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Weekly Energy Update – March 14th to March 20th, (Equinox) 2016

Hi Everyone!

Coming around the last turn towards the Spring Equinox you can see the “Light” of hope, change, opportunity and spiritual growth is welcoming you and encouraging you to embrace your own personal new beginnings!

“You can do it” is a popular phrase that is most appropriate at this time because you need encouragement, love and support to help you achieve your shift of consciousness this New Year (spring 2016). That love and support is right here and right now coming to you from the Angelic realms of Higher consciousness; your Ascended Masters and from the Bosom of Love of the All! What can be more powerful than that? Add to that a very special resource….the Earth; Mother Earth. For it is Mother Earth that is also your mainstay and foundation during this time cycle of change. Make sure you include Her in your prayers and thoughts!

So what does this week bring prior to the Spring Equinox? The week ahead is meant for you to do cleansing, purging, simplifying, sorting out, examining and assessing and finally coming to terms and commitment with Thyself. Be clear with what is important to you in life and embrace it. See that you are not distracted by any more illusions and false beliefs..tune this out! Make a solemn oath to your heart and Soul that you are stabilizing your plan of spiritual ascension and will dedicate energy to achieving it.

Know this…you have earned the many opportunities that are presenting themselves because you have a good heart and honourable intentions. You can humbly agree that there have certainly been moments in your life that required learning and transformation, but that it is now YOUR time to shine forth your Light and experience the “wind under your wings” as this time cycle lifts you up with love!

May you feel and know that this week is your turning point…this is a very important time for you to sort out and shake out anything and everything that no longer resonates with the Light of Truth and Love within you. Let it go! Be energy and time mindful this week to dedicate what you can in your schedule for meditation and reflection. Look after yourself and put your needs on the front burner. Bring your loved ones up to the front burner with you and hold hands with them if they too..are looking…for advancement. If others are not willing then you mustn’t try to pull them against their will. If there are those who wish to walk with you during these incredible times of advancement of consciousness..then you can go forth together!

Your 7 day preparation for Spring Equinox has officially begun! Do your energy cleansing for your home, aura, business affairs, and personal space. Wow..what a great time for all of us! Cosmic Blessings!

In Light and in Peace,

** Next blog will bring forth the “message from Spirit for Spring Equinox” *** stay tuned. !!

** Please note that if you need help with Aura cleansing and House cleansing…just follow to here:


Cancer Healing Support

Energy Centre Focus: All Centres are involved with emphasis on the energy centre associated with the physical area of the body that is involved with the cellular imbalance. Eg. Brain cancer – Centre at Pineal Gland and Pituitary, Breast Cancer – 4th & 5th Centre in upper chest and throat.
All Cancers should be healed with an Emotional body energy release with special focus on the heart chakra.

Endocrine Glands affected: Entire endocrine system

Organs: Depending upon primary lesion location (chakra closest to the organ)

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: When the health of your physical body is challenged by the presence of cancer cells in a proliferated state creating tumours, you are prompted into quick response of defense, worry and fear thus stressing and compromising your immune system. Naturally you move to these reactions and it is quite normal that you seek immediate answers and help. While your conventional therapies and natural holistic therapies will be started through your medical team, you would also wish to immediately participate in exploring the root cause.

Emotional blockages and false beliefs are at the origin of all illness and disease in the body and cancer is no exception. Something is blocking the ebb and flow of love and a healthy rhythm in the body and subtle energy bodies…and you are going to be both active and reflective in your search for Truth. Actively you can study and research this condition exploring the history of your lineage and examination of your life to-date. Within a reflective state you can begin to ask within the areas of your life that have been blocking the receipt of love and the goodness in Life that aligns with Universal Laws such as: Magnetic Resonance, Attraction/Repulsion, Light and Truth, Love and Manifestation. Where is your physical body, emotional state, mental state and belief system out of ORDER? This is the question you take to the Inner Temple of reflection.

Depending upon the primary location of the body’s cancer, you will find the lesion manifested as a result of imbalance with the chakra qualities most closely related to the area. Eg. Reproductive glands and organs affected by Cancer would be associated with the 2nd Chakra.

One major underlying emotion and imbalance involved is LOVE. The ebb and flow of Love must be present in one’s life. You often will find that old resentments, inability to forgive and unresolved issues that carry over from incarnations past are also contributing to the manifestation of cancer lesions. This is quite a complex issue but certainly one that can be transformed and resolved permanently!

Staying with the MOST important emotional alignment theme of LOVE, you can and should, engage in the spiritual healing of washing the heart chakra, cleansing the etheric template of your body and embracing the incredible Love and Light of the Inner Temple! Once you begin opening to the Love and Light of the Soul and the Universal Divine source, there are some incredible shifts that take place. Your heart centre will also be receiving the beautiful support from those around you, medical care, community support too, which once again ADDS to the ebb and flow of love in your life and the healing!

Counsel and Steps to Healing:
Step one is to enter into a strong MINDFUL alignment to the Soul. The power of your MIND is beyond your comprehension and it is to be a great ally. Visualization and focus on the return to good health is important. You have inside of you a blueprint of your perfect body and perfect cellular make up. It is your goal to visualize your energy alignment to this blueprint. World Healing Academy will start you off with some guided meditation for healing and focus. Important that you begin your healing journey. (Specialized work can be created just for you specifically via School of Etheric Healing).

The MIND and your own powerful Will power set incredible intentions and goals which are your front engine of pathwork! Next, through love, energy healing and washing of the heart you will engage the internal and external alignments to a power that originated in Universal Love. Extraordinary power in the healing of love, prayer and united purpose. Use the heart washing audio to clear out the old energies from the body that are not in alignment with love.

With your firm engagement and commitment to the love energy, MIND and your own Will power you are well on your way to healing your body already. In addition you will find that working with a Holistic Nutritionist, Naturopath and/or Homeopath that specializes in cancer treatment will help you during any conventional medical treatment through your medical doctor(s). Ask your doctor to work with you and advise you on this approach so that everyone is working together. You are not alone on this journey of healing.

May you feel the personal empowerment of engaging such healing power from within you!

Guided Meditations:
Heart Washing

Divine Alignment Guided Meditation:

Healing Stones:
Petalite, Amethyst, Bloodstone, various Tourmaline

Aura Strengthening – Immediate

Often we get feeling run-down or overwhelmed in life and then it can be difficult to go out and do the things we need to do each day. Something as simple as going grocery shopping or visiting our parents, friends and loved ones may be challenging when in a weakened state. Your AURA is like your skin “shield” energetically speaking. The AURA should be kept strong through your daily practice of deep breathing and Energy Centre development. Some times we need an added boost when feeling imbalanced and the meditation below may be of some assistance to you.

Do yourself a favour and boost up your energy field! Increase the energy in your field and start your day!

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Guided Meditation for a Quick Protection and Strengthening of your AURA:

Weekly Energy Updates – March 7th to March 13th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Can we get better than this? Oh probably yes…but WOW ! What a week ahead! We have New Moon in Pisces, Total Solar Eclipse and Jupiter the closest to the earth that it will be this year…all in the outset of this week’s energy! March 7th, 8th and 9th are big energy shifts !

We start out our week with the “calm before the storm” in that you will find Monday, March 7th a good time to stay quiet. Find some time today to meditate, go into Nature or sit and relax somewhere even if just for a brief period of time. Enjoy the energy of reflection.

Tuesday and Wednesday and even into Thursday you will want to examine your life deeply and decide what is important to you. Are you putting the Soul path FIRST and foremost on your agenda? Big issues on the table at this time: Self-worth and Self-Love. The heart. All the planetary and stellar influences during this cycle are pointing directly at your heart. I hope that you are listening big time. Your heart and the expression of love. The ebb and flow of love in our life; through your heart is very, very important. You wish to be healthy and strong and find joy in your life now and forever more. Follow your heart.

Remove anything in your life that is not in alignment with your heart centre and focus your time and energy now on improving the quality of your life; your Spiritual path. Speak up and share with your family and friends this time as well and encourage them to do the same. We all need to move the shadows of illusion and old pain/suffering out of our lives now (thus the Solar eclipse letting the shadow and darkness pass across the face of the sun). The shadows will come out of you during this week and must be addressed. Some of you have already been experiencing this for perhaps a few weeks now leading up to this time. New Moon in Pisces indicates that you are on a new beginning as well out of the grip of the lower emotions, appetites, and any addicted behaviours to unhealthy experiences (including relationships). Big ol’ Jupiter represents the SOUL’S WILL of Creator and boy oh boy…He can’t be any more in our faces right now !! Jupiter is the closest to the earth in the next couple of days that it will be all year !

Can you imagine that the Blessed Creator is sending to us all these signs, signals and heads up energies this week! We must pay attention and be sure to dedicate our tasks, our time to the beautiful life that we are meant to live. Pull yourself up and out of the old paradigm completely and state your oath to yourself. Be clear and strong on what it is you wish to do and let the Love shine forth from within you.

Use this week’s energy for healing, starting new projects, cleaning out the old and embracing the new. Ask your body what you are blocking if it is giving you pain. It is trying to talk to you. Ask within and ask your spiritual mentors for help. Use this week to really embrace the Beauty within you!

Become more engaged with the energy of Nature this week and with the connection you have to Universal Source..the Divine Essence of your True Self. Like a tree budding it’s sacred growth in the early spring…be sure to feel both your connection to the Sun (Soul & Divine alignment) and your connection to the Earth (good roots and ground)

Blessings on this auspicious week of Sacredness, Truth and Light !

In Light and in Peace,

Weekly Energy Updates – February 29th to March 6th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

You have an extra “February day” to prepare for Spring Equinox! With only 21 days to go it is a great day to start with your mental preparation for Spring Equinox followed by days of detoxification, self assessment and solid choices.

Remind yourself just how loving, kind and patient the Universe truly is and that you are given this opportunity during the quarterly Earth change cycle to rid yourself of the old and re-create yourself newly aligned. With this being the beginning of a work week you may not have a lot of time to start your reflection. What you could do is take a few minutes at lunch or at bedtime if you are rushed with getting work done. If you do have time, then begin in the mornings and really connect with energy that is starting to gain momentum. Welcome the Sun…welcome the new day and make a firm commitment to yourself for new order, disciplines, self love and positive change.

If you are feeling weak and in need right now there is no shame to that. Reach out and seek out the support you need. Let your family and friends know where you are at in your heart and Soul. Speak up and open up those doorways to Self Love. The Angelic Ones in the Inner Temple this day are reminding me to tell you that they are here too for you! Blessed are we all to have so many Ministering Ones watching and guiding us through Love. Remember them all during your meditations, prayers and quiet time with Nature.

Choose something today that you find is not in order in your life that throws you off…and dedicate the time and energy to examine it. What is the trigger? What do you need to do; to say? What actions will you be taking after you have assessed the situation? Some good mental focus and reflection will help you tremendously as you get started now with your Spring Equinox preparation.

You will be tackling other areas of life too like diet, exercise perhaps and emotional self realizations…but let’s start with a new positive mental outlook on your life. Let’s start today with a new momentum and re-start. Enjoy a great week! Stay true to yourself.

In Light and in Peace,



Energy Centre Focus: 3rd  – Solar Plexus and 4th Centre – Heart, 1st Centre – Tailbone

Endocrine Gland Affected: Pancreas, Adrenals

Organs: Heart, Pancreas, Kidneys

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: Your worthiness is being challenged and you are likely feeling at a loss as to how you are going to get out of the spiral of life that takes you down more often than taking you up. The lack of control causes you to turn to dietary choices that are not best supporting your good health and well being goals. The weakness is difficult to overcome as the emotional wave is stronger than the motivation and drive to succeed in letting go of what pains you so inside.  Defining where you are at right now is important to the planning of where you are headed for a turnaround to success!

Emotional loss and feelings of despair cannot be fulfilled in the external world alone for they must come from within. You may wish that if you “just had this or that” everything would be fine. Unfortunately, it would only be temporary. Long term, permanent fulfillment from within will ease the temptations and satisfy you into a balanced contentment in life. Let’s create more joy!

You may be experiencing that “if only” feeling and regrets and turn to substances, foods and drink that will make you feel better but it actually will not in the long run. The assessment and reflection you should be engaging in is “why” are you feeling that you are powerless to create a better life?

It is important to note that the power that will pull you out from this state will first be anchored in self love. Self love is very important and then a development of your Will for the betterment of Self will simultaneously begin to engage for you. You will need some help and it is best to ask for the help and know that you have support and a someone who can walk with you.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: No need to feel alone. You are worth every ounce of energy there is to help you to feel better and to support you in the task of regaining your self worth and personal inner power. Seek counsel and support from a team of professionals who understand this. Share with them your feelings and then begin a self help program that will lift you up and into a better state of self awareness and self love.

The healing with energy and meditation will help you to find a stronger alignment within and you can do this while you are exercising your options of physical care and control over those things that take you to extreme. To avoid this illness getting out of hand, it is best to start right away to transform the old self sabotaging into positive healthy habits. Damage from diabetes is problematic and so if you start now to engage in an alignment with the Greater Light within you, then you would be surprised how much easier it is to move towards positive gain! You are worth it!  Start with the breath of life and the sacred alignment to Love within your heart and Soul.

It is worth noting here that you have very sensitive intuition and should use it to “sense” those things in life that would bring you better health and well being. Ensure that you go forward and attain them!

Guided Meditation: Alignment to Soul’s Light

Guided Meditation to Solar Plexus:

Healing Stones:  Rose quartz, clear quartz, citrine

Hair Loss

Energy Centre Focus: 1st  – Centre at your tailbone, 5th Centre at the thyroid region and back of the neck, 3rd Centre in the Solar Plexus

Endocrine Glands affected: Adrenals, thyroid, pancreas

Organs: Kidneys, stomach and neck region.

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:
There have been “shadows of doubt” cast upon you with regards to your feelings of inner strength and ability to trust within that there is a much greater power inside of you that is in charge. You have survived with the attitude of “doing it all yourself.” You have then rallied up to expend this same energy on situations where others are involved as well which can often dis-empower others as well without realizing it. The hair starts to fall out when one is “pulling one’s hair out” at the dis-empowering thought of not having control over given situations, problems that loved ones are having, life’s issues and challenges that are caused by others impacting upon us, conditions in the world that seem beyond our control and ability to fix, as well as frustrations at the state of life in and around us. Weakness and loss of effective power begins to seep in weakening the body and the hair follicles, as waves of hopelessness comes in from time to time like a tidal wave taking over.

The more stress you are put under, the more the hair falls out and the cycle continues. There will be some work to do around letting go of the control you have always had in the paths between the 1st to 3rd chakra and belly region and permitting the higher power of your throat centre and the Greater Inner Self to shine through.

The throat centre restrictions will need addressing and the strain on the body that can cause headaches as well.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: Knowing that you can be helped is the very first thought to be introduced into your new thought form patterns. Let go of the thought that you must bear this burden alone and hold your own flag high in the process. You will need to let your inner strength come out not in a battle of Will and stressful “thinking” but instead your inner strength will come through with reasonable thought and good reflection. Your soul has a plan and you will need to surrender to the plan by reflecting on life and deciding at what moments do you feel the most natural and healthy? What is it that you do that brings you joy and peace? When are you in the most relaxed state and aligned with the free flowing energy of life? That is what you need to seek.

You will need to spend more time using energy and meditation to draw the power up to your throat centre with deep breathing practices, spiritual healing and perhaps some tai chi or yoga will be helpful. Reflect on your life style and determine if what you do weakens or strengthens you internally. Are you happy doing what you do? Are there some very natural skills and gifts that you are suppressing or not giving enough time to explore? Are you just trying to please others without giving yourself any thought?

Seek the alignment to the Soul Master within you and you will find good counsel. Try meditating for alignment and surrender to the Light of your Soul.

Guided Meditation:

Healing Stones: lapis lazuli, black obsidian, snowflake obsidian, red garnet, peridot


Energy Centre Focus: 3rd – Solar Plexus primarily

Endocrine Gland Affected: Support for the entire Endocrine System

Organs: Liver, Brain, Stomach

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: Depending upon the symptoms and the extreme and degree of pain involved, the approach to helping you to healing yourself can vary.

You would need to look at your life and start to assess where there is peace and where there is not. For example, you would look at your happiness, joy and calmness. Do you find peace in your relationships? home? work? Do you wake up each day with a good feeling or are you dreading what the day will bring? Do you feel satisfied with what you are doing in life?

Your body is reacting to one or several things. You may find that you are feeling much better when you are left to be on your own doing enjoyable activities, creative projects or meditation. But as soon as someone or something starts to invade this time you have you start to get agitated, restless, unhappy and tense. The body will express this through pain from the head, body and often in the abdomen-stomach region.

Contentment is very important and you are likely not speaking up enough and sharing what you are feeling. Most people who get headaches tend to hold their feelings and their tension in to themselves. This is not a good thing. The circulation of energy is getting jammed up at various nodal crossings thus you find yourself in pain. The brain and neck can end up feeling a great deal of pain as the tension builds up, and can become unbearable. Relaxants and pain medicine only masks the underlying cause. You escape for a short period of time only to find it return again later or another day.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: You wish to take charge of your life now and stop putting off what is inevitable. You need to transform and re-create your life with time spent doing what you wish to do. Balance. If you start having more time to be content and fulfilled you will be able to manage the stresses and external conditions that present themselves from others in your life.

Remove yourself from situations where you are the “dumping ground” for the energies from other people and their problems. You are not built to handle everyone else. Start to direct them or guide them to the appropriate places and contacts where they can get what they need so that you have more time for yourself. Try to have an outlet for the emotion you carry. This can be in Nature walking, doing vigorous exercise, swimming, bicycling. Have an outlet.

Remember to do your deep breathing and on the exhale you need to let go of that which you have taken in. If someone is extensively engaged in talking with you then ask for a time out. Let them know when you are going into overload. Create more boundaries. Start planning the day and days ahead. Make sure you are scheduled to have activities for yourself as well even if that means it is a nap or walk. Spend time with family pets and Nature. They can shift you to a very hopeful an uplifting mood.

Your body is so used to pulling in and hurting right up into your head that you must retrain yourself now to “let it out”. The breathing and use of Nature is superb for this. Remember, that except for emergencies, nothing is that important that you can’t pace yourself and take one step at a time. Don’t over load yourself with so much work that you get overwhelmed. Peace and breath are key to this!

** It is helpful to do a full chakra clearing to remove energy that you have taken on from others that is causing you to have such an overload as well **

Guided Meditation:  Meditation for Divine alignment:

Healing Stones: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Malachite, Pink Tourmaline

Heart Disease

Energy Centre Focus: 4th Upper Chest Centre and Tailbone Centre

Endocrine Gland Affected: Thymus and Adrenals

Organs: Heart and Kidneys

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: Your emotions can range so very much in you that it’s difficult for you to maintain a place of equilibrium. You can have the greatest love inside of you to give and would give the shirt off your back to a loved one in need but you are also carrying some very difficult emotions that were never processed, thus they are sitting in the heart and arterial system, hardening up and blocking proper flow. This can feel very challenging for you because you find life can be quite unfair and stressful without due reward, while you work long hours trying to make the very best of it too. Where is the balance you ask? The Heart is the centre of your existence just like the Sun is the centre of our Solar system. You are looking for your own centre and think that the answer to your issues is something that is found “out there” in the world. Not is found within you.

Stress, anxiety, mood swings and depression, overwork and poor ebb and flow of joy in your life are at the root causes of the physical symptoms of heart disease. There are also the obvious issues for you to resolve such as excessive stress on your circulation and your heart tissue due to insufficient nutrition in your diet, perhaps unhealthy addictions and poor exercise.

Let’s talk about the ebb and flow of Love in your life. You are to take some quiet time to sit down and assess this question of love. If you are not feeling that you are supported, loved, nurtured and involved in positive daily activities, then you have some changes to make in your life. Start to welcome this mentally and spiritually. When you start with that intention you can begin to magnetically attract this to you. Be open and aware of when life starts to bring you opportunity. Remember not to reject this but instead embrace new energy that brings love. There is no reason for you to suffer and strain in this world when the 1st Principle of LOVE is the basis of your existence.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: The first thing you wish to do is acknowledge a path of self healing, peace and self love. This can be found in you and lived by you…. all the days of your life. It is time for you to start enjoying the balance of Love in your life and you must start looking after your body.

Make sure you get the right amount of rest and that you align with Mother Nature on a daily basis. Take up some quiet projects in addition to those which require more high end exercise and outlay of energy. You need to understand that your adrenals are not to be over-taxed. Proper breath work and some meditation or yoga practice that helps you conserve energy are also indicated.

If love is drained from you to others alone with nothing coming back in, you would naturally feel isolated and depleted, sad and then bitter. A whole host of emotions can cause us to turn away and not trust others. When you welcome love into your life then you attract that which you can trust. You can always trust the Inner voice of guidance and the sacred ground (Nature) upon which you stand. These 2 aspects of you will give you a solid foundation on your path of healing. Connect with the Earth, physical body, breath, Soul’s Light and Universal flow of love with meditation and proper breathing. You can turn your life around!

Guided Meditation: 4th chakra –

Guided Meditation: Heart Washing –

Healing Stones: Rose Quartz, Emerald, Turquoise


Energy Centre Focus: 5th – Throat and back of the neck

Endocrine Glands effected: Thyroid, adrenals

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: There is difficulty in finding peace in your environment and a struggle for you to feel a strong sense of “belonging”. This produces insecurity in your root chakra centre or foundation. You tend to have difficulty expressing the deepest truth of your emotions thus struggle to get the breath. The breath is a connection to the Life Force Energy and to the Universal Creator. According to notable authorities, in the beginning of Creation we are all said to be One with the Universe through the sacred breath, yet you are having difficulty aligning to it.

There is deep rooted “heart ache” that has not been defined and expressed that sits upon the upper chest causing tightness. The tears may or may not come often when this area is given healing attention and this only adds to the increased heat/pain when emotion builds up. You are in need of coming to a “oneness” with Nature and the body.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:
Should include reflection upon the feelings and triggers that arise from others and from environmental-social experiences. The visualization of the colour Emerald GREEN is very helpful in the healing process plus a brilliant Royal Blue Sapphire colour that is quite electric-like in appearance with dazzling Blue Light in it. You can imagine or visualize either one of these colours or both flowing into your throat centre where your thyroid is located at the front of the base of your throat as you quietly breathe.

Place your left hand on your heart and your right hand over your thyroid gland and get quiet. Reflect upon the pathways in between the heart and the throat. Imagine that a scene of Blue sky, fresh air and a river or body of water that is moving gently. Breathe quietly to the best of your ability and ask for “Universal Love or the God of your Heart” to join you. This will help you in the healing process and your hands will bring the comforting healing from the Universal Source to your heart and throat chakra centres.

A full training should be undertaken for “diaphragm” breathing and a cycle of Negative/Positive breathing as well with the appropriate time of rest in between. (Start with Guided Meditation for breathing)

Toning: You can try toning the word “Ahhhhhh” with mouth open and jaw relaxed; breathing out. Do this 3x times with a deep breath in between to a comfortable limit.

Guided Meditation for Breathing:

Guided Meditation:

Healing Stone: Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Clear Quartz Crystal,

Weekly Energy Updates – February 22nd (full moon) to February 28th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

There have been a lot of emotions running around in the past few months that have upset the apple cart with people many times over. I hear from students/clients plenty of times saying, “I wish I knew then, look what I did, what have I done?” with deep anguish, guilt and pain often accompanying these statements. The self-worth is at an all time low with many and it’s high time we put the spotlight on correcting this once and for all.

If I asked any of you right now if you would ever call out on a child making powerful demoralizing statements to them in anger I KNOW that each of you would say “No Way!”. Then why, dear brothers and sisters, do you think and feel negativity towards yourself? Are you not a child of the Universe? Of course..and we are all growing and learning together.

Our dearest and most beloved Mother; the Earth and the originating Divine Mother of Creation is so powerfully strong in love at all times, that we must remember that as much as we may at times experience the necessary corrections to Universal Laws, it is always from love.

This week opens with the full moon in Virgo and truly expresses a time of energy influence when you can pick yourself up, brush yourself off and put into motion the appropriate changes required to “feel” this love; this incredible love within you. Try it…go somewhere quiet, safe and secure and sit down in a reflective pose. Or you may wish to go and walk in nature. Start today if possible. Take time this week to LEARN..through LOVE. Learning through love is a beautiful way to address the challenges you have been facing. Take steps now. Start to move the energy into your life that will support you for who you are as you begin the process of Spring stirring. That’s correct…you are beginning to stir inside as spring equinox is only weeks away.

This is a great week to be kind to yourself; kind to others. To take the time for careful considerations of your life. Great energy week to feel the love more consciously. See Beauty in those things that are before you…and a lesson learned from those things that are behind you. Embrace the lesson with love and forgiveness. Make good decisions this week based on what you have learned and move forward.

Peace..and more Peace…

In Light and in Truth,


Weekly Energy Updates – February 15th to February 21st, 2016

Hello Everyone!

We start off this week with some uneven energy that will have some opportunities to smooth out for you as long as you keep the dialogue, mind and heart open. People need to speak to each other from the heart. Let’s get those energy blocks open in the pathways through the chest from the heart chakra centre to the throat centre on both sides! Reflect on how you are feeling and share that with those you find to confide in. Then ensure that you extend this more and more to those around you until you find that you speak more with ease. This may take a while to learn but well worth it.

So much energy can “plug” up in our energy meridians when we hold back, stuff emotions down and turn them off. Sadly it is our health that suffers the most in the long term so this is a great week and month to learn how to express and share.

The energy outlets and meridians I speak of are ALSO the same amazing channels through which you express your gifts, skills, creativity and joyful communication…therefore…we have a win-win situation when we open up our heart and throat chakra centres!

Breathe…then breathe deeply again as you reflect on what I share with you this day. Think about your life carefully and ask yourself where are you ready to open up to greater love, Light and opportunity? If you are tired of waiting for these things to happen then you must start to open up now yourself upon reflection. Engage..take action. Let’s use this time of our lives for productive purpose, change, personal growth, positive health and well being. So many of you say, “I’m ready”. Good…let’s start to manifest the changes!

It’s time to get ready for Spring Equinox already…’s only weeks away and you need to start your detox, de-clutter, planning and active creative expressions of Self. Amazing things can happen…your ground will shift beneath your feet and you will have to learn how to stabilize on a whole new foundation of Self expression! Exciting and challenging! The Soul is doing some incredible “behind the scenes” work on you and you will find that when you join alongside of It and harmonize with your Higher Soul Self…it makes the transition to fuller expression a little easier! (Hint…surrender to your internal urges and inspirations, creative ideas, dreams and goals…the Soul is Always right!)

In Light and in Peace,

Weekly Energy Updates – February 8th to February 14th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

New Moon energy of Aquarius is underway now which gives you yet another chance to re-start, re-group and re-direct your life choices; your path, dreams and goals! If you have been challenged and struggling with keeping a balanced momentum going or even just getting started, this is a good week to buckle down so that you can check off things on your to-do list! Draw this power and opportunity for rebuilding INTO yourself. This will mean good management of your time. Shake off those strange feelings of just zoning out or getting mesmerized by the television, computer, etc. Deep breath and re-group yourself. Tackle one task at a time so that you feel deep satisfaction in it’s completion.

Life’s demands can often get in the way of your plans but it is important to remember that your steady spiritual development, which is unfolding, should be enjoyed each moment along the way as well! Under Aquarius, the entire human race is in a position to liberate themselves at different stages and paces, from the shackles of the old time-line laborious false beliefs. YOU are personally able to enrich your life with many self-realized moments that will lighten your load and increase your awareness of Self. This is a great week to reflect with such powerful planetary, moon and constellation influences. Let these realizations rise up for your self discovery!

Points to remember about this New Moon week:

1. Deep breath and good use of the New beginnings. Set out the project to be completed whether large or small and get it done.

2. Moon/Signs teaching – What is stopping you from finding and expressing your own Soul signature and contributing to the greater good which brings tremendous Light and Love into your life? Good week for reflection and healing on this. IDENTIFICATION of the emotional block.

3. Embracing the joyful moments and offerings of life. Stop in your tracks and appreciate that which you DO have. Look at the Beauty in those around you. Mention to someone who you find feeling scornful and sad, a very positive, truthful statement about them that can lift their Spirits!

Aquarius energy is all about helping one another to build a better world for us all. Together we can achieve this. Start in your own home!

In Light and in Peace,

Weekly Energy Updates – February 1st to February 7th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Charging forward into February there are plenty of you out there that are reporting that the energy shifts and demands of life are a “wee” too much these days causing some overwhelming times to rise up. You are not alone…just so you know. The power-packed energy of late is placing some increasing demands on all of our energy bodies thus the need for rest and sleep is just as necessary as the need to keep up. Quite confusing I would say and it makes you feel like you are pulled in 2 different directions. You WANT to sleep and reflect when you can..but the amount of demands and needs by your home, family, environment, profession and so on…is making a lot of noise for your attention as well.
What to do?

Let’s re-group…use the MARS (Throat chakra centre energy) and GOVERN what is going on rather than have it play such havoc in your life. Okay? Start sorting out what is really important and what is UNFOLDING. You have been running a lot of Aquarius (very forward thinking and advanced constellation influence) energy into your system so you are getting piles of ideas and inspirations but they are not being sorted out very well into the tangible physical world…thus the overwhelming feeling. You feel like you are not keeping up to the Soul..but the Soul is not trying to run you is simply giving you inspirations and ideas that you can jot down for now. In the moments when you ARE able to sit down you can always play around with developing them.

Rome was not built in a day..remember? In fact…Rome FELL…so did the human race…so are we trying to put the pieces back together overnight? No…just remind yourself that you are doing very well…thank you very much…and that you are to pace yourself. Stay focused with all of this and work on those areas of your life that bring you positive increments of change and advancement without wearing yourself out.

There is EXTRA need for grounding, balancing, rest and conservation of energy. This is the time of the year when you are supposed to be conscious of how your energy flow is doing relative to the environment. If you are in the winter season then you are actually supposed to be moving slower than the spring/summer. Start conserving your energy.

You are definitely moving ahead with the wonderful energy that is present…keep using the throat chakra for your organization, building of projects, clearing of items in your life that are neglected, and removal of outdated clutter. That will save you having to do it all in the Spring..(hint..hint)

Enjoy the week… are doing fine. One step at a time..right?

In Light and in Peace,

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Energy Centre Focus: Centre of the Brain – Pineal/Pituitary primarily but all centres are involved.

Endocrine Glands effected: complete endocrine system especially pineal

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:  It is with great compassion and understanding that this is written for you.  Depression is very real and not always easily diagnosed.  The underlying emotion is very painful and you feel like you are cut off from any sense of assurance that your life is valuable and important.  The opposite is true but  you can’t hear that when you are in emotional pain and mental anguish.  The crown chakra centre when closed, means that you do not have enough access to your own Divine Light, Source and the Truth and Love within you.   It is imperative that this now changes and you get an opportunity to permanently heal from this state.  The development of the chakra system; especially to the crown is not something we are all taught when young so you would not know the benefits of them being open.  Meditation and Spiritual growth, though more common now in families, may not have been available to you!

Separation from the Soul is a false perception as we can never be separated from it or the Source we call God or Universal Source.  We just “think” that we are separated.  When you start with your meditation program and an energy healing step by step process, you will begin to feel the connection; know the connection.  The results will be most satisfying.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:   To start with, you should speak to a Spiritual counsellor, friend or professional who can enlighten you on the feelings and thoughts you are suffering from.  You will realize that you are NOT alone and that many, many people have this type of problem and when asked, all of them would love to see change in their lives.  Feelings to you are very real and so are your thoughts…you don’t know any other ones.  When introduced to new thoughts, feelings and experiences you will find it first rather surreal and maybe even in need of support to appreciate and understand them.  Once this becomes more a good habit and practice, you can feel yourself strengthen inside…that’s right..inside of you!

7 layer chakra guided meditations are excellent to get the energy bodies developing in you as well as your deep breathing, perhaps even YOGA or other form of spiritual movement or dance.  Once the energy starts moving, it will shift you out the stagnant and repetitive conditions.  New neural pathways must start to be “dug” out to replace the old paradigm; old programs running through your thoughts.  Knowing that you truly are an emanation of the Universal Source of All things and understanding clearly that you can never be separated from the Love and Light of Source may start to bring you some inner peace and reassurance right now.

You are encouraged to speak up about how you feel and search for the Truth and meaning of your very important and unique life.  You are an important piece of the Big puzzle; the individuated drop of the glorious Ocean of life!  May you find comfort in the guided meditations offered here.

Guided Meditation:  

Healing Stone: Amethyst, Quartz crystal