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Weekly Energy Updates – June 8th to June 14th, 2015

Hi everyone !!

Have you heard of an “energy time warp?”  Well..what you may wish to reflect on during the week ahead is how an energy “cycle” or window/portal of time can be shifting to a new window/portal of time for you!  There is a definitive change this month and I am hoping that you will be sensitive to this energy.

We have had ample opportunity and time to engage this Spring 2015 with alignment to our Inner Purpose and Soul’s Will, that was written out for us; prescribed to us as a list of things that we were to do for this lifetime.  This cycle began way back in March and is now wrapping up permitting us to go on to another level of Self awareness and to INFLUENCE other time-lines such as our parallel dimensions of Self.  Let’s not confuse the matter though..and perhaps best to just stick to THIS life!

Okay…so what you want to do…is to review your investment of time and energy into the cycle we are getting ready to exit from.  What steps did you take?  How did that look on paper as you organized things?  What visions/inspirations did you take note of?  How much effort have you put into the creation & manifestation of this Soul Purpose?

Your Soul Purpose “should” be somewhat “known” at this time…or at least you have a hint of it.  You did not need to actually manifest everything this Spring..but you are supposed to have a better grasp of it is, than you did in March. Okay?

As we are very “human” beings having this experience here on earth…you likely have some very “human” questions.  These will likely be in the form of:  what about love? relationships? money? living? Things for my family?   All very valid questions and worthy of comment.  The human/spiritual experience we are having indeed has some very material challenges and these must be addressed.  The SPIRITUAL world is actually where you are going to access the POWER to manifest here in the material.  The Summer Solstice is yet another opportunity for you to get into alignment with the POWER within  you !

Start this week to engage in the alignment to the Soul (through meditation and the crown centre). know that if you are already into this type of work..and alignment…that really what you need is extensive energies coming from Spirit to help YOU!

Well they are here and present; especially over the next couple of weeks.  This week you must start your engagement of energy interface with them; The Angelic Hierarchy !!  Use your time spent in meditation to invoke, call upon and pray for the Higher Angelic team to help you.  They ARE there for you; that I can promise you!  Use your skills !

In Light and in Peace,


You may wish to sign up for the Summer Solstice Workshop – RA MA –

RA – MA Workshop – Summer Solstice – June 21st, 2015

Gold Letter R #2Gold Letter A #1     Creating Your LIFE – POWER


Gold Letter M #1Gold Letter A #1    Schematic of CREATION

Guided Meditation and Teachings with Kathy Roseborough.  We will experience many different integrations during the workshop including:

Aum – Universal Healing through LOVE – to the Cellular level with Light, Sound and Guided Meditation – especially pineal gland

RA – Will of your Soul Purpose accelerated with Summer Solstice Energy Initiations – Universal Father

MA – Mind strengthened, memory, focus and Inner power – with Universal Mother through guided Meditation and Healing

MANIFESTATION – Stronger foundation for you, your home, finances, relationships that bond through love, vibrational changes, good health and Inner Peace.

“Spring Cycle Closes – Summer Solstice Cycle Begins !”

Date:  Sunday, June 21st, 2015

Time:  10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Cost:   $125 via Interac or on PayPal:

In-class or long distance participation.  Please let me know if you wish to be included on the silent or out loud list long distance.  Also if your family members will be a part of the healing they will be included at a reduced rate of $75.   World Healing HQ members rate:  $75  –  World Healing members can sign up on line as well.  mP3 Audio Files will be given to all long distance participants.

Looking forward to serving you !

In Light and in Peace,
Kathy Roseborough, Educator of Esoteric Principles.

Please pass the email along to anyone who you believe may benefit from a power energy shift in their lives!

RA God MA Goddess


June 2015 – Message from Spirit !


Theme and Wise Counsel for the upcoming month !  “Live stream channelled” thru Kathy Roseborough:

“Saturn is a powerful influence for each evolving Soul upon the Planet, and during this particular cycle, it is important that you continue to adhere to the directives and impulses or waves of Divine Intelligence imparted to you during your quiet times. Saturn is to be considered ONE of the many influences from the Divine perspective that is keenly interested in helping you stay on a strong MINDED path which creates deeper and deeper grooves….cutting into the fabric of your being….powerful channels between yourself and the ALL!

With a strong MIND comes a content life; healthy and happy. Why? Because you can’t be swayed by others; distracted by insignificant baubles of material items nor emotionally drawn into the many theatrics that are played out here on earth. You become more the observer and you engage emotionally only with those people, or in those experiences, that are mutually beneficially for all involved.

Love and emotional energies through relationships and family, is particularly strong right now and with a governing MIND comes a fluidic channel of information to be imparted to those you love. Caring, nurturing and helping others becomes an ease for you; not a burden. Speaking from the heart with a clear MIND is then more the “norm” for you. The MIND and the HEART are both expanding during these days and weeks ahead; dancing harmoniously together and creating a suitable environment for spiritual impulses and, seed thoughts already planted, to grow.

It is like playing symphony music to a field of growing corn…the music soothes the environment and harmonizes it, thus the innate Intelligence in the genetic code of the seed of corn can thrive!

Speaking with a clear voice with smooth thoughts and peaceful emotion is the way you will find yourself conducting your communication interactions this month; thus avoiding harshness noise and vulgarity.

MIND and LOVE:  two very powerful Divine expressions that are intertwined with the driving force and Will of the Creator!  See if you can ease into alignment with these forces daily and then even throughout your day. Use the breath…feel the heart and let your MIND receive the comforting assurance that your plans and life experiences ARE on track and that you are doing well.

Creating:  Creating right now during this cycle is actually a continuation of that which you have already begun. The creative process continues and it will have moments of high flow..and then have moments of passive reflection. If you are sensitive and observant here, you will know when to ACT and when to sit back and draw into the MIND and reflect further for receipt of input from the Cosmic. For example, you may find that right now during the 1st week of June to the 8th that you are summoning strength and making efforts to apply them…. but the emotional body may be experiencing the push and pull. Keep the mental strong… even if you see only small increments of change. Know that you are doing well. Then look ahead to your next week and next week..each Sunday will do fine..permitting you to get aligned with the energy flows and prevent trying to go “against” a tide.

The overall energy this month is quite active..quite strong and mental in nature with supportive underlying tones of the “bed of Love” underneath that supports you.  Much like the wings of an Angel under your feet and arms, the energy is keeping you upright and moving forward.

You can shift into this feeling and pick up on the presence of this love when relaxed. You will feel, see and/or KNOW.

Your life this month is much like spending some time “paddling” your own canoe on the quiet river..on your own..though never alone. These quiet moments alone in the canoe paddling comes with moments where you just glide and let the paddle rest. These are reflective thought times and are seen to occur during the sunrise an the sunset times. Pay attention to those as they are quite beneficial.

When there are electrifying energies..such as during the 3rd week to the last week of may feel this BUZZ of energy..especially around Solstice. This is a time when the FIRE is strong..the mind is charged with energy particles and the Cosmic High Intelligence is intensely there with you…. and you should make every effort to respond.

This is the time when new information, expansion of your Divine Intelligence, rejuvenation of your cells, and sloughing off of the old occurs. Paradigms shift, the old is suddenly very old news..and you just KNOW that you will not look back. This June solstice is gearing up to be highly intensified band of time… electrified with energy and you will need to prepare so as to not burn out the circuits.

Start at least 7 to 9 days before and keep the 4 lower bodies balanced. Be aware of them each day and each night. Honour the needs of each realm and be sure to apply the skills and tools you have. Nothing during this period should be late nights, no excessive foods/drinks, social events, noisy gatherings, stresses of work, etc. These are not helpful for the aspiring Mystic in you!

The Yin/Yang or balance of your energy bodies during the month will be occurring because YOU will be very aware of them; sentient of them at all times. There should never be a time when you are not. In this consciously train yourself… and then you come to a point in time when it is just happening on it’s own without your constant attention because it becomes your good habits.

Practice using your voice; speaking your truth this month and if you can…become the lead voice in gatherings at family get togethers, conferences, work presentations, or anywhere that is opportunistic for you to hear your own voice and to gain confidence. Your self worth this month MUST be acknowledged and embraced. Living and knowing that you are exactly where you need to be!

The yellow band mental qualities will be the band/dimension that is under strain. It is the one that requires the attention. It will want to be complacent and lazy or it will distract and chatter. Don’t let it do that or else you run the risk of letting your powerful days of the change of the season/solstice go past you without you connecting with it and co-directing it.   If you don’t direct the energy….you will just find yourself drifting off in absent thought letting hours pass in an unproductive manner. This is not the same as meditation; this is more of a drifting of mind.

The yellow band is the mental communication band; intellect, memory, focus and data intake. It needs to have a Supervisor, thus the governing MIND of SATURN will be necessary to enforce this. Your studies will become a focus, or detailed work or anything activity that ensures you are not drifting. The best is the mental coordination exercises between the lower and higher MIND.

(Note to those seeking instruction:  students will have opportunity to work these Universal Laws during solstice as that is the theme taught by the Class Master (Kathy R) and she has been instructed to do so.)

Increasing the EYE strength, LENS focusing on the Inner Planes and development of what you call the “psychic” eye will also be part and parcel of this extraordinary June month. Welcome your Brethren and Cosmic Masters this day in your Temple..they come offering you great tools for self enlightenment and enhancement of your own sacred gifts.

May the Divine reach out and touch you and you receive with Grace. May you find the pineal gland resounding it powers and waves of energy Intelligence throughout your kingdom with each gland singing and responding in turn. May you find your good health now and stay happy…. with these internal forces driving you towards a healthy and successful spiritually integrated life here on earth. So Mote It BE !”

Weekly Energy Updates – June 1st to June 7th, 2015

Hi everyone!   21 Days to Solstice..Preparation time!

We start this week off with your body & emotions responding to the Full Moon in Sagittarius reminding you that they both seek some ORDER from you, reassurance and direction.  The cellular make up of your body is such that it has been Divinely designed and installed with a duty to comply with it’s inherent directives.  When a person does not apply this authority to their habits and physical needs, the body’s cellular intelligence is thrown off and the program becomes distorted.  This usually occurs because of a person’s underlying emotions, upsets and personal disorientation.

Why are we to look at this now? Why this week?  Because the Full Moon is challenging you to muster up the inner strength to have a good look at how you are truly feeling and to answer to yourself honestly about what you have been avoiding.  In order for the Universe to really help you…it is imperative that you come to terms with exactly what you need, what you lack, what you are feeling inside, and what you have been holding back inside for far too long.  Come clean…this is a great week to just let it all go!  Write it down…”talk” to the “God of your Heart”..whatever that means to you personally.  Draw the Universal Life force Divine Intelligence to an alignment with you in your Inner Temple…during YOGA, meditation, prayers, walking in Nature, in your garden, while you lay in bed…whatever you like!

Use that throat chakra, open that heart centre of yours and the beautiful connection you have with the Divine now…speak as the son or daughter of the Creator.  Tell Universal Mother/Father Creator how you are feeling.

There are circuits and centres in your body and emotions that are asking for clear support at this time…don’t neglect them.  Love them right on through to health and well being !

What a Blessing this Full MOON really is…!!!  It gives you a chance to purge deeply of the old and liberate yourself…PLUS…here is more good news…Jupiter (Soul’s WILL)…is going to lift you even higher into alignment with your Spiritual authentic Soul Self !!!  Talk about opportunity!  Can you imagine?  Feeling good AND getting those doors open to clearly more Self-Realization.   Great time…so roll up those sleeves and get to work.  Go into the quiet today, tomorrow or the next..whatever suits you…and SPEAK within.  There is a tremendous amount of LOVE and SUPPORT for you…you are not alone.

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  I am doing a special Full Moon healing Tuesday, June 2nd from my own Inner Temple…and you may wish to be a part.  Whether on the “out loud” list or “silent” list…I can help you take your needs to Father Zeus.  This is a very special healing and if you are interested…you can check it out  and register on my website:     (you may have to cut and paste in your browser if link is not active!)



Weekly Energy Updates – May 25th to May 31st, 2015

Hi everyone!

With Saturn coming in on the 22nd/23rd of May with some very intense energies to help you to conclude some karmic carryover, the gift also included a realization of the need to bring detail to your projects & Soul purpose!   This week is perfect for that!

DETAILS…very important right now as you DEFINE that which you believe to be your expression of Self.  The “window” of this awesome Spring cycle is going to start winding up after June 1st leaving each of us to then prepare for 21 days before Summer.  Spring is all about your creative projects, new beginnings, new partnerships, relationships, behaviours, routines and new attitudes!  It has certainly been quite the Spring with so many people consciously choosing their alignment to the Inner Self.

Defining oneself increases the use of the throat chakra and creates a powerful interface between your Higher Mind and intellectual mind as you bring that power up through your chakras for expression.  Organization has been a theme throughout Spring and the de-cluttering process to shake off, neutralize and transform the old.

This week is for the most part, and ACTIVE energy week.  The time of being passive and reflective more reserved for morning and night. The daytime energies are asking you to be assertive.

Take your project list or “things to do” list and go through it step by step…without overload.  Always…think of the Bigger Picture this week when planning.  It is bigger than you think!  People are now realizing just how beautifully Divine they are constructed and how much LOVE they have to interact with.  You are no small miracle !! LOL !!

The momentum you are creating with the many new understandings and enlightened moments is something each of us can marvel at !  You are placing plenty of distance between yourself and the “old” you….with the “new you” shining out of your heart centre!

Enjoy the week !!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – May 18th to May 24th, 2015

Hi Everyone !

I just love the NEW MOON energy in May…which happened to be Sunday..(May 17th)…which means that you are to dive into your creative projects with great enthusiasm and you can expect return on your efforts.  It is a real “give and take”..ebb and flow.  It’s always good to start one day AFTER the New Moon which would of left yesterday for a break/rest…which means today you pick yourself up into new things!

Today…you may be wrestling with some emotional “drag”…so the World Healing Project Angelic team was working on that for each of you this morning.  These “nagging” issues in the heart centre are old and should be understood to be from an old paradigm.  Do some deep breathing this morning and help yourself and the Angelic team in shaking off the rest of them.  They have already undergone processing inside of you…you have understood their cause…so “Bless them and transform them back to Light” !

So we go on….with the FRESHNESS of this week’s clean can implement your new rules, routines and organized scheduling.  Give it a hearty try…you will be amazed how much can be accomplished and gained in the process.  Enjoy your “to do” list because it helps you organize and solidify your plans.

There is a very good interface underway this week with the Higher energies because of the shift that took place 3 days prior to the New Moon.  Again…I will mention that old acquaintances will be thought of, perhaps contacted, and new networks of people will be formed and developed.  It’s all lot about community and friendships right now.  You do NOT want to isolate yourself during this cycle…the opposite is true.  Keep building and developing your associations as it is necessary for your advancement.

If you are looking at your projects ahead and saying to yourself…”this is big!”…you are right.  It takes a lot of positive energy and effort to change yourself; and change this world!  What are we waiting for?  Good day to start !  Have a great week everyone!

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  If you wish to follow the World Healing Project “tweets” and be aware of the FREE healing you are receiving 2x a day…catch them on Twitter:   MindLoveWill or follow on Kathy Roseborough in FACEBOOK.  If you wish to be on the hand written healing list instead…just email me your name or names of your loved ones to:


Weekly Energy Update – May 11th to May 17th, 2015

Hi Everyone!

Have you been feeling a little “floppy” ?  Are the lower energies and adversities testing you?  Stay are gaining insights into areas and dimensions of Self that you are trying to re-familiarize yourself with from long, long lifetimes ago, in some cases. There is a lot of power there inside of you coming out now!

Very new feelings and experiences are rising in you and you may not be 100% certain on how to handle them.  That’s okay…it’s part of the natural ascension process.  The incredible opportunities you are now having insight into are to be identified clearly now.  KNOW that these are existing now in your life because you have earned them !  Wonderful opportunities !

Each day in the month of May is like a little surprise…a new realization.  There are powers coming up in you that need your governing MIND.  Practice this…it will get better and better going forward.  (strong organization and positive routines will help)

Like every transition…it takes some review and analysis to ensure the internal transfer stations are working properly.  These are the various “synapse” points that energy is contacting you from the Spiritual realms.  Stepping down this energy and locking it into place in the evolving personality of yours is the current theme this week.  The outcome will be smooth running but the receptors points are being cleaned and polished to receive…so be at peace with that.  How does this all translate?  We are in an on-going and deliberate creative time.  Adding more pieces to the puzzle so that it will reflect the image or vision you have in your MIND.   Once coordinated (vision to manifestation) …it will start to really look like something tangible.  Be patient…it is happening !   Keep up the momentum and marvel at your accomplishments; great or small!

Keeping it brief this week…have a wonderful week !

In Light and in Peace,



May 2015 Energy – MIND..Saturn’s cycles & Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction and the influences of Taurus & SATURN !
The Universal Laws throughout LIFE originate from LOVE…they are your inherent birthright. As you find yourself struggling and striving to once again find your internal alignment to these Laws, you notice that there are many internal changes that need to take place. You are in need of these changes so that the many strings of the chords of Creation can harmonize with one another so that you are truly a part of the song of Life in a Conscious manner.

When you fell out of alignment and found yourself seemingly and incorrectly perceived as “outside” of these beautiful expression of the All, you became weary, distorted and saddened. By now once again recognizing just who you are and where you come from, you feel a surge of memory and internal joy returning to you! These Laws of the Universe that governs and Minister to the Kingdoms are yours to USE…so you are to USE them!

The powers of the Universe that draw material energy together in cohesion for the purpose and advancement of LIFE, is just one of the many Laws that you are to understand and apply. The current time cycle as dictated by our Beloved Lord Kronos of Saturn, ensures that you get access to the education and training on the use of the Law of Attraction.

The Constellation of Taurus is accessible to you at all times but in particular the availability of the Teachings and use are most prominent now during the days and weeks ahead. Taurus teaches you of the RIGHT use of this Law and how to ensure you also create the “container” to hold the abundance of Life once in your own midst.

Taurus loves to teach you to work with your hands and your INNER EYE. Witness the mythological teachings wherein the INNER eye is particularly noted in the story. You are creating FROM the Inner eye in alignment with the WILL and the Mind of Creation. Taurus is full of LOVE and the Beauty within this particular Constellation ensures that you are given seed thoughts of Creating for the purpose of beautification in the internal sense…for the greater good of all involved.

The hands should be well noted as being the extension of the neck and throat through the shoulders whereby you can touch the material earth and the gifts that Mother provides. The creative drive includes the sentience of touch and the connection one experiences with the Creator as expressed through they physical plane.

When the Divine Intelligences connect with you through this constellation it in fact SEES and KNOWS just who you are as a Divine Being and how you intend to Create with these Universal Powers. Your preparation for such a sacred and powerful capability is important so that you are able to maintain the surge of power that comes through you for creative purposes.
Internal strength comes from the added influence of SATURN at this time for you….. who teaches you about building personal disciplines and staying the course of your mandate and purpose. These disciplines can build up very quickly thus adding a greater sense of your own well being to your life. You will feel very good about how accomplished each day is!

The sacred gifts of Attraction and Creating in the Name of the All..the Universal alignment and Oneness, is a natural ACT of LOVE from the Creator. Helping the Sons and Daughters of Creation return to the proper use and handling of their powers is something that you may have been waiting for…and likely looked for in your life. The Cosmic Mastership of your Authentic and True Self is ready to manifest in THIS kingdom; here on earth. To that end, the Intelligence of the Universe will be extending many, many opportunities to you in order for you to succeed. Much time will be spent (Saturn GOVERNS TIME) with each of you in the Inner Temple training and helping you; supporting you in the creative task of expressing your Divine Nature..for many…the first time in a long, long time!

The Law of Attraction is the expressed powers of the Universe and as you feel yourself grow and change in this capability, you will have ongoing support and must truly learn to listen within. It is from within that you will get clarity on just how and why changes are being made to your life. The external will reflect what you are learning and integrating from within. The stronger you get within; the stronger your world around you will be in the external expression.

Acceleration of your projects and goals is to occur during this Taurean influence. We will repeat that now so that you can not slip into invisibility or disconnection. The time you spend working with this particular Constellation, the celestial bodies associated with it, the Earth energy and your own Soul Plan will exceed your expectation this month in successful materialization!

As you know…there is a pull and push that occurs when one is striving to take themselves to a new level of their internal powers. As you are being pulled into alignment with the Universal Law of Attraction on a conscious level, you are also going to have to ensure that you recognize and resolve the old tendencies to relinquish this power based on outdated and worn false beliefs of Self. Listen carefully…the world of illusion has constant reminders for you of its ability to control you See clearly that there is no binding force to these illusion in TRUTH…you only “think” that you are stuck and bound to these illusion; but in fact you are not”

What you DO have most positively, is a integrated realization of the Universal Laws and Principles of Creation…that is your only TRUTH! KNOW that you have a Divine birthright to the Law of Attraction..that it is your right AND it is your Soul purpose to create through the Lens or EYE of the Inner Self as an extension or emanation of the Greater Universal All..the Infinite One who created you!

You are supposed to use the Law of Attraction..not ignore it !

To that end, the Divine Intelligences of Taurus and Saturn are eager to serve you. They are eager and willing to enlighten you on the process of returning to your own Divine gifts. they are most willing and available to support you in the internal preparation and to celebrate your victories with you!

You are a inherent part of the Universal systems of Creation and this Constellation will now teach you how you have fragmented yourself away from this Knowledge. These same systems will ensure that you are trained in the Art of application of the Universal Law of Abundance. Abundance and Creation go hand in hand. First and foremost you are to develop your internal structures so that you can more easily transform the distraction. The powers within you tell you that the lower systems are subservient to the higher powers within. Be the Master now and shine your Light!

So Mote it Be..

In Light and in Peace, Kathy

If you wish to obtain the month of May audio files for download or receive the 7 days to Abundance can purchase on-line: or click on the link on the homepage to the School of Etheric Healing


Weekly Energy Updates – May 4th to May 10th, 2015

Hi everyone!

With the full moon now at our backs…we can start this week knowing that plenty of things need solidification…resolution….”endings” and “beginnings”. Door are opening and closing BIG time now for people…which frees you up for tremendous possibilities!  With all the excitement and possibilities happening it is important to keep both feet firmly on the ground.  You planted a lot of “positive seed thoughts” earlier this season..and now they are taking good hold!

The full moon reminded us of the need for mental/physical balance.  Strive to work WITH nature and keep your MIND and PHYSICAL actions in coordination with each other.  Everything that you are doing right now in your personal, professional and spiritual projects must be for the purposes of integrating spiritually conscious living into the day to day living practices.  Remember that it is THIS world that needs to be lived by moral, ethic and spiritual values…not the spiritual world…it already is very pure!

Bringing Spirit into Matter and blending these 2 worlds is a task that each of us can perform daily…by the minute… with a conscious awareness of doing so.  It takes a coordinated effort AND a collective effort.  To that end, it is a good time for everyone to hold hands and step up to working TOGETHER….creating a better world together.  That can be your family working together…and/or your professional network of colleagues working together.  We need to live…remembering…that everything we do effects everyone and everything else.  The balancing efforts are emphasized during this time cycle and if you can continue to close the doors on what you have been living like in the past…and continue open doors to future spiritual endeavours now…then you are on the right track!

Back to the POSITIVE SEED THOUGHTS you planted.  I’m sure you have been nurturing and watering these thoughts in your mind and in your heart (emotionally) for the past several weeks now..right?  Okay…as they have been sprouting now…they need a trellis of support.  The thoughts growing inside of you are like tendrils of early season plants…thus they need to have framework.  Your thoughts need strong internal framework in order to stand up to the harshest of elements.  (air – distraction, opinions and monkey brain chatter from within, water – your emotional ups and downs, fire – intense spiritual flows inward, earth – foundational shifting).  To put it quite clearly…your projects and creative ideas in these early stages need your strong mental framework PLUS the strong mental framework and support of others.  PERIOD.   This will bring about further strength and expansion.

Please reflect on this as you are building up your inner Self this week…the Universal Divine Intelligence has It’s LOVE, MIND and WILL upon you.  It is definitely helping you along..often with unseen hands of LOVE.  Keep going…THERE ARE PLENTY OF SURPRISES THROUGHOUT THE MONTH OF MAY !

In Light and in Peace,





Weekly Energy Updates – April 27th to May 3rd, 2015

Hi Everyone!

If you have been feeling the need to be very focused on your foundation…it is for good reason.  The celestial cycles direct our thoughts towards the earth, foundation, material resources, structure, good home, routines that are healthy, body health and so on.  These each require some dedicated thought, discipline and responsibility.

What I have been finding that I wish to impart, is that we all seem to be gathering some type of “internal strength”….would you agree? Even though you may be still having some doubts or confusion thus prompting questions to be asked, I still see quite clearly that people are finding their internal structures!  How marvelous is that !!!

With the gathering acceleration of this internal development and structure taking place, you are going to find that life is much more manageable, more enjoyable, less overwhelming and certainly a more loving place!  Should you keep this up? Can you keep this up?   YES…you can and you should.  Keep the momentum going.  Please start to develop networks with those of like mind. If you have already started this…then keep it going.  Structure your day and structure your time for “down time” or play time as well.  Utilize the energy this week prior to the full moon on Saturday, May 3rd, for constructive and active tasks. Why?  Because we then have a change come the weekend.

The full moon this weekend will put you into a “RECEIVING” mode.  That is when the various levels of the Hierarchy of Divine Light and Intelligence, are going to be infusing you with your hereditary states of consciousness and gifts…your more Divine awareness of Self will be coming through loud and clear.  This phase will likely go on for several weeks too.  Each person must come to realize there inherent Divine nature and to truly embrace this.  For some it may take a few days or weeks longer…thus the cycle is quite wide or expansive in presentation.

The extensive running around, clearing and organization that you have been doing for many, many weeks now is finally going to show it’s real purpose….to RECEIVE and infuse into your conscious awareness some amazing details of your true and authentic Self.  The love that is shown in the Inner Temple that will be pouring in like a “cup that runneth over” is indescribable.

So please, do continue this week to keep up your inner strength, focus and attention to foundation because we have some beautiful realizations integrating within ourselves in the month of May.   Every task you do this week…do it to your very best. Put your best forward in that moment.  Whether great or small…do it to your very best..concentrate.  For example, if you are cleaning your room, kitchen, computer or garden…put full attention on it and enjoy every single moment of improvement.  If you are creating for your personal projects…allow no distractions.  You will be pleased with the results!

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Updates – April 20th to April 26th, 2015

Hi Everyone !

This week’s energy is starting off a little rough …so you need to learn to roll with it.  Let me explain…With the full power up charging ahead you have done in the last week especially…the relay switches are clicking in your brain and the new wiring to your emotions and physical health are trying to catch up and integrate.  Not always an easy task..but not to worry it will smooth out. Wednesday and Thursday will see a smoother state as you relax into the new ORDER of energy transfers inside of you.

It is a reminder to each of us that when you have SURGES of power and ideas…that you give yourself ample time to integrate as well.  The ON switch should not be full power ON all the time or you burn out.  Down time good.

What you need to be very, very careful of is the tendency to slip back into old patterns without realizing it when you overwhelm yourself. We do know that a steady climb is the way to go up the mountain… with pausing to rest here and there to take in the view…but you mustn’t get distracted, overwhelm yourself and lose focus. I’ve noticed some people are feeling a little disoriented with the new energy as they try to apply it.  The KEY?  The answer is in the planning…scheduling and review of your self assessment and new definition of self.  Have a MONDAY morning “board” meeting with yourself to see if you are on track each week.  Do the reviews.  Give yourself reasonable tasks to accomplish each week as well.

With the continuous opening to your own true Self each and every day….the “wow” moments need to be appreciated and a honouring of your accomplishments.  You really are getting better and better you know !  It is important to recognize these increments of change.

Life changing too fast or not fast enough?  See where your MIND may be needing to find adjustment and alignment with the practical shift of the slower dimensions here on earth.  Earthly realms are more concretized realms than the MIND there is need to coordinate that which you download from the Spiritual realms and that which you put into practice and application here on earth.  It’s okay…we are all learning to “Minister” to the newly found kingdoms within ourselves!

Summary for the week?  Your planning, review of your plans and execution of your plans. Stay to task.  Are you on track with your definition of Self?  okay GOOD !  I sense a happy sigh of contentment as the week progresses !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – April 13th to April 19th, 2015

Hi everyone!

What a surprise to feel the major shift yesterday that seemed to give a break through for each of us today…Monday, April 13th.  Now let’s harness this new opening for the benefits that it brings and start the week off right!  What you DON’T want to do is just sit and stare absently at the computer or go off day dreaming.  What you DO want to do is pick yourself up and get to an active project today.  We had lots of passive restful opportunities in the last several days…so you have what you need.  Even if you just sat a bit over the weekend here or there…that is are ready to go now!

This week sees you aligning with the new paths/roads of the Spiritual realms.  The Cosmic Master spoke about the LIFE force.  We see that life force in many physical presentations such as the SUN and the energy moving throughout the planet and your body.  But what is this stream of LIFE really about?  What ACTIVE INTELLIGENCE and ETERNAL WISDOM does it carry?

The LIFE force or Universal current of the LIFE force ensures the propagation and the evolution of form (people, kingdoms and species here on earth) and ultimately the manifestation of the Creators’ Will.  You definitely need the power of this LIFE force operative consciously in you…so use it and direct it into the co-creative projects you have on the drawing table and those you have started.  One of the best ways to align with this LIFE force is through deep breathing to recharge and rejuvenate you.  I would also suggest you acknowledge it with gratitude and appreciation.  It is LIFE giving..just like the Sun in the sky which  without, we would soon perish.

Question yourself on what the LIFE force is directing you to do?  How are you growing? Blossoming? and Expanding in your pursuit of spiritualizing the energy of matter here in the physical.  Bring the LIFE force down here to this dimension.  Many people enjoy just being in the flow of LIFE in their meditations in the temple but don’t find their bliss here on earth.  You need to bring “heaven to earth”.  Bring the power of LIFE here and express it.

Directive for the week:  In some way…bring LIFE and it’s extraordinary power here to earth. Direct and infuse it into your projects at hand. CREATE..let LIFE flow into that which you are actively developing.  Then at night as the power settles back a bit…REST.  

Enjoy the week…take a look at the physical energy relationship the Earth has to the Sun and you will understand this even more !  Live consciously with the Universal Life force…it will keep you rejuvenated, animated and very creative!

in Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – April 6th to April 12th, 2015

Hi everyone!

So much has been raised inside of you over the past weekend…and now you have some healthy choices to make!  It is here that a big smile should come to your face!  What incredible realizations of your Divine heritage; your authentic Self coming forth!  You KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, that you are a Divine emanation of the Creator and it is your honour, privilege, duty, and heartfelt desire to express that which is assigned to you.  Wow…think of the possibilities!

Not only are you discarding COMPLETELY the acts and behaviours, attitudes and complacent ways that misaligned you to your Truth, but you are simultaneously EMBRACING the new expression of Self with a humble yet radiant type of LOVE..profound and deep.  You excited? I know I am. I realize that much time has been meandered through and around with just a “toe in the water”.  Now it seems that we can all jump in and splash and play with the JOY of co-creative possibilities!

With the wonders of the child within us and the power of the Angelic within us combined, we can move on to experimenting and making things that will truly last and contribute to the benefits of the ALL; the many.  Start in your own home this what needs to be done to improve that environment first.  Reach out to your social groups and networks to help in the shifting and creating of activities there too!  So many ways you can enjoy being a part of the evolving consciousness of Life.  So many ways to be involved.

This is a good week to APPLY yourself.  Note taking, scribbling and doodling down ideas, talking with others, sharing, making plans…all of the above! Very good communication week for each of us.  Use the Yellow Ray and the Blue Ray combined…intellectual/rational voice combined with the Spiritual MIND of the throat chakra!

LOVE…be sure to hug your children, friends, partners…the world.  Touch the Earth and tell Mother that you are grateful to her.  Tell Nature that you give thanks for the resources She gives so unconditionally to you!  Count your Blessings and appreciate the small and subtle things as much as the grandiose!  Each day you wake up…let your heart warm and smile…smile that the Angels Love and the radiant faces of your Brethren are smiling down at you!  Enjoy and have a great week!

In Light and in Peace,



April Message from Spirit – 2015

“The sweet beginnings are seen in the fresh leaves of new life which bursts forth on tree tops… and the land invites you to plant seeds into her rich soil with the promise of return of abundance for those who will nurture and honour the role of caretaker.

Your MIND is seen burning with FIRE, intention, sparking with Free Will under the guiding consciousness of the Universal All. The flame is the spark of the co creative Force and is desirous to do it’s job. Previous cycles and inherent Divine Intelligence set precedence; sets the course of action, with THE force starting to unleash now its power of expression.

Your Inner EYE penetrates the dimensions and begins to direct the fire towards its MARK. The energy is now starting to fill in the various compartments within the dimensions that have been prepared by you; the departments you cleared and purposefully made space for. Are there still some to be cleared? Are all the old boxes moved? Windows cleaned and doors opened? Reflect on that for as this force begins to move Intelligence through your systems, there will no doubt be manifestations of lesser or greater quality and quantity, depending upon how much space you have provided for this FIRE-like LIFE FORCE to fill.

There has been a momentum picking up; an acceleration of this creative drive which requires one to use their skills in directing it. The power; the strength of such a force will go where there is least resistance and will empower that which has been set up for it to do. It will fill many stations in your life and must be managed lest one be overwhelmed with how much there is to do now that the PORTALS have been opened.

We move then to the selective stage where many begin to assign themselves and others with tasks at hand; jobs to be done and positions to be filled. Your Mind as the MASTER takes charge of this creative process and governs and directs the power through the throat chakra centre. (The neck of TAURUS). Review and assessments continue and environments tested. Suitable choices are made and responsibilities are taken seriously. Analogy…. to the farmer who must watch the weather and soil conditions to ensure a productive crop, each soul incarnate must make modifications and have plans in place as required, to ensure that the projects undertaken yield the greatest results due to the care and attention given to them.

The various elements are engaged in the descent of the Creative force…one pays heed to how much water (emotion) is put into this process (love), how much of the Air element of Mind is engaged, the continued exertion of Will (fire) and of course very important to remember…how much space is occupied on land (earth). The earth element is alive with so much energy that it effects the entire organic system and extends into many others lives as the planetary body is shared amongst everyone. Ask yourself how you are contributing to the greater good of the human populace and the kingdoms of the earth; the impact and the benefits.

Through this transition of Spring you must be obeying the Order of Descent of the Power of the Creative Force for it will be specific to your Soul mandate. It is under your care and must not be allowed to get unruly. These powerful forces that you have invoked, prayed for, and are now receiving, are a part of your beautiful inner makeup. With your love and honourable heart tending to the process in an attentive and timely manner, the results will be a marvel to your eyes and the eyes of others. Creating through BEAUTY (the heart) is a primary goal and mandate for any human being. The sacred gift having been bestowed upon each Soul incarnate, is something special to be acknowledged for there are none, other than Angelic humans (you), that can perform this particular Divine expression at these levels. The conscious act of aligning with the CREATIVE expression for the purposes assigned to Thee, is a time honoured tradition and reflects the Glory of the Universal All in unimaginable terms.

Think about this as you take to task the Creative process during this time cycle. Observe the manner in which the Divine Intelligence moves down from dimension to dimension with each conscious and unconscious act. Slow certain areas down where required and accelerate others as needed. Use your MIND.

The FIRE is an unleashing of POWER from the Pineal gland (crown) and it burns like a magnesium (white) does at high temperatures…piercing the veils and ready to extend itself throughout the creative fiat. That fire you feel in your head is the Will of Creation unfolding. It seeks to express itself in this world; this earth beneath your feet in order to reflect it’s final manifestation back to the loving totality of the Universal All… satisfying the mandate assigned.

You are the supervisor and overseer of this creative process. You act during the cycles when action is required and you rest when needed honouring the 24 hour daily cycle of life. You organize yourself and in turn this will bring order to life around you. This sequence of events when handled according to Law, will produce various results during the weeks and months to come. Some of the greatest results will be seen during your full harvest time in the autumn cycle when you take stock; take count of the bounty afforded to Thee. That will be another cycle; another change in direction to be taken at that time and will be explored when the time is right to do so. In the meantime the focus is to be on that which you are planting and nurturing, developing and manifesting now.

This is often an experimental time as well. You will be testing and retesting to get your formula right. You may find that more or less is required, timing and scheduling modified or resources increased. Often it’s the tools themselves that are sorted out and chosen during this time period that may need extra attention. Sorting out one own skills and determining the strengths of oneself can be a process in itself. What do you believe to be your greatest gifts and strengths? Coordinate your FIRE with the internal structures and developed skills that you have. Usually you find that the most outstanding gift you have will be your first focus with the others to be developed through personal education, training and mentoring from others.

This is a time to advance yourself through training. It is a time to absorb from the Universe that which this cycle offers. Many very advanced processes and old, very deep knowledge is being made accessible to you from the Cosmic now as the old vaults of time have opened up. These buried skills and advanced methods of thinking and living are being put back into the hands of those who are willing and able to apply them. It is therefore important not be too stubborn or headstrong in believing that you KNOW what you are doing already. That may prove to be unwise. A lesser quality or trait of the individual can be the refusal to learn. Watch carefully that this is not you.

With every able bodied member of the human race being offered the very sacred gifts of the Cosmic, it is imperative that you reflect on that which is being “sprinkled” into your own mind. These seed thoughts should be grasped and quickly written down. For they are looking to be planted, watered and grown in a fertile mind; rich in nutrients. Keep yourself rich in nutrients and in a readied state now for there is much to be planted.

Be flexible and at ease. Be absorbent to Truth and Light and be sure to use your passive nature to reflect and receive. For that which is started in FIRE as a force of WILL ..must also be exalted to its place in the gardens of the earth under the gentle loving watch of the Mother of this Earth. The POWER must be anchored.

Enjoy this breath taking time when you can watch the seeds of Divine Thoughts grow producing the desired results of the Cosmic. Embrace this sacred time as your co creative role in the expression of the Creator. Be sure to take good care of yourself for truly you are an Agent of Omneity; an expression of the Universal All and a Blessed Son or Daughter of the Universe.

So mote it be.”

In Light and in Peace, Kathy

Weekly Energy Updates – March 30th to April 5th, 2015

Hi Everyone!

Very fortunate each one of us are…next weekend’s LOVING Universal Energies are already touching us…like “points of a Blessed Star in the sky…they are reaching out and touching our hearts.  The Light of the days ahead are like a guiding Light…shining down on our path showing the way for us to put one foot in front of the other and start walking towards it.  Now is NOT the time to look back… though you will be tempted to.  You will experience waves of potential collapse into the easy and old pattern of having excuses, feeling undeserving, or saying that things never change.  THAT IS NOT TRUE. 

Our Worthy Mother (Earth), in conjunction with Archangel Sandalphon and the entire Astrological wheel of influence upon us is the reason you are hesitating.  It’s their JOB to do that.  Why? To ascertain your Self LOVE and HELP YOU.  You must be very clear on this transformational cycle and commit.  You must walk your talk, mean what you say and truly commit to your new realizations of Self.  The shell of the old cannot contain your Soul’s Light in this new expression…only the New formative Self can hold the NEW expression of YOU right now going forward.  So please…recognize that whatever is popping into your mind from the old “monkey chatter” brain, the emotions that are weary and fluctuating, the Will that is wavering,  IS ALL IN ORDER.   You can make the final purge now.  The early effects of next weekend’s FULL BLOOD MOON – Total Eclipse is effecting you now.  What do you do with this then throughout the week?

Keep the focus and don’t give in to this.  See the powerful Light of Source through LOVE burning in the near distance?  Next weekend from the 3rd of April to the 6th of April…is the strongest SURGE of energy for your purification and strengthening establishment of Soul integration.  The OVER SOUL (for this era of the human race) of Christed Consciousness of Love is already starting to race through your veins now…can you imagine how intense it is going to be then?  If you have ever wanted something so bad that you needed to dig deep inside to get it…now is the time for some deep digging.  No giving up now…walk strong.

If you see a fellow comrade, colleague, friend, family member who is stumbling at this time…help them to walk.  Network a lot right now.  Join forces with others creating bonds of Love that are unbreakable.  Building this WEB of Love around the Globe; around the human race is what makes it a win-win situation for everyone.

Next weekend…the forces of Universal Love through the Over Soul ..then through the 12 Astrological Constellations…then through to each of us on earth…is going to purge on through to accelerate the POSITIVE qualities of the sign you were born in while giving you (to a lesser degree) the other 11 “faces of the Christ” in you, accentuation of power as well.   Remember…leading up to this weekend…your WEAKER qualities of being tested to be sure you understand they are the old illusion…just the residues.

You’ve done so much work moving through this Spring cycle that…Wow…how do we put into words the many awesome offerings of the Divine Intelligence of Creation?  This was just a brief attempt…I hope I have shed at least some Light upon it.

Thank you for letting me share this with you…I hope that is has been of some help to you.

I will be facilitating a guided meditation for each of the 4 days and recording it. It will be all live stream channelling and if you are interested in participating long distance…have a look at what I am doing for further details.

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  you may need to cut and paste that link in your browser…the links never seem to work well with me… …I need a teacher for this.

Weekly Energy Updates – March 23rd to March 29th, 2015

Hi everyone!

With the POWER “ushering” us along swiftly from the Equinox last Friday….we now need to have our footings quite strong actually.  Can you imagine you get to put your plans into action now?  You will excel in your new direction and expression of Self with continued need for focus and organization.  It’s like driving 12 horses in the front of your Chariot…you had better be holding onto the reins !!

What is POWER anyway?  You opened up access to higher levels of consciousness during Equinox while the veils between the dimensions were thinned out and malleable.  So now you have “broken through” and bonded with these new levels…all through your crown chakra to your heart.  It will still be several days until you feel that the body has integrated this as well.  So with this newly found power…what do you do?

Be sure to have in place, modify or create your PLAN, scheduling, projected forecasts, framework, timing and how you wish to see the outcome of your goals take place.  Keep in mind that the SOUL will OVER RIDE you as necessary to ensure the greatest benefit for you.  You can’t see everything ahead like the Soul can…but you can start using your senses; your acute advanced psychic/spiritual senses now…to get moving in the right direction.

The POWER is actually your Soul’s MIND that operates through you with profound LOVE. This  power is a combination of several things:  Light carrying Divine Intelligence, Sound and Codes of Divine Intent from the All MIND…Universal All.  This power is beyond our scope of measurement and I believe it would suffice to say, “Just let it come in” !

POWER is best held and governed by your breath.  That way you do not get symptoms of anxiety, overwhelmed by the task, too extreme in excitement, etc.  The breath will hold this power into the proper chakra levels with positive distribution.  Nature (Mother Earth) during this rebirth period is a MUST.  Divine Mother Earth wants to feel her children’s FEET on her and their TOUCH. Get out and touch the earth..her trees, waters, foods..air… very important.

Pace yourself this week… rest assured that you are destined to succeed…there is no doubt about it from the Soul’s perspective.  Welcome the Inner counsel and proceed with a big smile on your face!  Feel your heart chakra…it REALLY DID CHANGE !! YES…through the Equinox..the shift did occur…so enjoy..there’s more gifts to be given to you over the days to come!

In Light and in Peace,