your bedroom. Gives the room a nice energy for sleeping.

Guided Meditation:

Healing Stones:
Obsidian, Amethyst and Clear Quartz Crystals

Thyroid Issues

Energy Centre Focus: 5th Centre – Throat and 2nd Centre – including reproductive/lumbar region

Endocrine Glands affected: Thyroid and ovaries (female) and testes/gonads (male)

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:
Your aura reveals it’s mystery in that you have been ruled by your emotions all your life and yet you are a very intelligent human being! The emotional body is under-developed and it is just the situation you have brought into this world. Be Blessed knowing that your Intelligence is strong and that it is your Intelligence that will help you to clear up the issues you face!

You were challenged by being able to master/control your emotions so you found that you needed to express yourself liberally with tantrums/noise as a child..but perhaps you were not able to do that in some cases in a family, so this energy just became suppressed. If you WERE permitted to call out and shout out..then you would be getting the attention you needed but that is not really what you were seeking. You needed teachings and training in how to be masterful of these emotions and to appreciate that they are wonderful to have at the appropriate time. The emotional body is full of ENERGY and just needs a guiding hand on expressing all that power. Harnessing the power and disciplining and governing it will prove to be most beneficial for your thyroid and for developing your throat chakra!

If your emotions have been suppressed and you reverted to satisfying yourself through food and drink, then you will need to acknowledge that these emotions are suppressed and start to bring out the mysteries contained within you. If you are one that is still finding yourself more often out of control with emotions, then you will find it necessary to start with a deep breathing program to restore order.

Either way it is the emotional body that is seeking attention for nurturing and a secure environment to express itself.

That type of energy is most fruitful in expressing through creative projects, speaking and communication. It is wise to explore just what it has within it.

The thyroid is affected because it is associated with the throat centre of expression. The sacral is affected because it is the chakra centre that anchors the emotional body and keeps it strongly and firmly anchored. When anchored well, this energy can rise up through the chakras and be expressed through authentic voice and clear expression of feelings.

The thyroid is a gland associated with the governing and directing power of the throat chakra and this is your centre of VOICE. It is also a centre that masters the physical body and it’s metabolism. If left unattended the power is loose and out of order. When strengthened you feel inspired and no longer ashamed or humiliated by the emotional body’s power of control. You will feel very good with proper practice and development!

Counsel and Steps to Healing: Breathing and diaphragm controlled breath work is indicated. This will jump start your meditation practice and help you to restore order to your energy bodies.

Once you have the practice of the breath underway you can use it for focused mediation and chakra work. Colour visualization of the chakras and breathing will help to strengthen your throat centre. Use the Blue energy healing for the thyroid and throat chakra centre development.

Know that you are a very loving, sensitive, intelligent human being who has brought in their own particular challenge to this life. We all have a weakness or core issue that we have brought into our lives to heal…this one just happens to be yours. Be at peace with that and instead of being upset about your weakness that stifles your ability to express yourself without feeling emotional, start to strengthen your throat and see your gifts!

The energy you have inside of you is a sacred channel of Light and powerfully full of Intelligence. You are worthy to be heard and to share your thoughts and feelings. Let’s hear you! Sometimes journalling is very helpful to start out exploring your feelings and what you may be carrying inside of you.

As you keep on developing your chakras and helping your sacral to throat path, you will then start to ask the question more and more, “What is my purpose?” ! Now you are really ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work on your Spiritual Path!

Read the Life 101 manual download and you will get a wonderful outline on how to move forward and what you can expect.

Guided Meditation: 5th Chakra meditation

Healing Stones: Royal Blue Sapphire, Lapis, Citrine and Turquoise

Weekly Energy Updates – March 28th to April 3rd, 2016

Hi Everyone!

This week is to be a “refreshing” one for you! New starts; new self-realizations. Energy connections have been made and synapses in your electrical systems originating from new neural programming has begun!

You are no longer to be connecting with the old repetitive “stuff” unless you CHOOSE that…why would you? Your path is clear in front of you with bright Source Light shining down upon it…start walking! As a matter of fact..a joyful light step is in order now!

There is realization that the human consciousness is shifting big time…can you feel it? Be sure to embrace the increase of time required each day that you should spend on your spiritual studies/meditations…and be consciously aware of when the material world tries to drag your down into it attempting to overwhelm you. You are too clever for that now! Your eyes are open and you can see what is best for you.

Professional and creative opportunities will be opening up for you and even though we are just wrapping up the month of’s not too early to be scheduling your calendar events for April and May. Decide now on how you wish to spend your time in development of projects, creative endeavours, your health and well being. Having a mapping of these several weeks ahead is a good idea so that time doesn’t get away on you. Some of you are already looking at summer plans as well..that’s good!

If you have come out of the sacred Spring shift at Equinox and over the past weekend feeling a little bit “numb”..that too shall pass. It just means that what you purged out of your systems (energy bodies) has not quite settled into it’s alignment yet. Give it a couple of days as that will change.

Remember that the Earth and her Blessed Resources will be yours to use if respected and understood. Your investment into your Soul mandate for the greater good is your time, energy, governed & directed thought and love. The Resources will come to you…they will be there to support you. Rather than waiting for the money to be there first…turn it around…put your power to use first and the resources will be there for you. Energy follows thought and the Cosmic needs the human race to embrace the power of it’s MIND; it’s thoughts.

Let’s go people…! Great season we are in! Energy can be harnessed for the evolution of mankind’s spiritual consciousness and YOU are the reason it will succeed. Your contribution is more than you can imagine !

The Angelic team of the World Healing Project and the World Healing Academy support you as well.

In Light and in Peace,


Message for Spring….Kathy Shares!

Kathy Shares – March, 2016

Spring Equinox !

At this special time of year we move from the season of winter to spring and from the Astrological influence of Pisces to Aries. Aries energy restarts us during the birth and renewal period of Spring.

Many take the spiritual component of the equinox time and listen first for the still point….the moment of silence where all that is within us pauses and the heartbeat of the All is heard. and the moment the next breath is taken a feeling and experience of alignment takes place like no other. The Creator shifts us to a new vibration of It’s own Presence…we begin to tune into that which is with each of us being stirred and called forth.

The spring energy is a time when we are gently moved to awaken out of our winter slumber and we each experience the vibration changes as the Cosmic symphony begins to play a new song…one that is appropriate to the ongoing evolution of consciousness of every living thing.

Cosmic consciousness is a goal that each of us strive for…to be able to be conscious of consciousness itself and to KNOW. One becomes aware then of all things and can go far beyond the imitations of the 5 senses into the quantum leaps and synaptic interplay of much higher levels of conscious awareness…simultaneously becoming aware of where one has come from; where one is at and where one is going.

The false belief and folly of staying in any false belief that we are merely physical bodies on this earth should be moved towards elimination quickly and instead embrace your spiritual journey and practice now like you have never before. Think back at this time over your life and extract from it those true moments of when your Soul; your Spirit was trying, and many times succeeding, to reach you to awaken to your True Self. Recall the changes and episodes of advancement that you have taken thus far in your life. Now think about how you are now more aware and more conscious. Take this time cycle of change seriously and understand that you have the power to consciously choose how to live your life according to the true inner layout and mapping within you.

You are not intended to be volleyed around on a court like a ball but instead you can harness with your mind your thoughts and govern yourself according to your mandate assigned. You can live an extraordinary life of spiritual consciousness where those things of distraction and illusion cannot touch you.

Your opportunities at this time of the seasonal change are too many to mention…but know this…with the willingness you show this day ..the Cosmic is aware of one thing and that is for certain; you are trying! You are trying to understand how to navigate these paths of life and you are studying, investigating and researching them as well. With each increment of your mind power placed upon your spiritual journey comes a reward of that action taken.

Do not underestimate the power of each of your steps for they are all contributing to your spiritual growth. Applying yourself with both your thought processes, your reflection and action are all major achievements to be counted.

This Spring equinox time offers you a breath taking moment to see through and past the veils of illusion into the realms and states of spiritual enlightenment. As you glimpse in or enter into these realms you are touched by the subtle vibrations of the Cosmic Self…the Divine Consciousness from which you are born. Experiencing this point of interface changes you; marks you in a way that is not forgotten by you. That familiarity is drawn up from deep inside of you and you experience the love that flows through it.

Being touched in the heart and lifted up into the bosom of the All in Love and Light brings great joy to each one of you as you are relieved from that overwhelming and often troubled condition of the past. Breathtaking and refreshing is this time of year for you are being reborn…the first breath is re-lived energetically and you start to feel more alive and revitalized!

Take heart…the conditions that you thought may have seemingly worsened during the pre-Equinox time were not actually doing that but instead were being drawn up from levels of consciousness where they were buried. They have to come up in order for you to have more space for that which you are bringing in…copious amounts of Love and Light are powered up and brought forth to you for the ingathering. Using your breath in Divine alignment truly helps you to ease into these generous gifts of the Cosmic and of the earth.

With the changes of interface between Spirit and Matter also comes a reminder to dedicate some time and energy to the reconditioning of the sacred Temple; your body. Apply these same principles taught during Spring time to your home, family, business and material rooms and vehicles. Each space you occupy for any given length of time will need your attention. The body itself will be the first to make noise about it’s needs and your attention to it should be a swift response.

Energy changes shift your body changes and needs. Explore the new vibrations of foods and rest times and act accordingly on that which harmonizes best for you. Many find that the first thing on their agenda is Nature. Nature is going to call you out and you can build in daily increments of time spent in Nature until you find that fulfillment.

The stagnation of the winter energy and the honest and objective assessment of it is in order for you. Take some time to reflect and journal on those things that need to be healed internally and externally. Internally you are going to do your physical detox and energy cleansing with your chakra meditations and spiritual practice. Externally you are going to extend the physical detox to an environmental detox of your space. Many are simplifying.

If you have noticed a change to your life in that your needs are changing along with your letting go of the past…then your observations are correct. There is less attention to your physical demands of accumulation of things and varied changes to your increase in need for spiritual energy investment. The richness found in your spiritual practice makes you feel full thus you crave less for external items to fill up your space. If you were to do too much in the physical, things tip out of balance… then an overwhelming occurs. Paring down the attachments to the physical and building up the alignments to the spiritual will be noticeable and quite the new condition you will embrace.

Be aware of these changes for they will mean quite a lot to you going forward. They set the tone for many experiences still to come.

The world; your world will become more beautiful and heart filled as the human race expresses their true nature into their surrounding Kingdom. This change will be seen more and more going forward as it is individuals like yourselves that are changing the landscape and the soils of the earth. Each of you are making the environment more fertile and loving for the next generations of Souls to incarnate so that they too will have the opportunity to advancement both themselves and the consciousness of man.

Your purposeful act of engaging with the illustrious Spring Equinox energies means that you are acting on your inherent design; your inherent qualities of Oneness and unification with the All.

You are striving towards something that may at first still seem illusive and unknown by as well very familiar and All knowing.

May you find peace this day in your heart space and find that this then grows and blossoms throughout all the days of your life!

May you find rest assured that the Universal Laws that govern your Kingdoms; your worlds are in full effect and eagerly seek to bring you into oneness again with them in order for you to thrive on all planes; all levels of consciousness! So mote it be!

Weekly Energy Updates – March 21st to March 27th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Well….wasn’t that quite the event leading up to Spring Equinox? Lots of releasing and shifting of old energy…hope you were able to balance well with the incoming gifts of Spring! Sunday’s Spring equinox energy continues to have influence upon you and through you this day and this week. Get ready for another very sacred time of energy shifting and integration next weekend through your heart!

The full moon (March 23rd) impacts us right smack dab in the middle between these giant energy shifting times…which means you absolutely MUST explore your emotional challenges and loose thought patterns and ensure solid Mastership over both. Be sure that nothing within you rules you to excess. Enjoy the balance; the ebb and flow of your emotions, thoughts, desires, passions…but be sure that not one of them rule over you.

Creating this balance now and having order is the perfect formula for the start of your Spring..a New Year! Just like we plant our garden seeds in rows across fields and soil beds…so too should you be planting your seed thoughts for Spring in an orderly fashion. Be in good schedule with the natural flow of the season and be in flow with the natural unfolding of your Soul purpose. Clean things up now in your some energy detoxing, some physical detoxing of the body..and some Spring cleaning of your home and profession. You may wish to tackle your business papers, taxes, clothes closets, winter clothing washed…etc.

Energy this week is uplifting, promising, morally supportive, physically charged with the new particles of energy in the air…fresh! New starts are honourable and desirable. Let go and be free of the old habits and attitudes..embrace the changes !

Mentally you should be starting new studies, spending quality time in reflection, meditation and spiritual practice…plus absolutely waking up the body to some new method of exercise.

Will power and acceptance? Know that you are in transition for more solid awareness of your Soul purpose and mandate in life. Be open to your own Soul’s will and let yourself be guided into the new changes.

Spiritually? The gifts this week all flow through your heart. Entrance into your heart has begun to expand..the doorway widening! In some cases it is going to feel very awkward receiving when you are so used to giving…but you will find a way! Give back? Affirmative…dedicate yourself to a worthy project that will enhance the world around you. Enjoy your community of like mind, make new friends and refresh yourself with your current ones!

What a beautiful beginning to our Spring 2016! May the sun shine down it’s Light and Love upon you..may you feel the Cosmic Blessings of this sacred time. Walk peacefully and with confidence knowing that you are ascending consciousness. Each step is a step towards unification of Self..Divine Oneness. Walk right into the Love and redemptive qualities of next weekend. Walk into your heart and feel the love and joy found there! The whole week and into next is amazing for you…take time to sit in the silence. Take time to meditation purposely as well.

In Light and in Peace,

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Easter flowers_eggs

Weekly Energy Update – March 14th to March 20th, (Equinox) 2016

Hi Everyone!

Coming around the last turn towards the Spring Equinox you can see the “Light” of hope, change, opportunity and spiritual growth is welcoming you and encouraging you to embrace your own personal new beginnings!

“You can do it” is a popular phrase that is most appropriate at this time because you need encouragement, love and support to help you achieve your shift of consciousness this New Year (spring 2016). That love and support is right here and right now coming to you from the Angelic realms of Higher consciousness; your Ascended Masters and from the Bosom of Love of the All! What can be more powerful than that? Add to that a very special resource….the Earth; Mother Earth. For it is Mother Earth that is also your mainstay and foundation during this time cycle of change. Make sure you include Her in your prayers and thoughts!

So what does this week bring prior to the Spring Equinox? The week ahead is meant for you to do cleansing, purging, simplifying, sorting out, examining and assessing and finally coming to terms and commitment with Thyself. Be clear with what is important to you in life and embrace it. See that you are not distracted by any more illusions and false beliefs..tune this out! Make a solemn oath to your heart and Soul that you are stabilizing your plan of spiritual ascension and will dedicate energy to achieving it.

Know this…you have earned the many opportunities that are presenting themselves because you have a good heart and honourable intentions. You can humbly agree that there have certainly been moments in your life that required learning and transformation, but that it is now YOUR time to shine forth your Light and experience the “wind under your wings” as this time cycle lifts you up with love!

May you feel and know that this week is your turning point…this is a very important time for you to sort out and shake out anything and everything that no longer resonates with the Light of Truth and Love within you. Let it go! Be energy and time mindful this week to dedicate what you can in your schedule for meditation and reflection. Look after yourself and put your needs on the front burner. Bring your loved ones up to the front burner with you and hold hands with them if they too..are looking…for advancement. If others are not willing then you mustn’t try to pull them against their will. If there are those who wish to walk with you during these incredible times of advancement of consciousness..then you can go forth together!

Your 7 day preparation for Spring Equinox has officially begun! Do your energy cleansing for your home, aura, business affairs, and personal space. Wow..what a great time for all of us! Cosmic Blessings!

In Light and in Peace,

** Next blog will bring forth the “message from Spirit for Spring Equinox” *** stay tuned. !!

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Cancer Healing Support

Energy Centre Focus: All Centres are involved with emphasis on the energy centre associated with the physical area of the body that is involved with the cellular imbalance. Eg. Brain cancer – Centre at Pineal Gland and Pituitary, Breast Cancer – 4th & 5th Centre in upper chest and throat.
All Cancers should be healed with an Emotional body energy release with special focus on the heart chakra.

Endocrine Glands affected: Entire endocrine system

Organs: Depending upon primary lesion location (chakra closest to the organ)

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: When the health of your physical body is challenged by the presence of cancer cells in a proliferated state creating tumours, you are prompted into quick response of defense, worry and fear thus stressing and compromising your immune system. Naturally you move to these reactions and it is quite normal that you seek immediate answers and help. While your conventional therapies and natural holistic therapies will be started through your medical team, you would also wish to immediately participate in exploring the root cause.

Emotional blockages and false beliefs are at the origin of all illness and disease in the body and cancer is no exception. Something is blocking the ebb and flow of love and a healthy rhythm in the body and subtle energy bodies…and you are going to be both active and reflective in your search for Truth. Actively you can study and research this condition exploring the history of your lineage and examination of your life to-date. Within a reflective state you can begin to ask within the areas of your life that have been blocking the receipt of love and the goodness in Life that aligns with Universal Laws such as: Magnetic Resonance, Attraction/Repulsion, Light and Truth, Love and Manifestation. Where is your physical body, emotional state, mental state and belief system out of ORDER? This is the question you take to the Inner Temple of reflection.

Depending upon the primary location of the body’s cancer, you will find the lesion manifested as a result of imbalance with the chakra qualities most closely related to the area. Eg. Reproductive glands and organs affected by Cancer would be associated with the 2nd Chakra.

One major underlying emotion and imbalance involved is LOVE. The ebb and flow of Love must be present in one’s life. You often will find that old resentments, inability to forgive and unresolved issues that carry over from incarnations past are also contributing to the manifestation of cancer lesions. This is quite a complex issue but certainly one that can be transformed and resolved permanently!

Staying with the MOST important emotional alignment theme of LOVE, you can and should, engage in the spiritual healing of washing the heart chakra, cleansing the etheric template of your body and embracing the incredible Love and Light of the Inner Temple! Once you begin opening to the Love and Light of the Soul and the Universal Divine source, there are some incredible shifts that take place. Your heart centre will also be receiving the beautiful support from those around you, medical care, community support too, which once again ADDS to the ebb and flow of love in your life and the healing!

Counsel and Steps to Healing:
Step one is to enter into a strong MINDFUL alignment to the Soul. The power of your MIND is beyond your comprehension and it is to be a great ally. Visualization and focus on the return to good health is important. You have inside of you a blueprint of your perfect body and perfect cellular make up. It is your goal to visualize your energy alignment to this blueprint. World Healing Academy will start you off with some guided meditation for healing and focus. Important that you begin your healing journey. (Specialized work can be created just for you specifically via School of Etheric Healing).

The MIND and your own powerful Will power set incredible intentions and goals which are your front engine of pathwork! Next, through love, energy healing and washing of the heart you will engage the internal and external alignments to a power that originated in Universal Love. Extraordinary power in the healing of love, prayer and united purpose. Use the heart washing audio to clear out the old energies from the body that are not in alignment with love.

With your firm engagement and commitment to the love energy, MIND and your own Will power you are well on your way to healing your body already. In addition you will find that working with a Holistic Nutritionist, Naturopath and/or Homeopath that specializes in cancer treatment will help you during any conventional medical treatment through your medical doctor(s). Ask your doctor to work with you and advise you on this approach so that everyone is working together. You are not alone on this journey of healing.

May you feel the personal empowerment of engaging such healing power from within you!

Guided Meditations:
Heart Washing

Divine Alignment Guided Meditation:

Healing Stones:
Petalite, Amethyst, Bloodstone, various Tourmaline

Aura Strengthening – Immediate

Often we get feeling run-down or overwhelmed in life and then it can be difficult to go out and do the things we need to do each day. Something as simple as going grocery shopping or visiting our parents, friends and loved ones may be challenging when in a weakened state. Your AURA is like your skin “shield” energetically speaking. The AURA should be kept strong through your daily practice of deep breathing and Energy Centre development. Some times we need an added boost when feeling imbalanced and the meditation below may be of some assistance to you.

Do yourself a favour and boost up your energy field! Increase the energy in your field and start your day!

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Guided Meditation for a Quick Protection and Strengthening of your AURA:

Weekly Energy Updates – March 7th to March 13th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Can we get better than this? Oh probably yes…but WOW ! What a week ahead! We have New Moon in Pisces, Total Solar Eclipse and Jupiter the closest to the earth that it will be this year…all in the outset of this week’s energy! March 7th, 8th and 9th are big energy shifts !

We start out our week with the “calm before the storm” in that you will find Monday, March 7th a good time to stay quiet. Find some time today to meditate, go into Nature or sit and relax somewhere even if just for a brief period of time. Enjoy the energy of reflection.

Tuesday and Wednesday and even into Thursday you will want to examine your life deeply and decide what is important to you. Are you putting the Soul path FIRST and foremost on your agenda? Big issues on the table at this time: Self-worth and Self-Love. The heart. All the planetary and stellar influences during this cycle are pointing directly at your heart. I hope that you are listening big time. Your heart and the expression of love. The ebb and flow of love in our life; through your heart is very, very important. You wish to be healthy and strong and find joy in your life now and forever more. Follow your heart.

Remove anything in your life that is not in alignment with your heart centre and focus your time and energy now on improving the quality of your life; your Spiritual path. Speak up and share with your family and friends this time as well and encourage them to do the same. We all need to move the shadows of illusion and old pain/suffering out of our lives now (thus the Solar eclipse letting the shadow and darkness pass across the face of the sun). The shadows will come out of you during this week and must be addressed. Some of you have already been experiencing this for perhaps a few weeks now leading up to this time. New Moon in Pisces indicates that you are on a new beginning as well out of the grip of the lower emotions, appetites, and any addicted behaviours to unhealthy experiences (including relationships). Big ol’ Jupiter represents the SOUL’S WILL of Creator and boy oh boy…He can’t be any more in our faces right now !! Jupiter is the closest to the earth in the next couple of days that it will be all year !

Can you imagine that the Blessed Creator is sending to us all these signs, signals and heads up energies this week! We must pay attention and be sure to dedicate our tasks, our time to the beautiful life that we are meant to live. Pull yourself up and out of the old paradigm completely and state your oath to yourself. Be clear and strong on what it is you wish to do and let the Love shine forth from within you.

Use this week’s energy for healing, starting new projects, cleaning out the old and embracing the new. Ask your body what you are blocking if it is giving you pain. It is trying to talk to you. Ask within and ask your spiritual mentors for help. Use this week to really embrace the Beauty within you!

Become more engaged with the energy of Nature this week and with the connection you have to Universal Source..the Divine Essence of your True Self. Like a tree budding it’s sacred growth in the early spring…be sure to feel both your connection to the Sun (Soul & Divine alignment) and your connection to the Earth (good roots and ground)

Blessings on this auspicious week of Sacredness, Truth and Light !

In Light and in Peace,

Weekly Energy Updates – February 29th to March 6th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

You have an extra “February day” to prepare for Spring Equinox! With only 21 days to go it is a great day to start with your mental preparation for Spring Equinox followed by days of detoxification, self assessment and solid choices.

Remind yourself just how loving, kind and patient the Universe truly is and that you are given this opportunity during the quarterly Earth change cycle to rid yourself of the old and re-create yourself newly aligned. With this being the beginning of a work week you may not have a lot of time to start your reflection. What you could do is take a few minutes at lunch or at bedtime if you are rushed with getting work done. If you do have time, then begin in the mornings and really connect with energy that is starting to gain momentum. Welcome the Sun…welcome the new day and make a firm commitment to yourself for new order, disciplines, self love and positive change.

If you are feeling weak and in need right now there is no shame to that. Reach out and seek out the support you need. Let your family and friends know where you are at in your heart and Soul. Speak up and open up those doorways to Self Love. The Angelic Ones in the Inner Temple this day are reminding me to tell you that they are here too for you! Blessed are we all to have so many Ministering Ones watching and guiding us through Love. Remember them all during your meditations, prayers and quiet time with Nature.

Choose something today that you find is not in order in your life that throws you off…and dedicate the time and energy to examine it. What is the trigger? What do you need to do; to say? What actions will you be taking after you have assessed the situation? Some good mental focus and reflection will help you tremendously as you get started now with your Spring Equinox preparation.

You will be tackling other areas of life too like diet, exercise perhaps and emotional self realizations…but let’s start with a new positive mental outlook on your life. Let’s start today with a new momentum and re-start. Enjoy a great week! Stay true to yourself.

In Light and in Peace,



Energy Centre Focus: 3rd  – Solar Plexus and 4th Centre – Heart, 1st Centre – Tailbone

Endocrine Gland Affected: Pancreas, Adrenals

Organs: Heart, Pancreas, Kidneys

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: Your worthiness is being challenged and you are likely feeling at a loss as to how you are going to get out of the spiral of life that takes you down more often than taking you up. The lack of control causes you to turn to dietary choices that are not best supporting your good health and well being goals. The weakness is difficult to overcome as the emotional wave is stronger than the motivation and drive to succeed in letting go of what pains you so inside.  Defining where you are at right now is important to the planning of where you are headed for a turnaround to success!

Emotional loss and feelings of despair cannot be fulfilled in the external world alone for they must come from within. You may wish that if you “just had this or that” everything would be fine. Unfortunately, it would only be temporary. Long term, permanent fulfillment from within will ease the temptations and satisfy you into a balanced contentment in life. Let’s create more joy!

You may be experiencing that “if only” feeling and regrets and turn to substances, foods and drink that will make you feel better but it actually will not in the long run. The assessment and reflection you should be engaging in is “why” are you feeling that you are powerless to create a better life?

It is important to note that the power that will pull you out from this state will first be anchored in self love. Self love is very important and then a development of your Will for the betterment of Self will simultaneously begin to engage for you. You will need some help and it is best to ask for the help and know that you have support and a someone who can walk with you.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: No need to feel alone. You are worth every ounce of energy there is to help you to feel better and to support you in the task of regaining your self worth and personal inner power. Seek counsel and support from a team of professionals who understand this. Share with them your feelings and then begin a self help program that will lift you up and into a better state of self awareness and self love.

The healing with energy and meditation will help you to find a stronger alignment within and you can do this while you are exercising your options of physical care and control over those things that take you to extreme. To avoid this illness getting out of hand, it is best to start right away to transform the old self sabotaging into positive healthy habits. Damage from diabetes is problematic and so if you start now to engage in an alignment with the Greater Light within you, then you would be surprised how much easier it is to move towards positive gain! You are worth it!  Start with the breath of life and the sacred alignment to Love within your heart and Soul.

It is worth noting here that you have very sensitive intuition and should use it to “sense” those things in life that would bring you better health and well being. Ensure that you go forward and attain them!

Guided Meditation: Alignment to Soul’s Light

Guided Meditation to Solar Plexus:

Healing Stones:  Rose quartz, clear quartz, citrine