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Fertility Issues in Men

Energy Centre Focus:  1st  – Tailbone Centre – plus 2nd – Sacral – Lower Abdomen – Lumbar, Sacral

Endocrine Gland effected:  Gonads (testes)

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:

Loss of power (energy) and the moon energies (emotions) have given you periods of depression and  emotional challenges.  There are underlying conditions of fear and insecurity around being a father and being responsible for the life of another soul.  This can be buried quite deep and you are likely surprised to hear this.  This could be referred to as intermittent apprehension as well.  When the cold fear energy strikes, it targets the root chakra and thus the adrenals and gonads.

Let’s look at the insecurities and emotional challenges you have been harbouring certainly since being a young child.  The power in the seat of the dragon fire ( kundalini) in the root to sacral path which affects the sexual / reproductive virility, has not been properly permitted to develop due to overshadowing male energies in the environment and/or lack of male support and mentoring.  The confusion in you then as a little boy and as to how/where you fit in especially in family and community, was not well defined.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: 

Reassurances and development of one’s own worth and power as a man…needs to be shared with the partner. If the woman is particular strong there can be difficulty as well as there is a silent competition between the strong male side of the woman and the male expression found within you.  The male within you will step back to the woman’s overly strong male side as it will choose not to compete.

You need to have space to increase your male energy and vital life force whilst the woman partner should be focused on her own receptive energies and the qualities associated with her own gender.  You would be striving for a larger percentage of active male energy and strength with less but still very important passive/reflective female energy intelligence in you as well. Your partner would be striving for the opposite thus making the 2 of you a beautiful fit. Reflect on how your male qualities and your female qualities and determine just how this is currently being exercised. Do you need more reflective and creative time?

Reflect on just what being a man means to you and how that feels in your body.  You may not have been taught and mentored growing up and perhaps you are now reflecting on your father and grandfather ‘s characteristic as well.  It is good to reflect and assess these things, though it is not good to dwell on them as the reasons for your own issues.  This can cause you to feel that you should then blame them.  That’s not healthy. You can surpass the family issues and thrive.  Find your own inner strength and appreciate that you are unique.  Identify that which you wish to do in this life and work towards it.  Surround yourself with those people who support your dreams and goals and encourage you!

You will need to evaluate your diet and ensure abstinence from any alcohol and social drugs like marijuana as well.  Engage in deep breathing practice with meditation and also it is vitally important to do meditations and reflections that release your feelings of unworthiness and shame.  You are worthy and you will be a great father!  You need to learn how like everyone else.  Study parenting books, reflect on the fact that what you would be doing to help your child grow in a healthy and successful person will be coming right from your heart! With such love inside of you, open your heart chakra and know that you CAN attract a Soul wishing to incarnate on earth and be honoured to have you as his or her father!

Guided Meditation:  Vital Life Force – POWER increase!     

Heart Chakra:

Root Chakra:

Sacral Chakra:

Healing Stones:  Pyrite (Fool’s Gold), Garnet, Muscovite, Agate, Smoky Quartz

More Meditations:

Additional energy healing audio meditations for men are available here:

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Kidneys – Stones and Pain

Energy Centre Focus:   1st – Tailbone Centre

 Endocrine Glands effected:   Adrenals

 Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:

When someone is experiencing fear of failure, trauma from being suddenly ridiculed or being openly criticized before others….it is said that “One’s KIDNEYS go cold”.  This is true and your kidneys begin to struggle to keep the water balance in your body and you can experience many symptoms including a cold sweat, abdominal pain, dizziness, urgency to urinate, and trembling.

Somewhere in your past you have been up against this type of scenario that has locked itself as memory into the cellular make up of the kidney function.  This can worsen and deepen over time even though you are managing mentally to override the fears.  The emotions do not get released and they build in the kidneys.

Most kidney stones are made of calcium.  The kidneys often build up to such a point of emotional energy reaction and concretized emotion, that stones soon begin to form and the mineral calcium which should be used by the body to build bones and a solid foundation, become dispersed and off track.  The calcium is not permitted by the body to build a foundation because the emotional trauma is pulling it away from being able to do that.  One feels ungrounded and unable to have a good healthy foundation.  The fear over takes the physical Intelligence of the calcium’s duty and sends it off to collect as fear in the kidneys forming a stone.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:  It is very helpful to have a look at the times as a child when you were placed in these uncomfortable and often frightening situations.  Be objective and understand that you are the “adult” now looking at these things.  Handle this approach to these matters with love; self love.

The triggers and experiences from others can be turned around now and transformed to power in the root and confidence in your own self expression.  Being clear on what it is you do enjoy in life and what you desire to express is necessary.  You can start this road to recovery by realizing that the false beliefs placed as seed thoughts in YOUR mind by others come from their own sense of insecurity; their own personal fears and these were directed to you.

Start to own what you do have budding skill in and blossoming gifts in.  Embrace what you do have; not what you fear you don’t.  The root chakra healing and the warmth and love you send to the kidneys will be very helpful.  You will also remember the importance of having plenty of water in your daily diet and healthy mineral and vitamin containing foods.

Focus on your foundation.  Your home, job, financial building…all those necessary activities that lead to a good solid and secure base.  From there you expand.  Invest time and energy into that which you love most and only listen to the intuition and insights that come from your Inner Self in meditation to guide you on these inspirations.  Trust that you really DO have access to Truth within.  Accept only encouragement and avoid those who are negative and critical.  Remember that you are recreating your life; your world.  Make it beautiful.

Be forgiving to those who brought shadows of illusion to your world…and instead recognize these shadows for what they are.  You are not to ever feel trapped in the shadows of illusion.  Break free from this by breaking down the false belief.  Build your alignment to the Inner Divine Self through your yoga, meditation, prayers and nature.  All of these activities will bring you a greater sense of peace and self worth overcoming the fears of your old paradigm.

Guided Meditation:

Healing Stone:  Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Peridot, Garnet

Weekly Energy Updates – January 25th to January 31st, 2016

Hallelujah ! you made it through the weekend full moon energy, right?

Starting to feel a little lighter then, I hope. There are some intense energies that are not meant to pull you down; on the contrary they are meant to lift you up. Lifting you up and out of old things that you can more clearly shake off in this wonderful redefinition of Self.

You are challenging yourself and questioning PLENTY in your life right now. “Why isn’t this working; Why isn’t that working?”…Then often..”Yes..this is working !!!”. So you see this teeter-tottering is not a bad thing at all. In fact, you are weighing so much against the Feather of Ma’at in your heart right now that your inner research is likely the strongest aspect of your day to day activities.

Try to keep things light though…don’t sweat it out too much and add any angst or concern/anxiety to the situations you find yourself in. That doesn’t help. You are doing fine when you just take each of the decisions, challenges and opportunities that present themselves and weigh and discern what is best. Be strong; be careful. Take good moments for reflection and be sure to keep the emotions somewhat in check or they can run off with you.

When you are awakening like this more and more you can be susceptible to realms of energy that may seem there are conflicting messages, visions that don’t make sense and guidance that can throw you off. The stronger your aura…the better the capability to discern truth from non-truth. Always as you climb the great ladder of ascension you come up against the inner shadows of yourself. They may “seem” to be outside of yourself when in fact they are more than often your own. Not to just need to face these shadows now and analyze their underlying teaching and gift. There is always a gift hidden behind the shadows!

If you are in need of guidance..then seek it out. No need to walk alone when you can have someone walking beside you for comfort !

Nice week ahead of you to sort things out and stay on the straight and narrow. Day to day…just take one step in front of the will get to your destination. Secret is though….take the step !

Focus on the immune system this week for healing…the focus of the World Healing Project Angelic team will be for your entire immune system.

Follow Twitter: MindLoveWill or my facebook: Kathy Roseborough and either way you will receive the free healing 2x daily. If you wish to send people’s name manually to me to be written on our healing list for the free healing 2x can do that as well.

In Light and in Peace,

Weekly Energy Updates – January 18th to January 24th, 2016

Hi everyone!

Okay..the full moon is not until the end of the week on January 23rd yet people are finding these underlying emotional experiences already confusing and requiring some sort of ORDER. Yes…it’s true. The new year 2016 has some fantastic, very strong qualities of MIND and creative tone to it that will prove to be very successful for you….yet people are still balancing themselves on the ice rink (frozen emotion).

The underlying fears and uncertainties that are rising up now are NORMAL & expected…and you could say that the power of your throat, will power, mind, and heart are forcing these uncertainties up and out so that you can integrate that energy into something more beautiful!

Have you not also noticed a very strange and amazing feeling of peace though as well? Almost as if you know that everything is going to be okay and that you are on the right track? It’s true…the Divine hand is present in you and IS calming your heart with reassurance. Sometimes when things get a little slippery and start to shake your foundation you call out (knowingly or unknowingly) and the Angelic Ones come to your aide. This would be one of those times when the unseen hands and the unseen forces of life, originating in Light and experienced with love…come through to you seemingly out of nowhere and help you. So…be trusting. That which is feeling tilting to you is actually correcting itself! Give it a chance and you will be on a level playing field soon.

So many wonderful stories are being told among friends, clients and colleagues about the new beginnings that people are embracing. People are getting excited about their own possibilities. Why? Because it is the truth. There are many, many portals of Light and paths to take available now for people..are you one of these people that are looking within now? Perhaps you should see the same opportunities that are in you..for they truly do exist. Reflect on your desires and rewrite your script, if necessary, making any modifications required. But do start. That foot still needs to be put down now to walk. So start testing the waters…breathing the air and taking in the Sun. The environment of consciousness you have created is welcoming you. Step forward now!

In Light and in Peace,

Weekly Energy Updates – January 11th to January 17th, 2016

Good Day to each of you!

With the New Moon at your backs…this is a good week (and particularly Jan 11th as a good day) to start your new projects and to roll up your sleeves and dig into your work. Some of you are going to be particularly focused on your own health and well being of a physical nature, while others are being creative with new work projects or spiritual plans. Whatever your focus is for these opening months of the year, be sure to engage and try to stay focused.

We have some very beautiful energies present that emanate from the Solar Heart of the “Cosmic consciousness” which everyone can “feel” when they tune in though may not completely understand. These are moments of profound reassurance for you..that “everything is going to be okay”. Trust this for when you are feeling anxious, upset, nervous or afraid, you just need to stop and breathe. Close your eyes and tune into the energy that is connecting in and through your heart chakra. That is the Cosmic Heart Centre energy that I am referring to. KNOW that it is there for you and is only building in strength !

There are times when we need to make choices that can cause unpleasantness to another. In other words…it is “tough love”. Choices that you must make in order to grow; and to “shake out” the old paradigm once and for all. You have to trust yourself on these things…so check within. Changes are absolutely in the works and you are adhering to them strictly. Abide by them and do what is right. Letting go, altering, modifying and ending certain experiences are necessary for expansion of Self and for the contribution to the greater good. You are truly acknowledging the forward progression and evolution of mankind. We will soon be feeling more and more of the Aquarius energy this month which is always very innovative and forward thinking. Capricorn right now is HOLDING THE LIGHT FOR YOU IN THE HEART! Enjoy this very “Christed Love” office of energy!

This week you will feel a lot of love…Love that you may not have known in your life for some time; if ever. Where is it coming may ask? From deep within the heart..emerging and pushing it’s way up through you. Some people are finding that it may be getting stuck here and there. Not to worry…you can call on help for this or seek some help from a healing. The heart is designed to flourish with love at this time; and all times. Let the blossoming come forth! A truly beautiful time and moment that this cycle brings!

Enjoy your week!

In Light and in Peace,

If you are in need of heart chakra may connect with a healing:

Weekly Energy Updates – January 3rd to January 10th, 2016

Hi Everyone!   Happy “2016” New Year to all of you!

I thought I would look at the first week of January and then bring that into perspective for you with the opening months of the year 2016 as well.  As we all know…you get out of life what you put into it…so let’s see what your being asked to put in!

Let’s look at the Higher forces and energy portals open for you and see how you are going to have to use this incoming power from deep within you to overcome the lower nature of your personality.  There are thoughts and feelings, body appetites and misconceptions lurking in the lower aspects of yourself still that need to be dealt with right at the “get go” of this New Year; as a matter of fact…right up until about March 11th.

You wish to exercise the disciplined and responsible characteristics of yourself during the opening of the year starting TODAY.  We have some interesting energy influences coming through right now including Mars (Throat Chakra – MIND, order and governing power that expresses the highest Intelligence of the Creator’s Matrix) set to impact on any “disorder” in your life that needs correction.  You will just LOVE how powerful this can be for you.  It’s like having someone come in and save you from chaos.  The throat chakra when meditated upon will give you clarity and insights about your unfolding direction and plans for the year ahead.

The “watery, emotional influences” flip flopping around and within you…will try to pull you into bad habits, old false beliefs about yourself, behaviours and attitudes that have a disregard for the rules of Life.  Don’t let them do that.  Use the throat chakra power to say “NO”.  Command your life with order and scheduling that you can adhere to.  Stay clear of extremes including extreme “spiritual or religious” practices that unbalance your life.  You have to “integrate” your spiritual and physical world; not become a fanatic in either one of them.  Beautiful experiences are possible during this opening year with blossoming insights to your heart centre and Love.  Best to ensure you make time for meditation and self healing…as well as applying the action in life required to keep a steady momentum of your physical/spiritual evolution.

Mars – Use its Active nature upon your more passive Moon, Earth and Venus nature.  Meaning…Direct the energy from your throat chakra towards re-creating your world here on earth as you “receive” inspirations, insights and wonderful harmonization with the benevolent forces of Mother Earth herself.

January to March, 2016 is a time where you must be aware of the huge transformations going on in the world without getting drawn into it’s political, religious and economic dramas.  This is where each of you reading this should know just how very important you are for world peace.  Every time you enter your Inner Sanctum for meditation, prayers, healing and such…you are holding a positive Light and alignment to Source for the world.  Think about it..your understanding of your inherently Divine nature is really your own TRUTH and should be lived consciously each day!

Be the steady “turtle” walking forward now with a little bit of “bulldog” in you to ensure that you keep the right direction.  Be purposeful and eliminate EVERYTHING that does not suit your new expression of Self-Realization.  If it’s old and worn and in disharmony to you; then let it go. Let go of all disruptive and destructive behaviour and association.  Build upon the very best foundation of healthy, simple clean living.  Enjoy your family, friends and any new circles of networking that brings you closer to a united front of Truth and Light.

We have a great year ahead..amazing actually.  You will need to put energy into it right at the start.  Yes…you must ensure that you do not have excuses created or become complacent waiting for something to happen.  You will get out of this year and this life positive experiences beyond words…but you must focus on having a strong footing and foundation; an aligned personality and disciplined you!

Enjoy the opening week of the year !  More insights to come each week…stay tuned !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – December 28th, 2015 to January 3rd, 2016

Hi Everyone!

“Let’s keep up the momentum”…of personal, spiritual growth and change into the New Year 2016 !

This week you are under the new cycle of the Capricorn (goat) energy and will be drawn to start focusing and solidifying more of that which inspired you and fired you up during the previous Sagittarius cycle that completed at solstice time. The full moon during Christmas “shook out” the deep rooted issues you have been carrying that prevented you in many ways of a fuller expression of now you should be gaining greater clarity.

The answers to the questions, “Who am I and Why was I born?” are going to start shimmering inside your thoughts and your heart as we accelerate forward towards the New Year. Be sure to keep balanced this week with the diversity of care of your physical, emotional and mental/spiritual needs. We have some fairly advanced influences coming in from the major planetary body of Uranus (Active Father Principles expressed) combining with our Worthy Divine Mother Principles within striving to bring out a New Order in you; new framework and plans for the coming year.

If you are still struggling with some emotional sensitivities…talk them out..journal them as well. You will see that you are RESOLVING some very old patterns that have been habitual and likely quite annoying or upsetting to you. They are worthy of your attention so that they are not carried into the new year either. Stay calm…these realizations may have come to you more recently but they took many lifetimes to form. Be kind to yourself here and let them resolve with peace and love in mind.

Listen attentively to your loved ones, friends and family…they too are revealing their own healing needs and maybe you can give them a hand with that. Create the space and let them share. A cup of tea, a listening ear or a loving touch of the hand may be in order at this time.

The Capricorn influence would like to get organized and conscientious in the New Year and put into application the various ideas and inspirations you have. Create space and time for yourself as well…give yourself the opportunity to make some solid changes to your own foundation. You will wish to have both the material foundation assured while you aspire to loftier heights during your ascent up the path towards Spiritual integration. You CAN have both…it is something that can be scheduled and applied.

Finally this week…the change into the New Year 2016 should not be entered without some deep reflection and assessment on the past year. Your accomplishments and outstanding issues still to be resolved. Be spiritually conscious. Don’t let yourself slip into the trappings of the world of illusion at this time either…it’s not healthy. As your sacred Temple (body) prepares to serve you for another year…make sure you are aware of just what is necessary to keep it healthy and strong!

Many Blessings for the coming year 2016! I will devote a special blog post to this on January 1st, 2016.

In Light and in Peace,

Weekly Energy Updates – Winter Solstice – December 21st to December 27th, 2015

Hi Everyone !

With both winter solstice today and the full moon in Cancer on Christmas Day…you can see we are all in for one amazing week! The week opens with the gifts of winter solstice, when the movement of the earth places us at it’s most distal position from the sun in our northern hemisphere. This is a cycle when you are to spend time in deep, reflective thought as you review your past quadrant (September Equinox to now) and assess your life in both it’s strengths and weaknesses that are to still be worked out. You reflect on your physical health, your emotional state, mental, inspirations, goals, dreams, “oneness” to the Bosom of the All and your own Spiritual mandate.

This special day asks that you recognize the importance of spending time alone…going within…and honour your inherent Divine birthright; birthplace. Feel the consciousness of the original birth within you and know that it is truly your Source of all things. Be reborn this day in your heart and feel the Love of the Office of the Christ Consciousness that is reaching in and touching you. This energy lifts you up! It redeems you and helps you to overcome obstacles, fears and challenges. It gives you courage and strength to go forward in life with renewed assurance. You truly KNOW what it means to be a Child of “God”; “Creator”!

You start to remember things..more and more..about your True Self…and your find yourself able to discern more easily what is aligning you & what is distracting you from this unification of Soul to self. Clarity shall unfold more this day and the days to follow as you begin to “see the Light of Truth” emerge!

People should be embracing this sacred time now and moving away from the cold and disheartening infatuation with material things alone…instead by the week’s end in the full moon of Cancer on Christmas day, December 25th…you will find yourself desiring to embrace that which is important…LOVE ! Family, friends, neighbours, the man or woman on the street..the children in foreign lands, the elderly, the sick and the unknown. You will find yourself wanting to be in appreciate the stars in the sky and the Glories of Life. That is what this shift will do for you…make things REAL.

The whole week is about becoming more “real”…closer to Truth and further distancing from those things in life that are temporary only. Make lasting memories this week and bestow kindness upon others..recognize the Soul behind the eyes…invest time and energy in becoming that which you truly are; a Divine Being. No more wasting time with frivolous matters when there is so much “Living” to do !

Enjoy this Blessed and Sacred week…spend plenty of time in a quiet and reflective state as we head into the cycle of winter. A time when Nature draws you in to Herself and the Blessed Divine Mother Earth protects you in her arms to rest and reflect on the deeper mysteries of Life.
Go about your works days ahead through this time at a comfortable pace..organized that you are now from Equinox time (hopefully! or do a little more of this)..and making sure it is one step at a time.

Aligning with the dictates of Universal/Natural Laws during this time will make all the difference in the world to you. Try to go against it and you attract folly. Alignment supports and embraces you…facilitating great changes to your life and new beginnings.

Solstice time….a time to RE-SET your heart centre into greater alignment and oneness with the Blessed Christ Consciousness of Love within you!

In Light and in Peace,

Merry Christmas..Happy Holidays..Cosmic Blessings to all on this Winter Solstice Day !

Weekly Energy Updates – December 14th to December 20th, 2015

Hi Everyone!

Countdown to Solstice! You have some marvelous opportunities this week to get into a clearer state of alignment to be able to receive consciously your solstice gifts of the season cycle! We had quite the week of “fire” going on last week and it looks like this week is not going to be much different either.

You are likely loving the “idea” of the transformations but not necessarily clear on just where this is all going to lead. Many of you are also having rather challenging times with the process of transformation especially where it is impacting the physical body. Your body is just reflecting the past paradigm and is equally eager to let go as well. Breathe with it; process with it and be rest assured that it does end up more radiant than it currently feels.

Those of you who are finding themselves more emotionally or mentally confused during these times…you can also be promised greater clarity and realizations to come as we move through the week and into Solstice next week. Purging and transforming is not always very straightforward!

Here is the MAIN POINT this week: You have started to engage in drawing back to yourself two things….1) old patterns that have not been completed and transformed have come around completely full circle to give you an opportunity AGAIN to correct. Be very WISE this time and don’t do the same thing as before. Be very defined and clear on just what will take you UP the spiritual ascension ladder this time.

2) You are going back in cycles many years in some cases…and you are drawing forward to yourself now…the chance to take action on an opportunity for personal, creative, professional and Spiritual expression. Pay attention. You have either turned it down before and it’s back…or…you are taking something you have already done and expanding upon it…lifting it up to higher levels of expression. Now this is a “wow!!!” situation you are in ! Recreating yourself at this new level of spiritual and integrated-ego expression will be quite the feat for you and there is no doubt that it will mean more responsibility, more “work”…but even more JOY !!! You are engaging in this energy now!

Piece by piece…bit by bit…you are developing a 2016 that is going to shine most radiantly ! So stay the course..keep your “nose clean” as the ol’ saying goes…. and go forward. Distractions? Face them and deal with them. You have no time for distractions in your are taking the energy this week and working it. Blessings! Enjoy ! Stay tuned next week for the Solstice Message from Spirit !

In Light and in Peace,

** Special offer from now until January 1st…guided meditation with Healing, Support and Blessings for your “intentions” for 2016. Set the energy into motions from the High Temple of Healing and Wisdom ! I’ve recorded a special meditation just for this. You will take your own “wishes” and dreams, goals and desires into your meditation and the Energy Work and Communications live channeled and recorded, will get in and behind your intentions from Spirit… to strengthen them towards manifestation !” Sign up to receive on pricing/policy page… $20 for mP3 audio meditation that will be sent to your email address. All proceeds from this will be going to the World Healing Project..!

Weekly Energy Updates – December 7th to December 13th, 2015

sun animated - energy

Hi Everyone!

Fire up ! That’s right…it is an incredible week of preparation for Solstice and for cleaning up the old “stuff”. There is magic in the air and strong Universal forces ‘pressing” on you to make changes. Can’t say enough about the changes you are making because you absolutely KNOW you are unable to stay the way you are in any of your misalignment. If you try; it hurts…that’s all there is to it…so don’t try.

Give yourself the freedom to be different…to go outside the box. You are not to just try to please others always, or to put everything ahead of yourself…Balance. Think and reflect on your own needs as well; think about what you need now in order to bring goodness to your life and your family. The better aligned you are the better you “all” are.

This “fire” energy is coming from the fire sign Sagittarius and its beloved ruling planet..Jupiter. The Will of the Soul is bigger than you…so surrender to it..for it reflects the real YOU! Permit your own Light to shine through. If you are not happy then look into why you are not happy and begin the initial changes. It may take a few weeks or months to complete the transformation..but you absolutely must decide. Decide who you are, what gives you the greatest harmony and good health…and what your life is all about. The Universal Divine Being invested a lot of ENERGY Intelligence into you for a reason…the reason is that you are an emanation of the Divine Being. With such love you are to express your own true Self.

2 weeks now until Solstice…the gifts of Solstice are always so precious and often very subtle. They always touch your heart. Are you open and ready to receive? Make space…let go of old false beliefs and emotional attachments about what this was..and that was… Be in the “now”. What speaks to you now..this week is all about helping your heart to sing out! If you need to speak to someone and share…then do that. Perhaps you need some time to reflect? Pencil yourself into your schedule…just for quiet time and reflection.

The fire power that is ON now…will continue throughout the month building in momentum! Let’s hear you roar..let’s hear the strength and power in your throat chakra that makes an affirmative positive statement about yourself. are a majestic Being! Details will come to you..steps to take will come to you with clarity more and more going forward. Engage the energy this week!

It’s getting hot in the Inner Temple…I had best gather this energy up now and apply it myself ! Okay…taking it to the World Healing Project to help spread Blessings and focused healing around the globe!

In Light and in Peace,


BOTTOM LINE…If you don’t like something in your life…change it. You have been given this precious life to live it in harmony with the All..with the Universal Love and Abundance of the All…decide that you are going to accept that once and for all!

Message from Spirit – December Aura Makeover 2015

Message from Spirit – December, 2015

Worthy Master of the High Temple…Kindly share your Wisdom and Healing and Counsel with us this day:

As you prepare for a Holy celebration and attendance in the Assembly during upcoming Winter will need to know a few things about the energy influences during the coming weeks.

Jupiter is the planetary body associated with Sagittarius and the current constellation that is influencing you at this time. Many thoughts are likely going through your mind already as you reflect on the fact that the Soul’s WILL and Mandate feels even more important to you than at any other time of year. You know that there is something that call to you; something that rings true for you about your life expression…but perhaps you are just missing enough pieces that still keeps it vague.

Going within and exploring, assessing and releasing yourself from your attachments to the illusions of the physical world are always a priority…but this time your realizations shift you in great leaps and bounds. Why? Because this month the magnificence of this Majestic Divine Intelligence from which speaks the Truth of the 1st Day of Creation, speaks directly to your heart and mind. This is the time of the year when clarity of your individuated “Being” comes forth to show you the way.

Living as your true Being and Divine essence from the perspective of the Inner Temple, allows you to see “into” the worlds of illusion and realize how much of it a trap. From the carnal desires of the flesh to the vanity, glamour and glory of praise of material success…anything that keeps you looking and living into the lower worlds alone is a trap. The time you spend reflecting and learning from the Inner Worlds is the true time of your ascension and should not be missed from your agenda on any given day. As you continue to grow and seek Truth, the more realizations are made of your experiences on earth to be seen as experiences only and not something that you attach yourself to.

Defining yourself now during this sacred and enlightening time, should be the main focus of your preparation for Solstice. Reflect on the things that you are “not”…

You are not defined in terms of your physical activities and responsibilities.

You are not a mother, father, author, writer, speaker, artist, dancer, gardener, truck driver, secretary, retailer..etc. Those are the activities you participate in for learning and evolving.

You are an expression of the Universal Divine Being who is exploring through the lens of ALL your chakras…the reflections of your Master Soul Personality into this life that you are playing out for experience as well as for disentanglement and correction.

Like a member of the audience watching the stage show, you observe the various dramas and scenes that you are a part of each day and look at just how “you” look. What are your feelings, your temperament, your thoughts and dialogue with others, goals, dreams, etc?

By taking the time to “see” yourself from the EYE of the ALL from each lens of your chakras…working together in a sentient manner, you come to know yourself very well on stage as well as in a conscious way…knowing how to disengage yourself from the entrapments of the stage setting.

With life teaching you so much right now….you should be finding yourself getting more and more excited about the changes that are taking place and the opportunities that present themselves. You should be finding yourself heading more and more towards “happiness and peace”.

The blazing theme and spark of the FIRE aspect of Sagittarius…is the contacting synapse that inspires the Will in you. It fires you up and heads you in the direction of change. Big change. Jupiter does not do anything in a small way. Big changes are in order and your orderly alignment to it is required.

Complacency is something you need to throw out the window now as you absolutely cannot sit by idle watching life go by. Your involvement is “key” and essential right now in the carrying out of the seeking and finding..of your Soul’s Truth and mandate.

Some process this by going exploring out in Nature, travelling the Globe and the like to find that sacred spot where one can be still; while others go deep into the silence to find this in the comfort of their own home.

Regardless of where you wish to “sit”…the stillness of the alignment will give you what is required to receive insights as to your direction in life. Take the time each day to sit and contemplate on these matters. The veils begin to thin now during the seasonal shift of the Solstice…this means you will have great and greater access to Truth within. Sagittarius loves Truth and expresses the esoteric philosophies of life well. Enjoy sacred writings at this time…the will be very inspiring.

See yourself in the “arena” of life and explore both sides of the equation…the offense and defense or the active and passive. Be aware that you will need to make major changes now that can begin manifesting over the months to come and know that your choice is only whether you want to do it yourself of let life pull the rug under your feet.

Foundational shifting and changes are imminent because the Soul is increasing its pressure upon you to KNOW. Best to pay attention….but if you continue to sleep you will have quite the awakening. Its best to choose a conscious shift so that you are co creating in the unfoldment of your story.

This constellation often causes people who are in pursuit of truth to feel like they should “be on the move”. Travelling in the inner and/or outer planes of consciousness is inherent in the nature of your Being at this time. Trust this impulse to “move” forward. Sitting and poor exercise for the body will cause a staleness to your developing chalice. Be on the move in the physical as it suits your need and be on the move in the inner worlds to gather insight and inspiration.

The reading of this teaching in the Inner Temple to you likely is resonating with a part of you that feels strong in your “seat” or root. The Sagittarius arrow bearing Being has strong loins; thighs. Has a good footing that has the lightness of deer in flight as well.

You are attentive to hear what is said in the Inner Temple because you feel prepared inside to take the new direction and to move forward on a dime. You are feeling inside likely somewhat already prepared to take the higher road offered by Soul That is good. Be aware that the New Road brings new possibilities and even greater heights of Self awareness. Your enthusiasm is shared by the Celestial Masters who intend to assist you in your climb..Use your skills and instincts, training and precision of you plan your ascension path climb. Just as a rock climber would strategically plan out their climb; you too must plan out your climb. This planning of your climb is what will take a few months…The realization of your next goal is found immediately though Solstice month. The goal is revealed to you for the next milestone however you are to work out and execute the climb. This is where team work is necessary and discussions with the Worthy Masters is imperative.

You are ready or getting ready to start the climb…During solstice the illumination of the task is revealed then the climb will truly begin. Operating such a huge scale climb requires every level of you to be attentive; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Let’s first start with the clear and concise receipt of the revelation of Solstice season. Cleaning up and more firmly establishing your “seat” and foundation…ensures plenty of inner and outer strength for that which is revealed to you at solstice time. This is a time when the answer comes to the question that you ask, “Wo am I?” and “What is my soul mandate?”.

This is the time when you are truly given a greater vision of your Inner Being; when the veils are pulled back even farther and the Light shines into your temple revealing to you more of the Truth of your existence.

With such times ahead of you it’s wise to be starting now on your cleaning up and further strengthening of your seat and footing.

We call upon the many in the Celestial Hierarchy now to be by your side…so Mote it Be.

Class Master.

Winter Solstice 2015 – Crystal Journey and World Healing Project

Register for the Winter Solstice – Space is limited !  $30 per person.

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Weekly Energy Updates – November 30th to December 6th, 2015

Hi Everyone!

Well we are officially entering the month of December this week and you will be wishing to turn your thoughts now to the SOLSTICE time.  Officially Solstice is at 11:49 p.m. EDT on Monday, December 21st, 2015 for Barrie, Ontario.  Here is a link to look up your own City/Country:

This gives you 21 days to get yourself prepared for one of the most auspicious times of spiritual celebration and solemn observation.  It is a time when you are being asked to go deep within yourself to seek and find TRUTH.  Many gifts are bestowed upon you at Winter Solstice.

Preparing starts now.  Clean yourself up!  Imagine you are preparing for a grand event in your home…what would you do to prepare?  Clean, be organized, set a time of start (your solstice meditation ritual, etc)…..well we are starting now to prepare:

  1.  Cleaning the internal self – deep breathing, nature walks, chakra healing, aura strengthening, assessing and reflecting and acting upon your old habits which need to be transformed, shifting to your personal schedule routines to reflect that which you truly seek inside.  Less time spent in low level environments (shopping malls, crowded roadways, stuffy buildings), less low level entertainment (t.v.’s OFF, advertising..OFF.
  2. Increasing time spent at Spiritual gatherings, workshops, meeting with friends and family for discussions of Like-Mind, quiet evenings studying and reflecting, lots of time when there is no noise from chatter, radios. etc.
  3. Eating foods and drinking liquids that bring a higher, more pure vibration to the cells of your body. Increasing water intake.
  4. Totally not feeling guilty about your lack of engagement with the “commercialized” expectations leading up to the holiday season.  Loving your time spent with creating gifts by hand or selecting something for another that truly means something to you.
  5. Simplifying your life and refusing to get overwhelmed.
  6. Studying the meaning ESOTERICALLY ….of Winter solstice.
  7. Taking your personal quiet time as a very sacred time.  This is when you can sit in your sanctum each day to develop and strengthen your connection to the Universal Divine within you.
  8. Know that you are a Divine emanation…preparing for a time of the year when extraordinary shifts in consciousness take place.  The Solstice gifts are for every human being…but few take the time to receive them.  Make a conscious decision that you are preparing for a time of receiving Divine Alignment & Spiritual gifts that will change your life!

This week is the 1st of 3…in preparation for Winter Solstice…(summer in the southern hemisphere).  No excuses…you owe this to yourself.  If there is something about your daily routine and life that is not sitting well with you…change it!

Stay posted on the daily healing (morning and night) that is Free healing – World Healing project.   Twitter:

I look forward to sharing your preparation time with you and supporting you !

In Light and in Peace,


Winter Solstice Celebration and World Peace Meditation being held Friday, December 18, 2015 – 6:30p.m.   Richmond Hill, Ontario at CATA.  David Hickey of Crystal Journey too!



Weekly Energy Updates – November 23rd to November 29th, 2015

Hi everyone!

With the full moon approaching on Wednesday the 25th of November…I am certain you are aware of the pull and some push too that has already started.  It has a “heaviness” to it this full moon….so just be aware and then RISE ABOVE IT.  This means that what ever is your own personal issue and challenge…you focus on that and that alone.  Get to the root of this issue and resolve it now.  If it means simple or drastic changes…then make them.  Now is a particularly good time to clean shop!  Solstice is coming next month!

With Sagittarius energy in our midst and plenty of mental activity coming in from the “Gemini Twins”…your communication of your needs and your feelings remains strong.  The powerful effects of Jupiter through Sagittarius tells you that your Soul’s Will is the ONLY Will that matters…so it is best to abide and align with it!  You may notice those around you speaking more about their feelings and what is bothering them.  This is because they can’t hold it in anymore…nor should they.  These releases are amazing healing times…so please open your heart and mind and listen to the words of those close to you.

It is a time of helping each other and helping yourself…through LOVE…through ACTION.  If you have always wanted to do a particular thing or purchase something for yourself…don’t deny this anymore.  Take the action and let the Self-Love shift in you.  Even if at first it feels like old guilt and such comes up…let it.  Then face it and remember that you are a beautiful expression of Love of the Universe and let that love over ride the shadows of illusion!  Be kind to yourself; and others.  It is a very sensitive time for people…and a very incredible time for each of us to heal and to grow.

I’ll repeat that line from last paragraph…it is a VERY sensitive time for people and also a very powerful time for healing wounds.  Let’s be sure that we recognize this time in ourselves and others !  okay… My goodness we are so Blessed to be conscious of these energies…help others to understand them as well who may not be so conscious.  Share what you think is appropriate to their understanding!

Have a great healing week !

In Light and in Peace,


P.S.   I have started a GoFundMe for the World Healing Project..that is now entering it’s 7th year.  The goal and dream is to get FREE healing meditations and energy work into more people’s hands.  We are right now working with just over 1,400 people whose needs we strive to meet.  We would love to see hundreds….and then thousands…receive free healing.  First goals are children in need…helping parents to help their children.  Also with the holiday season approaching…helping people cope with grief, anxiety and depression.  Can be very disturbing for people and we can help!  Can you please help us?  We also welcome names of those you know who need help and tell us what they need.

Go Fund Me Link

Written requests for the Healing List:


Weekly Energy Updates – November 16th to November 22nd, 2015

Hello Everyone!

Well you are going to need to draw energy and support into yourself at the beginning of this week to keep the inertia going towards much higher expressions of Self.  I know it’s not always an easy task and it takes a lot of energy but it is going to be well worth it!!!. With so many changes going on within you and around you…it is very true that you need to stay focused more and more each day.  Just think how much stronger your state of Being is becoming !!

Your leadership, new self realizations and need to build your own projects are all on the table in front of you and even though you have integrated a very, very good start….you must keep it going!  When having any shadows or doubts cross your mind, the best thing to do is ask for help, talk to a friend and recognize that it is only old illusions/false beliefs that are testing you.  You  don’t need to wrestle these things out alone…so if you don’t have a close friend, the Angels and Worthy Masters of the Inner Temple are right beside you with open hearts and ears!

You watch now…as you keep the momentum going you will see more and more the positive effects upon yourself, your family and those around you.  This will be very visible and you can start to feel really good inside at the accomplishments made.  Just take a look back for a moment from where you have come from and that in itself should make you feel amazing!!!  Then look at the golden path ahead of you that your feet are now on and take another step…wow..just like that you are entering more and more into the higher consciousness of Self !

You may have some concerns that our world is becoming quite volatile but you need to remember that it is the spreading of fear from media and the like that makes it that way so you should do yourself a favour and not get too involved with the news.  The politics and news are all designed to draw you in and rattle you..making you subservient.  Don’t fall for that old scam…you, me, all of us together…have the power to change this world and bring peace.  It starts with each one of us; inside of us.  Bring stability and peace into your own lives with your family, friends, loved ones…and understand that truly…that changes the World !

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  We are only about 5 weeks away from Solstice approx…start your detox, increase your meditation time, study, reflect and embrace that face that you are a DIVINE BEING…get ready for the GIFTS OF SOLSTICE !