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New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse today – October 23rd, 2014

HI Everyone!

The Stars…our own Sun…is particularly active right now with solar flares and today…a partial Solar Eclipse during the New Moon. We are under the influence of the constellations Libra and Scorpio, both of which direct our attention to bringing balance to our inner waters (emotions, sexual energy, relationships).  Libra will dictate to you balance with your financial affairs, collective world economics and a “state of affairs” globally when combined with the Solar and Lunar energies this day.

Today is a gift for each of us from the STARS….during the Solar eclipse time (and even building up to it 3 days before…3 days after) our SUN is charging up it’s life giving energy and directing it into your own shadows, illusions and false beliefs to reveal to you that which is burying you like a heavy wet blanket.  By doing this, you feel the need to push up…and cast the blanket aside so that you may enjoy the benefits of the Universal Love energy that the SUN…your HEART CHAKRA REPRESENTATION….offers you now!

This day you will be enlightened…attain some self realization…likely more so than you ever have before!  The Aha!!  Got it !!! responses will be leading the way.  Recognize this….emotions and mental states in people have been very erratic of late with confusion, depression, overwhelm and such…why?  The blanket is too heavy! The weight of the old paradigm doesn’t suit the new cycle of Spiritual consciousness.  This is the week of outlandish change….a week where you can make some incredible changes that may even surprise you!  Honour and follow the heart.  Be authentic and stay true to yourself.

This is not the time to be the follower; the sheep…it is the time to be the Master of your own life and lead the way.  Feeling excited about the changes?  You should be…they will dictate how your 2015 Spring will unfold.  What you set in motion this week will be the foundation for the Spring of next year.  Make it count!

In Light and in Peace,


p.s.  Please don’t buy into the fear mongering going on right now in the media.  That’s the last thing you wish to do.  Just stay informed through the news but do not let it sink and program you.  Cosmic Blessings!

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