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White Buffalo Speaks – October 15th 2012


“World Prophecy – the coming AGE…  All Nations…rise up and hear this message…for this Age of Man is to bring such changes to the earth the each will begin to recall their own true heritage.  There is no separation amongst men.  The Great Spirit brooded upon the waters causing vibration rippling across the Universal plane and man breathed in through his nostrils the Great Spirit of Life….the Breath of Life and man came into Being.

All the same materials given for all mankind…. only variations of same to produce the beautiful matrix and creative design of each one involved.

Upon your sacred ground….under your feet is a Living Entity….is Mother Earth…..the all encompassing expression of Divine Nature.

Mankind you know not yet how to tend to her and must learn these ways.  Go into your roots…..go into your origin and you will bring back the safe measures…. you will bring to the children of the earth the true teachings of Universal Laws.  You can now bring all into harmony with Universal Law.  Your technology can be altered ….your processes modified…..your skills and trades revived in order for the fertile soil, rich resources, fresh air and clean water to be made available to all people. You still have time to change this rapidly deteriorating slide that is seen and turn it around.

You have men and women on earth now that have the Minds to do this and to teach your younger generations the importance of the lifestyle that is more natural to the ways of true Life.  You don’t need to live in regret and disillusion….you can each participate and make the Earth Laws to be the predominant Law in every nation.  Global Laws are not just for economics and trades but are for the human rights and the Earth’s rights.  Place the Earth’s rights at the top of the Agenda and the human rights plus the many kingdoms upon her surface utilizing her systems, will benefit.

Mankind…. the Message is for All….ensure the Earth’s Rights and Laws are placed in the majestic position of top priority and all will soon discover their good fate.  Mankind will not be permitted to continue with the abuse and atrocities .  Therefore…urge and demand of your governments….your community leaders and your workplaces… that the corporations and big businesses must place the Earth rights superior to all others…and peace and prosperity will be shared with All.”

White Buffalo Speaks… Intuitively and Spiritually received by Kathy Roseborough

Weekly Energy Updates – October 15th to October 21, 2012

Hi everyone…New Moon Energy…pause before you make decisions and reflect!

People are still feeling some adversity/opposition to their plans and goals though it is more like “strains” upon them rather than just a big wall against them.  These various steams or strains of adversity are originating in some very old karmic patterns and are still clearing out old core issues.  You may feel raw/tender with them and often some trauma has been associated with these issues.  Your current reactions are quite emotional and I am being guided to reassure you that these emotional hurts, shocks and fears are well noted by the Cosmic and you are not are being given immediate comfort and the Divine consciousness is walking with you…supporting you through these changes.  The presence of Angelic help is all around you in different ways and forms…and you are to be aware of these responses of comfort and love that are ensuring a smooth transition amidst such great changes as these. There are such incredible Soul purposes realizations being made! You likely made some major decisions over the last few days and into the beginning of this week as well..your thoughts are on the DEFINITE focus…of what you “do” and “do not” want in your life. Very clear cut and straight in that respect.   So now the ensuing week ahead is about your reflection and action on just how you are going about eliminating and/or accepting these decisions into your life.  Integration right now is occurring with tremendous balance through the 3 streams of Mind, Love and Will.

With all of this in mind…I know that you are also waffling emotionally with some fatigue and disheartening feelings and thoughts…be assured please that all this is noted and the “spiritual dolphins” of joy are coming around you to help you see the Light and feel joy once again.  Can you imagine…the Spiritual assistance coming to you now in such a way?  These playful spiritual intelligences are going to try to make you laugh and smile within..touching your heat with the childlike essence of joy.  So find playfulness and take heart…this too shall pass..these upsets and adversities are not here to stay.  Laughter is good medicine!

Expect some strong support then from the Universal consciousness..your Divine Inner Self…and be aware of the messages that are brought to you…pay heed !

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Updates – Oct. 8th to 14th, 2012

Hi Everyone !

This is a strong energy week and the reason for this is an internal component of your Self.  The Universal (Divine) energies are “relentlessly” driving you forward in pulsations or waves that push out the old and draw in the new.  The more that you align with this inner pulsation the more quickly you are letting go and the more rapidly your ascension to enlightenment…though it is not a race !  The rapidity is due to the long awaited major shift of the year end and the reason you are moving forward and preparing so quickly is because you as the Master Soul are actually focused on getting on with the “business at hand”, as they say.  There is no need to tarry now….full speed ahead.

This week is a very good example of just how important your alignment to the pulsations of this ebb and flow are.  Have you noticed the dreams and lucid awareness of passing habits? False beliefs? and faulty thought forms?  All of this disharmony is washing out of you; even while you sleep.  Such is the gift of the Divine !

It has become very apparent to me while in the Temple of Healing and Wisdom that we are being “pushed” a little quicker…but nothing we can’t handle…right?  You see..there needs to be more Souls awakened…more Soul’s incarnate need their “inner Light” turned on….like houses lighting up in the night…so that the human race shifts into their hearts and the moral and ethical Spiritual qualities of each of us shines forth and carries each through smoothly into 2013.  All of you reading this are “leaders” in your Spiritual family, who can reach out and touch them a nudge to awaken them.  Sometimes it takes only one phrase.

This is a good week to apply this practice of reaching out to another…given that you KNOW yourself just how important this is.  So…do watch how the Universe is going to set up scenarios for you to shine your Light out into the world…it may be on a small stage or massive stage…it doesn’t matter really.  There are many, many SIGNS out there right now that people are to notice…Angelic apparitions if you will..nature speaking…emanations of Truth…pay close attention and point these SIGNS out to others.  Glorious week of positive energy ! Enjoy !

In Light and in Peace,


** watch for more Teachings on this site now..regarding the 2012 shift.  I will be putting channelled discourses from the Centre of the Galaxy. **

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Weekly Energy Updates – October 1st to October 8th, 2012

Hi Everyone !

Well…. how did you make it through the last weekend?…I sure hope you did goodness !  We had our share of challenges with energy… given the full moon impacting with profound RAW POWER coming down from the Atziluthian Worlds..or we could use the term Highest Chakra Centres!  This power is pushing your buttons and demanding that you take notice and make the decision to change your life to place it in accordance with LAW.  The Laws of the Universe must be abide by…and each of us must engage in living in this manner more consciously.

You do not really have free will “per se”…you have the Will to act in accordance with Divine Law and to develop and contribute “freely” to the Collective whole…for the greater good of all involved.  So in that respect you have free will.  If at any time you rebuke or are stubborn to pick up your particular soul mission in life, the you are going to have a problem.

This last weekend showed you the problems and the solutions simultaneously.  For where there is LOVE…Universal Love…there is solution shown.  We are  realizing this more and more for we cannot..simply cannot expect to choose those things that will further chain us to the material/physical world through emotion, passion, sentiment or demand without repercussion.  So let’s be real; let’s be frank, we are a Divine Being emanating into form and experiencing life here on earth for the purpose of ADDING to the greater whole..not to take upon to ourselves that which is not permitted to hold too tightly.  Life is a free-flowing energy and emanation of Creation..we are to experience. l Therefore..the message of the week is not to control…not to put control into the outcome.  We are all going to have tremendous experiences here on earth that will enable us all to create freely…to express love life freely and bring the “story” of our experience back to the Creator in due time.

Wow..what a time to be alive !  We are in the midst of such changes that are all empowering, that we will all share with one another the ways and means of living according to our own soul mission and purpose in life.  Are you aware? Would you like to explore your reason for being alive during such an opportunistic time as this?  The changing of the Age of human consciousness !  This is incredible..

Now this week..please focus on your continued pursuit of this cosmic mission at whatever level you are engaged in. There is no wrong can be simply making plans, organizing plans or being inspired.  Either way..or are moving forward.  Share your enthusiasm with your friends..families..and colleagues.  It’s infectious to share LOVE and Light with others. As the web goes…let it go viral !

May you enjoy this week and know that there is Cosmic Support at your back.  Deal with all things that are not in alignment and permanently transform them.  Yes..permanently.

Blessings to Thee!

In Light and in Peace



Energy Updates September 24th to September 30th, 2012

Hi everyone !

Well I know you must be excited too about being in the last quarter of the year 2012 and knowing that this post-equinox week is the start of it.  This week has some interesting energy influences to it.  You are feeling the need to keep up your transformations of the old and staying acutely aware of any distractions or attempts to pull you down/backward..whilst at the same time hearing the positive, encouraging words, “Go !” in your thoughts…that indicate the green light to enter your projects and goals more fully.  The inner core strength cannot be over-emphasized as each of us need to bolster our daily routines and work habits with absolute alignment to our truth …our authentic voice.  You were each born with a specific task and gift..a tendency and potential is clear in each of you.  Be sure not to deny yourself the opportunity to use your gifts and to develop them in a manner that is suitable to your heart chakra.  There are no mistakes in the Divine Plan.  You are all so very important in the scope of the bigger picture and each one of us must do our part for the continued success in the unfoldment of mankind’s spiritual enlightenment. If you don’t know your gifts…ask within or consult a spiritual intuitive.

Peace can prevail on earth and your alignment..your personal alignment makes all the difference!  The All Seeing Eye is the lens through which you must look at the evolving human race.  Your touch; your words to another can mean more to them than you could possibly know.  Every act of kindness and foundational building you undertake in your own life is important.  Can you imagine that the human race is set to receive energies that have not been present on earth or so readily accessible for 26,000 yrs?  All of these energies are underway right now..and will be emphasized during the winter solstice at the end of this year.  You need to be prepared to receive.  Your own 4-base pyramid framework of physical/etheric, emotional, intellectual and intuitive Will/creative must be balanced and ready to interface with the incoming Divine alignments to take place.  Are you ready?

During the last quarter you will expand on this…starting this week though…accept the nudge and encouragement offered from the spiritual realm…accept the words of assurance…and accept the fact that you are intricately involved in the process.  Have confidence in have the backing of the entire Universe…the Hand of the All at your back ! Trust your choices now…time is of the essence !

In Light and in Peace,



Energy Updates September 17 to 23rd, 2012

Hi everyone !  We are now in the Equinox week…later this week…and you are properly preparing for this by making sure you are well organized and focused on expanding your life with both very valid inspiration from the Universal Consciousness and the realizations that moving headstrong into something without plans would be folly.  So the governing and harnessing of energy with your throat chakra and the full use of Saturn’s laws this week are essential.  The expansive Jupiter is amongst us all and the need to act expansively and larger than the perceptions of only one or two dimensions is key.

Your own Jupiter influence and Soul purpose this week should be continuously developed…making notes , drawings, scribbles and designs on paper to get the ideas out of your head and into some possible form. organize these ideas and place them into some sequential order; some formative expression that shows you that truly your own Soul is exerting it’s Will upon your developing personality..that is very good !

Next..your thoughts; your feelings…take time for inner Beauty…take time for nature..breathing, body connections, love with your family and partners and friends.  Make sure that peace prevails within you and that you extend this peace globally as there is far too much unrest going on globally as each group is involved deeply with their script.  The parts being played out are intensive and cooler heads must prevail.  Let’s all act according to Universal Law; SATURN…delighted to show you….and there will be Order and love/light for all people on this earth.

Transfer this same principle to your personal life this week..Equinox is a time for re-grouping…reorganizing yourself and evolving into a greater, more expansive emanation of your Divine Self.  The important part of this is to ensure you don’t go off into too much passion and not enough order and construct.  Passion is good if well harnessed and directed..That kind of energy is very powerful; very potent….if used well.  Think of how you can change your life and the lives of all involved with the Love and power you have yet untapped inside of you.  This is the week to align…the veils are thinner between the dimensions at this time and the energy is much more malleable…your can modify and transform yourself.  Adhere to schedules and plans…have a great week !

In Light and in Peace,


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Energy Updates – September 10th to 16th, 2012

Hi everyone !

With many, many of your core issues being resolved now…(I know..there are still some nagging ones)… is energetically best for you to use this week’s energy for moving forward….using your inner resolve and will…and making strong decisions for yourself.  This is a good week to promote your business, expand, sign up for new directions, be very organized, encourage your family and friends, and just all in all…feel your inner power. The angelic teams…and I say teams because there are so many different groups helping us right now….are with you using their own words of encouragement, compassion and counsel to lift you up and out of the old ways more and more..leaving behind the programs of the past.  The illusions you have lived are being revealed to you…the focus this week is to act upon your inspirations…develop them more….and where necessary…expand.

Your health and physical body is starting to change in it’s needs as we approach the equinox time in the next 11 days..approx…so you will need to listen to what your body is saying…..more water? exercise? change in diet?  Remember summer energy is wrapping up and you will need to speak to the different solar/earth vibrations that cause the seasonal changes.

Practicing alignment and making time for yourself each day to practice your meditation and/or yoga is an important part of this well orchestrated plan being shown to you from your Soul.  This alignment daily is the time when the  Universal Source can help you to be a Living Conscious Being..rather than merely a mortal who happens to be alive.  There is quite a difference…isn’t there?  Being a reflective and thinking spiritual being will give you a greater awareness of just who you are and how powerful you really are in creating a loving environment and successful life.  You are not a victim, nor are you helpless.  You have such tremendous gifts inside of you that you are being asked to step into your ideas and make some choices now.  We can change this world !  I’m sure you have noticed that there is more and more awareness and exposure of those who don’t have the best interest of others as their priority….meaning those huge corporations and select few that do not align with the phrase…”may this be for the benefit of all involved”.   So..knowing that so clearly…it is up to the likes of each one of us to live our part..our Light…and fill this world with Love and goodness that we can all then benefit from.

Okay..the conclusion of this brief communication?  It’s time…time for you to move even closer to your inner vortex of Light…Make some good decisions this week…very timely !!

In Light and in Peace,



Energy Updates – September 3rd to 9th, 2012

Hi everyone !  Yes..I am equally grateful for this new, peaceful..more settled energy now that the full moon (Blue one) is behind us.  Always rough when the core issues rise to the surface, isn’t it?  But look at the honesty and authenticity that arose from your reflections? That is tremendous !

The Light and the Energy of the Divine is in “amp up” mode this week…increasing in order to further our self realizations and wake up from the limitations we imposed upon ourselves.    According to the Wise old Guide in the Temple this morning…who I often will consult with as he is a blend of prophecy, metaphysical science, mystical wisdom and pure Love…all rolled into one…He showed me that the energy from Source this week…is meant to intensify the focusing mind lest it stray off track and get distracted from the purpose at hand.  It’s like having a “reminder Ray of Light” flowing in at you to ensure you are paying attention !

What you would wish to do with this energy, starting today, is make a list of the things you wish to do..the plans/goals you wish to accomplish and go through each of at a time.  Don’t overwhelm yourself; just stay to task.  The energy will help you. Consider this to be one of the most important times of your life.  Tell yourself that by doing each of these tasks, you set the stage for the larger plans that are to unfold over the months and years to come.  This particular set up or framework is KEY to the future.  This is where we are at right now…the next several weeks are very important…right up to and including Equinox.

No wavering this week, okay? Seek out the counsel, advice you need and stick to your decisions.  Be strong and self aware. No wasting time this week..use it wisely and lay out all options in front of you.  Reach out to people and also listen to those who reach out to you.  We are all in this together and every Soul will one day find their way Home…so let’s work together and ensure a beautiful future.

In Light and in Peace, Kathy

p.s. if you know of someone who is seeking to develop their spiritual path..or for yourself…kindly refer them to my 2 1/2 day workshop “A Healing Odyssey” ..Starts September 15th …..teaching can be in classroom or they can do this home study with audio…. link is:

There are still many, many Souls who need awakening and need to get in a greater alignment with the heart chakra in preparation for the December 21st, 2012 Solstice shift.

Energy Updates – August 27th to September 2nd, 2012

Hi everyone !

It’s time for all of you to prepare for the Autumn Equinox (spring if you are in the southern hemisphere) as this week marks the approx 21 day cycle for this.  Since ancient times, the mystics would attune with the various cycles throughout the year to ensure that they were in an optimum place in their life to work with the rhythm and cycles of life.  These cycles are still there but not many people work in synergy with them.  According to tradition, we should be doing cleansing and reflection upon the last quarter, in this case from summer solstice until now…and assessing your position with regard to our spiritual advancement.  Where are you at?   What have you been doing over the last many weeks and how have you changed? What have you learned and what have you applied since then?

Appropriately, you will be gathering already in preparation for autumn and the harvest will be in the next quarter.  Organize and make space for this.  Conservation of energy will be upon us soon and preservation (and preserves of foods!)…will also be in a higher priority.  Make room.  Do a liver cleanse, change your exercise program, flush out the old habits, organize your room, offices, desk, schedule..etc.  Get organized.  Doing this starting now and carrying over into the next 3 weeks is good.

Sort out your feelings…some of them are pretty rough…so many people are going through some realizations of very deep core issues…that this just need to reflect and sort them out…Take your time…be relaxed with it..know that change is good.  Transformation is good..BUT…also know that the power and strength of this cycle is with you.  USE IT.. Use this energy to do the organization, planning and interaction with others to make projects a GO !  You CAN get your projects up and running and you CAN be successful..Use the power of your mind and focus.  This is very, very good energy for all of us…oh I know…it doesn’t necessarily feel that way…but believe are only a “shift” away of seeing/using your power versus the feeling of being inside behind a veil.  Focus the Light of the Soul through each chakra…Use the visualization of SUN rays…shining into each receiving “lens” for each of the chakras.  If you need help..join in on the 2x daily free healing I am sending out from the Inner Temple of Healing and Wisdom.  Sign up on Twitter and follow me MindLoveWill.  The healings are different daily. If you can’t get on twitter send me a note and you can go on the written healing list.

This is a good week ahead…keep up your alignment and let one foot follow the other on your spiritual journey enveloped by the LOVE of the Divine!  Start today by thinking about something in your life right now that you just love..let the feeling grow !

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Updates – August 20th to 26th, 2012

Did you breeze through the New Moon issues over the last week?  No?  I didn’t either…so we are on the same page…LOL…yes..there were some very deep core issues that came up for all of us…tremendous amount of up and down rides of emotion for people and tremendous uncertainty.  Much like the rug being pulled out from under you unexpectedly !  I hope that the long distance healing helped to stabilize all of you that signed up on Twitter – MindLoveWill for the free daily healing (2x/day)…or if you asked to be on the healing list.  The healing going out from the Temple is absolutely amazing…it is quite profound how the Cosmic knows exactly what is needed for each person and how the various cycles and rhythms are affecting us all.

Now on to the power….yes..the power of the New Moon…post-healing and clearing.  Don’t underestimate the power of the energy at this time for ALL…we are really STRETCHING and exercising the heart to throat paths now and it is absolutely essential for you to recognize this.  Trust…trust deeply within yourself and take all necessary steps to strengthen your plans and goals.  Do not hesitate.  Keep these plans on them everyday…believe in yourself…for the heart soars with joy and radiance during the new beginning times…and as you increase your self emerge from within…you change the course ahead of you.  Remember it is YOU that wrote your script of life so that you could reflect the great Unmanifest all it’s Glory…you have your story of life to live and to tell…so what is next? You are taking MAJOR steps this autumn..

You did not do this alone..the planning or the are working with the marvels of the Universe…The steps now during this week are in a balanced presentation.  Action and Reflection.  You are doing are taking the time to reflect on the next move..and you are also acting ..but not to the degree that is still to come in the next week and the weeks following.  So…nice and stable action and reflection this week.

Watch the continued wrap up of the old dramas and stories..they will continue to be cleared up…they are not part of the New Moon beginnings that we are now in..this new stage which we can look more closely at as we get ourselves in readiness for the last quarter of the year; fall equinox to winter solstice 2012.

Keep working on the foundation…structure…strong home environment…you will need that to support the filling of the “spiritual chalice” of Light !

In Light and in Peace,




New! Healing for all who wish to receive!

Hi everyone….Well this morning while in my Inner Sanctum for Healing, Prayers, Spiritual studies, etc…I was given the guidance that I am to offer healing to all who wish to receive twice daily (morning and evening prayer/healing time) from my Inner Temple of Wisdom and Healing.  This will help people prepare for the solstice December 2012.

It was shown best to send the healing to all followers (collective group) on the twitter account…that way…I can focus the healing to the named people.  If people do not wish to have the healing..they can just delete their name.

Funny thing was that I have been impressed with this for a while…did not act on it immediately…and it came in very, very strong today…so I certainly must pay attention !

Each healing session is different…today for example is the heart to sacral healing (Spiritual/Divine Love to the sacral (emotional) centre).  I hope people (you!) enjoy the wave of Universal Divine Blessings and Healing.  If space permits I can share the message as well…but may have to go back to blog as twitter is kind of short in words and I luv to talk !! LOL !!

My Twitter name is:   MindLoveWill

If you would like healing…just follow !!! Best World Healing Project exercise for sure !!!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – August 13th to August 19th, 2012

Hi everyone !  So much transformation before the NEW MOON to come on the 17th of August !!! You are likely processing so much through the solar plexus chakra that you wonder if you are on the right track or not !!  Let me assure you that you are…but it doesn’t mean it feels so good right now.  The “death” or “transformation” of the old is never a happy go lucky time…but is actually a time when you are so deep in re-evaluating yourself that the next week after the New Moon is a glorious time of revelation of Self.  The “fate” and “destiny” that is found with the New Moon in Leo is profound.  There is no escaping the fact that you are destined to Divinity and Soul purpose.  Follow the leads and inspirations you are receiving for they are definitely guiding you in the right direction.

Sorry to say that yes…this week is a bit it has been through the last several days, but don’t you worry too much..the clarity will come and you will know that decisions you have made; or are making are the right ones.  In the process though, you are clearing out your old reactions in the solar plexus, sacral and root..and even the heart may be tender as that stiffness in your upper back and neck has been trying to hold on to the old reactions for security reasons.  Best advice?  Surrender..surrender to your true self and say, “Yes…I am going to be okay…I really am an emanation of the Highest and most Glorious of All”.

You are now really challenging things/experiences/habits that do not suit you and you are really questioning the social/community experiences around you. at peace…all is in Order and people you love and those around you will shift when they are intended to.  Be the Light !

Once you sort out your most profound realizations through this week and enter the New moon in Leo you are going to feel very courageous, very heart inspired, and extremely amazed that you are on the precipice between extensive expressions of consciousness;  manifest/formative and CREATIVE.  Wow !  Feel the push into that CREATIVE world and experience the heart and throat vibrations that are there for you.  Organization…action…all will be happening in the next several weeks.

This week….SORT, GROUND, CLEAR, DISCARD, EVALUATE, SURRENDER, FEEL THE LOVE”.  Breathe deeply…a lot…be outside…a lot…let nature take your pain, your sorrow, your uneasiness, your anxiety, your nervousness, your insecurities.  Feel the earth beneath your feet as you sit quietly and breathe and meditate.  The God of your Heart is with you; whatever you wish to call your God.  That aspect of the Great Universal Divine consciousness, expressing as Love in your heart is exactly what you need to connect with. Your body and your life is changing…it can be difficult at first…but it is with good reason.  Trust.

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Updates – August 6th to August 12th, 2012

Hi Everyone !!  Looks like a very “authentic” week ahead!  Each of us have the opportunity and energy support to speak from our hearts, given that the Mercury energy of communication still has some positive binding interactions with the emotional energy of Cancer.  This provides you space and support to open up to your true expression and breathe naturally in the process..thus moving you out of limitation and restriction. So you can go ahead and open up your throat chakra and speak about those things that are dear to your heart (Leo).  Make this a permanent change in your life! Good time then for clearing up issues and finding acknowledgement in your placement here on earth…yes!  You are very important !!

From this perspective we can go further to say that as you speak clearly about that which you are most passionate about, you also fuel those creative drives that support you in your pursuit of new career expression, better relationships with loved ones and friends, and the total honouring of just what you need in this world to feel nurtured and alive.  Denying oneself this path would be detrimental to say the least.  Look at the way we are building up more and more each week in the direction and manifestation of our Soul purpose…with this acknowledgement we can go on to say that the use of your voice/feelings will add beautifully to the total package.  You are expanding upon your own unique “story” of life and it would be rather “dry” if it did not have any emotion to it !

This week is communicative and reflective..yes..both.  The reflective part of this allows you to sit back quietly and reflect on energy changes for your home, business, personal routines, etc.  You are in a very nurturing week and you should stay restful and peaceful during it.  Care about yourself, your garden, home, family, etc and tend to the needs of both yourself and your loved ones…which also encourages your loved ones to do the same giving it a win-win situation for all !

Journalling, peaceful meditation, sharing and communicating with friends/family and dreaming/imagining and creating….all wonderful activities to be included in your life this week.  Pay particular attention to the use of colour in your life and apply change.  Move energy around to keep the flow going and stimulating change for the weeks still to come.

I hope you have plans to create and manifest some enjoyment in your week for personal time as well…going out and socializing, or just doing the things you love to do !  Have a great week !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – July 30th to August 5th, 2012

Hi everyone !!

Okay…we need to start looking already at the month of August and I must tell you that we are all preparing for a major shift in and around the August 18th timeline.  Now…at first I thought I would wait another week of two to mention this but after today’s workshop I was teaching on Mystical Pathworking, I realize that we need to actually look at this shift now.  As you know there have been tremendous waves of accelerating energy influencing  each of us; healing and shifting us.  At this particular time we are pressed to take action and get our plans underway even though most of us are still trying to enjoy the “long hot days of summer”….  The thing is though,  we all can most certainly enjoy these days…but why not…first thing in the morning… use your personal time wisely by jotting down or journalling your plans and ideas for the weeks ahead.  If you pursue this, you can keep up with the Soul Plan of your own personal purpose and individuated expression.  There is no time to lose…we are being pressed into our duties and responsibilities of being the Soul family leaders.

Plenty of clearing is going on….oh boy !  If you have noticed… your reflections, dreams and meditations are processing you through so many fragments that you wonder how you could of possibly left so much untouched ! This is good though…you get to review plenty about your life and at the same time please note that you are accessing the major storehouse (Akashic) of your Soul experience and extracting from there the gifts and talents that your Soul wishes to express in this lifetime.  By accepting and stepping up into your own acceptance of your gifts you acknowledge, love and honour Thyself.  Be true to yourself; be authentic.  It is okay to take that leap of faith over the next 2 months and show the world who you are !  Planning is Key….Deep breath ! The Leaders, Teachers and Healers are being called !

We need to balance these energies of summer….enjoy the wonderful days of sunshine and relaxation…but in the coolness of the early a.m. and the evening when things are peaceful…take some time out to go into meditation.   The Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels are all waiting to have you communicate with them.  Settle into this week with the thought in mind that you must stay focused and write down those insights you receive that are clear and precise…those that guide you towards your accelerated realizations of Self.  This is a WRITING/REFLECTIVE week..enjoy….you may sit under a favourite Maple tree or relax at the lake or ocean side…either way….make sure you write. !!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – July 23 to 29th, 2012

Hi everyone…!

Here we go…we are choosing a segment of time to explore…in this case…7 days of a particular week in the early sign of the Leo constellation influence…and for those who following sidereal astrology, we are in the sign of Cancer.  These 2 signs both lead to the awakening of mankind to his understanding of Self.  The energy that is taking place at this time and influencing mankind is Divine Intelligence.  This Intelligence is asking us to come out of our “shell” and to have the COURAGE of the Fire energy of Leo to explore our own particular I AM expression.  It is asking you not to follow the “herd”  and to individuate into your own Soulful expression.  This moment of time is special because it is another very unique part of the development of the changing AGE of Mankind.  Without this week having a profound impact on your realizations, next week would not be so pronounced in it’s offerings so on…

When I review the material in the Akashic records and then explore the present and future paths ahead, I see the most wonderful opportunities for all.  Interesting that there is much to choose from in terms of style and personal touch when it comes to aligning with the Soul’s Will and interfacing/communicating with the journey you designed for yourself.  Grasp the importance of the major underlying Principles of Light and Truth that you are living; then colour it in with your own choices, grace/style.   The important step is really in your ability to harness and integrate the realizations of your own True self and capture that…. thus integrating it into the Akashic records for present and future use.   Be unique and step into your own style of expression.  This is a week to be creative; be bold and affirm your realizations of Self.

What if you don’t know?  What if you are currently just stepping “out of your shell” but when looking around…you are not sure which direction to go?  Then look up and within; the stars are your guide.  The Soul is like a bright star that follows your every move.  Reflect this week on the possibilities of your own self.  Use these days of summer (here in the northern hemisphere/winter in the south) to “doodle” and draw on a notepad ideas that come to you.  Be creative…let the ideas that come to you in meditation be free to flow.  Don’t choke them back.  Leo is the sign resonating with the Heart Chakra…your heart wishes to open up and express joyfully.  Remember…no suppression allowed !!  Let the Soul unite with your seeking personality.

This week the “old Soul” in you is bringing forth your buried skills..that’s right….those powerful stored gifts.  It’s like finding an old box of memories and going over them from when you were growing up..only this time…you are going through and recalling lives of tremendous advancement…times when you easily allowed your gifts to be shared.  Well..we are taking these gifts out of the boxes now and using them.  We are brushing off the dross that separates us from them..polishing them up with the Light and Sound current offered by the Universal energy….and then putting them to good use once again in this modern world timeline.

So you see how important even just one week is relative to the whole?  This week is no exception…reflect upon your ideas…there are some gems stored there !

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  Open up the chest chakra with deep stretching….arms raised up and then out…good deep breathing.  The sound “AAAhhhhhh” as you exhale.  Stretch so that you can open the back of the heart as well. Many are complaining of stiffness up into the neck/shoulders.  It is actually coming from tightness in the chest.  The heart chakra is getting the brunt of the Solar energy shifts all be flexible…get a massage for in between the shoulder blades at the back.   Surrender to the Soul’s WILL….the energy must come down and into the back of that heart chakra !!!