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Weekly Energy Updates – February 25th to March 3rd, 2013

Hi Everyone !

Yeah !! This week we have been waiting for….it wasn’t that bad waiting was it?  We are in a full moon week plus we are completing the bridge I was telling you about that needed to be built from December 21st, 2012 to this week.  Two months of struggle for many people and far too many challenges are now under your belt and behind you for this 2013 year start. Let’s recap this…you had to undergo a major shift of human consciousness with the solstice of 2012..then you stepped into the 2013 year saying to yourself, “Now what?”  All the uproar is now settling…so what am I supposed to do now?  

You then ventured into 2013 a little apprehensively…peeking around corners, trying to define yourself..perhaps even feeling a little lost.  After the days turned to weeks…you were wondering when you were going to get clarity.  This is the week that clarity will come.  We have much better energy influences this week and the full moon is helping you to transform some residues of thought patterns from the old age influences. That’s good. Now you are to look carefully at this week ahead and set up some very goal oriented thought patterns into your daily reflective time.  Meditate, sit on a yoga mat, soak in a tub, walk in nature…do whatever you need to do to find some time alone.  Be still of mind..don’t try too hard to grab the thoughts..let them come to you like a butterfly landing on your hand.  What have you always wanted to do?  What would truly make your heart sing?  You can test the answer to this by your body response.  If you get a nice warm feeling rushing through your body then you know you are aligning with truth.  

I love when a full moon comes in that is actually “good to work with” !!!  This is a good full moon.  People are to use this week to officially end a cycle…make decisions…close old doors and open new ones.  Be the change…live the change…this is the time to do that.

Be adventurous too!  Open up more in a relationship, start one, begin your new outlet for creative flow, say “yes” to opportunity.  Help the Universe to help you now…open up and each morning welcome the Solar energy…”good morning” to the Sun in the sky and in the evening “good night” and reflect on the stars twinkling in the sky.  You are part of a much bigger are Divine in origin and the celestial celebration is now beginning.  It’s not too early to start your spring detox and shift the energy in your home around too !

Enjoy the week !  In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – February 18th to 24th, 2013

Hi everyone !

Energy getting stronger…defining support and decisiveness…pulling you nicely forward. This will be a more common experience for all of us as this week picks up and we feel the draw towards the new spring cycle approaching (autumn in southern hemisphere).  We did have a sudden energy shifting coinciding with the meteor/asteroid energy on Friday the 15th of Feb..and I do believe you are going to appreciate this shift as well.  Lots of letting go and clearing old issues over the weekend…you possibly shed a tear or two..but this was all in good stride.  That shift opened up this week’s energy and we will have more good feelings occur inside of us and stability as we move forward.

Contentment may be the “buzz” word this week as you review the people, places and things in your life.  Look around you this week and ascertain that which is good in your at peace..feel the contentment inside of you with those realizations.  Then have a look at that which you determine needs correcting and feel the support from the spiritual realms (consciousness) which embraces you…reminding you…. that you CAN change those things in your life that need changing.  The formative world….(these are the subtle realms inside of you that more or less “blueprint” what will manifest in your life through thoughts/feelings/will power)…is now in the process of realigning and recreating.  Like blueprint drawings, there are some additions and modifications that are being made..with the result to be seen in the early spring 2013.

The next two weeks will see you focused and strengthening your plans, designs and active formations.  You will likely be concentrating a fair bit and thinking/reflecting plans out.  This is good..just the right energy for this.  Take a break now and again, to make sure you distribute the energy properly and that you are well looked after in many respects.  Rearranging and reorganizing your life in this fashion will make you feel good.  Whether it is changing your schedule, changing your furniture around or changing where you live…the change is VERY good.  Now we are getting some stability and direction!

The bridge that I have spoken to you about before…the one that started in Dec 21st, 2012 and needed to be built by you to the Spring equinox 2013 is really getting much stronger now.  You should not feel that odd, lost or confused energy fact..the old question, “what happened at the end of 2012?”…can finally be answered.  You happened !  You are not the same person as you were in 2012 and with the new year finally kicking into gear..direction and contentment is starting to be experienced…Yeah !  That’s a good bridge ! Have a great week !

In Light and in Peace,


P.S.  A few students have asked about their eyesight, blurry, headaches, etc.  YES..the 6th chakra has been going through plenty of order for you to align with the NEW vision of yourself.  You are creating through that lens (that chakra) !!!

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Weekly Energy Updates – February 11th to February 17th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

Are you happy? I mean truly happy, peaceful and content inside? Do you ever wake up in the morning and find the worry and stressful memories are the first things that come to mind?  Well I don’t know about you..but I am almost certain that we were not created to live with these types of feelings.  People try to be happy..filling their days with this and with that…but true happiness and joy must start within.  2013 has not started out the way most people would of hoped given the huge shift of consciousness that occurred on Dec 21st, 2012 (winter solstice).  The first 6 weeks or so of this year have been very tough for many..emotional, physically and mentally.  That is why I am asking you if you are happy.  The challenges and adversities that present themselves to each member of the human race must be put into some managing perspective and ultimately put to resolution.  Let’s look at how this can be started now.

Authentic happiness..not the surface stuff that you put out into the world…I’m talking real authentic happiness and peace…can only develop and radiate from your heart chakra. PERIOD. This is a fact.  The heart chakra is the lens or channel through which your true joy will be found; and will be lived. is necessary this week to have a good look at your own heart chakra.  No excuses..if you want to shift into happiness..abundance..aligned living..Divine presence..etc..etc…then you need to have a definite awareness of your heart.  If you heart chakra is hurting from past pains, sorrows and sufferings..then you will not achieve the happiness you deserve in this life.  Issues can be healed in the is not something you need to wait to happen.  Even just bringing your attention to your heart at this time…prompting you to focus on it…will begin the process.  Why?  Because INTENTION is 95% of the are desiring to heal and be happy…you are looking for the shift…therefore..your INTENTION is the first major step to your success.

Take a moment to yourself..alone..and sit quietly.  Try to imagine that your heart chakra centre..which is located where your Thymus gland is in the upper centre of your chest…has the harmony and vibration that a beautiful rose (flower) does.  Just for symbolic purpose.  That vibration..that energy Intelligence has a fragrance to likely know how pleasant a rose smells…Try to imagine that fragrance right now..being emitted from your upper heart chakra.  Try to imagine that each time you take a deep breath doing can smell that rose..and the rose responds by opening up to your good thoughts..and opens up to the Light of the may even feel a nice warm feeling in your chest.  Now you have stirred the LOVE in your heart.  That is how we start..we need awareness of our heart centre.

We are all Divine in origin..therefore we all have LOVE in our hearts.  This love needs to come out and be practiced and enjoyed in your physical life.  The heart chakra needs to work in an ebb and flow…giving and receiving.  Open your heart to receive and let your life start to take the shift in consciousness that you are looking for.  They say February is a month all about love..with Valentine’s Day and all that…  Doesn’t true LOVE start within? Not from a hallmark greeting card or flowers.  Open up your heart and your true joy and happiness will flourish.

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Updates – Feb 4th to Feb 10th, 2013

Hi Everyone ! There are very profound Celestial Beings that help us during our earth sojourn and in particular there are those of the RED race that live the closest in their hearts and minds with the Universal Laws of this planet. Both incarnate and in Spirit..they are on hand to guide you.   It is wise for each of you to follow their lead and instruction with regard to keeping your own body, home and physical living environment as closely as you can..interfaced with these same laws.  That is why this week in particular, the Divine assistance includes the Spiritual Native and Aboriginal Guidance extending to everyone around the globe.  Each of us is being helped ..each person is going to have impressed upon their minds the importance of looking after their health and environment plus each will be given the guidance/support to do this!

The foundation within the RED dimension..the root chakra, is more than just what you see with your physical eyes.  In fact, the subtle intelligence cannot be seen and it is this very subtle Divine Intelligence that we must seek union with.  Man has lost his connection with the Intelligence of the earth and that is why the systems are in collapse.  We can regain our harmonious living/working relationship with all kingdoms here on earth and within our own bodies.

Our food chain, water that we are supposed to drink and air that we breathe is all contaminated to a greater or lesser degree, and our bodies are showing the wear and tear of such pathogens introduced into the Divinely orchestrated systems that we incarnate into.  Our Ego personalities must be suitable and in good health for many, many years..but if we insist on polluting the body, we cannot expect it to last very long. Time for change!

This week you are to concentrate through the utilizing the Principle of LOVE – Self LOVE and Humanitarian Love..and make it your priority to put concentrated effort and exercised Will, into cleaning up the physical environment in which you live.  Start with the obvious by eliminating toxic foods from your diet and then move into clearing out of your home the man-made plastics and poisons that infiltrate your living space.  It is understood that you can only do so much; but best to eliminate what you can.

De-clutter your space and make sure you let fresh air into your home even during the winter months. from time to time.  Invoke the Divine Intelligence and Guardians of the 4 Elements..the 4 Directions and ask for help to balance both you and your family/home.  You will be surprised at how quickly your life will change.  Many complain that this or that is not working, or is stagnant..etc.  By working with The Divine Intelligence of the Elements of the Earth your life will change.  You will then have a suitable foundation into which the Divine Spirit and Soul of your core existence can be poured…..liberating yourself from the chains that bind you to discordant physicality.  This is a good week to may take you a few weeks to really appreciate the measurable results..but believe the end of the month/beginning of March time frame, you will be astonished at how you have picked yourself up and found joy to replace sorrow.   Start today !  Call in the Guardians of the 4 Directions (North Guardian of the Earth, South Guardian of Fire, East Guardian of Air and West Guardian of Water)

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Updates – January 28th to February 3rd, 2013

Hi everyone!

The full moon energy from the weekend really permitted some nice clearing out as it emphasized or magnified issues that needed to be spoken to.  Some issues you carry may have been “politely” buried for fear you may upset someone close to you or perhaps you wondered if maybe you were blowing things out of proportion.  In any event, the truth be known, you must allow these clearings in order to grow.  Once spoken, it is now liberated. We move on.

This week you will be organizing yourself and developing future plans under certain Self realizations.  For example, you may have denied some personal developments before and have now determined that it is time for you to address them.  Tune in to yourself and ask what type of spiritual girts and personal strengths you wish to develop during the upcoming months.  There is likely more than you think ! We tend to underestimate ourselves, having been taught to be mindful of not coming across to egotistical.  Your Self-Realizations are not intended to puff the Ego..but in fact..permit you instead to use the Ego vehicle in a more optimized manner.  Your Ego personality is the vehicle best suited for your Soul expression…it was Divinely provided for this lifetime…use it !  Modify as you see fit and nurture it’s capabilities.  Without a well balanced and healthy Ego, your Soul is unable to perform the task assigned to it for this lifetime incarnate.

I hope you have a growing list of plans for action and have set aside time to continue with your organization and making room for yourself.  Connect with other people of like mind and see if you can collaborate or take this week to call the business contact you seek in the profession you have interest in.  Be bold..make connections.  We are all in this Divine Plan are not expected to go it alone !

Give thanks to Divine Mother-Divine Father and be grateful for Mother Earth under your feet.  She takes a lot of abuse from the human race..kindly show her some love and gratitude in your prayers and blessings.  Her resources are plentiful, no doubt about that….and as with any mother, she wishes to give to her children.  But all mothers do like to see that her children are grateful for what she gives them.  For your financial improvements..remember to include this understanding..and abundance will open unto Thee.

Have a great week..there is plenty of opportunity to give and receive on your own special journey !

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Updates – January 21st to January 27th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

The week starts off tonight with the Moon and Jupiter being the closest they will be until 2026…which we can look at from the “spiritual energetic standpoint” rather than just the physical proximity that is measurable.  Jupiter as you may know, is our GIANT in the Solar system with a massive electro-magnetic field who’s qualities in astrology and esoteric study remind us very clearly that the Soul’s WILL is in charge of our lives…not the EGO.  Sometimes we tend to let the Ego rule and it gets us in all sorts of mix-ups ! Jupiter is assigned to our throat chakra (energetically anchoring on the left side of our thyroid) and is responsible for Self-expression through our voice, our actions, words, disciplined plans and creative drive.

Jupiter reflects to us our ever-expansive expression of our True Self.  When we align with our True Self…living and aspiring to our own Soul expression and Soul purpose in this life, we will be doing the very best we can..and enjoying it too !  When we try to go against this, we end up out of harmony and often feel sick and emotionally drained.  The MOON of course reflects and reminds us that our emotions can be quite intense..and our emotions must not be jammed down inside of us..but instead expressed and aligned in a healthy manner.  The moon has it’s own energy field as well..and it too to a greater of lesser degree..impacts upon us depending upon it’s proximity.  The Moon and Jupiter together stir you into feelings of true desire, inspiration, passion and urgency to get on with your Soul purpose and really start developing it this year…starting now !  You feel this added energy that encourages you !  You can dream “big” like Jupiter and go beyond false limitation.

Now is the time to really look at anything that holds you back..clutters your mind…distracts and interrupts…and find the way to transform this.  Gear up…examine where you are at in your life and put the added effort into changes in a positive manner.  Jupiter is working with you…..your MEMORY in meditation can be activated…causing you to open up the akashic records and reflect upon just how gifted you are.  You can reflect on how many lifetimes it took to get to this point..and just how fantastic the development of your gifts has been!  We don’t waste our talents !  The Moon activates this ancient memory inside of you and you can truly say you KNOW…what you came into this world to do.  With such combinations as these 2 influences…this week is a very good one.

Keep up with the organization and preparation of your framework.  Organization for all of these influences is still the key to holding and integrating such great self-realizations.  Can you imagine..that Jupiter..the power of Creative WILL and your EGO can come face to face and work together with such magnificent spiritual strength?  Take what is offered and go the distance !

Do allow yourself some time alone for thinking and reflecting…journalling and writing up your plans.  You will need a little quiet don’t over-book yourself this week.  Keep it light…keep it as a special, sacred time..just for you and the Cosmic influences !  Enjoy !

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Updates – January 14th to 20th, 2013

Hi everyone !

Here you are now shifting into gear and alignment with your Soul-infused plans and goals for the coming year.  Your sensitivities are picking up more and more…tapping into the “needs” of the community, the environment; our world.  You are listening more closely to the words of the collective consciousness…and listening to the kingdoms that are equally appealing to the human race for change and a greater respect for the earth.  You are likely just becoming more and more aware…and that is a fact.  Why now?  Why is there so much more to your conscious awareness?  Well the shifting between last year and now is quite distinct and your MIND is accurate and sharp…picking up faster..and with greater clarity…on the concepts being discussed and on the insights to concepts that you are receiving during your meditation and reflective times.

We need this expansion of consciousness…we need to be more aware of our reason for existence here on earth and to consciously seek out further alignment with these reasons.  Your Soul purpose is starting to take a necessary framework…and this is a logical and necessary step to ensure your success in the months and years to come.  Clear out your foundation…make space…keep it simple.  You will be writing more, creating, designing..etc and you will need a good, well organized that your home, office, sacred space or all 3.  I am personally finding that this has been a clean up time…starting several days ago..and continuing well into this week and next, we are to use this time cycle to clear out..and set up.  You are very different now..and will need to operate from a different perspective.  Add to your life now the time and routine of getting your inner and outer mind more connected…and flowing through the heart.  This will manifest very well then in your very physical activities…and you will appreciate the smoothness of the flow.

Remove unnecessary habits and routines..that have become…well…quite frankly…boring.  Take up with new ideas and experiences…alert yourself more to what is going on in the world..what is going on in your community and what is going on in your own home.  Be observant..write down the habits of your lineage…see that you are not becoming fixated in any mindless activities…and certainly do build up your intellectual interface with the spiritual realms…you will be very happy you did.

So to re-cap…clean up week…organization week…laying good plans…and taking action. It’s a good week…stay positive and pace yourself now..your heart-mind-soul connection will thank you !  Don’t forget to stop from time to time and engage in the energy of your indoor plants, your pets and your crystals/gems.  So often we just water and feed our plants/pets…but don’t attune with their needs…hhhmmm….just a thought.  This is the year when you really start to study the Divine Mind behind the manifestation of all living things.

Enjoy !  In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Updates – January 6th, 2013 to January 13th, 2013

Hi Everybody !

Great start to the New Year…we had the past week to continue to muse over the experiences that we had through the winter solstice..and to reflect on just who we really are and how we have grown !  2012 was a year of struggle in many ways..for each of us..and now we are entering 2013 already to take up the gauntlet and run..exercising our Soul Purpose expression and exploring new opportunities.  However…harness those horses!  Don’t get out of the starting gate too fast…because it is going to take some framework and foundation under your feet..much of which is now underway.

I had reminded everyone to go easy up until this week and to know that the energy shifts/lifts this week..especially as we head into the latter part of the week.  So what is one to do? Starting today and each day..enter into your pillar of inner strength with proper breathing and focused meditation.  Stay in alignment. Expel the negative, stale air from your lungs each morning with a few deep breaths and strong propulsion-type exhales until your lungs are empty. Do this 2 or 3 times.  This will help keep the lungs strong and not become an environment which can breed bacteria and virus.  Your lungs need to be exercised and fresh air is very important.

Create a framework for your month and year ahead..start planning.  Journal and write down in your own style, a framework reflecting just how you wish to clean up the foundation and that which you wish to build over an acceptable span of time.  Do you wish to do more writing this year?  Building projects? more creative work or career expansion?  Engage with those knowledgeable in your goals..research on the  This is a time to start building a strong foundation and get involved in the community with your skills and heart energy.  You may need to start in your own home with your own family and partner. If you live on your own then shift energy around so that more “Chi” or Vital Life Force is flowing giving you the feeling of expansion.  Keep a good focus on your sacred space and keep it clean and clear.

You will feel the energy pick up this week and you should also find the time to reflect to bring down into this world your inspirations and creative ideas.  Reiki, energy work, yoga, and other forms of energy work will be very helpful to you.  Use the tools and techniques that are available to you..don’t be shy…we all need help and we all must USE the tools that are the keys to spiritual development.

This is a good week ahead..the world is changing quickly around you due to what is going on inside of you…get involved in the projects and causes that reflect your own Truth..those that reflect your own Beliefs.  Help support your community both locally and globally…we are all in this together..and together we can change the world!

In Light and in Peace,


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Energy Updates – December 31st, 2012 to January 6th, 2013

Hi Everyone !

Guess I will have to change the name of this website! Just log in here and we will soon have a re-direct.

2012 is finishing up today and the glorious Spiritual shifting we experienced through Solstice is directing us into the New Year with eyes open ! Absolutely you can expect change…changes in your life that are a result of the expansive vortex of energy from the 3 Divine Light streams of Will, Mind and Love that are pouring through your heart chakra down into the receiving 4 lowers bodies of your personality (Intuitive Will, Intellectual, emotional and physical/etheric).  Your heart path did indeed expand ! Your chalice is filling up..just like a holy grail..or cup that runneth over…the spiritual realms are integrating more and more with your ever evolving personality and soul personality.

The flood gate now being opened wider means that you are stirred by plenty of deep emotions, longings inside of you, and profound inspirations that will take you into the greater heights of the expression of your Soul purpose.

However…this week…you must realize that the process is underway and we are in a time when peace and reflection is called for.  You should be using this time at a slower pace…not too much energy going out.  Be in a receptive quiet mode as much as possible.  The real action has NOT started…and will not until the shifting opens around the 7th/8th of January and starts to really pick up through the days of 8, 9, 10, 11 and so on of January.  The mental energy will really start stirring next week and the MIND to MIND connections are going to turn on like networking “synapse” points all over the globe.  Watch this accelerate next week..starting off slowly then taking off !

This week you are to take as much time as you can for nature and for, quiet moments, a good book, feet up, and puttering around with some organization.  Take the pace slowly..there is no need to feel that you “must” be doing something.

There is plenty happening on the Inner Planes and you are integrating and re-fitting yourself into your new Order of energy.  Let the ministering Angels help you to modify your aura…it’s like many, many, skilled seamstress workers coming around to nip, tuck and sew the several layers of your robes.  (Robes are your auric field layers)

Watch the energy of Sirius tonight…brightest star in the sky !  The High Council of the Sirian star system is very, very wise and if you meditate late tonight or early in the a.m. you will be connecting with the Blue-White star…absolutely amazing.  Open to receive..through your crown.  The Council is quite formal in their presentation..and LOVE is will likely receive insight as to the “office” you hold within the Hierarchy of the Order of ALL things.  This will help you in understanding how you express your Soul purpose in this lifetime.  We all express and contribute in some way to the greater good of all..the guidance will be for the coming year…plans and actions. Have your journal handy.

All the very best to each one of you…and Cosmic Blessings too ! Talk to you in 2013 !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – December 24th to December 30th, 2012

Hi everyone !

Well…just as all the Mystics and Seers globally said, the world did not come to an end last week…but boy oh boy…did it ever take an amazing turn ! The last few days you have been integrating some rather powerful shifts to your consciousness and experiencing the new alignment through your heart, to crown to Soul Star to Source ! Wow…

The Solstice time was recorded upon your consciousness and recorded in the Akashic records as the Major NODAL crossing that you took..liberating yourself from the old Piscean energies of the last Age…across the threshold…through Christed Consciousness…to the New Aquarian Age.

Add to all that…the Great Age found influencing this entire shift through Father Cronus and the Galactic shift which takes us into the Great Age of Capricorn.  These massive cycles of Time all work together..thus it is together…that mankind entered into the Golden Age of Divine Consciousness.

You each would of noted your own personal experiences which would vary from emotional changes to new realizations and unveiling of intuitive gifts.  Some of you may be just beginning to see just how the whole puzzle goes together and are not yet even sure what to expect.  That is okay…we are all going to have our own unique experiences and there is no right or wrong answer to this one.  It is truly a liberation of Self and you will find your way into the year 2013 with a greater sense of clarity about your life. Give it a chance….it has only been a few days !!!

2013 will start off with the first few months you getting used to your abilities to manifest and change your life.  This may be awkward and you may have uncertainties that will need ironing out.  Give it time…start your new path and direction…TRUST….because as we make our way into March and the Spring equinox (fall equinox in southern hemisphere)..the illumination will be quite good.  The answers you received and new direction will have settled in and you will be well on your way along your new educational path, carer path or personal spiritual alignment path…  We need to exercise patience between the solstice to equinox time line because this is not a drive thru restaurant…good food takes longer to cook!  People are so used to having all they want in an instant..that I must tell you that to just let your plans unfold over a couple of months is well worth it !

You would be very wise to relax this week…do not overdo things..let the joys and pleasure of this moment in time settle in.  Be with the family, enjoy nature and often curl up with a good book or movie you enjoy.  Your meditations should be passive..not active.  That means you are not assertively “after” information necessarily right now…but support and wise counsel that you can listen to plus further integrative healing would be the good medicine of the week.

When the shifting took place over the 24 hour period from the Eve of the Solstice through to the early evening of the actual Solstice day…Mother Earth was definitely experiencing the waves of energy moving through her…but she also had the added benefit of all of us..globally…in alignment with the new incoming energies from Source…so there was tremendous stability all over the world as human beings everywhere could feel their own heart chakra.  Love was amazing during this period…causing ripples across the fabric of Creation..Everyone was a part…Everyone was touched.

As you continue to reflect on this auspicious time we all enjoyed…kindly remember that you are have so much love inside of you….let that Love reach out and touch another human being through the holidays; a kind word, a gentle touch or a smile.

Have a safe and wonderful time this holiday season…May the Cosmic continue to extend the very best to each of you!

In LIght and in Peace,




Energy Updates – Week of December 17th to December 23rd, 2012

Hi everyone !

Well here we are….finally the week of the Winter Solstice (northern hemisphere) and the Summer Solstice (for the southern hemisphere) !  I hope that you are doing the appropriate daily rituals for preparation !  These would include your sea salt baths, daily meditations, energy healing to the chakras, deep reflections on your life and examining the gifts you bring to this earth as well as those areas of your personality that require healing and transformation.  Spend some time outdoors, deep breathing exercises and yoga if that is your style of Divine Alignment.

We certainly can’t over emphasize the importance of such a week as this…you are probably not sleeping well, clearing many emotional issues from long ago, anticipating change in your life, challenged by the whole holiday “spirit” thing (commercialized version of course), feeling body changes and parts you forgot you had, and experiencing “sick” like symptoms that come and go.  Let me reassure you that you are not alone…the changes now are intense and accelerated these last few days before the shift into the Heart, Crown alignment….up into the chakras above your head…then back down into the root.

Our Solar system is being impacted by other neighbouring electro-magnetic fields including constellations and other suns..therefore our earth is too…being influenced by the energy fields of other star systems, planetary bodies and our own Sun and Moon.  What will this mean to you?

As we lock into the alignment of the changing season at 6:12 a.m. (EST) on Friday, December 21st, 2012 we are not just experiencing the change of the seasons…no…we are also experiencing the transition points or nodal point alignments with the change of the Age, the Greater Age and the alignment with the Galactic Centre.  The entire system is being reset and we can then begin to be more consciously aware of the new influences for mankind for his/her future which you are all participating in.  “We” bring in the new age together and the more aware you are of the shifting consciousness and the Divine Plan for All involved, the more self realized and consciously aware you will be on just where you fit with the greater scope of the changes.  You are making these are bringing in the changes to our planet..our human race.

The Piscean Age has run it’s course and we should be looking at what we did and did not learn from such an that we don’t continue to drag ourselves repetitively through the same lessons again.  Has mankind learned the Teachings of Christ Consciousness? 1st Principle of Love?  From any of the great Teachers that incarnated over the last 2,160 years?  Have you?  Do you live from your heart chakra?

These are important lessons for each of us to reflect on.  Consider how you are healing within your own heart….for example…carrying emotional baggage that is not healthy…Can you forgive?  Love yourself and love others? plenty for us to reflect on …

The world is in tremendous change…we must learn to care for one another…care for the earth…care for our future.  The earth needs us to be more respectful of her..we need to be more respectful and loving to ourselves.

This Solstice time is a powerful time for you to heal..for you to shift into a greater alignment with the All…where LOVE can be experienced in your heart more permanently.  Place your intentions of change into your life.  Make decisions that will help you and your family to grow in love.  Know that you can be safe and sound in this….  The world is not going to end..but it will certainly look different.  We can all benefit from each and every Soul…entering into a 24 hour time of spiritual retreat..start on Thursday evening and carry it on through into the evening of the Friday.  All that Light…All that Love..will be poured into the collective whole…and join with the incoming Divine energies offered to each of us at this very special time of our lives.  We have waited a long time for this….let’s use this time effectively.

In Light and in Peace,


Join in with me….in person or long distance…Eve of the Winter solstice…

FURTHER REFLECTIONS:  See “About 2012” on the site:  “Mayan Prophecy..end of the world or beginning of an Age”



Weekly Energy Updates – December 10th to December 16th, 2012

Hi Everyone !

Karma is seeking your attention at the beginning of this week..right at the get go…with Saturn moving through the Moon, Venus and Mercury over the next few days you are certainly being asked to look deep into the triggers of emotion you have been having and are still having at this time.  These will be core issues that must get cleared up.  The realizations that you make will then become the modifications you to your template, which then results in you creating through Venus and Mercury a new form for yourself…which results in totally new manifestations.  So what are we waiting for?  Let’s really explore right now before Solstice…in our pre-solstice days…those experiences and triggers that are just so repetitive now that you have clearly identified them as core issues for this lifetime.

Venus heads up the first step of the formative world in your 3rd chakra solar plexus (pancreas side) and takes her cue from the HEART 4th chakra..where beautiful ideas, inspirations, directives and wise counsel filters down allowing you to create your life through BEAUTY.  You then consult within to your Mercury (frame work of intelligence/concrete and anchoring your 3rd chakra to the liver side of the solar plexus) to figure out just how you will logically bring your inspirations into fruition.  The 2 work together..both sides..(inspiration/intuitive will and intelligence) ..thus ensuring you have a good position to receive and integrate much more of your Spiritual nature.

To recap…MOVE with Saturn in a positive manner….investigate thoroughly at the beginning of the week those fragments/blocks of yourself that are on your path..those that are upsetting your inner harmony and balance.  Make changes to your life by making the decision to change.  Just make the decision.  With that in mind…you are then moving with your new formation of Self.  You are moving ahead with the celebration of new ways to express yourself which will manifest more clearly into 2013.  We have to shift several old patterns this week as we get closer to solstice.

Stand firm on your newly realized habits, routines, rituals, and expressions of Self…let others know that you do not buy into the old ways anymore.  Period.  Start appreciating the Glory of your own Divinity…Love to Self..

These are challenging times…no doubt…all the more reason for each of us to hold to the Truth and the Light.  Have compassion and understanding both for yourself and others…many are still not seeing the Light on their appears dim.  Hold your lantern high and perhaps that will help them !

This is a clean up week and Saturn (Law, Destiny, Fate, Karma, TIME, Father Cronus) is breathing down upon you the Sacred Breath of TRUTH.  Hold your head up high and say, “Yes”…I am a seeker of Truth…show me the way !!  Your meditations will shift considerably this week and realizations will abound.  Have a great week !

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Updates – December 3rd to 9th, 2012

Hi everyone !

There is a profound stillness that is occurring in the celestial energies that have an effect upon you starting this week.  This is asking you to regard this time now as most sacred and necessary for preparation for winter solstice (summer below equator).  This is an opening time with a show of Forces and Powers that will help you to truly organize and regulate your life in an ORDERLY manner to ensure a proper framework of Ego alignment is achieved for Solstice time.  You must ensure that you take this time seriously and dedicate your time and energy to improving upon the lower body systems.

You have now entered into the 21 day cycle of detoxing, clearing, reflecting, evaluating, and modifying those aspects of yourself that need to be addressed before the shifting of consciousness through the Heart to Divine alignment come solstice time.  We all need to do this, so consider this to be a very special time for you. You will need to consider that with all that is present drawing you into the Heart and Light of the Highest aspects of yourself, there is a considerable amount of adversity that will present itself to this as well.  Not to is expected in some way..which permits you to face and remove those obstacles of lower consciousness and fragments that need transformation.  You have much more strength in the Light of yourself, so just stay aligned and TRUTH shall prevail.

The next few weeks will show you the areas of your life that need addressing; that can no longer be ignored and must be faced.  You have also all the power and tools within you to overcome these obstacles and the Universal Consciousness of All is your guide.  Open up to the support of the network of the Hierarchy of Light ! Receive into your Inner Sanctum the help from the Angels and Archangels….the Ascended Masters and Lord Metatron himself.  KNOW that you are supported for it is in everyone’s best interest that you succeed.  The benefits are for the goodness of mankind…all are involved.

There are some particularly powerful energies that started December 1st and are quite strong for a pocket of time at the beginning of the week.  Stay attuned to this by entering into the silence during your meditations…this will then shift in the latter part of the week once crossing Wednesday, into a different form of energy intelligence.  You will find then that your strength of MIND will be impressing upon your own consciousness some very encouraging directives !  Talk about strong counsel from within !  This will be delivered through thoughts, inspirations and of course, if you have trouble picking up on this, it will be channelled through messages from others who have your best interest at heart.  There will be “signs” everywhere…so pay attention !

Start this week lifting up into the heart and higher chakra centres and enjoying some time of peace within.  Sense the stillness and infusion of Divine Consciousness that just “IS”…You need to have these moments of silence so that your inner clock and rhythms can be re-set and prepare for solstice..there is a change in direction in many cases for people this week.  Clear out the old…ensure that you adhere to a diet of little or no red meats, tobacco, alcohol, fast foods, etc…and stay as much as possible away from the noise of crowded places, refrain from coarse entertainment, etc.  Instead choose amazing time with nature, yoga, organic food, delightful conversation, love with family and friends, peaceful times at home, colour and harmonious music etc.

Have a great week and don’t forget to take some time in the Heart chakra to crown alignment of silence.  I’ll give you an image to reflect on…Imagine you are inside the Great Pyramid in Egypt and you have been guided to go into the pyramid for a period of time by the Ancient Masters.  They ask you to sit there and left the Shaft of Light originating high above the apex of the pyramid…. from straight above you…. to flow down into your crown plus the two from either side above you also join…a triad now of 3… that you have 3 streams of Divine Light coming down into the chamber inside your head (pituitary, pineal, hypothalamus).  Feel the stillness and then breathe this down into your heart..then down to the sacral..then down to the root.  Peace.  These are the 3 streams of Divine Will, Mind and Love…

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Update – November 26th to December 2, 2012

HI Everyone !

As mystics, seers, psychics, mediums, healers and all you well intentioned and spiritually awakened students of the Greater Mysteries….you are more aware of what is going on inside and around you every day.  You are able to discern for yourself that any challenge, struggle, emotional pain, physical injury and any enlightening experience you are having, is all part of the major shifting we are going through.  But what about the Souls out there incarnate in Ego’s that are still asleep?  What about them?  They are going through all of this suffering and challenges, joys and pitfalls, without anyone to decipher, explain, or support them through it.  It is enough, I know…that you and I are going through some excruciating transformations and powerfully enlightening & uplifting experiences…moving from one side of the spectrum to the other…but I must ask that you do not forget that their are millions and millions of people out there that are unable to understand there current circumstances and need your help.

I see a tremendous number of “Spiritually enlightened Light-workers” that have so much love in their hears and truly do wish to serve, but feel totally limited or blocked in one way or another.  Talented Divine Beings…who wish they could spend more time in their chosen spiritual work; rather than in a job that they don’t like. Then there are those that wish to serve and are having moderate to great leaps in opportunities to do so.  Such a wide range of experiences people are having. Please note..this WILL change in 2013 after the shift of winter solstice 2012.

I need to add one more experience to your daily spiritual responsibilities…please remember that we all need to help those who know not.  From your Inner Temple..take a moment each day to join with the Office of the Christed consciousness….the First Principle of Love in your heart chakra…and send out an invocation to the Cosmic, “May there be healing and enlightenment…joy and heart chakra alignment for the many who are seeking the Truth and for all those who are still in slumber but need to be gently awakened.  Let this be sent out now….for the benefit of All involved; for the Greater Good of All”.  Please also send me any names of people that would like to be on our World Healing Project…healing list.  2x day they will all receive free healing and Divine Rays of Intelligence…varying…to help them step up into their heart chakra. Join up yourself…you don’t need to be “sick”…just wishing to have more support is great !

Now for you…it is clear that this week continues to be like the rest…as we approach winter solstice 2012.  The very old core issues that challenge you and make you feel emotional, are still bubbling up from the lower layers of your “earth” (root) and “water) (emotional sacral) sub-levels at ALL the major and minor chakras…therefore you are likely feeling some all sorts of strange places.   (Some old; some new).  There is also an increased spread of Divine Love through the Wings of the Christed Love spreading globally as be rest assured that you ARE gaining….there are positive increments forward.

I will start to write up frequently now what can be expected as we move through the 2012 shift and just what is means, esoterically.  I will also start to speak more to the importance of heart chakra alignment and entry as it is absolutely imperative that you “gain roots” and open up the centre of the heart to the Light of the Sun (Solar Heart).  Like a tree reaching for the Sky…your cerebral-spinal axis must have stability so that as the major movements take place in the energy shifts at the are able to move “with” them…and not topple over.  Like the Solar winds upon the earth’s magnetic field, you too must have a strong magnetic field; a full aura which can take the impact of change and excel your consciousness across the threshold into the triad of Spiritual Love, Mind and Will.

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Updates – November 19th to November 25th, 2012

Salutations !

As the old Age continues to wrap up and the obvious programs, limitations and illusions weaken and cease to exist, it is important that we learn from these experiences thus ensuring their complete resolution.  Let us review and assess further through this week how we came to be in our current situations, what we have learned and what we are still learning from these situations and how we are creating the bridge to new opportunities.

With each Age transition comes a sloughing off of old “skin” through transformation and the delightful embrace of that which Divine Intelligence will be influencing your Mind and your Heart with as we move ahead.  Each Age brings new evolutionary influences for the human race and we will outgrow many of the “toys” and “gadgets” that we now have, as they will not be necessary.  Our MINDS will pick up and lead the opposed to the present gadgets and external resources which have been ruling to present day. Therefore, it is a powerfully inspirational, creative, and expansive time to tap into your own contribution to the Age now developing and consider the ways and means you are going to be helping mankind pick themselves up and out of the old  ways…giving rise to the new!  You are an individuated emanation of the Divine and you are very important in the spiritual process for ARE the future.  Let’s hear your own unique signature express !  Oh may think that perhaps your creative ways may be premature or that others will not pick up on your gift…but please reconsider….the consciousness of man is shifting and changing very quickly as our Solar system and planetary bodies come under the influence more and more of the featured stars/sun of the Aquarian Age.

You can be successful..yes…though you may need to now sow the seeds and plant even more!  The 2013 to 2014 time line is going to surprise you in a personal way.  What you are in the process of creating now will become much, much more in the future.  So don’t be shy…spend this week sorting out that which is old..and that which is developing.  It is a good time do do this as we are going to gain momentum as we receive support from the Jupiter energy of Sagittarius in the coming weeks !  Whew..hang on to your hats !

(oh and by the way… were hurting inside as the core emotional issues became tender and sore over the week past.  Take a deep breath this week and be more objective…be kind to yourself…reflect with love in your hearts for Self)

In Light and in Peace,