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Science to Rule between Russian and Canada on Arctic North

Hi everyone…I’d like to start posting news events from across the Globe to present other countries’ perspectives on just what is occurring in the Arctic North. You can read and form your own opinions !

22:00 16/09/2010
© RIA Novosti. Alexander Lyskin

Scientific evidence should resolve the dispute between Russia and Canada over the Lomonosov Ridge under the Arctic Ocean, both countries’ foreign ministers said on Thursday.

The countries claim the ridge as a continuation of their continental shelves. Russia first laid claim to the territory in 2001, but the United Nations demanded more conclusive evidence.

Russia, the United States, Canada, Denmark and Norway are seeking to assert jurisdiction over parts of the Arctic, which is believed to contain rich oil and gas deposits. The vast hydrocarbon deposits will become more accessible as rising global temperatures lead to a reduction in sea ice.

“We will submit our data on the Lomonosov Ridge and we are confident that our case will prevail, backed by scientific evidence,” Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon said at a news conference after talks with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov.

Lavrov said Russia is also working to submit additional data to persuade the UN to rule in favor of its claim.

Both ministers have reached an agreement to resolve the dispute over the Lomonosov Ridge in the Arctic Ocean based on the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, which requires scientific proof. “We have reached an agreement with our Canadian colleagues to resolve these questions as well as similar issues based on the Convention on the Law of the Sea,” Lavrov said.

“Everything must be based on scientifically proven facts that the commission will consider to decide who is right,” he added.

In late July, the Russian research vessel Akademik Fedorov left Arkhangelsk for a three-month expedition to the Arctic to ascertain the borders of Russia’s continental shelf.

Russia has said it will invest some 1.5 billion rubles ($50 million) in defining the extent of its continental shelf in the Arctic in 2010.

Lavrov also reiterated Russia’s concerns over NATO activities in the Arctic.

“We do not see what benefit NATO can bring to the Arctic,” he said during talks with his Cannon. “I do not think NATO would be acting properly if it took upon itself the right to decide who should solve problems in the Arctic.”

The Russian Geographical Society will host an International Arctic forum in Moscow on September 22-23. The forum will gather world’s leading ecologists, experts and politicians to discuss the social, economic and environmental problems of the region.

MOSCOW, September 16

Weekly Energy Update ! Monday, September 13th to the 20th

Okay ! Did you survive the last week of energy ? It was certainly challenging for some people however, the fact that we could work with a steady gain towards our Soulful purpose sure helped! Creating in areas of your life which you are not accustomed to requires practice. Now keep going ! This week starts out with you organizing and planning the creative process. You’ll be surprised at how much you will actually advance…!

Weekly Energy Updates – New Moon Energy This Week !

You will begin to feel the influence of the Creative New Moon beginning today, September 5th, 2010 as the desire to create begins to stir in you! You start to sense the upcoming energy shift early with Equinox only 3 weeks away approx. Create, Plan, stabilize and action this month are the themes. It’s fun to experience the Create female Goddess energies inside of you…! That’s right, whether you are male or female the urge to create is rising now !
I put an offer on my website to help you create. Check it out:

Creating during the Harvest Moon
Time-sensitive guided meditation

Kathy Roseborough is pleased to offer you this time sensitive Guided Meditation that was gifted to her from Spirit. The AUDIO contains creative techniques that provide you with optimum attunement and alignment during this very special time of the Harvest New Moon.

Historically, this time of year is the time of harvest where you receive from Mother Earth the gifts of her gardens. Spirit too, wishes to give you something…be open and receive!

The AUDIO is to be played only from September 8 – 21, 2010 when it emanates its most potent alignment with you. The moon cycles then change.

Download now…only $4.99! (You can use PayPal)

“I hope you enjoy this gift from Spirit. I feel very honoured to have receive it in order to share!” ~ Kathy

Conserving Energy ! September 1 to the 7th

In order to prepare for the Harvest Moon on September the 8th, this week asks that you ensure the preservation of Self. Make sure you understand the importance of conserving your own energy. It will mean a great deal to you later on in the month.

Are you wasting energy? Are you scattered? Interesting that Nature is teaching us here in Canada already about the need for working together and conserving energy. “More hands reduce your own labour!” Nature is teaching us this through the return of the Canadian Geese here north of the city the importance of networking and working together in community. We must pay attention ! Energy conservation this week means “Do not try to do everything alone or independent from others.” We need each other. There is a great deal of creative energy being released within us this month as we prepare to express ourselves in our own unique ways. This week you should be working in a focused way, governing your energy resources and preparing to release this energy into your projects this fall! Keep this in mind please and work together with others !

Energy Updates – Focus for August 24th to 31st !

Okay….who hasn’t felt the Full Moon effect? has stalled you perhaps in the area of unresolved issues….Try to grasp this one for sure this time !! It can feel quite defeating if you allow any undisciplined habits, patterns, or old forces to rule you while you head through the last turn of August, 2010. Be firm and clear with yourself. The deep stirring action of the moon pulled these issues up again once and for all ! Lots of FIRE energy present from Spirit to transform and free yourself from these issues.

Notice the strength you have still with the WILL of purpose moving you along in your choices of Soul expression ! That’s LEO energy…. Keep this up…It’s with us for some time to come !

Weekly Energy Updates – August 17th to Full Moon August 24th

With your Soul’s Will still exerting Higher influence upon you, you will still feel the need to bound ahead with the fury of Fire (Leo energy) and steadiness to align yourself with all appropriate channels to support your spiritual goals and soul purpose. The most important thing is to not let the “clearing” of old residues of emotion and old programming get in your way. There are opportunities with the full moon energy emerging to clear up old issues but try not to immerse yourself in this too deeply. Objectivity remains key. With those you love who are still walking their repetitive paths with uncertainty….be kind…and offer words of guidance if they have ears to hear you. Kindness, generosity and understanding is to be at the forefront during the latter part of this August Leo energy. Remember, this constellation rules the heart.

August Energy Advancements !

Well…clearly we felt the tight bands break during the July 27th to 29th time cycle so now your only choice is to move forward with anticipation and a better sense of confidence. Even if you are still a little uncertain…you needn’t worry because spiritual mentors, counsel and training is all around you now both in the Inner planes from your Teachers and Guides as well as those very important “coincidences” of meeting just the right people now. You will expand your network of associations ! Gear up now for you should find your mind quite busy after August 4th and looking to shine during the week of the 9the, emphasis on the 11th and wrapping up the 14th. During this time, listen carefullly to what is being offered to you and the guidance given within and around you. Define plans. Record/write it down!

I’ll tell you that I am quite looking forward to the extended reach that I will have as a healer/teacher…I know that you will too..recognize the positive effects you will have on those around you!

Energy Consciousness – What’s Influencing you this week?

Sitting by the Lake this morning and Spirit guides my thoughts towards the Cancer Constellation’s influence for all of us at this time. You are processing some very old emotional issues for about another 8 or 9 days. Vividly you will recall or attune to the repetitive patterns that at the very least you can look at since childhood. However…these stem much further back in your Soul history.

So..just observe…stay objective…in the space of LOVE for yourself…and realize that this is a gift. You are clearing the “heavy” issues now…but after about July 28th,29th you are going to experience some VERY powerful contact points of enlightenment. Look forward next week to some guidance on your Soul purpose and creative expressions…Great days ahead !

Enjoy the day ! Kathy

world healing conference, June 20th, 2010

Hi everyone !

I really hope that the Energy practitioners will realize the importance of their presence at the 2nd Annual World Healing Conference. So much of the prevention of future instabilities depends upon the efforts of even a few.   The earth’s electro-magnetic field is being threatened again by the encroaching investigation by the human populace into her resources buried deep in the Arctic North.

Canada has to take a stand on this one !  It is this writer’s hope that many will join from around the world to hear, learn and apply the techniques that I am being taught from the inner planes

regarding the prevention of damage to the human race.   I am not the only one…of course not…thank goodness we are all spread out around the globe working our individuated Soul Purposes.

The earth, as we are all too aware, is under some precarious moments ahead and it is up to each and every one of us to govern, conserve and direct energies as needed.  There are “world healing conferences” going on both in the physical and non-physical worlds.  Yes.. I know this sounds strange…but don’t you think that we all ALSO exist without form?   “We” and the collective whole, must always consider the ramifications of any of our thoughts and actions.  Having said that, please inquire as to how you can help to save your own lives…..melodramatic?  I think not.


Teachings from the Centre of the “Galaxy”

Yes…I know…you think that the title sounds very strange…but it’s true ! As you know we are working our way through to 2012 and on the way our consciousness is changing and changing. This has raised doubts, fears, feelings, name it. In my most recent meditations I have been attuning to the Divine Consciousness and learning a great deal about just what this shift in consciousness means. Each blog entry will provide you with updates on just how well we, as a human race, are doing.

Our World Healing Project has been receiving a great deal of attention and the Inner teachings again..have guided us through. The earth is under a variety of stresses and the human consciousness must be raised more and more each day.

Lately…it has been the Arctic that is being targetted…we HAVE to stop senseless “drawing” of the resources that are present here…yes..there is much to be taken.

Let’s ask all Nations to stop and think before they act.

Your prayers and thoughts DO help…it is very true.

I will be drafting more on the ever-influential systems both stellar and planetary influencing our little blue planet..and believe me…we are under some tremendous opportunities as the cycle and precession of the Sun system continues.

Winter Solstice 2009

Hi everyone ! quick note to fill you in on the energy this week…December 14th to 21st..2009.

As we move forward more towards the change of seasons, there is always a period of time when you get triggered by those feelings and thoughts buried deep within you that mustn’t stay “stuck” within you anymore. This week you will be challenged by events and people that purposely trigger those blockages. Keep an eye out for them as they do clearly exist. Rather than react too extremely, take a moment to reflect and choose to resolve and change direction. In other words, re-create yourself. This is an excellent time for change to occur in your life. Winter Solstice (and Summer Solstice if you are south of the equator) is a powerful time of year for re-birth and the re-creation of your life for betterment. !! Kathy

2012 Hollywood Movie

In light of the recent release of the 2012 movie from Hollywood, we have been finding that many people are seeking the TRUTH. Is the world going to go through such devastation as witnessed in the movie? We are soon to release a series of monthly Teachings and Spiritual guidance as received. The series is called:

Teachings from the Centre of the Galaxy

In fact, it is the purpose of this website to convey to the reader the Truth. The outcome of our planet depends upon the shifts in consciousness that each and every one of us chooses to take.

Starting in December at the time of the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere….please tune back in here for a series of discourses as inspired and directed from Spirit.

Kathy Roseborough
Educator of Esoteric Principles

Cosmic is Calling you !!!

Hi everyone! I hope that you will be able to come to the Oct 17th event at the Northumberland Retreat centre in Cobourg. We are gathering together to anchor the EASTERN cornerstone of the extensive vortex of energy extending across Ontario and even moving into the U.S.A. Please come out to help. There is a full workshop day and some home cooked Indian food for lunch !! Kathy

Swine Flu (H1N1) Energy Healing Prevention

New technique for Swine Flu prevention was taught to me in the Inner Temle of Healing today !  Awesome !

Works on supporting the lymphatic and your own powerful immune system capabilities…check it out on the website……

Really feel privileged to have been shown this…. Kathy

Prince Edward Island, Canada

I am delighted to let you know that the Light Quotient on this Island has increased 1 % !! This may not seem like a great deal…but …it is !!!  This work is due to the tremendous efforts by Lynn Rogerson and her Teachers/Guides on the Inner Planes of Light !!   Many Blessings to the Clean Up here !

New York City Harbour is another area this group is working on…please join them as per instructions on the Website !!  thank you, Kathy