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Energy Shifts – Age of Prophecy – August 27th to Sept. 3 2011

How are you holding up ?  There is a tremendous release of energy moving through your sacral (2nd chakra where the emotional body anchors) thus you are driving your awareness of Self further up towards the point at the heart centre where the higher chakra centres come down to meet.  This meeting point at the Heart has been developing significantly since the Seal of Solomon awakening August 8th, 2011.  As previously reported, the month of August right up until the end of next week is the continuing development of the new framework for Self.  However, you must truly concentrate of establishing your framework of organization in direction, leadership, boundaries, plans and implementations starting for new ideas and so on.  The shift on September 1st will help you considerably.

September 1st is the Age of Prophecy Seal Initiation and you will experience the profound surging of energy throughout the head emphasizing your greater Insight and Clarity of Self.  Full speed ahead !

If you wish to join in to the workshop here either in person or long can register now.  Those involved in long distant healing and initiation will also receive an mP3 audio file taping of the workshop.  Include your family and friends.

End of August/September 1st Energy Shift -MIND

Active Mind, Intelligence, Wisdom and Understanding. That’s the direction we are heading !

Be open to align with the developing faculties of your Higher Mind that includes the intuitive portion of your finer senses as well. Increased frontal cortex engagement and a unique and stimulating healing to the hypothalamus/pineal/pituitary triad assisting all endocrine function in your body’s health and well being. This is the focus at the workshop – Age of Prophetic Seal Healing & Initiation.

Join in person or long distance – or contact me at

Open up to receive Clarity on your own Journey of Life !

Seal of Solomon Healing & Sacred Initiation

August 8th, 2011 – start to really engage your alignment with the Heart Centre.  The Seal of Solomon Healing and Initiation is underway !

We cannot take our old patterns and false beliefs into the stream of the New Order of Life !…Therefore, this day is about choosing to let go and permanently

leave behind the old repetitive patterns.

If you need assistance, email me and put your name in for the powerful healing.  Long distance participants receive the audio mP3…and have full engagement

on Monday, August 8th.  Do you wish to be included ????    sign up at :

July 29th to August 11th, 2011 Energy Shifts

Yes..we are experiencing some very old pattern removals right now and have been for a few weeks.  This can feel chaotic but be rest assured that by the 7th of August you will be very ready for your Initiation of consciousness!  Leave the stress and worry behind on this as your solar plexus does not wish to engage further in the emotional reactions.  The digestive system may be off and your diet will be changing.  Honour the body.  It can be tired and in need of a vacation for sure!    However, having given you the idea of a loose rein…keep in mind that come August 7th, to the 11th of August be prepared for amazing advancement of consciousness.

You may wish to join me here or via long distance for the Seal of Solomon healing and Sacred Initiation on August 8th, 2011.  This is one of several shifts in a series of 2011 with the next being September 1st.  That one is the Age of the Prophetic Seal Initiation.  get ready !!!

Divine Will is strong this week !

July 10th to the 14th very powerful days for shifting your consciousness as you will have the help of the Solar Will.

Reflect deeply on just what you wish to get accomplished and let the great hand of the Sun Intelligence with it’s LOVE and

Vital Life Force open you up to these possibilities.   Meditate to the Heart.  Use the Free Download of the Ho Shin Reiki

guided meditation found on the homepage of      Enjoy the week !

Energy Updates for Summer Solstice !

Cosmic Blessings for the changing of the seasons both in the northern and southern hemispheres today (winter to the south) !

Transitions such as these provide each of us with the opportunity to reflect upon our lives and choices thus strengthening the communication between the spiritual subtle worlds and our earthly physical life.  Guidance and direction is not just whispered to you but in fact, is much more clearer than you think when the gates are open like this.  There is less interference, so do listen and trust the guidance impressed upon your consciousness.

The intensity of the transformations this week includes the deep uprooting of those habits and attitudes and experiences that are NOT aligned with that which is best for you.  Therefore, the healing that is done and the extraction of the old paradigm of repetition is intense too.  You can actually feel the dross of old etheric accumulation being sloughed off of you.

Engage in the breath work and nature as much as you can this week.  Enjoy the transformations and the powerful elevations of consciousness!

Energy Updates for May 24 to 31, 2011

Students and Colleagues alike are finding that the “motivation” to do certain tasks is lacking. There seems to be some lethargic energies in place. Well what I would suggest you do through this cycle is, first of all, challenge it. Why are you not motivated? When you see mostly shadow in your life…you do have to look for the Light. It is there! The shadows that are passing are like grey clouds taking the old fragments towards a fire of Light.

In order to move grey shadow faster towards the transformational LIght…we need to add more AIR element. That means MIND. So..take a deep breath…two or three times….and increase the vital life force to your thoughts of positivity.

Engage your thoughts with the one main dream or goal you are wishing to align with…then breathe and align…you will notice the LIGHT presence increases. Try it !! The shadow passes and the Light and FIRE disperses the old grey cloud.

We all have these moments in the cycles that move us closer to the Divine Self…it’s okay…they are passing shadows only ! Blessings ! Kathy

May, 2011 Energy Shifts

As cycles go…we entered on Sunday a magnificent shift that clearly begins to show you that acceleration is truly happening fast. Now you can decide for this propelling force to lift you up higher and higher OR you can let it push you around, back and forth which results in your placement being left to the lower elementals of life. So what do you choose? Certainly not the distractions!

It takes a stronger focus now to ensure a positive outcome so do stay in your heart, with your MIND and WILL completing that beautiful triad of Soul individuation.

Be creative and inspired. Take action and DO enjoy being an expression of Creation! There is much to do ! May energy will push you along very strongly…so stand strong and you will do very well.

You mustn’t let things confuse you listen within to your own intuition and refer your questions to the Master within. You will be guided and you will be helped in your projects and plans that are in co-operation with your Soul Purpose.

Clearly you will see that your choices are going to have less grey spots as you go forward and more indications flooded with the Light from within !

If alignments are not happening for you in one approach then change the approach. You will find that there is a path of least resistance there that supports your intentions and goals.

Dream big and think MACROCOSM as you reflect upon the impact you have on the whole and for All involved.

Energy Updates ! April 4th to the 11th, 2011

I would like to quote Dale Osadchuk, brilliant astrologer in Richmond Hill, Ontario who said, “It is so interesting that our story told us that nothing has been decided about the future yet. Even the planets do not know so I guess that means it is up to us the Two-leggeds.”
What I have found in my own Inner Reflections in the Temple of Wisdom is that mankind is at a choosing point. He puts forth his WILL during this time of Aries energy as per the directives of the powerful urging of creation…but he does not know completely yet inside of himself his own direction. MAKE SOME DECISIONS… do you want to save the earth? do you want mankind to take the Higher Road? do you want your life to lead into your heart and higher mind and will of Soul expression? Then make these decisions now. No more distractions or excuses…Let’s lead the global movement towards Unity of Love and the Preservation of Life!

April Shifts in Energy !

It’s April 1st and it is time to summon up the power within yourself and align with the greater WILL of your Soul purpose. Create..and create those things that add joy, beauty, harmony and love to your life and the lives of others. The influences of the constellation Aries are specific to the intention and will power you have to move forward in your spiritual purpose and evolution. particular attention to your ideas and inspirations. Think about them and then reflect upon them. That is the unique gift a human being was divinely designed with. The ability to both think and reflect. Use these tools starting now !

Energy Updates! – March 20th to 27th, 2011

With the early Spring energy with us, the chattering or confused thoughts that you may have found still present, are thankfully being harnessed now and the bright inner presence of Self welcomes you into a deep journey of your consciousness starting this week. You will be invited to explore within yourself areas of thought processes and opportunity that before you would have labeled as rare occurrences. Rare indeed, get used to them being all part of your normal thought processes now as we begin to secure strong time lines and solid plans. Yes..the lower mind is cooperating more fully with the Spiritual Mind and the plans for your Soul’s work here on earth…. A very good week ahead!

Energy Updates – March 7th to 14th, 2011

Well, if you feel like you have been tested and challenged over the last few weeks…you have! You know you need to step up into that which you were born to be…but you may find that many things have been getting in your way…including yourself. Have you found yourself tired, lazy, uninspired, frustrated YET…you know that many, many opportunities are right in front of you and you just have to DO something? Well this have to DO something. You can’t be complacent nor unwilling. Last day of decision…8th of March. The 9th of March marks the day of energy ascension and shift in consciousness. This shift will be just what you need to take you forward with vitality and joy towards the spring equinox…so let’s get at it. Roll up your sleeves today and dig in to the task at hand. Results will be outstanding !

Energy Updates March 1st to the 9th, 2011

I included the 9th…and should even include the 10th because we have some major shifting taking place in consciousness next week. I will send out a dedicated newsletter on this as I am finding many are not aware. This week..please do make some major choices. Strong and fast decisions about your spiritual path. This path WILL manifest. What you are thinking and living…so shall you be. This is such a dramatic change that you will not recognize yourself. You will say “it’s about time!”… So let’s have positivity rule and get on with life!

energy challenges passing !

Just a quick update….the major Solar Flare from the sun caused energy upsets to our earth’s magnetosphere and to US ! That is why Feb 14, 15, 16, 17…very strange…and emotional !
relax…it’s now passing….Kathy

Energy Updates for February 10 to 20th, 2011

Hi everyone ! I’m sorry that I was delayed in updating….do you know why? I found that in order to assess the info regarding the current changes, it required me to explore the tremendous amount of emotional reactions and false beliefs that I was hearing from my students/clients. Then I went into the Temple…and asked…what is this energy cycle about?

Not surprisingly, the energy cycle we are in right now is taking each and every one of us to some VERY old and VERY deep emotional issues, that once understood and cleared…will elevate you to places within your consciousness that you have never been before in this lifetime! Now..what this all means right now for you, is that you are making some permanent removals from your life…that are ensuring your place in the greater whole RIGHT NOW!! Everyone is entering and/or now engaging in their cosmic mission or Soul purpose to a greater degree that before. It is my greatest pleasure to share this with you now….embrace this time and do not succumb to the distractions or efforts made to cause you to lose contact with this purpose. Be strong ! this is going to be a good one ! We are not that far off from Spring equinox and exciting for me to add, that I am already seeing clients that are engaging Spring 2011 energies. Enjoy !