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World Healing

Universal Law states that the Universe and therefore we, are the Mental Manifestation held in the Mind of the All Presence.  So it stands to reason that we should all join in Mind and direct healing to those in need.  Our immediate directing of energy and healing should be to all the kingdoms of Australia that recently underwent such trauma.  Spirit guides us to use a Colour visualization technique consisting of a strong Sapphire Blue stream and a powerful Violet stream of energy.  These two bands of colour when working together will bring cool bands with qualities of transformation and healing in sync with the laws and harmonies of Life.  Regeneration will occur…we must trust in the laws of Creation!  Please try sending this to S/E Australia if you haven’t already participated…thank you! Kathy

Obama and the effect he has on the world

How delightful it was …to see that the newly elected President of the United States of America caused a shift of energy consciousness in the peoples of the United States.  The energy shifted to an overwhelming quality of pink and white vibration that caused profound plumes of LOVE and SPIRITUALITY to rise from the core of the Nation and emanate out from coast to coast and from sea to sea.

This is a dawning of the change of American consciousness and the blessing set forth from within the Spiritual Consciousness of this man has now reached the masses.

What are your thoughts ?

Welcome to the Age of Truth

Consciously conducted from Spirit…I’m pleased to introduce to you the ongoing teachings that I will explain to you each week and breakdown the meanings as they relate to First Principles of Creation.

From the “Office of the High Priestess”:

“Welcome to a personal, national and international presentation this day with regard to the changes in leadership within oneself and upon the earth.

What is currently leading your life, governing and directing you?

Emotions? Money? Sensationalism? News & media Coverage? Fanaticism?

These levels of response are accepted as quite normal in today’s society yet are they to be given such power?

When one is ruled by their sacral to root chakra paths…little authority, if any, is experienced directly from the heart and throat (Spiritual Mind) of higher consciousness. These days of lower governership must now cease and the appropriate levels of consciousness to be duly appointed.

The state of one’s existence now, as the Great Wheel of time rolls through, offers the individual choice of whether they are going to go UP or DOWN the Ladder of Life.

How shall you choose to be ruled?”

As the Age passes in transition from one level to the next, Man experiences many different methods of governing himself. Over the last few thousand years, man has been ruled by his feet (Kali Yuga Age) and as such, he has handed his personal power of Mind over to another.

The power of responsibility many have placed in the hands of other people; such as the government, your employer, the fashion industry, the media, the age of industry, etc. Man is now dictated to as opposed to having any real power himself.

We haven’t governed our own population, our own actions, desires or expectations from life, and as such, we have allowed our desires to run rampant with consumerism and we are quickly using up our available resources that the earth provides.

This type of behaviour cannot be carried over to the Golden Age. The Golden Age, whose influences are already being felt, demands that man return to self-rulership, self-honour, love and personal empowerment. This demands that man rule himself by his HEAD not his FEET. The Golden Age is an Age of Enlightened Mind.

The High Priestess asks that each of us now consider very seriously how we choose to be ruled. We have to take back our personal responsibilities and expectations. We have to choose to look after our self-development and energy requirements.

The Golden Age is quickly returning!