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New Workshop! Weight Loss/Management & Skin Issue Healing

New ! 

Weight Loss/Management & Skin Issue Healing 

DIALOGUE HEALING !    unique to Kathy Roseborough, Educator of Esoteric Principles 

Workshop that is being offered to explore the underlying causes and corrections of unhappy skin, body fluid congestion, emotional “weight” and dissatisfaction with the results of your food regimen programs. 

  • Eczema, psoriasis, acne, red spots, itchy skin, body odour 
  • Struggles with weight loss – stagnation 
  • Areas of body holding excess weight, emotions and fluids/fats 
  • Underlying unhappiness, old programs and grievances 

During this program you will be: 

* taught and guided through exercises and guided healing meditations to help you to reach the cause through dialogue healing ™ with energy healing solutions, mental re-programming, corrections to false beliefs and establishment of new ones as well as access to akashic or the records of one’s soul history. 

  • Lineage issues, genealogy, soul karma/imbalances, and program remodelling is taken up for examination.  Get to the root of these challenges you are having in order to gain ground and liberation from them.  

This is a HEALING DAY !  

This is a fascinating exploration of yourself to finally get to the root cause of your challenges of weight and skin issues.  The tools and resources you will have access to will start to regenerate you on the path of permanent wellness. 

Let’s get that Inner Beauty to radiate out and bring you into alignment with the true codes of cellular make up. This is the Light Intelligence that gives your body the flow of energy it is more natural to! 

One-Day! Workshop: 

Offered choice: 

Friday, June 15th, 2018 – 9:30 am. To 3 pm.  – Amazing Shifts!

NOW AVAILABLE on Audio – the entire workshop with guided meditations/healings/tools for access will be sent to you

via email upon purchase. 

Location:  405 Limerick Street, Churchill, Ontario (Innisfil just north of Bradford) L0L 1K0

Cost:  $165 


Be comfortable! 

Class will be audio taped and made available for those who wish to do this course long distance.