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Weekly Energy Update – March 24th to March 30th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

With the Equinox now behind us…you have received an incredible boost to your spiritual evolution and you are now locked onto your Soul Mandate for manifestation in the year 2014. How does that feel for you?
I bet that you are quite happy about the latest shifts in consciousness..and you should be…for you have earned this! Congratulations!  Also..I hope that you read my Equinox live channelling…it was the previous post.

You can expect this week to bring you strength to build your focus and development of your is rather tedious..I know..but well worth the efforts.  Clean up any lingering overlay from the past…which should be quite straightforward….and then look at the possibilities that are being presented.

The cleansing is not overly strenuous for you..nor should you feel angst.  The cleanse is pretty much about wrapping up a cycle.  The gifts of Equinox are primarily your retrieval of your authentic Self and a very secure placement in this Self Realization.  Promote the alignment to clean living, good thoughts and vibrational changes to your home.  Move things around…throw things out/recycle/give away…and make space.  Why so much space required?  Because there are incoming projects that will demand your new time.  This new time is MOST enjoyable and will increase the amount of contentment in your heart.  How lovely !

Think about using some very natural materials in your life…think about what you wish to do to your sacred space, home or office…this Spring. It is important…and you may not realize this until much later.

SATURN is the Divine Intelligence of Time, Cycles, Karma, Fate, you have some true power and manifestations taking place this spring.  But back to this week…be aware of the little things that need taking care of.  Boring? no…not really..they are going to bring you as much pleasure as the greater things.  Have you ever spent hours sanding then painting a wood carving, piece of furniture or object of art?  SATISFACTION…oh yes.  So…see what will be tedious yet very satisfying in your life this week.  Believe will be a productive and enjoyable week for you!

In Light and in Peace ,


p.s. if you wish to have a LONG DISTANCE HOUSE CLEARING…I am doing them now !  Every year this should be done..and if I may help you…let me know…




Spring Equinox Channelling

“It is from the Great Temple of Cronus of SATURN ..representing TIME…LAWS…CYCLES and with RESPECT to Universal dictum that we speak to you now. The Sound..the GREAT GONG has been struck and reverberates throughout the Galaxy..throughout the Universe…and to your own ears..and to those listening on your Planet Earth, heralding change and bringing with it… the most important directive and counsel of all…and this is:

“Your own Eternal and Immortal Being within YOU is your one and only TRUTH of direction…pay HEED.”  (as you can hear…you are being told to adhere to your own Truth line..your own intuition..stripped of illusion…listen to the voice within.)

Scores of changes have been made over aeons of time and cycles have passed yet it is now that the powerful Order of Creation from the Hierarchy of Light of which you are a part, is suspending for a moment…the systems into a null point between the one station of expression and the next.
You have a decision to make at this time that will give possibility for you to leap frog at tremendous rates through many myriad systems at a time and to explore the realms of existence like never before.  You have that option now and the period of choice is now.  With your decision you enter into an agreement with the pure existence of your Inner Being.

You abide by that which is shown, whispered and directed to you now.  You know no fear and can truly and gratefully trust that which is inherent in Thee.

Rare moments like this occur throughout the extensive periods of Creation and when they do ,you BIND yourself to the Laws and the GIFTs that it carries.  The communication and realization of SELF strengthens and there is a co-operative effort for extraordinary  gain.

Note that the changes will take place in your thinking process and you will feel many differences  in your life. Changes to your existence are uplifting and productive.  You have greater peace and yet you gain tremendous vitality and power.

The mind sharpens and you lose the cloudy or foggy mire of the lower self that has previously caused you to fumble.

When a resounding call goes across the fabric of Creation there are those that will faithfully choose their Higher path whilst others may still sleep  Bring the Light of Truth to those who slumber in creative ways now that will benefit the human populace over time.

The shift of consciousness is having an equally powerful impact upon your earth’s natural elements and there is vibratory quickening and movement to these same.  The earth herself is stirring and changing as the electro magnetic forces are engaged with her own body from a diverse network of stars and celestial bodies.  Don’t think for a moment that she is not listening..she is; don’t think she is not knowing of you; she is…. and don’t think she not seeing you with her own heart….for she is.  For those who walk upon her with love shall be protected and may find comfort in her bountiful resources.   Nature is nurturing and ceaseless when one is in alignment with her. Find this to be a lesson around your own understanding of YOUR physical body as well.  Begin to appreciate that you will be taught further on this as more Souls are guided to share with you the factual anatomical meta-sciences of your body’s Divine Intelligence.
Cells do connect to the harmonics of the Universe and you should be kept in tune with these sounds. The body cells respond to the energetics of Life and will serve you with great devotion when treated properly.

Each of you are being offered transformation that brings you to enlightened reason…to selectively direct your mind in new ways that reflect your own unique individuation rather than to box you into a herd of repetitive acts and laboured thinking.

The programing of duplication and more duplication for each human being is a saddened tragedy that befalls mankind  at these depths.  Your own rising to self awareness releases in you the charged particles of higher consciousness for your own use thus stripping away the old lack lustre.

Grafting you to the higher template of Mind through your own Love and Light search secures your systems whilst here on earth and permits an enjoyable life with greater comfort.  Your choice to manifest this now during the cycle of Equinox is the first major step in this engagement.

Most refer to this time as a birthing..its also to be considered a renewal or celebration of the true Art of Living consciously.  Until this time cycle is accepted and acted upon, mankind is still being duped into believing his own illusions, but those who take the heart path, are now turning their backs on those controlling entities.
Saying  “no more” to the fallen forces, the enlightened man stands to now gain accelerated awareness and let us repeat..this accelerated awareness is now..right now during these months .
Just try to imagine a collection of Light beams all intersecting each other creating a massive opening into diverse and subtle dimensions of yourself.  The influences are all in the making right now.  If you are unable to see them you may feel them or sense them within .

Your brothers and sisters of Light from near and far are more available to you..They are your Soul family..they are in an ascended stage of consciousness and are willing to show you how you are to understand yourself at these levels as well.  You mingle and move about with them yet you know not that you do. The veils of illusion part and you can now make greater plans and communicate more with them now.

these are your members of the Spiritual realms that you may wish to refer to as your Team.  This team has now arrived more clearly to you due to your acceleration and you can now sit down and execute the plans of your Soul purpose.  They are here as drafters, designers, planners, builders, advisors, counsellor healers and more.  You can BE with them at any time consciously as you open up to your own fate and destiny as SATURN (Father Cronus) so wills it.  Your Souls Will is NOW,  and the upper thoracic lens of your chakras are giving you the capabilities of peering directly into the internal directives thus you need not feel lost..not again or for ever more.

We have been speaking of this time cycle for such a very long time with you..preparing and planning with you this Day..this time…so that you would know and be comforted when it arrives.  Be reassured that is is now.  Waiting for something that it already here is fruitless.  Use this time now to rapidly gather and create thus manifest that which is known within….the Universal forces at play are here to ensure adhesion.

Sharing this guidance with your friend and family is positive, and encouraging them to understand they have choice is equally positive. Think more in terms of the spiritual concepts and relate it to them in terms they can well appreciate and understand.

Your MIND is aligning now with the Template of HIGHER MIND within you and will feel much stronger because of it.  You will have now greater perceptions and gifts of sight, sentience and hearing that will drop the barriers of false separation and limitation thus enabling you to speak directly with the members of the Golden /age of  the Hierarchy of Light from where ever they originate.

This interaction is not unusual nor strange. The Ancient Man of your past civilizations spoke easily with members of many star and galactic groups through MIND thus maintaining a healthy balance in your particular position in the galaxy and ensuring that unfair acts were not permitted.

There is a need for you to recognize your Brethren and understand their interests in protecting and guiding the human race during your planetary life into harmony and peaceful enlightenment with other members of the Race of True Man.

To keep it simple and more to the point of your own application now, be clear that this message should enlighten your mind body and soul….that being, “The truth of your identity and your origin  is now. The manifestation of your soul mandate and purpose is now…and the Light of higher consciousness blossoms and grows within you now at an accelerated rate. Permit the REAL SUBSTANCE of your make up to be that which guides you.  Live not in fear and resistance to the true Self and choose not…. those things that are manmade and out of harmony with Law.  Adhere strictly and well to the gifts of Nature and experience the wonderful changes that are now taking place.   There is a funny saying amongst your family of humans  when uncertain, they say “pinch me.I think I may be dreaming”.  Well this is not a dream..but in fact is your own oneness with MIND..the Mind of the ALL that is creating and manifesting this conscious experience.  Try to get more used to this now for the dream was the state of slumber and of the past…. covering you in veils.  Now you have the liberation of truth and Light.. enjoy..manifest your thoughts…  !!!!”

Higher Council of Saturn’s Temple.

Weekly Energy Updates – March 17th to March 23rd, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Equinox week!  Full moon from yesterday permitting a greater cleanse in you!  Each of us will experience the shift in opportunity and the gifts from Mother Earth (your physical body, material world & foundation) in a different way.  Let us not forget about the SUN (heart chakra and engagement to the Light of Spiritual Love) which is responsible for the electro-magnetic changes, Divine Intelligence signals to our systems and the soothing changes in temperature to wake up the sleepy animal nature, promote growth and offer us new direction during the change of the seasons.

The traditional prompts have already begun for you such as new choices in diet, routine, plans….but your Spiritual Self is also currently inspiring you with sparks of ideas for your journey of life that embraces your Soul mandate.  You likely are feeling the rise in power inside of you that can best be described as rejuvenating, refreshing and invigorating because truly that is what this seasonal shift does for you.  People everywhere feel the need to turn the corner in their spiral-like ascent towards integration with their authentic spiritual Self… and now is the time to do that.

When we have been so visibly stuck in the mire, stagnation and repetition of our own karma and consequences thereof for so long, the refreshing changes offer us solution, insights, enlightening moments that integrate permanently, and an empowering Oneness with the Divine. Unique unto you, your mandate is in many cases obvious, whilst others may need to explore this aspect of themselves more thoroughly during their sojourn through the spring 2014.

Be very aware of this…your thoughts create and what you are creating and manifesting is the true expression of your soul purpose. Therefore, harness the ideas and “seed thoughts” and let them develop inside of you during a meditation and quiet state.  They will take root and grow very, very quickly !!  This is the beauty of alignment…the forces at work with particular Constellation influences and star forces around us, are making sure this spring that you move boldly, positively and joyfully into the manifestation of your Divine birthright!

You’ll likely feel excitement, anticipation, curiosity, and wonderment about the whole process…so in order to more consciously be participating in this, it is advisable that you spend a fair bit of time…each day….in meditation-type reflection and in the Higher Temple of your Inner Self.  Choose this…and the benefits will far outweigh any adversities or challenges that may be your excuses not to try this.  It is in you and your family’s best interest to do this…for then all will benefit.  Looking out for the Greater good of all involved is an important piece of the Soul purpose.

Enjoy the week..celebrate your life and start with the particular changes in your life you wish to see now.  Cosmic Blessings!

In Light and in Peace,


Spring Equinox – Guided Meditation & Healing Workshop

 Spring Flower meadow

Spring Equinox – Guided Meditation & Healing Workshop
…..let’s usher in the new Cycle together!

Join me for a special evening of healing through guided meditation & Spring Equinox energy Initiation.  This Spring Equinox is an energy shift that your Master Soul Personality plans to use for the MANIFESTATION of your Soul purpose and Soul direction.  Many, many incarnations of life have been spent building towards this YEAR OF MANIFESTATION 2014!  Your new beginnings are MAJOR in the making and you are to receive Universal support and guidance in a powerful way!  Let’s get this new cycle underway together!

You can participate in person or long distance.  Those participating long distance will be receiving an mP3 audio file of the evening.  When participating long distance, kindly let me know if you wish to be on the list of names that is read out loud to come into the Inner Temple or on the SILENT list.  Your family will likely wish to participate and should be signed up separately.  If you wish to bring your crystal pyramids or Lemurian Seed crystals or any of your own special hand held healing stones for CHARGING…for this cycle, then you are welcome to bring them with you for the special “charging”.  If you don’t have any I will have some available for purchase that you may wish to have if they resonate with you.

Location:  Newmarket Inn, 18667 Old Yonge Street, Holland Landing, ON L9N 0J2 website:

Time:  6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (doors open at 6 p.m.)
Date:  Thursday, March 20th, 2014
Cost:  $ 45
Interac or Paypal  EVENTS




Message from Spirit ! March 2014

March 2014 – Aura Makeover Message from Spirit:

“Spring energies…(Fall in the Southern hemisphere)…both significant changes.  The Great Ancient One who presides over Creation summons each of you..and takes your hand…asking you to actually touch the consciousness of the cycle…and believe.  It has been hard for each one to BELIEVE..both in themselves and in the power of Creation.  The all MIND has deemed this time of the lives of the human race to be one where you are to feel your foundation and marvel at the power of the body, the physical kingdom and the way you govern it in accordance to Law.  Rather than being drawn to the illusion of the world and the inability to be liberated of consciousness and in bondage, you can now experience the TRUTH of your existence.

For so long the human race has suffered due to the separation of consciousness and the weakness of connection to their own Divine powers.  They have succumbed to the throes of adversity, cruel conditions and aggressive environments which they had over aeons of time created for themselves, thus separating more and more from the Light of their true Self.

During this year 2014, the Electro-Magnetic forces upon you due to significant alignments in the Galaxy in which you are part, has all contributed to the more rare experiences you are going to go through.  These are rare because you are not familiar with alignment in the stream of the ALL.  You touch it like a child touching raindrops or snow for the first time.  What is this?  How curious that you are engaging in such a new experience.

The Great Lord of the Ancient of Days smiles with you and asks you to trust now.  Time to realize that these experiences are a result of the changing time cycles and the need for you to move further from slumber and into the true dawning and rebirth of the Spring within the Golden Age.  Your rebirth has begun and the continued removal of the thin veils and sleep in your eyes is accelerating.  Rubbing your eyes in front of the Light of the are witness to so many new things about yourself…. that you find childlike innocence again; yet profound inner power through Love.    When the many experiences in your life start now moving with you as opposed to against you, you raise your eyebrows both in surprise and amazement!

The streams that you are now moving with are very strong currents actually, they are swiftly ascending your consciousness and you absolutely cannot go backwards nor can you even attempt to be in the old dramas and paradigms of the past.  They are gone.  When something “dies” it comes back in a different form…not the old one.  And in the case of this spring energy…what has died in you comes back as a blossoming experience anew and a manifestation of such power and grace that you slip comfortably into your new shoes!  Comfortably in this new position of Life, you have a greater peace inside.

Throughout the month you are to stay calm and focused..containing the energy, conserving the new energy and handling it delicately until you get used to it.  Much like the little buds that form on the trees, one does not rush in and move energy harshly around the sweet buds.  You protect the buds and you engage in healing and strengthening through them from Source.  You will need to use your meditation and healing alignments steadily throughout the March/April time line for the purpose of STRENGTHENING the connection. This establishes the buds and saplings roots…thus you have a strong stand in the case of high winds or rain during the coming weeks.  This analogy helping you to understand that as you are choosing to ascend with this cycle..there are still those in this world that will not necessarily choose to do so for themselves.  They will still be causing “noise, mental activity (wind)j and emotional disturbances (rain) around you…so conduct yourself accordingly.  The message of CONSERVATION AND PRESERVATION is the most important message we can give you.  Pay attention.

You must draw into yourself the energy..and your must HOLD this energy.  Holding it involves establishing foundation, body energy, calm mental activity, no extremes in emotions..and steady conscious awareness of consciousness.  Be the living Soul you were designed to be !

This includes your family and friends too…they must understand the importance of holding energy and not losing it.  Losing energy occurs when people are reckless with their bodies, not following routine, ritual, staying up too late, eating/drinking poorly, being too extreme, wasting money, not staying focused to task and engaging in crowds where there is not a sense of importance to energy alignments.

Holding the strength and you will have very, very, spiritually aligned root chakra and there will not be an attachment to illusion but instead your Inner eye turns upwards and reaches for the Soul; the Divine.  The branches of your chakras expand like the growing tree and you illuminate from root to crown.  You have then liberated yourself from illusion and you are MANIFESTING your soul mandate..your creative projects, expression and self realization here on earth.  Hallelujah..that is what a Divine Loving Conscious Being does!

You can be sure that there is help for you…you can be sure we are here.  You do your part and the energy infusions will be strong and accelerating.
The routine you engaged will likely have timely organization to it.  Be sure of that.  It will take some getting used to but the benefits will be very measurable.

Enjoy this very profound opening into the Cosmic consciousness that will lift you up like it never has before!  Step up and step in..the Stream you step out of is illusion..the stream you step the powerful current of the All.

Until next time…the Class Master of the Temple of Wisdom & Healing

Weekly Energy Updates – March 10th to March 16th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Yes…Yes….it has been intense…I’ll agree..but don’t lose sight of just what is going on in the bigger picture here over your life.  The “mini-deaths” or “transformations” you have been going through have been well calculated by your Soul and are for the purpose of you being in the more raw and authentic form come Spring Equinox.  When one is going through such things as you have over the last several, weeks, you start to feel rather vulnerable which actually translates to rather CLEAN.  Hhhmmm…you didn’t think of it that way before, did you?

The meaning of this more clean and naked state, rids you of the build up of false securities, false beliefs and often times a wall or shell you built up to protect yourself from things that you are not to be protected from.  Such as what?  Love, receiving, security, good alignment..etc.  You need to have experiences that will move you forward, yet most fear the things they need the most!

When you hold back and build up a tough shell around you, it is very challenging for the Divine Self to enter and integrate with you.  By stripping away your various “build-ups”, you are suddenly finding yourself more transparent.  With this transparency comes a sweetness and purity of Truth. The Light penetrates you and emanates throughout your aura and you are ready to give birth this Equinox time to a new direction and expression of the Soul.

It is not always a comfortable feeling, but it is a positive outcome.  Now there is another very important part of this that should be stressed…Clean and malleable does not mean you are to leave yourself open to attack in an unfriendly environment such as the likes of the lower astral consciousness.  To to ensure we are on the same page here…permit the sloughing off and the shedding of the you would your winter coat…but keep a visualization of the BLUE orb of energy around your aura that protects you from the unwanted and unnecessary irritations of life.  You will be pleased with the advancements you make this way plus you remain strong in the throat of discernment, choice and expression.

Throughout this the full moon approaches Saturday, be sure to be aware of just how many changes you are going through and just how much of the old shell or armor is leaving.  It just doesn’t shine like it should so let it go ! Look forward to the new spring “clothes”…which translates to the very brilliant auric fields that each of you will radiate and be rest assured you are on the right path.

No chastisement of Self please..just some lovely nurturing thoughts for self and a smile to yourself that all is well…you are doing fine.  Treat yourself well and be sure to invest some energy into your typical spring changes with diet and fresh air !  Have a great week….the Angelic Team of the Hierarchy of Light is with you…!

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  Use a lot of clean amethyst in your healing room…bedroom and bathing area.  Make sure it has been cleaned since you last used it.  Sunlight is good..I will even dip mine in Sea Salt water though many will disagree with me…but I just use a pinch !


Weekly Energy Updates – March 3rd to March 9th, 2014

Hi Everyone !

If ever I could advise and encourage you to stay focused on your developing soul mandate…it’s now.  You do have plenty of added support from the Universal – Divine Intelligences who are watching over you and represent the greatest qualities of the evolving Golden Age to be developed by each of us.  It is not to be taken lightly when I tell you that this particular cycle of March 2014, as we engage the Spring shift in the north (Fall in the south) is THE MAJOR KEY to your attainment of alignment with the Christed Consciousness of the 1st Principle of Love and your own particular Soul Mandate.  If it seems to you that I am overstating or repeating myself with regard to this…it is only because I am doing my very best to make sure you resonate with the importance of this time cycle.

During this week you have a very good influence from Jupiter (Soul’s Will) coming in and even with the common adversities that come up in your life, this power is much stronger for you when aligned to it.  Distractions must be kept to considerable minimum and your old habits, routines, desires must be sloughed off now.  Time is up…your “framework” is being twisted, modified, re-designed, strengthened and “spell-checked…(little humour there)…in order to have the most suitable foundation and 4 pillar base support.

The reality of your life…the Truth of your existence is becoming much more clear to you.  No longer lured by the illusion of ostentatious behaviour and presentation by unconscious people who live so attached to the material plane, you find great enlightenment in your own reflections.

Something very natural and real is emerging from inside of you that may seem overwhelming, strange, exciting and quite unique!  Do you trust this?  YES…because this is the time when you step out of the box and place yourself on the faster moving current that takes you through many ascension experiences.  One must not only trust…but be the True son or daughter of the greater Light who seeks their way back into Divine felicity.  It’s time to get off the wheel of karma and emerge victorious and liberated!  This week you will be asked to take steps towards this goal.  You ready ?

In Light and in Peace,


Spring Equinox celebration:  (join in person or long distance)







Weekly Energy Updates – February 24th to March 2nd, 2014

Hi Everyone !

As the energies “zig zag” along taking us back into our past and forward into our Self-Realizations, we are all still to keep swimming upstream towards the goal of Spring manifestation.  You will find that there are currents in the stream that are refreshing and cooling for you when you move into your more passive feminine side of reflection too which allows each of you to perceive with clarity the vision of your future.  If you work too hard with the heat of the Yang energies….struggling upstream, you will be disappointed as you will feel out of control.  It is best to balance the active pursuit upstream with the same streams cool currents.  That way, within the cooler currents the visions and internal guidance will keep you strong and on track.  I hope that you can understand this analogy…because it is very important that you continue to strive to be unique unto yourself.

This is a successful journey regardless, and you can pause to look around you while you are going forward from time to time this week to evaluate and appreciate your surroundings.  The environment you are creating for yourself and your family is from the Creator Itself and it pleases the Universe too when you enjoy the manifestation of the Creator’s works.  Nature for example, or your latest project, or perhaps just the decor of your home or the sweet fragrances coming from the kitchen oven.  All these things in your life should be taken into account as to contributing to the joy and good health and well being of your spiritual journey.

There are those that have more and there are those that have less.  However you measure it…you still can easily find the “link of Love” between you and the manifestation of your hands at work.  Skilled or untrained does not is what you create around you and within you from your heart that counts.  As one child’s drawing is not better than another child in school, nor too is one Son or Daughter of Creation better than another when each is trying from their own heart to express the All within them.

You are doing very well…and sometimes you just don’t stop to realize this.  During the week ahead as you pursue your dreams, goals and projects at hand…please pause to consider just who you are and assimilate the meaning of your existence here on earth.  What a beautiful expression of the Divine you truly are!

Every time you align with the Higher dimensions of Truth & Light…you bring that stream down into the lower dimensions to illuminate them.  Bring your own kindness and joy to this world through your touch, word or smile.  Your plans in life are unfolding and many, many streams of Divine Intelligence are joining you to ensure the manifestation of the GREATER works of Life in the coming weeks and months.  Now is not the time to hold your breath…now is the time to breathe and enjoy the challenges, the measurable successes and the many moments of delight.   May the week ahead bring you many enlightened moments!

In Light and in Peace,


p.s. New Moon March 1st !!!  Tremendous insights at the end of this week…


Weekly Energy Updates – February 17th to February 23rd, 2014

Hi everyone!

There have been many diverse energies of late and this has played both havoc and peacefulness upon us.  With this in mind, we go forward.  Losses, challenges and gains should all be properly reviewed since the beginning of this year, as you take stock this week of just WHERE you are at relative to the upcoming Spring Equinox acceleration.  Do you feel you are preparing well?  How would you rate your foundational work, organization, mental, focus, emotional stability and so on?  Be fair to yourself; not critical…just make notes of yourself and it will paint a better picture for you going forward.  Reviewing and assessing from time to time helps you in measuring your successes and making reminders to yourself of areas that still need a little extra help.

This is a very good week to review your current situation and to stabilize any areas that are currently out of balance.  There is no need for rushing or pressuring yourself, but instead just restate your position so that you can begin to gain momentum in March.

If you have a chance to get any physical body energy work done such as reflexology, massage or the like, it would be a good idea.  Your body needs to have nurturing and assistance now to prepare for the energy vehicles that make up your aura, going through changes in the latter part of March.  You understand that it is important for the physical body to be able to HOLD or GROUND the Higher subtle energies that are gifted to us as the cycles change.

The Teachers and Angelic Hierarchy of the Inner Planes of consciousness have been reminding everyone…increasingly….to be very aware of their diet and water intake as well as the encouragement to be outside as much as you can to take advantage of the sun’s gift of vitality or prana that you require to stay healthy.  If you are getting away to the sunny south then you have that covered!  For those who are not, you know that even a short walk or some play time outside will do you the world of good.

Introduce some new essential oils or fragrances to your senses and start to think about the odd “early spring cleaning” chore.  All these movements and changes in energy in both your home and your body will be a benefit to your during the week ahead.  Not too much at a time..just adding those little experiences that make significant shifts to your life!

Enjoy the week!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – February 10th to February 16th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Some people are not pleased with this type of energy…but in fact…the transformations that take place during this week are of the “opportunistic” kind.  How can that be? Well the Divine Universal consciousness is well aware of the best direction for each Soul on this planet to take….and we need to trust that.  When one is aware of the Divine Intelligence guiding the unfolding Creation in a well orchestrated manner, you understand that your role is to align with these developments.  Sounds easy right?  Well…it CAN be…but it is actually a bit of a practice to get used to aligning with the Universal Divine Plan.

Your trust alone is not quite enough…it is best to have both TRUST and willingness to assess, review, reflect, analyze and then be open to the directive that always allows for your Highest Good.   This happens most readily during a meditative state.  When you are in the quiet, reflecting upon your challenges or experiences, and/or asking about your direction and purpose, the receptors sites in your own personality are in a sensitive mode.  This sensitivity picks up any images, pictures, words, sounds, channelled guidance, and such…that are CLUES to the best direction or best counsel.  By they way, your Angelic guides don’t mind you asking the same question several times…(LOL)….I know because I have done that myself !!

This week…please take time to ask more questions and trust the answers.  Be calm and be open to learn…and know that you are a Child of the Universe…you are a Son or Daughter of the Divine All Presence and Source.  Naturally, the ONE has your best interest at heart and would never steer you wrong.

There is a need for quite a few moments of rest throughout this week…it is in these moments that you find healing and repair to the physical, plus moments for your resourceful insights.  Are you really in such a rush?  Take this time to digest and assimilate the incoming insights…well worth it !  A good week I would say !   Full Moon at the end of this week…so let’s allow all insights to be registered to our conscious awareness..they will be very important !!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – February 3rd to February 9th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Happy New Beginnings to you!  Oh I know it’s not Spring yet…but after last week’s New Super Moon AND your weekend reflections resulting in decisions being made in your life…you can truly see why I wish you such great tidings!  The realizations you made over the weekend are VERY important and do trust yourself to follow the insights and guidance you intuitively received. There were some tremendous moments of finality and threshold crossings made contributing to your new beginnings.

What you sorted out…and will continue to sort out this week…is the processing of those very important insights.  Let them continue to filter into your conscious awareness so that you can make both a mental note of them and a permanent record of them by writing them down.  Have the thoughts put down to paper because then they become tremendous reminders and strengthening tools for you.  With only weeks to go until Spring equinox (Autumn in the southern hemisphere)…we are in alignment with a greater understanding with the Divine Consciousness of the All.  We are truly listening to what is asked of us..what we planned before incarnating here..and what we know must be done in order to have a successful, joyful and fulfilling healthy life.  Aligning with the Plan of the Cosmic is the path we are to walk.

There are a few tangles this week to sort out…these tangles are not to get you all gnarled up but instead are the final filaments of mistaken alignments of the past.  There is no need for panic though…the Masters of the Inner Temple show that periods of solitude this week for you to think things out in a well paced and diligent manner, will be quite sufficient to get you through to the next phase of the February cycle.  Therefore, let’s set a healthy pace this week and move ahead.

Last thing…be aware of some transformation and upward turns in the heart chakra centre towards the throat chakra centre on February 8th and 9th.  There are Spiritual Masters on the Inner Planes that wish to teach you a few things about yourself.  Witness those Masters who greet you on a Higher Level of consciousness as Angelic Light…these are “new” teachers who are going to help you to take a new road in life.  This is a very positive and expansive road in your life..and with this strength surrounding you….you will have the courage and personal empowerment to achieve a successful alignment.  Just keep this in the back of your mind…it will certainly be hard to ignore!!  Blessings!

Have a great week !

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – January 27th to February 1st, 2014

Hi Everyone!

This January 30th our New Moon is a Super Moon !  I rather like that as it seems we are all receiving an added boost to our plans and directed soul mandate.  New moons are always about new beginnings and shifts in cycles where changes take place.  If you found yourself struggling in the first few weeks of January (which you likely did), then this is an added boost to you in support of another projection of your MIND towards the building of your foundation.  It is very good that we are getting this energy this week.  We all need to have help in the laying down of a solid foundation.

Your choices ahead should be made RELATIVE TO YOUR SOUL PURPOSE…meaning that nothing you choose should be outside of the bigger picture of your own mandate. This can be tough because we get distracted, tired of working so hard, and just want to have some fun.  Unfortunately this is NOT the time to lay back and just play without any attention to the Divine Plan.  If anything, this is the time when you keep up the efforts.  You can still take your time to be peaceful and relax intermittently throughout this period though in order to recharge and regroup.  It’s how you handle these next few weeks that is important.  No extremes..meaning not all work and no play; not all play and no work either.  okay?

Often we forget that you are incarnate on this earth with Soul partners and Soul families.  It has taken a great deal of Divine Planning to ensure this.  In some cases, you are talking about thousands and thousands of years of planning to get you to this threshold in time…year of manifestation 2014.  You do not wish to disengage from the Plan…you wish to thoroughly engage!  Take a look at the plans with your “spiritual energy partners/colleagues” very carefully and ask yourself….”why did we come together?  What is the plan?”  You will see unfolding in your mind some very big projects and personal mandates for each of you that will change the course of events for the human race.

That is why this is such an important time.  So please do pay attention to how special and gifted you are….and those you are involved with….according to Divine Plan.  The Universe is in ORDER…we are the ones that need to recognize this and stay on track !

New Moon…new doors, new beginnings….yet another chance to get things right…!!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – January 20th to January 26th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Moving our way forward into January….I have good news…then I have even better news!

The good news…is for those who have been challenged by, or have been teeter-tottering with, brinks of depression, then swings of upbeat clarity…relief is filtering in this week and next, so that you will feel more stable in your direction.  Rough starts in new year’s post winter solstice often need time to balance out.  So don’t be alarmed by yourself nor should you feel that somehow you have missed any opportunities here in the New Year, 2014…it is all growing and expanding as it should.

The even better news?  With thoughts of Spring and the manifestations of your Soul mandate getting will also start to feel the impact of the energy impulses that govern the revival and renewal of your Soul expression!  The pace is still to be steady and progressive, so don’t be rushing out too quickly this week but certainly we will start to feel the comfort of support and measurable gain!  Yeah !

If expectations jump the line and emotions tangle up the process, you will have to correct.  Therefore it is best to SEE these next few weeks STILL as the framework building.  Okay? all is well in that.  Deliveries are being made to your life as the buds on the trees start to show and we are not there yet.  (In the Southern hemisphere you are to watch for your seasonal transformations as well).

Best advice for this week is to go steady and remember that taking the time to just put your feet up and zone into meditation or a jigsaw puzzle, good book and cup of tea is JUST FINE to do!  There is plenty of re-organization going on for you from Divine Intelligence on multiple planes or dimensions of consciousness.  Keep your awareness to the Highest degree…and enjoy your physical world simultaneously.  Enjoy walking the family pet, hanging out on a nature trail with friends or just sitting by a cozy fire somewhere.  Whatever you know will help you to smile and accept the fact that all is in order.

Enjoy your week!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Updates – January 13th to January 19th, 2014

Hi Everyone !

Full Moon energy this week….so don’t be surprised if you get a few “blasts between the eyes” on emotional issues that you have left long unresolved or that you were hoping could just go away.  The energy of this full moon is enlightening to say the least.  Be aware..eyes open and look for clues and clarity behind the obvious.  The material world of illusion and grandeur often deludes and tricks us into believing things at face value as we only see the surface..or only what we WANT to see!  Deeper spiritual TRUTHS must be sought out and this requires effort.  Most of what you see is really only the tip of the iceberg whilst the rest of the iceberg is massive under the surface.  Go deeper and seek spiritual understanding and TRUTH.  Careful that you don’t quickly write, speak or agree to things without investigation.  There are many selling unnecessary wares and many seeking to draw from your energy field during the full moon through the emotional.  Ask yourself, does what you agree to contribute to your Soul purpose?

So before slamming into the iceberg like the titanic..I strongly suggest you stay on guard and go over things/matters/challenges very carefully ..examining the whole picture.  When you ask for inner counsel…be wise…ask the Akashic records and find out if what you are going through is a carryover from another life.  It may be that you just don’t seem to understand it’s meaning yet.  It would be most helpful then for you to get behind the problem..rather than just trying to tackle the problem itself with limited tools!

January has now finally shifted and the ground beneath your feet will get stronger and more trustworthy through applied Intelligence….as your foundation gains in strength and the framework is being built.  So your emphasis on projects and unfolding mandates is in great alignment this week and beyond this week. the best way to describe the energy this week for your Soul purpose.  Though I can’t say the same for the emotional body energy which can easily attach to phantasms, passions and illusive desires.  So where do you put your focus?  On the MIND of course..where the strength is and keep the foundation building.  Great week for this.  Appointing time to your projects, organization of your cycle of spiritual development and solid activities that keep you organized and well harnessed will all be good.  Harnessed? harness the Soul energy and bring it into practical application this week with your mindful attention and directing of this energy into manifestation of good deeds, projects, creations, and so on.  Great week for this…so please align with it.

Some things can be as simple as ORDER in your HOUSE or OFFICE.  Nice time to go about this as well.  Sometimes it is in re-ordering or re-defining a practice or routine that fits best in alignment with this type of energy..  The mind will elevate and delight you this week with ideas and directives.  Write things down lest you forget them!

Enjoy this week..the full moon is teaching and so it should.  We don’t need to keep dragging emotional things along… so this is a good week to take your awareness from the repetitive to the inspiring present….then on to the future!

In light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Updates – January 6th to January 12th, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Oh my…we have all been startled by some unusual weather patterns.  Seems Mother Earth is showing her muscle!  You mess around with the environment and you can expect some consequences!  However…if you do your own part…by partaking in your own Inner Divine alignment, prayers, invocations, blessings and spiritual rituals…you are contributing to a positive change and progressive improvement of the earth environment.

How does this relate to the week’s energy for you?  You are to focus on your own stability…each and every day of this week for sure.  Strength and endurance now is favoured.  Your 4 cornerstones (physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive) are to be like Pillars of strength for you. There is need for attention to be given to each of these 4 aspects of yourself.  How are your well laid out plans doing so far?  Did you include personal attention to be paid to each of these 4 distinct personal levels of consciousness?

1.  Physical body – some type of modification made and incorporated to improve your health and well being.  Diet, exercise, food quality, perhaps more water? Sleep?

2.  Emotional body – an assessment of your own personal emotional triggers.  What is “tilting you” and what brings you peace?  Ensure to include more of the peaceful activities and investigate the underlying cause of the emotional imbalances.

3.  Intellectual body – have you included a portion of your time each week to be spent in study to increase and diversify your own mental database?  What about the inclusion of studying spiritual topics?  Do you seek the truth as to why you are born and what your life purpose is?

4.  Intuitive body – This is the psychic/reflective and active Will of your ego personality.  It should be developed through meditation, creative outlets, quiet time for inspiration and the engagement of your own inner drive.  You need to apply in practical terms the ideas that enter your mind.  Think & reflect.

Please consider this week how you are developing your own framework of Ego in order to integrate the spiritual body.  Your personality must house the Soul…take time to build the “house” !!

Enjoy the week ahead!

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Updates – December 30th, 2013 to January 5th, 2014

Hi Everyone !

This is a great week…and you need to stay strong and in alignment with the cycle.  Saturn is not opposing you..but instead is working with you!!  (Saturn representing:  Karma, destiny, fate, time cycles, Law).  The best way to ensure your alignment is to stay focused and have an organized plan for each day this week.  Stay out of drama.  The New MOON on January 1st will excite you into getting involved with others starting Dec 30th, 31st…but beware you don’t get distracted.  The New MOON is also about the new beginnings that will take place after January 4th….so that is why you set yourself down in a chair with pencil and pen in hand to construct your plans.

The Solstice 2013 and the changes that we just passed through were “earth-moving” for you to say the least…now you need to know that planning and mental focus is the “bridge” to the new year 2014.  Get lots of rest this week to regenerate from the holiday time.

Enjoy writing down your ideas for 2014 in a neat and tidy manner…pulling out your day-timer to begin inserting your plans into some sort of schedule.  If you need to modify it in order to keep it reasonable then do that.  Don’t overload; you won’t be happy about that.  Spread out the achievement markers and goals to make it plausible.

January and February are still very much “building” times for your framework and foundation…but they are contributing to the steady ascension of your spiritual consciousness.  You know exactly what you don’t want; focus on what you do want for the coming year.  If you stay within the healthy boundaries of your Soul can’t go wrong.  However, be careful you don’t underestimate your gifts and capabilities by choosing too small a role or less than what you deserve to have and express.

With so many new doors of opportunities being presented, you will need to be quite selective as the new year unfolds.  Wise, well thought out plans and decisions are in order.  Your new expressions need time to unfold and invest in yourself with steady and focused application.

The Soul has every intention of not taking you backwards into the old paradigm and neither do you wish to go there.  You have learned so many lessons in 2013 (sometimes painful ones), that you should stand tall with a radiant smile and turn the door handle of the new year with great expectations.  So many indications are being shown throughout the Cosmic that you have both the heart chakra energy, the intelligence of your Mind and the inertia of your own Will to succeed in manifesting a powerfully successful year in 2014 and beyond.  Let’s get going !

Cosmic Blessings to each and every one of you!

In Light and in Peace,