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Weekly Energy Updates – August 17th to August 23rd, 2015

Hi Everyone!

If for a variety of reasons you have been feeling a little down; more so than UP….then I have some positive things to share with you to “lift your Spirits”!!!  We have passed through the New Moon last Friday intact and open to listen to Inner counsel…which is what I ask you to do this week…listen within.  Listen to the voice of the Master within that will be helping you to really gather yourself.  Helping you to get very serious about all the wonderful things in life you can express and manifest !  You don’t need to feel alone on this either because you join right now in loving magnetic resonance with the love and support of the many, many ascended Masters and Angelic Ones that are assigned and willing to help you!

It can be very challenging to walk into the unknown without navigational tools in hand..that is why we shift now this week to receiving the tools; the support that we need in order to get our projects underway.  Creating the goals in your Mind and Heart comes please be very clear about what it is you wish to do; what it is that you understand to be your Soul expression…and then let it flow!  The energy this week is directly effecting the heart and root chakras so it means that when you focus your MIND on what you KNOW in your heart to be your TRUTH…PLUS…you trust the Master within…the Universal powers of support can begin to shift in your root chakra centre to help you to get what you need to be successful.  Your role is to hold true to what you believe; in your heart and Soul.  Don’t waver on that or let any distractions take that from you.

It may all sound very surreal and odd…but the Laws of Attraction are stable in that the descent of energy from Source goes through the appropriate channels before reaching the manifestation here on your physical life.  This is not any secret…it is not new…it is just the Truth.  So you can see that it is important for you to hold the direct connection with your goals in your Mind, Heart and open willingness to receive without YOUR conditions placed on it..but instead with the willingness to let the Universal All; and your own Soul…determine just how this will play out.

Summary:  We are now on the next phase of this summer cycle which is predominantly a manifestation cycle.  Now is the time for that which you have been holding in your heart and mind to start manifestation.  Keep up the connection though please…don’t drop the ball now!  We are on a BRIDGE time now…setting things down into the formative and manifest Kingdoms.

I hope this helps you with your focus; your optimism & encourages you!

In Light and in Peace,


Weekly Energy Updates – August 10th to August 16th, 2015

Hi Everyone!

Inconsistencies? Struggling to manage the strength of the incoming energy influences?  Yes..I know that it can be challenging for you when the power and shifting is so intense that you often feel like just having a rest from it all!  I don’t think the word “confusion” sums it up as well as perhaps more the description of “feeling uncertainties” in your life that need clarification.  You may find that the uncertainty and incomplete feelings/thoughts are bothering you because you lack clarity of knowledge on near future events.  Let me see if I can ease your mind somewhat and shed some Light on this matter.

The energy intensities from the varying influences both planetary and celestial (Universal), are doing CORRECTIONS right now and your body, emotions/thought responses are in many ways in agreement with this; and in some ways NOT.  You are not used to the corrections yet so they just don’t seem to smoothly blend and integrate yet with you.  That’s what makes you feel a bit tilted or off.  You know you WANT alignment with the new placements and welcome that…but your denser subtle  bodies and your physical body are still playing catch up.  it can come to you like that in waves..sometimes more; sometimes less.  Go with the flow and understand that it takes some time for these alignments to really feel good.

Judging by the days and weeks ahead when I scan forward…it looks like you can really enjoy a profound alignment this week if you just allow it.  Be aware of overreacting/oversensitivity as it does not serve you.  You can’t change what is necessary for you and Divinely KNOWS better than you and your own Divine Self is the Captain of the ship!  Try to be at peace and enjoy the changes…for you know that the outcome will be amazing!  This uncertainty feeling will start to dissipate and instead you will feel more and more liberated with the new “you!”

It can feel this week like you are trying to navigate yourself through the end of a home renovation……you know that the outcome will be beautiful and orderly…but in the midst of the changes it doesn’t quite feel that way yet!  Start with the orderly clean up anyway this week and start putting things around you and within you..into their proper place.  Be diligent in your internal ORDER and you will also be drawn to create further ORDER outside of you and around you!   Clarity ensues and the uncertainties are replaced with confident personal empowerment!  Okay?

All right then…deep breath…start to engage in the week ahead and it’s activities and enjoy some nice family/social time as well…all will be well.  Get good sleeps at night too..early bed..early rise and lots of nature and deep breathing, where possible.

In Light and in Peace,



August – Saturn starts to shift you…BIG TIME!

Hi Everyone!  Well I thought I would post the August Teachings around Saturn and not only about your own Inner Peace / Order…but how that impacts upon the human race!  Read it with the thoughts of the microcosm and the macrocosm !  Your life can be very joyful if you follow to the “T”..a shift to internal order and personal discipline!  Give it a try !

August 2015 – Message from Spirit (dialogued in Inner Temple & scribed by Kathy Roseborough

Is International Peace possible? This is a question that was posed to the Cosmic Masters during the morning Inner Temple meditation. During these unstable times of change and correction…rectifying past Karma and situations that are out of balance is happening “hard” and “fast”!

Not only is peace possible; it is destined to be so. The type of peace that arises (as we engage further and further into the Golden Age energies) is originating from deep inside each of your hearts. There is a new dawning happening out of the Office of the Christed Principle of Love – 1st Principle – that is infiltrating the hearts and minds of mankind each and every day. Now there are probably 7 and 1/2 billion people on this planet and the old paradigm has run far and deep so there is still much work to do….however…the signs are all here for us to see.

How is this peace going to play out? How does it start? It is starting from within each one of you. The tides of change are rising and these waves flow into your energy bodies like great pulsar waves With each wave moving in towards you comes an impact of response from your own nebulus of Light fields. The impact can “crash” into you at some locales (vortices) and at others you may find the integration smooth and pleasant. The impact and results of these interactions are to be assessed and measured by you so that you can investigate this readjustment you are making to the Universal waves; the shift to your sympathetic resonance with the Universal waves that harmonize you.

Living in Peace and Harmony is the ideal state… with each person choosing their path of spiritual evolution from conscious CHOICE; not from karmic suffering. The suffering does not need to be like this..the corrections can happen very quickly given one’s attention to the internal matters that lay dormant or that are to the other extreme; totally active and distracting! Whatever you have inside of you that is out of harmony; out of balance is moving through a course of change this month under the governing Laws of SATURN that is unavoidable and is in the greatest benefit for all to consciously undertake.

Those that are still asleep; unaware of these energy changes will have pleasant surprises as well and some rude awakenings when they find that their lives cannot continue as it has been. Every person; every nation is undergoing change right now and as much as the old paradigm and regiment is trying to muscle in on keeping the human race oppressed..they will ultimately fail to do this as the Solar power of the AGE, which is magnifying itself in waves that are un-describable, is literally pushing the anti-LOVE OUT of the hearts of mankind.

Your heart chakras are THE centre of attention during these times and people are crying out in relationships, family, business, every where to have their hearts recognized, acknowledged, honoured and respected. People are starting to speak; to act and they will not stay silent anymore.

The heart chakra centre; your heart chakra centre is speaking to attention to that which your heart craves! Honour the heart filled destiny that has been planned for you and permit the Rays of the Solar Heart to engage in all the fine axiatonal filaments that had been cut off, to be once again mended and secured inside of you. You will breathe easier, have better health and will no longer wake up with worries, stresses and depressing thoughts.

Peace is something that is now starting to BE inside of you. It will extend itself into your family, community and into the world at large. Experiences that have been truly noted as disruptive will not be permitted. You will cut off and chuck out anything that is disturbing your peace of Mind and the Peace you seek in your heart. Peace does NOT come at a cost as the old saying goes… in fact you are letting go of those very things that have been costly to your health ! Peace comes with some very simple methods starting with your own practices and expanding into your choices with lifestyle, in social, business activities and family practices. If there are those that do not wish to engage in a peaceful manner with you; you will simply not go forward with that association and instead, you will attract those of like mind and like heart that will increase the waves of Peace and Harmony throughout your life. If these are family members, then you will stay centred and radiate your inner peace; living your Truth.

These massive wave like energies that have been sent out from planetary bodies and stars such as our local Sun and SATURN, are particular strong during this month and will be commented on further as we head into September. These extensive energy waves seem to knock you off your feet a bit until you realize that they are trying to get your attention for change. When you open to receive them your whole world changes! Right now the rise of these waves are pushing you into ACtION with a lot more energy available to do the things you want to do and to get your job / projects done. When they recede at certain times during the day you find the need for a much deserved rest and can close your eyes for a few minutes to relax. These waves settle down during the night at the time when the body should go into rest. Keep your room dark and quiet for sleeping time to the best of your ability. This allows the pineal gland to get the rest it needs as well.

Saturn often has surprises tucked away into it’s Energy Rays of Intelligence. It is as if the Rays are carrying little packets of Truth and Light to each of you and asking you to open them up to reveal their gifts! The gift inside is the reintegration of your stored gifts and past life memories. The access through Saturn’s waves is understood to be your access to some pretty extensive Akashic Records. Saturn gives you access to Time cycles of the past, indications of the now and co-operative planning for the future, as you gain awareness of the Map of the Divine Plan. The schematic that each of you so fondly know of as, your Ascension paths to Higher consciousness, are inherent in the Teachings of Saturn.
With this month impressing so strongly and loudly upon your senses for efforts to be made and action to be taken…you start to feel the inner strength building as you shift into a more balanced placement here on earth. Some of you will be applying this energy WAVE to get your physical body in shape such as in exercise, sports and health. Others will use this energy mentally for development of writings, teachings, business plans, new educational paths and more…then there is a need to speak! ALL of you…All of you will feel it in your HEART to speak and you will realize that it is TIME now. You must honour and act upon your heart messages and let it expand and grow. The results? Peace and JOY !

All energy systems are responding to the impact of the POWER of this massive ringed planet that represents the Divine Template. It sends out the waves or ORDER and constructive framework that bonds each of us through love, to the secure Bosom of the Cosmic; the Heart of the All. We feel safe as Children of the Universe when we abide by the rules and ORDER of the Universe. Like children on earth, who like to see and know what the boundaries are, each of us WANT to have boundaries so that we can contain Order within ourselves. It is when we are loose and disorderly that we are unhappy.

The Peace and ORDER that this world needs is found when each of us exercise that ORDER and personal disciplines from within. Saturn helps us; guides us and ensure us that this is the true method. Have you noticed how content you feel when you have an orderly business day or the family/children are living in accordance with the rules of the home? It helps everyone be at peace; no stress.

Stress causes disease and Peace ensures good health. Choose the Peace; choose the ORDER and you will not be disappointed. Have your scheduling down for external order and for the internal perspective….path work to organize the inner Self.

Path work is Spiritual Art…it is a tool given to us by the Ancient Gods; the Gods of these massive planetary and star Intelligences. Follow the Gods; follow your inner self and get into your own training daily. Path work an orderly life and Saturn can pour the pulsing waves into your energy bodies for expansion of your consciousness.

The foundation is to be laid down very well right now in is to be sold..solid and secure. When you path work through this month you are to keep your sites on the lower bodies. As you enter into your educational programming and spiritual activities during the lifting at Fall Equinox time, you will be able to path work some of the higher energy bodies…but you are not to go up the Tree of Life with Her glorious branches until the trunk and roots are stable! Create the harmonious environment here on earth for good and proper living. Be at peace within and the World will be at peace with you.
Cosmic Blessings!

Weekly Energy Updates – August 3rd to August 9th, 2015

Hi Everyone!

I’m just going to jump right in and speak to you about SATURN.  Our beloved planetary influence Saturn (Spiritual – Divine MIND, time cycles, LAW, karma, destiny, fate, powerful governing force to make sure you take the Divinely planned course of ACTION) is jumping out all over the place at us this week; this month.  My advice for you is to STOP any procrastination you may find yourself in, be absolutely certain that you put some disciplinary actions into practice for your daily spiritual/health routines and delve deeply into your Spiritual mandate/Soul purpose right now.  Saturn is strong and benevolent, illustrious and ruled by Divine Mother as He (Father Cronus) adheres us strictly to the Divine Template of Creation.  Whew…that was a lot to say in an opening paragraph!

Practical application…so what does this all mean?  In short…it means that you need to roll up your sleeves and be diligent; very diligent about your business, holistic practice, family order, personal order, good habits and activities that will lead you to successful living which includes optimum health and JOY as well!  Refresh yourself…kick out the watery, emotional distracting energies that can pull you down..just KICK THEM OUT. As my Spiritual Teacher used to say, “Chop-Chop”…just let them go now. LOL !  He was right of course.

What about LOVE and quiet and all that jazz you ask?…Yes..there is plenty of room and open space for all that!  When you  have an orderly life and nice schedule you purposely schedule in the quiet time, relaxed time with loved ones, romantic time..etc..etc.  You will have ample time for all the wonderful joyful activities because you are so well organized to do all your work first!

How does this order and advancement of Self come about?  Well let’s just say that if you start now..with just a little bit of this effort towards will be very pleased.  Then the next day you do a little more..and so on until you finally say to yourself..this is great!  A little at a time.  For example I just cleaned off my desk today…no big deal right?  Well to me it was a great deal because I found something I was looking for and now I am JOYFUL !  See how easy that is?  Can you imagine doing this all week; all month; always?

Enjoy this wonderful week ahead and stay focused on the awesome qualities of SATURN…who is here to HELP you; not disturb you.  Many don’t like Saturn…turn that around and start LOVING Saturn !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – July 27th to August 2nd, 2015

Hi Everyone!

Leo energy starting to blossom now as the influence from this constellation impacts on each of you with the main “star” of the show…REGULUS.  Regulus is the “heart star” of this particular constellation and this means that the energy influence on mankind all across the globe…. centers on the heart chakra; your heart chakra.

You will find that the thoughts and feelings you have this week are focused on affairs of the heart….such as relationships, longings you have from within, desire to connect with Spiritual Love, reflections on how you feel about yourself, what still needs to be healed as well as how you can truly honour the powerful heart centre to feel it’s Divine magnitude!  The Leo energy has a “larger than life” feel to it..that makes you own chest swell out with love and the need to have great joy in your life that can be shared with others.  Ready for joy?  Ready for happiness that is authentic?

This week you are to use the tools that have been given to you that will shift you into a greater alignment with the authentic heart.  Meditations, yoga postures, healing stones, release through Reiki healing, focus on your HEART CHAKRA dreams, goals & true desires!  You have to embrace it from within and then feel yourself taking the steps that will bring you closer and closer to this individuated expression of Self!

Summer energy from Leo gives you that extra push (in case you were dozing off in the heat of the summer sun)….and tells you that this is not the time for complacency but in fact is a time of action!  Leo energy is a POS+ charge through the lens of our own Sun and is predominantly male in nature…assertive.  Use this energy to gain stride in your projects and goals.  Get the job done…feel good about each feat accomplished!

Sure you can have some lounging days in the sun or Huckleberry Finn-like adventures…but don’t forget that you have work to do still…your Inner Self is desirous for change and “action”.   Enjoy this week…balance it out.  Open that heart chakra up to receive..and as my Respected Teacher of Ho SHIN Reiki said to me this morning in the Inner Temple…”start manifesting that what you need to ensure your heart blooms!”

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Update – July 20th to July 26th, 2015

Hi Everyone!

Well…I bet you are all glad that last week is over…..whew!  That energy from the New Moon in Cancer was set on making sure you cleansed out what ever was still blocking you!

This week you can breathe a bit better…knowing that really..all you need to do is stay the course.  Get some things done that continue to support your own personal projects, dreams and creations…and mark off on your “to do” list items as often as you can.  No need for excessive pressure on yourself though…just make sure you are gaining stride.  You likely have started off this week with a “should I do this now?” or “can I do this one tomorrow?” attitude..putting off a little bit of what needs to be contemplated or acted on.  Not to worry yourselves too much…the week will have it’s own side walls to ensure you don’t bounce off the path !

The Inner Temple Masters are suggesting you organize your finances and balance yourself for the rest of the summer so that you will be ready for the added expenses in Autumn months for such things as personal courses, professional studies, new things for the office or home and for some…your children’s needs.  So it is important to look at the organization of this.

Health has some mirroring going on with others so try to catch those comments from others who mention they are experiencing similar things to you..and watch for the lessons in the mirrors then !  You may get insights that you have been looking for.  Angelic team is working on on us all from the Inner Temple of Healing to help us transform the most underlying emotional issues that we have carried around.  Funny I was fortunate enough to get a “reset” button hit during my morning meditation and I consider that a true Blessing!  I’ll ask for one for each of you as well !

All in all…I think that if we take this week one day at a time with solid purpose each will be satisfied that is has been a good week when you reach the end of it!  Smile at your kids, partners and friends jokes..even when they are not that funny and give a hug to those you love!

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Updates – July 13th to July 19th, 2015

Hi everyone!

New Moon this week!  (July 15th) The energy is shifting your focus this week to your FOUNDATION…that will include your home, security, finances, relationship to the Earth, Nature, surrendering to the natural alignments of the Authentic Self…letting go of the material illusion attachments, simplification, PLUS…the need to look after the body especially the spinal column…knees and muscle alignments.

Your focus and attention will be increasingly pulled back into what is REALLY important in your life and what is superficial..on the surface…without long term joy or true worth.  Take a look at your family and loved ones and your friends.  Now look at them again.  Relax and start to feel the loving gratitude of having them.  Pay attention to them and speak.  Tell them often the positive qualities that they have and encourage their process of healing and learning in this life as well.

Many of your loved ones are not necessarily spiritually conscious..meaning perhaps they do not understand the process of their own spiritual ascension and they may be stuck.  Have patience, tolerance and a deep appreciation for the fact that there is ORDER to their lives too as governed by their own Soul.  “Walk with them”…it’s nice to have someone nearby who cares.

Re-assess this week the needs of your home, property, your own physical needs and so on.  Any repair required?  Are you neglecting your body in any way?  This is a good week to nurture those things that are incomplete or in need of attention.  After the new moon you may wish to engage in a whole new project or program that addresses these needs that will bring comfort and resolution as well !

I would not say it is an overly assertive week of energy…it is more a need to focus your MIND on that which is clearly in need of your attention.  Take the time to do what needs to be done and do not put it off to another day or week.  That would not serve you well.  The passive side?  Enjoy the moments of nature, sun and fresh air as often as you can.  Those 30 or 40 minutes outside in between chores or work/family demands with your feet up or going for a walk may be just what you need to boost your vital life force.

You are doing very well in your pursuit of greater Soul alignment and you should acknowledge that.  Wherever you may be slipping around a bit here and there…just take note of it and use this week’s energy to get back on track.  Okay? Do this with quiet intent from inside…no chastising yourself or punishing yourself with any harsh thoughts.  Embrace new decisions and take a deep breath and do what needs to be done!

Enjoy the week ahead!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – July 6th to July 12th, 2015

Hi everyone!

“You can do this”…you know that…right? The various challenges each of you have in your life are things that have been selected personally by you; as the Master Soul Personality (before birth) and you know exactly what you are doing & why you planned it this way.

Prior to your birth a careful analysis was made of yourself….what you needed to strengthen and what gifts you were going to express while here  on this beautiful and lengthy sojourn on Earth.  The Universe has invested a lot of ENERGY Intelligence in YOU…because you are worth it!  You are  a Divine Being. This is a life that you have committed to making special and very Beautiful indeed !

So sit back here and now at the beginning of this week and make a few notes to “Self”.  describe yourself and what it is that you seem to be faced with. Ask for help if you need help.  There are some wonderful intuitive Beings out there that you may need to connect with that can hep you to  assess yourself and what your particular needs are.  This is the way I handle every student and client that I have the privilege of teaching and healing.  I first need to do an assessment; an aura scan; get in touch with the person’s unique signature from the Hand of Creator.  Then the story begins to unfold and the process begins.

Be sure this week to do your assessment; get in touch with who you are.  Everything is in ORDER; Divine ORDER and you have been involved from the “get go” with just how you are going to master the challenges ahead and celebrate your successes!  Be very much embracing and nurturing yourself during these times.  Be kind to yourself and remember that there is nothing wrong with you.  You may just need someone to “walk with you” at this time so that you can see how special you are.

I strive to represent TRUTH….and was Blessed to find a little feather at my door this morning when I opened it to go outside.  It caused a wave of Love to wash over me.  My point?  Pay attention to how the Universe wishes to speak to you…through Nature, your friends, family…events and so called coincidences.

This is a great week for you to start realizing just how amazing you are…how you can open the doors to other worlds within you and start enjoying this unique self; unique life that you have been born into. Remember…you co-created it…make it special.  Be inspired and allow the insights to come into your conscious mind.  You need to remember now what you planned for yourself…it is very important!

Many Blessings…enjoy the week ahead!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – June 29th to July 5th, 2015

Hi Everyone !

Wow !!….how exciting is this week going to be?  Well…with Venus and Jupiter practically “holding hands” in the western sky from our earth perspective on Tuesday night…we are in for one spectacular week !!

Full Moon is Wednesday, July 1st and is promising to be one that directly effects your path of devotion & soul purpose in Capricorn (Office of Christed Consciousness & 1st Principle of LOVE!).  You will feel drawn to “work hard” to ensure that you get to exactly the point you wish to be; each of us having our own dreams and goals to be attained.  Be assured that with the energy this week… you WILL have opportunity to get on to that which needs to be completed. Business, home, relationships…all have opportunity to BE an expression of the best they can be !  LOVE your family..your home and yourself during this time..they mean everything to you.  “You”  should mean “everything” to you!  Hhmmm…do you hear self love? I do !

Take a look back at your early Spring 2015 at what you decided you needed in order to fulfill Soul Purpose.  Okay…now look at it again very closely….how are you doing with any modifications or changes that address issues that are standing in the way at this time?  Need to dig deeper?  Okay then do it.  These are rather intense days in which we are being called upon to ensure that exertion of our own will is aligned with the Will of the Soul.   Seek some help if you need order to gain clarification. We all need each other during these times.  Just like the planets Venue and Jupiter….start holding hands with each other !


JUPITER:  First day of Creation, Will of the Soul, Expansion of consciousness, Full rainbow of colours, extensive freedom to ACT, liberation from old paradigm and a conscious connection to the “Seat of the All”.

VENUS:  Ahhh such a Beauty….rare indeed !  Creating from your heart, honouring the Will of the Soul, developing your Intuition and Creative process, being fluid with the ethereal, spiritual emotions of LOVE…replacing adversity with peace.  Also, ensuring that you surrender completely to the extensive investment the Creator has placed into your Beautiful are truly an emanation of the Creator; LOVED and cherished!

Now what?  this is a week (which continues on past this week to next) where you absolutely MUST commit, decide you CAN achieve your goals, “marry up” with another of LIKE MIND, renew vows with those you love, BOND in sacred harmony, blend with the Universal Laws of Nature and more.  Too much information?  sorry but this is the TRUTH.

Great week ahead… so let’s get underway.  This is just the “tip of the iceberg” folks so if you can please take full responsibility this will be surprised what it will lead to !!

In Light and in Peace,


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if I was a genius my links would be live and work properly …LOL !!  My gifts are in the Inner Temple..still working on my marriage with technology !



Weekly Energy Update & Summer Solstice Message JUNE 2015

Hi Everyone !

This week is a full power continuation of Summer solstice of Sunday, June 21st…period !!  This energy will not retreat yet!  As a matter of will only get stronger.  (Watch there is strong Solar magnetic activity (CME) Coronal Mass Ejection starting today from our Sun – this is can either fatigue you or opposite..cause incredible surges of energy for you)

As we move to the end of the month…JUPITER is only going to push for greater and greater expansion from within you as your own Soul pushes you towards a re-creation of self that truly reflects the LOVE of your own Solar heart.  Regulus (Leo’s BIG heart) is right there in the dance ensuring that your heart is cleansed of the painful and sorrowful past which includes separation and loss…and you head into a full embrace of love both for Self and others!  Let’s not forget how Venus governed your psychic/intuitive self encouraging you to trust the “visions” you have on your own future. CAN have and CAN be all the wonderful things you wish to be! Her “eyes” are full of Inner Beauty; so too are yours…use the Inner eye..visualize your future.

Ride the waves…the Solar Power is HIGH…harness it up…breathe it in…use this time for active integration between yourself here on earth (Ego) and your Spiritual Self (Solar Body) !

Enjoy the week…I thought I would share the VERY lengthy Message from Spirit for Summer Solstice.  It was shared yesterday in our Summer Solstice workshop.  May you find something there that speaks to you!  oh yes…it is very long and covers the many summer months ahead.

in Light and in Peace,



What does this time cycle mean to you…what does it offer you?

You have come to a time in your life now where you need to wake up the great Ones; the “Gods” inside of you. The power of the Solar Energy of summer solstice is to be used primarily for the awakening of the powers that lay dormant; unchanged and unthinking. There are systems that you possess that are subtle and Divine in Nature; in their Code. The Universal Language of the Gods within you is to be awakened and you are to converse with them now as the cycle of Solstice is underway.

You will feel this first in your heart…as you sense the need to tip toe in gently there and lift the window shades and open the portals to permit the Solar Energy; the sunshine, to blaze in through these open channels and stirring the forces to open their own eyes now a get about becoming active again on a conscious level. Your Active Intelligence is MIND and the MIND streams through your RA MA Inner Eye lens with great magnitude, depth and expansiveness.

The prior use of this EYE in times of Higher spiritual awareness was the essential vehicle through which the All could reflect It’s own Glories. When each of the human race took a different state of falling consciousness, so too did the use of the Inner Eye.

Now with your focus on the awakenings of your various systems both physical and nonphysical, you will begin to regain greater use of the skills and gifts of this Inner Eye apparatus. This extension of the All will allow you to not only SEE more clearly into the other dimension of Self but to project outward the intention and Will of your own Soul on a conscious level in ways greater than you have seen before in this lifetime.

Think about how much easier it will be for you to create and manifest with the fuller use of the sacred path of the Inner Eye. This lock down and rigidity which occurred over millenia has tightened the prefrontal cortex, the jaw line and the nasal/sinus passages. Many can’t even breathe properly anymore.
With the expansion of this centre, the face softens, relaxes and harmonizes with the realms of creation.

As you work through your exercises of healing this day, partake in the nectar of the Gods..the very essence of Creation that is like a liquid fire and liquid lotus flower …pure and undisturbed.

Reject those offers and distractions that have been causing you such unhappiness in the past and embrace the vibrational energies of the Solar Body state of Self. Each event ,friendship and nature experience you partake in …in this life…should ALWAYS be of the greatest benefit to you. Be sure to absolutely say NO to those things that are not liberating to the concretizational state you have been in…for so long. All parts of your BEING are to now be thought of as aspects of you that need awakening.

WAKE UP…the cellular activity and intelligence in your body…Wake up the emotions to express themselves…wake up the intellectual power of your own mind to conduct research, observations, comparisons, objective reasoning and reflection…USE the skills of your forefathers ; the great Gods you characterized in your mythological stories… engage with them for they shall not disappoint you. They will teach you how.

Walk with them; talk with them…learn from them..these Great Beings have experiences on this Earth that when told to you, help you to not make the mistakes that so often prolong your learning and keep you on the wheel of sorrow and suffering.

Story telling by the Great Ones is a traditional way in which you are taught. Behold the many Great stories throughout Civilizations past and even present cultures that embrace the use of Story telling to educate and enlighten the young souls or awakening souls on this planet.

Learn to tell your own stories as well…to others here…so that they can listen to the synaptic firings that occurred in you during your own awakening. Listening and learning are on the front burner of your cycle ahead…Partaking of Nature’s finest during the summer months with intake of your VitalLife Force in order to build up strength and immunities for healthy bodies.

Use the gifts of Nature and the seasonal fruits and seeds to keep your metabolism in alignment with your equatorial positioning…Here in the northern hemisphere you have a shortened season when so far north that you are to be extra diligent in the conservation of energy and the building of your AURA. your electro magnetic field should be built up with great strength now. Nature will help you.

The time you spend between now and September will have extensive periods of learning and reflection interwoven to it. The MIND never stops for only opens up your conscious awareness further with good use !

Keeping the MIND sharp and alert will be considered your top priority and the use of your spiritual language daily will help. Learn to articulate yourself using the Spiritual language…terms, words, references…Speak often of the Spiritual realizations you make with those of LIKE MIND..share and listen. Acceptance of the natural state of interaction between the worlds; between the dimensions only increases with frequent use.

Start to get very used to the fact that every dimension of YOU is awakening now to a greater or lesser degree. there is no shutting off anymore…MIND to MIND communication is increasing. Listening within and not considering this way of learning and growing special only to the chosen few. Nonsense…the inter dimensional systems must be used or they atrophy ; witness this in your pineal gland. Lack of use causes your systems to go dormant; go to sleep.

This day; summer solstice you awaken systems that have been sleeping far too long. The great Intelligence you carry is beyond written words…experiences will show you the way.

Each day you should be awakening your systems..doing internal bathing to the network of Light..the ANS..they roadmap within you that takes you from Temple to Temple…dimension to dimension.

Keep these highways and byways LIT UP !

Breathe through your sinus cavity the sacred Breath…breathe the RA and the MA…feel the life force surging through you when you do this.

Increase the passageways..expand your use of energy.

Invigorate the cells with oxygen and visualization.

See yourself sending your energy with YOUR MIND to remote parts of the body…increase circulation where there has been damage.. Take stiff and sore regions into your heart and heal them.

Regenerate depleted organs and glands with what they need…and never cease to know that you can. Your genetic lineage of your biological family is not the schematic that you are striving for; the schematic of Creation is what you are striving for. Whatever poor conditions you see in the family are to consider to be disharmonious to your well being. change them. Whatever diseases have plagued your family for generations…change that. Take a serious look during the summer cycle at your body systems…assess each part or yourself and take stock..take stock of what STATE each is in. If there is a lack you must increase the power there.

Take nothing for granted; leave no stone unturned. Examine everything and get to work on healing it. Improve yourself daily..each day there should be an improvement to yourself ..a conscious one. Be it mental, physical or emotional or spiritual..make sure you go to bed at night and say to yourself…yes..I improved this particular point in my life today.

Your are a sacred vehicle of consciousness..every living cell of your is Divine..every living particle of you is divine…you are to recognize this…it is vastly important as you go forward. Dismiss anything and everything man made that does not harmonize with your Divinity. If it is goods and services that were created for the purpose of singular benefit, greed and corruption…stay away form it. Be aware of anything that is being mobilized now that seeks to further suppress the hearts and minds of man.

That power on earth has an agenda and is currently struggling to increase it…reject it completely.

With your inner strength and powers increasing; your pillars of fire and Light erected with solid roots and your Countless Blessings acknowledged each will make great strides through life.

The endless days of summer are upon you..make good use of them…this is not a complacent time fact…your vitality will stir you into action. Go exploring both your inner worlds and outer kingdoms here on Earth. The Body of Mother is a Divine BEAUTY and she offers you her resources to enjoy…Truly she wishes for you to walk upon her as her children enjoying every living moment of the relationship between the two of you that is held so dear to the Bosom of Creation.

Don’t be afraid to touch her various parts…Be it mountain, stream or rock…animal vegetable or flower…the interactions will be Blessed Ones.

Shine Forth your Light..Cosmic Blessings..


Weekly Energy Updates – June 15th to June 21st, 2015

sun animated - energy

Hi Everyone!

7 days to Summer Solstice and the solar winds and cracklin’ fires of transformation have already begun !  Good thing too because people are finding the emotional roller coaster of letting go and embracing their new Soul purpose very challenging! is quite challenging but SO VERY BENEFICIAL to you and refreshing to finally liberate yourself from the past fragments that have penetrated the emotional & etheric bodies.

When emotions and core issues run that deep..they actually cause physical symptoms…pain, stiffness, illness and troubles of all kinds.  The relief in getting them out is likened to finally getting a thorn out of your finger that has been imbedded so long it is infected!  Feels so good to get that old stuff out !

Solstice energies have already started to fire up and with only 7 days to go…you can well imagine how important it is to use the proper spiritual tools to fill your then “cleaned up chalice” with the fresh incoming Spiritual offerings from the Higher consciousness of Self !  It is very important thus the use of SOUND, Light & Coloured Ray invocations, Divine alignments and productive words of power.  (If you need help with this I am offering a Summer Solstice workshop that day that fulfills those requirements – the RA MA Aum can participate in person or long distance)

This week then…the commitment you are to make…is the further pursuit and application of the preparation for Solstice.  Several factors are to be focused on including your assessment of self; just where you are at in your life with respect to your core issues.  How are you doing with these issues? do you need clarity?  do you need support?….start asking for these things now.  Are you hanging on to the old and finding it difficult to break the patterns?  These are all very pure and “love” based questions…and you should not feel upset with yourself if you are not quite “there” yet.  This is a good week to put energy into the “understanding” and healing of these unfinished pieces of your life.  I suggest you talk to your friends, family, counsel, get a healing, journal it out, all that you need to do with the networks you have created.  If you have not created your network of support yet…then this is a good week to start !

We all need help and the “sense” I have received while in the Inner Temple is that many people are feeling uncertain, on hold, distracted, and unable to make those important decisions.  Why? Support systems from both Spiritual and very physical realms are not quite connected to cause the “synapse” needed in your life.  BUT are very malleable for corrections !!  This is a good week to shift that which is still difficult for you and be ready for the powerful infusion of Solstice (Solar Body energy) and Stellar/planetary influences that occur at that magical time of year.  Only 4 times a year are these Cosmic Blessings offered !!!  Definitely take advantage of the use and integration of them.  Okay?

Let’s kick it up a notch now this week…deep breath now…and plunge in.  No waiting on the sidelines.  Get involved and make this your priority.  There is nothing more important than you taking that lead impacts upon your own life, your family, relationships, and other dimensions like you wouldn’t believe !  Big hugs to all !

In Light and in Peace,


Weekly Energy Updates – June 8th to June 14th, 2015

Hi everyone !!

Have you heard of an “energy time warp?”  Well..what you may wish to reflect on during the week ahead is how an energy “cycle” or window/portal of time can be shifting to a new window/portal of time for you!  There is a definitive change this month and I am hoping that you will be sensitive to this energy.

We have had ample opportunity and time to engage this Spring 2015 with alignment to our Inner Purpose and Soul’s Will, that was written out for us; prescribed to us as a list of things that we were to do for this lifetime.  This cycle began way back in March and is now wrapping up permitting us to go on to another level of Self awareness and to INFLUENCE other time-lines such as our parallel dimensions of Self.  Let’s not confuse the matter though..and perhaps best to just stick to THIS life!

Okay…so what you want to do…is to review your investment of time and energy into the cycle we are getting ready to exit from.  What steps did you take?  How did that look on paper as you organized things?  What visions/inspirations did you take note of?  How much effort have you put into the creation & manifestation of this Soul Purpose?

Your Soul Purpose “should” be somewhat “known” at this time…or at least you have a hint of it.  You did not need to actually manifest everything this Spring..but you are supposed to have a better grasp of it is, than you did in March. Okay?

As we are very “human” beings having this experience here on earth…you likely have some very “human” questions.  These will likely be in the form of:  what about love? relationships? money? living? Things for my family?   All very valid questions and worthy of comment.  The human/spiritual experience we are having indeed has some very material challenges and these must be addressed.  The SPIRITUAL world is actually where you are going to access the POWER to manifest here in the material.  The Summer Solstice is yet another opportunity for you to get into alignment with the POWER within  you !

Start this week to engage in the alignment to the Soul (through meditation and the crown centre). know that if you are already into this type of work..and alignment…that really what you need is extensive energies coming from Spirit to help YOU!

Well they are here and present; especially over the next couple of weeks.  This week you must start your engagement of energy interface with them; The Angelic Hierarchy !!  Use your time spent in meditation to invoke, call upon and pray for the Higher Angelic team to help you.  They ARE there for you; that I can promise you!  Use your skills !

In Light and in Peace,


You may wish to sign up for the Summer Solstice Workshop – RA MA –

RA – MA Workshop – Summer Solstice – June 21st, 2015

Gold Letter R #2Gold Letter A #1     Creating Your LIFE – POWER


Gold Letter M #1Gold Letter A #1    Schematic of CREATION

Guided Meditation and Teachings with Kathy Roseborough.  We will experience many different integrations during the workshop including:

Aum – Universal Healing through LOVE – to the Cellular level with Light, Sound and Guided Meditation – especially pineal gland

RA – Will of your Soul Purpose accelerated with Summer Solstice Energy Initiations – Universal Father

MA – Mind strengthened, memory, focus and Inner power – with Universal Mother through guided Meditation and Healing

MANIFESTATION – Stronger foundation for you, your home, finances, relationships that bond through love, vibrational changes, good health and Inner Peace.

“Spring Cycle Closes – Summer Solstice Cycle Begins !”

Date:  Sunday, June 21st, 2015

Time:  10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Cost:   $125 via Interac or on PayPal:

In-class or long distance participation.  Please let me know if you wish to be included on the silent or out loud list long distance.  Also if your family members will be a part of the healing they will be included at a reduced rate of $75.   World Healing HQ members rate:  $75  –  World Healing members can sign up on line as well.  mP3 Audio Files will be given to all long distance participants.

Looking forward to serving you !

In Light and in Peace,
Kathy Roseborough, Educator of Esoteric Principles.

Please pass the email along to anyone who you believe may benefit from a power energy shift in their lives!

RA God MA Goddess


June 2015 – Message from Spirit !


Theme and Wise Counsel for the upcoming month !  “Live stream channelled” thru Kathy Roseborough:

“Saturn is a powerful influence for each evolving Soul upon the Planet, and during this particular cycle, it is important that you continue to adhere to the directives and impulses or waves of Divine Intelligence imparted to you during your quiet times. Saturn is to be considered ONE of the many influences from the Divine perspective that is keenly interested in helping you stay on a strong MINDED path which creates deeper and deeper grooves….cutting into the fabric of your being….powerful channels between yourself and the ALL!

With a strong MIND comes a content life; healthy and happy. Why? Because you can’t be swayed by others; distracted by insignificant baubles of material items nor emotionally drawn into the many theatrics that are played out here on earth. You become more the observer and you engage emotionally only with those people, or in those experiences, that are mutually beneficially for all involved.

Love and emotional energies through relationships and family, is particularly strong right now and with a governing MIND comes a fluidic channel of information to be imparted to those you love. Caring, nurturing and helping others becomes an ease for you; not a burden. Speaking from the heart with a clear MIND is then more the “norm” for you. The MIND and the HEART are both expanding during these days and weeks ahead; dancing harmoniously together and creating a suitable environment for spiritual impulses and, seed thoughts already planted, to grow.

It is like playing symphony music to a field of growing corn…the music soothes the environment and harmonizes it, thus the innate Intelligence in the genetic code of the seed of corn can thrive!

Speaking with a clear voice with smooth thoughts and peaceful emotion is the way you will find yourself conducting your communication interactions this month; thus avoiding harshness noise and vulgarity.

MIND and LOVE:  two very powerful Divine expressions that are intertwined with the driving force and Will of the Creator!  See if you can ease into alignment with these forces daily and then even throughout your day. Use the breath…feel the heart and let your MIND receive the comforting assurance that your plans and life experiences ARE on track and that you are doing well.

Creating:  Creating right now during this cycle is actually a continuation of that which you have already begun. The creative process continues and it will have moments of high flow..and then have moments of passive reflection. If you are sensitive and observant here, you will know when to ACT and when to sit back and draw into the MIND and reflect further for receipt of input from the Cosmic. For example, you may find that right now during the 1st week of June to the 8th that you are summoning strength and making efforts to apply them…. but the emotional body may be experiencing the push and pull. Keep the mental strong… even if you see only small increments of change. Know that you are doing well. Then look ahead to your next week and next week..each Sunday will do fine..permitting you to get aligned with the energy flows and prevent trying to go “against” a tide.

The overall energy this month is quite active..quite strong and mental in nature with supportive underlying tones of the “bed of Love” underneath that supports you.  Much like the wings of an Angel under your feet and arms, the energy is keeping you upright and moving forward.

You can shift into this feeling and pick up on the presence of this love when relaxed. You will feel, see and/or KNOW.

Your life this month is much like spending some time “paddling” your own canoe on the quiet river..on your own..though never alone. These quiet moments alone in the canoe paddling comes with moments where you just glide and let the paddle rest. These are reflective thought times and are seen to occur during the sunrise an the sunset times. Pay attention to those as they are quite beneficial.

When there are electrifying energies..such as during the 3rd week to the last week of may feel this BUZZ of energy..especially around Solstice. This is a time when the FIRE is strong..the mind is charged with energy particles and the Cosmic High Intelligence is intensely there with you…. and you should make every effort to respond.

This is the time when new information, expansion of your Divine Intelligence, rejuvenation of your cells, and sloughing off of the old occurs. Paradigms shift, the old is suddenly very old news..and you just KNOW that you will not look back. This June solstice is gearing up to be highly intensified band of time… electrified with energy and you will need to prepare so as to not burn out the circuits.

Start at least 7 to 9 days before and keep the 4 lower bodies balanced. Be aware of them each day and each night. Honour the needs of each realm and be sure to apply the skills and tools you have. Nothing during this period should be late nights, no excessive foods/drinks, social events, noisy gatherings, stresses of work, etc. These are not helpful for the aspiring Mystic in you!

The Yin/Yang or balance of your energy bodies during the month will be occurring because YOU will be very aware of them; sentient of them at all times. There should never be a time when you are not. In this consciously train yourself… and then you come to a point in time when it is just happening on it’s own without your constant attention because it becomes your good habits.

Practice using your voice; speaking your truth this month and if you can…become the lead voice in gatherings at family get togethers, conferences, work presentations, or anywhere that is opportunistic for you to hear your own voice and to gain confidence. Your self worth this month MUST be acknowledged and embraced. Living and knowing that you are exactly where you need to be!

The yellow band mental qualities will be the band/dimension that is under strain. It is the one that requires the attention. It will want to be complacent and lazy or it will distract and chatter. Don’t let it do that or else you run the risk of letting your powerful days of the change of the season/solstice go past you without you connecting with it and co-directing it.   If you don’t direct the energy….you will just find yourself drifting off in absent thought letting hours pass in an unproductive manner. This is not the same as meditation; this is more of a drifting of mind.

The yellow band is the mental communication band; intellect, memory, focus and data intake. It needs to have a Supervisor, thus the governing MIND of SATURN will be necessary to enforce this. Your studies will become a focus, or detailed work or anything activity that ensures you are not drifting. The best is the mental coordination exercises between the lower and higher MIND.

(Note to those seeking instruction:  students will have opportunity to work these Universal Laws during solstice as that is the theme taught by the Class Master (Kathy R) and she has been instructed to do so.)

Increasing the EYE strength, LENS focusing on the Inner Planes and development of what you call the “psychic” eye will also be part and parcel of this extraordinary June month. Welcome your Brethren and Cosmic Masters this day in your Temple..they come offering you great tools for self enlightenment and enhancement of your own sacred gifts.

May the Divine reach out and touch you and you receive with Grace. May you find the pineal gland resounding it powers and waves of energy Intelligence throughout your kingdom with each gland singing and responding in turn. May you find your good health now and stay happy…. with these internal forces driving you towards a healthy and successful spiritually integrated life here on earth. So Mote It BE !”

Weekly Energy Updates – June 1st to June 7th, 2015

Hi everyone!   21 Days to Solstice..Preparation time!

We start this week off with your body & emotions responding to the Full Moon in Sagittarius reminding you that they both seek some ORDER from you, reassurance and direction.  The cellular make up of your body is such that it has been Divinely designed and installed with a duty to comply with it’s inherent directives.  When a person does not apply this authority to their habits and physical needs, the body’s cellular intelligence is thrown off and the program becomes distorted.  This usually occurs because of a person’s underlying emotions, upsets and personal disorientation.

Why are we to look at this now? Why this week?  Because the Full Moon is challenging you to muster up the inner strength to have a good look at how you are truly feeling and to answer to yourself honestly about what you have been avoiding.  In order for the Universe to really help you…it is imperative that you come to terms with exactly what you need, what you lack, what you are feeling inside, and what you have been holding back inside for far too long.  Come clean…this is a great week to just let it all go!  Write it down…”talk” to the “God of your Heart”..whatever that means to you personally.  Draw the Universal Life force Divine Intelligence to an alignment with you in your Inner Temple…during YOGA, meditation, prayers, walking in Nature, in your garden, while you lay in bed…whatever you like!

Use that throat chakra, open that heart centre of yours and the beautiful connection you have with the Divine now…speak as the son or daughter of the Creator.  Tell Universal Mother/Father Creator how you are feeling.

There are circuits and centres in your body and emotions that are asking for clear support at this time…don’t neglect them.  Love them right on through to health and well being !

What a Blessing this Full MOON really is…!!!  It gives you a chance to purge deeply of the old and liberate yourself…PLUS…here is more good news…Jupiter (Soul’s WILL)…is going to lift you even higher into alignment with your Spiritual authentic Soul Self !!!  Talk about opportunity!  Can you imagine?  Feeling good AND getting those doors open to clearly more Self-Realization.   Great time…so roll up those sleeves and get to work.  Go into the quiet today, tomorrow or the next..whatever suits you…and SPEAK within.  There is a tremendous amount of LOVE and SUPPORT for you…you are not alone.

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  I am doing a special Full Moon healing Tuesday, June 2nd from my own Inner Temple…and you may wish to be a part.  Whether on the “out loud” list or “silent” list…I can help you take your needs to Father Zeus.  This is a very special healing and if you are interested…you can check it out  and register on my website:     (you may have to cut and paste in your browser if link is not active!)



Weekly Energy Updates – May 25th to May 31st, 2015

Hi everyone!

With Saturn coming in on the 22nd/23rd of May with some very intense energies to help you to conclude some karmic carryover, the gift also included a realization of the need to bring detail to your projects & Soul purpose!   This week is perfect for that!

DETAILS…very important right now as you DEFINE that which you believe to be your expression of Self.  The “window” of this awesome Spring cycle is going to start winding up after June 1st leaving each of us to then prepare for 21 days before Summer.  Spring is all about your creative projects, new beginnings, new partnerships, relationships, behaviours, routines and new attitudes!  It has certainly been quite the Spring with so many people consciously choosing their alignment to the Inner Self.

Defining oneself increases the use of the throat chakra and creates a powerful interface between your Higher Mind and intellectual mind as you bring that power up through your chakras for expression.  Organization has been a theme throughout Spring and the de-cluttering process to shake off, neutralize and transform the old.

This week is for the most part, and ACTIVE energy week.  The time of being passive and reflective more reserved for morning and night. The daytime energies are asking you to be assertive.

Take your project list or “things to do” list and go through it step by step…without overload.  Always…think of the Bigger Picture this week when planning.  It is bigger than you think!  People are now realizing just how beautifully Divine they are constructed and how much LOVE they have to interact with.  You are no small miracle !! LOL !!

The momentum you are creating with the many new understandings and enlightened moments is something each of us can marvel at !  You are placing plenty of distance between yourself and the “old” you….with the “new you” shining out of your heart centre!

Enjoy the week !!

In Light and in Peace,