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Insights of July 2014 karma & your spiritual skills!

Hi everyone!  Okay ….this one is a little long…hope you have time to read it all:

Message from Spirit for July Aura Makeover – 2014

Lesson: How to be in the flow of abundance and creativity without the painful attachments that you will later need to transform and resolve per Universal Law.

As I sit with the High Priestess of the Inner Temple I reflect upon the meaning of our incarnate life here on earth and it prompts one to consider the very definitive statement that you are an immortal Being; not a physical body alone. If one were truly just physical then it would stand to reason that you would be rough and limited to the gross nature of the lower expression through your body that has appetites and demands that keep you bound upon the earth for aeons of time. “Bound” because the survival response would not willingly let go as the desire to live would be so strong.

As an immortal Being, one understands themselves to be experiencing briefly during each sojourn here upon the earth, the dutiful role assigned to each life and KNOWING that the earth pleasures and stimulants are just that; pleasantries that are expressed by the earth in your environment to make life a little easier if this is warranted so.

Reflect on what it is you are creating, desiring to create and the motive behind your intent to create. This is the lesson of the day.

When you operate your life from the heart and Mind with the intention of the Will of the Soul and Divine at the forefront of your experiences, then you can conclude that you are in the Universal flow of Laws and Principles that govern and dictate the evolution of the human race and the ever evolving manifest Universe.

Then why would you wish to be trapped by the glamour and illusion of the material world and reduce yourself to your most slovenly expression? Yet we as humans, crave this ingathering of material items, recognition of our creative expressions with status, and a spotlight upon us often to a point of insanity and ultimately pain!

Consider how the human race operates on a system of gathering and hoarding..with little distribution amongst mankind. The nature of the beast within is to take as much as he or she can for themselves and fall into a blind pre-occupation with this. By the end of their lives, the energy systems are tangled and bound in the earthly elements and elementals that were assigned primarily to support your earth experience, not assigned to be the goal… thus attaching yourself to them. The human being then becomes sick and dies and are written up by the Lords of Karma to return to correct all of this in future lifetimes.

What can we learn and understand by such accounts?

Keeping in alignment with your Soul purpose and finding your way to navigate this and weave this into your life as a priority, is your Key to magnetically attracting to you that which you need; that which will support you. Your creative plans can flow with ease. With energy following your thoughts, the thoughts you put out will be focused on the attainment of your mandate with the Creator’s plan and you will lose interest more and more in the accumulation of the material attachments. (Note the word: attachments. This is important for it is not the material items that are the problem but the attachments) The spiritually awakened incarnate Soul knows that any attachment to these material items will only end in brutal suffering. On the other hand, if you are focused on your attainment of soul purpose, the material items are brought forward to you as gifts; offerings from the many intelligences’ that seek to serve you; as you serve the Highest Good. Your creative projects and successes in the world will be helping people globally both in an obvious form and very subtle manner without need for fanfare.

Perception of your relationship to the earth and her treasures is vitally important to the happiness that you seek.

It was indicated to me this morning that whilst we sit in the our reflection this month on attainment of deeper alignment to our heart centre of Love, that we will be finding ourselves at ONE with the powerfully ingrained nature of our Divine Code; the signature of our true existence.

We have spent enough lifetimes entrenched in the bittersweet involvement with the lower dimensions that we permitted ourselves to be tempted and lured into…now it is important that we untangle these with objective reasoning and reflective perusal. We then can assimilate what we needed to learn and then we grow from there.

Being true to your identity of Self is your primary focus of life and should remain at the forefront of your mind each day upon awakening. Recognizing that you have lived many lives outside of the Universal Laws of Creation is just something you need to face. Once you accept this, you get about correcting this immediately and the timing could not be more perfect in this cycle.

Your karmic corrections are not meant to cause you suffering; but to release you from limitation. Facing each of the painful adversities of your life will turn your energy; your focus to just what it is that needs correcting. Upon acceptance and understanding of this, the Universal powers and Forces of Intelligence help you in your corrective redemption.

There are so many glorious powers of Higher Beings on hand to help you that it only pleases them further to know that you have invited them into your midst to assist you. It took you a lot of courage to admit that you needed to take corrective action and the Universe is only too willing to help you.

Many seek to be in a flow of co-creative powers and abundance of smooth harmonizing with the resources of the earth in order to alleviate some of the hardships they face. There is nothing wrong with this at all and you can do this now with the reminder that this will be temporary condition that you are not to attach to and fixate upon. For when the time does come at the end of your life here on earth you must be free to put things back; meaning to let go of the attachments to the material world without regret or remorse.

Through love you can create the material support you need to help make your life a little easier; through love you can release and show gratitude for that which was provided.

Let whatever it is that you create through your Soul Mandate be remembered in the Akashic Records as a positive contribution to the redemption of mankind. People will remember you in the future not for what you built with material items necessarily but for what you invested into the human race with your MIND, your HEART and your SOUL.

Mother Earth and her many kingdoms of Intelligences are abundant in love and will help you to find your way to success of attaining your soul mandate. Ensuring you have what you need without excess will be obliged. You need only to be in the flow of Universal Law through Love and through the Light of Higher consciousness and you can know success.

When you find yourself in angst or stress, remember these laws and immediately move yourself into the acceptance of the Law and then open your heart to receive guidance. Be truthful and soulful and you will find yourself led out of the shadows and darkness of the mundane world into the Light of truth and liberation.

Through the experiences this day and ahead of you, take the first step to be clear about what your particular challenges and needs are…may the Laws of Karma now be revealed to assist you in a speedy correction and radiant outcome!

So Mote it Be !

Kathy Roseborough

Weekly Energy Updates – July 7th to July 13th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

There is a full moon at the end of this week that we are to give notice to because this particular one is EXPANSIVE…Sagittarius (Jupiter) is working with the Moon and in this particular case, will magnify feelings, creativity, deep love of your spiritual journey, and devotion to that which is in your heart!

As you navigate through your karma and your life experiences, keep in mind that there are powerful forces within you (Universal) that are working to lift you up out of the suffering, delusions, distractions and confusing times you may find yourself in.  The struggles are rich in lesson and with your full awareness this week on just what your own core lessons are, the powers to help you are magnified 10-fold!  The best thing you can do is to face each challenge in an objective manner; see the bigger picture without judgement…especially any harsh judgement upon yourself!

The week is a good one…really it is…as you make choices that are strong and supportive of your direction.  Choose to be no longer confused about direction and pick up your energy…directing it into your studies and spiritual path.  The loose, complacent approach is not going to work…not now.  You are entering into constellation forces that compel you to act…charge you with energy to move into the best possible opportunities.  This is a good week to sort out the nuisance energies and activities in your life and replace them with solid increments of positive change.

Full moon is in Sagittarius by July 12th and this will cause all your natural leader, teacher and healer skills to rise up and take the stage. Welcome the abundance of “feel-good” energy into your have earned some rewards…some greater benefits in your life…welcome them in!  Have a great week !!

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Updates – June 30th to July 6th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Okay…are you up for a week of karma re-balancing?  Don’t panic…this needs to be understood as a good thing too!  As we move into the summer months are being asked to re-evaluate yourself in a manner that can bring you a full metamorphosis over the weeks to come during summer cycle.  (For those in the southern are to pay attention as well as this means you too!)

Questions to ponder…who are you really and what do you really want from this life?  Are you living too much on the surface and not really getting to the fullest meaning of your incarnation here?  Are you just “going along” with the crowd…are you really having a good time?  These need to be need to ask yourself about what is really important in the heart for you.  What means something to you on a deep level?

Too much time is wasted ignoring the key issues and key karmic challenges, when in fact, you could be living a much more richer and fuller soul infused life.  Repeating the same summer as last…or just going along until September will not prove to be to your greatest benefit…nor will it help those around you.  Keep the balance in summer starting this week and find out just what it is that you need to weigh in on.  Is there the proper amount of spiritual input and understanding applied to your day; your week?  What feels out of balance?  Take those thoughts with you to the Inner Temple for reflection.  Just reflect on them and make a point of setting some new intentions.

It will be very key for you to start this now as the cycle is getting underway stronger at this time.  Certainly have fun too this summer but kick start it with some solid planning and reflections..remembering the real meaning of life.  Ensure that love is at the top of your list..from the perspective of the heart centre being in a really good place.  If you are hurt inside by triggers from others..take a deeper look at that and see what needs to be corrected, learned and perhaps even move on if necessary.  Do what you need to do to ensure that there is a free flow within your energy centres!

May the Cosmic bring forth many, many Blessings to you this week; and always !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – June 23rd to June 29th, 2014

Hi Everyone !

Well our Solstice over the past weekend was something else, wasn’t it? …Raising the issues of emotional challenges, love issues, stresses on the heart centre, body health and such, the changes actually started last week before Solstice and caused waves throughout.  What’s the up side of this?  Well the opening of the heart chakra and root centre to remove the old stuff..made space for lots of new stuff…love that word “stuff”!  This is now allowing you to take a good hard look at what the meaning of this Summer solstice really is!

Nurturing, Self-Love, emotional fluidity, improved relationships, honour for yourself, making sure that you assess and prioritize your life so that you follow more dutifully Universal law, etc.  are just some of the many influences this time cycle has.  So the question begs to be asked, “What are YOU doing (during this important summer cycle) about the nurturing of your own heart, the ebb and flow of love in your life, and the deepening commitment to your spiritual path without distraction or hesitation?”

Too much time is wasted during the summer with just having FUN…then you imbalance things in your energy bodies…and ‘lo and behold, you are all off centre when the autumn equinox comes around and you have to fix things.  Best way to approach the summer is with balance between your summer leisure and enjoyment and the time off with family and friends with a scheduled and focused study plan which includes meditation and spiritual instruction.

There is no other way to live your life other than SELF CONSCIOUSLY..that’s how you are supposed to live your life.  KNOW the the Plan…expand on the Plan…

What is the PLAN?  Your soul mandate and purpose, of course!…and during this entire summer cycle the priority and focus should be on LOVE (which is in your Soul Mandate too!)…and the expression of love for yourself and others.  Be peaceful in the heart, KNOW that you belong here on earth and are a part of the Greater Mystery of the Divine Universe of Love. KNOW that you are not separate; you are bonded to the Creator who will show you the way to your own spiritual path of Light and Truth.  Live was meant to be lived, reflected upon, enjoyed and advanced.

From this you gain happiness, joy, peace and well being.  You find inspiration to create and do many things and you never cease to ask questions.

Enjoy the week ahead !  Going to be a great summer of changes and advancements..get involved !

In Light and in Peace,


Weekly Energy Updates – June 16th to June 22nd, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Solstice week ahead….which means a very bright & happy ending to come by next weekend….but a few things pulling on you here at the outset of the week.  Don’t get pulled under by the undertow, instead you need to face all challenges both within you and in front of you. Once addressed it breaks open a nice space for the receipt of good things that are coming your way.

Dealing with matters at the beginning of the week will also ensure the you have more time to participate in Solstice energy in a conscious manner.  The Summer Solstice rings in on Saturday, June 21st bringing a large summer picnic basket of goodies and spiritual gifts for you to reclaim. Your self realizations open up permitting you to choose those things in life that bring goodness and love to you.  Your discerning choices are registered in the Akashic and become a permanent recording of the major progress you are making in the improvements to your life!  As you reflect on these over the months to come you will be quite pleased with yourself!  The summer solstice heralds a cycle, that in this particular case, is providing ample opportunity to increase the ebb and flow of love in your life on many levels.  It can manifest in ways and means that you have not even thought of.  Love to one person may mean something quite different to another. Know this; your Soul is Divinely intelligent and will be providing you with just what you need to be successful in this life.

Speaking of success, your unfolding mandate is taking place even while you take up some time for yourself in the summer sunshine because balance is very important to a healthy life.  Permit yourself to do those summer activities that bring you a positive radiance and glow as your take in more of the sun’s vital life force into the cells of your body for nourishment.  These energy infusions build up a strong aura thus sustaining you and keeping your health up! So harmonize with the theme of this cycle and bond with the energy of LOVE..1st Principle of Creation!  Enjoy the week ahead!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – June 9th to June 15th, 2014

Hi Everyone…

It’s a full moon week…you know what that means!  Emotional changes, letting go, transforming and moving into a better alignment with the LOVE energy in your heart.  Strong intuitive forces at play as we get mixed into the influences of Gemini which asks you to communicate your feelings which engage both the physical world and the spiritual world.  Your are recognizing the dualities in life…you need to appreciate that at your heart centre there will be a battle going on with this; thus you need to explore your own ways and means of sharing this with others; family, relationships, colleagues, friends. The old paradigm of separation of Ego personality from the Spiritual realms is leaving now; leaving for a better understanding and experience with the blend of Higher and lower consciousness.

The cycles are starting to shift now with a theme opening up that is all about LOVE energy from now until late August and early September.  Love is to be understood in many ways though…and full realizations of your lack of, or separation from love, is going to come up.  Some people have love in their lives with a partner, but no love for their bodies, their soul understanding or the true bond with the God of their heart..though all CRAVE it desperately! I will speak more to this topic over the many weeks to come.  The healing cycle and path we are engaging in now and further into the summer will truly help us to uncover the beautiful meaning and attainment; manifestation of love in our lives.  How nice is that!  With powerful Solstice energies this month, the influence of constellations like Cancer, Leo and later Virgo, you can see how we have wonderful opportunities to integrate more love in our lives in days to come.

This is well worth health will be better, your social happiness, inner joy and mental state will all improve.  Starting this week then, give thought to what you wish to receive you wish for your heart chakra to embrace the incoming energies of Love from the Universal All.  First Principle of Love is to be your primary acknowledgement…this week you should take some time to mediate on the heart..have dialogue with the God of your heart..and begin with KNOWING that you deserve to have love in your life.  You are a Divine emanation of the All…a son or daughter of the Creator…which only holds unconditional love for you!

Last thing…do keep your eyes open for good things coming your way…be alert as the Soul will be starting to increase these experiences of the love energy coming your way.  Let’s shake off old bitterness, forgive and open to the wonderful energy of LOVE ! Create Beauty in your life this week…do the things that will honour self love.

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – June 2nd to June 8th, 2014

Hi Everyone…!

Last several days has us all observing our emotions and the most predominant core issues that we brought into this world.  Reactions range from frustrations and angers to tearful angst.  How is it that these emotional issues keep on arising and disturbing seemingly without resolve?  Perhaps the resolutions are in progress but we are not experiencing the manifestation and benefit yet.  These last few weeks (before the June 21st solstice) are intense in the absolute disbursements of emotional core issues and it MUST be this way in order for your window of opportunities to be clearly realized and harnessed.

Let me explain…a very powerful cycle of Soul Purpose opportunity, recognition and action for attainment is ready to close at summer solstice…shifting us to a totally new influence of Divine Intelligence throughout the months of July, August and mid-September.  The Soul Mandate cycle returns in latter part of 2015.  During this final 3 weeks of Soul alignment, the CORE ISSUES of emotional blockages and false beliefs are intense until you stop in your tracks and DEAL WITH THEM.  Get help, seek guidance, go for healing, talk to others…don’t let this time cycle get away from you.  Please ensure that you do not suppress or turn away from the symptoms your physical, emotional and mental states are showing you.  These symptoms are the expression of something that runs deep that you brought into this lifetime to heal and it is in your very best interest to address them now.  Why? Their release gives you ample space and freedom for creating, learning, growing and expanding into your Highest expression of Soul purpose.

During this wonderful time of transformation you will have Universal help..a Divine hand if you will…that will help you in ways unimaginable…if you can open up space for this help to come in.  Take ACTION on your Soul Purpose now! Let’s work intently on addressing the CORE ISSUES right now…with the positive knowing the benefit and success will bring much joy, far outweighing any struggles.

Invest in yourself this week…timely and necessary to heal and to grow!  Choose to manifest your Soul Purpose now…break all barriers.  So Mote it Be !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – May 26th to June 1st, 2014

Hi Everyone!

New Moon May 28th…this week is going to be all about CHANGE…you need to recognize your old paradigms and make sure that extra effort is put into transforming the old behaviour patterns.   You are not the person you were a year ago; 6 months are changing and your understanding of your Soul mandate is well underway.

Be in a better state of mind this week…recognize that there are plenty of opportunities for you to shine forth your Creative Spirit !! If you truly look for these outlets they will present themselves with much more clarity.  The Soul consciousness wishes for you to be liberated from past mistakes, repetitive behaviours and false starts.

The energy is actually quite good..but the questions remain inside of you….how,  what, when, where?  These are questions that are justified… yes…but please allow for the answers to be HEARD by you..not just a mental notation but truly an awareness that the answers are CAN change your direction AND change your life.  Listen to your intuition.

Funny how we often do not really “hear” the answers…but yet we still continue to ask the same things..?

This is a particularly marvelous week of asking and listening; listening and action.  You are the Master within…..remember that !

Start your NEW projects, relationships, business proposal, etc.. just about 24 hours minimum AFTER the New Moon energy on the 28th of May…that gives you time for incredible realizations to take place!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – May 19 to May 25th, 2014

Hi Everybody!

Okay…so there is a little tension in the air at the start of the week as people are trying to figure out just how to TRUST their intuition and secure the direction they need to go.  Don’t be need to truly know that what your Soul is impressing upon you is the TRUTH. Things just seem “odd” causing tensions, trigger-nerves and worry….but in fact what is happening to you will bring tremendous liberation and freedom of creativity!  Wading through the fog at the moment is normal…it has to cause a few waves upon your energy field.  So what I need to share with you at this moment is:  Be at Peace; All is Well!

As the week moves forward the break comes through and by Wednesday a relief of breath..AIR element of MIND….clarity will ensue.  By then there will be more smiles upon your faces than frowning!  Can we chuckle together at this?  Let’s keep it Light.

Take the week in stride..putting the pieces of the puzzle down.  They actually do fit together and you know the Soul has a Plan that is infallible!  The Divine offers you an orderly system of developing your Soul purpose with step by step instructions.  This comes from your Master Soul Personality and is shared with your conscious awareness via your intuition, meditations, dreams and visions.

On another note, have you reflected on LOVE lately? Things you love, people, experiences?  It’s time for you to start believing in the receipt of LOVE into your own heart…I know…it’s odd to drop this into your weekly updates…but Spirit insisted I do this! Please read this over, breathe deeply and say, “Yes…I accept Love into my life…may the Blessings of the Cosmic be received by me!”

Have a great week!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – May 12th to May 18th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

This is a full moon week…watch for the review of old lessons! If you haven’t quite released the nagging and sometimes frustrating old patterns, then this is the week you really want to dig deep and find your inner power. If you have had enough of the repetitive situations that arise, then you can certainly move it out this week. The full moon energy you are receiving this week will have an incredible impact on the very physical and real aspects of your life.  Very root chakra energy….home, foundation, career, finance, security and CHANGE ! Divine Mother…Matrix of our existence is making sure that the Children of this planet start adhering to achieving the highest potential of their Divine nature!

Follow the Laws of the Universe…get yourself into Order.  This is the most important message for the week.  There is an all embracing meaning to your life here on earth and it is up to you to connect to this and get on with things.  Only you will know if you are out of alignment because you will not feel right.  When in alignment there is an inner knowing, strength and Beauty that emanates from your very Being.

There is no sitting back and waiting…roll up your sleeves and dig into the garden..this beautiful garden we call Earth.  Your life here on earth at its very foundation needs cultivating, seeding, nourishment and love.  Build your garden; your life.  Build your new projects, creative outlets and such…let the ideas flow and make sure you take action.  The downloads from your Higher Self and the Angelic Messengers are coming in fast so make sure that you harness all of it.

Remember that spring clean up is still underway in your life..physically and emotionally speaking. Change your life…you have the power to do this. Get on with your Soul Purpose! Enjoy an amazing week of enlightenment and good reasoning of your awareness of Self.

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  I am teaching a “Manifesting your Soul Purpose” instructional full day event this Saturday, May 17th.  You don’t need to be here in physical to do the work as I am making it available to you via mP3 audio and I can bring you into the Inner Temple through remote healing/teaching. Don’t miss out on this one…so many people don’t know how to connect with and fulfill their Soul purpose.  I am teaching the techniques to do this….so let’s get on with your conscious life!


Weekly Energy Updates – May 5th to May 11th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

As you spiral upwards into alignment, you will find yourself having pivotal viewpoints…meaning that you will be able to turn yourself into alignment with a variety of perspectives thus achieving a much better vision to the GREATER PICTURE of your soul journey ahead.  Pay attention to the various clues that the Universe drops down in front of you from time to time this week.  Some will be very obvious signs that make you say, “AH HA !!”….or Eureka !  Other clues will be so sublime that you almost miss them; key word being “almost”!

Navigating the opportunities can be a skilled art…but you know that there are some natural gifts that will shine through for you!  When you acknowledge that you have some incredible natural gifts that are just waiting to shine forth; you give them space to shine forth.  Amazing how we so often just bury our gifts and wait for that “some day” to come.  “Some day” is NOW…not some random day in the future that you are hopeful for.  Life is happening now…not something that we are all waiting to happen.

Funny thing…I ran into a gentleman and his personal assistant that have been working together for over 30 years…and they looked fabulous.  They commented that I was maintaining a very vibrant state myself which was very good of them to say so. When we all touched/hugged it was as if we drew upon an incredible powerful force field surging through us all.  We each left smiling and knowing that our zest for life, pursuit of greater dreams and goals plus optimism and balance were each contributing to the state of our energy fields.

Please remember that each day is a day to improve upon the last.  Don’t live in regrets but learn from lessons.  Start over, recreate or just spark a new direction.  You are here as a Divine Right…created for the purpose of living your conscious life to the best of your ability. See what you can do with your life this week!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – April 28th to May 4th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

New Moon Energy !  Let’s get on a roll this week and ensure that extra effort is placed upon ALL new projects & ideas that you are inspired with.  There will be plenty of downloads coming in from your Higher Self and it is in your very best interest to write them down and ACT on them this week.

Some of you are working on physical issues, health, relationships, business projects or creative expressions! Whatever it is that you are inspired by it is the best time to go past the old limitations and false beliefs and just jump right in.  There will be those nagging old beliefs trying to resurface to pull you back and the best thing you can do is face each and every one of them. Remember they ARE FALSE…the truth of your existence is coming down through the channels of your MIND, while any chatter of doubt, is coming from the old beliefs that now must transform.  Let’s totally release the false beliefs into a transformational Light and give strength to that which is new!

Ready to teach? heal? write? draw? act? pursue corporate positions? Raise the bar on your athletic goals?  Then go ahead…and make it something that you truly wish to do and feel in your heart! not jump over the challenges or try to get around adversity…FACE it …straight on and dismantle it.  Recognize that anything that goes against your Soul expression is an illusion.  You will find power inside of you this week that you didn’t even know you had! are making headway towards the manifestation of your Soul Purpose!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – April 21st to April 27th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

You have opened quite a “portal” of self-enlightenment over the last weekend of extensive spiritual transformations!  Now the question is, “what are you to do now?” “Where are you to go with these realizations of Self?”  Okay….not too fast now!  The beginning of this week we need time to be calm, methodical, and stable.  You have been through a great deal of changes of late and it is now important to BREATHE and harness this new energy…locking it down into the form.  This can take you until Wednesday to do this.  Therefore, it is best for each of you to move forward developing your organization of thoughts and actions without rash decisions.  Precision, focus and a calm, reflective approach to your new direction. This direction will come to you during your quiet time. Ideas will be coming in fast.

Relationship issues whether positive or in the midst of transition, should not be dealt with too acutely or quickly. Where positive, enjoy this and let yourself move with gentle fluidity into the bonding that is taking place and strengthening.  If you are in adversity with your partner, be it personal or business, learn to be objective and look at both sides of the equation. Step into the other persons shoes to see what type of perspective they have and from what level of consciousness they are coming from.  They may not be able to see what you see and vice versa.

With the incredible transformations that we have been through, the building and restructuring needs a sharp eye, a gentle heart and a focused Will.  Entering this week with an open mind, you are going to soon realize what is truly important in your life and the lives of those you love. You will realize that the simple things in life are the most natural and long lasting. Stick to focusing on what is right; morally and ethically.  Keep your values to the forefront and please, take some time to reflect on the purpose of your birth here on earth.  Please give the earth some consideration too.  You are to tend to, and minister to the earth and the health and well being of the planet.  I hope that you will please join in long distance to give & receive healing,  to the World Healing Conference this Saturday, April 26th, 2014.  You don’t need to be there in person if you can’t.  But having your MIND, LOVE and WILL focused with the group on healing the waters of the earth, the waters of your body and your emotional heart, is so very important to the future of the human race.  Kindly help; please give your support.

In Light and in Peace,



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Weekly Energy Updates – April 14th to April 20th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Wow!  What a week ahead !  We have the Total Lunar Eclipse (full moon) tonight (middle of the night) which should glow an impressive orange/red and at the bottom of the week we move right into the powerful transformational weekend starting Friday with the internalization and realization of those issues in your life that have “nailed” you into suffering.  Hhhmm…what does that mean?  Well you need to delve deeply into the spiritual teaching and meaning of the stories left for us by the Mystics of Ages past.  Traditionally this is a time cycle when you must evaluate your life and see just where you have been fixed to repetitive experiences that seem to be never ending and limit your own individuated expression of Soul purpose.

Being nailed to a painfully exhausting core issue is very wearing on one’s health and well being plus it gets passed through the lineages of the family if left unattended.  The story doesn’t change and one does not live a fulfilled life of joy and peace within.  This week the full moon will pull out these issues right onto the plate in front of you for you to dissect.  What are the triggers?  Who triggers you?  What is your emotional reaction? Where does it hurt in the body?  Take a look at all of this and then you can dis-empower the muscle it has held over you and instead you can empower your own True alignment to Universal strength within. YOU CAN CHANGE THIS NOW !  That is the beauty of the energy this week.  You can transform plenty of occlusions to your life…smooth out the wrinkles and bring harmony & success to your journey!

The greatest shift will come over the weekend as you wrap up the stages of self evaluation, healing, transformation and liberation of Self.  By Sunday you will have a very, very good handle on just where your limitations have been and what is being done to change that. Mystics call that:  resurrection ! You liberate yourself into your alignment to TRUTH !

Don’t forget the most important factor…you have the DIVINE UNIVERSE at your back !  That means the Will of the Soul and the amazing time cycles of change we are in will be boosting you significantly into the clearing and freedom of your true expression of Self.  What a joy ! We need this!

Enter this week with EYES open and be ready to face the core issues with the strength of 1,000 Lions of Courage in your throat chakra!  Through discipline, focus, reflection and speech, you will be thrilled with the outcome!  Enjoy the week!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – April 7th to April 13th, 2014

Hi Everyone!  (site was down for a bit…sorry about that !)

This week we have some incredible forces at play that are locking  you “UP” and “INTO” your soul mandates, and in some cases adventures!  Let’s realize this are likely feeling a bit challenged by this…perhaps even nervous about what you KNOW you need to do and what you believe you CAN do.  The doubts, fears, worries, etc will soon pass as you realize that there is only one way to go..and that is forward.  Remember SPRING AHEAD !  This is the cycle of Spring manifestation 2014.  There is nothing that you can say or do that will take that meaning away from this important cycle.

I was reminded this morning of the old saying, “Many are called; few are chosen”….who is doing the choosing?  YOU ARE !  If you choose to do that which needs to be done…and that which is written by your own Soul’s hand…then success is imminent.

Let’s be more comfortable now with our new realizations and understand that this week is a building week.  Like locking LEGO blocks are strengthening your framework and increasing the power to your foundation.  Be quick to add the various tools and techniques for your own physical health.  The outdoors, different foods, smoothies and so on.

I was aware too that many are going through decision and resolution this week.  They want things in their lives to come to a direction…a purposeful one..and it is happening.  Good…because you need to know where to put your MIND during a week such as this.  So where your thoughts are…so too shall the energy travel.  The chalice is being filled with the wine this week…that means the chalice (your developing personality) is being filled with the wine (Soul’s Light)…and together you make a fine blend..fresh and ready to expand in conscious awareness.  Have a great week !

In Light and in Peace,