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Weekly Energy Updates – June 13th to June 19th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

As energy movements of emotion rise and fall globally in cycles that can affect us all…we must remind ourselves the importance of not slipping into this and letting our heads go underwater. You risk drowning that way. The Mind within you is all powerful and has the capacity to govern and direct your life and assist others in doing the same. Good strong practice of mindful development and the strengthening of your thinking and reflecting faculties, each adds to the overall health and wellness of your life. Like a muscle, your brain has components and compartments with assigned duties that await your command. Use your Mind and engage the brain ; cause a synapse and spark engagements that will build in momentum so that someday you will BE the living Light; the living fire with all pathways from Source expressing through you.

I recently chatted with a student about the unfortunate situation where so many are involved with very “drone-like” activity, slave to technology and “easy mindless” programs and activities that do all the thinking for us and entrap us. We must add to that the multi-billion dollar entertainment industry that keeps people glued to their television with excessive bombardment of advertising campaigns flashing before their eyes. From this we see the growing problem of kids with ADD and ADHD rising and many adults distracted and zoned out acting in similar ways with eyes that are adrift. Why do we continue like this?

Using your meditative practices plus your studies and reflection on varied topis that inspire you to ask questions, will certainly go a long way in helping yourself to activate and exercise that interface between the Higher and lower mind. Concrete data, memorization, reciting, composing and examination of yourself as a Spirit/Human Being are all good practices to further develop your inner strength to resist the pull of the very global emotional state.

This week is a good week before Solstice (coming up June 20th) to put your energy, time and effort into bridging the 2 worlds of Mind (Higher Esoteric Spiritual Mind that anchors in the throat chakra) and Intellectual mind (that anchors in the solar plexus chakra – liver). Can you really afford not to? Add some creative outlet as well to help in this bridging such as toning, singing, creative art, sharing thoughts and feelings in conversation with others of like mind, or even just the most important one…Deep Breathing!

Get yourself all cleaned up and organized for Solstice…it’s only 7 days away! Enjoy your week. If you need help there is a whole set of guided meditations of Etheric Healing “live channelled” that you can use as tools. Check it out here on website in courses.

In Light and in Peace,


Weekly Energy Updates – June 6th to June 12th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Now that you have moved past the New Moon & Grand Cross energy of the weekend that has been building momentum for several weeks now…you can take a deep breath and start to reflect, analyze and examine what you have come through. LESSONS and OPPORTUNITIES!

The incredible part of this most recent leg of your journey is that the emotional triggers, false beliefs and mirroring taking place around you has actually done it’s job in strengthening you. You have had to take stock now of your positive inventory, your gifts and skills and come to conclusions about just what choices and decisions need to be made to lift you up into a better place now. VERY definitive time it is this week..with the no nonsense letting go saying…”I’m not going there again” type of attitude!

Stability, strong stands, balancing on both feet, lots of physical engagement with body exercise, outdoor labour and skillful physical crafts would benefit you tremendously right now. Think CORE strength with a firm belief in that the future is NOW. The new paradigm is NOW. New Moon of Saturday, June 4th with all those planetary and stellar influences surrounding it (especially Mars and Saturn) has literally shoved you forward from behind your back (Will of the Soul) and said, “Look…this is the last time we are going to tell you this…you are an amazing Divine Light of Higher Presence that needs to own the unique expression of your Soul Mandate..take the step..we will walk with you” ! (okay so maybe not the last time you are told this..because the Angelic team never tires of telling you how Beautiful you are..LOL !)

Plenty of old insecurities, inner child issues, core issues and the like have been rising up in yourself, your family and friends…it’s okay! It’s really good actually! Be patient with others who are not necessarily aware of how this healing stuff works! Be patient with yourself in that you have just acknowledged the repetitiveness of the lesson and have JUST made a good as you step forward..and that incredible Soul’s Light shines down upon your face and within your can smile! You are doing just great!

The Universe is on high alert this week..keeping it’s EYE on all of us and helping us through your own reflections. The Universe watches you sort out the laundry between fabrics, colours, different garments and so on…but just’s all laundry. It’s all yours and you are cleaning and sorting out a lot right now. Then comes the folding and putting away nicely. STRUCTURE…that is what Mars and SATURN are both teaching you now..ORDER and STRUCTURE. This will make you feel very good about how you integrate your Spiritual gifts and let the LOVE shine into your life. The more ordered your are in this world..the better the Higher worlds can flow in and integrate within you!

Welcome to your NEW order; New level of life…bring on the Creativity! Lots of new “stuff” to do!

In Light and in Peace,

Weekly Energy Updates – May 30th to June 5th, 2016

Hi everyone!

The intensity of emotion that has been challenging many over the last several days has been as heavy as “humidity”. Emotional energy has been very old and for those who are the “leaders” in their soul family it has been more intense as they are healing for more than just themselves.

Try to find patience within and when you can…take breaks from the roller coaster of emotions that those around you may be expressing. On a very positive note…there is a clearer band of energy present overlaying since last Friday that is working to pick up the consciousness to positive, optimistic clarity of Mind. I hope that you can feel this occurring because there is a lot to learn through this particular interface.

You can expect this to strengthen this week and you will need to draw on the Vital Life Force and Higher bands of Energy for your own re-charging now. The foods you eat will give you very little energy relative to that which you can receive through your alignment practices. If in doubt..use the breath and try to step into the deeper parts of Nature. (gardens, forests as opposed to wide open spaces) Even a visit to a Greenhouse/Nursery would help you. The last thing you wish to do is be around too much “concrete jungle” energy. This is FLAT and non-inspiring.

Keep moving forward with clearing energy space; healing and opening up to the Higher energy because the Summer Solstice shift in June marks the end of our Spring cycle. That window is closing and it is hoped that you would of sorted out a great deal of your issues by then that have been keeping you running in circles. The last necessary BOOSTS of energy here will take you out of some very worn out parts of your story if you allow this. This is a good time for a strong mind…not a wandering mind or day dreaming intellectual band. We need strength and focus now for the last turn of the Spring cycle. Some of you are still trying to catch up…and it’s really good if you can put to rest the old. Be decisive.

Forgive yourself and others for time spent in the past that seems now non-productive upon reflection. There were parts of that leg of the journey that were purposeful so let that go. We are on a new week let’s make the very best of things and gather in the power we need.

Do you have new projects on the go? Good! Get into can enjoy longer day time hours now with the added Sunshine and then move into a deep sleep for restoration at night. All positive changes should be celebrated no matter how great or how small!

Enjoy the week ahead…and remember…”You are GREAT” !!!! Let your gifts and skills shine forth..Be the LIGHT !

In Light and in Peace,

Weekly Energy Updates – May 23rd to May 29th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Wow…how about the shedding of “old skin” over the last few days?  Not particularly easy I know..but like the transformations and spiritual advancements of Ancient times, we need to appreciate and understand what we are learning through the process.  As you shed the old ways and embrace the new…you don’t wish to flip through it so quickly that you don’t thoroughly understand do you? No..because it will only come back to test you stronger than before.  The best way to approach, as shown given the powerful planetary influences of Mars/Saturn/Jupiter of late….is to lock your MIND and WILL into the desired direction positioning your feet on your spiritual path with blinders on either side of your eyes to prevent distraction.  Setting this course of action is working!

Then…another piece to this equation is the way the stronger boundaries and directives envelop and protect your blossoming heart chakra in the process!  That heart centre is “budding and blossoming” during this Spring cycle and pushing it’s gentle petals in all directions from the centre of your upper chest.  You are to permit the love inside of you to express itself in so many ways; countless ways actually!  Let your radiance shine through!

Now stabilizing all this energy this week is our objective.  We need to integrate the forces at work and utilize them to their optimum levels.  Very straight forward way of handling this is to have a routine/ritual of your own each day; each night that will ensure you stay the course.  If you slide away or off, you will need to exert more energy to get back on track.  Right now the Cosmic is directing each of us to keep the pre-frontal cortex, pituitary/pineal/hypothalamus connections strong and aligned into the heart centre as well as in direct connection with your Soul’s Light. Fortify and strengthen these connections then take that Light down into your lower chakras to the root.  With your circuitry moving like this there is far less chance to distraction.   Also…KNOW that when you use the energy in this manner you are plowing through the paths ahead permitting the Universal support to do it’s own work. is true…we need to work tirelessly in the fields during Spring time..planting seeds, saplings, our small plants, working the soil and clearing weeds…that what you do in your life right now….during this week and a few more week still to come until things take ROOT.  You’ll be stronger and stronger each day and able to withstand the elements of Wind, Rain (thoughts and emotion) that can bombard you.  “Tis the Season!

Enjoy your week…

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Updates – May 16th to May 22nd, 2016

Hi Everyone!

The energy “cleansing” has been quite deep over the last few days providing you with considerable insight to your core issues that can now be duly examined and transformed through understanding and Love for yourself.  Stay objective and self nurturing in the process.  Looking at yourself and being able to access the old memories can be quite challenging..but with the newly found awareness you can come to appreciate your learning & living processes better!

This is such a good week for realizing “WHY” you have been the way you have been, “WHY” you are changing to what your changing to, and “WHY” you have chosen the life you have chosen plus the Beauty of present to future opportunities of Self expression!  All this in one week?  You bet…!  There is plenty of “a ha’s” to exclaim this week to yourself and others!

Getting into the “hands on” experience of life here and now this week, you are truly going to enjoy how you get to use your creativity for the reinvention of Self.  Taking moment to moment accounts of your observations and marvelling at the results will bring you a great deal of joy.  Truly enjoy this week..don’t shy away from this type of energy…instead use it liberally to have fun.  A part of the inner child in you wishes to come out and play…so trust this part of you.  Permit that extra giggle or chuckle…go ahead and accept that invitation or yes…treat yourself to that extra little luxury that will make you feel good inside.  Life is to be enjoyed…yes…even through all this healing and clearing!

To keep your trust and security in place…continue to do your daily personal meditations and alignments…plus…this week I would take a look at your foundation.  Build up your aura and consider strengthening your home/apt/property boundaries too.  I’ve noticed that a few people have been letting this lapse which as you know, leaves you more open and vulnerable to energy that you are not wishing to have influence you or your family.  So just a reminder!

This is also a very good week for making your travel plans for the summer…deciding on how you wish to engage in your holiday time.  Remember that a holiday is a time to relax and enjoy your surroundings, friends, family..etc.  Be sure to not make it so busy that you actually miss out on it’s purpose!  Try a nature holiday where you can get back to your roots.

Have a great week!

In Light and in Peace,


***  Please note that if you are needing help for your Spring home/property clearing…you can check that out on this website under  “Healing/Counsel” **


Weekly Energy Updates – May 9th to May 15th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Nice deep’s Monday!  The week ahead is all about your body (Root Chakra), your foundation, garden, home, cottage, family health, nutrition and financial security.  Remind yourself that your improved relationship and integration between your Spiritual and Physical worlds are to be on the front burner.  Connect with the breath…connect with the body cells, the language of your body, what it needs and what it is telling you.

Look around at your physical life today.  Take a few minutes of your time and starting paying attention to what needs to be done…what has been neglected and what is due for your full attention.  This is a good week to DO these things.  Taking action and getting into the forward movement now of APPLICATION of your self realizations.  I will repeat that…the “application” of your Self Realizations.  Each of you have likely reflected quite nicely of late about just what your gifts and skills are….now is a good time to test things out.  Even put your hand to that new skill and enrich yourself further. You will be surprised just how talented and accomplished you really are!

The application of your skills and gifts can be as physical as connecting through yoga, mountain bike riding, using construction tools or painting your walls. The application of your skills may also include your knack in cooking, hands on massage, reflexology, muscle testing, making essential oils/soaps or sewing a new outfit.  The list can go on and on in such a varied way!

If you start each day with your Spiritual practice and invocations to the Universal consciousness…acknowledging and aligning with who you REALLY are…then take your insights, inspirations and energy from Source applying it to your day…you will be amazed at the results!  Try this week to be very aware of this process.  What is happening to your life?  What is happening to your body?  Quite significant and measurable changes are in the work.

Tuesday and Thursday would be good days for your more “mental” or intellectual advancements.  If you wish to study this week…those are good days for that.  The other days you will be “chomping at the bit” to get into the energy of the sun, the physical practice and getting your “hands on” your projects.  Enjoy..keep it balanced; keep it safe.

If you find yourself a bit more in the zone of “wanting to be on your own” and immersing yourself into doing your own thing…don’t feel guilty about that.  You need to sometimes withdraw into your own Divine oneness and enjoy that sacred relationship!

Happy Week ahead!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – May 2nd to May 8th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

You ready for some integration now this month? Yes! Even though the first few days here are starting off a little bumpy here and there..the month of May does promise to bring you the spiritual integration you have waited so patiently for.  With all the hard work of healing and making changes to your life, there is a shift this month that sees the actual physical manifestations of so much internal effort and reorganization.

Stay the course…keep things steady and manageable and you will find it all a lot easier.  There seems to be a a greater clarity of what’s ahead for you and the puzzle pieces are coming together.  The Universal Hierarchy of Light steps into your life more fully and you start to really “Know” your own truth; owning it more.  The nonsense is starting to really slough off from you more and more. Are you surprised?  I don’t think you are really because you know how much effort you have put in each day and you know it is all well deserved!  Pushing the rock up the hill has been quite the feat and now you can start to look around you from this higher vantage point to see your future more clearly.

I know there is still lots to do…but to have a stronger sense of oneself is just what you need right now.  When you are fumbling around in the dark it isn’t any fun at all!  With this newly emerging breath through…you can feel more satisfied that are going to be just fine!

Continue to eliminate and clear out the bothersome clutter in many ways still as this will only enhance what is going on for you….but embrace more fully each day the Self-realizations.  You will actually SEE what is ahead..even if you are still doing the road trip to get there…it sure makes it much easier with a cleaner and crisper road map!  Follow the signs…life and your Guardians who watch over you are navigating you through things.  Follow that intuition and the signals life brings!

Intuition and connection to Spirit is going to LEAP this month…I tallied it to be around the 30% increase (throughout  layers/dimensions differently for each person of course) and this is quite significant!

Watch your nerve system this week…be sure to support it with plenty of rest and down time.  Be outside if you can and if not, take quiet time often.  Even in your work day you will need to sneak off and have some quiet time for proper balance of rest and work.

Solar plexus is indicated this week so deep breathing is necessary and proper foods/nutrition.  The plexus in the 3rd chakra is a mighty powerful nerve centre and it is sensitive to the environment, to other people, noise and such.  Do your aura strengthening and build up your chakra system with proper meditations and colour visualizations.  Okay?  Let’s get going now..this month is a doozy !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – April 25th to May 1st, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Wrapping up the last week of April and you are probably wondering to yourself….”where is this all going?”… Here you are doing your practice, studies or perhaps right now your planning on what you wish to be or do in this life, but pondering the direction and outcome.  Let’s put this into a greater perspective now so that you feel confident and hopeful of your direction in life.  Remember that good things do take some time!  The real substance of your thoughts are definitely in the works and coming together nicely.  Be rest assured of that…YOU have a purpose!

Remind yourself that MIND and your INSPIRATIONS are moving in vibration a lot faster than the physical world does so it often appears like “nothing is happening” or that you are not seeing the manifestation of your thoughts.  But actually that is not quite true.  With you concerted effort and practice upon the advancement of your soul consciousness and it’s application into the world…you ARE moving yourself in the right direction.  QUALITY and DEPTH are what is important so that you are not just putting out something that soon fades.  Harness the power of your deeper mind and spiritual consciousness and draw forth the truth and intelligence behind that which you wish to do.

For example…if you are going to teach someone exercise, meditation, art, dance, therapies, just about anything….prepare your own self with the study of the underlying principles and meaning of that which you are teaching. Let people know the “meaning” behind that which they are undertaking and what the impact will be upon their physical body and energy bodies; their levels of consciousness and their personal growth.  If you are selling a product, convey the truth and meaning of the reason for that which you are transferring to them so that it does not just end up on a shelf somewhere abandoned.  With improved quality, depth of meaning and teaching involved in any transaction or exchange, everyone comes out better for it!

This is a good week for you to look deeply at what it is you wish to express into this world and why.  Motivate yourself to move more fully into the meaning of your own life and how that will leave it’s lasting mark upon the collective consciousness.  “Surface stuff” comes and goes….but Truth and Light, Knowledge conveyed, Education and healthy substances harmonized with the Earth’s Laws will last on throughout the course of time.

Whether young, middle aged or older, you need to examine and reflect this month’s end on just what your particular part in life is all about and why the mandate assigned to you was specifically written for your birth; specifically your soul purpose. It is very important to know these things and to get about the task of developing them.  Put your heart and soul into your mandate and you will then KNOW…where this is all going!

Enjoy a great week ahead!  Likely a busy one for you!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Update – April 18th to April 24th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

The stability of your root chakra and foundation is being challenged now due to the increasing energy coming down through your heart centre to TRUST that you are absolutely RIGHT in changing your life and embracing the new realizations of Self!  With all that has opened up over the last several weeks now you KNEW that there was going to be some testing on all of this and yes…you are in that testing  now.

What is being tested?  You are testing yourself to see if you Trust in the Plan of Soul purpose. You are still somewhat attempting to make a few excuses up only to find that there is no way out of going forward!  So the heart chakra has a few “child-like tender spots” that have come up for examination..but remember that this is all fine…there needs to be these final reassurances for yourself from the “parents” of Creation.  The Soul energy is so very bright and strong in and around you that your emotional body is needing some navigational support right now. It is best to talk this out with someone if you can take your concerns into the Inner Temple of your Heart to receive healing and guidance.

Support and networking..friends, family and trusted mentors are all very necessary during these times of ascension of consciousness so remember to speak up.  Integrating the 2 worlds in not always a “breeze” as we all well know so it is good to have contact with one or more who understand the process.

We have quite a powerful energy communication going on of late between the SUN and the EARTH which is stirring up and jarring many people to varying degrees.  The massive planet Jupiter (Will of Soul & Creation) alongside the energy of the moon and Leo (heart) are all pointing their powerful intentions of shifting you into the heart chakra and believe me…these are powerful drives from the Creative Plan!  What to do?  Embrace it completely and don’t fight your heart and the Will of the Soul!  BREATHE deeply and embrace peace.  Know that you are going to let go of the “trigger issues” can’ t keep on bouncing around with them any longer.  Emotional triggers must get into that resolution stage now.  Do yourself the biggest favour and explore your trigger and core issues now to resolve them once and for all.  This is the message of these particular stellar and planetary systems.

What’s the good news?  The good news is that you will be very happy with opening your heart to new experiences that originate in the pure essence of Love of Creator.  You will be able to enjoy more than just a few moments of goodness here and there…but instead create more permanent, long lasting experiences of joy in your life.  Be very resolved this week to CHOOSE that which is positive and good for you and for the greater good of the whole.

Mother Nature is blossoming with her Gifts…..reach out and touch them and show gratitude for the receipt of the many offerings that are coming your way!

Can you feel these new beginnings?  Enjoy!

In Light and in Peace,




Multiple Sclerosis

Energy Centre Focus: Tailbone Centre – Heart Centre

Endocrine Glands affected: Adrenals, thymus initially – focus on strengthening Pineal/Pituitary/Hypothalamus glands as well.

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: If you are suffering from this condition (whether in it’s early stages or a more progressed one) it is most beneficial to get to the root of the problem found within the subtle energy bodies and start to reverse any deterioration suffered towards the goal of unification between the body and the Soul in addition to an unconditional surrender to the Will of Creator.

Try to understand that buried within the lineage of your stream of Life consciousness one will find fragments of old thought patterns, feeling disharmonious to your body and false beliefs, that shifted you into a false separation perception from the Universal Source. This can be created by lifetimes of challenges to survive, experiences that made you turn away from love of life and the body, and a vast number of reasons that bring you to this point of time today in your life.

See this now as an opportunity to recreate your relationship between body and Soul. With that intention you can go a long way to achieve liberation from the pain and suffering and begin instead to celebrate a beautiful bond through love that can weave throughout your life from this day forward.

We all carry different fragments and challenges emotionally and mentally when we come into this world and often they are made further discordant due to the environment we grow up in. With this in mind, you can pause for a moment in reflection and perhaps realize that it is also in your power of Mind and Soul through LOVE to accelerate change and promote healing! You are a Son or Daughter of Creation and you CAN do a lot of good work to heal and thrive once again.

Relinquishing any old paradigm of your Ego identified control of life to the Will of your Soul is not easy…but once you get started you begin to actually feel your whole body resolves to find internal order again as well. Your physical body is an extension of that which you really are..a Being of Light and Divine Intelligence. The body and the world you find yourself in offers many opportunities to express the Divine in you and this is a good time to envelop them.

You are a very good Soul; a Loving Soul and it would seem that during your journey that somewhere along the way during previous lifetimes, the journey had some turbulent times of hardship causing a distaste for the physical world. The Love and Light of your core existence is now going to show you the way back to the original alignment of Universal Truth.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: The first thing you are going to do is step up in the Inner Temple to the “altar of your heart” in a meditation (below) and face the Truth; You are a Beautiful, Divine Soul”. Once you start engaging in the heart Centre you are going to find that old emotion arises and that you are going to be very honest and open within during these private moments. You are to acknowledge that you are open to the Soul’s pure loving guidance.

Giving yourself permission to be loved and to feel love will be Key. You will need training and teaching on the truth and understanding that your body is a a sacred gift from the energy substances of the Earth (Divine Mother) and that it is for your use for this lifetime and for your experience here. We put it back when we are done with it. While in use we treat it well and with good thoughts and love.

A new rhythm of energy will start to flow through you during the development of the path of reintegration between your body and your Soul. A beautiful harmonization will take place. You will actually start to FEEL the energy healing that comes from Source that CAN repair the myelin sheath that has undergone considerable stress and deterioration

You can visit your naturopath about the use of rich myelin building supplements and foods to support this goal of reintegration and repair.

The use of your imagination and visualization will need to be strengthened so that you can start using your MIND to repair the template of the nerve system. You can begin with that which is here and then for further help you can visit the various teachings of the World Healing Academy or the School of Etheric Healing.

Know that you are loved.

Guided Meditation:

Healing Stone: Blue Sapphires, Emeralds, Lemurian Seed Crystals and Singing crystals plus the use of Crystal Singing Bowls.

Ear (infections and hearing loss)

Energy Centre Focus: 4th (Heart Centre) – 3rd (Solar Plexus) – Vitality low in Tailbone Energy centre to Sacral/Sacrum Centre. Not enough energy to power up the system. Immune system compromised.

Endocrine Glands affected:
thymus, pancreas, (organ liver)

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:
You struggle with “fitting in” and being understood and so you choose to tune inward and tune out the world around you. You are sensitive to hear words and emotional outbursts from other and need peace and a structured life.

Words hurt as we all know and somewhere along the line words have hurt you. You need love and support to feel “wanted, needed and prefer to have a flow of give and take of communication in life.”

You are tired of hearing what’s wrong with you; what’s wrong in life. You can get irritated easily on this and don’t wish to be corrected anymore by anyone either. You would like to be accepted just as you are.

You may have a slight learning challenge socially and tend to be unable to cope with too much in your environment.

Time to feel the realms of LOVE and integrate positive change into your life! You need authentic friendship a nurturing supportive lifestyle.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: Take in the Beauty of life around you. Start to make sure that you get to do the many things in life that you wish to do. Focus on yourself and some joyful experiences scheduled into your week.

Be sure not to assume that everyone is the same for there are plenty of good people that would like to include you in their circle not because they have to but because they want to.

You need Solar plexus healing for the liver and pancreas connection (which is the thought processes through the Liver as well as the permission to create from the pancreas). Accept that yes…you may have limitations in life but you also can have big dreams and goals as well. Listen to the sounds of Nature and be in touch often.

Look for group discussions of interest that have a more all-inclusive attitude and approach. Join these.

Keep things simple for yourself and do the meditation below that will open up the channels of your ears! We will see how you enjoy the healing hands of the Worthy Master of the Inner Temple upon your ears! This in itself speaks volumes!

Guided Meditation: To be posted April 13/2016

Healing Stone: Amber, Calcite, Emeralds, Ametrine

Anxiety (Fear)

Energy Centre Focus: Tailbone Centre – Heart Centre

Endocrine Glands affected:
Adrenals, heart (organ) and thymus

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: We need to examine your whole life and determine just how you have felt since a child growing up, right on through to your current age. Usually it is found that feelings of inferiority, low self worth and a defeated feeling took a foothold early in spite of your good efforts. You have found that before your peers, colleagues and parents that you never seem to be “good enough”. These false beliefs can root deeply and yet when triggered come flying forth with intensity and sweeping overwhelm.

You are found to be quite intelligent and strong willed yet the underlying emotional uncertainty can take over with out any seemingly logical trigger.

Anxiety can become powerful if left to itself, so it is important that you begin to objectively assess the roots of it.

When one looks at the underlying emotion there is often seen a lack of emotional support in the developing stages of life and a “sinking” feeling in your stomach when you were let down; disappointed by others lack of attention and interest in you. This emotional repetitive condition in the developing years leaves you feeling empty in the solar nerve plexus and very sensitive. Challenges then arise when you are called upon to step up to present oneself for discussion, active involvement, speaking “one on one” or just having to speak in front of others.

The goal? Transform the old emotional lesions and embrace a fresh realization of your Self worth!

Counsel and Steps to Healing: First of all it is important to engage the purposeful and conscious act of breathing properly. This gives you the power to govern and reassure yourself if the need arise when anxiety and fear comes up. The breath is so very powerful that you can use it in cooperation with your MIND to overcome just about anything.

Meditation and deep breathing are then a very good place to start. Next you are going to re-evaluate your level of goodness in a honest and self loving way. You need to remind yourself that you are a “child of Creation” and that you are here on this earth for a definitive purpose and reason. Each person on this earth is here for a reason so it would be less than fruitful to consider yourself unworthy to task!

Find what you enjoy doing in life and give it your best. Try not to compare yourself to others because each of us have our own special Soul mandate and it would be most undesirable to be living in someone else’s shoes. Focus on your own personal expression and honour that.

Look back at the triggers of when you feel anxious and you will find that any present day anxiety has a trigger in you relating to the past. Ask yourself…”What situation in the past would cause this type of reaction in you?” Family? School? Friends? Parents? You will then need to examine their own level of conscious awareness, their lack of understanding and their insensitive nature often likely not known to them. If you can understand just where the other person was coming from, it is much easier to understand their ways, their words or actions towards you. Love, forgiveness and healing comes through understanding.

Embrace who you are now! Engage in your gifts and skills with enthusiasm and enjoy your own offering to life and the development for the greater good of all involved. You will gain greater confidence and realization that there is nothing to be afraid of anymore. You are a beautiful human being and Soul that must trust now in the Greater Plan of life!

Guided Meditation:

Healing Stone: Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Pearls, Citrine, Onyx, Amethyst, Aquamarine

Weekly Energy Updates – April 11th to April 17th, 2016

Hi everyone!

The energy this week starts out strong, slower and steady. It would be wise to pace yourself and practice your personal skill in governing and directing energy. This is a good week to create (or review) your long term goals, plans and projects with a focused eye. You will likely need to set aside time for this so that you are not distracted and have a chance to sit down and reflect on the tasks ahead of you.

No need to rush into anything this week but certainly have a look at opportunities. The Worthy Master in the Inner Temple reminds all of us that your life is to be in harmony with Universal Laws; your mandate…to the fullest expression of your own personal Self. That would mean then for us this Spring…that we think, map out and reflect further on how this should all unfold.

If you have the time, use it for tidying up your work, home, office and feel the freshness of a clear space in front of you. Then set down your notes, reflections, plans and a pen & paper in front of you. Time to see all of it with a new set of “eyes”. What? What I mean by that is you may have missed something or not seen all the wonderful possibilities. This is a good week to ENGAGE with the Higher consciousness; with the Greater Intelligence within, and to see other angles and perspectives on your life. Can you feel the bigger picture growing?

Question…have you meditated and thought about the impact of your life’s choices on others? How will your choices affect other people in your life and others you are still to meet? You are an ENERGY CELL of the Creator and everything you think and do impacts upon the Greater Whole. How would you like that to look?

There are some very powerful forces working with you that are assigned to help bring out the very best in you and the human race. With the energy you put in this week to delving deeper into your own plans…we are assured that you will be duly rewarded.

To that end…get out your day timer schedules now…and mark down that you are going to have some “ME” time this week…hopefully today or tomorrow…and enjoy the process of “PERSONAL REFLECTION” on the furthering of your Soul purpose!

I love these THINKING weeks! The energy is so powerful, logical, inspiring, full for a stronger foundation and the building of a framework.

In Light and in Peace,


April Message & Super New Moon in Aries April 7th!

planets-890x300Message From Spirit – April 2016 –

“Wake up, Wake’s Spring” ! Your Higher consciousness is not out there somewhere but is found right inside of your MIND and extends Itself throughout your many dimensional expressions. Truly grasp what your environment; your own personal world is reflecting back to you…then look beyond and grasp what the entire physical manifestation of Life is reflecting back to you that you can learn and grow from.

New Year consciousness, during this cycle of Spring, stirs you to look back to your roots; your origin of when you had just begun to exist. This cycle calls out to you to look at where you were birthed from in the Universal sense and see what the Life stream is all about.

Your more recent shifts of consciousness have afforded you the time for reflection to figure out that you are quite uncomfortable with the state of limbo; having neither the desire to go backwards nor the will power and empowerment to go forward. Or do you? Perhaps you in fact DO have the power and courage to go forward and j need some support and guidance along the way.

You have awakened from the slumber of a long winter cycle (and energy time of introspection) to find yourself with emerging powers and vitality starting to move through your stellar veins underlying your physical energy meridians. The power is there and you are not quite sure what to do with it. It feels so powerful ..much like having a powerful engine placed in your car that you know belongs on a racetrack but instead you need to learn to navigate it through a busy city!

The power you have inside of you MUST be harnessed and governed by you because it is not going to be pushed back down now! It has emerged and the momentum is growing. Does Nature just stop the buds on trees from growing into blossoms? No…of course not And your energy is inside of you and has begun to push it’s way up through the chakras and it is causing some disturbances AND causing you to feel thrilled with it’s arrival at the same time!

During the period of vibrational change in the last several weeks and even months…you could feel the rumblings inside of you and you experienced the sudden bursts of enlightenment from time to time (like the baby kicking inside the mother’s womb) but now the forces are coming on much stronger much like labour pains just prior to birth. Nothing is going to stop that baby from being born.

Now much like parents are taught to prepare their lives and a room for the baby including the bed, play area, educational plans, nurturing, eating habits, scheduling and the restructuring of their own lives as they know the baby will permanently change them, YOU must be doing your absolute best for preparation and reordering for your own Spiritual Birth!

Some of you have started and others are still painting walls in the nursery!

If you are ill-prepared for your own Soul (baby) energy arrival, you will get overwhelmed, confused, psychically mixed up, tired, cranky, irritable and weepy. If you structure yourself with the newly printed schedule that is being handed to you, you become confident, focused, well adjusted, more conscious and deeply connected.

We repeat to you right now that you are no longer on the old schedule; old paradigm You cannot go backwards and you must go forward with the understanding that things will not be the same that they were. You’ve already changed. You have dropped in some cases, many layers of the old animal body habits, passions, appetites and ways of complacency and shifted up to an eagerness to learn and to grow exponentially within the Bosom of the All; the Mind of the All and the Universal Body of the All.

If you insist on sleeping in too long when Spirit is telling you that the time cycle has changed…we will have to start the DAY without you and you won’t like that as you will then have to catch up. There are many chores and responsibilities being assigned right now as well as many glorious realizations of the Worlds around you…physical and non-physical. Many of you will be discovering the Earth Beauty for the first time while others will not only be examining the Beauty of the Divine Mother as Earth but the Divine Mother and Divine Father of LIFE!

Multi-complex is the nature of the Universe and you will have a growing opportunity to investigate it all. What are the limitations? There really aren’t any if you organize yourself well and be prepared to reorder and re-fire during this new Spring timeline. Old Habits and outside influences must be abolished now for investment instead in those Mind, Body and Soul feeding experiences that keep you uplifted and joyful!

If you examine what you are doing now each day and find something to be amiss..then it is out of Order and must be changed. Remember that YOU are the Master within and it is YOU that will dictate the order of things in alignment with the Order of the Universe. The evolving personality will have to get used to being subservient to the Mind of the All.

The many Angelic Ones, Ascended Masters and Worthy Guardians that are with you, supporting you are quite prepared to engage with you for further study and reflection. If you decide to take the time to work into the Higher Temples of the Inner Planes of Spiritual consciousness, they are there to enhance and enlighten you on many aspects of your personal Soul journey. You are not alone.

Be clear on that which you wish to engage in and this will open unto Thee.

Establish your commitment to Self and Speak it out loud; Speak it within your heart. Use the powers of your Throat Centre and Mind to establish your new routines and directives. Pathwork around the mountain at the neck and shoulders until you see the illumination occur at the top of the mountain in response to your efforts. There is a Light that shine forth from the top of the Mountain and it’s calling you!

Worthy Ones, be aware that your life is not to be a mundane existence of slavery and labour. You were never designed for this by the Hand and Mind of Creator. You established some habits that drove you into this slumber and now that you have awakened, it is time to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine of the Living Day. We gently and yet firmly, wake each of you up now from a sleepy time. You would not wish to miss out on anymore opportunities such as this one. Do all that you can to invest time and energy into the advancement of your Soul consciousness. That is what is important and the many around you will benefit from it.

Don’t “dilly dally” with frivolous entertainment of the wiles of mankind that distorts and disturbs, instead you must come to understand just how much LIFE there is in you. Life that is not limited to one sacred spot on earth alone but inclusive of many. Go beyond your dream state; beyond the fixations you have had on matter now and embrace the New Kingdoms; and Bring “Spirit to Earth” inside of you. Unfold that which you have not seen for a long time. It is worth it.

Conscious travels! Class Master

Weekly Energy Updates – April 4th to April 10th, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Enough of the limitations and false beliefs already!! I’m sure you are as eager and I am to have a strong and very thorough governing power expressed through your throat chakra that will transform (and finally end) the false beliefs and the ages-old paradigm of struggle. Welcome to the Spring cycle of 2016!! This is the energy cycle where the “sloughing” off of the old dead skin of pain and suffering in our lives takes place and where your consciousness shifts more deeply and permanently into the new!

This week will be more organized for you and satisfying than you think if you really look at each day carefully. Be sure to take your time examining each experience, opportunity and choice as there are some very subtle energies helping you that you wouldn’t want to miss. The difference between the old paradigm and new is CONSCIOUSNESS. You are so quickly moving out of the old systems that you are like a “kid in a candy shop” looking at your life and all the potential you have. Sit down this week and go over it. Take counsel if you must with one who has another set of “eyes” to help you. You are to make some very powerful decisions and choices in your life this week and none of this is taken lightly.

With the amazing last few weeks of energy shifting, you find yourself now with the week ahead asking you what you wish to do? Reflect on this and make your choices. Keep the momentum going. You need to pull yourself up and out of the influences that are not healthy for you and leave behind the repetition/limitation that mimics the chatter of the old ways. Recognize these things and dispose of them.

There are so many Ascended Masters, Angelic Ones and Higher powers that are engaged to help you with your path of study, self realization and personal enlightenment, that you just need to show intent. Making good decisions now about your pursuit of Spiritual integration ensures that doors will be flung open to you by the “team” of Angelic Ones welcoming you!

This is a CHANGE week. will be making some big changes and you will likely not recognize yourself by the end of it! You will be so very pleased with yourself when you take that big step and say to yourself YES…enough already…I embrace the totality of my inner Presence; my Inner Light. I welcome change and change my schedule, program and thoughts of limitation now to make space for this new expression of my Truth and Light.

Great week ahead…Take your eyes OFF just the physical world alone and SEE with your true eyes that can pierce the veils of illusion and see your true enlightened path!

In Light and in Peace,

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