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Energy Consciousness – What’s Influencing you this week?

Sitting by the Lake this morning and Spirit guides my thoughts towards the Cancer Constellation’s influence for all of us at this time. You are processing some very old emotional issues for about another 8 or 9 days. Vividly you will recall or attune to the repetitive patterns that at the very least you can look at since childhood. However…these stem much further back in your Soul history.

So..just observe…stay objective…in the space of LOVE for yourself…and realize that this is a gift. You are clearing the “heavy” issues now…but after about July 28th,29th you are going to experience some VERY powerful contact points of enlightenment. Look forward next week to some guidance on your Soul purpose and creative expressions…Great days ahead !

Enjoy the day ! Kathy

world healing conference, June 20th, 2010

Hi everyone !

I really hope that the Energy practitioners will realize the importance of their presence at the 2nd Annual World Healing Conference. So much of the prevention of future instabilities depends upon the efforts of even a few.   The earth’s electro-magnetic field is being threatened again by the encroaching investigation by the human populace into her resources buried deep in the Arctic North.

Canada has to take a stand on this one !  It is this writer’s hope that many will join from around the world to hear, learn and apply the techniques that I am being taught from the inner planes

regarding the prevention of damage to the human race.   I am not the only one…of course not…thank goodness we are all spread out around the globe working our individuated Soul Purposes.

The earth, as we are all too aware, is under some precarious moments ahead and it is up to each and every one of us to govern, conserve and direct energies as needed.  There are “world healing conferences” going on both in the physical and non-physical worlds.  Yes.. I know this sounds strange…but don’t you think that we all ALSO exist without form?   “We” and the collective whole, must always consider the ramifications of any of our thoughts and actions.  Having said that, please inquire as to how you can help to save your own lives…..melodramatic?  I think not.


Teachings from the Centre of the “Galaxy”

Yes…I know…you think that the title sounds very strange…but it’s true ! As you know we are working our way through to 2012 and on the way our consciousness is changing and changing. This has raised doubts, fears, feelings, name it. In my most recent meditations I have been attuning to the Divine Consciousness and learning a great deal about just what this shift in consciousness means. Each blog entry will provide you with updates on just how well we, as a human race, are doing.

Our World Healing Project has been receiving a great deal of attention and the Inner teachings again..have guided us through. The earth is under a variety of stresses and the human consciousness must be raised more and more each day.

Lately…it has been the Arctic that is being targetted…we HAVE to stop senseless “drawing” of the resources that are present here…yes..there is much to be taken.

Let’s ask all Nations to stop and think before they act.

Your prayers and thoughts DO help…it is very true.

I will be drafting more on the ever-influential systems both stellar and planetary influencing our little blue planet..and believe me…we are under some tremendous opportunities as the cycle and precession of the Sun system continues.

Winter Solstice 2009

Hi everyone ! quick note to fill you in on the energy this week…December 14th to 21st..2009.

As we move forward more towards the change of seasons, there is always a period of time when you get triggered by those feelings and thoughts buried deep within you that mustn’t stay “stuck” within you anymore. This week you will be challenged by events and people that purposely trigger those blockages. Keep an eye out for them as they do clearly exist. Rather than react too extremely, take a moment to reflect and choose to resolve and change direction. In other words, re-create yourself. This is an excellent time for change to occur in your life. Winter Solstice (and Summer Solstice if you are south of the equator) is a powerful time of year for re-birth and the re-creation of your life for betterment. !! Kathy

2012 Hollywood Movie

In light of the recent release of the 2012 movie from Hollywood, we have been finding that many people are seeking the TRUTH. Is the world going to go through such devastation as witnessed in the movie? We are soon to release a series of monthly Teachings and Spiritual guidance as received. The series is called:

Teachings from the Centre of the Galaxy

In fact, it is the purpose of this website to convey to the reader the Truth. The outcome of our planet depends upon the shifts in consciousness that each and every one of us chooses to take.

Starting in December at the time of the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere….please tune back in here for a series of discourses as inspired and directed from Spirit.

Kathy Roseborough
Educator of Esoteric Principles

Cosmic is Calling you !!!

Hi everyone! I hope that you will be able to come to the Oct 17th event at the Northumberland Retreat centre in Cobourg. We are gathering together to anchor the EASTERN cornerstone of the extensive vortex of energy extending across Ontario and even moving into the U.S.A. Please come out to help. There is a full workshop day and some home cooked Indian food for lunch !! Kathy

Swine Flu (H1N1) Energy Healing Prevention

New technique for Swine Flu prevention was taught to me in the Inner Temle of Healing today !  Awesome !

Works on supporting the lymphatic and your own powerful immune system capabilities…check it out on the website……

Really feel privileged to have been shown this…. Kathy

Prince Edward Island, Canada

I am delighted to let you know that the Light Quotient on this Island has increased 1 % !! This may not seem like a great deal…but …it is !!!  This work is due to the tremendous efforts by Lynn Rogerson and her Teachers/Guides on the Inner Planes of Light !!   Many Blessings to the Clean Up here !

New York City Harbour is another area this group is working on…please join them as per instructions on the Website !!  thank you, Kathy

Anchoring of the Golden Pyramid

At the Summer Solstice Workshop and World Healing Conference in Alliston this past June, we sought to anchor a cornerstone of the Golden Pyramid. A follow up report from Spirit shows a very successful anchoring of Light in the Northern vortex due to the collective effort of many at the conference.

We were clearly shown the intensity of Light quotient has increased and the All Presence consciousness flows beautifully throughout Southern Georgian Bay region, Simcoe/Innisfil over into New Tecumseh/Dufferin/Grey and has far reaching effects down into York Region as well! Congratulations to all who participated, including those that may not have been there in person but were there in their hearts.

The Eastern Gate is now calling us during the Autumn season and Spirit has guided us to seek to anchor Light throughout the sacred lands in and around Peterborough, stretching this Light over to the east and influencing as far reaching as Pembrooke and Ottawa, including the Southern Algonguin Park and swooping down towards Lake Ontario. This is a huge area and even though currently there are pockets and smaller vortices seen throughout eastern Ontario, it is the guidance from Spirit to UNITE these under the Golden Pyramid Energy.

The intensity will sit more squarely into the Hastings/Haliburton region with the core accentuating Bancroft, Peterborough, west into Uxbridge/Durham Region but the RAYS OF GOLDEN LIGHT influences all those living in the vast regions EAST of there. The consequences and reactions expected from this is the return to spiritual practices and healing that in turn help and aid others to find their own journey in life. Look for an increase in health centres, Spiritual stores and education facilities turning up across the province. Very successful will they be!

Spirit asked us to call upon our Native people to help in this task. The Great Spirit has been moving across the winds. A call is going out to all who have their ear to the EARTH and who can hear her cries for help and healing. The EARTH will need all our help and by anchoring Divine Light, the Higher consciousness into our own selves we, in turn, are impacting upon the Earth. The integration possibilities are staggering as all 4 elements come into balance and we invoke the pure, Golden Light.

We will keep you posted on the location, date and time of this World Healing Gathering and celebration of the anchoring of the GOLDEN PYRAMID OF LIGHT!

Insights for Conference

Well…here we are with 7 days to go until the Summer Solstice and World Healing Conference….needless to say…we are quite excited about the gathering.   My Teacher, Sam ….and I…have been working well together on the Inner planes receiving the wise counsel and direction from Spirit.

You can expect to have an enlightening morning !!!  Cosmic Consciousness is your Teacher…we are your “door openers” for this particular ascension experience.  If  you have been waiting for that time of power surge…the summer Solstice is THE time !!!  See you soon !  Kathy

p.s. for those unable to attend…please don’t forget to “tune in” to the cosmic Teachings in your meditation at home.  Go to the Central Sun…the Solar Parent is there to guide you with Love and “fatherly” affection !!

+Positive Polarity (VLF)…with your deep breathing practices….grounding to earth -neg polarity…great balance !!!

World Healing Conference

Hi everyone!  Well….we are very excited about the 1st Annual World Healing Conference this June…it is here that we would like to really introduce to you the plan for World Healing.  Spirit has been guiding us...and challenging us!!.….to get the “model” in place.   Users around the Globe can then send their thoughts, prayers and healing with guidance from the map!  There will be tremendous Colour coverage and you will see the Light quotients around our earth by population. Please come and visit this site again soon…we should have it all in place very shortly!  Thank you!  Kathy    “The Shift” is on!!!

Jupiter’s “Will” is Strong Now!

Good Morning…this just in….from

There are confirmed reports that sounds are being emitted from Jupiter and reaching the earth due to the transparency of the Earth’s Atmosphere currently. That means that Jupiter is “talking” to us!

Jupiter is the planetary representation of the Soul’s WILL.  What is the Will of YOUR Soul? Are you acting this spring on its Guidance?  Hmm….Listen within!

intense energies!

Well..the full moon this week certainly is joining forces with the surge of energy we are experiencing that moves us right into this coming weekend..the 14th of March!  So..what does this mean?  Expect to be looking head on into the “lights” of on-coming Soul inquiry.  The Light shines in your face and clearly asks you, “what are your intentions?”

Try to be clear and focused and make those important decisions and choices now…the energies will help to lift you up and away from the old patterns.  The full moon brings out your insecurities and fears and the powerful March energy will be like the hand of God picking you up and taking you to higher vantage points. Wonderful !!  any comments?

World Healing

Universal Law states that the Universe and therefore we, are the Mental Manifestation held in the Mind of the All Presence.  So it stands to reason that we should all join in Mind and direct healing to those in need.  Our immediate directing of energy and healing should be to all the kingdoms of Australia that recently underwent such trauma.  Spirit guides us to use a Colour visualization technique consisting of a strong Sapphire Blue stream and a powerful Violet stream of energy.  These two bands of colour when working together will bring cool bands with qualities of transformation and healing in sync with the laws and harmonies of Life.  Regeneration will occur…we must trust in the laws of Creation!  Please try sending this to S/E Australia if you haven’t already participated…thank you! Kathy

Obama and the effect he has on the world

How delightful it was …to see that the newly elected President of the United States of America caused a shift of energy consciousness in the peoples of the United States.  The energy shifted to an overwhelming quality of pink and white vibration that caused profound plumes of LOVE and SPIRITUALITY to rise from the core of the Nation and emanate out from coast to coast and from sea to sea.

This is a dawning of the change of American consciousness and the blessing set forth from within the Spiritual Consciousness of this man has now reached the masses.

What are your thoughts ?