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Weekly Energy Updates – January 12th to January 18th, 2015

Hi everyone!

Let us first sit back and reflect for a moment on the opening days here of January 2015 and give yourself credit for putting forth your visions, goals, dreams & ideas for the coming year.  You want to have positive change and that’s the first step!

Now we are moving into a shift this week where the THROAT CHAKRA qualities need to be applied in order to give you a stronger nudge on your path towards attainment and success of your plans for the coming year.  You are to be aware of the APPLICATION this week of:

*  Personal Discipline

* Responsibility and Dedication to task

* Speaking up and Personal Expression

* Creativity and Visualization

* Discernment

* Governing and Directing of your Energy

The powerful shift pressures you in areas of scheduling, personal time and engaging in those activities that support your goals.  I have to tell you that this week is very important as we have just passed the 21 day period post Solstice when you were given time to reflect on yourself, the changes that need to be made and to feel where you are uncomfortable in your life that prompts you to make change.  You have been likely squirming a bit over the last 3 weeks trying to coordinate the new template for yourself.

Okay…21 days are now up…so you need to start putting these things into practice. Be very diligent about it this week and there are no excuses.  No more squirming or saying you don’t know…you DO know how gifted and amazing you are…you just need to take that next step !!!

This is your week…let’s see you take action!  Nice deep breath in…and make that call, write that paper, draw, dance, design, speak, exercise…whatever it is you need to do…now is the time.  The change can be very radical in some and more subtle for others..but change it is. Let the SPIRITUAL MIND OF THE THROAT CHAKRA centre kick into action.  It will be the best choice you could make this week!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – January 5th to January 11th, 2015

Happy New Year to each of you!

2015 is the year of Resolution, Goal Setting & Manifestation.  It is a year when you reflect on what you have learned from the past and are now willing to integrate that knowledge into positive changes for the “now” and the future!  It is an important year for the MIND to truly begin to create and direct energy through concentration and personal development.  Focusing on your own goals without letting go or giving up requires support.  Be sure to ask for that support from others as well as give it.   The energy this week starts you off with a big “PUSH” towards to your spiritual development and EDUCATION:

for Enlightenment

D for Determination

U for Understanding

C for Consciousness (higher)

A for Attainments

T for Temperance

I for Imagination

O for Open Mind

N for Neutralizing Conflict

This may help you in the theme of things this week.  There is energy behind these words so perhaps you can reflect on them once to twice this week at least.

One thing that I wish to truly get across to each of you is that,  to help overcome your fears, insecurities and worries that may “pop” in and try to distract you from your heart filled desire to do very well this year, KNOW the Angelic Hierarchy & Team is very present with you.  Meditate on that.  To see the realms filled with such glorious support, love and encouragement is truly a sight to see.  Every Soul is important; everyone one of you are being helped.  When one is successful; we all succeed.

Have a great week and stay focused..deep breathing..head up & eyes forward !

In Light and in Peace,


p.s. the FULL Moon of Sunday Jan 4th continues to effect just for a couple of days here at the start of the week.  It’s shaking out the old core emotions for you…objectively have a look at your reactions and use that information to make positive change.


Weekly Energy Updates – December 29th, 2014 to January 4, 2015

Hi Everyone!

This is the week of transition between 2014 and 2015 with each of you thinking and reflecting on what you wish to see change for yourself in the coming year.  You are naturally thinking about family as well and perhaps are “wishing” for certain things to happen. Let’s see just how the Universal energy supports your way of thinking!

The shift after Solstice time moves each of us into a “search” mode.  We can feel in our hearts certain things that we need and we are searching for greater satisfaction in life; deeper if you will. You are desirous of external changes/manifestations to take place and you are set on using internal functions now in order to attain many goals during the coming year.  This is good!

For this week you are to quietly muse over things, make notes to self, look around and see what is best suited for you to do in the coming year…and generally get organized while purging the old from your life.  It’s a good week to clean out the “house” both physical house and detox of the body.  Try not to get into the hype of New Year’s Eve celebrations that are very much on the surface of TRUTH anyway.  The real time for you to celebrate New Year”s will be in the Spring Equinox time of March, 2015.  This week is a calendar change and warrants you making plans to say goodbye to 2014 and plan for 2015.

Reflect this week on the year past and remember to express GRATITUDE to the “All”; the God of your Heart for that which you did learn and spiritually grow from.  Be sure to review your experiences and choices for there is plenty of rich knowledge for you to store inside of you because of it.  Forgive yourself and others…as we are all learning and growing and may not always make the best decisions.

Best of all this week…have the “eyes of a Child of the Universe”...wondrous eyes that are curious and open to the Light and Love of the Cosmic!  You are a son or daughter of Creation and the energy this week from the Angelic Hierarchy is so very present with you..helping you by trying to impress positive thoughts upon your open mind!  Take time to reflect on all the good changes that the year ahead will bring to you!

Enjoy this week…be balanced…no extremes.

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – December 22nd to December 28th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

With the Solstice energies supporting us going into the week, we need to take a deep account and assessment of our lives now and understand completely that what you are engaging in now is truly structuring your spring 2015 manifestations.  Reflect on the word:  STRUCTURING.  That is the key to this discourse.  Solstice energies re-capitulate the lower to higher worlds into Spiritual consciousness.  This is truly an enlightening time for us all!

Walk through a reflective time of love and forgiveness to yourself and others during this time as well.  You’d be amazed at how much healing will be taking place at this time for you.   This is a slowing down time for each of us and you are to try your best not to get caught up in the frenzy of activities that overwhelm and exhaust.  The opposite is more palatable to you!  A new cycle has begun!

Energy healing and meridian work/chakra work is a great tool to be engaging in for your personal healing and spiritual growth so don’t forget to put time aside for this!  Nature, with her powerful healing ways, will also be a great contribution to your overall good health and well being.  Don’t forget about the stars too!  The stars in the night sky are beautiful to gaze upon as they are the Divine Intelligences’ shining down upon you with wise counsel as you wrap up the end of the year.

The energy this week can be very structural for you if you permit it.  Adhere to a schedule and include for yourself time spent in meditation and all will be well.  When you reflect on the past years activities, stay objective with lots of love for yourself in your evaluation.  Things change; people change.  Know that you are swiftly evolving out of the old and into the new.  Enjoy and experience the many, many Blessings of the Cosmic!  Be confident that the changes you are implementing are in Divine Order!

In Light and in Peace,




“During the Time of Solstice…

Worthy Master..What Dost Thou wish to bestow upon each of the listening ears this day…to those gathered…the Sons and Daughters of Creation that seek truth justice and a Light shone upon their path in order for each of them to return to Divine felicity?

Worthy Master Responds: It is deep in your own consciousness that your Realization of Self and the true meaning of your existence is stored…The Divine is in each one of you and at this sacred time of year, your attention turns to finding and rediscovering for yourself just who you are and where you originate from.

Every part of you is asking for the TRUTH…every one of you is seeking for truth, as the injustices upon the face of the earth are confusing and does mire your vision. You often do not know which way to turn for answers thus at this time you are to set your focus and reflective thoughts on going within. For it is within you that you will find your path to will find the true nature of your Soul.

Each winter solstice time, you feel some strange vibrations moving throughout your cerebral expression and you find yourself curious as to the nature of their electro magnetic qualities. These are waves of Divine Intelligence reaching your Mind…they stir and prompt responses from you. They cause synaptic relay stations to arc in your neural pathways of the brain… in response to their touch. The Rays of incoming energy move to purge your old thought processes and false beliefs, illusion and mis-truths from you and brighten the receptor sites for incoming TRUTH.

Truth in life brings confidence, worthiness..reason to set goals and dreams. Truth is like a bright light shining in front of you creating a path in your life. Truth is something that you must have… lest you be gripped by insecurity and fear.

Truth will set you free..liberate your from the confines of suffering and misery caused by the oppressive thoughts and actions by both yourself and others around you.

The liberation upon finding your Truth is an exalted one…the heart bursts forth in Love of the truth of Life and the energy systems sing..they truly sing in response and thus the importance of having alignment to the primordial nature of the Sounds of the Universe.

Solstice is a time to engage with the sound currents and chords of magical notes of the Cosmos. The harmonizing to the Music of the Spheres are uplifting and bring many moments of Bliss. This in turn inspires you to seek further… for once tasting the interface between the Divine Spirit and your Truth seeking Ego body, you crave more and thirst more and will not be satisfied until you have returned to a wholesomeness and unified state of BEING.

At this time…each of you as a Child of Creation, have the right to seek and to find this Truth. It is within your true nature..your true identity of Self. Do not hesitate any longer to find your own TRUTH.

The TRUTH of your identity is in fact what expresses your Soul Purpose and Soul Mandate assigned to you for this particular lifetime. Upon registration of this upon your awakened rise each day at dawn in pursuit of expressing it.

Realization of Self..realization of Truth…will unfold during and post solstice with a path of clarity…..creating a schematic….a map….which you can follow. Trust yourself to then follow the yourself to live upon the road map of pathworking your spiral of ascension and you will be fulfilled.

During your time in the cycle of Solstice…ask within to be shown the Truth..the true nature an plan of your Soul….your Master blueprint. You will discover just how special and unique you are. For just like 2 snowflake that are never alike…each one of you are unique and have your own special blueprint. By moving into your heart centre and up through the heart into your Mind and Soul…you will see TRUTH.

Choose to engage this process throughout solstice and you will not be disappointed for it is not a game but a UNIVERSAL LAW that is infallible. The Universal Laws are governing this directive and you shall find that Truth seeks you as much as you seek it.

The magnetic interface rushes through you as LOVE…for the LOVE in your heart is what is urging you forward…that devotional heart that desires to be as ONE with the Divine within you.

May you find peace and comfort in the fact that your can TRUST in Universal Law and the First Principle of Love and Principle of TRUTH.

Trust now…put absolute TRUST in your surrender to the Divine within Thee…Cosmic Blessings to All…

The Master of the Temple.

Weekly Energy Updates – December 15th to December 21st, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Solstice week is here! That means you have some preparation to do…or in fact…you should know that you are IN the preparation as it has already begun.  The triggers, issues, reactions are all happening and need to happen in order to get any old residues up to the surface for examination.  The clearing is important so that the CHALICE (which is you) is prepared to receive the many Blessings, spiritual insights and self-realizations of the Solstice time!

This week the energy is both active and passive..meaning I know you all have plenty to do and to get cleared up/done before the holidays…but passive in that you must LISTEN and LEARN from what the experiences of late are teaching you!  Throughout this week (active) you will find an inner determination and drive to correct, change, modify and grow.  Good!  Seems challenging to get all the external regular family, work, holiday activities done while doing so much spiritual integration but it can be done; it must be done.  This is the final week before the Solstice time when you will be asked to settle back and pull your energies back into yourself when entering the next cycle which is a slowing down period.

What you get organized and settled this week will prove to be very beneficial to you in the days and weeks ahead.  With this in mind you had best stick to a plan.  Many people are not quite ready to engage any sort of holiday energy as they seem out of alignment with it…that’s because it’s not really a holiday but instead a very sacred and special time of the Universal cycles where we are given many spiritual opportunities and Blessings.

Be a part of the “spiritual & mystic” group rather than the excessive group that gets all frenzied up and carried away with this consumer/merchant driven time of year.  Play your role in this quietly and peacefully but ensure you spend adequate time alone and in reflection this week gaining significant realizations about your personal journey and spiritual path.

Lots more to say…will hold thoughts over to next week.  Enjoy the week ahead and don’t forget to acknowledge the solstice cycle offerings…truly we are Blessed!

In Light and in Peace,


Winter Solstice healing & guided meditation event this Friday, December 19th, 2014 in Toronto at the Trinity Church…detail on website: Dec 19th Web-2

Weekly Energy Updates – December 8th to December 14th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Wasn’t that a challenging full moon over the last few days? Most people reported feelings of “disconnection”, deep review of issues they have been holding for years, early childhood memories, and difficulty sleeping.  Okay…we did get an “energy shakedown” no doubt…but now this week it is time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move forward into a stronger sense of yourself.  Yes..a STRONGER sense of yourself…more centred and empowered.  This is a good week to re-energize!

I know that many are not yet connecting with any sort of holiday spirit for the month, so to correct this, it’s best to start your alignment to more joyful thoughts, emotions and positive experiences from WITHIN.  This week you would like to “go within” and bond in your own heart and Soul first….from there you will find it much easier to hold the Light and radiance outward towards others and to embrace your friends and family.  Someone needs to take the lead on this and since you are the one reading this blog, then I would have to ascertain that it is going to be YOU !

Being the Spiritual Leader in your own family and Soul group can be challenging…but very rewarding too as you feel positivity grow amongst those you love. Many are feeling so very lost that if you lead with a bright spark of direction, hope, encouragement and reassurance, it makes for better days ahead.  You see the energy this week is ALL OF THAT!  The Angelic Hierarchy is certainly aware of our needs and are offering many, many opportunities to help you to tap into the goodness and Light within yourself and within the greater matrix of Creation.  When you align into this first, then you radiate this out and others too will find their way.  Hold the Light!

To reach this for yourself, take time each day this week to do some deep breathing and visualization of the Soul’s Light above your head (crown) pouring forth its Light & Love into  the top of your head and through your body.  If you breathe with can actually feel it being distributed throughout your body.  Do enjoy the many offerings this week of positive energy that will certainly bring YOU hope, joy, peace and encouragement!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – December 1st to December 7th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Here we are at the 1st of a new month with 21 days now to go until Winter Solstice (summer in the southern hemisphere).  With this in mind, many of you are going to consciously start your 21 day cleanse to prepare you for the energy initiation of Solstice time when the veils between dimensions are thinner and our access to the High heart energy (internal Christed consciousness of the 1st Principle of Divine Love) is there to help you lift up to higher levels of Self! Incredible time always…we have a chance to get out of our slumber, our old habits and ways…and instead come up for air and breathe deeply on the offerings of Truth and Light.  Solstice is a time when the “animal self” is peaceful and the Heart is powerful and you become more and more of your “internal Christed Self permanently!

The 21 days preceding solstice is a time when “things come up”.  These things have already begun as of yesterday and they reveal to you those nagging issues, irritations and often unpleasant surprises that must be cleared out and thoroughly transformed.  How? Your MIND and your INTENTIONS are going to be VERY, VERY STRONG this week!  Oh yes!  This is a great week to put to rest the nonsense that has plagued you in so many ways and to stabilize and strengthen the positive traits & experiences of your life!  Not only that…you will be drawing to yourself many, many MORE positive experiences and opportunities throughout the weeks ahead and surprise yourself with the differences you are observing now about life.  This will be called the “wow” time!  LOL.

Strong and focused energy detoxing, internal cleanses with diet, lots of water, good choices and the permanent elimination of habits and activities that drag you down are all in order at this time..and they will continue for a few weeks…so enjoy watching your life get better!

As you take your deep breaths this day….head high and heart & mind full of anticipation…know that each time you put one foot in front of the other this week, you are getting closer and closer to integration between you and your individuated Soul Self!  Feels very good…enjoy the week ahead and recognize that the Universe does bring pleasant surprises to the Sons and Daughters of Creation…(p.s.  that’s us !)

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – November 24th to November 30th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

New Moon energy is at your back now and you just passed through a change over the weekend.  It became a little confusing for some as the energy would waffle between providing you a lot of energy to get things done… to heading you towards the couch for a nap! That being said, we enter this new week now on some “silver lining” energy which means positive support from your Universal alignments both subtle and obvious!  Always after a New Moon you feel like you would like something to “start happening”….something that weaves into your own intentions & directives…well it is happening this week!

You have long been asked to keep your focus and try your best at setting goals both large and small that will help you build momentum on your Spiritually infused life here on earth. Do a review of these goals today and see where you would like to put your efforts.  Reminder to be content with what you choose and address it more fully.  For eg. if you are in the midst of personal changes at home…then focus there.  If you are inclined to develop a project for your work or hobby…take it there. Whatever you choose the Universal energies provided this week are on track to be your wings.

Have a look during this post New Moon time of November to scan ahead at 2015 because it IS just around the corner.  Solstice is only a few weeks away and then you will enter a new year.  Gear up now and make your plans on just how you are going to engage the transition between this year and next.  Remember too that Spring 2015 will be quite an incredible time of manifestation of your soul purpose so the next few months are critical. Continuous effort and focus on your individuated expression..your own true Creative Self is key!

We build up our efforts and energy focused on the development of our personal projects over the next 3 to 4 weeks because after solstice (December 21st) you are going to go into a period of rest and reflection. Yes..even through the holiday time.  You will wish to settle and not be inclined to noise and over stimulation…not at all.  More on that later.

Enjoy this week…steady like the turtle but with a painted belly of colourful energy from the Universe hand gliding you along in the right direction !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – November 17th to November 23rd, 2014

Hi Everyone!

This is the day that the portal to abundance has opened up and you begin to access the aspects of yourself; your powers that were inaccessible to you due to false belief, illusion and energy synapse not being present. Remember that you are in a spiritual spiral upwards into different vibrations of Universal existence that one could previously only dream of understanding or believing they could tap into. Believe it now.

When one is in a rut or trough of an endless karmic wheel of repetitive expression, it is no wonder that they feel they can only “wish” for better things to come.   In fact, the “wishing” also becomes a part of the repetitive karmic pattern etched into your brain and lower mind processes.

Now the shifts in consciousness has enabled us the opportunity to look up into the dawning and opening of a new portal of Light that brings us into previously unknown inner powers of creating and manifesting that which we need to experience here on earth for the betterment of our lives and the greater whole of mankind.  Abundance expresses itself in many ways..oh yes..inclusive of material resources (money). but even more so the expansion of one’s own self in such areas as love, joy, creative outlets, communication, building, processing self realizations, clarity of MInd..and incredible access to your inner store house of Wisdom.

Abundance feels like a rushing wave of Light and vibration that begins to pass in and through our chakra lenses on ALL levels of our being..thus changing who we currently are.  Previous doldrums and feelings of entrapment flush out now as your emotional and physical life begins to now MATCH UP…in an INTERFACE  with the Mind and the Will of your Soul.  This includes a “match up” and catching up with, those thoughts, desires and dreams that you have held in your own personal mind.   You see…please understand that the emotional and physical worlds move slower and need these portal “lines ups” to take place to catch up to the full symphony and co-ordinates of your Mind and Will.  Finally this is now beginning to occur.   People have complained that “nothing is happening”…they create, see in their own minds, have good intention…but nothing manifests. This is due to the lack of lining up between all 4 worlds that has been the predominant experience most people have been having.

This is the week your energy bodies start to dance together in a better rhythm..a more coordinated dance…the portal only just opened in the early a.m. today…so permit it to expand and expand more and more in the days and weeks ahead.  Just say to yourself..thank goodness!  Each of you are on the way up the spiral….the spiritual ascension climb and yes…picking up at each nodal point the offerings and opportunities afforded you by the Cosmic !

Enjoy this wonderful realization..!

In Light and in Peace,


p.s. I am recording at 11:00 a.m. EST time zone the Inner Temple synaptic alignment to help each of you have a better conscious understanding and to experience this in guided meditation.  If you wish to participate…long distance…register here:   (cut and paste into your browser)

You can play it at any time…Kathy


Weekly Energy Updates – November 10th to November 16th, 2014

Hi Everyone!   I am very happy to announce that we are in an amazing cycle of opportunity…please keep the handrails up on both sides of you so that there are NO distractions…keep side blinders on and look ahead of you !

After last Thursday’s FULL MOON…we started immediately into an amazing cycle on November 7th…which continues to be open for each of us for a few weeks.  Will keep you up on details as we go.  The “letting go” over the last several days brings us now to this week and the energy influences you are going to be dealing with.

This week you get assistance from the Inner Temple today (the Spiritual Healing Temple from which the World Healing is done) to bring out the Inner Wisdom in you.  To truly capture your gifts with profound acknowledgement and without hesitation to lock down on your awareness of your gifts and don’t let go.  Like the powerful jaws in Natures finest animals, birds or fish…your own jaw (symbolism of your THROAT CHAKRA POWER)…will not give up it’s focus once taken hold.  Let’s simplify this:

This week..your Throat Centre (5th) which has the qualities of Higher Mind, responsibility, personal discipline, discernment, powerful focus, realization of Higher creative gifts you have, as Teacher, healer and honourable one…..will begin to lock into position in your life in harmony with the love and passion in your heart.

It is time to PICK UP YOUR SWORD of Truth and dedicate yourself to your own authentic expression.  No waiting game here…no rug being pulled out. The pure and simple truth of this energy cycle is that you MUST be clear on what you are transforming and letting go of…and then you MUST engage this new cycle starting now.

What you decide right now will be the foundation of your Spring, 2015. This is a great week then to invest energy into your own Self.  That’s right..YOU.  Never mind the distractions of retailers and fanciful temptations…put your resources into meaningful investments in yourself. You won’t regret it at all.  Wrap up loose ends this week and engage the new projects. Lots of energy available for you to do this. Big boost for you from the Inner Temple!  The Angelic team celebrates with you…!

In Light and in Peace,

If you are uncertain how to perform the “letting go” ceremony…and the re-creation of Self…the “Hit the Reset” Button workshop is available from Saturday, November 8th’s full day event.  Be prepared to have a journal ready and experience healing, transformation and initiation through guided meditations that I have recorded.

Register here:

See website:



Weekly Energy Updates – November 3rd to November 9th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Full Moon energy this week, November 6th so you will need to be prepared to clean up  further a few outstanding tidying up after the unruly guests have left the party (old paradigm that left in October – last week).  There is a simple and straightforward clean up this week.

Question for reflection…what did you gain insight on about yourself last week?  If you reflect on this you will find that not only did you truly identify, pinpoint, grasp and wrestle out an old illusion and shadow that has been gripping you….but you also have ascertained and harnessed a strong lifeline that will be pulling you up even stronger into your own Soul purpose and mandate!!  Such good things really isn’t it? Very transformational time for all!  Let’s keep it going over the cycle now.

This last clean up and “reset” is spread out over the next 14 days approx…and you will need to be on top of matters during the reestablishment time.  Remember that your body, emotions and intellectual thoughts are ALL looking at you as the MASTER who will tell them what to do to serve you best.  You are looking for ORDER in your life to Universal Law so that your life will run smoothly.  This is the time when you are working out your leadership skills, planning, organization, implementation and action on your new directives.  Kind of like the army of men and women inside of you lining up facing you in full stance awaiting your command!  Be a LEADER now in your life!

The gaining momentum of changes and actualization of the TRUE Self is heartwarming and overwhelming in a positive way….maybe you will see that when you catch yourself smiling when you think about how far you have come!  Keep your projects simplified…meaning be careful that you don’t OVER DETAIL things to a point of exhaustion.  that’s not necessary.  The balance and equilibrium is reemerging now from inside of you….so use this as a barometer or gauge to what is to be tweeked and modified.

Make sure your family is not overwhelmed this week either…keep directives, plans simple and ensure there are break times as well.  Rest is required during this clean up full moon energy.  Best advice?  Pace yourself..but keep momentum forward.  No extremes please..that is how one wears themselves out and catches colds, etc.

*** New thing…the Inner Temple each Monday will now start sending out to you special energies to help you along.  I am pleased to announce that I am a part of a “delivery” system from the Inner Temple of Healing & Wisdom to each one connecting to this page.  Today..receive the golden ball of power into your hands!  Close your eyes and see if you can feel this being put into your hands!  Have a great week!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – October 27th to November 2nd, 2014

Hi everyone!

Whirlwind changes in your life over the past few weeks no doubt !  The partial solar eclipse & New Moon from last Thursday has opened up many possibilities for each of you and has taken your baggage out of your hands…you know..the heavy suitcases of old karma carryover that you have been burdened with.  Those bags have been taken from you and now with this feeling of “lightness” and perhaps a little uncertainty…you go forward!  What does freedom feel like for you?  It likely does bring a little confusion because you have been so used to repetitive patterns of the same old; same old..that you are not quite sure what to do with this liberation of Self!  Well here’s the good news…it is up to you now to co-design and co-create from this new space you find yourself in. Amazing!

Along this theme, you now find yourself with a very special spot from inside of you, radiantly shining outwards looking for manifestation.  You are to reflect on your gifts..your talents..your Divinely invested assets in yourself and acknowledge them.  The next step is to take some action.  This week is a re-shuffling week of sorts.  You need to re-organize your schedule, framework and course of action..because what you are doing over the next 2 to 3 weeks will DICTATE THE EXPERIENCES YOU HAVE IN SPRING, 2015.  This is very important to note…so I will repeat…be aware of what you are co-creating this week…because it will be the platform of your spring, 2015 successes..okay? Perfect !

So roll up your sleeves..identify what’s in and what’s out…and take some action. If you are to understand yourself more clearly…take a step back and look at the bigger purpose..the big picture of yourself. This will have emphasis on what is really IMPORTANT in your life.  Take a strong stance in your principles..adhere to Universal Law…slough off the riff-raff energy of wasting time, money and any distraction from your precious dedication to your enlightened path…and get on with the most beautiful soul mandate at hand !

Do your meditations, yoga, walking, hiking, singing, toning, affirmations, good cooking, removal of toxins, additions of positive energy in any form and add LOVE to your life….all this?  Sure…pick something from the list and get at it!  Enjoy your week have started a new cycle after the most powerful New Moon & Solar eclipse…we have had in a long time.  This cleared out so many old emotions so that the Sun’s Light could pierce you deeply with arrows of love!  Cosmic Blessings!

In Light and in Peace,



New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse today – October 23rd, 2014

HI Everyone!

The Stars…our own Sun…is particularly active right now with solar flares and today…a partial Solar Eclipse during the New Moon. We are under the influence of the constellations Libra and Scorpio, both of which direct our attention to bringing balance to our inner waters (emotions, sexual energy, relationships).  Libra will dictate to you balance with your financial affairs, collective world economics and a “state of affairs” globally when combined with the Solar and Lunar energies this day.

Today is a gift for each of us from the STARS….during the Solar eclipse time (and even building up to it 3 days before…3 days after) our SUN is charging up it’s life giving energy and directing it into your own shadows, illusions and false beliefs to reveal to you that which is burying you like a heavy wet blanket.  By doing this, you feel the need to push up…and cast the blanket aside so that you may enjoy the benefits of the Universal Love energy that the SUN…your HEART CHAKRA REPRESENTATION….offers you now!

This day you will be enlightened…attain some self realization…likely more so than you ever have before!  The Aha!!  Got it !!! responses will be leading the way.  Recognize this….emotions and mental states in people have been very erratic of late with confusion, depression, overwhelm and such…why?  The blanket is too heavy! The weight of the old paradigm doesn’t suit the new cycle of Spiritual consciousness.  This is the week of outlandish change….a week where you can make some incredible changes that may even surprise you!  Honour and follow the heart.  Be authentic and stay true to yourself.

This is not the time to be the follower; the sheep…it is the time to be the Master of your own life and lead the way.  Feeling excited about the changes?  You should be…they will dictate how your 2015 Spring will unfold.  What you set in motion this week will be the foundation for the Spring of next year.  Make it count!

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  Please don’t buy into the fear mongering going on right now in the media.  That’s the last thing you wish to do.  Just stay informed through the news but do not let it sink and program you.  Cosmic Blessings!

Weekly Energy Updates – October 20th to October 26th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Ready for a BIG shift in yourself?  You are probably not only ready….you have been tired of waiting as well!  This is a shift that will have an incredible impact on just how you live your life from now on…especially with what you will manifest in the Spring of 2015.  Watch for the period of October 23rd to November 18th to set the stage for how your 2015 will unfold starting around spring equinox.  This is your time of many, many renovations to yourself; your life.

We have a Solar Eclipse this week and it is occurring on Thursday, the 23rd of October targetting your heart centre (Sun), spiritually feminine energies including intuition and nurturing of Self (Moon) and some particular forces from Neptune, Jupiter and the Beloved Mother Earth herself.  You want to be FREE…liberated from all the illusions, nonsense and damage that the shadows of illusion have been binding you to for years; lifetimes really.  You have been witness to this in your own life and in the world.  People have had enough of the illusion, control and nonsense.  The Solar Eclipse energy this week is providing you the opportunity for liberation from the illusions. Radical change is taking place while you grasp in your hand the phantasms that have been controlling you and say “No more”.  You will be releasing a great deal of old paradigms this week.  Give the energy a chance to weave into your subtle bodies and your physical life. It may take up to the mid-November time frame for you to experience the results of this Solar Eclipse shift. One thing is for sure though…you will be taking your life very seriously this week and thinking very focused and powerfully about how you are not going to continue to live under oppression of old energies.  You will rise up and release yourself from the outdated way of living; permitting instead a more loving and fulfilling life.  You will get out of fear this Solar Eclipse week!!  The Solar forces will bring you right up into the reassuring love and heart of the Soul.  This path is ONE with the “God of your Heart” !!

The release and shift is incredible beginning the latter part of this week.  You are going to KNOW exactly what it is you face and see resistance in….and you will KNOW and REMOVE the blockages around the issues.  You will have the support and internal forces of the Universe to move forward in a positive manner.  The strength, will and direction is there for you.  Can you feel it inside of you?  That is real ! Let it build as you pull yourself up and into the heart and mindful direction of your Soul purpose!

Shadows need to be revealed…shadows need to be examined…shadows need to be released!  All of this because the powerful SUN will use the moon to cast it’s power upon the earth..upon you….to bring you & the world’s attention to what the shadows are in life.  Then the action begins!  You then have the opportunity to “Master” the shadows turning them into the Light of Truth; the Light of Love.

Powerful changes ahead…ride the bumps…feel the excitement that arises from the revelations of Self!  Enjoy basking in the sun as a result.  It’s like going on a bumpy car or plane ride then arriving at your destination….the sandy beach to lay or play in the sun with radiant delight !!  Ahhhh….nice arrival!

sun animated - energy

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Updates – October 13th to October 19th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Well I hope that you found the “push” from the Full Moon eclipse last week helped you to find your voice!  Your personal expression, emotional feelings, transparency to Truth & Light….were all on the forefront last week.

This week we integrate these self realizations into our lives.  Clearly you know more about what you don’t want for your life and are now wishing to implement what you DO want.  The integration process means that you change things in your life.  Replacing and prioritizing are the key subjects for the energy update this week.  You are determining what is truly important in your life and putting emphasis on it.  Let’s look at this more closely….ask yourself what has been bothering you that is “out of sorts” in your life.  Is it the focus that is placed on others and not yourself?  Is it the focus on work without any real living time for you and loved ones?  Does your life express too much burden and not enough joy?  We could ask all sorts of questions..but the intent is to answer TRUTHFULLY what is tilting you out of order…and start investing into solutions.  If you take one step at a time..these small changes will add up to big solutions!

If you are not happy then there are reasons for this.  What would make you happier? What would bring you into your heart alignment more?  This is a critical time in our lives when our energy bodies dictate the health and happiness of our physical world.  This is true right across the board without exception.  Your energy bodies referenced are your: emotional, mental/intellect and intuitive/creative.  If any one of these are out of order then your physical world, health and manifested life will be too.  Not a good thing.  So the focus this week is on ensuring that you get your energy bodies into a better alignment with your Spiritual Self..or we could say, your Soul expression!   It is time for happiness, peace, joy and core strength to arise!

Make decisions…stick to them.  Get help from others if you are struggling to stick to the changes or are unsure how to implement them.  Start creating a network of support…tell your circle of support; whether large or small in numbers…what you need.  Transparency & truth to Self will liberate you from your struggles.  If you must start on your own with the changes..that’s okay too.  You can do it!  Enjoy a peaceful and aligned life as it was designed to be at the outset !

Look forward to changes…grow from them….be the Light !

In Light and in Peace,