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Weekly Energy Shift & Updates – October 1st to October 7th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

How’s your spiritual practice going? Are you remembering to do your deep breathing, some meditation and perhaps being mindful of your body’s needs for nourishment?  One other big part of your daily living during this particular cycle of Energy shifts, is your KEEN awareness of how you practice due diligence on putting the Soul’s purpose and mandate AHEAD of your playtime, t.v. time, sports, shopping, going away with friends, etc.  Why?

You are a brilliant emanation of Soul consciousness that has been born here for very special reasons.  Do you know what these reasons are and have you reflected upon your Soul purpose?  Perhaps you need spiritual guidance and teaching to find this and prioritizing this in your life.  If you simply live your life to eat, drink, go to work, raise children and pursue material wealth alone..etc…….what will you be saying to yourself when you are old and grey?  Will you be saying, “that’s it?”…..that was my life?  All this material “stuff” that I can’t take with me?  Or will you be saying, “WOW…I had the most fascinating life here on earth with a profound appreciation for Nature and Her ways, deep reflective living and expanded spiritual consciousness.  I lived a life of intelligence, good morals and values, and I discovered my Soul purpose!”  

This week the questions will come up from inside your own Soul….tapping you on the head and asking you if you plan on ADDING to your spiritual pursuit…your spiritual path this week.  Why? Because here we all are…post-Equinox time going into another season and we need to have a PURPOSE; and an understanding of just why we get up each morning greeting the beautiful Sun in the sky and living another day.  The Universe has invested a great deal into planning your birth and you need to appreciate that you are one Beautiful Soul with many gifts that wishes to shine forth into this world.  Wherever you are; whatever you do….get to know your SOUL. 

May this week be filled with many Blessings for you as you thoroughly re-visit your spiritual practice and studies…that you dedicate yourself to it as top priority.  Pull out your books, get on the mat or comfortable chair and learn how to breathe properly with Universal Alignment.

Oh…don’t worry…you will still have the play time, sports, sleep, foods, friends, money….all that wonderful stuff….but you MUST set the bar a little higher now and attain your spiritual consciousness to greater and greater degrees going forward.  The Cosmic is calling you!

In Light and in Peace,



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Herpes, Cold Sores, Shingles

Energy Centre Focus:  Root Chakra and Solar Plexus

Endocrine Gland Focus:  Thymus

Organs:  Skin

Target of the Healing:  Immune System, Nerve System (Cerebral-Spinal Column)

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:  The person who suffers from this health challenge is one who has tried without success to be independent because the Universal Law states that we are to be individuated; but not independent.  There is often fears about managing in the world and one is often challenged about becoming too involved with others, so instead chooses to get far away and withdraw in attempt to figure things out for themselves.  There is a distortion around the meaning of Universal Love and an imbalance between excess giving and not knowing how to receive.

Oftentimes, the person suffering from this affliction also has a challenge to stay to task in certain responsibilities in relationships and would love to “escape” to just play; entertains others to be accepted, and puts out too much energy thus an imbalance in the immune system occurs as well.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:  You may find that you respond well to engagements with others through compassion and receiving love more unconditionally.  Learning to receive is very important.  It has also been found that one could meditate and invoke the “Love-Wisdom” Ray of Energy healing plus the tone/sound healing of both Middle C and D# are helpful.

The cells will begin to dutifully transform and conform to universal Law with practices in both of these exercises and in shifting old attitudes of recklessness and flippancy that were used to shield hurt. Good thoughts and seeing kindness in others; receiving kindness back will all help in the healing process.

You may wish to consult your Naturopath regarding the inclusion of Mg (Magnesium), Ca (Calcium) and K (Potassium), proper Iron levels and B vitamin spectrum.  They could help you to determine just how balanced these are in your diet.  In addition an alkaline environment in your body over an acidic one is much preferred.

Reduce anxiety and stress through healing meditations and reflect on the word: “inclusiveness”!

Guided Meditation: 


Post-Equinox guidance – Energy Shifts – What to Expect now?

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The incredible weekend Equinox Energy and Full Moon of Monday is pushing the fragments of Self up still….yes…still.  I have some insight from the Inner Temple to share with you:

“This cycle is about CHANGE and the Karmic rebalancing of your life that will take up to October 31st in some cases to be completely understood and resolved.  Use this time cycle between Fall Equinox and October 31st (before a MAJOR shift happens in early November) to examine your Self realizations and challenges AND MOST IMPORTANTLY to implement the realizations.  If you were to ask the Akashic Calendar if this is a good time to START something?  The answer is YES….start engaging 4 to 5 times more in your Higher consciousness activities such as meditation and application of your mandate.   This is HARVEST time…a time of ingathering the energy from Universal Source and detoxing everything that is of the old cycle out of your physical systems; your house; your relationships and your profession.

The challenges that you are now VERY well aware of….have HISTORY.  These are to be looked at from a much higher perspective and looked at from BOTH sides of the equation.  Look to see how you are feeling..and examine how the other person or person(s) are feeling as well.  The KARMA you have created is up for resolution NOW.  It has to be NOW.  Why?

Because under the incredible guidance and LAWS of the Universe that the LIBRA constellation are showing you now….you must learn this now.  It is so important and it is setting the stage for the rest of your life.  That’s correct.  You are to make your decisions based on the thorough examination of yourself and all parties/experiences involved during this time and you will see a change in your life that you were not expecting.  It is a very, very good outcome for you and all involved !

CHANGE is not just a buzz is an absolute Law.  Life is perpetual change and growth…that’s the Truth and this Post-Equinox cycle is all about change.  Very drastic changes in you I must add because that is what is being shown to me in the Inner Temple.  You are not making subtle are drastically changing your life to conform to your Soul’s intention for this lifetime.  You are to engage only in those activities and practices that align with your Soul’s mandate, your own health and well being.  There is no room for any frivolous activity nor is there to be any engagement with “going along with the crowd” of the old paradigm.  It won’t work.

If this sounds serious…it is.  This is a CYCLE that has to do with the MIND (your thoughts) and the WILL (the FIRE within you now).  So go deep and get these things resolved.

If you are not understanding the way to do this..then get help.  We don’t put things aside because we don’t know how…we pick them up and ask questions.

More next week!

In Light and in Peace,




Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – September 24th to September 30th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Full Moon today is Aries!  Wow…FIRE UP!  Only this time the fire is not necessarily going to have you bouncing off the walls with magnetism…but instead you may find it to be a VERY INTERNAL FIRE that is going on this day..and through the week ahead.  The SILENT fire is transforming your heart centre deep into the back between your shoulder blades and is opening up the well deserved, well earned and very important “angelic wings” that produce that profound aura of yours! 

What did you discover about yourself over this Equinox period of time? Reflect back from last Thursday (3 days before) and until Tuesday this week (3 days after) the Equinox time period that occurred over the Saturday September 22nd night with varying times across the Globe.  I can tell you one thing that the Inner Temple shares with all of you…the Energy Healing and shifts you made are permanent and are still integrating through this week as you take the time to get over the surprise that you are really going to achieve liberation from old patterns and attain greater awareness of Self.  Come to accept these changes as REAL…not temporary.

Any epiphany moments, any beautiful alignments and gifts you received during Equinox time are REAL and shall stay on within you as the Fires within continue to work with you creating deeper space and containers to hold this Light of Truth.  Libra time cycle is ALL ABOUT CHANGE!  The Scales are balancing you out and helping you to balance karma as well.

We were told by Spirit at our own gathering over the weekend at the World Healing Conference…that the CORE ISSUE healing and transformations could take up until October 31st (on or about) for you to integrate completely as these are the issues you came into your life with…carryover from past lives…and therefore are the most profoundly imbedded as well as the most chock full of gifts and self realizations.  Can you imagine….the rich experiences you have been through become gems of Wisdom!

There is a major shift starting November 1st on through to approx. the 16th of November..which will be spoken to more as we lead up to this time line.  Until then let us focus on what is happening this week.  This week it is a good idea to have some quiet time to reflect on the changes of Equinox and your progression under the LIBRA constellation.

The Fires of Aries and the full moon at the start of this week are shining the Light into those things that you need to do, to change, to give attention to….so that you don’t turn your head away and forget.  The gifts of the Constellations and Full Moon this week will be like parents… “On your case about it” !!  🙂

So….to that end…please implement even a few steps of the Self Realizations you are making.  For example…if you have come to discover that a little exercise, meditation or re-arranging of your schedule is good for you…then do it.  If you realized that those around you are here on this earth to learn their own way and you needn’t be so involved emotionally…then stand back and let them grow.  If you discovered that you really do want to try singing, art, guitar or writing…then go for it…register for that class!

This is the week for the Fires of Transformation to move like stealth work through your Energy bodies.  They are to mobilize you, help you think and reflect deeper and to STRENGTHEN you!

Love it?  I’m sure you do.  The week is yours to implement change.  CHANGE is the buzz word of the perpetual wheel of the Life’s evolution!  Enjoy your week ahead.

In Light and in peace,



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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – September 17th to September 23rd, 2018

Hi Everyone!

With just days before the Equinox to get ourselves prepared to receive the “gifts of the Spirit” during this most auspicious time….you may be facing the “TAZ” devil on your solar plexus to heart path where false beliefs and emotional challenges are blocking the gate to peace and relief on your personal issues!  Does it look and feel like this sometimes ?


Relax…the good news is that there will be plenty of opportunity all this week…right up to September 22/23 Equinox time for you to examine these issues and lift into clarity.  Now do you also feel the amazing opportunities and the way things are starting to “crack” open for you as this Equinox cycle is approaching as well?  Let’s hope you are getting a lot more of this too!:

The Solar Light of your own brilliant Soul and that of the Universal Consciousness is giving us plenty of insight at this time as well when we use our skills of reflection and listen VERY CAREFULLY within for this is a building up time of Inner communication with your Soul (Higher Self) as we transfer into the LIBRA (air element of MIND) sign!  The Mind to Mind communication between yourself and the Soul consciousness is due now to take a major shift over Equinox and you will need to prepare yourself to take this time very seriously.

The Equinox time and shift to new Constellation influences is always a magical time when you RECEIVE a gift from Spirit.  Yes you do!  You are to be in a meditative or reflective communication and you will find it to be most beneficial and joyful to your heart.

To prepare this week…be sure to keep some time open for yourself to “personally assess” just where you feel stuck and what triggers are affecting you, write these down..and also place your MIND and intentions into the direction you wish to go that will CLEAR UP the past follies, glitches, choices that were imbalanced and so on. It is a CLEARING time of the year pre-Equinox and this week please do what you can to stay in the higher vibratory environments.  Peaceful environments, little noise, nature where you can, lighter eating practices, plenty of water and get some rest.  Even if you need to grab a “cat nap” for 20 min. here and there..that would be great.  Spirit is trying to talk to you..meaning your Higher Self is going to guide you more and more as we find our state of Spiritual consciousness accelerating across the globe.

okay…so let’s clear up the “little false devil beliefs” (said with a smile)…… and embrace change.  Let’s be sure to watch how we treat our stomach, intestines, solar plexus chakra.  It is VERY SENSITIVE right now so you must protect the Solar plexus from interference, disturbing negativity, noise and confusion.  (Use the Free meditation in the World Healing Library on this website…look up Aura Strengthening)

Looking forward to a great week of change, clearing and at the end of this week…May you enjoy the most beautiful EQUINOX !!

In Light and in Peace,



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Fall Equinox – September 22/23, 2018 – Why so important?

Hi Everyone!

You’ve seen the seasons change before…all your life and certainly enjoyed them all…but why is the Equinox on Saturday, September 22nd so important? (EST time zone – your time zone may be 23rd)

The Constellations move from the Virgo influence to Libra influence and is marked by characteristics of vibrational Energy Intelligences that reach the aura and bodies of the human race prompting certain changes, healing experiences and shifts of consciousness.  The attributes of these 2 particular Constellations weigh heavy in favour of solar plexus (digestion/intestines) to lumbar/kidneys and a very large opening lens in between the 2 worlds of CREATIVE and FORMATIVE…meaning between your Spiritual Self and your lower developing personality.  What can potentially shift in you?

Your interest and participation in the daily battles and herd consciousness of life is not particularly intriguing to you nor do you wish to stay witness to the “games” of life in the repetitive manners that result in predictable outcomes and repeat patterns of the karmic wheel.  You are building strength to make some profound changes and strategically rise above this permanently!

Several endings are taking place because to be quite frank with you…you just aren’t going to take it anymore.  Painful letting go?  In this case I think not.  Defeated?  No….I think not.  Celebratory…oh yes! I believe so!

The LIBRA Constellation is setting down a very open, expansive (like the Wings of the White horse Pegasus) realization of Self occurring in the Upper Chest area and thyroid region that is not just knocking on the door…but rattling it right off it’s hinges!  The AIR element of MIND in Libra is balanced and definitive.  You will be thinking very logically, reflecting intuitively and then setting down decisions in your life that are final.  All from the reflection of Beauty and heart embracing reasons!  This in turn is purging the kidneys of old fears and settling into a more supportive lower back attracting partners, improving upon current relationships, home security and financial/resourceful bases too.

As you make the CHOICE at this time of the Equinox cycle to no longer play the old, repetitive dismal games of life….you will be creating an incredible space in the Upper Chest area and the lower pelvic/adrenal root foundation.  Then…as the days move forward into weeks…you will see that you are very well prepared for the NOVEMBER 1st shift (accelerating through to November 9th and integrating into the 16th) that according to the guidance of our Inner Temple of Heaing and Wisdom ..marks a SOLAR chariot or Merkabah alignment like you wouldn’t believe! The intensity of that shift is only made possible to be held in position in your chalice or framework of Self…because you make space for it at Equinox.  Meditate on that…you will find Truth.

See you at the Equinox World Healing Conference September 21st to September 23rd!  Attend 1, 2 or all 3 days.  If you are unable to attend?  You can order the live audio taping of the event and I can also bring you into the Inner Temple for the special Equinox meditation on the Saturday.  Once registered I will be tuning in to you and you will receive long distance healing and initiation from Equinox and the weekend teachings! Be sure to participate!

In Light and in Peace,
Kathy Roseborough
Educator of Esoteric Principles
World Healing Academy

Weekly Energy Shift & Updates – September 10th to September 16th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

New moon Energy started yesterday getting right in behind your Solar plexus (digestion, intestines, spleen and your big nerve plexus in your belly) stirring up “thoughts and feelings” of both long, long ago and now. This week seems to call to mind a choice of either “running to the hills and hiding to escape”…or turning around and facing the challenges you have with the intent on bringing ORDER and new paths to cut on your journey ahead.  What’s it going to be?

Well likely you are not able to just take off so let’s go with option number 2…facing the challenges.  The overwhelming feelings that hit us causing stress and anxiety are the unexpressed and non-defined fragments of ourself over our entire life plus those experiences we have brought into this world at birth to correct.   So I’m sure you are reading this and calculating the numerous fragments that you have been assigned by your Master Soul Personality to work on thinking…geesh! That’s a lot of healing and integration! Maybe so…but you must also consider those unexpressed and undefined “gifts and skills” that you have within you as well !

Simultaneously this week…reflect on how you are going to give time and energy to your inherent gifts AND give time and energy to examining the fragments sourcing them back to where they came from and what triggers them.  Right now there are probably many fragments up for attention given they have been stored in a major area of the body…the STOMACH and digestive tract!  The human digestive system is rather complex and fascinating too!  So the emotions and thoughts processes, images and imaginations based in fear and worth of Self are knocking on your door asking you….as the Worthy Master…to please open the door and lovingly address their concerns.

Your concerns, stresses, worries and issues of emotion are very important and should be heard. You need to be listened to and guided both from within and from those who have the understanding and skills to help facilitate changes.  The most troublesome illnesses stem from the inability to work out your own emotions and thoughts.

This is a very positive and inspiring week with opportunity to gain access to your gifts and skills…and clues as to the origin of your solar plexus challenges.  First thing is to give yourself some time to sit quietly.  Have a journal handy that is confidential to you and just start writing down the things that are bothering you and take another page to write down your desires, passions and skills that you wish to develop.  Start a “communication” with your Soul that is a 2 way interface.  Deep breathing, relaxation and reflection.

Ideas will begin to come to you and direction on the steps to take…you will be surprised how quickly the guidance starts to come in from the most unusual places once you pick up your communication with your Soul.  No need to suffer with upset stomachs, pain and nervousness or lack of sleep.  Beautiful week ahead to start unplugging the blocks.

Go easy on yourself…these fragments may have been bottled up a long time so gently ease yourself into the new discoveries that await you!

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  LEMONS are nice in your water to drink; good for liver !


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – September 3rd to September 9th, 2018

Hi Everyone !

Funny isn’t it?  The programming we have within us that as soon as we hit the September month energy there is some sort of inherent part of us that switches gears towards school, educational programs, order, organization, etc…but also an intensity of preparation for something that is not always quite so clear….at least not unless you know where to look!

This week’s Energy shift begins with subtle influences that include foods…the texture, nature of it and your body needs.  Harvest time is really underway and you are to begin drawing energy into yourself as the weeks unfold ahead. With the renewed energy within you as you build, you will be creating many strengthening things including Boundaries, Structure of Daily living, improved Mindfulness, Memory, Internal Order, Purpose, Focus and dedication to task; both physical and spiritual.

We begin to change when the Sun and astrological influences change.  Our bodies, just like the animal kingdom, birds, tree foliage, etc are going through various stages of change and one must pay particular attention to that.  Flat energy foods MUST be eliminated from your diet…empty carbs, etc..because it is now that nutrients from the fields must be taken in.  For some of you around the Globe…the reason will be for both physical (winter in 3 months starts) and for spiritual (purely for inner strength to functions that need proper fuel).

We need FUEL in our bodies in order to THINK properly.  MIND fuel.  But in the summer when it is hot, we tend to eat less due to the temperatures.  We also tend to not study or engage in intense mental or spiritual developments.

Once September starts we begin to have a spark of exchange with the Soul that prompts us to wish to gather our thoughts and have a new direction. We change.  Our brains require a different type of fuel and our MINDS wish to engage in those activities that allow us to be both CREATIVE (intuitive) and MENTALLY advancing.

This week you will be changing with the times and also wanting to leave behind some habits and wasteful activities. You will be examining your life with an EYE on just what it is that you wish to do.  The INNER Eye is the focus this week.  Bringing energy up into the pituitary/pineal gland through the Cerebral Spinal column with deep breathing, meditation and inner awareness.  As well you are bringing the Light of the Soul energy on down into the heart so that it may bathe your solar plexus and ease the upsets, stresses and worries.

Stresses and worries carried in the solar plexus produce stomach issues and the anxiety is hard on the function of your body systems.  Take up yoga, meditation, deep breathing….make the choice to be the Master of the body this month!  It LOVES order…it LOVES to serve you …so let’s give it a chance !

Enjoy the week ahead and make those decisions that will alleviate the stresses and worries.  And to the all parents with children starting school…remember that the child picks up on YOUR energy. The more calm and aligned YOU are the better it is for them as well.  Be the lead !

In Light and in Peace,


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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – August 27th to September 2nd, 2018

Hi Everyone!

“Knowing Yourself is the beginning of all Wisdom”…Aristotle

Let us examine that quote this week and see if there is any Truth to it.  You find yourself coming off of the affects of a full moon over the weekend (yesterday the 26th of August) and a change under an influence of a new Constellation now in Virgo since August 23rd.  Likely you will have spent a few days of late with some deeper emotional reflection and wondering whether you are actually processing these emotions with greater clarity….or not?  Where are you at….and where are you going with this latest SHIFT in Energy?

We could run to the mountain tops, hop on an airplane to a river in a distant land or travel miles to study with spiritual Teachers of varying degrees of knowledge….but is that what we need right now?  What if you were to harness this week’s energy for yourself in a way that helped you feel more aligned, solid with yourself, purposeful, dedicated, re-set if necessary and actually satisfied?

When we clear through the influences of the various cycles of the Moon, planets, stars, energy shifts, Universal influences of all kinds, we need to sometimes just SIT with ourself or those of like mind…..quietly in meditation.  With the reflection and the letting go of that which has been passing quickly through your body and energy bodies, comes decidedly a stronger position of Self.

This week is about gaining a fuller acknowledgement and awareness of your body, your needs and your CURRENT assessment of yourself.  How are you feeling? What are you thinking about? Are you giving yourself TIME to think and be aware?  How can you plan your life ahead if you don’t have a still point from which to launch?  Peace…now.

Knowing Yourself…means that you are actually taking the space and time for yourself to listen within and acknowledge certain things.  These can be very simple things like…How am I digesting my food these days? Do I feel anxiety?  Do I have time for myself to think or am I running around too much?  Do I hold my breath?  What am I going to study after summer is over? Who am I and what are my gifts?

Stillness and examination of yourself in the quiet, sharing with a loved one or trusting teacher or friend, is a good way to work with the Energy this week.  We are entering into a deeper realization of our heart centre and a flow of the Love consciousness.  We are gaining stride this week in making decisions about our commitment to those things that truly are important in life.  This is a time of honouring what the Universe has invested in you and your examination and reflection of truly finding it WITHIN.

All the Wisdom and Knowledge of your reason for being born and for what purpose is inside of you…you are to seek that which is within.  Though Nature and the incredible Beauty and Majesty of Her presence will make you feel quite lovely…She cannot take your lessons away nor can she tell you something you are not ready to hear.  Sitting with Nature?  Yes.  Create an environment conducive to peace.

Let’s start pulling thing ENERGY inward now…even just a bit.  Settle down and the future will be more clear to you….then the living…the knowledge…the Wisdom…shall come.

Enjoy the week ahead!

In Light and in Peace,



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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – August 20th to August 26th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

You feel like you are “catching” the Light reflecting facets of Higher Consciousness in your heart but the “feeling and goodness” is challenged to stay….become integrated…and permanent. What to do and why is it not taking hold in a way that you would like it to?

We transition here this week with Energy shifting from LEO to VIRGO constellation influences and although the heart centre is still quite the predominant centre…we have some deeper reflections to consider within ourselves as we breathe down the higher heart creative function into our daily lives.  2 worlds are coming together through the heart and the Upper heart centre is calling you to align with only those things that harmonize with your True Self.  However, the lower or regular mundane physical life has it’s own intention of staying the way it is…thus the residual inner conflict is still present.

While you are KNOWING clearly in your Mind, intentions, heart and Soul what it is you want….that “something” keeps giving you a side-punch and this is coming from the solar plexus centres on down to the root. This week that which is BLOCKING your attainment is going to be CLEAR AS A BELL and you will have the power within you to clear it once and for all.  What is it likely stemming from; or originating from?  Self worth issue, shame, frustration, isolation, fear and/or intimidation may be the fragment knocking on your door.   That is NOT the way you wish to be living and you are going to have plenty of support from the Universal ENERGY SHIFT this week to master the lesson here thus integrating the resolution!  This fragment of self broken off is actually seeking your heart centre of LOVE and shall find it!

The outpouring of the first Principle of Love within Creation has a magical way of being particularly strong under the Virgo influence in a way that reminds you that “help and hope” shall be yours this week and continue saturating you during the latter part of the August time cycle.  This alignment to this rich loving feeling causes the profound inner WAVES all week culminating to the FULL MOON come Sunday, August 26th.  The 2 Constellations LEO and VIRGO overlapping each other this week puts extra emphasis on the HEART and affairs of the HEART therefore it is wise to pay close attention to your thoughts and reflections this week as you have 2 SUPER POWERS helping you to heal old wounds.

When big stations of influence from the stars come together (Leo/Virgo) before a full moon you can expect the self realizations of outstanding hurts/sufferings to be BIG and out on the table…while ALSO…you can expect the big self realizations, healing and powerful shift to higher levels to be as PROFOUND and incredibly satisfying!

To summarize…the week ahead is like a “collision” of power between the Higher and Lower with where they meet within you to have the Higher take precedence and OVERLAY like a big comforting blanket of LOVE over the weeping fragments thus lifting them up into themselves..into the cradle of the baby “Christos” flow of pure Universal Divine consciousness.

Are you ready to feel and experience inclusion? Oneness? Peace in your inner mandate and station of life?  Open your heart; your eyes to Truth.  May you feel the touch of this Energy upon your head and heart…then experience it cascading down into your solar plexus, (stomach/digestion)…reproductive system (lower back/lower abdomen)…then anchoring down into your tailbone region, hips, legs and feet.

Integration of Higher Love, peacefulness and a greater Knowing of Self with permanent change…that’s the story of the week ahead!

In Light and in Peace,



Weekly Energy Shift & Updates – August 13th to August 19th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

Do you find yourself still “mumbling, grumbling, complaining, upset, tense, frustrated or angry” about something in your life?  Did I say something wrong? 🙂

Okay…then let me explain the opening question because we have all just experienced the shifting energy of the New Moon over the weekend, the partial eclipse of the Sun and several other rather heavy duty energy influences over the past several weeks.  With these type of influences there are several grounding breaking shifts that take place and several emotional outlets opened up that cause things to bubble up to the surface.

The next step of course we then become faced with is, “What do we do with these findings about ourself?”  Well the truth is…we have been processing through a great deal of these issues together but now each of us needs to use the rinse cycle now on double speed.  Doing your personal Energy healing work, routine and practice with journalling and speaking your feelings is very helpful indeed…but the next step is the “mental re-ordering and action.”

If there is something in your life that you are not happy with and know intuitively that it can be changed…then change it.  Take action and make that change that you wish to see.  The energy this week is one of taking action on things that you know are ready to be mobilized, shifted and moved.  After a New MOON we are to put things into gear and roll it out!

Big or small…take action.  Sharing with others the way you feel about things is good…keep that up if you are finding that now very helpful to articulate your release of emotions and realizations from all that has been going on around you and within you.  Next….do something about whatever it is you are seeking and knowing needs to be done!

There is a wave of changing consciousness where more and more people are gathering together, networking or starting new projects and mandates, missions and movements that contribute to a change in both their personal lives and the lives of our human race.  Let the passion rise within you to change positively that which you believe to be of that nature!

The sun rises each day in all it’s Glory and Beauty calling us to wake up…to draw in the vitality it offers with the breath, to take in the offerings of greater vibration for our own Energy fields…so let’s soak up the power of a New Day; a New week ahead!

Everyday is a restart, a time for your heart centre to be open with love and forgiveness, hope and optimism!  Stop and think about that for a moment…how beautiful each day truly is.

So you may have something to grumble about yes…but you also have the power within you to make the changes you need to make to RESOLVE the grumble!  Let’s pick up on this now and move forward with it.  Let’ s make some positive decisions this week about our lives together!

Enjoy the week has you looking at the morning sun with a different perspective.  How beautiful is that!

In Light and in Peace,

ENERGY Shift Update! – August 11th – New MOON – Partial Solar Eclipse!

Hi Everyone!

August 11th – 2 very different camps of thought on just how this week has been and what this day brings!  Why?  How is it that we are all here on the same planet yet experiencing the affects of the Moon/Sun – Earth and Leo Constellation in such varied ways?  Perception and awareness of levels of consciousness….that’s how.

This week up to and including today, the stress levels, anxiety, overwhelming, confusion, boredom of repetition, frustrations and challenges has been on the playing field for us to “see” and be aware of…it is to determine for yourself to what degree you have been finding it get a grip on you and upset you.

This week up to and including today, the magnitude of “aha” moments, enlightening experiences, Self realizations and impulses of inspiration and inner directives have also been very much on our radar as we experience those quiet moments alone in meditation or nature experiencing the ONENESS with the Heart and Soul.

Balance?  Yes..right at the LEO heart during this Solar Eclipse time the Energy Intelligence of our Universe is stating a profound fact to each of us…Stay balanced through the heart.  The heart centre is the MAJOR nodal crossing through which all energy MUST pass from the Creative World to the formative/physical world.  So can you imagine the stress on this crossing point?  That is why you get upset through your body and feel reactive…that heart centre needs peace.

The New Moon Energy shift calls to action your absolute determination and agreement to Self to make sure you carve out time for Inner Peace.  How are you to hear the Inner voice, Guidance and assurances that alleviate stress and pain and anxiety if you are wrapped up in the lower chaos?

Intellectually you are all nodding your heads…so now the NEW moon says….“execute the Plan” !  This is also a New period of time when the heart shall lead you !  Moving forward with the Truth of your Inner Self, the passion of your heart and the joy of living!

The perceptions, lower vibrational conflicts and upsets cannot grip you when you raise your vibration with deep breathing, meditation and positive affirmations, thoughts and conversation of a higher nature.  You get stronger and you refuse to drop on down into it.  Remove yourself where possible from these things and speak your truth that you simply must have time to improve your health and spiritual/mental well being!

Let’s give our Heart Centre a break now…let’s remember that the heart beats with the umbilicus to the Universal womb of Life; the origin of All Things and this will nurture you, heal you, guide you and love you unconditionally.  Breathe deeply this day and let go of what has been upsetting you now.  Instead BREATHE and embrace the now..the New Moon energy and Eclipse Energy of the Sun (heart) offers you through the Constellation LEO and realignment; a restart to gently bring LOVE into place where it belongs…your HEART !

Enjoy the day!

In Light and in Peace,



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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – August 6th to August 12th, 2018

Hi Everyone….

Life is nice…isn’t? I mean really…think about it.  Give yourself ample time to sit quietly and reflect on the POSITIVE aspects of your life. Take a deep breath in and give yourself a moment of absolutely stillness and peace.  Tune out the external confusion and upset, let go for a moment of your worries…and just let something special happen to you.  That special moment when you realize that whatever your life is doing to you….there is this very specific and profoundly reassuring essence of Life that is eternally connecting you to a power indescribable.

There’s nothing in the world that can take away your pure, beautiful connection to Love.  It is from this Love from Source, God, Universe …whatever you wish to call it…..that your eternal peace in life can be found.

Now let’s do an experiment…let’s transfer this peaceful realization over to one thing right now that you are grateful for.  Even just one thing so that you can increase the connection of Self realization.  Don’t let any other thought come in to disturb this one.  Feel the connection with peace to that which you are grateful for.  For example…”I am so grateful that I have a beautiful child, or that I have skill in art, or I have a friend who loves me, or that I can go sit in a park with my dog…..”     Enjoy the moment of this realization.

The magnitude of this will grow and flow throughout your body as a healing as you breathe in oneness with this.  You can feel the warmth of this realization in yourself and it is calming.  Try it with a few things..and let’s let the POSITIVE grow to be the main experiences of your life…welcoming MORE positive experiences like this.  You see in this case…Like attracts Like.  You raise the vibration of your thoughts and your electro-magnetic field (aura) and more good things can come in.  Not only that…the week ahead is about CLEARING up the OLD making space for more Beauty in your Life; in your heart.

The NEW MOON next Saturday is special…why?  Because this week you are clearing up things in your life with the help of the oneness you are creating with this exercise.  Plus you are tapping into the ENERGY of the preparation for the New Moon during this particular shift in LEO.  LEO is still regulating your heart centre and is now EASING you into recognition of POSITIVITY.

If you can take time to reflect..starting today and don’t be jumping to all that is wrong in your life but instead building upon things that are right…you will find this to grow.  I am being shown clearly that positivity will be exponentially growing this week 10x (fold).  Let good things happen; Let good things come to you!

Enjoy the week ahead…

In Light and in Peace,



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Weekly Energy Shifts – July 30th to August 5th, 2018

Hi Everyone…

Okay let’s take this down a notch and take some time for integration shall we?  The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse last Friday added to all sorts of revealing experiences you have been witness to lately and it is time now for you to sit quietly and sort things through.

After such intense periods of “Energy stressors” from lunar/planetary and solar crossings, our own Energy Meridians, nodal points (chakras) and levels of consciousness go through shifts and changes. Why? Because we are all connected through vibrational systems and experience the changes in our environment both of immediate distance around us and afar.  You notice this yourself when you spend time outside of a city for example, in Nature…you notice the differences to your mood, physical health and thoughts, insights…. as well as sleep patterns.

This week each of you may wish to take time to search out, explore, study and examine the “meaning” of what you have just been through, what you find yourself in now…and where you are going with this.  Be sure not to just pass these experiences by too quickly or you will not benefit from the greatest teachings they were to bring to you!  Examine yourself through reflection and research; thinking.

Ask yourself a few questions about the last several days or weeks even!  What have I been feeling lately? Am I allowing my emotions to get the better of me? Do I find myself calmer now? What thoughts keep coming up? Have my inspirations, dreams and goals become more important now?  Do I feel different?  In what way?

Feeling different now from before? what way?  You see if you really start to question these things you end up digging a little deeper and getting to “Know Thyself”.  Taking time for yourself in the quiet with a journal doing some deep breathing and meditating, gives you time to THINK.  We can’t hear the Inner voice teaching us if we don’t have quiet time….right?

Speaking with your Yoga teacher, instructors of spiritual philosophy, sharing with friends and reading about other’s experiences, can all be helpful now as you sort through the next step or stage of your journey.  Let’s be real and state the Truth…you can’t go backwards now nor can you possibly return to old patterns and routines.  It’s not going to work…it’s that straightforward!

This is a good planning week, reorganizing week for ensuring that you take care of yourself with increased time spent thinking and reflecting PLUS mapping out/strengthening the goals you have. Let’s use our listening skills now and activate that throat Centre with governing MIND.

When we stop the excessive talking, increase our meditative practices to resolve the “noise and chatter in our heads”, and engage more in breathing, study, meditation….all sorts of special realizations come forth!  Turn off external noise and distractions and your internal peace will return 10X better to start! See what you learn about yourself this week!

Enjoy this week ahead !

In Light and in Peace,



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Weekly Energy Shifts & Updates – July 23rd to July 29th, 2018


Hi Everyone!

How can we not talk about the “elephant in the room” this week?  Yes…the Total Lunar Eclipse and Blood Red Full Moon in Aquarius during the Leo cycle this Friday, July 27th is pegged to be the “longest eclipse of the century” which will be spanning deeply through your HEART centre as well with a good scrub brush!

If you are ambitious to come into your own Self expression…this is the time to do it!  With the LEO heart focused on the “individuated” Soul expression and your heart centre getting a tidal wave cleansing on the emotional body…you will be making a lot of great space to live consciously in the Ebb and Flow of the 1st Principle of Universal Love!

Been sitting on the “edge of the dance floor” and not participating fully yet in your Soul mandate?  Well you are going to come out and dance into the limelight now as you start to find the COURAGE this week from the LEO constellation to bring that power out of your heart and throat centre.  You wish to stand up for something you believe in?  Now is the time to engage in the project of global spiritual improvement and evolution!

This is a week of Energy shifting that digs deep into the old wounds yes…but it also comes with the Stellar (constellations and powerful individual Star) forces that will be lifting you up into the Higher vibrational meaning of the Aquarius attributes, namely:  MIND and Love and Higher reason!  LEO – AQUARIUS will be holding strong MIND contact with you calling you to step in to some beautiful personal moments of Self realization. 

Love and the Heart Centre…that is what this early Leo week is all about with a loaded “PULSATION” of Energy to boost you higher!  Best guidance for this Friday? TUNE IN !  Sit in meditation, go out in Nature, sleep under the stars…keep things quiet.  Can you hear the voice of the Stars? your SOUL?  You will this Friday if you allow it.  Make it a quiet day and night…best served in a meditation circle or on your own.

The MOON is a very beautiful gift to us…it will lovingly work with us to help us shed the illusions and also send out it’s own “Moon Beams of Love” to cause us to smile…for truly there is plenty in life to smile about.

Enjoy the week ahead…stay alert to that which is to leave your life and let it.  Don’t get disturbed over the old “dreams” be they strange or absurd…the astral body is clearing.  Kind of like dumping some old VCR movies that truly were not that great… 🙂  While keeping and treasuring the sacred memories and experiences…storing them as as Jewels of Inner Wisdom now!

In Light and in Peace,



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