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MIND: Love & Soul


MIND: Love & Soul  

……a 3 part Course for holistic integration 

MIND – your emotional healing 

We explore the challenges we face in life when the emotions rule, become excessive or wrongly guide our decisions. The healing, understanding and strengthening through Mind will give you better tools to manage overwhelm, exhaustion in life style and overbearing demands made on you by life itself. 




  • Guided Meditations 
  • Emotional valve relief tools – to use “before” you blow a gasket! 
  • Healing for nerves, solar plexus and heart 
  • Total 7 energy centre rebalancing of the chakra centres
  • Teaching on the brain mechanisms that cause these repeating triggers 
  • Help in overcoming excessive emotional/triggers controls – including repetitive compulsion, addictions, obsessions
  • Examination of your most difficult emotional triggers and exercises to resolve put in place

MIND – your intellectual faculties 

We delve into the underlying causes of your stress and worries with tools offered to take steps to resolution.  There is guided healing meditations for repairing damage to your energy bodies and physical body as well an opportunity to use the breath work to assist the body in healing itself. 

  • Beautiful Guided Meditations, Visualization and breath work
  • Teaching on the part of the brain that requires activation and attention. Exercises through energy healing and pathwork. 
  • Memory improvement – short and long term memory plus concentration and focus brain exercises with guided healing to liver
  • Plans of action created for your personal routines to reduce stress and worry through understanding  – guidance from your Soul too!
  • A fun, creative exercise to open up to your own creativity side of the brain relative to Soul purpose! 

MIND – your spiritual interface 

In this section of the course we start to really concentrate on strengthening the BOND between you and your Soul.  Preparing the body, emotions and thoughts/reflection first while welcoming the Soul’s Light as your true Inner Teacher and Guide!

  • Activation of interface with intellectual mind to Higher Mind 
  • Teaching on how your Higher Mind guides you and how it lifts you up out of the repetitive patterns of life. Shifting paradigms 
  • Guided Healing meditations to cleanse the brain, thymus/root connection and cerebral spinal column 
  • “Sitting with the Soul’s Light” – a guided meditation for ONENESS with your own Soul.  Establish a connection you can trust…the inner voice.
  • Just what is Akashic? We look at where to access the Soul mandate and how that can be improved upon, engaged and initiated by you.  Seek the Master “within”

Course is facilitated by:  Kathy Roseborough, Educator of Esoteric Principles, Instructor of Etheric Healing

This 3 day course is offered on:    Hope you can attend in person but it will be recorded and your audio can be sent to you if you need to do the course from home.


Course Dates:  To be announced ! 

Course hours:   9:30 to 4:00 pm.

Cost: $695 via PayPal or etransfer 


Be comfortable!  Bring your lunch – preferably brain “food” ! 

Location:  405 Limerick Street, Churchill (Innisfil – just north of Bradford), ONT. L0L 1K0

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