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You are the Light; the Hope; the Future!

So many times we listen to news broadcasts or read something on the internet that causes us fear, anger, upset and uncertainty.  What is our future to be and the future of our children?  Well..each of us can contribute to the betterment of the planet; our human race.  How? Just by doing what you feel drawn to intuitively, spiritually and yes..logically!  If you are a gardener…then use compost and recycle; grow beautiful organic produce and share. If you are a singer..then sing to us those lyrics and songs that inspire and uplift us.  If you are a writer, poet or dancer..bring forth your gifts to us; the world.  Mechanic? Engineer? Sales? Admin? Accounting?  Well why not bring your smile to your office or workplace.  Maybe encourage a young mother, an old man nearing retirement or a neighbour.  We can all contribute..what would you like to do that comes naturally to you? That’s YOUR Light !

Shine forth your LIGHT…be that are unique unto yourself and you are exactly what this world needs.  Blessings!

In Light and in Peace,